Monday, June 3, 2013

Episode Review Little People, Big World: Separation Anxiety To Air Monday June 3rd at 10pm on TLC

The next episode of 'Little People, Big World' featuring the Roloff family is entitled "Separation Anxiety" and is scheduled to air Monday June 3rd at 10pm.

TLC has the preview description up on their website. The episode preview indicates that it is a return to  the plot line highlighting the marriage woes of Matt and Amy. It is worth noting that on Matt's Facebook Fan page, he goes out of his way to portray the marriage as a happy one and in the past both Matt and Amy scoffed at all the speculation after several episodes of LPBW left the viewers wondering if they would get a divorce.


10:00 PM 60 MIN. Little People, Big World: Separation Anxiety TV-PG 

With 3 of 4 kids out of the house, Matt and Amy have retreated into their own separate worlds. When attempts to refuel their marriage with date nights go especially sour, they find themselves questioning whether or not their relationship is worth saving..


Review written by Rap541

Oh god this is on so late. And this episode of Cake Boss is like watching paint dry. On the plus side I have a pretentious organic raw drink called kombucha that is yummy. Ok Cake Boss is sweet in that the boss is all “well my wife and kids are making a cake and if they make it for me, its awesome”.

So wassup Matt and Amy? Hmm ominous music as Amy and Matt drive about the farm. It seems awkward and forced. One gets the impression they don’t really simply cruise together on the ATV around the farm all that much. Matt apparently wants to build a house and insists he’s burning with ideas and Amy is all “we already have a house”.  Matt notes the kids will need a house. He insists he needs something to do because he’s driven, while Amy is annoyed with the whole tone. Oh this will be long.

The only real change in the credits is that Jacob is shown bigger.

Amy washes dishes and notes that Matt lives in his office and is completely distant. Matt and Amy both note how Jake is the only one in the home. Amy thinks they live in separate worlds. Matt calls Amy from his office.  Amy gives us fond memories of how she married Matt in a frenzy. Matt concurs. Sorry, you aren’t topping my grandparents who met in the London tube during the Blitz and were married 24 hours later. Now that’s a whirlwind!

Matt wants to revamp the house and feels he was chased out of the house. He feels he was overwhelmed by the sea of stuff and we get a short montage of the mess. He wants to redo the carpet. And apparently the entire house. There’s obvious *bleach* stains on the carpet. I notice that the kids being at fault is never ever mentioned. This is three year old carpet. I take Matt’s side. This isn’t typical wear and tear.

Jake is all “I stay in my room”. He needs a haircut. He notes how much they argue and how he ignores it.  Considering the entire episode of mom and dad griping, I get why he hides. Molly at one points notes that this is why she left.

Tori and Zach meet Mom and Dad for dinner. Matt notes how Amy married him after a week. Zach tries to counsel mom and dad into dating on date night.

Now Amy is talking Matt into going on a date. Amy is all “who are you now” and they drive off to a western bar. Amy line dances for Matt. She notes how he used to be more spontaneous. He notes how if he’s not working on the business or the farm, he’s wasting his time. Hmm.  That’s a nicely self concerned remark. I’m starting to question how often Jake is left alone while Matt and Amy date.

After commercial back at the CW bar, Amy tells Matt she wants to experience stuff. Matt haybales how Amy is done parenting and is on a different track. Amy notes that Matt should want to do things with her. Matt is very noncommittal.

Matt wants the house cleaned up. He’s against being on Hoarders. He notes to Amy that he’s being driven from the house by her clutter. Amy notes how people live in the house and that leaves dents. Basically this is a tour of how the house is dirty. In all seriousness, I wasn’t raised in a neat home, and this is pretty disgusting and disorganized. Amy, pick up. Matt? Stop pointing fingers and ALSO pick up. Some of the resentment here is likely because Matt likes to point fingers and bark and never actually do anything.

Winter break! All the kids are home! Matt proceeds to lecture everyone on cleaning. Jeremy notes how prone to failure this is. Amy goes on about how the dents are memories.

Jeremy looks at his pigsty and notes how he’s not to blame for the mess. Apparently his birth certificate is in the trash. Or rather, Zach’s certificate. He essentially does nothing. Now Jeremy and Matt snot about how they are men and should make decisions in various rooms. I note how precious little actually gets done. 

Oh Molly, your parents are at the 25 year point. Try watching the same arguments when its year 47. Trust me, Molly. It’s not going to change.

Matt bitches openly how Amy isn’t on board and badmouths her to the camera crew. Matt wants a cleaner. Matt thinks the basement is disgusting and gives Amy a month to stop hoarding. Really they are almost playing the soundtrack from Hoarding: Buried Alive. I am seriously curious to see if we see Matt insisting all of his stuff can’t be thrown out. Oh what am I saying? Matt’s role is to complain.

Matt hugs Jeremy and notes that the kids only came home to help them with the house. Funny that absolutely nothing got done.  Amy notes that the kids who leave are the glue in the marriage. More shots of the pigsty which as presented suggests that the kids did nothing. In fairness the place is disgusting but I don’t see Matt actually picking anything up or actually doing anything. He feels he loves in a pigpen.

Zach wanders in to play with Jake. They ride bikes. Zach is very judgmental of the video games. I try not to recall the many episodes where Zach was splayed on a couch, playing games, including the one where he was skipping school and Amy let him. Zach is acting as the parent. Jake notes that Matt lives in his office and Amy lives in the house.

Matt decides to lecture Amy on her role in cleaning shit. He has a list. On the one hand, Amy is a pig, on the other, Matt is great at making lists of *chores for people other than Matt to do*. 

Again, we see a lot of Matt complaining and hardly any shots of Matt doing anything other than complaining. And honestly Amy seems to have a need to keep the place messy. Amy hun, there’s memories and then there’s boxes of crap everywhere. I understand, I really do, I’m from a family of packrats but really sometimes its ok to throw things out. I know its hard but take a picture and toss it.

They head off on a date. They argue. Then they go bowling. Matt hates bowling.  Matt also texts Jake while eating dinner with Amy – an action I really really hate. Sorry, cell users, but if we’re out to dinner, put the phone down for the duration of our meal. Matt hates the restaurant Amy chooses. Matt basically hates any time he’s not getting his way.

Hmm 20 minutes left so we need to start wrapping it up in a positive way. They head off on a date night. Matt’s “indulging her” and “toughing it out” in order to get thru it. Yeah that’s an awesome attitude. Matt hates the restaurant she chooses and pouts.  Seriously he’s making no effort. So Amy raises “calling it quits”. Matt notes they’re not having any fun. This is awkward.

Oh look its Matt’s pal Pondo. Maybe they will discuss what a douchbag Amy is just like they publicly insulted and name-called pumpkin customers that disliked Matt's parking fees? Matt clearly establishes to Pondo how Amy is completely at fault. He asks Pondo if he and Amy should stay together.

Oh geez Matt… maybe instead of asking your buddies, you should grow a set and *ask your wife* this  question. And while we’re at it, hmmm hey maybe you shouldn’t be letting your youngest raise himself. You had a father, why does Jake have to make do with none? Because you were driven out of the home by the clutter?

Pondo seems to steer Matt against divorce.  Amy hangs with a friend Lori. They have wine. Amy notes how different they are. Lori notes how Matt sees Amy as the caregiver and has difficulty seeing her in a different role. Amy notes she will never be good enough. It’s Matt’s way or the highway and Amy is tired of it.  

Amy cleans a bit. Matt makes a point of being a condescending ass about it. The house is painted and recarpeted. Amy rolls on the carpet. Matt prongs her with his foot. Considering how recently the house and new addition was completely redone, it’s utterly ridiculous that they had bleach spots and needed to replace the carpet. Then again they did lock the dog in one of the carpeted rooms to pee and crap and I am sure Matt doesn’t consider that his fault so…

Matt takes Amy to Mt Shasta, leaving Jake home alone. Amy notes how quiet it is and how they’re doomed. Well she doesn’t say that but…

Now Matt “has an activity” for Amy.  Matt also wants to use his phone while driving. Matt is taking Amy skiing. Amy notes how Matt plans things that he likes to do. They get into a snow cat. They end up at a shack. There’s a ton of wine bottles in the shack. They drink wine and forget all the angry moments. Funny, how Amy is completely won over in the last five minutes of the show. Matt then fakes shouts “I’m on top of the world!”

Then they are home and Amy notes how quickly they return to the same routines of living separately and this implies how very troubled the marriage is. Yeah, not sure what we’re learning here and really not sure how this isn’t at the Kardashian level.


Rap541 said...

Hey kids we’re doing a show about our divorce again! After all, three out of four kids out, its time, yet again, to discuss one’s marriage difficulties for money.

This can’t in any way be harmful to any of the kids, after all, Matt and Amy have been going on in public about their empty nest since Jeremy and Zach graduated high school.

Bring on the reality, Matt and Amy, and demand we all believe your many many woes whiles also insisting you wrapped it all up in one hour and are HAPPILY MARRIED despite yet again displaying your problems for money!

Chriistine said...

All this show does is go back to old story line cheat sheets.

Let me guess, Amy will cry while talking about the marriage and say dramatic things like she doesn't know if she will still be married in 5 years.

Then she'll interview that people are stupid for inferring that her marriage is in trouble even though that's what she portrayed on her reality show that she has executive producing credit.

Sandie said...

And the scam goes on and on and on...

Rap541 said...

The decision to go to the media about their stalker is timed to coincide with a new episode.

Rap541 said...

At least, that was my opinion. Didn't really complete my thought there :)

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Alright then. On the "3 out of 4 kids have left" statement. What about Jacob?

May 1 - Me: mom what's for dinner? Mom: I can't make dinner tonight I have to write emails. Me: dad want to get food? Dad: no. GEE THANKS GUYS

May 1 - I guess ill just eat BOTH bags of chips tonight.

Now, I'm imagining that there are people out there that thinks;
a) a 16 year old does not deserve to be fed,
b) a 16 year old does not deserve to be taught how to cook and thus feed himself,
c) a 16 year old who is judged to be a brat does not deserve the time of day, any recognition whatsoever, or a reason for existence.
Even the slightest self-subsistence training would have averted any problem here. However I am, sure some people will see this as a perfectly justifiable way to treat Jacob. Even the inmates of Alcatraz were entitled to food, clothing, shelter and medical attention.

Ashley said...

Let me get this right. Matt posts picture after picture of him and Amy smiling and laughing together. All to make people think they are happy.

Then they produce ANOTHER episode that's going to imply that their marriage sucks and won't last.

Then when everyone asks them about it, they're going to say it's edited and everybody has problems, etc.

Gosh, stop being cowardly attention seekers!

BeckyM said...

Yeah the timing is just perfect isn't it Rap?

I wonder if this ep will break 1 mill? ROFLMAO

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Ashley, I noted more than one picture on Matt and Amy's FB fan pages with them together, happy, smiling, aall is well. It's a great montage, photos of brunch after church mixed in with photos from a bar (where they Video Lottery terminals live)to Mother's Day, when they bring along young Mr. Who-are-you-anyway for the photo-op. I just don't get it either.
I added in an ealrier post that maybe amy should "Re-visit her relationship with alcohol" just like her husband promised to do a few years back.

Vic Rattlehead said...


The fact that TLC buried this on a monday night after prime time just screams "we know this won't do well so we're only showing it out of contractual obligation".

Natalie said...

Matt and Amy really need to stop using their marriage to get back on tv or for ratings.

Didn't hypocritical Amy once criticize Kim Kardashian for her wedding episode on her reality show because Amy said it is too personal and shouldn't be exploited.

Uhhhh, what is the difference between Kim's wedding and Amy weeping over her crappy marriage on another episode?

Brandon said...

Vic, I think being on Monday night is better for them. That's when they used to be on. The horrid wedding shows were on Tuesday if I'm not mistaken.

Peter said...

Why anyone thinks anything on this show is real is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

A little respect for your husband Amy! Very rude. Not a great example for your children.

Rap541 said...

Because whenever there's marriage difficulties, all men are perfect and all women are at fault?

Don't get me wrong - Amy certainly has her moments of harping shrew... And Matt certainly has multiple moments of bitching on camera how he can't trust Amy to tend to the family chores, how she's a bad housekeeper who can't be reasoned with, how she thinks small and how he has to lie to her in order to prove to her how great his ideas are.

Matt doesn't respect Amy in the slightest... but let me guess, he's got a penis so Amy needs to shut her mouth and get on her knees to him and accept his every prouncement with a "Yes Matt, you're the man and I am just the vessel for your penis and no right to say anything but yes Matt"?

Randy said...

I like how the plot summary of this episode starts off "With 3 of 4 kids out of the house..."

However, has Zach really even moved out. Sure he has his own place, but according to Jacob's tweets:

"Zach is always here, yet he has an apartment and his own house. Why?"

Also what is this house Zach supposedly has?

Ashley said...

Randy, I'm guessing the house is the farmhouse that was on the property that the Roloff's bought.

M said...

Woooo another we might get divorced storyline! Yay... Not!

Anonymous said...

I've always thought that Matt loved Amy more she loved him! She seems to have always had very condescending attitude toward Matt! I don't see how he could put up with it all this time. Amy.& their son Zach both seem to have a chip on their shoulder.

Rap541 said...

I've always thought Matt controls the editing of the show and likes to paint himself as the sad widdle victim who always deserves better than his family gives him.

I particularly enjoyed his crybabying over how mean Amy was to miss his birthday even though she was clearly assisting in making sure it was a giant fuss for him. Meanwhile, when it's mother's day and his sons birthday, he's off to Hawaii because whats really important, holidays with the family, or a friend offering Hawaii for just him?

Don't get me wrong - Amy has her bitch moments but Matt is not some put upon saint.

Rap541 said...

Well, its 7:38 pacific time Sunday, and neither Matt or Amy have taken the time to tell their loving fans that there's a special airing tomorrow in just a lil bit more than 24 hours.


Christine said...

What do you think that means Rap?

I think they often wait until the same day or night before to promote it.

Rap541 said...

Christine, I just find it odd. I mean, they want their fans to watch, right? And to be blunt, it's not like TLC is making much effort.

They do the show so people can watch, right?

Nichol said...

This episode was filmed a year ago according to a post from Amy on Facebook. Don't judge unless you actually know what you are talking about.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

I did not look at the times that Matt and Amy put their post on their FB fan pages.
It reads like they did it side-by-side wherever they are flying to or from or whatever. Open note to Matt and Amy:
"Just to make the two of you feel more at ease, I just want you to know that it will be VERY difficult for us to watch the episode, too."

I have questions even now. Like could they not try a little harder to make this episode even a tiny bit more compelling? Are they still going to try and sell this "stuff" as real and raw? Did Jacob make it to school with both of his parents away? I guess wioth all the 'kids' at home, the question of is Zach I-don't-know-why-I-pay-rent-because-I'm-always-over-here Roloff looking after and snitching on his brother? becomes a bit of a moot point.
Yup, all the kids are home. An increasingly rare event to be sure. Well, time to fly away together. I wonder if the supporters will even think to question the scheduling abilities of their idols, sin or not.

Timothy said...

Looks like Amy is already setting up the "editing" angle.

"Wow! a new episode is here already - tomorrow (today). It's a tough one and was hard for Matt and I to watch. Like any relationship, it has it's ups and downs, good and bad. So appreciate all of your support, thoughts, prayers, and love. All the best to you "

In other words, we just have "ups and downs" so when I weep and sniffle about how awful my marriage is, try not to call me a little drama queen liar when you think I'm about to get divorced even though that's how we're going to portray it on tv because we need to be on tv to get money."

Nancy said...

Filmed last winter? Nothing like up-to-date updates! LOL!

johanna said...

I don't think the roloff's are any different than the rest of relationships in the world.
we all have suffered difficult times, regarding jobs, marriage, children, on and on.
I am proud of what they do, also how forward out they are.
at least they try, and don't use a disability or anything else in life to hold them back, or want the gov't to give them free living expenses. they pay their way in life, like we all should. yes some need assistance, i'm not against that, but they aren't spending it on the 1st of every month, on things they shouldn't, and have made the best with what they do.
so what....don't all of us try, if you can use a talent, or anything in life to get ahead then why can't we.
again, the children were raised well, are all at school etc.
I had one child in school for 8 yrs, i can't imagine the expense of 4 at almost the same time,
they worked hard, planned for the future, the children, if they are blessed with grandchildren. last time I checked that is always the most important of being a couple, raising a family. if you do encounter a bad time, then lets help, not judge. do we know the private things of the family, please don't judge them.
I am proud to watch this show, it gives me inspiration, to go ahead and follow a dream.....hats off to you roloff's tlc to bring us as a learning tool..........that's what tlc is...the learning channel. thanks to this blog for allowing me to speak how I feel.

Anonymous said...

I would think the Roloffs can work it out. They need each other and they can each still have their own lives and enjoy things but to seperate, split that farm and the kids would be tragic..It take work to make a marriage and Amy tends ot give up too easy. They are both control freaks but it can work if they want it to..that is the key..

Rap541 said...

Timothy, this might be a preview of my review later tonight (or more likely tomorrow morning, its on LATE) but I have to admit, the description of this episode irritates when taken with Matt and Amy's public comments about OTHER reality shows.

We're told again and again how rich the Roloffs are, how Matt is making million dollar deals and is such a fantastic business man that this tv show is all gravy money, that the Roloffs are so wealthy with their million dollar properties and their multiple cars and toys that they could walk away whenever.

We're also told how very *private* they are and how they do not want to give up their privacy. So, will someone explain to me why they're displaying their marital issues for money and getting on their facebooks to tell us how HARD it is for them to watch and how painful but they just to thank everyone for watching their marital woes and supporting them....

Why are they doing this again? We're not *learning* anything and if I wanted to be *educated* on marital woes, I have plenty of real life examples to see. When they get called reality whores, they insist they aren't doing the show for the money. But... really now, what lesson are we being taught here? Is this morally better than Jon and Kate bitching at each other?

How is this *better* than the Kardashians?

Brandon said...

Gotta love Roloff contradictions.

Amy posts another happy picture of herself with Matt and writes "Like any relationship, it has it's ups and downs, good and bad"

Matt writes "Showing that every marraige goes thru up and downs."

But on the show that they are Executive Producers? Amy "I know it's on your mind everyday -- you know, calling it quits"

Matt "Well, we aren't having any fun"

Yeah, that's "every marriage"....every husband and wife considers divorce every day??? No, just the ones with a tv show and need a fake plot.

Ugggg. said...

Matt is coming across as a hard headed pompous jerk.
Amy is coming across as an ostrich.
The kids seem to be more enlightened than the adults.

Carol said...

A LPBW episode wouldn't be complete without a sexist remark from Jeremy (always between Jeremy and Matt) about being the "men".

Anonymous said...

Amy is a slob, she never treated Matt nice and now he's sick of her!!! She is trying to be nice because his name is on EVERYTHING they own. She really hates him.

Aliyah Nasser said...

Amy has always been a slob and very mean to Matt!!!! She only stays because all the property all that they own is in His name.

jory said...

Amy is very messy!!

kp said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kp said...

Again? There's really nothing else going on in their lives to film. Sounds like it's time to stop filming them.

At first I thought Jacob was Jeremy. Holy cow that kid has grown.

Happy to hear that Zach and Tori are still going strong.

kitten Has claws said...

I will visit here to see what everyone has to say about this New LPBW *cough cough cough* ...but i aint watching it. Here they go again same stuff different year.... BIG HUGE YAWN~ Guess Matt has his eye on a new car or some other toy to add to his collection hence another show about the same ole same ole. Who gives a tinkers damn. *i know here i am* Ha but then we all need a good laugh. The END=THE BEST (how many more of the same ole same ole will TLC keep rehashing those dang wedding shows were boring. Wonder what new car, truck, bla bla bla they had to have back then. Do Amy or Matt have any jobs besides these 1 hour specials *BIG HUGE COUGH AND EYE ROLL*

Anonymous said...

There is no way I would want to remain in a marriage with that woman. Matt has always been the "star" and not just on the show. He is an amazing man, she was lucky to have ever landed him. For being college educated she certainly doesn't show it. Some of her public speaking events have been an embarrassment because of this lack. Bottom line though, she is a flat out slob and always has been, although she used to always blame it on the kids. As much as it bothers him and as patient as he has been, year after sloppy, cluttered messy year, she has done very little to alliviate.

Anonymous said...

By the way, that previous message in relation to Amy' s shortcomings, were written by a woman. Amy has always been my least liked person in the family.

Cynthie said...

Why doesn't this family use bed sheets? Next show can be three minutes: Matt kicks Amy out and fixes up awful house. Amy moves to a condo and goes on Hoarders show. Kids get some inheritance of their millions and get real lives.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

I did not watch last night either. I've been up for over an hour already because I'm at work, so rather than sit through LPBW, I watched a bit of the Bruins spanking my beloved Penguiins. As Rap said. there wasn't an early showing three hours earlier this time. Budget cuts by TLC?
I will do my best to review the show later if they show it again.

Peter said...

Kitten, you were close.

This episode wasn't about Matt getting a freebie car.

It was....another house renovation on a smaller scale.

A "refresh". New carpets. Baseboards. I see how it works. They do an episode about how beat up the house looks in exchange for free renovations.

Jason said...

Matt's a real failure as a man, isn't he?

He has 3 adult kids that aren't capable of getting jobs themselves.

The one kid he has at home basically said he can't stand him and is neglected by him.

To top it off, he's in an unhappy marriage where he tells the world that he doesn't think he loves his wife.

He doesn't have a career that doesn't involve selling a tale of his dysfunctional family.

What a mess. Maybe he needs to find Jesus?

Diane said...

Yes, I agree Rap. Heaven forbid they comment on the out of control kids that destroyed the house.

I would be so embarrassed if I was the parent of one of the friends.

If that's how they treat their own house, is it any wonder why they're treating everything else in a horrible manner?

Awful parenting turns out awful kids.

Mele said...

Last nights show was so depressing! These are two of the most selfish and self centered people I've ever seen. They are driving their children away and damaging Jacob. This empty nest still has a child in it who deserves all the attention he has missed for so many years. They are so wrapped up in their own needs that they can't see the forrest for the trees! They are the ones struggling to become adults. Sick.

Set Abominae said...

Next verse same as the first.

Matt & Amy whine and complain about each other over childishly petty things (either get a divorce or shut up about it).

The other three kids come home for no real reason and are subjected to more childish bickering by mom and dad (I'd leave and never come back),

Matt has a chip on his shoulder the size of Mt, Rushmore over some minor problem (and is too stupid to see the answer right in front of his face).

Amy still looks like a basset hound and claims to be "unhappy" with her life (what a shock).

Jeremy is still an idiot (no surprise there).

Zach is till puttering about not doing anything of note with his life (isn't he so inferior to his idiot brother who is clearly wasting time and money getting a hobby "degree" he can't use to make money).

Molly looks like she has stockholm syndrome.

Jacob gets no attention and is treated as an afterthought by his sociopath parents,

Ann said...

Is this leading up to an episode with a professional organizer?

Lynnee said...

Last night's show was awful. When are they going to give up the boring marriage plot line? An "update special" should've actually updated us. Maybe Zach could tell how he's been recieved as a little person at a new school. Isn't that what the show was supposed to be about in the first place?

Brandon said...

Another episode and again no mention of Jacob being expelled. The only comment about Jacob's grade is one that would make a tv viewer think he's doing well. He told Zach his classes are easy.

Another episode and no Jesus talk from Jeremy.

kitten Has claws said...

Peter :-) Just WOW...They got new baseboards as well? *gee~ i grew up in a home that had the same baseboards and still do. Way to go Roloffs getting new baseboards as well as changing out the filthy carpet..i have to wonder just what do LPBW do in their house, i know they dont clean it but new base boards now thats a cup~cake froster. Of coure i find it kinda hard to believe that the carpet already needed to be changed out but i guess its alll in the memorys LMAO *bigtime* THE END=THE BEST ~Noo kitty cat tossin~

M said...

I keep forgetting about these specials. I've missed the past two. :-/

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Well, I see I'll have to wait to do a review. When I got home from work the only repeat of the episode that I recorded, froze about 21 mins. in when Matt an Amy were discussing the baseboards of memories. I have no idea when they plan to air this show again. It doesn't seem to be getting the same air time as the others. Hmmmm.

sassenach said...

Despite living in a mansion (paid for of course by TLC)they continue to proudly demonstrate that they have no class. Once again we see (from Jacob's room) that they are strangers to bed linens and still sleep on bare mattresses. Of course they are wealthy enough to just change mattresses when they are dirty and stinking? On top of that Amy is happy that her badly behaved spoiled offspring damage the house so that she has "memories".

CindyM said...

Sassenach, the part about the "memories that floors me isn't that I'm surprised by Amy's attitude. She's always wanted to be her kids friends instead of a parent and be seen by her kids and their friends as the cool mom.

But it's the utter disrespect shown by the kids friends. Yeah, I think the Roloff offspring lead the charge in destroying the house and I know the little glimpses that we've seen have carefully been shown and are probably the mild portion, but I could never imagine being that age and behaving like that in a friend's home. Or having my kids behave like that.

It says a great deal about the way all of those kids have been raised. The lack of respect they've shown to animals or to fans or to other people in general cannot come as a surprise when you realize how they trash that home.

sassenach said...

Cindy - your comment about the behavior of friends reminds me of an episode a long time ago when a visiting "friend", I think it was Marty (the little person actor) broke a mirror or something like that while "playing" with a ball in the house. "Birds of a feather...."
Some things never change.