Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Roloff Family Dog Rocky Passes Away

Arguably the most popular 'Roloff' has died. Rocky, the Roloff family dog passed away today.

Matt Roloff made the following Facebook post:

"My best ole' friend slipped away from our heaven on Earth today. Rocky died peacefully right around noon.. outside on the grass right after making his morning rounds. He laid down on this patch of lawn (his favorite hang out) between the house and barn right in the middle of all the activity.. Jeremy went to pet him and realized he had passed away in this very spot.. Sadness has descended on Roloff Farm today. The entire family just happened to be home.. My old friend will be greatly missed. We Love you Rock."

Rocky the dog was featured in hundreds of episodes of Little People, Big World and was the central story line in several of the shows.

Pumpkin season guests always remarked on how friendly Rocky was, often climbing aboard the wagons for tours of the farm.

A couple of years ago Matt generated some controversy and outrage among some when the plot of one episode was Matt explaining how he wanted Rocky to have a dignified or a "manly" death -- detailing how his wish was for Jeremy to take Rocky to the barn and shoot him like they did in "the old days" on farms.

Matt often posted about Rocky on his Facebook page. Those "Rocky" posts often garnered the most attention and positive comments from fans.

While Matt spread the news of Rocky's death on Facebook, Jacob posted a picture of rocky with the caption "Just an old friend". Jacob then went onto tweet about video games and the TV Show "Family Guy".

Jeremy instagrammed a picture of a person with a leaf over his face and captioned it "Facial Recognition". Jeremy made no mention of Rocky.

Amy posted on twitter - at first she was trying to keep it secret because they are filming the event, but said because Matt told everyone, yes Rocky died this morning.

Amy Roloff CF ‏@amyroloffCF
Kind of a sad day at Roloff Farm. More info Later date 

Since we are filming we usually aren't suppose to post details. Since Matt has - yes our good ole dog friend Ricky died this morning. Sad 

sorry Rocky dies this morning Since Matt has posted this already - our family sad day was Rocky our good ole dog died today. He was a good ole sport will miss him

Amy also posted on her Facebook Fan Page much later:

"We were filming today and normally we are not supposed to post something when a filming moment happened. Since Matt already did hopefully it'll be ok. This part is always difficult for me. Rocky has been such a part of our lives and on our show. So you kind of know him too. It was a sad day today at Roloff Farms. Our beloved good ole dog Rocky suddenly passed away at the Farm. He's been with us for about 13 years. He loved being with people, even with all of the people who came during pumpkin season. He died his way - on the farm in the grass between our house and first barn. Jeremy found him this morning and came in shockingly to tell us 'He's gone'! We are glad he was a part of our family and sad he's gone. He's happy now running around without pain. Sure will miss him! Thank you everyone."

Later in the day, Molly tweeted
"buried the old friend today."

Spiritswander sends our deepest condolences.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Roloffs Reached Settlement With Pumpkin Season Customer Who Was Injured At Roloff Farms

The following report was composed and submitted by our contributor Rap541 - We are posting it for the purpose of news reporting. It is Rap541 (who read all the publicly available court documents about this case) summarizing the case for the many people that never knew about this case and Rap541's offers an opinion on the case. As Rap541 provided links to the court site, readers are encouraged to read the documents for themselves and to form their own opinion. No one associated with the Spiritswander blog has had any conversations or correspondence about this case with either the Roloffs or the plaintiff in this case (Ms. Farrell) or anyone associated with either party. This is simply a recap of the publicly available information about the case that anyone can access via the pacer website.

Written by Rap541

So the Farrell Vs Roloff case is over. You might remember this as the woman suing the Roloffs because she broke her leg in the pumpkin pavilion. I’m going to give you my interpretation of the case, but I am also going to state up front – the court documents are available publicly, on line, you just pay 10 cents per page unless there’s more than 30 pages, and then you pay 3 dollars. The case number is 3:11-cv-01255-HZ, and you just go to and look under Oregon. This little article is my interpretation, and I freely state there are things I don’t know, but I can make some logical points.

It was settled out of court, so we don’t know how much Ms. Farrell got. Technically, we don’t know that she got anything…. But based on what was going on in the case? I think the Roloffs were probably smart to settle it out of court.

Here goes.

The gist of the case is that Ms. Farrell was at the farm in October of 2009 as part of a tour. She was in the pumpkin pavilion. Her group got called for lunch, there was a lot of people there, she was accidentally bumped from behind by someone else in her group; there were no handrails and she fell and broke her leg. When staff arrived at the scene, she said she tripped and fell and that it was an accident. Matt said his staff reported that she kept apologizing for being clumsy. To be fair, it sounds like everyone did the right thing once it was understood she was hurt. Then, over a year later, a lawsuit is filed.

First, I really was not very sympathetic to Farrell as the case initially unfolded. The basics are this. She fell and broke her leg and wants a pile of money (almost two million when the case was settled) and I have the same cringe that most of you have over stuff like this. It was an accident, is it really fair to expect a windfall? Plus, frankly the Roloffs have money or at least like to say they have money and people do perceive celebrities, especially celebrities who make a point of showcasing their monetary achievements publicly as rich enough to suck up a nuisance lawsuit by throwing money at it to make it go away. It’s a slip and fall case, the sort of thing that unscrupulous people do to take advantage in minor accident situations. I also, for some reason, thought that Linda Farrell was forty or so. My initial thought was that she was milking it for money.

So here’s some facts. Ms. Farrell is actually in her late *sixties*. She did actually break her leg, so its not a “oh my back isn't right” kind of thing. She, as an elderly woman, has had 7 surgeries on her leg since this fall. The leg isn't healing. There’s some discussion in the court papers that if an upcoming surgery fails, her leg will be amputated. Now, of course the plaintiff will put their injuries in the worst possible light. Where I am going here is that there was a real injury, at times there were delays in this case because Ms. Farrell was hospitalized. My point? We’re not talking about a fake injury here. She really broke her leg. It’s really not healing. Elderly people don’t do well in hospitals and not many gold digging grifters will go all the way to risking amputation. So I am saying, to the couple of you that really virulently defend the Roloffs, before you call this a nuisance lawsuit done by some horrid person looking for nothing but free money, consider how you would feel if your 68 year old grandma went to Roloff Farms, fell in the pavilion and broke her leg, and three, four years later is still unable to walk.  I don’t think she’s faking it, if only because per the court documents, she’s already racked up close to a million dollars in medical bills (you do have to prove those numbers in court).

Now the problem is that she’s also requesting punitive damages. Does everyone remember that episode where Matt claimed the county popped a surprise inspection on him and threatened to shut down the entire farm for pumpkin season but somehow Matt convinced them otherwise? And then whined on twitter about it? Here’s the original report on the blog.

Also here’s my review of the episode.

Basically, the court case reveals that a lot of Matt’s whining on this topic of the evil county inspectors giving him surprise inspections is well…. Made up in his mind. Here’s what happened. Oh, and this info is in the case. It’s the “order on motion for partial summary judgement” filed on 3/19/2013. And let me put this in perspective – Matt and Amy were basically arguing that Ms. Farrell shouldn't be allowed punitive damages because they weren't negligent because the county said it was okay to use the pavilion.

The Roloffs didn't get notice from the county the day before pumpkin season opened. They actually got a letter June 5, 2009 advising of the code violations being reported, and a letter on Sept 24th, 2009 advising them to not let people use certain buildings including the pavilion until they were properly permitted.  The response to motion for partial summary judgment on 12/20/2012 is gonna cost you, but it’s a fun read because it outlines how the county isn't magically showing up out of nowhere to demand things be permitted. The problem, by the way, is that the Roloffs are saying they had permission from the county to let people in the pavilion for the season, and the county is stating no, that didn't happen at all. So if the Roloffs were told the pavilion was off limits to the public until it was permitted, and let people use it, then when Ms. Farrell broke her leg falling approximately three weeks later in a building the Roloffs weren't supposed to be using…. Then she gets to call it negligent. The Roloffs were asking for the punitive damage aspect to be put aside, as they feel the county gave them permission to use the unpermitted pavilion.

Here’s the kicker.  According to Matt, this permission was all verbal. Matt is saying the discussion in “Clash with the County” was all about the pumpkin pavilion, while the county is saying no, we were talking about the mercantile building that was also totally unpermitted. 

Matt insists his being allowed to open the farm was permission to use all the structures while the county states they never told him he couldn't open, just that he couldn't allow people into certain buildings, including the pumpkin pavilion. Apparently there were a number of things the Roloffs were supposed to do that still have never happened, and the pumpkin pavilion is still an unpermitted structure that the Roloffs continue to let people in.

There’s also a fairly extensive bugaboo about someone telling them they could let people use it but no more than forty occupancy, but at the time of the accident, witnesses put the number of people in the pavilion at over 86 and possibly over 100. Based on watching the episodes? Yeah, I could see the occupancy being so high, and various people (Caryn - Matt's assistant) stated that no one was counting or keeping track of how many people were in the building.

So to sum up, the judge agreed with the plaintiff, on this point. That is, it appears the Roloffs were well aware that the county did not give them permission to use the pumpkin pavilion, and were aware that it was due to multiple code violations. Soon after the judge decided that Ms. Farrell could seek punitive damages at trial, the case was settled out of court.

I don’t know what the settlement was. What I am about to say is purely my opinion. I don’t think Ms. Farrell made out like a bandit, but I do think she got a nice chunk of change from the Roloffs.  She got hurt, and while I think her age might have exacerbated her injury, she was a paying guest at a commercial venture and the owners of the business knew their building wasn't up to code and let people run around it anyway.

I’m not *shocked* that the pavilion is still unpermitted (or at least was as of March 2013) because I do get how sometimes building codes can be petty. I also could see Matt insisting on refusing to comply until this case resolved, because he’s also petty.  

Some of the salient points were that the stairs were uneven, and there were no handrails, and the place was too crowded. And here’s the thing – call it a farm all you want, Matt, but you’re running a business. Someone got hurt, someone got seriously hurt and there’s a reasonable chance that it wouldn't have happened if you had done the right thing and brought the building up to code.  As it is, the fact that the start of this little crisis was months before pumpkin season 2009 so the twitter bitching on Oct 1st about how this all happened out of the blue is kinda sorta a lie. Only not kinda sorta. Also, I am genuinely curious what Matt meant about having to hand over all of his profits when his entire argument in court was that he got permission verbally to use the buildings. And since he has never bothered to bring the pavilion up to code, I have no idea why he’s complaining about being out of pocket for anything. What am I getting at, you ask?

It’s a classic Matt the poor little martyr act. Oh its so ridiculous that his farm is held to the same standards as everyone else and he is going broke keeping up with the county’s incessant and ridiculous demands. Only he’s not going broke because he’s not bothering to do all of the permitting and then claiming that he got permission to not be permitted. I suspect they had to pay Ms. Farrell a nice sum on this, and while I was inclined to be sympathetic…. Nope, not a bit. 

They knew the building was problematic, they chose to ignore it, they chose to let people use the building after being told not to let people use the building. Matt whined about being forced to permit the building and got himself a big old pile of sympathy and then never bothered to get the permit. Then someone got hurt. Someone got hurt in the building that wasn't up to code, and that wasn't supposed to be used.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Roloff Family On Two Trips

Since there are some people that don't keep up with all the social media sites and we are the "Keeping Up With the Roloffs" blog - we thought we would keep our readers updated.

The Roloffs are currently on two separate trips. They've posted about the trips, although it has been limited this time. They already have a trip to Costa Rica that is yet to air.

Anyhow, Matt, Jeremy, Zach and Jacob are in the British Virgin Islands (again, they've been there several times). Like many of their past trips to the BVI's, they were with the Mackenzie family - a family with a yacht that originally purchased one of Amy Roloffs auction items (dinner with Amy) and since then treated the Roloffs to trips together. Jeremy's friend from Santa Barbara was also on the trip.

Meanwhile, Amy, Molly, Tori (Zach's girlfriend who now is a regular on Roloff/TLC trips) and Molly's friend Paige have been in California and Disneyland and the surrounding area.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Jacob Mueller's Wedding at Roloff Farm

We have received some inquiries about Jeremy Roloff's best friend -- Jacob Mueller and his recent wedding. Some friends have sent us pictures from various sites, so we are sharing.

Jacob Mueller is of course the long time friend of the Roloffs who has appeared on the "Little People, Big World" TV show since the first season. He is Jeremy's "BFF" and Amy once referred to him as her "5th kid".

He's also the most controversial friend from the show - he was almost always involved in the various scandals Jeremy Roloff has been in - from the racist and homophobic slurs to the cat tossing  to under-age drinking in the Roloff garage to cruel insults towards fans of the show and mocking. Mueller, like Jeremy, has never apologized, admitted any wrong doing or expressed any regret or remorse for any of his behavior/actions/words. Even friends of Mueller have admitted that Mueller had a habit of saying some "questionable" things that would be offensive to some people.

Jacob Mueller and his then girlfriend - Destiney - are expecting a baby in late July. Destiney has tweeted that the baby's name will be Payton (for all those people who thought Mueller would name his son "Jeremy"). They got married in late May.

We received some inquiries from people wondering if the wedding was held at Roloff Farms and filmed for the show?

In the weeks and months leading up to the wedding, Destiney had tweeted a disappointed "We can't use the barn" and that the wedding venue was uncertain because of that news. Then she tweeted that it was back on.

It was indeed held at Roloff Farms in the field. Matt, Amy and Jeremy tweeted or instagrammed about it in differing detail.

We are told it was small wedding and money was a factor in that.

Amy Roloff tweeted: "A lovely day beautiful wedding so honor it was at farm for Jacob and Destiny. Small intimate special" Someone then asked her if it would be on an upcoming episode. Amy Replied: "not this one. He chose not to and i respect him for that, so understandable"

By the way, Jacob Mueller and/or his wife Destiney are welcome to contact Spiritswander if they have anything they would like to say. In the name of fairness, we always like to make that offer whenever someone is being discussed. However, there has been a long-standing invitation to Jacob Mueller which he has never accepted. We were told a couple of years ago that following our interview with friend Daniel Meichtry, Matt Roloff forbid any friends of the Roloffs from speaking -- even Jeremy and Zach Roloff - at the age of 23 now - still have never spoken for themselves. We're told that's the way Matt wants it so that he can have full control of the family brand and image without risking anyone else messing it up.

Anyhow, here are some various pictures from Jacob and Destiney's wedding that was held on Roloff Farm.

Mr. and Mrs. Mueller

Jacob Mueller and bride Destiney

The ceremony

Zach, Dan, Mueller, Jeremy, Bryan and Jacob's brother

Zach and Tori
Might be of interest to longtime viewers of LPBW - the girl betweent Mueller and Zach is "Dani" - Zach's faux girlfriend which was the plot for the early seasons of the show. She is now married to another friend from the show, Brendon.

Zach and Jeremy

Jeremy and Matt

Molly and Tori

Jacob and his girlfriend Vanessa (hasn't been shown on the tv show yet)

Fans of the early seasons of LPBW might recognize friends - Keith, Scott, Bryan, Dan and Jake

Congratulations to Jacob and Destiney Mueller and best of luck in the future.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

TV Ratings For "Little People, Big World: Separation Anxiety" episode June 3rd, 2013

Last night's episode of Little People, Big World: Separation Anxiety drew a 1.19 rating and a 0.4 in the key 18-49 demographic.

TV-By-The-Numbers has the list for the cable shows last night:

Monday, June 3, 2013

Episode Review Little People, Big World: Separation Anxiety To Air Monday June 3rd at 10pm on TLC

The next episode of 'Little People, Big World' featuring the Roloff family is entitled "Separation Anxiety" and is scheduled to air Monday June 3rd at 10pm.

TLC has the preview description up on their website. The episode preview indicates that it is a return to  the plot line highlighting the marriage woes of Matt and Amy. It is worth noting that on Matt's Facebook Fan page, he goes out of his way to portray the marriage as a happy one and in the past both Matt and Amy scoffed at all the speculation after several episodes of LPBW left the viewers wondering if they would get a divorce.


10:00 PM 60 MIN. Little People, Big World: Separation Anxiety TV-PG 

With 3 of 4 kids out of the house, Matt and Amy have retreated into their own separate worlds. When attempts to refuel their marriage with date nights go especially sour, they find themselves questioning whether or not their relationship is worth saving..


Review written by Rap541

Oh god this is on so late. And this episode of Cake Boss is like watching paint dry. On the plus side I have a pretentious organic raw drink called kombucha that is yummy. Ok Cake Boss is sweet in that the boss is all “well my wife and kids are making a cake and if they make it for me, its awesome”.

So wassup Matt and Amy? Hmm ominous music as Amy and Matt drive about the farm. It seems awkward and forced. One gets the impression they don’t really simply cruise together on the ATV around the farm all that much. Matt apparently wants to build a house and insists he’s burning with ideas and Amy is all “we already have a house”.  Matt notes the kids will need a house. He insists he needs something to do because he’s driven, while Amy is annoyed with the whole tone. Oh this will be long.

The only real change in the credits is that Jacob is shown bigger.

Amy washes dishes and notes that Matt lives in his office and is completely distant. Matt and Amy both note how Jake is the only one in the home. Amy thinks they live in separate worlds. Matt calls Amy from his office.  Amy gives us fond memories of how she married Matt in a frenzy. Matt concurs. Sorry, you aren’t topping my grandparents who met in the London tube during the Blitz and were married 24 hours later. Now that’s a whirlwind!

Matt wants to revamp the house and feels he was chased out of the house. He feels he was overwhelmed by the sea of stuff and we get a short montage of the mess. He wants to redo the carpet. And apparently the entire house. There’s obvious *bleach* stains on the carpet. I notice that the kids being at fault is never ever mentioned. This is three year old carpet. I take Matt’s side. This isn’t typical wear and tear.

Jake is all “I stay in my room”. He needs a haircut. He notes how much they argue and how he ignores it.  Considering the entire episode of mom and dad griping, I get why he hides. Molly at one points notes that this is why she left.

Tori and Zach meet Mom and Dad for dinner. Matt notes how Amy married him after a week. Zach tries to counsel mom and dad into dating on date night.

Now Amy is talking Matt into going on a date. Amy is all “who are you now” and they drive off to a western bar. Amy line dances for Matt. She notes how he used to be more spontaneous. He notes how if he’s not working on the business or the farm, he’s wasting his time. Hmm.  That’s a nicely self concerned remark. I’m starting to question how often Jake is left alone while Matt and Amy date.

After commercial back at the CW bar, Amy tells Matt she wants to experience stuff. Matt haybales how Amy is done parenting and is on a different track. Amy notes that Matt should want to do things with her. Matt is very noncommittal.

Matt wants the house cleaned up. He’s against being on Hoarders. He notes to Amy that he’s being driven from the house by her clutter. Amy notes how people live in the house and that leaves dents. Basically this is a tour of how the house is dirty. In all seriousness, I wasn’t raised in a neat home, and this is pretty disgusting and disorganized. Amy, pick up. Matt? Stop pointing fingers and ALSO pick up. Some of the resentment here is likely because Matt likes to point fingers and bark and never actually do anything.

Winter break! All the kids are home! Matt proceeds to lecture everyone on cleaning. Jeremy notes how prone to failure this is. Amy goes on about how the dents are memories.

Jeremy looks at his pigsty and notes how he’s not to blame for the mess. Apparently his birth certificate is in the trash. Or rather, Zach’s certificate. He essentially does nothing. Now Jeremy and Matt snot about how they are men and should make decisions in various rooms. I note how precious little actually gets done. 

Oh Molly, your parents are at the 25 year point. Try watching the same arguments when its year 47. Trust me, Molly. It’s not going to change.

Matt bitches openly how Amy isn’t on board and badmouths her to the camera crew. Matt wants a cleaner. Matt thinks the basement is disgusting and gives Amy a month to stop hoarding. Really they are almost playing the soundtrack from Hoarding: Buried Alive. I am seriously curious to see if we see Matt insisting all of his stuff can’t be thrown out. Oh what am I saying? Matt’s role is to complain.

Matt hugs Jeremy and notes that the kids only came home to help them with the house. Funny that absolutely nothing got done.  Amy notes that the kids who leave are the glue in the marriage. More shots of the pigsty which as presented suggests that the kids did nothing. In fairness the place is disgusting but I don’t see Matt actually picking anything up or actually doing anything. He feels he loves in a pigpen.

Zach wanders in to play with Jake. They ride bikes. Zach is very judgmental of the video games. I try not to recall the many episodes where Zach was splayed on a couch, playing games, including the one where he was skipping school and Amy let him. Zach is acting as the parent. Jake notes that Matt lives in his office and Amy lives in the house.

Matt decides to lecture Amy on her role in cleaning shit. He has a list. On the one hand, Amy is a pig, on the other, Matt is great at making lists of *chores for people other than Matt to do*. 

Again, we see a lot of Matt complaining and hardly any shots of Matt doing anything other than complaining. And honestly Amy seems to have a need to keep the place messy. Amy hun, there’s memories and then there’s boxes of crap everywhere. I understand, I really do, I’m from a family of packrats but really sometimes its ok to throw things out. I know its hard but take a picture and toss it.

They head off on a date. They argue. Then they go bowling. Matt hates bowling.  Matt also texts Jake while eating dinner with Amy – an action I really really hate. Sorry, cell users, but if we’re out to dinner, put the phone down for the duration of our meal. Matt hates the restaurant Amy chooses. Matt basically hates any time he’s not getting his way.

Hmm 20 minutes left so we need to start wrapping it up in a positive way. They head off on a date night. Matt’s “indulging her” and “toughing it out” in order to get thru it. Yeah that’s an awesome attitude. Matt hates the restaurant she chooses and pouts.  Seriously he’s making no effort. So Amy raises “calling it quits”. Matt notes they’re not having any fun. This is awkward.

Oh look its Matt’s pal Pondo. Maybe they will discuss what a douchbag Amy is just like they publicly insulted and name-called pumpkin customers that disliked Matt's parking fees? Matt clearly establishes to Pondo how Amy is completely at fault. He asks Pondo if he and Amy should stay together.

Oh geez Matt… maybe instead of asking your buddies, you should grow a set and *ask your wife* this  question. And while we’re at it, hmmm hey maybe you shouldn’t be letting your youngest raise himself. You had a father, why does Jake have to make do with none? Because you were driven out of the home by the clutter?

Pondo seems to steer Matt against divorce.  Amy hangs with a friend Lori. They have wine. Amy notes how different they are. Lori notes how Matt sees Amy as the caregiver and has difficulty seeing her in a different role. Amy notes she will never be good enough. It’s Matt’s way or the highway and Amy is tired of it.  

Amy cleans a bit. Matt makes a point of being a condescending ass about it. The house is painted and recarpeted. Amy rolls on the carpet. Matt prongs her with his foot. Considering how recently the house and new addition was completely redone, it’s utterly ridiculous that they had bleach spots and needed to replace the carpet. Then again they did lock the dog in one of the carpeted rooms to pee and crap and I am sure Matt doesn’t consider that his fault so…

Matt takes Amy to Mt Shasta, leaving Jake home alone. Amy notes how quiet it is and how they’re doomed. Well she doesn’t say that but…

Now Matt “has an activity” for Amy.  Matt also wants to use his phone while driving. Matt is taking Amy skiing. Amy notes how Matt plans things that he likes to do. They get into a snow cat. They end up at a shack. There’s a ton of wine bottles in the shack. They drink wine and forget all the angry moments. Funny, how Amy is completely won over in the last five minutes of the show. Matt then fakes shouts “I’m on top of the world!”

Then they are home and Amy notes how quickly they return to the same routines of living separately and this implies how very troubled the marriage is. Yeah, not sure what we’re learning here and really not sure how this isn’t at the Kardashian level.