Thursday, April 4, 2013

Amy Roloff Goes Back To The Classroom - To Teach Diversity

Today on Amy Roloff's Facebook fan page she shared the news that she is headed back to the classroom to teach kids - for a limited time.

"I'm so excited! I'm teaching a class tomorrow, first day. Just one day a week, one class for 10 weeks to 12 - 16 year olds. I'm looking forward to it. Love a few prayers. I love to teach."

Prior to or just as the the weekly television series - Little People, Big World, began to air in 2006, Amy was a pre-school teacher.

This time, as she said, she will have one class for 10 weeks. Amy's class will be about diversity and she will be speaking to 12 - 16 year olds.

Matt Roloff used to regularly be invited to schools to speak to kids about dwarfism.

As paid public speakers, both Matt and Amy Roloff have given speeches about diversity. In 2011, Amy described one of her speaking engagements like this: "That talk will be about how to really accept yourself and believe about yourself when you are different or have a disability. Really embracing yourself so you can incorporate yourself among the forest. I call it being the individual tree among the forest."

The topic of members of the Roloff family giving speeches or teaching about diversity always generates some controversy among some people who feel that the Roloffs are "wolves in sheep clothing" when it comes to the topic of diversity because they support un-diverse organizations and ideas in their real lives - the feeling is that they simply use the tag of a diversity speaker to collect a paycheck while they don't "walk the walk" in their own lives.

The primary issue that comes up is the Roloffs own dealings with another "diversity group" - gay people. The Roloffs are connected to or support several organizations that have "anti-gay" stances - such as Focus On The Family. Amy Roloff once linked Focus On The Family on her official website when she first launched it in 2009. After she had received some criticism for the link, the link was eventually replaced by a link for Amy's own charity foundation (ARCF).

The Roloffs support and enthusiasm for a very conservative church in Portland lead by lead pastor John Mark Comer, called "Solid Rock Church", generates much of the controversy. All members of the Roloff family - including Matt and Amy - have attended this church. Matt has publicly referenced the church on his Facebook Fan Page in the past. The Roloffs who are most enthusiastic about the Solid Rock church are Jeremy (22) and Molly (19). As Matt Roloff has posted about in the past, Jeremy and Molly have attended special events held by the Solid Rock Church called "Loveology". Jeremy often links and quotes and shares teachings from John Mark Comer and the church. Here is an example of one of the teachings from John Mark Comer as it relates to subject of homosexuality. He states that gay people will not enter the Kingdom of God and states that gay people should pray to Jesus to be cured of being gay.

Members of the Roloff family, specifically Molly Roloff, also have applauded Kirk Cameron for being "brave" and "standing up for God" after the actor's controversial comments on the Piers Morgan show where he said homosexuality was "ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilizations".

So the issue in many people's minds is that if the Roloffs in their real lives support and associate with such "anti-diverse" views - are they then qualified to be speakers about Diversity and Acceptance of people who are different?

Amy Roloff has been confronted on this topic on at least two occasions. Once during a live web chat - after she gave details on her "How to accept yourself and being an individual among the forest" speech, she was asked about her perceived hypocrisy given the Roloffs support for the Solid Rock church. Amy gave a very vague answer about how she doesn't "necessarily" agree with all ideas from the church and you don't throw out the baby with the bath water. The second time, someone asked Amy on her Facebook fan page about the hypocrisy and if the Roloffs think gay people need to be cured? Amy basically said that their beliefs are private and they don't need to defend or justify their beliefs.

And when it comes to the Roloffs and diversity, there is the old subject of the infamous Jeremy Roloff scandal in which he used several racial, homophobic and ethnic slurs to communicate with his friends online. Jeremy has never to this day apologized or acknowledged any wrong-doing or expressed regret for any of it. At the time, Matt Roloff released a public statement on the TLC website calling it a private matter and essentially instructed people to stop talking about it and focus on the good that the Roloffs do.

So the feeling that some people have is that in their real lives they surround themselves and hold non-accepting views of other groups and people who are different than the Roloffs - but when they have a chance to earn a paycheck -they will present themselves as champions of diversity and speak about the general issue of diversity and acceptance.

Some also believe - which is what Amy Roloff herself seems to project - that because the Roloffs don't take to very public venues such as Matt and Amy's official Facebook Fan Page or the TV show LPBW to say "We are the Roloffs and we believe that gay people should pray to be cured in order to be right with Jesus" that their own beliefs and views that they support in their own lives and share with their friends should be irrelevant. Roloff detractors respond to that stance by saying of course they don't publicly make a "Kirk Cameron" such statement because they don't want to be cut out of the lucrative "public diversity speaker" circuit and that's why the "wolves in sheep clothing" analogy has been mentioned.

What is your opinion? If a diversity speaker or the teacher of a class on diversity and acceptance, surrounded themselves with organizations that promote the message that people with dwarfism are abnormal and shouldn't raise kids or held racist views - would they still be qualified to teach about the subject of diversity? Does a diversity teacher need to represent all areas of diversity in their own lives?

Or do you think that being a diversity speaker doesn't require them to accept or support every diversity group and they are still wonderful representatives of diversity and acceptance because they have dwarfism?


Austin said...

This is why it does matter!

What school is she teaching at? Unless it's a private Christian school that has bigoted views (and I doubt they would have a diversity class to begin with) do they know what the Roloff family is about?

I bet not. They are being snowed by the Roloffs presenting themselves as something they are not.

The Roloffs have no integrity.

Brandon said...

I think the Roloffs can have whatever beliefs they want.

The only part that is frustrating and wrong is that it's so obvious what they are doing.

Anyone that has followed Jeremy's twitter, instagram, has seen what he posts and what his friends posts, can figure out what he believes about the whole issue.

But they won't be like Kirk Cameron and be upfront about it because they want to fool people and make money.

It's wrong and deceitful.

Susan said...

Brandon, precisely!

Say what you want about the Duggars, but at least they are honest about their extreme beliefs and people have a chance to like them for what they are or not.

But they aren't presenting themselves as something they aren't like the Roloffs.

Greg said...

You'd need to be an idiot to not know what Jeremy thinks about homosexuality.

His twitter, Facebook fan page, instagram and interactions with his real friends on there makes it obvious.

As Spirits said, the only thing that prevents him from making a clear cut statement is that he knows that it would have the potential to hurt the family's money stream that he still relies on to support himself.

Bonnie said...

I think the Roloffs are just liars and scam artists that make a living out of fooling people with good intentions.

They should be ashamed.

Rap541 said...

That talk will be about how to really accept yourself and believe about yourself when you are different or have a disability. Really embracing yourself so you can incorporate yourself among the forest. I call it being the individual tree among the forest."

So the question I have for Amy, who used to openly display links to Focus on the Family in her charity website is this. If someone is a homosexual, does Amy believe that person should accept themselves as a homosexual?

She does attend a conservative church (which is her right). Is she going to teach this class that they should accept their own differences, including homosexuality? Or is this one of those "We accept and celebrate differences unless you're gay! If you're gay, you're choosing to be that way and need to get down on your knees and pray to God to make you change your choice" situations?

Or will Amy simply avoid the question? Oh, wait... she's a Roloff. Roloffs never stand up for their beliefs - they sit silent and let their anon friends tell everyone what their views are, so if things get hairy, the Roloffs can deny saying x, y, and z.

Shelby said...

If Amy doesn't bring up gays in her diversity speeches or in her classroom, what's the problem?

The Roloffs have a right to think homosexuality is wrong.

Collette said...

Do the Roloffs have to support incest, pedophilia and drug addicts to be considered "diverse"?

Do they have to say that drug addicts should continue using drugs or else she's not being accepting and she shouldn't teach a diversity class?

Samantha said...

Jeremy's never said or even hinted that gays should be killed or jailed or that he won't speak to them.

However, as a follower of Jesus, he thinks they should walk with God and that's why he doesn't have a problem with what John Mark speaks about at Solid Rock.

Allison said...

How do the Roloffs sleep at night? They are so deceptive and slimy!

I can picture them laughing at night, 'HAHAHAHA we fooled another one!'

Rap541 said...

Shelby, do you think it's morally honest to teach something you don't believe?

Or to commit lies of ommission?

Because that's kinda what you're suggesting - as long as no one brings up homosexuality, her message is honest.

And if she genuinely doesn't think that all differences should be accepted, isn't that essentially dishonest?

Rap541 said...

Collete - is homosexuality against the law in Oregon? Because incest and illegal drug use is.

Samantha - as usual, I must point out, Jeremy doesn't have the balls to say that himself, now does he? Nope nope nope, poor precious 23 year old Jeremy is a *child* standing silent behind his daddy.

What does John Mark Comer have to say about a man who won't stand up and say what he believes? A lot, I imagine.

Rap541 said...

Jeremy's never said or even hinted that gays should be killed or jailed or that he won't speak to them.

Samantha - who exactly has said that? That Jeremy thinks gays should be killed or jailed and he won't speak to them?

Now, if Jeremy believes that homosexuals shouldn't be allowed to get married.... then Jeremy believes that certain people shouldn't be allowed the same rights that he's allowed. Is that the case? We'll never really know since Jeremy isn't man enough to speak his opinions and face the consequences, but if that IS what he believes... I find it sad.

You know, it wasn't all that long ago that popular Christian opinion was that dwarves didn't have souls. And handicapped people were unclean. I've always wondered if Jeremy (or any of the Roloffs to be blunt) has ever had the thoughtfullness to consider what his life and his parents lives would have been like if people were unwilling to accept Amy and Matt as a valid couple. Its obvious Amy has had concerns about it, her comments about worrying about the babies being taken away are sadly reminscent of comments by gay couples who worry that their children aren't considered "theirs" because they aren't considered married.

Its that inability to empathize that really makes wonder.

Samantha said...

Rap541, the television show is not a show about religion or homosexuality. It is a show to bring awareness to dwarfism and that a family with some dwarf and some average size members are just like anyone else.

It would look out of place and I'm sure people like that are on this blog would criticize them for jamming their beliefs down your throat if they filmed segments about Jeremy's feelings about homosexuality and Jesus.

Jeremy does stand up and doesn't hide the fact that he is a follower of Jesus. If he did hide it, none of you would know that Jeremy attends Solid Rock when he's back in Oregon. You can take one look at Jeremy's twitter account or Instagram and know that Jeremy loves Jesus and gives glory to God.

I know for a fact that the Comer family are friends with Jeremy and Audrey. John Mark was just commenting with Audrey the other day on instagram.

Timothy said...

I understand John Mark Comer's appeal for the 20 something crowd, but I abhor what he teaches about a "Man's role" in society.

Take a look at this one or click on my name to go directly to the link.

"Don't be an effeminate man" follows a speech about how men must do macho things and that a woman should stay at home and raise the kids.

I can't stand that message.

People should do things that they enjoy and shouldn't do something because they think that's what John Mark Comer thinks they should do "to be a man". If a guy doesn't like playing sports, he shouldn't play sports just because it will make him "manly".

Rap541 said...

Samantha, the tv show is actually about the Roloffs. Not "dwarf awareness". Please don't suggest that the Roloffs are doing some sort of service, they aren't. They are allowing the show to film their family and they do claim that the show is real and raw and shows the good, the bad and the ugly. They've NEVER claimed that the show was solely about dwarfism awareness.

You're making excuses for Jeremy when you claim his love of Christ would "look out of place" on the show. If thats a genuine part of him, he should be *offended* that he's being portrayed differently than what he actually is.

I know for a fact that Jeremy has never said "I believe homosexuality is wrong" anywhere that there are witnesses who wouldn't lie for him. If he's loud and proud about loving Jesus and thinking gays are sinning by choice, why do *you* have to speak for him? He's a man, isn't he? If he gives glory to god every day and loves Jesus and his life has been filmed sometimes 16 hours a day 6 days a week (thats from the court documents) why is there no inkling of his religious nature on the show?

Jeremy isn't standing up for his beliefs when he's sending his buddies out to explain what he believes - there's really no excuse any more. And don't forget, the affiliation with Comer's church has also never been publically acknowledged by Jeremy. I know why - money is more important. Thats the same reason Amy won't commit to an opinion. Let's just stop denying it, ok?

Lynn C said...

"And don't forget, the affiliation with Comer's church has also never been publically acknowledged by Jeremy"

You're wrong Rap. Jeremy has retweeted and quoted John Mark Comer and other Pastors at Solid Rock several times on his public twitter account. Matt also acknowledged Jeremy's connection to Solid Rock a while back when he posted on his fanpage that Jeremy volunteered as an usher.

Rap541 said...

So if I quote the Pope, I'm a member of the catholic church, Lynn?

And if Matt says something, its exactly the same as if Jeremy himself spoke? Really?

Seriously Lynn? The big boy (never a man, Jeremy is clearly not man enough to be a man) can't publically say he's a member of Comer's church?

You seriously think standing up for oneself is letting your daddy make your points for you? And honestly, I find it hilarious, *HILARIOUS* that you think its somehow awful for people to expect Jeremy to actually speak for himself. If he loves God so much, why was it never ever shown on the show? I know you like to ignore things so I will repeat a point I made in a different thread to you. If Jeremy has been getting up every morning and falling down on his knees to give glory to God, and being a good Christian - don't you think its really sad that he allowed TLC to depict him as a shallow jock bubblehead.... when he could have been a role model for other Christian kids? He loves God, he loves Jesus, its a huge constant part of his life - so why didn't we ever get more than a hint of this?

Lynn C said...

Rap, you're avoiding the issue.

You said Jeremy has never publicly acknowledged an affiliation with John Mark Comer's church.

You're wrong. He retweets, quotes and links John Mark Comer and the church several times. That is publicly acknowledging an affiliation.

In 2013, most people on social media don't say "FYI, I am member of John Mark Comer's church."

They affiliate with it by retweeting, quoting and linking it on their page. That's what Jeremy has done.

Admit it Rap. You were wrong.

Rap541 said...

You're avoiding the issue, Lynn. Quoting someone is not being affiliated with his church. Now, I do think he *is* affiliated with Comer's church.... but again (sigh) and again (extra sigh) whats the big deal about admitting he's a member? WHy can't Jeremy say it? Why does he hint at it with quotes?

And Lynn - its duly noted that you're making this about me, but I am not wrong. ANd you're not addressing the main issue, as usual... what exactly impresses you about Jeremy's faith? If Jesus and loving God and giving glory to god is sooooo important to him, why is he ok with TLC *continuing* to hide his faith?

And to gear it back to the topic at hand - do you have an opinion on Amy or are you just here to cheerlead for the big boy since he's a widdle baby who isn't man enough to defend himself?

Rap541 said...

Oh and just last night, in 2013, a friend of mine excitedly messaged on facebook how she had joined the lutheran church in her community. So Lyn, please admit you are wrong about how it never happens. ANd hey aren't we still waiting to hear your opinion on Jeremy's cuteChristian hobby of taking pictures of dead animals?

Nancy said...

The Roloffs don't support diversity. They support themselves. I mean they want dwarves to be accepted because they have dwarfism.

They don't care about anyone else and if there's one thing we know about the Roloffs it's that they don't treat other people how they want to be treated.

Katie said...

I don't know why anyone would even suggest that Jeremy doesn't make his religion or his praise for John Mark Comer and Solid Rock known.

It's true it's never been on the show, but his social media accounts make it obvious.

His tweets are filled with it. So is his girlfriend's who he tweets and retweets all the time.

That being said, I agree with what Spirits is suggesting about them hiding their true feelings about gay people.

They want to play both sides of the coin. They don't want to say something publicly that a diversity group will hold against them and will decide against paying them.

Rap541 said...

It's true it's never been on the show,

Bingo! We know from court docs just how constant the cameras were filming. Hard to believe that in six, seven years of filming, Jeremy said something religious *once* on the show.

Katie - I don't doubt that in Jeremy's private life, he likes to prattle on about loving Jesus. I have no doubt at all in fact. But I have been told by people like Lynn, for *years* now, that his depiction *on the show* is that of a bright shining child of Jesus and I really don't understand why I have to praise him for behavior I've never ever seen.

Honestly, the reason Jeremy isn't publically acknowledging his faith or his attendence at Comer's church is because as long as he doesn't acknowledge it publically.... he, as an *adult* doesn't have to answer difficult questions about it. This is all about money, and Jeremy (or frankly, more likely Jeremy's mom and dad) has realized that he'll make more money if he's not officially anti-gay. Since his anti-gay stance is wrapped up in his religion, the big boy is hiding his faith for money.

And to bring it back to Amy, I'm not seeing anyone saying its morally honest to teach something you don't believe or that lies by omission are ok, so perhaps we can do better than "If Amy's speech doesn't mention homosexuals at all, then she's actually embracing diversity!"

Rap541 said...

Shelby - to more directly answer you... Take what you said about Amy:

If Amy doesn't bring up gays in her diversity speeches or in her classroom, what's the problem?

And insert "disabled people" in that. Or "Jewish people". Or "pagans". Or, yes, "Christians". Or "Muslims". Or "unwed mothers". Or "illegitemite children".

Ask yourself, if you were in one of these groups, how focused on the message of the diversity speaker you'd be if you knew the speaker actually thought Christians were wrong and should convert but just chose to not mention her views on Christians because really, whats the problem?

Think about it.

Vic Rattlehead said...

Amy lecturing on diversity is a little like having Hitler give a lecture on racial harmony.

Alicia said...

The Roloffs don't have the first clue about acceptance of diversity.

They're all about themselves. Period.

Melissa said...

Chalk another one for Matt. This time the fools were University of North Dakota. How much did they pay Matt to talk about "acceptance"?

Matt: "...A message of acceptance and resiliency and talking about plowing through when the going gets tough, the tough get going. That's an important message for anybody to hear at any point in their life."

I wonder if he advises gay people to pray to Jesus to be like everyone else during his talks?

Matt has no integrity.

Rap541 said...

Melissa, we'll never know because Matt doesn't stand up for his beliefs unless he's certain it won't cost him money.

North Dakota.... he hasn't been doing the grand tour for speaking engagements this year.

James said...

Give me a break. Christians don't believe in homosexuality. We all know that. Stop criticizing these people for their RELIGIOUS BELIEFS. Next you're gonna be bashing muslim women for not believing in wearing pants. Pants and dresses are different! Oooh, *diversity*. Go insult them for hating diversity also. To each their own, yeah?

Timothy said...

James, you totally missed the point.

The Roloffs can believe what they want.

Amy and Matt did a Church speaking event recently. Good for them. I think they should do Church events. At least they would have some integrity then.

What I have a problem with and what others see as hypocritical and dishonest is the Roloffs also selling themselves as "Diversity" and "Acceptance" speakers when the fact is they are not. They hold beliefs that do not accept people who have differences and who are different than the Roloffs.

Why should Amy and Matt get paid by groups and organizations that want to promote acceptance for EVERYONE, including gay people? These groups get fooled into it because Matt and Amy are deceptive slime balls that don't have the courage like Kirk Cameron to put their religious beliefs out there for all to see.

Rap541 said...

James - my point back to you is this. Matt and Amy have never stood up said "We, the Roloffs, are Christian and per our beliefs, we do not support homosexuality".

Nope nope nope, when the Roloffs are directly asked - and Amy has been directly asked, she hems and haws and doesn't answer. Oh sure, anonymous friends insist what the Roloffs believe... but when the Roloffs are asked directly, well, then suddenly they're all about their personal privacy.

James - if they are so open and proud of their Christian views, why won't Matt and Amy define their dislike of homosexuality based on their religion? After all, they have the right to proudly say "we're american and christian and that means we think homosexuality is wrong!"

Why don't Matt and Amy stand up for themselves... and is it always some anon insisting what Matt and Amy's beliefs are? If there's nothing wrong with their beliefs... why aren't they proud to talk about these beliefs openly?

Explain that James, and please don't start with "tlc doesn't allow it". We all know that isn't true.

James said...

Timothy and Rap451,

I couldn't tell ya why people do or don't say things. I'm not them. I do know that's thier perrogative. How does that negatively affect you as a person though? If you're offended by thier speaking events then don't attend them. Griping about all the little details of other people's lives on the internet is pathetic and won't accomplish anything of worth.

Rap541 said...

Ah yes, the "if you don't like it, sit silent and never utter a word" arguement :)

Funny how that doesn't apply to *you*, James. You don't like what you're reading, but rather than take your own advice and simply ignore this board, here you are, telling people how wrong it is to speak out about the Roloffs hypocracy.

Sorry, the "don't like? Shut up and utter no opinions if they aren't positive because saying anything negative, even if its true, is wrong, no one who is decent ever has a negative public opinion" is a ridiculous moral arguement. And one that people like yourself never ever apply to the Roloffs.

James - you said it yourself, their religious beliefs dictate how they treat homosexuals. If they weren't marketing themselves as *diversity speakers* and even in court documents, talking about their message of *appreciating* (not tolerating, not accepting, but *appreciating*) differences, I think no one would have a problem with their foibles. In fact, Matt and Amy market themselves as diversity speakers. Its fair to ask if they genuinely believe their patter applies to everyone or just to whoever fits their personal criteria. After all, they are getting paid to tell other people how other people should live... if they don't walk the walk they want everyone else walking on, we have every right to discuss it.

BeckyM said...

I guess there are still people on the internet who don't understand that a fan blog written about public personalities on a reality television show on a two-bit cable station isn't going to be all licking boots and kissing ass.

So Virginia there still are people that naïve out there! wow

Rap541 said...

Becky I am just continuely struck by how these folks who have such a problem with people criticizing others never ever ever seem to turn up on Matt and Amy's Facebooks, to let Matt and Amy know that if Matt and Amy have a problem with their neighbors, or with cheap douchbags, or Weiner Whiners or you know, that "retard" inspector (I seem to recall Amy making us a special UStream on how she likes to badmouth people she has a problem with) that the best thing Matt and Amy can do is sit silent and keep their opinions to themselves.

Funny that. Matt and Amy griping about others? Praised Jesus, and Praise Matt and Amy for criticizing! But when Matt and Amy are the target? Oh dear jesus, be silent and say nothing, they are *little people* and their precious little feelings are too fragile to bear the weight of anything other than "Awesome parenting Matt! Way to go Amy! You're not perfect but there are NO valid criticisms of you and anyone who thinks different should shut their bitch mouths unless they want to make Matt's douchbag list or have Amy call them out on Ustream! Don't do as Matt and Amy do - you hesh and let them hate publically and watch silently as they do so since they're Roloffs and you're not!"

Can one of the "we love Matt and Amy" fans explain why Matt and Amy can spew their anger towards whoever they want, with no criticism but the rest of us must get an every week or so adomishmentfrom an anonymous fan on how if we don't like something about the Roloffs, the only decent thing to do is sit silent? I'm genuinely curious why none of the pro fans ever *ever* publically chide Matt and Amy to sit silent if they have a criticism.

BeckyM said...

Rap - this doesn't surprise me at all. Not sure how long I've followed this blog but the recent advent of "new" posters crying out that the precious reality Roloff ho's are as pure as driven snow comes at a suspicious time.

The show is pulling in 1 mill or less in viewers. It's rarely on and when it is it's on late night. Why this sudden interest in these has-beens?

Could it be *gasp* employees or friends rushing over here to post their defense? Because here's the real reality - these are has beens.

Matt is con man moocher who would sell his soul to the devil for a buck. Amy is about as dumb as Oklahoma red dirt. The kids are obnoxious.

A pack of idiots that are sometimes funny to watch because they are so clueless but not people I would ask advice, moral or ethical, to run my life when they have one kid who gets kicks out of killing animals, and another who has a drug addiction problem.

Anonymous said...

You are obvious incredibly ignorant. Being gay does not mean a person has strayed from nor walked away from God. No more so than the millions of so called Christians that have cheated or gotten a divorce but still believes they are on a higher rung of the ladder heaven. You faux christians are the most hell bound "think" you follow gods words when in truth you only follow mans interpretation of Gods words... false prophets an original sin, if not the greatest sin. Jeremy is a huge closet case. It is completely obvious he is a self hating gay person, hiding behind a church. A true champion of God does not spew hate. Jesus own words Love thy neighbor is a true tenant of Christian fellowship

Anonymous said...

No you are so wrong, no true follower of Jesus speaks that way. Jesus taught acceptance and tolerance, peace and Godly love for all man kind, there is no message of hate nor intolerance in any of Jesus words. However people like you trys to twist those words to suit your Anti gay agenda. The very same way Slave owners in the US South and Carribean justified slavery. The very same way men twisted Gods words to subjugate women. None of these are Gods tenants nor has Jesus promoted them, in fact he warned against people preaching such...false prophets. The vast majority of people that teach and propogate hate are directly violating Jesus' teachings.

Anonymous said...

This is a gross geralization of the Christian faith. Christians do believe homosexuality just as they know God does not create or make mistakes. However people like you try to twist the word to justify your own intolerance and ignorance.