Friday, May 31, 2013

Roloff Threats Reportedly Expand To Oregon Governor And The Portland Police Chief

There are two more articles about the "threats" that the Roloffs are apparently receiving.

KATU - the Portland station now has another article about it:

The Huffington Post also wrote about it:

Both KATU and the Huffington Post say that the threats the Roloffs received included threats against Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber and Portland Police Chief Mike Reese.

Both articles comment on the "atrocious" grammar and spelling.

"Quite a few of them are very similar. [It looks like] someone is cutting and pasting a lot of the stuff because, quite frankly, the grammar is rather atrocious," Ray said. 

The KATU reporter also contacted one of the profiles that made a threat and the person responded. The reply apparently contained "several spelling errors".

From the article: "KATU News took the concerns of the Roloff's to the Washington County Sheriff's Office and reached out via Facebook to the profiles of people who'd sent some of the threats. Someone named "Brittney" responded with a message containing many spelling errors: "We won't tell why we do it. We r intrested in taking them down." It made reference to the Roloff's daughter, Molly, as being "sexy." And it included threats to bomb the Justice Center as well as threats to Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber and Portland Police Chief Mike Reese."

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Rap541's Questions For The Roloffs Regarding The Recent Roloff Story About Being Victims Of Threats

Frequent contributor to the Spiritswander Blog, Rap541, wanted a chance to share some of their thoughts on the recent story that they've been victims of death threats that Matt and Amy Roloff have went to the media about.


Privacy Versus the Privileges of Fame – Or Why The Roloffs Have No Reason to Complain That I Am About To Pick Them Apart Here

So yet again, the Roloffs claim they are being victimized by mean bullies online, and by real life stalkers to the point that they are so aggrieved by the lack of police response, they have contacted the media to complain about it. While doing this, we have Amy yet again making her very special plea for *privacy* - "Just because I choose to give up some of my privacy does not mean you have 100 percent of my privacy," – which is all fine and good… except that she and Matt have intentionally gone to the media with this particular problem. 

Now first off, no one has asked Amy Roloff for one hundred percent of her privacy. This is what Amy says whenever she feels defensive and doesn’t want to discuss a particular topic. Amy’s notion of privacy is whatever Amy decides is private at that time. Likewise Matt, although he’s less vocal about it. So let me explain why, as I pick apart the claims of a facebook threatener, a stalker in a car, etc, why Matt and Amy don’t really have a “privacy” argument to make here. 

Matt and Amy intentionally publicized this story, and they got a tv interview because “they’re Oregon’s famous family” and not because the details of this situation are so shocking that the media was searching them out. The Roloffs sought out the media to publicize their situation and used their fame to get attention to their problem. They’ve asked for the attention and now they are going to get some questions. My questions are based in part on the vague description we always get and please understand, the Roloffs didn’t hide this problem, they went to the media and used their fame in the community so that they could get up on the pulpit and point fingers at all the meanies being mean and how no one on the police force is taking them seriously. They’re making a very serious claim so yes, we do have the right to ask questions about their version of events. The Roloffs tend to bank on the idea that they can throw a grandiose claim out there and people won’t question it. After discovering what their “home invasion” was in reality (as they described in public court documents)… yes, I think its fair to ask for some details.

How many times in the past six years have the Roloffs contacted the police regarding stalking? Or burglary? Or trespass? 

Does the FBI have open active cases regarding the Roloffs? What are the natures of these cases? Remember, the Roloffs have gone to the media to complain because their concerns aren’t being handled in a manner to which they feel is appropriate. The Roloffs have made public claims that they aren’t being treated fairly or well. It’s fair to ask “what are these claims, how many times have you gone to the FBI, what crime do you think is being committed?” 

Has each person who got a threatening email filed a report with Facebook? 
What was Facebook’s response? 
Have these user ids sending threatening email been reported to the police? It’s really interesting how clear Matt is in this interview that he called the cops about the *car* and not the emails/phone calls. 

What have Matt and Amy done to have the phone calls tracked? Anything? Again, remember, they’re complaining the police haven’t done enough, and they’re using their clout as tv stars to get on the news and let everyone know how wronged they are. It’s fair to ask what steps they have taken. Have they changed their phone number? Removed it from their website? 

Here’s an interesting question. What *crime* was Matt reporting the morning he got up at 4am and saw a car parked outside the gate and chased it. Yes, I agree it’s odd…. But someone parked on a public road is what crime? Whoever it was in Matt's story apparently wasn’t on Roloff property and the gate and the house are a fair distance apart so it isn’t like someone was peeping. I mean, yes, I get why it would be disconcerting, I don’t like it when someone parks too long in front of my place…. But what were the police supposed to arrest this person for? I’m really not trying to make light – but whoever it was, they weren’t trespassing and I can see why “I saw some guy parked on the road by my driveway, and I chased him down a dead end road, come out and arrest this guy for being parked on the public road!” didn’t cause the county to send the SWAT team. 

 Now I am sure that the answers to these questions will be “too private” but really, if the Roloffs are going to publicly chastise the world for how they’re not being protected, and use their fame to get their way, then we do have the right to ask questions about *what the actual facts are, versus their emotions on tv* and *what they’ve done to protect themselves*.

I’ll be honest, I have no doubt they got some creepy messages. It’s not fun, I’ve gotten my own share in my lifetime. We certainly know Spirit has. And poster Mike makes a very good point in the comments, which is why I ask the question – have they contacted Facebook? They’re celebs getting death threats through Facebook. Have they contacted Facebook? What was Facebook’s response? They’re on tv saying the cops haven’t done enough – have they reported the *death threats* to the police? Have they reported the phone calls to the police? Have the Roloffs contacted the FBI over the death threats? 

The only thing Matt’s officially on record reporting is the car waiting by his driveway – which at the end of the day isn’t exactly a crime. If I seem to be demanding a lot of info, well, do understand, I don’t really expect answers. The concern I have is the Roloff family’s tendency to lie by omission and to exaggerate a situation (again, please consider the home invasion they’ve gone on about – the home invasion that upset them so but that neither adult Roloff can remember calling the cops over).

They’re intentionally using their celebrity to draw attention to their personal lives here. They’re doing it for a purpose, and they are very clear as to what they want and that they feel the authorities have not done enough to protect them. Since they are accusing others of wrongdoing, it is completely fair to ask exactly what they have reported, how many times, when it was done, and what they have done to solve the situation. They’re the ones who have put this situation under the glare of media attention, a situation that would never have made the news if they weren’t using their fame. I’m sure they won’t answer these questions, but we do have every right to ask them.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Roloffs Claim They Are Victims Of Death Threats

A local news station in Oregon, KATU, had an article today where Matt and Amy Roloff are claiming they are receiving serious death threats. KATU is the local Portland station where Matt and Amy have often appeared on the morning show for fluffy segments. Amy appears to be a friend of one of the hosts.

Matt and Amy claim that they are receiving Facebook messages and emails supposedly "threatening to kill and rape Amy and their daughter Molly by tying them to their beds. There's also a threat to use a bomb to blow up the farm where they live." 

The article says: "The Roloffs are a resilient bunch. They've been on television in some form for a decade. But this latest twist in their celebrity life includes threats like "death to the midgets" along with attacks on their disabilities, the sexual orientation of their kids and even their Christianity."

Matt says he called 911 last month because "I'm leaving at four in the morning for the airport, there's a suspicious car outside our gate that's raced off – I tried to chase it – I called 911, and I'm trying to follow it. I'm like, 'OK, I've got the guy on a dead-end road, I know he's got to come out of there.' And they're like, 'Well, OK, we'll try to dispatch somebody' (click)."

In the story, Matt is quick to criticize the FBI and Washington County's Sheriff's office because Matt is not confident they are taking the threats seriously.

Matt goes onto say: "It's concerning," Matt said. "And I'd be lying if I didn't say I was keeping my clip in my weapon at night, wondering if someone's going to come into the house and carry out some of these threats." 

Amy adds:  "What I'd like to see happen is that you can't hide behind Facebook or emails or any electronic stuff," she said. 

Matt: "If you're going to go out and do death threats, you need to be accountable to it. So I think society has to come up with ways to expose people that put out stuff like this."

 KATU called Washington County regarding the issue and states: "A spokesman for the Washington County Sheriff's Office says they did send units out that morning – when Matt called 911 – but couldn't find a car matching the description that Matt gave. The sergeant who spoke to KATU News did make a point of following up with the Roloffs Wednesday afternoon to track down why so little had been done about what they'd reported to Washington County. He said they are now taking this very seriously. The FBI will neither confirm nor deny it has an active investigation into the Roloff's concerns. The person or persons behind the threats are using emails and Facebook profiles, but it is unclear whether those are actual people making the threats or if those innocent people had their profiles hacked."

In the video, the KATU investigative reporter says that a skeptic would say that this kind of thing is the "price of fame". Amy responds: "We dealt with another incident; just because we choose to give up some of my privacy does not mean you have every 100 percent of my privacy."

It's unclear as to which "incident" Amy is referring to. She has used that defense before when she or members of the Roloff family have been criticized in the past such as Jeremy's infamous Myspace Scandal when he used racial and homophobic slurs with his friends. When Amy has vaguely mentioned the incident, she has indicated that because it was not meant to be known by the public, that it was private and people don't have a right to know about. She also has used the "privacy" issue when people have questioned her about the Roloffs affiliation with the Solid Rock Church and their message that gay people should pray to Jesus to be cured. The Roloffs have been asked flat out what they believe because of their status as paid diversity speakers about acceptance. When Amy refused to give a definitive answer, she said it was private.

You can read the full article here: or what the video below:


Spiritswander's opinion? First of all, obviously, I think any legitimate and serious threats of harm to anybody are awful and the perpetrator should be punished. One would think that threats of rape or bomb threats could be easily traced and tracked.

However, I think that the type of messages they flashed up in the video, the "Death to midgets! U r all stoopid! Die!".....I think those types of messages, while unfortunate, are typical for anyone with any celebrity. Even non celebrities that post You Tube videos or "Vlogs" receive those types of "hate messages".

You can pretty much go to any You Tube or public Facebook video about an athlete or a singer and see similar type of messages - whether it's Lebron James or Justin Bieber - where tough talking commentators say stuff like "I hope he dies!", "Someone should throw a brick at his head", etc. I recall hearing about a story a few years ago about the hockey player Alexander Ovechkin where some kid wrote on a hockey message board following a game where Ovechkin scored against his team that he was going to kill Ovechkin. As I recall, the police did investigate that as a death threat and it was some 15 year old kid that made some weeping apology about how he was sorry and didn't really mean it. I tend to think most of those types of comments are exactly like that.

Personally, I don't think it can be ignored that Matt and the Roloffs have a tendency to exaggerate things for attention. Especially for things that make them out to be victims and sympathetic figures. Case in point, Matt has been posting on Facebook for years alluding to how Molly had a stalker - but he never really gave details.

However, during the Roloffs lawsuit vs Washington County over the trespassing safety inspector - the Roloffs were suing for $250,000 claiming Amy suffered severe emotional distress. The Roloffs were trying to prove that they have a heightened sense of safety because of the fame from the television show. They were trying to prove that's why Amy seeing a County inspector on her property would "freak her out" to the point that she needs $250,000 to compensate her - because of the issues they experience with threats and trespassing.

So under oath - where they faced the penalty of perjury - they were asked to describe these incidents. I find it very revealing that Matt and Amy never mentioned a "Molly stalker" in detail when it came down to the "nitty gritty". It's one thing to say something happened on your own Facebook or in a "fluff" interview where the person interviewing you won't ask any follow up questions, but it's another to talk about it when you are under oath and cannot lie or exaggerate the truth.

By the way, the incidents the Roloffs did talk about mainly involved over-zealous fans. People that drove to the Farm only to find out it was closed, but they drove past the old gate anyway hoping to see the Roloffs. Or a mountain biker that was riding through the woods and went too far onto the Roloffs property. Amy told him to go away and he did. Amy also described an incident during one of the remodels when the house had no windows or doors. Amy and Zach came home and heard someone inside. They didn't call the police. They shouted stuff like "Hey, what are you doing?" and Amy said they saw a boy and a girl run away. They apparently never called the police. Also in the court documents, there was a "weirdo" that was discussed. He was apparently a "doomsday" crazy, that sent the Roloffs things about how the world would end and he would protect them or something. But I believe the documents said it was determined that he's never been to the Roloff property and isn't from Oregon.

Anyhow, I tend to think the Roloffs are trying to exaggerate threats to hop on over to another issue that clearly bothers them - and that is the rights of others to criticize them as public figures.

Speaking of privacy and threats, let's not forget that the Roloffs tried and failed to issue a subpoena of the Spiritswander Blog for all the personal information of myself and *anyone* that has ever posted a comment. I also received threats from a person vowing to "hunt me down". That anonymous person claimed to be close Roloff family friend and former Little People, Big World producer Chris Cardamone, although there certainly is nothing to say that it was him. It was just anonymous comments claiming it was him and sending vitriolic messages.

So when the Roloffs start to say in the KATU article that "She (Amy) said she'd like to have those responsible for the threats exposed. "What I'd like to see happen is that you can't hide behind Facebook or emails or any electronic stuff," she said." I wonder if they're trying to use a more dramatic issue of "death threats" to carry over to the issue that clearly bothers the Roloffs - and that is the right that people have to criticize them.

And while I don't necessarily subscribe to the theory that a person should let a few "bad seeds" stop them from living the life they want, I do think it is somewhat odd that people who are supposedly terrified of these threats and fear crazy people, that they continue to do all they can to keep themselves in the public spotlight. If I was terrified that someone was going to harm me as Amy states when she talks about worrying if someone is on her property, I don't think I would invite thousands of strangers onto my property every October, even if I was making money off of it. As our frequent contributor Rap541, often points out, the Roloffs will give a private tour to anybody who is willing to pay them $300 for 30 minutes. If I was as frightened as the Roloffs claim they are, I don't think I would be inviting everybody with $300 to have a private tour.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Jacob Roloff Tweets About The "Stupid Show" Little People, Big World - Reveals fake storylines

For anyone that doesn't follow Jacob Roloff's twitter, we thought we'd pass this along. As previous discussions indicate, his public twitter account has generated a lot of attention - sometimes for his rudeness towards fans, his insulting of kids at his school, his tweets about marijuana, his friends behavior/tweets that he likes, or the fact that Jacob has been very vocal about the fact that he despises the show such as posting things like Matt and Amy bribed him to participate in filming by throwing two birthday parties for him - a fake one for the cameras and a real one.

Regardless though, I think everyone would have to admit that Jacob is by far the most (the only??) honest Roloff.

Here are some of his tweets recently:

Jacob Roloff ‏@ffoloR_bocaJ 
Just so everyone knows.. If you see me studying on TV.. It's fake 
6:20 PM - 15 May 13 

Jacob Roloff ‏@ffoloR_bocaJ 
I don't study 
6:21 PM - 15 May 13

Jacob Roloff ‏@ffoloR_bocaJ
What I wrote for pretend study time: 

"I don't know why I'm doing this stupid show anymore."

6:37 PM - 15 May 13

 Michaela Capell ‏@Mahhkayla @ffoloR_bocaJ
 they really make you pretend to study ? 

Jacob Roloff ‏@ffoloR_bocaJ 1h @Mahhkayla 
yea because 'I'm a good kid, getting good grades, so I can get my license'

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Jeremy Roloff in Teva Sandals ad on You Tube

Just thought we would pass along that Jeremy Roloff appears in a new ad for Teva sandals which they put on You Tube. It was put together with a bunch of Jeremy's circle of friends in Santa Barbara/from Brooks.