Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Jeremy Roloff in Teva Sandals ad on You Tube

Just thought we would pass along that Jeremy Roloff appears in a new ad for Teva sandals which they put on You Tube. It was put together with a bunch of Jeremy's circle of friends in Santa Barbara/from Brooks.


Shelby said...

That's really good.

Christine said...

Another company to boycott. They like to associate with animal abusing racist and homophobic elitists.

Vic Rattlehead said...


I buy my sandals at Target for $25 not an $85 designer pair.

Ren said...

Meh, definitely not original.

Samantha said...

Ren, why not?

Some people just can't admit that Jeremy is talented and is going places because he trusts in God.

Jeremy was involved in the production, by the way.

Rap541 said...

Samantha - its not a bad commercial but its not an origanal idea at all. Basically its selling mass produced by saying that people who are adventurous and creative use their sandals and don't you want to be creative and out there just like the actors in the commercial (who if Jeremy is any way to judge, don't typically wear open toed sandals while hiking).

I mean, I owned a pair in the 1990s, they're a nice sandal if you're in and out of the water a lot but this ad is selling them as entrance into adventure. Thats not an origanal tactic at all.

Is Jeremy more involved in the production than basically looking pretty for the camera? If so... why isn't he standing up tall and proud and talking about how he did x, y, and z and was really the driving force behind the whole thing.

Samantha, Jeremy is a grown up, right? So why are *you* telling us he was involved in the production and since you *know* what he did - stop being coy and tell.

Or whine and cry, and hint and never give a straight answer on what Jeremy's involvement was because a) you don't actually know, or b)his involvement and input when actually described doesn't make him look like the wild genius behind the whole thing.

And psst the only talent we saw of Jeremy's in this video is his acknowledged ability to look pretty and play. He's apparently unwilling to describe what his contribution was behind the scenes, and really, since he's an adult, thats all that really matters - his anonymous friends defending him gets old when I am also supposed to be hailing him as a successful *man*. Or hey, is he still Mama Amy's and Daddy Matt's little boy who isn't allowed to speak unless they're there to help? Because he's 23. That excuse is getting sad.

As for his trusting in God, funny how he shuts up about that when its time to make a buck. Tell us all, Samanatha, since you know. Why doesn't Jeremy insist his daily get up in the morning to fall on his knees to pray be televised? Since, you know, you insist it happens.

Maysie said...

School project. "How to shoot a commercial"


Lynn C said...

Maysie, have you shot a commercial that is of similar quality? Link please.

Anonymous said...

Did Jeremy shoot this commercial? He hasn't said that at all, and even Matt and Amy aren't making that claim.

Jack "N" Orry said...

"have you shot a commercial that is of similar quality?"

I did stuff like that almost fifteen years ago in my 12th grade film production course, and it was leagues better.

In fact we had a contest to make unique music videos for songs we liked which I won with a vid that I produced using the Black Sabbath song Anno Mundi which I intercut with scenes from movies like Lord Of The Flies footage that I culled from news sources and original footage that I shot using some friends as actors.

Rap54 said...

I'm curius, did the rules change here? Lynn is demanding Maysie prove expertise in videography in order to have an opinion but NOT demanding proof and "links please" from Shelby.

Lynn? Why when the opinion is positive don't you demand a resume? And are you the board mod now? Please outline "Lynn's Rules for Posting Opinions" since your public demand for Maysie to prove expertise is you denying her a right to an opinion without backup.

Lynn, you do *remember* the "Its my opinion and thats all I have to say" go arounds right?

Who are you to demand Maysie justify her opinion when your own opinions are inviolate and no one has the right to demand you provide any proof to your claims and opinions?

And why why why doesn't Shelby have to provide links? Please explain the pecking order you've designed here, Lynn.

Anonymous said...

Was this a job that he got paid to do? I am shock that he is able to get a job, even if it was a temporary job, without his mom and his dad's help.

Mike P. said...

So, Jeremy can wear sandals and chew gum at the same time. Who knew.

BeckyM said...

Lynne C. just visit Youtube for 10 minutes. Lots of amateur videos that are better so no one needs to prove anything to you about anything that is self evident.

Probably a school project considering he is going to a photography school.

Jacob45 (previously "bocaJ_naF") said...


The setting isn't even that unique! I've seen these types of things plenty of times before in real-life! & nearby each other, too! (& I can guarantee I don't live anywhere near where this was filmed):

- Bumpy countryside paths/roads
- A fire pit
- Woodland
- Water with rapids
- Railroad tracks
- Rocks by the water
- Paved roads
- Calm water
- etc. (because the video's honestly going too fast by now for me to list every other scenery from this video that isn't anything special.)

These things aren't hard to find!

But really -- overall -- it's nothing special (even the barn & such rooms are places you might see in your average commercial.)

& hey, I have a couple of fancy cameras, too (one of which is water proof.) & a truck. I could probably produce a video with similar or better quality (water scenes included.) & with equally, if not more beautiful scenery.

Could I make a video like that by myself? No, of course not! But I doubt Jeremy did this all on his own.

Plus, these are all things I've seen in other commercials (maybe not for sandals, but definitely in other commercials), so there's nothing original there, either.

My point? I doubt something like this takes a genius photographer professional.

Rap541 said...

Well, I doubt Jeremy did anything other than act in it, since no one in the Roloff family is bragging about his production skills or even making a point of posting links on their facebook to the video Jeremy *produced*.

And I asked Samantha who routinely implies she is in the know and knows Jeremy personally, and she has yet to respond about the nature of Jeremy's involvement, amd no answer on that.

I'm also kinda thinking Jeremy's major is *still photography* but hey, Samanatha? How about you explain to all of us what Jeremy's involvement in the production was? Since you know?

Because if you don't, I really see no reason to laud Jeremy's skills in producing this video when all he appears to have done is acted in it for one of his school buds.

lauren said...

Guys? If this was your son (your *adult* son, don't attack me for saying he has parents) would you appreciate all the negativity on every little thing he does? It's a nice little video. Leave him be, he's not hurting anyone by making a sandal commercial. Gracious. When did anyone say he was a holy genius for it? If any other person put work into a project you'd (hopefully) do the respectable thing and not be unkind about the results. Please remember you're talking about a young adult and not a tv character. I wish you all well but all these put downs in the comments just make me sad.

Christine said...

Lauren, Jeremy is a jerk and an overall prick of a person.

His problem isn't this criticism, it's that people fawn all over him and inflate his ego by telling him how awesome every thing he does and how exceptional he is.

Jeremy and his friends are quite nasty. Don't forget that whenever people like you start to feel sorry for him because someone criticizes him.

M said...

It's not that original. Just a bunch of kids on a "adventure" yawn.

Btw, teva means "nature" in hebrew so they are wearing "nature sandals"

Rap541 said...

Lauren, when people say what you say, it might shock you but I don't disregard it.

I just find myself asking who in the lives of the Roloffs says those words to the Roloffs. The people you're making fun of are the sons and daughters of someone else. Words hurt you, so do you think when you say something ugly, that other people might be hurt? People aren't hurting you by saying they watch your show and like you, so why are you hurting them in your responses? Remember when you're snotting off about how fans are creepers that you're talking about other young people.

Why aren't the Roloffs ever chastised for the namecalling, the derogatory remarks? Because they're famous so they can treat people like crap? Because they currently have money so they can treat people like crap?

As for the Jer-Bear being the holy genius of production, well lets see, per Lynn, the only way anyone can dare criticize the blessing the Holy Jer-Bear has brought us is if they prove they are better at video production... even though there's absolutely no indication Jeremy did anything other than be on camera and look pretty. So yeah, there's been some demands to pay homage to the Golden Boy's talent as it shines in glory, or shut your mouth.

Hey Lauren, of course it goes without saying has Jeremy ever once thought about the people he's called faggots and how they are someone's sons and daughters and how would Jeremy feel if his son or daughter was some kid's target for hatespeech?

Because at last check, "midget" is wrong wrong wrong and mean and offensive no questions asked, but if Jeremy's use of "faggot" offended you, per the producer of the show, you need to explain exactly how it hurt you in order to have a valid complaint.

How about we get the Jer-Bear to sit down and explain in detail how midget hurts him? After all, his handlers demand that of his victims.

BeckyM said...

Lauren. Okay this is my son. First I wouldn't have sold out his childhood on a two-bit reality television show so I could make some money. I would have gotten a J-O-B and raised my son on my own.

Next, when my son started killing small innocent creatures such as baby birds, I would have sought professional help.

Found out my son was encouraging underage drinking in my house? My son would have been punished.

My son uses homophobic and racist rants on Social Media? He would have lost his phone, computer, internet access, game machine and got a kick up the ASS!

Do you have any other questions on how I would treat MY SON?

Lauren said...

Well Rap, if you fight fire with fire... :) To be fair if I heard Jer or anyone else constantly talking down on another person I'd say the same to them. That they need to chill out and let go of all the bitterness and negativity.

Christine, people like me? Who prefer kindness instead of hateful words and look for the best in people instead of holding angry grudges for all eternity? Got me :)

Becky, I think you know that's not what I meant. You clearly just want to argue so I'll let you have it. Tell YOUR SON I said hello.

Rap541 said...

Lauren, but have you? Jeremy and Matt and Amy have been pretty consistently vocal about hating and not saying sorry.

Matt, for example, still apparently collapses in rage over what doctors at the Shriners Hospital did to him. Shouldn't he be letting go of the bitterness and negativity? And to be fair - the reality is that he raises the topic of how he was tortured and alone and ripped from his family by cruel doctors without prompting. I havent seen anyone named Lauren chastising him... and I haven't even touched on his open public hatefilled comments about his neighbors and the cheap douchbags who complain about his prices (and cheap douchbag was his and his buddy pondo's term, not mine) Has Lauren got anything to directly say to Matt about that?

Jeremy, Molly, Zach and Jake have all said cruel things to people who are fans with no apologies and no apparent regrets. When will you be heading to their facebooks and twitters to chastise them.

How about Amy bitching about flight attendents and "Weiner Whiner" - the Weiner Whiner stuff was in a specially made Ustream video where she bitched? Did "Lauren" have anything to say then? Does "Lauren" have anything to say to the Roloffs directly now?

Rap541 said...

I do notice btw that you don't want to acknowledge how people have been hurt by the Roloffs and that you have no opinion on how people have to explain their hurt in order to justify feeling hurt by derogatory terms if they aren't Roloffs but Roloffs are not to be put to the same standards and do not have to be interrogated as to why "midget" hurts them.

So how about Lauren? Why is "midget" wrong and a Roloff does not have to explain their pain publically, while "faggot" is well, a blessing from sweet Jeremy Jesus and shut up if you don't like and sit down and explain in detail exactly why faggot offends you per Chris Cardamone?

BeckyM said...

Lauren you asked me to put Jeremy as my son and I did as you requested. Don't get bitchy because I did what you requested. You asked how I would respond to my son being criticized like Jeremy and I told you.

BTW my son is too busy preparing for his trip to England (paid for by his academic scholarship - not being a reality-ho) so I won't bother sending your sarcastic, but so typically hypocritical Christian, well wishes to him.

Scott said...

Great commercial, LOVE Tevas! Great Job Jeremy.

Anonymous said...

To all you sick HATERS this is why the world has become such a sad place...your parents should have taught you to live and let live. If you don't like them don't watch!!! Get a life and stop talking shit because those who talk shit eventually step in it!!!

Rap541 said...

Yes, this was a message following Matt's current stated principals of "When you see it ... refute it. Use kind love language to combat it. Do not speak hate in return or you will become like them."

And apparently, not giving Jeremy credit for producing a commercial that he hasn't taken public credit for producing is hating.

Funny how when Jeremy is calling someone a faggot, or Matt is calling someone a cheap douchebag, I get told its their christian right to speak... and not that Jeremy and Matt are haters who weren't taught to live and let live. Interesting.

SO when has *Jeremy* said he was the producer of this commerical?

Anonymous said...

To the Anonymous that thinks "haters" are the reason this is a sick sad world...don't you see how you are being hypocritical? But to your point, the world is sick and sad because people like you believe it is ok for people like the Roloffs to make derogatory comments and suffer no accountability, all the while holding others to a standard of accountability for their actions and words against them.

Using words such as "Faggot" and "Niggers", words that are rooted in hate and have caused countless millions pain, suffering and humiliation, and accepting no responsibility for using such words shows the true nature of these people.

Even a simple "It was said in youthful ignorance, which in I now regret" or "in retrospect we should have stepped took responsibility for our sons words" would go a long way in showing the "True" Christian values they proclaim. Anything less is false worship and offensive to real christians...there is no Hate or intolerance from truly devote and honorable christians.

As it is the Kool-Aid you've swallowed will eventually turn very bitter when you discover them for what they are, and that is really stepping in the "Sh*t" (to use your words)