Sunday, March 10, 2013

Next Little People, Big World Episode March 19th - Little People, Big Climb

The next episode of Little People, Big World, featuring the Roloff family, will air on TLC Tuesday March 19th at 10pm est/9 central. The episode is titled "Little People, Big Climb".

In a preview clip on TLC's site, Amy Roloff, her personal trainer, Zach and Molly climb Mount St. Helens.

"The thought of climbing a mountain -- any mountain -- is daunting enough. But when it's Mount St. Helens, well then double forget about it. But you know who's up for tackling a major mountain? The Roloffs of Little People Big World. Watch as Amy, Matt and their kids Jeremy, Zach, Molly, and Jacob climb to the top!

Now that the kids have moved out, Amy and Matt are up for a little adventure, and they're taking the whole family along. The family takes on the steep five-mile route, with a vertical gain of more than 4,500 feet. Watch as the Roloff's conquer boulders -- both literal and metaphorical -- that get in the way.

Don't miss it: Tuesday, March 19 10|9c"


Ashley said...

Haven't they already done the "Amy climbs something" episode? Like 3 times already?

Brandon said...

Ashley, yes. Yes they have! And Zach or Amy stops halfway up and says he can't possibly make it. Cue the cliff hanger music and commercial break.

Kyle said...

So either Jacob has moved out or he is no longer one of their kids?

Natalie said...

Kyle, Jacob hates filming so he will be "off somewhere" to explain his absence. Until that brief scene when Matt and Amy forced him to be present for filming.

BeckyM said...


Maybe it will break 1 million on viewership! stop the presses!

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

OK, on the topic of upcoming shows (I just can't write the word "spec......") I see Mr. Millionaire-don't-you-know has stooped to begging for clients for the use of the property, or rather, the debasement of their special day however HE sees fit on HIS property? I think it's cheap and defeatist of him.
I wonder what the neighbors think?

Rap541 said...

Podge - I think its just more clear than ever that there will be no unfilmed weddings ie this isn't a real business.

Point - most people when push comes to shove, don't want "CRAZY" weddings. They want *traditional* weddings with the pretty dress and the guy in the nice suite and flowers and ribbons. Most people who want the countryside setting of a barn are, to a point, making a statement about being traditional and "country"... These generally aren't people who want the wedding to be "crazy". They want it to be nice, they want the family to feel comfortable.

I'm sure Matt will get some takers but frankly, someone who genuinely wants something different will likely be too "out there" to pass muster for TLC or the Roloffs. Really, I don't see any Goth themes or gay weddings or superhero themed weddings or really, anything more than something mildly tittlating like a cowboy theme.

And there lies the problem. The reason Matt wants "crazy" weddings is so he can do some crazy project for the camera... but anyone who wants or does anything *really* crazy isn't going to be an acceptable applicant. They want "crazy" because "sweet, occasionally patriotic and maybe even bittersweet" didn't do well in the ratings.

Dave said...

Ashley, nothing will be as challenging as when she climbed up on the guy's lap when he was trying to get away from her.

Christine said...

Amy's response to a comment on Facebook was interesting.

Someone named Jennifer said that Jacob looks like he is sick of being filmed but must love the paycheck.

Amy responded: "yeah jennifer, have to remember he and Molly were young when this all started, his view is different and have to respect that. I'm just glad my kids haven't gone crazy over being on tv. They are still grounded."

She's agreeing that although he hates it, they do it for the money?

And her kids are grounded...according to who? Amy? LOL! Who says Amy is grounded herself??

Rap541 said...

I wonder if Amy realizes its not a badge of honor to have children that spent their entire childhood on display on reality tv.

Christine - I don't think she's agreeing that he hates it but frankly her response is so jumbled, it's hard to understand what she is saying. Is she saying *she* has to respect Jake's views on the show? Or is she saying that *we* have to respect how his view is different? She's certainly not touching the paycheck aspect.

And you make an excellent point about who needs some grounding.

Ashley said...

Rap, I'm with Christine.

I think Amy means that the rest of them like the show but she has to respect that Jacob doesn't.

I actually think Zach fits Jennifer comment too.

Zach clearly didn't like the show. But once he got old enough to start getting his own paycheck, he seemed to suck it up and take the money.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

One point I'd like to make is the fact that Matt made the FB post in the first place.
I think we all agree that they do not have anywhere near a full "season" of "weddings" to film or he would no be going to the lengths he already has. Apparently the freebie to Comic Com (or Con?) didn't seem to net them much of anything. When this all started, I went through all the listings for wedding venues and consultants in the Portland/Hillsboro,Beaverton area without a single mention of this "enterprise" which again does not bode well for its authenticity.

Ashley, I'm confused also as to Amy's response. It seems a poor commentary on her parenting if she is saying she has to respect that fact that Jacob hates the filming, but does NOTHING about it? We have a contrast in the family between planned ambiguity attempting to hide undesirable characteristics, and unplanned honesty making no attempt to hide undesirable characteristics.

Rap541 said...

Ashley - Like I said, I just find what she wrote difficult to interprete. If she *is* acknowledging that Jake hates being filmed then well, way to go with the shitty choices.

Here's my point. Matt currently insists he was rolling in money before the show and doesn't need the cash. So if the family doesn't need the cash, and forgive me but the "OH SWEET JESUS WONT YOU ALL THINK OF LITTLE PEOPLE AWARENESS!" died on this show years ago... and if the only kid still living at home hates being forced on camera... why exactly are the wealthy, rich, living on a million dollar property "you're all jealous of their money" Roloffs doing the show?

I don't expect families to cater to one member but really, if its not about the money and perks - and Matt's on record saying he was making money hand over fist without the show - why make the family suffer? Its obvious that Zach, Molly and Jake don't enjoy the attention, and Jeremy, for the all "he loves the show" stuff, also is and was allowed to opt out of a lot of stuff the rest of the kids weren't given the choice on.

Vic Rattlehead said...

"why exactly are the wealthy, rich, living on a million dollar property "you're all jealous of their money" Roloffs doing the show?"

Could the answer possibly be: Matt's a lazy bastard who can't hold a real job and Amy is too stupid too know better?

Anonymous said...


welll, i am sooooooo happy that they are coming back to tv....:) Would love to meet them, if only they weren*t sooooo far away.....
congrats to your show and all the best to R. family. :)

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Well, no. I personally do not think so. Since he has born, Matt has been plagued by a massive inferiority complex that he has a pathological need to satisfy. Consider this, taken from our friends at Wikipedia;

Megalomania is a psychopathological disorder characterized by delusional fantasies of power, relevance, or omnipotence. 'Megalomania is characterized by an inflated sense of self-esteem and overestimation by persons of their powers and beliefs'

Matt just HAS to do more, better, and over-the-top for the adoration, idolatration, and exultation of all those around him. He would probably take no more than 10-15 seconds to let you know he is a millionaire and had a successful number of businesses and staff and offices and.......
You see Vic, he can't ever be satisfied with HAVING everything. He must, absolutely MUST tell the entire world that he HAS everything. Possession is not enough. Proclamation to all is the key.

I'd like to also comment on his extreme self-centeredness. Two examples, the vilification of Jacob during the fort-building episode ("I can't believe Jacob doesn't like buildings forts. WHY??? I liked building forts when I was his age. He MUST like to build forts also."), and more recently, the "crazy wedding" begging he's doing on his FB page, Comic-Con etc. Vis I'm willing to bet he is sitting at his million dollar home aghast, confused and amazed. "I just can't believe everybody doesn't want to come for one of MY weddings with MY crazy ideas and MY make-beleive problems that get solved by ME and MY control over the production of the entire affair (debacle). I just do not understand."

Any takers?

Peter Lane said...

So the Roloffs big "wedding business" is having a total of 3, count'em, THREE weddings.

Wow that's quite a business. Wait, it's not a business. It's a gimmick for the TV show that the Roloffs lie about and insist is a real business.

Brandon said...

Peter, personally, I love how Matt encouraged people to ask him questions and then didn't answer anything.

Of course we already know that Matt is absolutely terrified of tough questions.

Rap541 said...

Peter - yeah, cute isn't it?

So the whole point of this wedding business was to theoretically make money to pay for the new farm. Now lets all ignore the fact that its pretty clearly implied by comments made by the participants, and by the show itself at times, that no one is actually paying the Roloffs.

So they need the new farm to pay for itself so they, in theory, invest a lot of money in the set up, and hold four weddings. This summer they are doing three weddings. If they were charging... stop and consider how much they have to be charging in order to make this a profitable business? Even a marginally profitable business?

I actually in my misspent youth worked at a wedding venue (or more accurately, a venue that did parties including weddings). On a normal, reasonably booked weekend, we had two weddings per weekend and the season ran from May to August. The guy running the business was usually irked if the weekend wasn't packed because he wasn't making money if the place wasn't being used. So I *really* hope Matt gets on camera and tells us how these weddings have be successful or else he *COULD LOSE THE FARM!* - if just so I call him on it.

Also another indicator that this isn't a real business? There's a poster on Matt's facebook openly complaining that they repeatedly tried to contact the Roloffs via email about using the wedding venue with no response. If you really need the money, you don't ignore customers.

Brandon - yeah, I think that's Matt playing the "I need attention" game. Also, really, he's shocked that he openly solicitated his business on his fanpage and got people responding?

Kyle said...

Matt stated on FB that logistically the farm can only handle 3 weddings for the entire Summer. A real business would be doing at least one every weekend. I actually feel sorry for people too ignorant to see through the BS that constantly spews from Matt's mouth.

BeckyM said...

It's not a real business. Nothing indicates it is.

I find it HILARIOUS that they went to a Comic Con. My daughter and son are heavy into sff and daughter just went to a weekend con. If the Roloffs had been there, people of their age group would have laughed at the fact they have ZERO relevancy with that niche group.

Matt is such a shmuck. If his gums are flapping then he's a-lying. Anyone who would believe anything that con man says/writes, is either naive or a fool.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Hey Kyle, was that in the wedding barn picture comments? I'm not on FB, I see only what I can when I call up the fan page.
Regardless, this is the most BS Matt has ever come out with. I agree they could easily do a wedding a weekend, IF it were a true business. Now, if he were to come out and say TLC wants only to shoot, cut, edit, and broadcast by contract ONLY 3 weddings a year, fine. But as my previous comments show, his unbridled arrogance simply does not allow him to be honest. Again, I have no sympathy for people that do not understand or blindly idolize this person.

kitten Has Claws said...

Again.....dang and i thought the plug had been yanked. Uggghhhh! I sure hope that guy that works on the Roloff compound doesn't have to hurt his back..packin Matt up and down Mt. St. Helens. What a yawn fest! As always the END = the BEST!!!

kitten Has claws said...

ok ok i wrote before i watched the extremly boring snippet of Amy blathering on about the..climb. GIVE IT UP ....I'm going to take a nap now as this show as so inspired me.. YAWN YAWN YAWN. Will these people just stop it already. Boring Lil' People....btw..where are the kitty cats????? *STILL NOT COOL WITH THE CAT TOSSING* That was the last freakin' straw for me ...and NO i will not forget it! Loons can't even pronounce Oregon correct and i think they do this on purpose. Sorry for the rant..THE END EQUALS THE BEST.

Kyle said...

P/R no, it was a stand alone comment post right after the barn lights pic about how they received way too many emails, can only handle 3 total for summer 2013, already have 2 meticulously planned, their wedding planner will sort thru all the emails to send out a survey to get more info.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Kyle, I see it now. Damn Timeline! That's one of the reasons I got off Facebook. "With everything else we have going on" does little to give it any credence as a business. Is Matt already tired of the wedding business?