Thursday, February 7, 2013

Molly Roloff Twitter Account & Blog Post Writings

Molly Roloff appears to be getting more involved with posting publicly online, so we're doing an item about that.

Thanks to those of you who sent emails and posts after discovering these.

Molly very, very recently got a twitter account.

Her twitter handle is @mollyjoroloff

Molly Roloff twitter account

As if Feb 07, 2013 at 7:00am, it is public.

It has been confirmed to Spiritswander that this is indeed the real Molly Roloff.

Molly joins her brothers Jeremy and Jacob in having twitter accounts. Zach is the only Roloff "kid" that does not really have a twitter (he had a twitter handle when he was doing an internship with the Portland Timbers but that was rarely used and not his personal account).

Jeremy Roloff's twitter account

Jacob Roloff's twitter account

You can find links in the sidebar to the right about Jacob's twitter and lively discussion about it.

As Jeremy was developing photo sites and getting ready to sell items, he, for the first time, asked fans to follow his twitter account.

Jacob's twitter is much more "real and raw", therefore more "controversial" since he and his friends mostly tweet about drugs and insult people. For a long time, Jacob would block any fans that pressed his public "follow" button on twitter. Now, for the most part, if fans tweet at Jacob, he calls them annoying and Jacob and his friends tell (in much stronger wording than this) to leave him alone - although he has kept his twitter completely public.

Molly Roloff only has 4 tweets at this time, so it's unknown what type of twitter Molly will maintain. Up until now, Molly's only real public social media account (You Tube) was short-lived. She had a You Tube account and made a video with her friends featuring a "Dr. Hemp" character. When fans posted comments regarding the Dr. Hemp character compared to Molly's outspokenness regarding her Christian faith and referenced some of Jeremy's and Mueller's actions - Molly got upset, basically said that people had no right to judge Roloffs and their friends and turned the video private.

Molly also has some public posts on a Whitworth University blog. Thanks to the folks that passed that along.

It's rare for the public to get a taste of what the Roloff "kids" (3 of whom are adults) are like when they post things themselves compared to how Little People, Big World or Matt Roloff portrays them. If you would like to see Molly's blog post responses, here they are:

Whitworth University Blog

Molly Roloff Post 1

Molly Roloff Post 2

As for Amy and Matt Roloff, as most people already know, they each have very fan oriented Facebook Fan Pages.

They are on twitter, though.

Amy appears to be tweeting much more frequently through her Charity foundation account.

Amy Roloff twitter account

Matt has a twitter account, but rarely uses it. It used to be linked to his Facebook account (his Facebook posts would automatically be transferred to twitter) but he disabled that feature after it sort of "bit him in the butt" (he had posted on Facebook about how issuing a subpoena was probably the funnest thing he had ever done in life...then he deleted his Facebook post. However, twitter does not automatically delete when the Facebook post is deleted, it was found by a Spiritswander reader and Matt's twitter post was cited in the successful Motion to Quash the subpoena).

Matt Roloff twitter account

Since this item is turning into a list of Roloff related twitter accounts, we will pass along two more that some followers of the Roloffs like to follow also.

Jeremy Roloff's girlfriend Audrey Botti

Jeremy's girlfriend - Audrey's twitter account

And finally, here is Jacob Mueller's fiancee's (Destiney Pizer)  twitter account. Some people have noted that they like following the pregnancy and wedding plans of Jeremy's best friend who was often featured on the show.

Jacob Mueller's (Jeremy's best friend) fiancee's (Destiney Pizer) twitter account


Peter Lane said...

Molly is useless.

Say what you want about Jacob (and it is all true), he's a pothead, obnoxious, rude, arrogant, etc.

That's all correct, but Jacob is the only Roloff online worth reading his posts because he isn't full of crap.

At least he isn't fake as hell like the rest of them.

Jeremy is beyond being a joke with his with his lame ass bible quotes as his real friends out him when they "Hey Jer!" him and you see their weed infested/f*ggot calling pages.

I can almost picture Jeremy biting his lip with his fake-ass "thank you' to fans when everyone with a brain knows what he really thinks of fans when he's with his friends. If you're sharp, you can even pick up on Jeremy and his friends mocking fans when they comment him on Instagram.

Molly is just another dumb arrogant "Christian". She babbles on and on about God and the Bible while totally ignoring her own behavior and the behavior of the people she cares about and how she treats other.

For the Molly defenders? For a such an outspoken "woman of God" that copies Bible verses about expanding God's kingdom, have you ever seen her show kindness to anyone outside of her circle (who is exactly like her)? Nope. Nuff said. Way to be an example of Christ and expand God's Kingdom, Molly!

Jocelynn said...

Peter, I think that's true of all the Christians listed.

I disregard Matt and Amy, because their accounts are about business promotion and trying to convince networks they have enough fans to be given more shows.

But you can say the same thing about Jeremy and Audrey.

Lots of posts about doing God's work and showering everyone with kindness, but not much action.

They are essentially wealthy (or their families are) 20 somethings who have a small circle of like-minded friends and anyone outside of their circle doesn't count.

Personally, I don't think that's what Jesus had in mind for his followers, but that is what I take from their internet presence.

I wonder what Zach would be like? Zach doesn't seem to be the same Bible quoting type like Jeremy, Molly and Audrey.

But I found it interesting that after Jacob said that Jeremy was better than Zach, someone tweeted that at least Zach doesn't do the lip service about God. Jacob responded by saying that's only because Zach doesn't have a twitter. I see Zach being rude, but I don't seem as the Bible quoting type while doing it.

And it's probably best that Mueller does not tweet! Keep the meanies off twitter. LOL!

Paige said...

I don't understand why there is any expectation that Molly needs to be nice to strangers?

She's just a young girl that doesn't want to be bothered with strangers who THINK they know everything about her and her family.

That doesn't mean she's a bad Christian. You all don't know anything about Molly's walk with God, just like you don't know anything about Jeremy's walk with God.

Ex Falcon said...

Molly is a snob. She is.

Rap541 said...

Paige, let me be honest.

I don't really care if Molly is a snob or a good or bad christian.If Molly wants to call anyone who contacts her in regard to the show a name like say "creeper", she certainly can. She's an adult, well, its not against the law to be rude or unapproachable. If she doesn't want to be nice to strangers, its her right.

But understand, if she isn't nice to people, the people she is not nice to are not required to make excuses for her. They are allowed to say, for example "I twittered at Molly and she ignored me, what a snob" or "I saw Molly on campus and told her how much I like the show and she told me to leave her alone and acted like she didn't want to be bothered, how rude!"

People have the right to their perceptions of her behavior. They don't have to give her leave to be rude simply because she's Molly Roloff - and this attitude of "You must take whatever Molly does and smile no matter how rude she is, she is a young girl who doesn't want to be bothered with strangers!" - is why the Roloffs get the snob appellation at times.

Also, Molly is now an adult. SHe's old enough to have some manners and understand that because she's been on tv for what, seven years now? That she's going to attract unwanted attention. And she HAS chosen to continue to be on tv, so its time for her to own her own actions. If she's openly rude to people, people are going to call her rude.

As for judging anyone's walk with God, Molly Jo herself got down with the "I can feel your hate" judgement so who the hell is she to be hands off? Roloffs love dishing it out and cry like little babies whenever they're called on it. That's been pretty consistent. Does it hurt when the "creepers" say mean things? Well gosh and golly Molly, I *wonder* if "the creepers" felt hurt knowing you namecalled them for daring to like you?

Christine said...

Great point Rap about Molly and the "creepers" comments.

Brandon said...

Yeah, I'm really tired of hearing the "Poor Roloffs, fans know who they are and treat them accordingly" excuses.

Three of them are adults. Molly does get treated with kiddie gloves. Molly doesn't have to be on the show if she wanted anymore. She could have refused the Australian vacation but she didn't.

Boo hoo, she wants to be a snob when fans notice her.

And I don't give Jacob as much rope as others. He's old enough to understand how it all works. If you read his twitter, you can see how he throws out his fame when it suits him.

Timothy said...

Countdown to Molly turning her twitter private....4, 3, 2...

Count me in the category of "You can't handle a twitter if you need to turn it private"... :)

Seriously, if you have a private twitter, no one can see your tweets, no one can re-tweet you, except your small group of followers that you approve of. Not friends that don't know you have a twitter, not famous people that they tweet (nice hypocrisy there), only the small group that they approve of. If that's the case, just text them or use email.

Megan said...

I think the better point about Molly is the Christian angle.

Ever hear of "talking the talk".

Don't post Bible verses all the time and then call people creepers.

That's exactly what Jeremy's girlfriend Audrey does. Creepers and Randoms...Jesus apparently commands Audrey to call people randoms and Molly and friends to call people creepers to help His Kingdom grow...

Rap541 said...

Megan - the problem with the Christian angle is, while you're correct in pointing out the "talk the talk" aspect, it's just not going to get thru because these kids have clearly been raised with "No one can judge your walk with God" and tune out any criticism that is religious based.

So who cares if Molly is Christian, really. Its not excuse for ANY of the Roloff kids to be rude to fans or to name call fans. And believe me, I'm not suggesting that Molly, or Zach, or Jeremy *have to* interact with fans, far from it. What I am saying is that if they don't want to interact, there's a polite way to say no, and a rude way to say no, and they're all old enough at this point to understand what the difference is. Its called having manners, and they clearly don't think they need to display manners.

They're also all old enough to know that they aren't children anymore, so yes, people expect grown ups to assume responsibilities like being polite if recognized in public. They's also old enough to understand that actions, like sanctimonously posting Bible quotes and then namecalling people, have consequences.

A lot of this, I suspect, is because the Mom and Dad Roloff have infantized these kids and told them over and over how precious they are for being kids, that now that these kids are all adults... they're not realizing that "but I'm a young boy/girl" isn't really going to cut it anymore. There are actual stars out there younger than the Roloff adult children who handle fame with less petulance.

Unfortuneatly the whole Christian angle is basically where the kids act like martyrs because they don't realize how shallow their behavior is.

Porcupine Pie said...

Oh, Spirits, why did you have to include that close-up pic of Matt? Now I'm going to have nightmares tonight! O_o

Justin2 said...

Megan hit the nail on the head in this thread of comments:
"Don't post Bible verses all the time and then call people creepers."
Because ultimately when you do that, no matter if you're a Roloff or not, you're automatically creating a double standard for yourself.

And Rap, for somebody who is all about people voicing their opinions on the Roloffs because they're on TV and are public figures, it sure seems to me that you actually DONT like reading peoples comments when they don't agree with you. Like Paige when she said what she did about Molly and then you berate her for having that view of Molly and/or the Roloff family!?
In your own words Rap, and maybe you should take your own advice...."People have the right to their perceptions of her behavior."

Kayla said...

I don't even understand what Jeremy's girlfriend Audrey is talking about...

It's all Bible babble to me that has no substance.

Rap541 said...

Justin2 - responding to someone is not silencing their opinion. I haven't told to shut up and stop hating, and I haven't told you that either. If I think you're saying the equivalent to me, or if I disagree with your opinion on something, I have every right to respond to you.

Paige has every right to think Molly is a great person. Where she veers into traffic is when she starts with the "you don't know Molly's walk with God" nonsense is when she's attempting to silence the discussion. She thinks Molly is a great person and the rest of us should shush up since no one can judge Molly's walk with Christ.

Nope, sorry. I'm not telling Paige "You need to shut up because I have every right to judge Molly" - Paige is free to continue saying she likes Molly all she wants. But I am also free to point out that Molly isn't a child anymore and she's not going to be forgiven as a child anymore when she gets it into her head to play the "No one can judge me, but I judge you a hater and creeper" game.

If Paige feels berated, tough. I sometimes feel berated here. Do I have the right to tell you to shut up? No I don't - and you don't have the right to tell me to shut up either. You are perfectly free to attack me. But the moment you attack and conclude with how *I* have to sit silent against your comments, game on.

For the record, I agree with you on the double standard and on multiple occasions, when pointing out that double standard, I have been viciously berated by fans of the Roloffs and told that judging is hating and people who have nothing nice to say should shut up and find something else to watch because its a waste of time to speak up. Maybe I should shut my bitch mouth and tow the Roloff party line as I have been repeatedly told?

Peter said...

Kayla, basically she's saying that she thinks as long as she thanks God for food tasting good than it's fine for her to call other people 'creepers' or to actually quote Audrey herself "randoms".

At one point, she compares loving "the people you know best" to "loving God" other words, it's cool for her to be cold to the rest of the world.

Sorry to sound like misogynist Jim because the guys are equally as immature about it (i.e Jeremy) but read what these Christian girls (you can click on some of Jeremy's friends, the girls he follows on Twitter) really think and what they think God and Jesus is there for.

Basically, the purpose of Jesus, is to hook them up with guys they think are cute. They thank Jesus for blessing them.

Ashley said...

Molly is now calling Jacob high.

What a train wreck!

Justin2 said...

Rap, I'am in no way telling you to shut up or that I want you to shut up because I don't! I find your comments/postings quite interesting as a matter of fact. And I know by responding to people that you're not telling people to shut up. I know and I get that.

It just seems to me that when people have a positive opinion on the Roloffs you're quick to jump on them and say "well if you believe that then I feel sorry for you because the Roloffs do this and that." And yeah I commend you for wanting to say that stuff but there's really nothing wrong with someone having a positive opinion about the Roloff family.
Now let me be clear, I'm not saying the Roloffs are saints because there's absolute undoutable proof that they aren't but if somebody still likes them, there's nothing really wrong with that.

jackie said...

i have never seen molly call anyone a creeper and people on here are making it sound like she's calling all fans creepers

Zee to the Z said...

Jackie, nice try, but Molly and her friends do call fans creepers.

*You* might not have seen her call fans creepers if you don't have access because she is more discreet than Jeremy or Jacob, but it doesn't make it untrue.

I'll give you just one example. Molly and her friend Paige.

A kid they know named Brenden Thompson once told Molly that he watched LPBW last night and thought it was hilariously funny and loved it.

Molly and Paige told Brenden that he was sounding like a creeper fan that wanted to talk to Molly.

Don't lie Jackie. Molly and pals do call people creepers.

Molly was also in on Mueller's mocking of the smiling fan girl that asked Zach for a picture when she saw him at the zoo and then Mueller re-posted it labeling it "Zach and the creeper". Molly certainly didn't object to pal Mueller calling the girl a creeper but she sure did jump to Mueller's defense and object when someone listed Mueller's and Jeremy's infractions on You Tube...

Austin said...

So, Spirits was right all along when Spirits said that Jeremy was most into Solid Rock, followed closely by Molly.

Molly is now re-tweeting the "pray away the gay" church Solid Rock.

Justin2 said...

I will never question the Roloffs or anybody's walk with God but I will question a churches walk with God.

Churches, including this Solid Rock Church, are suppose to preach positive messages. That's why Jesus started preaching, to preach love and not hate. John Mark Comer ain't no Jesus. And if he thinks preaching "pray the gay away" is a positive message, then he's clearly delusional.
I don't care if he agrees with the gay lifestyle or not..the Bible never said anything about praying homosexuality away. It does however clearly state that God loves ALL his children equal.

But it fair to say that God DOESN'T love John Mark Comer because He says in the Bible that He loves all his children yet John Mark is clearly preaching to the obviously uneducated masses that He doesn't? Hmm John...I'm guessing that's a fair assumption to make since you dare preach an ignorant message about God whenever you see fit. You see John, to your flock of sheep you're preaching "Gods" word, but in reality you're only preaching your own words and opinions in the name of God. And yet there's another sin for this "holy man."

Rap541 said...

Justin, I let positive opinions of the Roloffs go uncommented all the time. I'm not letting Paige's comment go by because it's conceeding that Molly is rude but Molly should be excused because Molly is a "girl" and that Molly as a "girl" is probably hurt by hearing how rude people think she is.

My point to Paige? Who is oddly using the name of one of Molly's closest friends? Is that Molly is now an adult and has to own her behavior as an adult, so it either needs to start rolling off her back when she feels insulted, or she needs to start considering the cause of the "Molly is rude" comments. Because she's not a child anymore and therefore doesn't deserve the protection of being a child. And yes dammit, when a fan comes on protesting how *mean* it is for poor Roloff kids to hear insults, I can and will remind those fans of how hurt fellow fans are when they are openly mocked by Roloff kids for daring to say they like the show. Being on tv and having money does not give any of the Roloff kids five to ten extra years of childhood excuses, no matter what their parents think and I will point that out when their buddies come whining about how mean it all is. I'm tired of the "Give them a free pass to be nasty jerks, they have money and their parents don't discipline them" argument - every single one of the Roloff kids is old enough to understand the concept of not saying every ugly thing in their head. They want to be precious little snowflakes who never hear criticism? Then they as a family need to stop with the namecalling and nasty behavior themselves, instead of calling people names and then sending their buddies out to whine for them how its not fair.

Jocelynn said...

Justin2, John Mark Comer's/Solid Rock teachings about gay people get a lot of attention here, but in my opinion, their views on women and gender roles are equally as distasteful.

It's clearly a church that doesn't think society has advanced since Biblical times.

I listened to one of JMC sermons that was posted. Men need to be macho. Women need to be ultra feminine. The woman's role to stay at home, do housework and take care of the kids. The woman (this is the one where my jaw dropped) shouldn't have her own ideas about theology, no, the woman is to ask her husband for the answers.

Molly being involved in this church makes me question her overall intelligence away from a classroom.

Having said all that, I can see why John Mark Comer and Solid Rock have a following among Oregon youth. JMC does have a cool way of speaking and appealing to college students that you don't get from other traditional churches.

Although Jacob apparently disagrees when he was tweeting about how much better Jeremy was, but I find it interesting that Zach is the only Roloff of age that doesn't seem to be enthralled with Solid Rock. I've never heard of him going on about Solid Rock and he's usually absence when Matt or Amy have said that they or some of their kids attended Solid Rock.

Justin2 said...

Rap, the line "they as a family need to stop namecalling themselves" is a spot on description.

The Roloffs are so caught up in their egos (and as much as they would so they don't, they certainly do) that they don't even realize the things they do! I don't think its because they don't care about people because their charity work obviously states otherwise but they have massive egos that make them think no matter what they say they're always right. And they are in fact not.

Jocelynn, Solid Rock is a hypocritical name in itself because nothing they teach is based on anything solid!! Its just based on one mans thoughts. No not Jesus', John Mark Comers.

I always laugh when I hear the saying that women should look to men for all the answers...AND I'M A GUY!! We live in the 21 century now, not the first century!! I know plenty of women who are sooo much smarter and educated than their husbands or boyfriends!!

Now for Molly being the proud woman I know she is, I just don't understand why she'd subject herself to sitting and listening to that ignorant message.

Erica said...

IMO, Molly is a stuck up brat that has had her ~character~ portrayed as a nice good girl on a tv show.

Pam said...

Jocelynn and Justin2, I totally agree with you about John Mark Comer.

I listened to one of his speeches where he openly mocked Dad's who stay at home to look after the kids while his wife pursues her career. He specifically said that the man is failing his family.

What the? This is what is wrong with people. Stop listening to others and trying to live your lives to fit their idea of acceptable.

If a married couple have a good relationship and it works for them that the woman is the one who wants the career and they don't want a babysitter or day care raising their kid and their happy with the dad raising the kids, good for them!

They shouldn't be mocked by John Mark Comer and his flock like Molly and Jeremy Roloff!

Brandon said...

"don't think its because they don't care about people because their charity work obviously states otherwise but..."

Justin2, this may sound cynical but I don't think that states otherwise.

I honestly believe Amy's charity is about self-promotion and personal gain.

How much of the Roloffs own money have they donated?

More importantly, how much have the Roloffs gained from their charities? Amy has done A LOT of partying in the name of charity.

She holds a party, sips drinks, dances, asks other to donate and then gets patted on the back for being such a charitable person.

She also got a luxury cruise out of her charity which amounted to about 4 hours of filming.

Her charity also gives her a reason to be a guest on radio shows where she then promotes her TV show and her Pumpkin season and her cook book.

I think there's noble charity work (which usually goes unnoticed) and there's "charity" work which is all about self-promotion and gain.

Austin said...

Somebody on twitter asked Molly if it was true that she supported Kirk Cameron's comments about gay ppl....she is not answering.

Gee...I wonder why? The Roloffs really are cowards. Believe one thing but refuse to say it in public if they think it's going to blow their scam.

That to me makes people like Molly more of a joke with all her Bible quotes. If she's such a proud Christian and that's what she believes and that's what she tells her friends, why is she so afraid of saying it publicly?

Justin2 said...

Brandon you make a very excellent point..and I have thought the exact same thing myself. I'm not going to, however, completely dehumanize Amy or the Roloffs in anyway by saying that they don't care about anybody but themeselves. I can't do that. I know on some level that both Matt and Amy draw from being LPs and wanna help others based on their own life experiences. And if I remember correctly..I do believe ARCF did pay out of their own pocket to go back to Haiti and donate time without TV cameras being present. On the other hand..

Amy does blatantly promote and throw her organization in people's faces whenever she sees fit. Anybody who's on her Facebook page knows that. And she has used it to try gain sympathy from would be supporters of the organization. Those facts are all irrefutable and can be found online on her profiles, both Facebook and Twitter. So although I'm giving Amy a little slack, you bring up a good point Brandon.

And Austin, I don't personally understand what the issue is with the Roloffs announcing their support for Kirk Cameron. The target demographic for LPBW is the Christian family so by essentially "coming out" and announcing their support of him, one would think they'd actually gain more fans from the fan base they're after!!!

Austin said...

Justin2, the issue is that the Roloffs are very well aware that they double-dip on gay rights and know that it would cost them money if they were vocal.

You are right that it would gain them some like-minded Christian fans, but it would also destroy their money making ability.

Point? Kirk Cameron is never going to be invited to speak at a Universities social justice committee with LGTB groups on the board. Amy has got paid to be a speaker for these things.

Why? Because Kirk Cameron's views are widely known and the Roloffs are not.

Also, take a look at how TLC has promoted LPBW. They've made it about the larger issue of accepting differences and everyone is the same inside, with goals, dreams and struggles.

Having it known that the star family is a bunch of bigots that think people different from them need to pray to be cured and are "destructive to civilization" would be sure to the nail in the coffin of that genre for the Roloffs and their ability to ever make money from it.

That's why Amy went silent and gave non answers when she was put on the spot about the Roloffs support of the Solid Rock church and that's why Molly is not out and proud about slapping Kirk Cameron on the back for his comments.

Rap541 said...

Justin - I'll be honest, Amy's charity doesn't bother me any more than any other celeb charity. You can see the Real Housewives of NYC for similar vanity charities. It beats her doing nothing, she seems to enjoy it and while I think like most celeb charities, the parties etc are mostly for the party participants, I am sure some money is going to charity that wouldn't be if Amy wasn't doing this.

My concern, based on heated and vile comments coming from people purporting to be members of ARCF, is that this really is more about the bragging than about the charity. There's been a few too many "well how much do YOU give? Because Amy gives sooo much" coupled with "Why doesn't Spirit ever talk about *how MUCH* Amy personally gives to charity" comments.*

*Btw we don't know how much Amy personally gives to charity because Amy has never publicized this figure. We also don't know how much ARCF actually donates, and you know, its probably a fair chunk of change. My point here is that this information isn't available because Amy and ACRF as an organization don't give out these figures. Their rights, of course... but also why Spirit isn't posting those figures.

So my problem is that it very much seems that giving a LOT is the big factor. Amy gives a LOT and what have you criticizers done is usually the tone of the discussion. When it's coupled with how ARCF events tend to be parties where Amy is ultimately fawned over.... I'm suggesting that yeah, doing charity is a bit of a "Look how awesome I am" thing for Amy. That doesn't mean she's not doing good... but the "How much are you doing in comparison to *Amy* hmmm?" nastiness really makes it difficult to accept that doing charity work isn't a status point for Amy.

As for the hypocracy - Austin's done a nice job of pointing that out. When you dangle a dollar, Matt and Amy will talk long and hard about how we all need to accept each other's differences. ("Accept" not "tolerate", folks - thats from the court documents)

When it comes to their own lives however, their kids attend a church that preaches not accepting everyone, and Matt and Amy really don't seem to have any problem with it. Amy mostly commented on "do you throw the baby out with the bathwater" when asked about it. There's any number of things that indicate that the Roloffs don't have any problem with some less than tolerant viewpoints.

They do a lot of social justice talks. Austin makes an excellent point. There's a reason Kirk Cameron doesn't get these invites. I'm still amazed Amy does because it's not difficult to find her support for Focus on the Family.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Uh Rap, I'm wondering if the amount Amy "gives" is not asked by the ARCF supporters as a more hypothetical thing? Such as Amy gives so much:
1; of her personal time,
2; of her organizational skills,
3; of her ability as a celebrity fundraiser,
4; of the use of her property for dinners and events,
yadda yadda ad naseum.

Does anybody else think they might have put this connotation on their questions, rather than a strictly monetary reference?

NJC said...

Rap, I've mentioned this here before but since ARCF is a public charity their tax returns are public. You can find the returns online. They show how much they spend on their charitable causes each year as well as how much they spend on the events to raise it.

Ashley said...

NJC , how do you find it? What is the website?

Timothy said...

Interesting that Molly totally avoided the questions about her support for Kirk Cameron after hiscomments on Piers Morgan.

NJC said...

You can find a couple returns on

Ashley said...


I don't think I understand how to read it though.

It's from 2011. Total assets $75.526. Total $24,865.

But when I click on financial and get into the chart, it "Total Expenses" from 2009 to 2010 goes from the low $40,000 to about the $50,000 range.

They had $50,000 in expenses??????

And on one of the forms it lists contributions, gifts received $63,000

Then Gross Income from fundraising events not including the 63,000 = $111307.... minus direct expenses from fundraising events = $99,500 ...Total net income = $11,726

They had $99,500 in expenses???????

Ashley said...

Btw, in 2011 Chris Cardamone is listed as Director of the ARCF who spends approximately 1 hour a week devoted to the position. He wasn't listed in 2010.

Rap541 said...

Podge - They may include those things in their mental adding up, but they're usually saying "Do you know how much Amy donates out of her own pocket? Why isn't Spirit reporting on that?" which to me implies they want to impress with the monetary figure.

Ashley - ARCF throws pretty fancy parties for charity. Didn't one have a helicopter ball drop? That's expensive. So is running a charity golf tourney.

Now it is noticable that these figures don't match the ones tossed around.

NJC said...

I'm not an accountant so I hesitate to comment on the details. The only reason I know anything about this charitable tax reporting is from experience with my own family's charity. The tax forms are confusing and don't necessarily give a true picture of a charity's impact in a given year.

For what it's worth (not much) here's my take on what's in the two tax returns available.

It would appear that in 2010 ARCF raised a total of 178,437. Most of that was cash, but also includes $5,600 in toys collected at a toy drive. The event where they raise the bulk of their money cost about $127,000 to run. They also had about $13,000 in other expenses.

They gave out about $32,000 in grants that year as well as the additional $5,600 worth of toys.

In 2011 although they raised slightly less, $175,107, they did a better job controlling the cost of their event. It cost $99,581, and they had an additional $5,472 in other expenses through the year.

They gave out just over $60,000 in grants that year. (There's some mention of a food drive and a toy drive again so I'm not sure if that value is included in the grant amount or would be an additional amount they raised and gave out.)

So basically through their efforts they were able to provide about $100,000 to worthy causes in two years.

People can argue whether fund raising through expensive events is the best model for raising money. I mean couldn't you net more money if you just hit up a bunch of rich friends for a cash donation and didn't bother with the party? Seems that way but who knows. A huge number of charities survive on this very same fundraising model every year.

To their credit, no one involved in ARCF takes a salary of any kind. All of their time is donated. Which is more than I can say for some other "charities".

Again, my understanding of these forms is no better than any of you guys' would be. I could read them again and see something completely different. I just felt that since I raised the issue of their availability in the first place I was obligated to at least take a crack at putting them in some kind of context.

Finally, as someone who runs a small charity myself, I just want to stress again that what's on paper in tax returns is only a very small representation of the actual work, effort and stress that goes into them.

Ashley said...

Thanks NJC!

Katie said...

Don't get me wrong, because I don't think Jeremy is that great and I agree that is very suspicious that he's got this way now that he's ready to sell his stuff and wants views and that kind of thing.

But at least Jeremy acknowledges fans in his tweets every once in a while. Again, it's not that great, but it's more than Molly.

When I say acknowledge fans, most fans that tweet them aren't asking fan questions like what is it like to film. They are fans who follow their twitter and then reply to their tweets. Like a Roloff says they liked xyz movie and a fan has a suggestion of a similar movie.

It's basically treating a fan, whose support is paying for their schooling, as a person.

My point is Molly is an adult and she does nothing. She's over 18 and still appearing on the show so she's willingly signing her contract to get paid and she treats fans like zombies that are dead.

I just don't get the 'nice girl' talk about Molly. She seems like a stuck up snob, imo.

Greg said...

Katie, Jeremy and his friends also mock fan comments.

Especially on Instagram, if you can figure out who his real friends are, you can spot when their mocking fans.

Jeremy is two-faced and a user. We all know he calls fans creepers with his friends and is Mr. Elitist.

The only reason why he even gives the hint that he knows fans exist is because he's finally figured out that he can use them to his benefit because it helps to have a few thousand people like his pictures. It gives him an edge up on his peers.

jackie said...

Molly doesn't owe fans anything if she doesn't want to deal with them or answers questions it does make her stuck up.

Megan said...

Jackie, Molly doesn't "have to" but it does completely make her "stuck up".

Molly likes to sign with a TV network that pays her because fans watch. She gets paid and likes her free vacations.

She doesn't want to treat those people that support her income like other humans and acknowledge them at're right, she doesn't have to, but she absolutely is being a stuck up snob and deserves the label.

Rachel said...

All of Jeremy's friends in Santa Barbara (not surprisingly) must be absolutely loaded.

He's twittering about a trip he's on in Utah and one of the girls posted a video.

Wherever they're staying looks like it costs a fortune.

Peter said...

Rachel, I hope you aren't shocked about that?

Some of those girls Jer hangs around with in California are on the heavy side.

I would have bet everything I have that they are rich.

Despite what Jeremy "spreading Jesus' love" Roloff might tweet, for him to pal around with people you know they must have $omething to make it worthwhile.

Peter said...

I wish that guy that Spirits talked to from Brooks would come back.

I'd love to know what the rest of the Brookies think of Jeremy and his group.

Rap541 said...

Jackie, see here's the problem.

You are absolutely right. Molly has no obligation to talk to fans or answer questions. If she wants to walk away from her fame, she certainly can.

But people are going to form opinions about her based on how she does that. If she's a bitch about it, guess what? She's not a precious child doing the best that she can oh bless her for being rude the poor little girl is so put upon. She's an adult. If she's declining fan attention with "Get away creepers! I'm under NO OBLIGATION to speak with you and if you say anything, you're a judging hater!" - which to a point has been the tone from the Roloffs... well, guess what?

Some people are going to find that rude. Regardless of whether she's under any obligation, people are still going to find it rude if she is rudely spurning any questions. This goes back to the whole "Fame costs" discussion, and this is what Molly's parents chose for Molly. Molly, until her parents stop insisting she be on tv, will be "Molly Roloff on Little People Big WOrld". It's going to fade, frankly I really really doubt Molly is inundated with constant requests from fans but thats the choice her family made.

If Molly wants to be rude to the fans, no one is going to stop her... but realistically she's an adult and touted as a nice young woman so she's expected to have some manners. If she doesn't - people are going to talk, and since the arguement always seems to be "If a *Roloff* is rude in spurning questions about the show, you have to understand that no matter how polite you were, you are undeserving of common courtesy from a *Roloff*! A *Roloff* has the right to treat you rudely and if you protest, oh dear lord, you're so hateful because the *Roloffs* are just doing the best they can and can't be expected to be perfect so stop hating and look to yourself because judging a Roloff is hating and wrong and Roloffs aren't perfect but there's never ever a valid criticism of a Roloff, there's ALWAYS an excuse for a Roloff and anyone who doesn't like it or disagrees is a sad hating hater" - after a while yeah, people are going say its a bit stuck up to insist the Roloffs are hands off.

I'm always shocked and saddened that suggesting that the Roloff kids use common courtesy in saying no to fan demands is so horrifyingly impossible for them.

Ashley said...

Rap, I don't think she even needs to be a "bitch" (I think we've all realized that most of the Roloffs, save a bit for most of their trashing of fans with their friends off of public social media sites after getting caught so many times) to deserve the "stuck up" or "snob" label.

If she wants to ignore fans and not acknowledge their existence, ever, when she continually uses the show for money and trips, than she is being "stuck up" or a snob to them.

She deserves the label.

Be definition a snob is:

SNOB = "One who tends to patronize, rebuff, or ignore people regarded as social inferiors and imitate, admire, or seek association with people regarded as social superiors"

Does she need to respond to all people who are fans and know her from the show? No.

But if she ignores everybody like she does, she totally deserves to be called a snob.

Justin2 said...

Lets address the obvious that everybody is overlooking...thank you NJC for posting and finding the exact tax returns to the ARCF for those two years.

Everybody was saying how ARFC doesn't do anything for charity yet when irrefutable proof is shown, nobody addresses it and moves thank you for doing the research and posting it!!

Brandon said...

Justin2, who is everybody?

I didn't say or don't think that it "does nothing for charity".

What I believe and I what I think some other people also believe is that Amy asks other to donate and Amy does it for personal gain and publicity.

I didn't need tax returns to know that the ARCF has collected money from others and donated to existing charities. I always knew that.

But I still think Amy's motivation is that it's a great way for her to network with high rollers, attend parties and it gives her publicity.

Rap541 said...

Justin2 - I think you're overstating with everybody. Here's what I said, for example "It beats her doing nothing, she seems to enjoy it and while I think like most celeb charities, the parties etc are mostly for the party participants, I am sure some money is going to charity that wouldn't be if Amy wasn't doing this."

So you'll forgive me not feeling it necessary to concede a point I already conceded - I've never had any doubt ARCF makes donations and I've never claimed they didn't.

My point of contention is that people who are clearly supporting Amy make comments about how much money Amy is personally donating and how we should all be applauding that and since we don't, we're haters hating. Amy doesn't make her personal donations public, I'm not asking her to, but I certainly am not going to laud her for a secret, unknown figure.

ARCF is doing about what I expected, donation wise. It lets Amy be the center of attention, she gets to throw parties, and like I said origanally, I'm sure some money gets donated that wouldn't have been if Amy wasn't throwing a charity golf tourney. Who are you yelling at?

Justin2 said...

Well Rap I'm not yelling or pointing fingers at any one particular person. And maybe "everybody" was an overstatement but that's picking too much.
Generally when people say "Amy isn't donating enough" it entails both Amy herself and her charity foundation. And if I'm not mistaken I do believe that quite a while ago some people were asking for ARCF's tax returns for proof of how much they actually donate and now its been said everybody went silent and ignored it and moved on to a different topic.

What I want to know Rap and Brandon is...what celebrity out there doesn't ask their fans/general public to help donate to their charity foundations or the charities they support without the celebrity themselves giving alot of their own money? Its doesn't mean that they're looking for attention for themselves..all they are doing is bringing attention to the causes they are trying to help. And one person can't change the world by themselves.
I know the Roloffs have high opinions of themselves but I can't believe they'd use charity to give themselves more attention and publicity. That's what the show is for and dare I say its because of that show that ARCF even exists.

Melissa said...

I actually liked Jeremy's girlfriend's Audrey's latest blog about being busy. Maybe because it was more than "Thank you Jesus" every second sentence. But she seems a lot more thoughtful (about life in general, not necessarily towards other people...I don't know) than Jeremy.

Brandon said...

Justin2, again, I don't think Amy is so horrible that she doesn't care about donating money to other charities.

But again, I do strongly feel that her charity is a business networking idea and an ego boost.

I think it's naive to ignore what Amy gains out of it. After the weekly series was cancelled, Amy still went on radio and talk shows. What was the reason why they had her on? Amy Roloff, formerly of LPBW, is having a charity event, tell us Amy about your charity. Oh that's so great Amy, you're wonderful! And of course the subject then shifts to promoting Roloff pumpkin season or a book.

Having a charity gives her something to promote that most media outlets won't shut the door on where they might if she's just an ex reality star.

And yes, a lot of what I see as Amy's involvement in her charity, is attending parties with executives and business owners.

Let's not forget, even though the show that Amy is a co-Executive Producer made the entire TV show episode seem as though the whole thing was about Amy helping in Haiti, the fact is her charity landed her and her kids a luxury cruise for 7 days. About 8 hours out of the 7 days was about her charity.

Usually the people who do the most work on behalf of charities are people that you never hear of or you never hear their contributions because they aren't in it for the self-promotion .

Rao541 said...

What I want to know Rap and Brandon is...what celebrity out there doesn't ask their fans/general public to help donate to their charity foundations or the charities they support without the celebrity themselves giving alot of their own money?

Stephen King for example is a well known philanthropist who generally makes no mention of his supported charities to fans and in fact gives a great deal to his local community. There's a lot of celebs out there who actually manage to do charity work without naming a foundation after themselves.

And Justin - your thoughts on people purporting to be members of ARCF coming here and making it very clear that people who give a lot are head and shoulders above people who give a little? Why do members of ARCF need to have it acknowledged that Amy is giving so much? Since when was bragging about charity work ok? Charity isn't supposed to be about self aggrandizement, it's about helping others. Now do I think Amy is the worst offender out there? Nope. Do I think her ego *isn't* involved. Yeah, no, I don't think Amy started this charity purely to help others. I think Brandon nicely outlines how ARCF benefits Amy. She gets to continue to hobnob with celebs, there's parties, she can promote herself. Frankly, that ALSO doesn't really bother me except that when it's pointed out that Amy benefits from her committment to charity... her buddies from the charity come crying and put Amy up on the cross.

Rap541 said...

Oh and Justin2, are you refering to this thread?

Where someone named A6 comes on and starts the fight with "I love all you haters. Just found this on Amy's Facebook Fanpage. What good have you done that matches what Amy and Matt do for their community? Looks like ARCF has raised over 400k over 3 years to help kids and you people are here ripping them down"?

And NJC posts the same figures more or less and I ask why if the real figure is so much higher, why isn't *Amy* telling us these big numbers on the ARCF facebook?

Then A6 becomes "Sharon, a volunteer with ARCF" and complains that charities aren't required to post their numbers and continues citing numbers around 400k and repeatedly insists Matt and Amy have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars and why arent the haters matching those numbers?

When NJC pointed out that the numbers didn't back up the poster's refrain, the poster in question flounced off with "You guys are just wasting your time and mine. I would rather be helping someone and being of service than combing an inaccurate hate and opinion filled blog everyday so I can write a dissertation with the only goal being pitiful self aggrandizement. See ya and I know you will keep getting it all wrong, haha what a waste. "

So to sum up, the arguement was started by a ARCF volunteer who made a much higher claim for ARCF's donations, NJC actually proved by using tax returns that the claims were invalid, and the person who slunk off was the person insisting first 400 thousand and then 200 thousand was ARCF's donation amount.

Who are "some people" Justin2? How about manning up and making your accusations by name because "everybody" and "some people" are starting to get a little annoyed, particularly when you're not backing it up. In context, no one was jumping on the Roloffs or ARCF for not donating enough, this website was getting an attempted bitchslap from a volunteer at ARCF who was using inflated numbers to make Amy look good. And when they got called on it, they slunk off.

Jocelynn said...

I agree with Rap for the most part on the subject of Amy's charity.

Is it better than doing nothing? Sure. However, Amy is clearly benefiting from having the charity.

To Brandon's point, Amy is now buddies with Jason Kennedy from "E!" Entertainment news all because of her charity. Does it benefit Amy to have a nice little in on those Entertainment shows? Of course. Would she be going out for dinner with him if it wasn't for Amy having a Charity. No! Would ARCF board members be partying in the historic Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood if it wasn't for ARCF? No!

It wasn't Amy's charity, but I supported the first Marty Klebba and Roloff CODA game in Michigan. I know that the Roloff participation in it consisted of them coming to Michigan and was basically a LPA reunion. They stayed in a nice hotel, went out partying/drinking with the other LPs, the ex wrestler and Marty and his actor friend Lee (who was really down to earth and nice - I talked to him for a bit).

I don't think you can ignore the benefits to the Roloffs of their charities and personally? I do think they should be donating their own money to these events. I assure you, the Roloffs have more money and many more vehicles than I do. If they ask me to give a little, I hope they are giving a lot more.

Justin2 said...

Rap, its funny how a person who hates people personally attacking her is personally attacking someone who said nothing personal about you. "Everybody" and "some people" was just a general statement. Oh wait...I've already said that.
And this talk about people being members of ARCF coming on here and complaining about "haters hating" was YOUR statement, not mine. Go ahead..have a look for yourself. So if you have a problem with your own statement well it seems you have a problem with yourself and not me. Or wait...are you just making a general statement and want me to clear up your mess? No thank you.

Rap541 said...

Justin - yes, you've already said it, and since so far you haven't cited an example of people " some people were asking for ARCF's tax returns for proof of how much they actually donate and now its been said everybody went silent and ignored it and moved on to a different topic" - I located the only other discussion that involved figures being mentioned to point out that no one is *asking for and then ignoring proof of how much ARCF donates*.

In fact the only people really concerned with it was the mentioned A6, aka Sharon , who btw is the "everyone" and "somebody" you're saying I'm not naming.

If its not clear why complaining that "everyone" is ignoring ARCF's charitable donations, when in fact hardly anyone at all is doing that is irritating, I can't help you. If the thread I cited isn't the thread you mean about "some people" slinking off after figures were mentioned... pony up the links.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

On another topic, I was reading Matt's FB comments on the comments on the photo of Jacob. Matt said he didn't click 'Like' on the comments that were snotty, or the ones he didn't understand. I read through all the comments without at least one "Like", and I understood them all. Why does the un-democratic big MR parade his lack of understanding in front of everyone. At Jacob's expense, of course.

Ashley said...

PodgeRodge, I wish someone would press Matt (well, it doesn't matter because he would just delete it anyway) on the "Justin" part of his comment. Why is that? Because the Roloffs hate Justin Bieber and don't mind mocking him. Well, I don't like him either, but that's besides the point!!! The point is the double standards. Matt talks about "snotty" comments about his family and his family says snotty things about another celebrity.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Gosh, it didn't take Molly very long to privatize her Twitter account after she opened it. Even Jacob's was public longer before it got protected. The first time.

Rap541 said...

Ashley, to be fair to Matt, I don't think his "Justin" comment was Matt declaring it ok to mock Justin Bieber but that he wasn't going to "like" comments that compared Jake to Justin because Jake didn't like Bieber.

Agree completely on the "snotty" comments. I'm no Justin Bieber fan but I do wonder if he finds some of the Roloff kids comments "snotty" and if Matt would like it if the Bieber designated a Roloff kid comment as "snotty".

I also am amused that Matt finds it necessary to directly post on how he personally is "liking" comments and pointing everyone to the specific thread that he sat down and "liked" to prove that he does it.... Yeah, thats not attention seeking :)

Ashley said...

Rap, I think we're basically agreeing about the "Justin" comment.

I'm just reading more into it because I know how Jacob talks about Justin Bieber and from what others say, so did Jeremy and Mueller, etc.

The reason why Jacob would get mad about the "looking like Justin" comments is because Jacob hates Justin Bieber. He and his friends and brothers mock Justin, say he sucks at everything, thinks he's gay, and all that kind of stuff.

In Matt admitting that Jacob doesn't like Justin (if Matt knows something Jacob is talking about that means Jacob must make it really obvious! LOL!) , it means Matt knows Jacob, Jeremy, friends, trash Justin Bieber.

Does Matt think that's bullying, unkind, and snotty?

As much as I don't like Justin Bieber, he was Jacob's age now or younger when Roloffs and their friends were trashing him.

Ashley said...

Podge, you're right about Molly!

It's been said before, but what's the point in having a private twitter?

Sorry but to me having a private twitter reeks of power control and self importance.

I think one of the promos of twitter was "share your thoughts with the world".

Having a private twitter cuts everybody else out except for your chosen group of followers.

That means when Molly tweets celebrities she likes (like Kirk Cameron??) they can't see it. When other people she's trying to impress try to retweet her wisdom, they can' can't retweet someone who has a private twitter.

Maybe Molly isn't grown up enough to handle having a public twitter? Maybe she knows her urges to fan girl over Kirk Cameron are too strong, but she knows she should cover it up?

Melissa said...

I must admit I enjoy reading Jeremy's girlfriend's Audrey's blog, even though it is heavy (or all) about quoting scripture.

It's interesting to read what makes people tick and how they reason things.

Peter said...

Melissa, but it's what I've always believed about these people.

You read her latest? About desires and the Lord?

Reading between the lines, her philosophy for life was give shout outs to Jesus and then God will grant her having the cute guy she likes, like her back, etc.

That's how these people see Jesus. If you give shout outs for Jesus, you're a good Jesus follower and Jesus will than be like a genie and grant you your wishes.

Peter said...

Podge, Molly seems infantilized. If she ever gets a job that doesn't revolve around exploiting her parents and Zach's dwarfism and the show she refuses to accept responsibility for, she better hope her employer was a fan and is star struck.

There are 16 year olds that I know that I would trust more to run a shift on their own than Molly.

Timothy said...

Podge, I didn't really understand Matt's "at Jacob's expense" comments.

It's Matt's FB. The majority of the comments were "What a wonderful son you have Matt! Jacob is so nice!"

Justin2 said...

I was watching the news last night and this segment caught my attention because it reminded me of John Mark Comer and his Solid Rock Church.
Interesting in this clip that the pastors personal opinion and his professional opinion on same sex marriage is quite different. He says that homosexuality is a sin because it says so in the Bible and in his sermons he condemns their lifestyle BUT then he says he loves homosexuals and his church welcomes them. I don't know, I just thought he was talking out of both sides of his mouth. And who know, maybe John Mark Comer has the same personal views just like this pastor.

Vic Rattlehead said...

"When other people she's trying to impress try to retweet her wisdom, "


What a laugh.

Molly isn't old enough or experienced enough in life to possess any real wisdom that goes deeper than "don't wear white after labor day".

She's a sheltered spoiled brat who has been protected from the real world and any honest opinions about her all her life.

Pseudo-intellectuals like Molly only pretend to know about the world around them when the truth is they actually have a puddle shallow understanding of it.

Justin2 said...

If you click on my name it should make it easier for you to see the video.

Timothy said...

Justin2, that whole story (Tim Tebow speaking at that controversial church) reminded me a lot of the Roloffs and John Mark Comer's church.

Obviously Tebow is a lot more well known, but it's the same type of thing.

By speaking there, he is endorsing the church and their policies. Some of his defenders are trying to say just because he's speaking there doesn't mean he agrees with everything that Jeffress says.

But c'mon, he could go to many different churches, the fact he chose that one is very telling.

I find Tebow very cowardly because his PR people refuse to let the media ask him direct questions about homosexuality.

But by throwing himself behind this church, it speaks loud and clear.

Does this sound like anyone else we know? Won't come and say "this is what I believe", but somehow they support a very anti-gay church.

Jocelynn said...

Justin2, thanks for the link.

JMC and Solid Rock indeed has a very similar stance as Jeffress claims to have.

John Mark Comer and the pastor that conducted the "Loveology" event at Solid Rock that Jeremy and Molly attended, said something very similar.

The other pastor started by saying he feels like he should apologize to every gay person for the way the Christian church has singled out homosexuality.

John Mark Comer said they have made a mistake by focusing so much on homosexuality as THE sin.

However, he went onto say that gay people are sinners that will burn in Hell for eternity. He said don't listen to liberal churches that say that homosexuality is alright, because it's not.

And of course he goes onto say that gay people need to pray to Jesus to be cured of being gay (which might even be going further than Jeffress!).

If you really listen to John Mark Comer and the Solid Rock church, gay people don't have a place in the world. John Mark Comer firmly states the purpose of one's life is for man and woman to marry and have children that are believers and will spread the word of God and enhance His Kingdom.

Gays are sinners that are going to Hell. The only advice to a gay person from John Mark Comer and Solid Rock is to pray to Jesus and be cured of being gay.

Brandon said...

Count me confused.

Matt is posting about being excited that he and Amy were invited to Wizard World Comic Con in Portland.

What does Matt and Amy have to do with comics? Their bio is all about the LPBW TV show.

Are they implying they are like comic book characters because their Little People on TV? Not the message of the show, but I guess Matt is desperate for any attention he can get?

Rap541 said...

Brandon, a lot of times a "comic-con" starts as purely comics but branches out into tv and written scifi and fantasy. If you look at the main guest list, while they certainly do have a lot of comic professionals coming, they also have actors from a lot of tv shows that have next to no comic connection but are somewhat scifi orientated... and not even that. I mean, Henry Winkler isn't who I think of when I think scifi, and neither are the various WWE guests. Matt and Amy sound like a late addition to the show - the con is *this* weekend and they aren't listed on the website. My guess? They're local celebs so why not invite them? Take advantage of the local color, so to speak.

Rap541 said...

And the truth rears its ugly head.

Truth be told... We're going to comic con tomorrow to try and recruit "interesting" brides and grooms that want to get married on Roloff Farm this Summer.. How fun is that??

Well, that sounds respectful, doesn't it? And let me guess... the only weddings done at the farm will be filmed for the show since wedding business exists solely to be filmed.

Rap541 said...

Brandon, in other words, they are looking for "freaks" to exploit on their own show.

Lara said...

Molly (and all the Roloffs) are such hypocrites.

She and Jacob are tweeting actor Josh Peck who is a LPBW fan.

Molly turned her twitter public so she could tweet him to get his attention and excitedly tweets him saying she's a big fan.

What a hypocrite. What other word is there seriously?

They Roloffs ignore their own fans, Molly totally does, but there she is excitedly posting to people she watches to tell him she's a big fan.


jackie said...

there are a lot of weirdos out there with fake twitter and facebook accounts. since mollys not trying to make a career out of being a celeb. its probally smart to only talk to people online that your actually friends with.

Lara said...

Jackie, come on! She's a hypocrite!!! Straight up, hypocrite! There's no way around it!

Molly clearly likes tweeting and being tweeted by someone she watches on TV.

But she won't return the favor.


And seriously? You're acting like she's a 6 year old baby girl with your safety concerns. It's twitter and tweeting people. Not a stranger offering baby Molly some candy to get in their car. Sheeshhhhhhh!

Melanie said...

Well said Lara.
Lets face it.
Roloffs are so arrogant that they never step back and consider how they're treating people compared to how they want to be treated.

jackie said...

molly's not trying to be famous so she doesn't need followers or online friends and she has like 30 tweets and more than half are to jacob. so its not like she's tweeting every celeb she can find. and seeing some of the comments on here and on twitter by people thinking they know everything about her. no wonder she wouldn't reply to anyone.

Lara said...

Jackie, stop excusing Molly. She's a hypocrite.

Molly signs a contract to be on TV. She gets paid. Like Jacob tweeted to someone "it's paying for my college".

Molly tweets people she watches on TV! And she clearly liked it when the actor said he liked her show.

But she ignores the fans.

She's a hypocrite.

If Josh Peck was like the Roloffs and Molly said "I'm a big fan!" Molly would ignore them and call them creepers with her friends like Paige for "trying to talk to her".

She tweets people she watches. Yet when the shoe is on the other foot, Miss Molly is just a bitch that doesn't want to acknowledge their existence.

And she's a snob.
An actor says he's a fan and she's miss nicey nice, but a regular person tweets at her and she must pretend like they don't exist.

jackie said...

so molly should reply to all fans of the show even the ones who call her a hypocrite or a bitch. or just the nice ones.

since molly may have been stalked or threatened according to amy and matt its probaly a good idea for her not to talk to strangers online even if they claim to be fans. contract or no contract

Justin2 said...

The proof against Molly is really starting to stack up.

I mean, give the two boys hell for doing it if you'd like but at least Jeremy and Jacob do tweet at fans on occasion with Jacob being the most honest and straightforward. Hell even Amy tweets some people back and both her and Matt respond to comments on Facebook.
It doesn't matter what the tweets/comments are about at the end of the day as to why any of them respond to fans...its that they do it on occasion that really matters.

Kylie said...

@Justin2, true, but Jacob tweets fans to yell or complain about them and Jeremy only started to do it now that he's "launching" stuff that he wants to sell.

Do none of the Roloffs have an ounce moral goodness? Tweeting someone takes a matter of seconds! Is it so hard to treat someone that watches their show as a human being?

Jackie? You must be trolling. You know that Molly is going to be 19 this year, not 9? Molly's too much of a child to know how to use twitter and tweet "strangers"? Good lord.

Brandon said...

You can't be serious, Jackie? You must not think Molly is as bright as the Roloffs want people to think because you're describing Molly as mentally challenged.

When she tweets about a subject and a fan adds a comment to it, Molly can occasionally respond to the comment. Her life is not in danger by doing so....

And this is a different subject because responding to someone on twitter had nothing to do with an alleged stalker, but I'm VERY skeptical.

You know what I think? I think somebody wrote an email or something that probably said something along the lines of "Molly sucks, go die". You know, the kind of thing that Jacob and his friends say to people they don't like. And I think Matt took that and tried to get attention and sympathy.

You know why I doubt the stalker? Read the court documents that Spirits linked.

The Roloffs entire argument in trying to get $250,000 from the county was trying to make the case that the Roloffs are so terrified of people on their property because they are so scared for their safety.

But when it came to crunch time, in legal documents where they can face jail time for lying, no mention of a "Molly stalker".

Matt can lie and exaggerate all he wants on his Facebook page because the fact is Spiritswander is the only one that will fact check and call him out. But in court, Matt can't do that without getting himself in serious document.

The "stalker" that was mentioned was not identified as a "Molly stalker" like Matt said on Facebook, he was apparently some religious nut that wrote them messages saying that the world would end and he would protect them and stuff like that. It also said he has never visited the Roloffs property.

In court, when the Roloffs are trying to say how freaked out they were that a county official stepped on their property and they were emotionally wrecked because they are so scared, the Roloffs didn't say anything about a Molly stalker but Matt does on his Facebook Hmmmm...I wonder why. Maybe because in one Matt could go to jail for lying and the other Matt can say whatever he wants.

But anyway, that's all off subject, because like others have said, tweeting someone does not in anyway shape or form put someone like Molly in danger unless you think Molly is brain-damaged and could not possibly tweet someone without having the urge to invite them to meet her in a dark alley.

Peter said...

Kylie, I agree with Justin.

Yep, Jacob is rude and mean and disrespectful.

But he also is, without any competition, by FAR the most honest Roloff.

I'd rather have someone be honest than have someone who is as fake as Jeremy who puts on his "aw shuckies thanks dude oh and please buy my pics" and then is all "they suck the unsuckable those creepers!" when he thinks he can get away with it.

At least Jacob is being honest.

Ally said...

I'm not feeling the Jacob love that some people here seem to have.

Worse than how he talks about fans is how he bashes seemingly unpopular kids at school. Insulting them and telling them on twitter that he ignores them when they talk to them or how annoying he thinks they are...

From the way he talks about those kids I'd say Jacob is a little jerk bully (in the insulting sense).

Rap541 said...

Ally - speaking for myself, it ain't love.

The only appreciation I have for Jake is that he's not wrapping his behavior up in loving Jesus. It's very obvious that he and big brother Jeremy are very similar - I'd call Jeremy a jerk bully as well. But, at the end of the day, after Jake gets done being a jerk to people, he's not playing the Jesus card to make it look better. And the people around him aren't playing the Jesus card

Here's what I mean by the Jesus card. When Jeremy is caught faux kissing and faux getting rubbed while shirtless by buddy Mueller or yelling faggithole at someone - the first thing we hear is how Christians hate fags and Jeremy LOVES Christ so its somehow ok for him to crap on gay people. Oh and we also hear a lot of rigamorale about how he and his big heart are thinking real hard but we must never ever judge his walk with Jesus! (and we must also ignore the few buddies who come right and say Jeremy isn't thinking real hard and long and in fact finds it all hilarious)

Jake does something rude? Then Jake is rude. Jeremy does something rude? Oh dear god, he randomly says Coram Deo on his facebook so bless him and never ever expect him to see his behavior as rude!

Jake makes pot references? Jake is a druggy. Jeremy makes pot and alcohol references? He's a boy! Being a boy! And he walks with Christ! And since Jeremy SAYS he never drank under age (except all those time he did) and Jeremy is a Christian and always speaks truth, anyone who repeats or believes his comments about drinking is a lying hater lying about a sweet honest Christian!

And here's a point of reality - Jake's twitter is basically what I expect to find a 16 year old twittering about - and its incredibly similar to Jeremy's old myspace. Nowadays, the Jer-Bear just says Bible stuff because he finally figured out how to please Daddy's fans.

I'm not applauding Jake's behavior - as you said he's a jerk bully about other kids... but at least its honest and we don't have his buddies insisting his being a rude little ass is how he walks with the Lord.

Vic Rattlehead said...

"What I want to know Rap and Brandon is...what celebrity out there doesn't ask their fans/general public to help donate to their charity foundations or the charities they support without the celebrity themselves giving alot of their own money?"

Alice Cooper does a charity golf tourney every year that benefits various children's charities he also donates his own money to various charitable causes in and around the Phoenix area.

The difference is that Alice Cooper grew up the son of a minister and understands that good deeds are things that are done not for media attention but because you genuinely want to help people.

FYI: Alice Cooper is a born again christian who actually lives by the tenants of his faith and genuinely wants to do good for others rather than paying lip service to them like the Roloff's do and using their "charitable" activities as an excuse to stroke their egos.

Ally said...

Rap, my point is that I'm seeing a lot of people here praise Jacob for being "honest".

Since when is insulting people and being hurtful something to praise?

If your kid says nasty things about some unpopular kid at school or just an overall awkward person, do you pat them on the head and say "You're so honest! Good boy!"

Because that IS what I'm seeing as a theme here about people's opinion of Jacob.

Jacob is nasty and hurtful, and is apparently likes drugs, but hey, what a good kid he is because he's being honest!

I do agree with and see your point about Jacob not using Jesus to justify his behavior, but I'm still seeing a lot of "Say what you will, but Jake is honest!"

But you are using excuses people make about Jeremy to wash over Jacob's nastiness.

Some LPBW fans made excuses for Jeremy by saying he's a good Christian?

Well, some LPBW fans are making excuses for Jacob by praising him for being honest. You did it yourself "he's a jerk bully about other kids... but at least its honest".

Why are people making excuses and giving him an out? It's not acceptable.

Greg said...

Has Amy won mother of the year yet?
From Jacob's twitter today

"Mom: Okaayyyy! You better get your homework done *pause* *both hysterically laugh*"

With parenting like that, gee whiz, hard to figure out how he did so bad that he was expelled from school.

Rap541 said...

Ally - the honest part is that he's not attempting to put one over on anyone.

He's rude. No "but I'm rude because you're x and I disapprove of X and as a Christian, that means I have the right to be cruel to you" - at the end of the day, when Jake is a rude little ass on tv - there's no excuses about it.

With Jeremy, there's ALWAYS an excuse.

Please do understand - that doesn't mean Jake is somehow less rude... but it does mean that at the end of the day, he's being more honest about who he is.

Ally said...

Rap, after Jacob has been rude, his friends insult whoever it is and say Jacob is so wonderful.

I've seen Jacob on twitter deny it after somebody says he's acting like a jerk.

Rap541 said...

Ally - yes, he's a rude jerk and no one in his family is making an effort to hide it. I get your point - he's not exactly healing the sick. But unlike Matt, who claims his facebook was hacked whenever he posts something vulgar, or Jeremy's "Yes sir! Coram Deo!" persona... I kinda suspect that while Matt and Jeremy are a lot different in real life, Jake probably is not. But be assured, I do see where you're coming from.

Peter Lane said...

Well said, Rap. Good explanation.

This is the point precisely.

"I kinda suspect that while Matt and Jeremy are a lot different in real life, Jake probably is not."

Kyla said...

Blah blah blah who cares! They are people and they can do whatever they want!

Melissa said...

Amy on her Facebook Fan page about Jacob.

"Danielle Jacob was probably about 5-6 when we did the pilots. Love this boy. He's a good kid trying to find his way, making mistakes -as we all do- and doing the right thing too. I'm just trying to be a Mom that keeps him on track."

Uhh, Amy look at his twitter page once in a while!

Jacob is a pot head, a bully and a nasty jerk.

Rap541 said...

Kyla - no one says they can't. But as they judge others for not living as they do* - and the Roloffs ARE very judgemental, they are putting their lives on display for judgement as well.

*If I have learned ANYTHING from the many many friends of the Roloffs, its that its very important we all understand that its very important we know that Matt is a millionaire and lives on a million dollar piece of property and Amy donates a great of unstated funds to charity and we all need to remember, when we criticize the Roloffs just how much *money* they have! And how much money we apparently don't in comparison as anyone who criticizes the Roloffs is sooooo jealous of all of their *money*! :)

Rap54 said...

On a complete aside, you know what would be *hilarious*?

A crossover of Little People Big World Wedding Barn and My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding! :)

Paige said...

For all of you Molly haters here, you should know that Molly liked and shared this podcast and video of the Solid Rock church's sermon given by John Mark Comer titled "Unchristian".

All you people that bash Molly and Jer for listening to John Mark at Solid Rock, do you want to tell me what is so terrible about what he says?

I don't know how to do links here but you can click on my name to take you right to the video.

Brandon said...

Paige, my reaction to that is that the perception of Christians that outsiders have describe Jeremy and Molly perfectly and it's completely justified.

Is Molly too blind to her own conduct to realize that she is what is being described? Jeremy certainly is.

Anti-homosexual? Check (mock the "faggit-holes" and never apologize)

Judgmental? Check. "I feel your hate in your comment. You can't be Christian" (or losers that "suck the unsuckable" or "are you jealous?"

Hypocritical? Check. I don't think I even need to give examples of that one!

Rap541 said...

Paige, you're female right?

Hand on the Bible, because you have a vagina and not a penis, you'll never be capable of forming your own meaningful relationship with the Christian God and ANY MAN is inherently more capable on this topic than you?

Yes? No? Because see, John Mark Comer does indeed deem you less capable than any male. You are a woman and therefore you are not capable, and will always need a man to lead you.

Do you believe that about yourself? That you are incapable of having thoughts about your lord that a man doesn't council you on?

And frankly, I'd also say that it's not John Mark Comer's actual teachings that really irritate - although they do at times - but that the Roloff kids and friends cry to the skies how they are good christians because this is what they believe... and then merrily don't follow the rules they prat about.

At last check, buddy Mueller effed his woman outside of God's marital laws and has bred a bastard to the whore. That's not MY judgement by the way, its the Bible's. And Jer? Sucks up the booze and calls gay people hateful names because you know, his body is a temple until he decides its time to sin for jesus and queers deserve hate. After all, faggits are faggits and deserve to hear it from Jer, right Paige? Faggits need to hear how bad they are and how God hates their lifestyle and God likes it and blesses it when Jeremy faux kisses boys to mock gays and God especially likes it when Jeremy never ever admits he's done wrong to anyone he's wronged.

Molly in contrast seems nice enough except when she's on the "HOW DARE YOU JUDGE US! I HAVE THE RIGHT TO JUDGE YOU HARSHLY AND NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO JUDGE ME!" train.

Paige, if you believe in the teachings of John Mark Comer, you're have no problem swearing on the blood of Christ that the dumbest and most ignorant of men will always have more insightful thoughts on God because you're female and therefore less.

Rap541 said...

Also Paige, serious question for you. Does John Mark Comer ever address *why* people find Christians anti-homosexual, judgemental, and hypocritical? And what followers of Christ need to do in order to turn around that impression? I know, from watching the video, that Mr. Comer wants to turn around this bad impression without compromising any beliefs... So how? How does that happen when his followers play the "I'm Christian so I can judge you and you can NEVER EVER judge my walk with Jesus!"

Lil hint btw - the reason people think Christians are judgemental and hypocritical can be summed up in your friend Molly's interactions online - she grants herself the right to namecall, and sends her buddies out to let us all know how we're not to ever judge Molly but Molly has every right as a Christian walking with Jesus to judge anyone she pleases.

Rap541 said...

One last comment, Paige. You do understand that "you Molly haters" is you making an unchristian blanket judgement, correct?

I personally have no *hate* for Molly. Hell, there's none of the Roloffs I *hate*.I don't like some of her behavior, but hate? Hate is pretty strong and you toss it out like its a piece of candy. Life isn't this black and white, Paige.

And if you really think your buddy being criticized for what some people see as bad behavior is *hate* - then you really don't know what hate is. And its not just you... I don't know how many of the various roloff supporters start with "You haters"... what I want you to understand is that its an intentional escalation on your part when you do it. When you start with "You Molly haters" - you're being insulting and intentionally provacative and you're setting the tone for the person you've intentionally insulted and provoked to respond in kind. I'm saying this to you because you seem to not understand that you and your friends and yes, the Roloffs as well, aren't innocent little participants. You say insulting things and make insulting assumptions and then act starry eyed in wonder at the notion that you get back what you put out.

I can concieve the idea that Molly is a nice person who possibly doesn't understand how hurtful or arrogant some of her remarks are. (although frankly, you're all getting a little too old to play the "I didn't know calling people haters and creepers was hurtful" game) What I am tired of is the notion that Molly is special and must never be made aware that some of her behavior isn't super and anyone who doesn't praise her every move *hates* her.

Paige said...

Rap, if all you take from John Mark Comer is that what you said about women, then you are not listening very good.

You should listen and read Diane Comer. John Mark has given sermons, sermons that I have attended talking about how women should be smart and independent and get out in the world and accomplish things.

John Mark simply teaches as the Bible teaches that a woman should respect her husband and vice versa and that there are roles in marriage. John Mark Comer does not advocate marrying a "dumb guy" and taking orders from him. He's very critical of "dumb guys" and speaks in depth about the importance of a man treating a woman properly.

Jer is allowed to drink a beer. Alcohol is not forbidden. John Mark has spoke about that too. John Mark personally does not drink alcohol, but he made a point of saying that it is a choice and it's not wrong to consume alcohol. Trying to make Jer sound like a terrible hypocrite because he likes to have a beer just makes you look hateful against Jer.

Molly was responding to people that were attacking her brother and calling him names and saying he was a bad Christian. She asked why she can feel hate in their comments if they were saying Jeremy was unchristian.

"and calls gay people hateful names... and queers deserve hate. After all, faggits are faggits and deserve to hear it from Jer, right Paige? Faggits need to hear how bad they are and how God hates their lifestyle"

You're just making things up now. Deserve to hear it from Jer? Tell me when Jer has told a homosexual that? Tell me when Jer has went up to a homosexual and said "you're a faggit? He hasn't!

A teenager throwing around a general term (he was not saying "Bill is gay, so lets call Bill a f--" with his friends on something he thought was private.

I'm not saying Jer was right to use that language but Jer does not need to beg you for forgiveness forever or feel ashamed of being a Christian.

John Mark does address how Christian can change the perception. Listen to the full podcast (the link is in the video description). He said we can change it by being known for things Christ was known for and for helping the homeless or adoption.

John Mark condemns the actions of the Westboro baptist church against gays. But he makes it clear that homosexuality is wrong. You all try to make Molly and Jer sound hateful because they think homosexuality is wrong. That does not put them on the par with the Westboro Baptist Church.

Hate is for the way some of you talk about Molly and Jeremy. Like when Jeremy said those things to his friends when he thought they were private many years ago.

Did you or anyone else ever try to tell Jeremy nicely and constructively why using the words he did was wrong? Or did you all call him a hateful bigot and yell at him?

You know the answer to that. I know the answer to that.

The way you talk about the Roloffs IS hateful.

Rap541 said...

A teenager throwing around a general term (he was not saying "Bill is gay, so lets call Bill a f--" with his friends on something he thought was private.

A) Its not a general term. Its a nasty name used to deride a group of people. "Midget" for example is used to deride a group of people. I trust considering the group you run with that you would not appreciate me calling you a midget thinker.

B) It wasn't in private. Please stop excusing it with "he meant "hey faggithole" to be *private* so all those people who saw it on his public page are wrong to be hurt." It was public. His friends reported at the time that he thought it was *hilarious* that he made it into the National Enquirer. And his buddies like you still run to insist how very very private it was. If I call Molly a bitch on a site I think is private, I trust you think Molly should hesh up on how hurt she is as she wasn't meant to know my *private* comments?

Or bless us, Molly has a right to be hurt?

And btw Paige - people did email Matt Roloff when it was clear that Jeremy had vulgar comments up and express their concern politely. Has anyone in the Roloff circle ever mentioned that? There's even still some discussion of it still on the old TLC forums. Those people got blown off. Funny how going to the Roloffs nicely meant that Jeremy wasn't disciplined and continued to use faggit, kike (Kike, Paige, is about Jews) beaner (thats mexicans, Paige) on his *public* page for several more years until it got too much attention.

Have you read the Roloffs book where Jeremy says he doesn't drink as it does not please God? Is he accountable for that lie?

The way you and your friends handle being criticized is ugly. And the reason people think Christians like yourself are hypocritical is because of things like this - "You haters! You're wrong! We're right! Anyone who disagrees is a hater who hates. But *Our hate isn't wrong*! You have no right to judge us! But we get to judge you and *hate* you!"

Believe it or not, Paige - you don't have to be members of the Westboro Church to be an intolerant Christian. I know many fine Christians who do believe homosexuality is wrong. They would never condone a child of theirs calling anyone a faggit, or posting pictures of themselves fake kissing to mock homosexuals. Your John Mark Comer said something I actually liked in one of his speeches "Is the action worth imitating?" Is calling a buddy "faggit" as a joke worth imitating, Paige? If your answer is no, then you know why Jeremy was wrong regardless of how *private* he was

I notice you're not willing to swear on the blood of Christ that whoever you marry will have a better understanding of God than you because your vagina makes you less. Let me explain Paige - if you have to submit to your husband's views because he's a man and you're not, you will always be the lesser considered partner. At the end of the day, your church deems the husband to be above the wife in an unequal partnership.

Ryan said...

what comments or actions has molly made that hurt anyones feelings

LG said...

Jacob and his friends are such mean-spirited assholes. There's a fan on twitter that I suspect is mentally challenged that tweets that she wishes he would reply but she's still a fan.

He just mocks her with his friends. Friends say LOL, he says LOl, friends say "Sorry, lol" he likes those tweets.

They probably make fun of people competing in the Special Olympics too. They have no morals at all.

Vic Rattlehead said...

" do you want to tell me what is so terrible about what he says?"


He's perverting the word of god to justify hatred and intolerance specifically to enrich himself by ripping off the trash in his congregation and casting himself as the sole arbiter of what is "right and wrong".

I believe the word for that is: IDOLITRY.

Rap541 said...

Vic - there's that but there's also the unpleasant reality that he's basically taking the conservative approach - "how do we turn this around with backing down or changing, how do we stop people from thinking we're anti-homosexual? I know, lets adopt more kids!"

I mean, the problem with the Bible is that you can use it to justify pretty much anything. Paige honey, do you know its in the Bible that technically, all non whites are forever destined to serve whites and that even now some people use the bible to argue just that?

Oh hey, fornicating (aka impregnating) a man's unmarried daughter is breaking the ten commandments... have you chastised your friend Mueller yet? For breaking God's law? Or were you too busy defending Jer's hatespeech and his right to never be sorry since its in the Bible that he can be intolerant? Paige, why is it ok for Mueller to rut with a whore outside of marriage? And why is his social circle supporting his breaking of God's law?

I mean, I know why.... everyone likes playing enforcer for God's rules when its outsiders that you get to treat badly... but when it's one of your own, then the whole public shaming and judgement thing stops.

Hey Paige, did you know the Bible says little people are less in the eyes of God? Its in the Bible, in Leviticus. Also the Bible has some pretty clear rules on what to eat and how you as a woman should seperate yourself from male relatives while having your period. Do you do that, Paige? Or do you follow just the rules that let you point fingers at others but excuse your buddies when they act badly per the book?

Do you see why its hypocritical to say gay people are wrong wrong wrong... but buddy Mueller is a friend so he can break the ten commandments and says "whoopsie Jesus!" and now lets all throw the kids a party because a baby out of wedlock is so gosh darn cute?

Rap541 said...

Btw Paige, I looked through all my comments on this thread. You do realize you've judge me a "Molly hater" because dear god, I've said Molly is an adult now and owns her own behavior and is old enough to display her manners when dealing with on line fans! How dare I expect adult behavior from an adult, huh? Paige - if being told its time to grow up and realize that you can't fall back on "I'm matt roloff's precious girl seed and I'm a child whenever I do something wrong, I am a *child* and must always be treated as a blessed innocent lil girl who had no idea laughing about the creepers and namecalling them was hurtful" is poor Molly being hated... then she and you have a long hard row to hoe in this world because really, you have unrealistic expectations. Lil hint - the "treat others the way you would like to be treated" is supposed to go both ways. But hey, you're a Christian... now that you've namecalled, go snicker with your buddies and and never stop and consider how you've been spreading the hate yourself.

Psst This is why Christians sometimes get that hypocrit label, Paige. :)

ryan said...

rap wheres your proof that molly has said and done the things your accusing her of

Rap541 said...

Ryan - first, the only thing *I've* accused Molly of is being an adult who now needs to own her own behavior instead of being excused as a child. Second, yes, she's been rude and judgemental. There's a way to handle fans of your reality show that's polite and a way that's rude. Calling fans "creepers"? Is rude.

And here's an example of Molly being judgemental and arrogant.

True followers of Christ would do their best to build up the body of Christ in truth and in love. so why do i feel so much hate in your comment? Dont ever judge my or my brother's/friends walk with Jesus. You don't know what youre talking about.

Who the hell is Molly Roloff that she gets to judge others - and declare what "hate" is and declare her own family to be off limits for judgement? Oh right, per her, she's a "true" follower of Christ so she gets to tell the, I assume, "not so true" followers what they can and can't do?

For the record, if anyone making a comment other than "I love the Roloffs in all ways" is *hate*, then Molly Jo is going to spend her life thinking she's a member of the most persecuted family on earth since bless her, any criticism of her family is judgemental hate.

More seriously Ryan - Molly is a big girl now - a woman actually. Perhaps she could come down off the Mount and defend herself? Or does Daddy Matt still consider her one of the precious children and speak for his adult daughter? You know, the way Jeremy is still a precious child who lets his daddy speak for him?

How awful that I expect an 18 and half year old who's in college to have enough manners to not call fans of her tv show "creepers"! The poor little girl - always a child, Roloff "children" will be Matt and Amy's precious little ones innocent and in diapers forever - how dare anyone expect such a little immature babe to own her own actions? Everyone expecting manners from a Roloff "child" is simply wrong, huh Ryan? And of course - "hating" since any criticism of the Roloffs is deep red rageful *hate*... and the Roloffs get to judge because they are soooo perfect up there on their pedestal. But they don't *say* they're perfect! But no criticism is valid, any criticism at all is HATE, and the Roloffs have the right to call it HATE.

Btw - the reality that the Roloffs think they have the right to judge others but send their friends to throw hissy fits whenever they themselves are judged is one reason why they get tagged as arrogant.

Timothy said...

Is it any wonder why those "loving Christians", the Roloffs, are hated by neighbors?

Jacob is on twitter laughing at the fact that neighbors are upset because the Roloffs have the TV Show Grimm film and they have full stadium lights shining on the neighbor's homes.

Of course you know that if a neighbor did that to the Roloffs, the Roloffs would say they are being picked on because they are little people.

tml said...

The kids on Duck Dynasty put the roloffs to shame when it comes to fans, god, and being decent human beings.

Also their show is 100% better than what the roloffs ever put out there

Rap541 said...

Hey Paige, any thoughts other than "you hater hating"? Because I am completely willing to poke the bear and admit I am doing it - judge me as you like but have you asked Matt Roloff if he was informed of Jeremy's hatespeech in 2007? Because he was! And hand on the bible, is Jeremy accountable for the lie he told in the book Little People Big Values that he does not drink as it does not please God? Please don't play the "it was ghost written" nonsense... the big boy Jer has never stood up like a man and admitted those written words were not his so until he does, he has to own them. And how about your pal John Mark Comer asking "is the action worth imitating?" You are sooooooooooo silent on that. Why are you so silent on whether you believe calling people faggits is worth imitating?

Rap154 said...

Personally Timothy, I just hope the neighbors see these oh so adorable public quotes so they can cite them when they complain. And I really hope Matt has to make some sort of concilartory comment how he LOVES his neighbors and wants to compensate them for their troubles. And I really really hope the boardies who have supported Matt in his lovely campaign to be an ass neighbor really think long and hard about how they would feel if the blessed Matt Roloff had stadium lights shining into their property at night and his sixteen year old son publically snickering how asshole it is.

Hey Matt, Amy? *Good Neighbors* don't allow their underage son to mock the neighbors in public. *Good Parents* don't allow it either. Friends of the Roloffs? Should we all be applauding Jacob's ass behavior? If so, please stand up and *say your name and how willing you are to be the person with the stadium lights in your windows and no compensation and a sixteen year old kid mocking you by last name on line*"

Molly Jo Roloff? Your BROTHER Jacob said this online:

Jacob Roloff ‏@ffoloR_bocaJ

@brit_chandler lol if you look real close, you can see the misery of the Grossens. Its shining RIGHT on them hahaha.

MOlly Jo! Who are the Grossens and why do they deserve public judgement from the Roloffs? Paige? PAIGE? The Roloffs have publically judged people on twitter, please explain why Jesus *blesses* it and WHY the Grossens deserve to be CALLED OUT in public!

I trust there's a very valid reason why Matt and Amy Roloff are allowing their son to make public mocking comments about their neighbor but its time the Roloffs stood up and publically explained why its ok for them to do this in public.

Won't a Roloff find the courage to public state why letting their teenage son to mock their neighbors is their right as Christians?

Rap541 said...

Oh and any Roloff defenders, who want to complain - is Jacob Roloff ‏@ffoloR_bocaJ NOT Jacob's twitter?

Are the Grossens NOT the Roloff's neighbors? Is that NOT a picture on the farm?

Please feel free to deny this. Or you know, concede that Matt and Amy are allowing Jacob to deride their neighbors in public as Matt did on the TLC boards back in 2006. Please PLEASE explain how this is the Roloffs right! I really want to hear some rightious justification on how the neighbors deserve this! Come on Roloff lovers, stand up proud for Matt and Amy's parenting!

Greg said...

Stuff like this really goes to show what horrible people the Roloffs are.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Hey Ray, weren't the Grossens the neighbors that had hate speech flung upon them a few years back for complaining about the noise and cars driveway-blocking during pumpkin season? You remember, the one on that other blog where "Papa Ron" added his judgement about whiners and complainers or something to that effect?
Also, didn't they complain about the noise from one of the wedding parties? I'm not sure on that one, but did Amy not mention it on TV?

Rap541 said...

Podge, yeah, apparently the Roloffs desperate need to make a buck and save the farm from their constantly precarious financial problems pretty much trump courtesy.

To be perfectly fair - in a neighbor dispute, it takes more than one... but Matt and his dad Ron did take their complaints to the TLC forums and made it very very clear that his neighbors were jerks who were mere "martini farmers" while Matt was a struggling farmer man, desperate to grow a crop! And yes, when the roads backed up during pumpkin season, Matt had, on his own special forum at, a whole bunch of his boardies cheerfully ragging out the neighbors - all of whom should have shut their mouths and taken it!

I don't think Amy specifically named the neighbors complaining in the wedding episodes. However, Jake Roloff is clearly naming the GRossens and making it very very clear that he and his family think its delightful that they're inconvienancing their neighbors and making a public show of how spiteful they are.

God bless those Roloffs... They have the right, the Christian right to hatefully snicker how amused they are to abuse their neighbors! Fans of the Roloffs? Please tell us how you want to live next to them and would thank Matt every day for his teenage son laughing at your inconvience due to Matt's need to make money in public...

Don't they sound like delightful people to be around "HAHAHA WE'RE MAKING YOUR LIFE A LIVING HELL! LETS LET OUR SON GET ON TWITTER AND HUMILATE YOU BECAUSE ITS CUTE AND FUNNY WHEN WE MOCK YOU PUBLICALLY! But its *bigoted* if you complain about anything we do and never forget that!"

Rap541 said...

I gave it a little time.

Roloff supporters, where are you and why aren't you defending the Roloffs for letting their teenage son mock and judge their neighbors in public?

Or is this good parenting now?

And how about Matt and Papa Ron using the internet to bully and humilate their neighbors? Just Christians walking with Jesus, don't anyone dare judge it? Because judging is hating and even though Matt's bullying is his judging his neighbors in public, he must never ever hear a cross word because he's a Christian and Christian are walking with Jesus so his public bullying mis well... what is it, folks?

Stand up Roloff supporters and admit you would like to be treated the way the Roloffs treat their neighbors and think its SWELL to be bullied and humilated by a neighbor in public... after all, if you say anything OTHER than "good for matt! good for the Roloffs!" then you are *hating*.

Kyle said...

Rap, stop goading people and looking for a fight. It's so unbecoming.

Timothy said...

Jacob complaining about filming and being annoyed with Matt and Amy.

I used to sympathized, but after seeing his personality shine through on his twitter, I'm starting to think "Stop you're whining, brat!"

He is quick to "threaten" his friends that he will not allow them the pleasure of coming to his house if they annoy him in any way. That speaks to his arrogance.

Brandon said...

Matt is priceless.
He Facebook posts a picture of Jacob on the phone, in the car with 2 cameras on the dash, with the caption "This kid is my buddy!

At the same time, Jacob is on twitter posting

"It's record breaking how annoyed I am at both my parents rn."

And "I'm so pissed rn 👦🔫"

And "Definitely am not enjoying this whole 'filming' thing lately."

Rap541 said...

Sorry Kyle, you're not the boss of me. And I expect the pro-Roloff crowd to have opinions on how the Roloffs are handling their neighbor interactions since in the past, they've pointedly stated that the neighbors are out to "get" the Roloffs and are wrong to not cheer on the Roloffs despite their own inconviences. If you lived there, would you complain about the noise? The lights at night? And if you did, would you appreciate being mocked by the neighbor's son on twitter and also derided on the neighbor's internet forums as "haters" because you dared complain?

Funny how no one who loves the Roloffs wants to stand up and say "I would let my neighbors inconvience me constantly and smile when their son mocks me",

The silence is deafening and noteworthy - when Roloffs act badly, the staff and pro-Roloff fans sit silent . When a Roloff does something nice, its typically demanded that "Rap needs to eat some crow!"

ANd funny Kyle, you're NEVER there saying "stop picking fights" when that happens so apply your manners stick fairly or not at all. The very next time I see the "eat crow, eat your crow, Rap! Eat it!" I had damn better see you there calling it out. Or, you can stop playing board mommy - your choice. But when you're only telling me to stop, no, you're not the boss of me.

Rap541 said...

Brandon, yes, the contrast between Matt and Jake's postings is hilarious

Christine said...

Matt is so dishonest.

You gotta think that they sit back and laugh at all the lies they tell.

Ashley said...

I don't know if it's just because I've read Jacob's tweeted so I'm jaded...or informed, lol, but in the picture Amy posted on her fan page of Zach and Jacob, I can't help but think Jacob looks VERY high!

Anonymous said...

Does Jeremy smoke cigarettes? Anybody know?

Kayla said...

Jeremy just announced that he's quitting social media for a month! Or "fasting"!

I guess he thinks that's healthy but having his career be a life long reality tv star isn't worth giving up.

Timothy said...

"Going to fast social media for a month. Refocus and return to the present. (Till may 7th). Excuse my absence. Be present where you are."

Peanut Butter Cups said...

I am sure he is taking a break from social media for school and exams

Michelle said...

PBC, no, I don't think so. Between the Retweets of "a week without (internet) service) was simply sweet" from Audrey during the Costa Rica trip and Jeremy's linking of an article suggesting that people aren't really living if they're using social media...I think it's more than studying for exams.

Rachel said...


Whatta joke that Matt and Amy talk about bullying.

Did you see Jacob's tweets where he's making fun of new kids that he was forced to show around the school?

What an asshole.

Greg said...

Both Matt and Amy are going to great lengths to promote Jeremy's photography facebook page for him.

Can't Jeremy do anything himself?

tmlfan said...

I think it speaks for itself that he needs his mommy and daddy to always promote his pictures

Jocelynn said...

TML fan and Greg, I agree.

I would have thought at some point, Jeremy would have some pride and want to stand on his own two feet.

Like it or not, it IS a valid point that Jeremy has never done anything on his own without his parents.

He's never had a job without them, I'm sure they're either paying for all of his expenses at his expensive photography school and what is not paid directly by Matt and Amy come from Jeremy's TLC job that came from Matt and Amy.

At some point, I would have expected Jeremy to want to take ownership of his life and take the stance that his photography was something he would do on his own.

But no. Leave it up to Dad and Mom to promote it while he's off playing at the beach.

Brandon said...

Gotta love Amy's touching posts about loving how the "boys" and their friends are hanging out at the Farm.

Then it's a picture of Zach with Mueller and Christian.

Mueller and Christian, that was the underage drinking party in the Roloff garage. So sweet Amy.

Rap541 said...

I hope Mueller enjoys it for now. Soon enough instead of being Amy's pretend son, he's gonna need to do a little better than part time minimum wage work to keep his own son fed.

Jocelynn - I will throw Jeremy a small bone - a *small* one. Posting his pictures with their typical cooing over how awesome and talented he is.... thats something parents do regardless of ulterior motives.

At the same time, I find it hilarious that while Matt is, in theory, concerned about how Zach is going to monetize his soccer hobby, we have yet to hear or see Jeremy sat down and asked by Matt what he seriously plans to do with his photography degree.

Jocelynn said...

Rap, fair enough, but it's the fact that they actively promote his work.

They've done the "Jeremy is so talented", but now they're doing with links and Amy has done "Please like Jeremy's page".

A parent can coo over how talented they think their kid is without actually being the one to do the work of selling his stuff.

Rap541 said...

Unfortuneatly, Jocelynn, I think that is just the dynamic in the Roloff home. That Jeremy is catered to and praised for every little thing is how Matt and Amy handle him. That's why I am asking the question about his plans. He's spending close to 100k to get a photography degree. What is he going to do with it to make money? He'll be 23 next month, he'll be 24 when he graduates. My suspicion is that everyone, Matt, Amy, and Jeremy just think job opportunities will present themselves to Jeremy and his chore will be to pick the one that is the most fun.

Plus, frankly, its rather obvious that Jeremy is their clear favorite and while it's ok to humiliate Zach on tv as a loser who can't articulate his future plans, you'll notice that Matt and Amy rarely put Jeremy in the same position - ie on the spot, in front of camera crews with questions like "Jeremy, how is this hobby of photography going to be monetized into a career? Jeremy what are you going to do?"

Once the Roloffs got creative control over what was presented, we rarely ever saw Jeremy put on the spot over anything. There's a reason for that. And if Jeremy ISN'T a photographic success, you know who will be blamed - and it won't be Jer-Bear - it will be the negative nellies who just want to tear a good boy down. There's always going to be an excuse for why Jeremy isn't setting the world on fire.

Ashley said...

Matt and Amy are posting that Jeremy is coming home for the summer right now and so is Molly. Zach basically lives at home anyway I think and Jacob of course.

But is Brooks finished? Or did Jeremy drop out? I don't remember Jeremy being home all summer last year. Why is this year different?

Greg said...

I wouldn't be surprised, Ashley. Matt certainly isn't going to say.

It's Matt's M.O. to quickly try to put the spin on it that it's "great to have Jeremy home" and distract from the reason.

What is it? You're right. He wasn't home from May - Sept last year. But will be now?

Rap541 said...

Never let it be said I can't be fair.

Brooks runs on the premise of three semesters per year (they seem to have changed from the six semesters to three the year Jeremy started) So no, he doesn't get a summer break and he should have started summer semester May 6.

However, I imagine he's involved in the upcoming wedding (memorial day isn't it? Mueller's wedding?) and I assume he's in the wedding party, if not the actual best man... and unlike the middle class family that they like to portray themselves as, I assume (and hope, because otherwise this isn't very wise) that its not a financial hardship for Jeremy to just... decide to take a semester off because he wants a summer break.

I'm absolutely willing to bet he won't be looking for a summer job.

Brandon said...

Rap, what I take from what you said about Brooks' timetable is that Jeremy wants to play at home and put school on hold.

He wants to play with Mueller and spend time with girlfriend Audrey and play pretend reality for the stupid show (Jacob's words, not mine!!!) and be lavished over by Matt and Amy.

Jeremy missed the drunk fest that is the LPA con last year. Wanna bet he goes this year and brings Audrey?

Jeremy's life is all about play and what's fun.

Rap541 said...

Brandon, it's possible.

If Brooks is still all about the fast paced environment still, then the point is to get your undergrad degree in three years with no summers off. So taking summer semester off certainly puts him behind. Now has Brooks changed to a more traditional "summers off" system? I don't think so since the summer semester is clearly the same length as fall and spring semesters. To compare, Jeremy was done with spring semester, per Brooks's calendar, in mid april, while Molly's classes at Whitmore just ended Friday. (and definetely notice how Matt implies Jeremy and Molly are out of school at the same time when in reality Jeremy's been done since mid April)

Matt wants to paint it as "all the kids want to come home for the summer and be a family" which, yes, is nice, but you'll notice Matt doesn't really get into the whys behind it.

I admit, my view is that there's a lot of stuff going on this summer so it certainly will be more fun for Jeremy to take a semester off from school so he can yes, spend time with pal Mueller for the wedding. If he's in the wedding party, doing the summer semester means he'd have to turn and burn on Memorial Day weekend and not indulge in all the festivities. And I definetely get the sense, after years of listening to the Roloffs whinge on and on about how they have to make memories that it's just not acceptable to miss festivities unless you have to.

I'm sure you're right Brandon, that Jeremy will be a carefree child this summer, going to the LPA con with his girlfriend and flitting from hiking to camping, and perhaps putting in a few weekends on the farm for filming. I'm sure Matt will prat on about how "all the kids" are wonderful for still wanting to go on family vacations that of course, they don't have to pay for. Like I said, I am absolutely positive we won't be seeing Jer-bear told to get himself a job for the summer. Nope, he'll be Daddy Matt's 23 year old buddy for adventure, spending his summer playing for the cameras.

So here's what I don't want to hear. I don't want to hear "we could lose the farm" from either parent Roloff. If you could lose the farm and its all hands on deck, then your 23 year old son needs to be bringing in some income and needs to be supporting his own habits. Every time "we could lose the farm" gets muttered, I will be asking "Does Jeremy pay for his car insurance? Does Jeremy pay for his groceries? Does Jeremy pay for his cell phone?" - because if Jeremy is still completely dependant on Mom and Dad for all his expenses, then maybe its time this 23 year old man stopped taking summers off. If you're in danger of losing the farm, then you can't afford to have your adult son goof off for the summer.

Mind you, the "we could lose the farm" crap is nonsensical anyway, but Matt and Amy need to make up their minds whether they want to depict themselves as poor, much put upon hard workers always two inches away from being homeless, or wealthy indulgent parents who can afford to have their adult children spend their summers at home, playing for mom and dad. Because really, I have a ton of friends with 20ish adult children who would LOVE to not say to their kids "look, if you aren't in school, you have to work because I can't afford to take care of a physically and mentally competant adult".

That's all. I'm tired of the Roloffs playing poor for sympathy. If you can afford to continually indulge your adult children, then you're not about to be homeless. And frankly if you really are about to lose the farm, then maybe your adult children should consider work. Jeremy's 23 with at least one entire year left to go on his art school degree... if its so important to indulge his whims and let him play, then please stop crying about the choices you're making. If you're genuinely about to lose the farm, you can't afford to let Jeremy continue to play

Christine said...

Rap and Brandon, I definitely noticed how Matt immediately attempts to sell this as a wonderful thing and hope nobody thinks about what it really means.

It means his adult 23 (that's getting up there) son is spending at least the next 4 months living completely off of his parents with no job other than to pretend to play himself for a bad "reality show" that his own brother mocks and despises.

Matt wants everyone to think how sweet it is, but seriously.

Jeremy is 23 and he's spending yet another summer just like he did when he was 15.

This isn't really something to celebrate.

Brandon said...

Christine, you're right.

Don't forget how quick Matt was to say that his kids are "extraordinary".

He never wants to give people a chance to pause and think Jeremy living off him and Amy with no job is not Jeremy being extraordinary and better than everyone else.

Rap, thanks. I think Jeremy has a bit of Matt in him. Jeremy's last Facebook fan page post was to make sure people knew that "into upper division I go!"

He left out the part about going back to live at home with no job and have Mom and Dad pay for everything for him so he can play for the next several months.

Rap541 said...

Truthfully Brandon, I don't find it that shocking that a manchild in a family with money is taking a semester off for fun. Really, at the very least, if he's not motivated to be in school, considering the cost, its simply more cost effective for him to not go.

I just don't plan to tolerate Matt or Amy Roloff complaining on camera about their finances and how they're about to lose the farm. If they're at risk to lose the farm, then Jeremy needs to man up and stop being a 23 year old child and work 40 hours a week at whatever job he can to see to it that his parents don't lose the home. He's a man, not a child, and his job, as a man and not a child, is to assist the family. If we get a lot of BS about losing the farm in these upcoming specials and Jeremy isn't supporting himself then damn right I will judge him for being a childish little piece of crap, letting his parents work and work and worry about money while he plays all summer and lets mommy and daddy pay for everything. You'd think a man his age would have a little shame about Mommy and Daddy being his sole support and having to worry about how they were going to keep a roof over his head.

See, if you're going to tell a story about how you're close to the edge financially and expect sympathy, then yes people are going to make judgemental comments about your adult son sucking off your teats while you continue to throw money at him and let him do whatever he wants.