Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Episode Preview/Review of Little People, Big World: "Little People, Big Climb" on TLC March 19, 2013

The new episode of Little People, Big World airs tonight.

Here is the official TLC preview write-up, followed by our Guest Reviewer, Rap541's take on the preview:

Little People, Big Climb @10pm: "With three of four kids out of the house, Amy is feeling restless and decides to take on the challenge of climbing Mount St. Helens. Meanwhile, Matt secretly builds Amy a schoolhouse as a special gift. It's apparent that neither has plans to slow down."

Review submitted by Rap541

So I flip over to TLC and realize just how late the Little People Big World episode is on. 10pm is late. I actually turned over to it a little early, in time to see a vaguely offensive fake sketch between JimBob Duggar and some Japanese people sword fighting. Then they head off to a capsule hotel and its basically what this show is all about – a bunch of kids screaming while their parents act like breeding is amazing. Then we are regaled with the Duggar Wifelet buying a pregnancy test since people must always be testing for that next baby! 

You can almost see the terror in Michelle’s eyes as she realizes her youngest child is a toddler and she’s still not pregnant with J-20. And Josh hasn’t lost his baby weight. We leave the Duggars chowing on pickles. Oh and if anyone complains, just be glad I didn’t recap Tosh.o, ok? 

Anyway, to the Roloffs! So we start with some photos of how the house is still a pigsty. And Amy starts with the moaning about the quiet house and how she has nothing to do since her parenting time is over, Then she gets weepy with how she’s a mom. Cue the credits which btw were completely old. 

Amy meets with her trainer. To be perfectly fair, she’s lost a lot of weight. We get a training sequence and trainer guy notes that *something* is bothering Amy. He wants her to have a performance goal and suggests she hike a mountain. Amy chats with David on climbing Mt St. Helens. He thinks it’s a tough climb and they’ll need to camp out. Zach wanders in looking for food and Amy asks him to go with her. Zach looks cleaner than normal. 

Now Amy is telling Mat, and Matt thinks Amy should think smaller and not reach for the stars. Mind you, this whole conversation feels fake. Matt thinks she’s taking a huge risk! He’s always so supportive with that “you shouldn’t do it” and “think smaller” attitude.

So now we see Matt at the church site. Matt notes his idea of a challenge is building stuff and since Amy has fond memories of that year she taught preschool, why not hire a bunch of guys to build a schoolhouse while Matt shouts whoo! I mean, that’s not in any way almost completely unrelated to the entire plot of the story. 

Amy trains with a backpack. We get a montage of Amy walking and muttering to herself while she voices over how her childhood sucked. Yes, this is the Amy Self Esteem episode. We get it, Amy. You have hang ups. When you get like this on tv, I sometimes feel bad for you because you’re never going to see your own worth, and that’s a shame. 

Amy and Zach hike and share moments while Amy voices over how it’s nice to spend time with Zach. It’s cute. It’s also nice to see Zach not be a whiny kid. 

Matt shouts “HOLY” and then brags about how he ordered his contractor to build the school house. Matt basically goes on about how he needs a project and how the farm spaces need to be filled, oh, and yeah, he’s doing this for Amy, not himself. 

More training montages of Amy and David the trainer with motivational talk. I start to zone out. 

It’s the day of the climb. Matt notes how silly and dumb he finds the whole business. Matt also sounds really congested. Matt of course worries that Amy won’t complete the hike. Jake wanders in and out. Matt notes how deadly wrong things can happen on these mountain hikes. Good lord, isn’t this the same idiot who nearly killed his own kid with a trebuchet?

David and Amy chat on the car ride. Now we see the volcano! ITS ON! Zach and Amy do lunges. Then they start hiking. 

Ok, my cable is fuzzing out. This might be a problem. 

So everything is fuzzy but still pretty. More hiking, and encouraging remarks. Now there’s rocks and obstacles and the whole time Amy is narrating how tough it is. Inspiring music plays as Amy huffs and puffs. They stop for trailmix. There’s more inspirational talk from David. 

Meanwhile Matt intends to finish the school! For Amy! He futzes around sings while painting and its very obviously being done for show. 

Ok now back to the hiking. More and more hiking. They started at 1pm. They stop at 5pm. They set up camp and David takes them on a training hike. Ominous music plays as Amy crawls up. More and more motivational talk. I start to look forward to the commercial breaks. 

The gandam style commercials are funny. 

So its 7pm and still full daylight. They eat camp dinners. Now there’s a discussion on where to pee. In the woods, Amy. Pee in the woods. 

Matt makes a show of helping with the schoolhouse. We see some home movie clips. Matt subtly concedes Western town is really for him. Now it’s evening and he calls Amy. Amy and Zach meanwhile have deep bonding moments at campsite. 

Now its 6:30am and my tv defuzzed. Zach is told to zip up his pants. Now we’re to the dangerous part of the hike! 

Matt has a really big bell for the school and we get our obligatory scene of Matt driving a track hoe and shouting baby! Heh… they made the school too big to get out of the barn. 

Matt does this “Matt Roloff is an idiot” line where for the first time I really see how he’s Zach’s father. Then he fake “yays!” as his contractor fixes the problem. 

Amy is at the boulder field. She pushes. I think David is clearly spotting her. More shots of Amy climbing. 

More montages of Matt on the trackhoe. He shouts “yeah baby!” and “we did it!” 

Now they’re at the end of the boulders and heading into the ash. More montages of people hiking in the ash field. More motivational talk. Push, push, push, I’ve come so far… Commercial break! 

Amy notes how climbing a mountain is a metaphor. Amy reaches the summit! Triumphant music plays! There’s a stunning montage of the mountains. We get to see the volcano smoke. Now everyone high fives and Amy has a bit of a breakdown. We really need to get her on Survivor, I think. 

Meanwhile back at the farm, Matt is amazed that Amy isn’t dead or mauled by a bear. Matt takes her to the school house, and for a change Amy seems to like it. They basically do a skit for us in the school house and then we’re done. 

Kinda dull. Interesting mostly because I think this is the first episode of LPBW where we didn’t hear anyone moaning about Jeremy.


Bonnie said...

Rap, you make a nice point.

What a change since the first season. I wonder how many people that enjoyed the Roloffs in season 1 & 2, still like the Roloffs at all?

People related to the Roloffs, especially mothers to Amy, because she was a busy mom taking the kids to soccer practices, getting them up for school, coaching them through failures, worrying about the bills.

Now, as you point out, she basically doesn't have a job except to star and produce a TV show about herself. She is wealthy and has a personal trainer. And because she is the producer those failures of her kids are few and far between as Matt and Amy likes to tell everyone on Facebook, his kids are amazing and always are acheiving!!!!!!

This is not what people related to a long, long time ago.

Rap541 said...

Bonnie, no problem. I don't mind in the slightest that the Roloffs are wealthy - the whole point of whoring the kids out was to make money after all - but this just smacks too much of an episode with the theme of "lets kiss our own asses".

I mean really, is it *that* inspiring that a little person goes hiking and rockclimbing? Because I am utterly positive we've seen Zach doing it before. Yes, Amy is a bit older, but she's also had fewer serious health issues and she can train several days a week with a personal trainer. It's not like she is a manical housekeeper, and its not like her only child at home is a toddler. Is ARCF a full time job? Probably not. Can she easily drop her ahem, immense responsibilities and go off on a day trip or even a week's vacation with no real issue? Yes.

I missed the bit about Matt building a schoolhouse as a gift to Amy. Let me explain what thats code for. Matt had nothing else to do so he's building a shack "for Amy" so that he can get plenty of air time showing us how despite his inability to go hiking, he's showing us all how to live!

Bonnie said...

Rap, it's not that I "mind" that they are wealthy. My only point is that if they had begun the show in Season 1 showing Amy with her personal trainer, professional make-up artist and driving around in her Mercedes or Corvette or whatever she has now, the show would have never drawn the fan base it did.

Rap541 said...

No worries, Bonnie - I was more staving off the inevitable "you just jealous" stuff that comes up whenever the personal trainer, the paired mercedes and classic cars and the life of leisure to pursue hobbies like hiking and writing cook books comes up.

You're absolutely correct in that the people who origanally watched to see a family similar to their own struggle with the same life issues while being little would never *start* watching a show where Matt and Amy live like they're on the Real Housewives of Hillsborough.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

OK both of you, let's go back to one of Matt's basic tenets about doing things for "others". Rap put it very well in earlier posts, that the essence of this is: Matt wants to show the world how great HE is, and "ain't I a little dickens" by building a chollhouse supposedly for Amy.When, all the while, it yet another chance for him to parade around on TV, bossing people all over the place, all to ensure Amy does NOT get the majority of the air time on the show. Remember Rap, how 'old' this is getting? Matt gives Amy what he thinks she should have, and should be happy (nay verily, ecstatic!)with. All the while you, me, and all the other conscious thinking people of this world realize it's for Matt's edification, not Amy's. Remember "Molly's" castle? Remember the episode when he finished it and started to decorate? Remember when he called Molly into his office to choose appointments, like a throne etc. and basically told Molly what he was going to do? Remember Molly asking outright, "Look dad, you are obviously making all the decisions, why did you ask me to come in here in the first place?"
Yeah, you remember. The schoolhouse? Same same. At the end of the day, when all is said and done, yadda yadda blah blah I'll bet Amy couldn't care less about the schoolhouse. But she MUST like it, because that is what Matt thinks she should think. Done.
You've been told.

maryalice said...

I like this family , they work hard long before the buck came in . Amy mother of 4 kids , hopping up and down on foot stool to cook for her family , try that for a day making meal for your family . the kids all were giving a lot of love , there father showing the kids how to build and drive heavy equipment around . they put there time in with there kids . and now they are older and time change .I am happy for them . running a farm is not easy life , we were not in view of the day on Roloffs farm before they came to TLC. God Bless this family , I love see the kids and Matt and Amy

Dave said...

Just saw the new episode with Amy and her trainer. I'm sorry to have to admit it, but, if she were to lose about 75 lbs, she'd be a heck of a hot chubby little person....

mallory said...

I think this was awesome Amy did a great job climbing that mountain i dont think i could do that but Amy did it and i could tell she was proud of herself it was so sweet of matt to build her that school house

Katie said...

Boring old formula. Will Amy succeed? Will she die??? It's so dangerous! Will she live? Will she quit? Yay! Amy made it! Who would have guessed.

Maybe the real hero was the camera crew that climbed a mountain while carrying and using equipment.

Cathy said...

I don't see what Jacob is always whining about on twitter.

He put in his mandatory 20 seconds on camera.

Timothy said...

I guess this explains why Jeremy has been more interactive on twitter and facebook with his pictures now that he's promoting stuff.

He wasn't in this episode so probably didn't get $ for this one.

Mike P. said...

Endless butt shots, and no advance warning.

kitten Has claws said...

Mike P. you got that right "endless butt shots" At times i got mixed up;) was it Amys batookus or Jakes?! ROFL... wipes a big tear @ the end...Same ole same ole. Matt and the schoolhouse ..oh how sweet ...but hoooray Matt pat yourself on your back AGAIN ..Same Old same Old. The END=THE BEST!

Kyle said...

(I haven't caught the episode yet and this is based on Rap's review but) Who is Matt to tell anyone, especially his own wife that they should think smaller and not reach for the stars? what a hypocrite!

Ashley said...

The ratings were not good. Exactly 1.0

They only way this show had any chance of being a stable show is if they made an honest and compelling show about Jacob.

But Matt and Amy won't be honest about Jacob because it makes them look like crumby parents! Oh and there's that little issue of Jacob HATING the show and being a pothead.

Brandon said...

Kyle, in fairness, it's all so contrived.

It's part of the old and tired script. Amy says she's going to do something. Matt speaks on camera to tell the audience how impossible/dangerous it is and how it Amy shouldn't be so crazy to tackle such a challenge.

That sets the stage for the dramatic scenes when Amy is ready to give up and fail and die. But Amy is a Roloff and Roloffs always succeed! Then Matt tells us how proud he is of his amazing family.

I am sure that Matt going on about how Amy shouldn't do such and such is as scripted as Amy going on about how Matt's idea for a project is nutty and they might have to sell the farm!

Andy Oliver said...

In case anyone is interested, this show really bombed in the ratings. Less than 1 million viewers (which sucks for cable) and dropped in women 18-49 from the Duggars (.50 to a .42--miniscule #s). With ratings like these, it's unlikely TLC will keep the Roloffs afloat much longer.

Bob said...

Matt building the schoolhouse while Amy climbs. Obviously these two things did not occur at the same time or even the same season. At the farm, the trees are bare and it's cold and rainy. It's winter. Meanwhile way more north and up a mountain, the trees are green, it's hot, the climbers are wearing shorts and tank tops, and it's obviously summer. When Amy gets back her hair is a totally different color (much darker), the trees are bare and they are bundled up in their winter coats. The climbing was obviously filmed in the summer and the schoolhouse stuff filmed this winter. More lies from the producers and the Roloffs....who are also Producers. Tell us again how Jeremy drove off to Santa Barbara by himself when we know Amy went with him.

sassenach said...

Thanks Rap for the synopsis.
I am glad I did not waste time watching this rubbish.
Matt on yet another project.
Amy, Zach and, of course, her personal trainer on yet another all expenses paid trip.
All out of any semblance of sequence as pointed out by Bob.
How long can these publicity seekers continue to con TLC into paying for their foibles?

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Hey somebody, as I'm not on Facebook, can someone ask either Matt or Amy for pictures from their trip to Costa Rica? That's obviously where they are spending Easter break, and they probably don't want any of us to know, because they'll be showing it later on a "special". I think it might be fun to see what their answers will be!

Bob, I never even thought to look at the differing timelines in the show. I simply did not notice, I
don't think it was because I have become jaded (yet) after all the timeline juggling they have done in the past.

Anonymous said...

I tried to watch the show but it was boring!!!

Kyle said...

P/R even though I'm on facebook it wouldn't do any good to ask them anything. I feel like they don't read comments/my comment would get lost in the sea of people just telling them how much they love LPBW/and if they don't want us to know about Costa Rica then I would just get ignored anyway.

M said...

I wonder if they'll say its, "the last family trip" again.

Anonymous said...

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