Friday, May 31, 2013

Roloff Threats Reportedly Expand To Oregon Governor And The Portland Police Chief

There are two more articles about the "threats" that the Roloffs are apparently receiving.

KATU - the Portland station now has another article about it:

The Huffington Post also wrote about it:

Both KATU and the Huffington Post say that the threats the Roloffs received included threats against Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber and Portland Police Chief Mike Reese.

Both articles comment on the "atrocious" grammar and spelling.

"Quite a few of them are very similar. [It looks like] someone is cutting and pasting a lot of the stuff because, quite frankly, the grammar is rather atrocious," Ray said. 

The KATU reporter also contacted one of the profiles that made a threat and the person responded. The reply apparently contained "several spelling errors".

From the article: "KATU News took the concerns of the Roloff's to the Washington County Sheriff's Office and reached out via Facebook to the profiles of people who'd sent some of the threats. Someone named "Brittney" responded with a message containing many spelling errors: "We won't tell why we do it. We r intrested in taking them down." It made reference to the Roloff's daughter, Molly, as being "sexy." And it included threats to bomb the Justice Center as well as threats to Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber and Portland Police Chief Mike Reese."


Brandon said...

IMO, it sounds like an idiot 12 year old.

They are using "r" for "are"? Sounds like a 12 year old.

Jocelynn said...

Brandon, I agree.

The person contacted the news station by Facebook making more threats? HAHA! What an idiot.

This ought to take about 2 seconds to catch them.

I wonder if that's really what Matt wanted? To have this be over? He can't whine about the authorities not taking it seriously and he can't be the poor victim that he loves to portray himself as.

While all threats of harm are awful, like Brandon said, someone who can barely put together a sentence and responds to a TV station, it sounds like a little kid talking tough. I doubt anyone was ever in any serious danger

Greg said...

Speaking of atrocious spelling...Matt's latest Facebook fan page post about Jacob.

"Jacob and his friend Vanessa.. Amazing young women with our spactatular young Son. She's a gem for sure. Fits right into the family."

Peter said...

To quote Jacob Roloff's tweet last night:

"Just f*cking relax, everyone."

Jason said...

I still find it interesting that Matt Roloff only does interviews when he knows that the person interviewing him won't ask any follow up questions.

Matt "duck tough questions" Roloff.

Leigh said...

The Huffington Post which is very Liberal, should take this opportunity to confront the Roloffs about their diversity hypocrisy and pin them in a corner about their beliefs about gay people.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Greg, FYI Jacob's Twitter May 12:
"Lol my dad asks me to spell words for him all the time... Like oxygen.. And other, much simpler words"

Just copying and pasting.

Ashley said...

I understand if it included a threat, but this part is confusing me

"It made reference to the Roloff's daughter, Molly, as being "sexy."

And???? If it includes a threat, then I get it but it should be the threat that is bad, not that the person describes Molly as sexy. The way the article words it is kind of odd.

So what? Somebody called Molly sexy! Oh no! Call the FBI! She is an adult, what, almost 20? It just makes me think like they are trying to act like she's a little girl.

Rap541 said...

The new Huffington post article says that Matt "spotted suspicious cars in his driveway".

So here's some follow up questions.

Were the cars INSIDE the gate at the end of the driveway? Was there damage to the security gate? If the cars (not a car, now the story is that there's been multiple occurences of suspicious cars) were past the security gate - how did that happen?

If the cars weren't past the security gate... is it actually a crime to be at the edge of the property? How many police reports have been filed about the multiple cars *on the driveway*?

Because see, if the cars were on the driveway, past the security gate, that's trespassing. If the cars were beyond the security gate and not on Matt's property... is that a crime? When did these multiple car events happen? Were the police called on each incident?

Again, I have no expectation of my questions being answered. So if answering questions about the actual details of of the crime is "Demanding 100% of the Roloffs privacy" - well, ok....

And is it just me or does Matt seem almost gleeful in describing how he's getting all this attention? He's cheerfully sending people to huffington post "if interested in that drama" while of course letting us know what a trooper he's been.

I'm definetely curious to see how this resolves.

Anonymous said...

Ashley, I think that does have some significance because of the context. Let's say it's a crazy person trying to harm the family who also has a sexual interest in one of them... That's a little worrisome.

James said...

Podge/Rodge are you insinuating that Matt sends these things to himself? I highly doubt that's the case. I just can't see Matt having the time or the motivation (or the skills) to create fake facebook profiles. Also, as to his difficulty spelling... they're talking about bad grammar here, not spelling, correct? Using "r" instead of "are" strikes me as intentional, not a dumb mistake. I'm sure the threatener is aware of how to spell the word. A lot of the time people will change thier style of typing online so as not to be identified. My best guess is that it's some lonely kid who doesn't have any intention of backing thier threats up.

Ashley said...

James, a lot of teenagers spell things like "r" for are or "u" for you. It's the texting and twitter way.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

James, for goodness sake, refer to Greg's comment about Matt's spelling. I did. And FYI James, I do not insinuate. I state what I want to state. Which is porobably why Spirit has edited me more than once.
Besides, in accordance with Jocelynn's assertion that Facebook will catch the bozo in about 2 seconds, Matt would not risk getting caught and blowing the reputation he cultivates and guards SO much on a stupid, ridiculous amateur-hour hokey two-bit childish stunt like this one.

Would he?

SDSTYLE said...

Leigh: Why does this bother you?? Who cares about what others think, if you happy being gay then be gay... Or is someone arresting you for being such? Everyone has a right to believe what they want.... It's none of your business! You should try to focus on doing something that will make YOU happy.

Leigh said...

SDStyle, you have some very flawed logic.

First, I'm not gay. It may be shocking to you, but you don't have to be gay yourself to recognize hypocrisy.

Second, as others have said repeatedly, the Roloffs can believe whatever they want. Where you're wrong is that it is our business.

The issue is the Roloffs being hypocrites and frauds. They promote themselves as DIVERSITY speakers. As champions of acceptance. They want to be paid to speak about those things.

They are frauds! They are hypocrites! Their stances towards gay people exposes them for the hypocrites and frauds that they are.