Monday, March 25, 2013

Roloff Family Spending Spring Break On Vacation In Costa Rica

The Roloff family are currently spending Spring Break on a vacation in Costa Rica.

Molly Roloff is going to do an entire semester in Costa Rica in 2014. Molly is currently in her first year at Whitworth University in Spokane, Washington. Whitworth is a private Christian College.

However, back to the present, on this trip the entire Roloff family are joined by the girlfriends - Zach's girlfriend Tori and Jeremy's girlfriend Audrey.

Here are a few pictures from the various social media sites.

In Costa Rica, from left to right - Zach, Tori (Zach's girlfriend), Molly, Jacob, Amy,
Matt, Jeremy, Audrey (Jeremy's girlfriend)

Molly (center) with Jeremy's girlfriend Audrey (left) and Zach's girlfriend 
Tori (right)

Zach and Tori in Costa Rica

Jeremy's picture on the plane to Costa Rica

While Matt and Amy have been rather quiet and vague about their trip, which is always a sign it will appear on Little People, Big World later, as usual, Jacob Roloff is tweeting a lot about the trip on his public twitter account. While Jacob's twitter has been the subject of much discussion due to his tweets about marijuana, his insults and attitude towards LPBW fans and the conduct and language of his friends that he often retweets and "favorites", I think it is pretty much a consensus that Jacob is by far, the most honest Roloff. There's not much debate about that one. Zach could perhaps be the only Roloff that could rival Jacob for that label, but he does not have a twitter and now that Zach is collecting his own paycheck for Little People, Big World, he tends to be quiet and fall in line more than he used to.

Here are some of Jacob's tweets during the Costa Rica vacation:

Jacob Roloff ‏@ffoloR_bocaJ 

This hotel is unreal. 

Oh yea there's literally sloths climbing around my resort
... And the money here is pretty neat too..

I cannot wait to post my brothers pictures lol. 

 Lol the power at the whole resort just flickered on/off like 4 times. 


Lol supposed to "wake up" in 2 hours... Jooookes.. First all nighter in not The USA 

I have no covers cus greedy brother and am still sweating. #CRprobs 

Whoa Zach. What the deuce are you dreaming about..😳 

"No seriously I did it I swear! It's on TV!" -My defense against everything

Literally a lightning storm happening rn. 

The activities today > the family interactions today

Can't wait to get back home and be no where close to either of my parents... 

 My siblings > my parents


Rita said...

But Jacob whines about the show, being on tv, fans....and then he tweets about how cool his freebie vacations are.

Drives me nuts!!!

Greg said...

Jacob's hero worship of Jeremy is kind of annoying.

You go to pretty places on someone else's dime and you have an expensive camera. His pictures are not that amazing.

Hillary said...

Just wondering, does anyone think Tori is using Zach / just dating him because of the tv show celebrity.

She has got a vacation to Australia and now trip to Costa Rica out of it. Not bad.

DJ said...

I wouldn't call Jacob "honest"...he denies using drugs after posting about them all the time.

He's an "asshole", that's not being "honest". Just because he whines doesn't mean he's "honest".

Rap541 said...

Hilary, I'd simply say, in all seriousness, that if Tori is faking it for the show, she's got real dedication to faking a romance with someone she doesn't actually like or find attractive.

I mean really, it's been what, a year and a half, two years? She's been faking it for years simply to maybe get some free trips? I mean, call me crazy... but the Roloffs aren't that rich, and Tory isn't so unattractive that she couldn't score a little higher on the gold digger scale.

I'm not totally discounting it but really, if she's just faking it, she's really got some dedication to the bit.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Hillary, I don't think so. Not for this length of time. Apparently Tori is going to school in Vancouver, WA and Zach makes the effort to drive there regularly. Maybe it's me, but I don't see that.
OK, getting back to the point of the item, the Roloffs are in Costa Rica. I can and do look up Matt's and Amy's fan pages and there hasn't been too much aplomb splashed all over those pages. So, yes, I can see this being a side-plot of one of the wedding shows. If they have 3 specials left, and they are adamant that they can host only 3 weddings a season, this won't make it much more than filler. Like Matt's schoolhouse building being filler for Amy's (give it a name) on the previous show. Juggled timelines and all.

Getting off topic now, did anyone see Matt's post about the article in the Portland Business mag about the re-hash of the frivilous lawsuit? The google web-cache article that a reader posted was from Dec. 2010 when it was happening. Does anyone subscribe to read the full article? Any new info would be appreciated. Thanks!

BeckyM said...

So I guess bringing in a consistent 1 million viewers on cable and being shown at 10 p.m. at night, gets you a free trip to Costa Rica.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Hey BeckyM, what kind of reality show do you want to team up with me on and pitch to TLC? Lard tunderin' wig Rig Bounty Hunters and Moonshiners and Crazy Obsessions and Worst Tattoos, gracious we could get away with anything! We could sell TLC on any show we wanted and get a big fat contract. I got it! We could do a reality show on how hard it is for people of honesty and integrity to survive on cable TV! We could expose facts, not BS or blown-up truths. We could do documentaries on fake drama and twisted timelines, vague and ambiguous promises, and insincere charity showboating with a dash of ratings races. Think of it! We'll be rich!
We could be millionaires and not tell a soul, keep our humility and help the unfortunate in a genuine way. How about it?

Lacey said...

The Roloffs are such moochers. Do they ever pay for anything themselves?

They think it's their duty in life to get things for free, just like they time they felt they were too special to wait in line like everyone else.

It's no surprise that the kids/young adults are such selfish brats.

Mike P. said...


Two ways to see the biz journal reports:

1) The home page (search for Roloff):

2) Search result:

Graper said...

Is this the place where people come to bitch about the Roloffs? Let's judge people for being judgemental. Yay us.

Timothy said...

Mike P, you still can't read the article that Matt posted about.

Searching for it bring me to the same place.

There are other articles about the Roloffs that you can read the whole article, but not the "Roloffs Crusade" article.

BeckyM said...

Podge nothing short of total humiliation will charm the masses. So you can put me down for any show that destroys a person's self respect: shaming your grandmother, betraying your lover, have a gameshow where the audience judges the performance of the partners of a sexual act, deciding when to put your child in a cage - voted by call in viewers etc...

Whoops... I have self respect so I guess TLC will have to count me out of one of their many reality shows where they screwed the innocent (Gosselins and Catch)

Yep, those shows I'm sure are in the works. It's why I don't waste my money with cable. Netflix for me.

Paula said...

The Roloff kids really ought to learn to pay for things themselves.

They'll have more of an appreciation then.

Lawrence said...

Matt and Amy are pathetic. They need to finally get off their butts and make money for themselves. Fund themselves instead of looking for others to pay them to vacation.

Have some respect and get a job other than being on a so-called reality show.

Too bad Matt's parents never taught that man some work ethic.

Timothy said...

Paula, agreed.
Jacob is tweeting that he wants to go home.

Do the Roloff "kids" realize how many other kids never travel anywhere?

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Followers must be coming down on Jacob for his latest tweet about :
Lol @ people saying I'm ungrateful for wanting to go home... I miss people.. This trip was amazing I'm just ready to go home you idiots.

I must admit I'm the same way as Jacob is. Honestly, I don't know if it's cabin fever or something like that. I might even be a bit worse, because my comfort zone limit is about 1/2 inch away from my nose. I think it's nice to go somewhere different, but all too soon I'm asking "OK, what now? That's enough for me". It may not be for the same reasons, but mine is I'm not comfortable away from home for very long.

The other point might be, the attention-whoring and TV contracts and the freebies that come with it were probably not Jacob's idea.

Timothy said...

Podge, if Jacob hadn't been to Hawaii and the Bahamas and Australia and the BVIs and Europe and Orlando, etc....I have a feeling he would have a different attitude about leaving.

But when you go on freebies every few month, yeah I can understand the attitude of a kid not appreciating it and would rather be at home playing video games with his friends.

Anne said...

What is wrong with you Un-Godly people?

I think it is GREAT that the Roloffs still vacation as a family.

3 of the kids are adults and could easily not want to have anything to do with a vacation that involved the rest of their family.

But not the Roloffs. It's wonderful that Jeremy and Molly still value family.

The family that prays together stays together. It's not just a saying, it's true.

Natalie said...

Jacob is an ungrateful spoiled brat. I think it's hard to argue with that if you've ever seen his twitter.

Rap541 said...

Anne I simply question how often the three adult children would choose to vacation with mom and dad in foriegn countries with their significant others (I bet Jeremy and Audrey, and Zach and Tori didn't sleep seperately) if Jeremy, Zach, and Molly had to pony up the cash themselves to go.

Have Jeremy and Zach ever gone on a vacation that they paid for with money they earned at something *other* than their reality whore jobs? Anne, of course they want to go on a free vacation. And obviously the adult children don't find the cameras onerous, because all three are old enough to say no to the paycheck to play vacation with Mom and Dad. Remember Anne, if this is filmed for our consumption, these sweet kids are *getting a paycheck* to hang around Mom and Dad. Oh how difficult - what a sacrifice these sweet christian *children* are making, huh? God bless them for going on a free vacation with their parents and accepting money to do so. Oh and how special, taking their girlfriends with them for free as well. Lets all applaud these *kids* (never adults, the Roloff children are never ever to be considered adults as they are forever blameless children with no responsibilities) hon how they are sacrficiing themselves to vacation and get a check for doing so... and remember to put them up on the cross as they are *sacrificing* their so very precious privacy for money and free trips and are to be pitied for the choices they are forced to make. Poor poor little reality whores, lets all feel sorry for them and oh so difficult choice of accepting a free vacation with mom and dad.

Rap541 said...

Also - I've never seen the JerBear pray or make any on show acknowledgement that he's a Christian with deeply committed view points and its obvious that his enjoyment of the Solid rock Church is also hidden, as was his VW van with it's Jesus quote that the Christian crowd coo'd over until it was pointedly cut from the show.

Why as a Christian man, does Jeremy allow his Christian faith and views to be hidden by TLC? Or does Daddy Matt still have to speak for his 23 year old boy that he still completely supports financially?

Ashley said...

It's probably better to hear them whine than to hear them brag about their FAB free trip...AGAIN!

I've always thought it must be really annoying to be a friend of one of the Roloffs.

I'd be like "shut up already!" I read something that said the truth is most people actually get angry while reading their Facebook feed because people secretly hate seeing people boast about how awesome their life is and how they're having so much fun.

I think of the Roloff friends at times like those. lol.

Ashley said...

Yeah Anne, it also wouldn't be as annoying if they ever had to pay for themselves.

The Roloffs are always up for free trips. Who wouldn't be?!?

This is where I think people have a point about Molly being stuck up.

She wants nothing to do with those "creeper" fans, but without those creeper fans that are expected to tune into the show, she wouldn't be on her free trip in Costa Rica.

But I think Molly is too much of a snob to ever put 2+2 together and think outside of herself.

Irene said...

Are the Roloffs going to write a book about how to mooch your way through life?

Ellen said...

I agree with all the spoiled, ungrateful and unappreciative comments.

I always thought it would be horrible to be one of the staff at these resorts that need to wait on the Roloffs.

I'm sure their sense of entitlement shines through.

Rap541 said...

Btw Anne - I'd like to point out, for the record, that "What is wrong with you Un-Godly people?" is an example of you escalating the conversation and being intentionally insulting. So what did you think was "un-godly" and please try to be specific - I think we'd all like to know why you entered this conversation with insults.

Oh, and I doubt you'll be back because whenever someone from the Christian crowd is called out for being rude, they never ever apologize... they just fling insults because they don't like what they're reading and run off when they called on it. Apparently "Judging is hating unless you're a Christian and then Jesus loves your hate in his name!" is how Christians roll now. I wonder how *the Roloffs* would feel if someone started a disagreement with one of their *children* with "what is wrong with you ungodly people?"

Oh right, the Roloffs would just sneer out a "whats wrong in your life that you're judging me". Hey Anne, care to detail out whats wrong in your life that you're judging others as ungodly? Please be specific. :)

Brandon said...

I love how Audrey calls Jeremy "Mr. Adventure", I wonder how many adventures Jeremy would be able to participate in if he actually needed to pay for himself?

Brandon said...

I have a feeling that Jeremy might be a little bit less "adventurous" or less fun to hang out with for Audrey when the time comes when he can no longer get freebies from TLC.

Brandon said...

Rap, good point.

Also do you want to bet that Audrey, who has everyone has pointed out, references Jesus even more than Jeremy does, will not even allude to Jesus or her Christian faith on the show?

Audrey too, despite all of her Jesus shout outs, is cool with covering up their love of Jesus if it means she gets cool trips to Costa Rica.

Kay said...

Jacob is the only honest one.

Julie said...

Does anyone know why Jacob doesn't bring a friend on these vacations?

Jeremy brought Mueller on the TV show vacations when he was the same age as Jacob is now.

Becca said...

If I got these sweet vacays to places like Costa Rica, I would gladly tweet fans for like hours and hours. It's a small price to pay for that kind of awesome vacation.

Podge, Jacob is saying he had an awesome time but yet he hates fans, their attention and the show.

Isn't it time he realizes that one wouldn't happen without the other?

It's the Roloff arrogance, imo! The Roloffs, I think starting with Amy the most, think it's their God-Given right to get paid to travel and have other people watch it. Jacob obviously has the same attitude.

Brenda said...

Jacob ought to do a "swap" with a normal kid from a middle class to lower income family that never gets to travel and that would straighten up his bratty outlook on life and end his whining!

Greg said...

Anne, where ever there's something free in it for him, Jeremy will be there!

End of story.

Ray said...

Jacob wants to go home from a trip in Costa Rica because he wants to play xbox with his friends?

God help me! This is what is wrong with kids today!

Kate said...

Rap, this is a very "Christian" picture of Jeremy and Audrey?

Somehow, they don't look like they are waiting for marriage, lol.

I think they are ignoring what their dear pastor John Mark said about not putting yourself in tempting situations....

Rap541 said...

I assume she's worshipping Jeremy's personal area. :)

Lynn C said...

Oh come on! What is wrong with that picture?

They are not having sex! They are fully clothed!

They were posing for pictures with their photography friends. There is noting sinful about a boyfriend and girlfriend being affectionate, embracing and kissing.

Rap541 said...

So Lynn, please show us the photos of your daughter on top of her boyfriend with her fully clothed crotch right on top of her boyfriend's genitals.

I assume that was your Christmas card photo? Your daughter on top of her boyfriend, affectionate?

And btw, its really not me that has a problem with it (I frankly could care less if Audrey is banging Jer, and I am pretty sure the Jer-Bear is NOT encouraged by his daddy to be a virgin). It's the church of the sainted John Mark Comer that has a problem with boyfriends disrespecting their girlfriends by being physically affectionate before marriage.

Lynn, do you think Jeremy and Zach aren't sharing rooms with their girlfriends down in Costa Rica?

Rap541 said...

On a complete aside, has anyone looked thru the comments on Matt's posts about the article on the appeal?

Because apparently if you're defending the Roloffs, it's ok to call the inspector a "retard"!

How charming!

Karen Shrum Matt....I so remember that "encounter" that Amy had with the "retard" (excuse me) from Washington County.... (snipped for brevity)

This has been up since March 22 so I have to assume Matt and the staff consider this an acceptable way to talk about people.

But midget is sooooo wrong! But retard is ok if you're hating on someone the Roloffs hate!

*Lest anyone argue how poor precious Matt can't possible police his facebook, remember he's on record that he does indeed police comments, especially if they are "snotty" and he has had time to make multiple facebook updates since this supporter posted. Comparing Jake to Justin Beiber is "snotty" and worth editing according to Matt. Calling an inspector a "retard" clearly is not.

Brandon said...

Rap, the "retard" comments permitted on Matt's page are especially interesting considering that the rich family that were fans of the show that treated Matt and Jeremy to a free sail around the BVI's are on a mission to end the "R" word because they have a mentally challenged family member.

The son that Jeremy was surfing around with goes to schools and speaks about ending the "R" word.

Nice of Matt and his staff to let the "R" word be used as an insult as long is it's being used to insult someone Matt doesn't like.

Brandon said...

Rap, to be fair, based on Jacob's tweets, Zach was sharing a room/bed with Jacob, not Tori.

Jacob tweeted that he had no covers because of his cover hug brother and then tweeted "what the duece are you dreaming about Zach?"

I would guess Zach and Jake were sharing a bed.

C'mon Rap. They are filming, Jeremy/Audrey and Zach/Tori wouldn't shack up with the cameras around!

Rap541 said...

Oh I am sure the "boys"(never men, Roloff boys will alway be Daddy's little immature boys with no accountability) are *officially* not sharing rooms with their lady friends but really....

And considering TLC won't film Jeremy's daily fall to his knees to give glory to God, who knows?

Greg said...

The more you see Molly post for herself, the more you see what kind of person she really is.

There was a debate whether Molly is privileged snob?

She is bitching about room service while on a free vacation.

For Christians that get so offended when they are judged, they sure don't mind judging airline and hotel employees.

Molly Roloff ‏@mollyjoroloff
it really takes an hour to bring up our prepackaged room service? remarkable. #famished #flightinsixhours

Christine said...

Greg, I totally agree.

Molly, who has never worked a day in her life (a real job, not for daddy and not paid to film) is trashing employees for not serving her fast enough.

Megan said...

Molly is just like Amy. Always crapping on working people for not servicing her good enough.

CindyM said...

There's a word for what Molly sounds like, but I won't say it.

Janet said...

Molly needs a reality check.

The Roloff kids have been taught that they come first. They never have to wait or pay, when they want something, other people are to get it for them as they demand it.

What sad pathetic people the Roloffs have turned out to be.

Rap541 said...

Brandon, it is a completely fair point that when Matt and Jer were being treated to fun times in the Bahamas, that the "r word" was not ok.

Now that people are using it to name call people that Matt and Jer don't like? It's not even "snotty". Retard is an acceptable word to the Roloffs. I sure hope that nice family that wined and dined Matt and Jer know that the inspector who bothered Amy is a retard per Matt's fans and Matt doesn't care in the slightest about how *his fans* sling the "r-word" since you know... saying vicious nasty things is ok if you're on Matt's side.

Again, the retard post has been up since march 22 and Matt has posted multiple times since. And remember, if its a Roloff hearing something negative, the posts are indeed edited.... so retard, like faggot, kike, n-word, and beaner aren't "wrong" in the Roloff home.

But midget is. Remember, if you're a person of color or gay, or mexican or jewish, or mentally challenged, the Roloffs can fling a hate word at you and then insist you explain why you're hurt (thanks Chris Cardamone for making this arguement) but if the Roloffs hear the word midget, they cry to the skies how you're a hater who hates (see their reaction to Rosie O'Donnell)

I wonder what the Mackenzie family thinks of the Roloff fans tossing the r-word around. And I seriously wonder if the Roloffs give two shits about what the Mackenzie family might think now that they've had a nice free treat.

Pamela said...

Molly complaining that the servants weren't doing a good enough job waiting on her hand and foot while she's on a comp vacation speaks volumes about what kind of person Molly is and the character or lack of character she possesses.

Jackie said...

Between Molly complaining about service and Jacob wanting to come home during the trip, I think the Roloffs should forfeit their next freebie vacation to a family that has not been spoiled by too many trips and does not have huge arrogant egos.

i'd be a brat too said...

If the TLC gravy train had never took on THE Roloffs...they probably would not be so "BIG HEADED" cough cough~~~ and for these people to complain about their freebies...ugghhh...but hey they are so christian....coughcoughcough. They should be grateful that TLC did come along..but they are waay past that..turned up lil' noses. LMAO

BeckyM said...

My sister lived in Costa Rica. Here's the reality. The "servants" aren't even paid a minimum or living wage to work there. The same is for all these resort areas.

Molly and her family once again (can we say Haiti?) shows the Ugly American to another country once again. Thanks Roloff's for your condescending Christian charity.

Rap541 said...

Interesting note - Matt has had time since returning from his TLC sponsored vacation in Costa Rica to post twice on Facebook... but the post about how John Wheeler is a "retard" is still up.

Matt Roloff has no problem with the word retard if you're bitching about someone he doesn't like.

But midget is very very wrong and hurtful. But if Matt doesn't like you? Then he provides his fans a with a forum to call you a retard! All while making it very clear that any post he feels is "snotty" to his *family* will be removed.

So to be clear, if you call Matt or anyone in his family a name he doesn't approve of, he judges you "snotty" and deletes your remark. But if you're namecalling someone he doesn't like with say, the "r-word" that his pals the Mackenzie family who treated him to an awesome vacation don't like... well, you just feel free to call a retard a retard with Matt's blessing since he's not going to edit *that*.

Perhaps we should all applaud Matt allowing his fans to call John Wheeler a retard? I mean, hating in defense of a Roloff is Christian right? Jesus must be blessing Matt and his fans who call someone Matt doesn't like a retard, right?

sassenach said...

I have sympathy for people born with disabilities but I thought the whole point of the show originally was to show how little people, dwarfs, midgets or whatever could surmount their problems without all the assistance, privilege(don't wait in line for example)and other benefits to which the Roloffs seem to think they are entitled.
Even worse - this entitlement attitude has obviously spread to their average size brats who just happen to be part of this dysfunctional family of moochers.

Terry said...

Molly's true colors are showing. Amazing the difference when it comes from her and not from TLC or her parents.

Rap541 said...

To be fair, the "retard" remark that was on display on Matt's facebook from March 22 to this morning, April 1st, is finally deleted. Also to be fair, people being uncomplimentary of the Roloffs are deleted in hours so I'm not too impressed.

Taylor said...

Molly is a spoiled brat. Her tweet proves it.

Lynn C said...

Rap and others always say Jeremy hides his religion, they are proven wrong when Jeremy posts things like on his latest Instagram photo, which is clearly public and mostly are fans following him.

"Morning world. Every now and then you'll get super overwhelmed with life, that's when somehow we are shown that its not about us. We can be apart of something way bigger. For his burden is light and his yoke is easy. Choose Him. That's my king. #lifeorbust"

Vicky said...

Lynn, I find it amusing that Mueller is liking and commenting on that particular picture and statement by Jeremy (Mueller's instagram is private, but you can see his comments)..

The guy that disregards God's rules about women and sex, and in general a guy that exhibits such disregard and unkindness to fellow humans and animals will quickly run to Instagram to jump on Jeremy's "He's my King" declarations.

They don't have to let their actions do their talking, they don't actually have to do anything at all except post things like Jeremy did and they think they are an awesome "Jesus follower".

And of course perpetuate the belief that gays are going to Hell because they are sinners. That seems to make the Roloffs whole group think they are hard core Jesus followers.

Samantha said...

Lynn, Jeremy is a proud Jesus follower. It's a silly thing for someone to attempt to bash Jeremy over.

Rap541 said...

Lynn - he's on a tv show that purports to be a real and raw representation of his life. Where's the "Guys, Jesus is my king" comments when Jeremy is on screen, living his life? I mean, we've heard how he's "pissed" and thinks his mom should "get back in the kitchen" and how he thinks his dad is a "dick"....

But no bible quotes when the blessed boy is on screen. No, "yeah, this is where I pray to Jesus every morning and evening", no "I'm going to church youth group" etc etc etc.

And the sad thing is, you hold him up as a role model for hiding his faith when in fact, he could have been a role model to kids and wasted the opportunity. Does Jeremy *really* get up every morning and fall on his knees to pray? Really? If so (and I have my doubts but lets say its true) wouldn't that have been an awesome way to encourage other kids that being Christian was good? That you could be the cool guy into sports at school and also praise Jesus daily? But instead - THAT WAS CUT (if it was ever actually happening) because, in theory, TLC didn't want a religious family and the Roloffs, including Jeremy Jesus, took the thirty pieces of silver to not depict their faith.

As it is, I find it hilarious and sad that you cite this selfish young man as some sort of role model when in fact, all he does is "talk the talk". He talks a good game about respecting women, and then he poses with his girlfriend with her crotch on his, laying down. He throws up bible quotes on an instagram that frankly doesn't get that much traffic, but when he's being filmed for his nationally shown tv show, he's got not one word to say about his love of Christ. He hasn't participated in any charitable events that weren't sponsored by his family or shown on his tv show(where he gets a check for going to Haiti)

He's a man, Lynn. He's old enough to be held to what he does and doesn't say about his faith. He's old enough to answer questions about what his church believes without his daddy screening things. I for one would like to hear from Jeremy's mouth that he believes homosexuality is wrong. If that's what he believes, its time this twenty three year old man stood up for himself and gave his opinion on the matter.

But my guess? Jeremy is never going to have the integrity to not hide his beliefs. The money is too good and it's too easy for him to be 23, 24, 25 and on, and be standing behind Daddy Matt as one of the "children" that Daddy Matt has to speak for since Jeremy is forever a child.

He's getting a little too old to use "Daddy speaks for the family". I mean really, even Justin Bieber is more of a man. If Bieber is at 19, man enough to speak for himself, what does that say about Jeremy's manhood and maturity?

Rap541 said...

Samantha - if Jeremy is a proud Jesus follower, why has he never once been willing to commit to saying that on his tv show?

Personally, I don't consider it a bash at all, whether he's religious or not. I'm just tired of Jeremy being cited as a saint on the cross for posting some Bible quotes and then spending his time sinning and grinning with no accountability.

He's an adult, and supposedly proud of his faith. Why aren't we seeing Jeremy sit down to the table and say "Let me lead the prayer for dinner, Mom"? Or hey, how about a "Gosh, its sure nice to get a free trip to Australia, and I am grateful to God for all he provides" while being filmed on a free trip?

Is it because that wouldn't be cool? Like I said to Lynn, he's had the opportunity to really set an example and instead he hid his faith.

sassenach said...

Classy family? Jeremy at the dining table without a shirt.
I suppose it was allowed because they are "celebrities".
In most half decent places it is "no shirt, no shoes, no service.

Rap541 said...

oh in case anyone wants to argue that Matt lacked internet connection access to get someone to remove the r-word comment.... on top of how Matt brags how he has staff to remove bad things, its very very obvious from Jacob's twitter that internet access was not intermittent while in Costa Rica. So please keep that in mind when you're excusing him.

Rap541 said...

The Roloff kids have been taught that they come first. They never have to wait or pay, when they want something, other people are to get it for them as they demand it.

So here's the reality, folks.

The Roloffs are *talent*. Talent gets pissy when talent isn't waited on hand and foot. I actually was willing to consider Molly's bitchy little "why isn't the hotel staff fetching me food as quickly as I like it" twitter as a one off, until I lined it up with the other Roloffs kids behavior... and then compared how "Hollywood" stars get ripped into for such indiscretions.

Hey Roloff "kids"? Guess what? You're tv stars and when you say something rude and crappy, you're going to be called on it.

Molly Jo? Dearie sweetums? Did you get a paycheck to go to Costa Rica? I'm absolutely certain you got a paycheck to go on the free trip to Costa Rica. (or will, at least when the episode airs) So, honey pie, bitching that you aren't being serviced in the manner to which you prefer *publically* makes you look like a reality show diva. Poor poor widdle Molly had to wait for a meal on her free vacation that she got a paycheck to go on.

Molly's buddies, who will rush to defend her? Molly is a grown up, complaining how she's not being treated to quality service that she's not paying for and in fact is getting a check to suffer thru. She's *complaining publically* about a free vacation that at the end of the day, she got a check for.

Molly hun? You work for TLC. You're an adult now. When you whine in public how the servants aren't servicing you quickly enough, you own it. Someone who was truly considerate of others would understand how the hotel workers work hard, very hard, not for fun money, but in order to eat and survice. But Molly, you've never had to work and it shows when you, at 18 years of age, complain like a hollywood diva how you're not being treated in the manner to which you've become accustomed. Grow up and learn some manners and hopefully realize how selfish and entitled your twitter was.

Ashley said...

Well said Rap!

kitten Has claws said...

Rap ....your right on target..your to the point and you put fun into your posts and what you say is what most of us are thinking, we just cant put it quite the way you do. Thanks Rap :-) (GROW UP MOLLY)

Anonymous said...

Wow everone is so negative. Why are you watching the show then if these people make you so upset and worked up? Matt and Amy did have "real" jobs before they were on tv you know....did you ever think maybe they signed on because they wanted to show people how the live their lives as little people? Maybe they signed on to educate others about dwarfism. ..or crazier, maybe they needed extra money to provide for their family! that so outragous? ...matt practically in every season has always said he wanted his kids to have a better life than what he had and what he had to go thru as a child. Who doesn't want that for thier kids?? He bought the farm for his family to live happily! What the f* is wrong with you people? Thats all people do online, anywhere actually. No wonder this world has gone to s**t...people are so negative and can't be happy for others. Stop watching them, stop paying attention to them if you think they're bad people! Who doesn't want free trips? Who doesn't want to make more to provide for their families? Who cares if the kids are brats anyway? Anyones kids, rich or poor can be brats! Geez.... people are so damn annoying.