Thursday, February 7, 2013

Molly Roloff Twitter Account & Blog Post Writings

Molly Roloff appears to be getting more involved with posting publicly online, so we're doing an item about that.

Thanks to those of you who sent emails and posts after discovering these.

Molly very, very recently got a twitter account.

Her twitter handle is @mollyjoroloff

Molly Roloff twitter account

As if Feb 07, 2013 at 7:00am, it is public.

It has been confirmed to Spiritswander that this is indeed the real Molly Roloff.

Molly joins her brothers Jeremy and Jacob in having twitter accounts. Zach is the only Roloff "kid" that does not really have a twitter (he had a twitter handle when he was doing an internship with the Portland Timbers but that was rarely used and not his personal account).

Jeremy Roloff's twitter account

Jacob Roloff's twitter account

You can find links in the sidebar to the right about Jacob's twitter and lively discussion about it.

As Jeremy was developing photo sites and getting ready to sell items, he, for the first time, asked fans to follow his twitter account.

Jacob's twitter is much more "real and raw", therefore more "controversial" since he and his friends mostly tweet about drugs and insult people. For a long time, Jacob would block any fans that pressed his public "follow" button on twitter. Now, for the most part, if fans tweet at Jacob, he calls them annoying and Jacob and his friends tell (in much stronger wording than this) to leave him alone - although he has kept his twitter completely public.

Molly Roloff only has 4 tweets at this time, so it's unknown what type of twitter Molly will maintain. Up until now, Molly's only real public social media account (You Tube) was short-lived. She had a You Tube account and made a video with her friends featuring a "Dr. Hemp" character. When fans posted comments regarding the Dr. Hemp character compared to Molly's outspokenness regarding her Christian faith and referenced some of Jeremy's and Mueller's actions - Molly got upset, basically said that people had no right to judge Roloffs and their friends and turned the video private.

Molly also has some public posts on a Whitworth University blog. Thanks to the folks that passed that along.

It's rare for the public to get a taste of what the Roloff "kids" (3 of whom are adults) are like when they post things themselves compared to how Little People, Big World or Matt Roloff portrays them. If you would like to see Molly's blog post responses, here they are:

Whitworth University Blog

Molly Roloff Post 1

Molly Roloff Post 2

As for Amy and Matt Roloff, as most people already know, they each have very fan oriented Facebook Fan Pages.

They are on twitter, though.

Amy appears to be tweeting much more frequently through her Charity foundation account.

Amy Roloff twitter account

Matt has a twitter account, but rarely uses it. It used to be linked to his Facebook account (his Facebook posts would automatically be transferred to twitter) but he disabled that feature after it sort of "bit him in the butt" (he had posted on Facebook about how issuing a subpoena was probably the funnest thing he had ever done in life...then he deleted his Facebook post. However, twitter does not automatically delete when the Facebook post is deleted, it was found by a Spiritswander reader and Matt's twitter post was cited in the successful Motion to Quash the subpoena).

Matt Roloff twitter account

Since this item is turning into a list of Roloff related twitter accounts, we will pass along two more that some followers of the Roloffs like to follow also.

Jeremy Roloff's girlfriend Audrey Botti

Jeremy's girlfriend - Audrey's twitter account

And finally, here is Jacob Mueller's fiancee's (Destiney Pizer)  twitter account. Some people have noted that they like following the pregnancy and wedding plans of Jeremy's best friend who was often featured on the show.

Jacob Mueller's (Jeremy's best friend) fiancee's (Destiney Pizer) twitter account