Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Jacob Roloff Tweets About The "Stupid Show" Little People, Big World - Reveals fake storylines

For anyone that doesn't follow Jacob Roloff's twitter, we thought we'd pass this along. As previous discussions indicate, his public twitter account has generated a lot of attention - sometimes for his rudeness towards fans, his insulting of kids at his school, his tweets about marijuana, his friends behavior/tweets that he likes, or the fact that Jacob has been very vocal about the fact that he despises the show such as posting things like Matt and Amy bribed him to participate in filming by throwing two birthday parties for him - a fake one for the cameras and a real one.

Regardless though, I think everyone would have to admit that Jacob is by far the most (the only??) honest Roloff.

Here are some of his tweets recently:

Jacob Roloff ‏@ffoloR_bocaJ 
Just so everyone knows.. If you see me studying on TV.. It's fake 
6:20 PM - 15 May 13 

Jacob Roloff ‏@ffoloR_bocaJ 
I don't study 
6:21 PM - 15 May 13

Jacob Roloff ‏@ffoloR_bocaJ
What I wrote for pretend study time: 

"I don't know why I'm doing this stupid show anymore."

6:37 PM - 15 May 13

 Michaela Capell ‏@Mahhkayla @ffoloR_bocaJ
 they really make you pretend to study ? 

Jacob Roloff ‏@ffoloR_bocaJ 1h @Mahhkayla 
yea because 'I'm a good kid, getting good grades, so I can get my license'


Allison said...

I disagree Spirits.

I still don't understand why people applaud Jacob for being "honest".

All I see is a brat that is rude as he can be and whines about everything.

For someone that complains about the show constantly, he sure does like using his status from the show when it suits him.

Don't you ever read his posts about "If you say x, I'm not going to like you" or when he threatens his friends with "You're not allowed over at my house anymore" whenever he gets mad at somebody. Somebody should tell him to get over himself.

He suffers from what most people with any degree of fame suffer from, they think their sh*t don't stink.

Greg said...

Remember how Matt and Amy used to say they would stop the show if anyone in the family didn't like it? LOL!

Timothy said...

The answer to his question is "Money". Jacob, your parents refuse to get real jobs. Their entire income is based upon the show and the publicity from it.

Carol said...

I agree, it's shocking to see a Roloff tell the truth.

It is a stupid show. It stopped being good or having any value about midway through the 2nd season.

Brandon said...

Spirits, in fairness, Jacob is not always honest. Being the "most honest Roloff" doesn't take a lot of effort. :)

I recall Jacob arguing with people on twitter that said the show was fake with pretend plots. He was keeping up the facade then. Now he's saying the same thing.

Randy said...

I thought another interesting tweet of Jacob's was just a few minutes later. He posted a picture of that same "homework" assignment he was pretending to work on for the show.

He tweeted the word 'Understand' and attached the following picture...

For those who can't see it, Jacob wrote out on his homework...
6 birds
+ 3 stones
6 dead birds

I just thought this was very interesting seeing how the Roloff boys have a history of suspect animal behavior -- cat tossing, Jeremy stomping on a wounded bird, Matt wanting to take their dog Rocky out back and shoot him.

Nancy said...

Randy, I agree and I noticed that too.

Ashley said...

Jacob's twitter sort of makes the ridiculous "show" irrelevant.

Why would anyone watch "pretend" land when they can get a glimpse for what the people are really like straight from them?

Jamie said...

I'm surprised Jacob still has so much hero worship for Jeremy (and that is evident if you watch closely). If Jacob scoffs at at people that lie and are fake, I would have thought Jeremy would annoy him.

Erica said...

I think it's funny that a long time ago Jacob was asked if he is going to run track in high school? He said why would he run around in circles like a retard?

Now Jeremy's girlfriend runs track (or used to/sounds like she's always injured) and the Roloffs mooch of a family that is very hurt by the word retard.

Peter said...

Randy, lets face it, the Roloff kids are f'd in the heads.

They were never taught to treat animals with any compassion.

Christine said...

"Lol can't wait until Vanessa actually sees my parents when they're not acting nice"

Jacob means Matt and Amy act nice? Well, that's shocking.

Chris Linton said...

LOL! Wanna bet they don't do a close up on his "homework" for that scene? LOL! I like what he's doing! Go Jacob!

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

I personally think Jacob is exploring new ways to increase efficiency. The old formula of "killing two birds with one stone" is accurately laid out in his workbook and obviously understood by Jacob. I got it also! I never thought of animal treatment until I read it here.

Brit said...

Podge/Rodge, that's doubtful considering that Jacob did take this picture...

Vic Rattlehead said...

"I don't know why I'm doing this stupid show anymore."

It probably has something to do with his mom and dad being lazy stupid reprobates who cling to their e-list "fame" like a child's security blanket because it vindicates their persecution complexes and let's them feel way more important than they actually are, remember that these are parents who refuse to actually work an honest day's labour at an honest job because sucking off a TV network that is rum by stupid people is far easier.

It could also be that he(Jacob) is being forced against his will to do something that he doesn't want to do and probably hasn't wanted to do from the very start.

I sense a huge amount of resentment coming from Jacob that is directed at his parents for robbing him of his privacy and childhood just so they could make an easy buck instead of having to actually work to earn a living.

I'm betting that once he's of age Jacob will probably leave home and get as far away from his parents as he can potentially breaking off relations with them for good.

That being said I think that Jacob probably has some serious underlying emotional/psychological issues and could use some therapy to get to a better place.

kitten Has claws said...

The whole bunch of them need to move back to where they came from... hollywould is the place they oughta be. Ridiculous and stupid!!!

I wonder if there are any missing small animals around or near the Roloff compound?

Jacob45 said...

Above Jake's "I don't know why I'm doing this stupid show anymore" writing on the test...

Is that ACTUAL math work? I doubt it, really!

Leland said...

Looks to me like there are a lot of people that are jealous of the people that don't have a real job. If people didn't find them entertaining. They would not be in the position they are in. And think of all of the families that earn a living by working with them. They are a blessing to a lot of people. People that I'm sure are hoping the never get a REAL JOB. Oh I almost forgot. Keeping the schedule that most entertainers have to keep. Most people could never keep up with. Most people with a real job don't work nearly as hard as an entertainer.

Jacob45 said...

Sometimes I wonder:
If Jacob grew up with a different family (an average American family,) & if he wasn't robbed of his privacy & childhood from a "reality" TV show being filmed, if he would have turned any different.

Personally, I think Jake would have the most promise of turning out differently (for the better) than the other Roloff "kids" (really, Jake is the ONLY one who *technically* qualifies as a "kid", & even he is getting old for that), if he had been raised by a different family, (a more normal family -- & I DON'T mean a family with parents who aren't dwarfs.)


-no cameras in his face,

-living in a house, not a mansion-sized home,

-going to public school from the start & never private school,

-not having all of those vehicles & farm equipment,

-if his parents worked regular jobs to earn a regular income


What does everyone else think?

Natalie said...

J45, brats are brats. There are brats from normal, not famous families.

A kid becomes a selfish brat because of bad parenting. If Matt and Amy still raised him, but worked real jobs and didn't have the tv show he probably would still be a mouthy brat.

Lauren said...

It's too bad Jacob seems have such a worship of Jeremy. Other than that, he seems to be the one Roloff different than the rest. He's smarter than the others (not in school, but I think he understands life better than even Molly)

Anonymous said...


Kylie said...

It's interesting the Jacob's friends say they make fun of him by posting pictures where they draw in a joint and say they're "blazed".

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Lauren, I think that is beginning to wane as Jacob grows and figures out more things for himself.

"4 Jun
Lol Jer is just so intimidating hahah... King of the Castle that he doesn't even live in anymore"

"4 Jun
Jers king of the castle and if he wants fancy sauce he can have fancy sauce"

I feel his perception is shifting toward as more independent and knowledgable reality.

Timothy said...

Podge/Rodge, I agree. That Jacob tweet(s) was encouraging.

Maybe he's finally starting to come out of the "Jer idol worship" that he had.

That whole family always treated Jeremy like a God. Even Zach who in the first season was critical of Jeremy James Jesus eventually fell victim to the Roloff family curse of making Jeremy into a God.

Nancy said...

Maybe it's just me but I didn't see those tweets as Jacob wising up to Jeremy.

If Jeremy wasn't Jacob's brother, I think Jacob would skewer Jeremy's tweets. Jacob is very snarky and insulting on twitter. But he leaves Jeremy's tweets alone.

Peter said...

Podge, wishful thinking. Jacob has also tweeted about how cool it is when Jeremy favorites one of his tweets.

Christine said...

Wow, surprise surprise. Roloffs are on yet another vacation.

Do they actually do anything normal people do??? Like work?

Amy is with Molly in Disney and Matt is with Jacob and Jeremy and Zach (is this the 4th time for them?) in the BVIs.

Greg said...

Does anyone find it kind of...funny? Not genuine? That for people who claim they are paralyzed in fear because of supposed serious threats, they so willingly tweet about where they are and what they're doing all the time?

Rap541 said...

I must admit, the complete willingness to post their whereabouts does make it look like they really aren't that concerned.

I'm just amused by how Jeremy's taking a full semester off from college and his precious and illustrous career as an amazing photographer so he can spend the whole summer vacationing.

*Jeremy's semester ended mid April and since he's taking a full semester off (ie putting off graduation) he won't be back in school until September. So he hung out for a month in California, came home, went to a wedding, is now in the BVIs and will no doubt spend the summer playing on the farm. On the one hand, Brooks is expensive enough that if Jeremy doesn't want to work, its for the best that he's skipping an entire semester to party. On the other hand, he's 23 years old and completely financially dependant on his parents. And is spending four months playing.

Someone want to explain to me how accomplished the big boy is? Oh and please don't insist poor Jeremy is somehow giving up his dream of school and sacrificing his art to stand by his daddy's side as they manfully struggle against "losing the farm" this summer. They're vacationing in the BVIs and the "wedding business" is having three, count them, three weddings this summer.

Jer's getting a little old to be mommy and daddy's big boy playing.

Peter said...

Podge, maybe you were right. Perhaps Jacob IS beginning to see the light when it comes to King Jeremy.

Now he made fun of Jeremy and how people just accepts whatever he says because he's Jeremy.

Good on Jacob for being the first one in that crowd/family to be perceptive enough to realize that.

Three cheers for Jacob!

"I will score goals, but I won't run."

The hilarious part is everyone knows and accepts that just cause its Jer.."

Christine said...

Peter, it goes to show how messed up the entire family and friends are about Jeremy.

It isn't surprising that he has a massive ego when you look at how people around him treat him, like he's some kind of super God.

Chris Linton said...

Breaking news: Jacob says he got kicked in the nuts at an indoor soccer game. It's worse than death and he's puking.

Ashley said...

Jacob started one of those accounts, linked from his twitter page.

Only a couple of interesting answers. And he still worships Jeremy.

I hate the way Jacob will call people stupid when they say he does drugs but then makes it so obvious.

Do you smoke weed?
Lol we aren't friends if you don't know


Do your parents read your twitter? It's hysterical!
Lol yea they say something every once in a while but yolo right


Do you hate that you were ever in TV?
I hate that it's still going on for not the correct reasons but I'm glad it happened


Hardest drug done
Hard drugs are for hard people


one week camping trip and you can only bring one family member. who? Jer bear


Why do fans hate you?
Ask them


Why do you get so upset with people ? Don't let them bother you if they don't even know you just because they're stupid.

Lol it doesn't bother me.. Every once in a while I just enjoy listening to what idiots have to say


Did you get kicked out of your old school? Why?


Are you grounded very often?
No lol

Christine said...

Ashley, the answer about Jacob and weed is crystal clear.

Source: Jacob's (ex)girlfriend Vanessa from last night.

This is her caption on her Instagram photo.

"Lol you're so basic. Break up with me at 4 in the morning over text so that you can smoke weed with hoes freely. Meanwhile I'm over here not caring. LOL at you, cause it's your loss. P.S. Get a life that's worth living, and thanks for making mine better by not being in it"

Teresa said...

My thought after reading Jacob's tweets is "What a loser!"

A weed addict. A filthy mouthy brat with a huge sense of entitlement.

tmlfan said...

If you look at Jacobs instagram, theres a poor cat that got hurt and someone asked what happened and his reply "dk probably got in a fight with something... But he walked in the house the other night like that 😁"

Poor kitty. Wish roloffs had no animals

Timothy said...

He said if he could put his kids on reality tv he much for his morals.

Kyle J said...

Jacob answer about gays needing to pray is VERY telling.

Won't answer.

Do you think gay people should pray to Jesus to be cured of being gay?

Never talking about that subject because 'fans' I guess you could call them, will just twist my words and say I either hate gays or hate Jesus

Rap541 said...

I'll throw him a bone on this one, Kyle.

If he says he thinks gay people should pray to jebus to be cured, there's definitely a side of the fandom that would vilify him. And if he says no, gay people are born that way and he has no issue, he'd be vilified by the other side.

Likewise, I do understand that if Jer-bear ever commented pro or against gay marriage, a subset of fandom would crap itself in rage.

This is why Matt and Amy were wrong and are wrong to put their kids on tv. The kids are never going to escape the scrutiny. Its funny now, when talking about weed is cutesy cute and his pals lap it up, but ten years down the road, Jake will likely be sharing the house with Jer, unless he manages to piss the parents off too badly.

And personally, it says a LOT about Matt and Amy that they have no problem with the weed talk.

Kyle J said...

Rap, I couldn't disagree with you more about this.

Jacob gets a lot of pats on the back for being so honest, supposedly.

He says he hates the show. He says the show is stupid and fake. He talks about weed. He tells whoever he feels like it to F off.

But asked about his belief, for something that actually is not outside of the extreme right wing Christians (if he thinks gays need to pray to be normal), suddenly he's afraid to answer and is worried about the reaction.

Cop out.
Drug talk = ok
Hate the show = ok
F'in people = ok

But do you think gay people need to be cured? = Afraid to answer.

Cop out.

It's the same reason why Jeremy won't answer.

Rap541 said...

Well, first I think the "Jacob is honest" only goes so far.

Yes, until Matt and Amy have a reason to choke off the drug talk and the vulgar language, they'll let it go on. Note - people warned Matt in 2006 what was being said on Jeremy's myspace and Matt did nothing until it affected the bottom line.

Second, while I think Jake is allowed to be more honest, that in no way means I think the drug talk or the nasty fucking attitude should be displayed. Jake has reached my threshhold of "old enough to know what he says on the internet can fuck him" and no, I don't think that Jake is cutesy cute cool to be talking about his pot habits or being a prime douche to fans. Likewise - ALL of the roloff kids are old enough to know better.

But - lets be real here. If any roloff kid takes a stance for or against homosexuality - there is a subset of fandom that will jump on them for it.

Adam said...

Can you imagine your daughter dating Jacob, Jeremy or Zach?

Hm seems like a nightmare too me. So glad I don't live in Oregon.

Ashley said...

I have to agree with Kyle.

It's kind of funny how the Roloffs, even Jacob, won't touch any gay people questions with a ten foot pole!

He answered a question about abortion "What's your view on abortion? I don't really think it's right but it's not like ill bash you if you get one"....but won't answer if he does or doesn't think gay people should pray to be cured.

Greg said...

Jacob was asked how many pets they have now? He said 2.

So which cat died? The black and white cat tossing victim or the calico that Matt would always use on Facebook?

I wonder if Jeremy and Mueller played a part in its death.

Rap541 said...

Oh please, lets comment on the obvious. Jake is fighting with his now ex girlfriend because he had sex with her and then dumped her for his new girl friend steph.

Is this true? I dunno. He's certainly bragging about it on this little q&a.

Hey Matt, are you proud your boy screwed some girl and dumped her? After all Vanessa was apparently a row for your boy to hoe... and FYI bragging about screwing and dumping is actually a fairly serious form of cyberbullying.

Amy? If your precious Molly spread her legs for a sixteen year old and then was publically dumped and derided on line.... would you do nothing? Or would you and Matt be bitching to the skies about your daughter's precious privacy being violated along with her body?

Mind you, Matt and Amy are done parenting but I'd really love to know what Vanessa's parents think about Jake claims to have done.

CHristian crowd - are Matt and Amy being good parents by doing nothing? Because at last check until Jake is 18, he's still their responsibility no matter how much they insist they're done.

God bless them for their awesome parenting, huh? Letting their son screw his girl, dump her, and then use the internet to malign her.... but meanwhile poor Matt and Amy are being cyberbullied themselves.

Yeah, if you can't be bothered to stop your own kids from doing it, I really have no sympathy. And thats before I note that Jake claims Matt and Amy find his drug reference laden twitter amusing because "yolo". Ah well, I guess building a piece of crap in the yard is more important than parenting.

Kat said...

Rap, why are you blaming Jacob?

The ex gf started it. She posted on Instagram

"Lol you're so basic. Break up with me at 4 in the morning over text so that you can smoke weed with hoes freely. Meanwhile I'm over here not caring. LOL at you, cause it's your loss. P.S. Get a life that's worth living, and thanks for making mine better by not being in it"

She started it. Then her friends went to Jacob's and kept writing that she too good for Jacob and stuff like that.

Rap541 said...

I blame both of them and their parents, Kat.

Vanessa's parents should have a little chat with her as well but her parents aren't Roloffs. Also - "she started it" perhaps, but I am pretty sure the quote you cite doesn't include an admission of sex.

Meanwhile, what are the good christian Roloffs doing about their son who has sex with girls at sixteen? :)

Yes, I know the answer is nothing but pat themselves on the back but really... they're supposed to be Christians right? I have a valid question - apparently it's ok for the 16 year old boys to screw... is that what they'll be saying to Vanessa's parents?

Timothy said...

For as much as Jacob gets praised for supposedly being honest, if you read his Ask.Fm account, whenever he is asked a good, though-provoking question that requires him to give a thoughtful answer, he always avoids giving a real answer.

And it does speak volumes about Jacob and the entire Roloff family that the kid that talks about smoking pot and having sex with his girlfriend before breaking up with her, will not tackle any questions about gays and the Roloff belief that they need to pray for a cure.

ashleigh said...

As far as who started it goes, Vanessa seems to have told her friends that they had sex and then got dumped, prompting them to accuse him online of pressuring her into it. Don't know if she told them that or if they came to that conclusion. After a few days of this, he said that she was as into it as he was. What exactly was he supposed to do when some are acting as though he pressured her and some others were outright using the word rape, though I think those were just people trying to aggravate him. But really, at what point is he justified in saying everything that happened was consensual?

Anonymous said...

And where are the parents in all this?

Anonymous said...

I think Jacob is a Brat.....He will end up doing hard drugs....or may be going to jail also.No to mention having problem to go to go to College,he seems lazy

Lol said...

Jacob is cute and Amazin

caio43 said...

Like Jacob once said, 'the show is a fake with pretend plots'......don't you people realize that all of those 'Reality' shows are fake with pretend plots? Don't you have a life of your own? Those people are making money off of you watching them be fake and pretend!!!!!

Jocelynn said...

Caio43, I think everyone here realizes the show is fake. Nobody really believes Jeremy's wedding was going to be a disaster because of a missing ring or that the church was going to crumbled.

People on Matt's Facebook on the other hand....

I think everyone here realizes the stuff on the show are for plots. Hence why there is so much talk about what the Roloffs say online and do in their real lives.

Sandy Lewis said...

Wow ... a lot of jealous people on this thread ... Jacob is nothing but a spoiled brat ... one day he will look back and see just how stupid he acted .. Loved Zack's and Molly's wedding .. I wish them the best .

Sandy Lewis said...

Wow ... a lot of jealous people on this thread ... Jacob is nothing but a spoiled brat ... one day he will look back and see just how stupid he acted .. Loved Zack's and Molly's wedding .. I wish them the best .

Anonymous said...

That's total b/s. I'm an entertainer and I wouldn't be able to handle a regular job. My schedule is made by me and I'm catered to by all.

Anonymous said...

It is very sad that Amy posts an apology for her youngest son's (remember him?) pain nine years after it would have been most helpful to have talked with him about his feelings. Jacob was always, from the beginning, treated as an afterthought, both by the editors and by his own siblings. There was less than minimal acknowledgement of his presence in any way. One had to wonder...was he just a quiet child who had little to say? Did he have something to say but was drowned out by the egos and noise of his older brothers and parents?
I just finished watching a christmas excuse for another little people show where, as usual, the older brothers and Matt and Amy dominate, Molly is given a 10 second comment which she was probably shoved to do given her natural reluctance, and all are going on as if there is no other sibling at all. He is never mentioned, his absence in the pictures is ignored, they all smile and say the wholesome stuff as if this young man was never born. And this is the ultimate cruelty and hypocrisy...TLC and the Roloff family is determined to remain on the gravy train at all costs, and one is to cut their own sibling out without a word, with the complicity of the producers of the show.
What is the surprise that Jacob is detached, angry, hurt and acting out? Anyone who watched the show could see his lack of involvement and discomfort, not to mention his treatment as a non-person.
WE expect nothing but ego from Matt, as that is what he has always demonstrated from the get go. But Amy should be ashamed of the isolation she placed this young man in, and her abject failure to see from the second episodes years ago that he was being stripped of his identity in the family, and her failure to place his mental and emotional health on a higher priority than taping the shows and taking the money.
Holier than thou viewers who now choose to question the boy's morality and 'christianity' because he is finally speaking out about his deep hurt and bitterness are distasteful in the extreme. Jacob, if you are reading, there are those of us out here who get it. We really do. We were worried about you for a long time. Sorry it wasn't our job to intervene and re focus your parents on the real priority.

Barb said...

He was and is an ungrateful brat. His attitude on the show was disgusting, but understandable with a controlling father like Matt who was never there for him and a mother who did nothing but nag and complain.

Larr & Jan said...

Jacob needs to grow up. He is blessed to have a good family. The show has given most of us a better picture of what life is like for little people.Thank you Roloff's for sharing your life with us.

God Bless -Larry Jan

Larry said...

Jacob needs to grow up. He's blessed to have a family that 's taught millions of us a lot about life for little people.Unfortunately one of the family is a spoiled brat at this time in his life.

Anonymous said...

I watch the show when I can, was wondering what happened to Jacob. To bad he has dist himself from family. He will be sorry later in life.

Anonymous said...

Wow what a lot of negative comments. I enjoy the show and just believe that he was ready to leave and find his own space . A lot of young people have a need to go out on their own. I never saw any episodes where the boys mistreated animals. Matt does a lot of speaking events and has his own business separate from the show. How do all of you know that Jeremy does not have a job Zach is a coach his wife is a teacher. I think Audrey has a job. Amy has her salsa business and they have the income of the farm as well. I have to wonder why so many here continue to watch the program if they hate the family so much.

Anonymous said...

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