Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Roloff Family On Two Trips

Since there are some people that don't keep up with all the social media sites and we are the "Keeping Up With the Roloffs" blog - we thought we would keep our readers updated.

The Roloffs are currently on two separate trips. They've posted about the trips, although it has been limited this time. They already have a trip to Costa Rica that is yet to air.

Anyhow, Matt, Jeremy, Zach and Jacob are in the British Virgin Islands (again, they've been there several times). Like many of their past trips to the BVI's, they were with the Mackenzie family - a family with a yacht that originally purchased one of Amy Roloffs auction items (dinner with Amy) and since then treated the Roloffs to trips together. Jeremy's friend from Santa Barbara was also on the trip.

Meanwhile, Amy, Molly, Tori (Zach's girlfriend who now is a regular on Roloff/TLC trips) and Molly's friend Paige have been in California and Disneyland and the surrounding area.


Allison said...

I haven't checked Jacob's twitter lately.

Is the little brat complaining about the "Stupid show" when he's on a beach?


What a whiner.

I get that the Roloffs are a bunch of liars, but I'm fed up with people praising Jacob for being "honest".

He is a self absorbed spoiled brat that complains about things one minute and then laps up the perks of it another.

Megan said...


How many times have the Roloffs taken free trips to the BVIs, California or Florida?

The "kids" grow up to have no work ethic and become the type of shameful people that complain about the speed of room service while not paying a dime for their trip.

Nick said...

Does Jacob ever take friends on trips?

Peter L said...

So yeah, it's official? Jeremy is taking a semester off college to play like a child around the farm and take trips paid for by someone else.

Will he Jeremy ever get some pride.

Michelle said...

I've noticed about Tori. She's managed to squeeze her into the freebee trips even without Zach.

Tori is the new Mueller. Moocher.

Don said...

Ok, I'll ask the question. Does Matt Roloff actually DO anything in life?

I know on Facebook he cultivates this image that he's always busy.

But does he actually do ANY work? The fake jobs for tv like the wedding are all suggested by TV producers and executives.

And they are for what? 4 to 6 episodes a year?

What does Matt Roloff actually do in life besides take vacations between Hawaii and the British Virgin Islands that he doesn't foot the bill for?

He's not an example of a self-sufficient, hard-working adult.

Greg said...

Matt finally succeeded in shutting Jacob up on twitter.

On June 13th Jacob tweeted that he was getting ready to disappear from life for 8 days.

When he was asked what he meant by his pothead "F*ck" swearing friend, he told his friend to send him an instant message. AKA: he didn't want to publicly say they were taking a freebie vacation to BVI again.

In other words, Matt gives Jacob treats and he tows the party line like that rest of them. So much for Jacob being the rebel in the family.

KJ said...

They are always on vacation!

Amy Alvarez said...

F*ck you guys let them be.

Karl said...

In my opinion, the only "professional" thing Jeremy is a professional slacker, not a photographer.

He spends his life deceiving people on a bogus "reality show" without working or doing anything on his own.

Christine said...

Jeremy's probably drunk in the name of Jesus at Foxy's again.

Melissa said...

Notice Matt didn't say the "boys" took him to BVI for Father's Day...because none of the Roloffs ever do anything on their own.

And I agree with the person that commented about Tori being a moocher.

Rap541 said...

Amy, F*uck you too! Kiss your momma with that f*ucking mouth? You're cussing for the love of Matt, huh? He's so awesome and so faultless you wanna f*uck people who don't like him? Have you told Matt and Jer-bear how you wanna f*uck people in their name? Have ypou told your pastor how you told some people "F*uck you guys!" for the love of Matt?

Because if this is how Matt F*ucking Roloff wants his fans to play, then we can f*ucking talk about what a F*ucking Asshole Matt F*ucking Roloff is... please understand that the lovers of the Roloffs are putting "well F*uck you too!" on the f*ucking table and if we're gonna be cussed at then I don't want to hear any f*ucking b*itching about calling Matt F*ucking Roloff a f*ucking asshole.

Got it? :)

Since when did "F*uck you guys!" hit the Roloff acceptable language list? Don't get me wrong, I have no issue with the "eff" word, I just thought people who were decent conservative republican christians proud to stand up with the Roloffs... didn't use a word forbidden by their faith

Hey Christians, Roloff Christian fans... please let us know, when did "F*uck you guys!* enter the "its fine to say if you're loving and defending the Roloffs?"

Rap541 said...

Melissa, the "boys" didn't take Matt to the BVIs because Jeremy is a parasite leech and Zach, who actually does work, still only makes jack coaching soccer.

I'll forgive Zach a little since he is working, but Jeremy? Is *playing* on Daddy's dollar for months... again the big *boy* is 23 and who wants to bet in two or three weeks he's off to the LP convention on Mommy and Daddy's dime as well?

Timothy said...

The BVI tourism board must be hard up. They must be giving TLC quite a deal to keep coming back.

I'm surprised TLC still gets suckered into these things. For what it must cost for the travel of crews and equipment and the hassle of arranging the trade offs, is it really worth it for what amounts to a bit more than a half of an episode every 4 months?

Carrie said...

I wonder when Molly will tweet about how crumby the room service is on her free trip?

Such a spoiled princess full of entitlement.

Jason said...

Mueller stepping out of line and becoming bad for the image cost him his mooching gig.

Tori has slipped in there nicely. Her parents must be proud.

Terri said...

Wow more Roloff vacations. Glad to see TLC being original....

kitten Has claws said...

Right On Terri TLC paid vacations bla bla bla same ole same ole. Aren't the Roloff twins like almost 25 years old? Acting more like 15 year olds or younger. Even Josh Duggar has it together better than the Roloff runarounds. Guess they better make it interesting on their *COUGH COUGH* reality show as thats now their life blood. Its sooo rather watch Honey Boo Boo and i dont really like that show, so GREAT BIG HUGE YAWN ON TLC *Pull the plug* Same crap different year....ughh. Then End=The Best ( No to kitty cat tossing )

k Has C said...

EWWWWWWWW on that pic of Amy with the wrinkley puckered lips ~run Matt run~ (it had to be said) :-)

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

23 hrs. ago (at the time of this entry)
"Jer! That is beer? Or Kool Aid?"
Greg, thank goodness Matt hasn't totally shut down Jacob's Twitter. Where else would we get the straight goods? Thank God Jeremy James Jesus is sloggin' them back like any conservative christian, who doesn't think it's bad for Jer to 'consume' alcohol once in a awhile. It's called a funnel, Jer. I'm personally worried that if Jacob gets fed up with his mom, dad, AND Spiritswander (gotta tell his friend that it's one word) watching his tweets, the pipeline of information might dry up. Which would be a pity.

Timothy said...

Podge, honestly I think Jacob likes the attention.

Occasionally when his friends get annoyed with him they'll tweet something like "Jacob I don't care" or "Jacob thinks he's so famous".

I think he clearly likes when his friends respond to stuff about his being on tv.

Bashes fans but secretly digs the attention. Not that much different from Jeremy.

Chris Linton said...

Hey Podge, I'd love to see Jacob do an interview with Spiritswander.

Enough with the minor shows of rebellion like the "stupid show" and "pretending to do homework" tweets.

That would be the ultimate "F you" to Matt and Amy for forcing him to do the show.

But like it has been said already, Jacob isn't that much of a rebel. He needs to stay cool in Jeremy's eyes and like Jeremy, Jacob wants his goodies and treats. If it means a week on the beach and in the water then Jacob will forget about being the rebel and be a good little boy on twitter just like his LPBW character.

Brit said...

FYI, some of you might find this hard to believe, but Jacob's girlfriend is just like Jeremy's girlfriend with the Jesus stuff.

She's God and Jesus and Bible quotes all over the place.

Jacob just uses his twitter to bitch. I hardly think he deserves credit for that.

All you Jacob fans that say he's so honest? He's a liar just like the rest of them. If you look back in his tweets you'll see him defending Mueller and calling people liars for saying Molly cheered Kirk Cameron's "gay people are destroying civilization" comment which is totally true or calling someone a liar for saying Jeremy and Mueller get drunk and smoke at LPA parties.

But because Jacob whines about needing to film instead of being able to sit and play video games, people consider him honest? Give me a break.

Ryan said...

Jake has those creepy toe shoes on....

And I've noticed how Jacob will shut up his complaining and smile if it means he gets something cool out of it.

Victoria said...

Does anybody know is Jacob religious as the rest of the Roloffs?

Has he ever said on twitter? I was thinking he wasn't, maybe that was mostly due to his drug talk and his cursing, but if he has girlfriend that is vocal about loving Jesus, maybe he is?

If he was irritated by the Jeremy and Audrey's of the world he probably wouldn't have a girlfriend that was Audrey2

Ashley said...

Victoria, I think so but he's not as vocal about it on twitter as Jeremy or Molly.

Jacob has tweeted about wanting to go back to Faith Bible School and got all upset when someone called it like a religious cult.

And Jacob, who makes fun A LOT of people on twitter, never makes fun of Jeremy, Audrey or any of their friends that constantly tweet about "living for Jesus".

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Chris, I agree. I know this requires all of our patience, but the real stuff will or could occur when Jacob turns 18. THEN, we'll see if he signs a contract with TLC, and he will officially be able to speak for himself. We all know how much Jeremy speaks for himself, or any of the others for that matter. I can't predict which way Jacob will go. Perhaps too soon to tell? There does not seem to be much problem following along right now, but whether he has a choice now or not, others will comment on that.
However, I wrote a few years ago when Zach was in college (for the first time, I think), I wondered, if it ever came down to it, whether or not /matt would actually sue one of his own children to keep his precious reputation, lies and all, intact.

Brandon said...

Podge/Rodge, I have a feeling Jacob will be just like his siblings.

He'll jump for joy at finally being able to get a slice of the pie for himself and will silence all his moaning and groaning.

Have we forgotten how Zach used to be the most outspoken critic of doing the show?

Now (and since he turned 18 and gets his own paycheck)? Complete silence about how much he hates the show and gladly goes through the motions of filming to collect his $

No reason to think Jacob will be any different than Zach in that regard.

Kayla said...

Jake doesn't like sleeping with Zach and wants to come back home! And says Zach's butt is huge! lol.

"Been literally sleeping in a closet with Zach for a week, un-air conditioned, definitely ready to get home to my Game of Thrones bed.

Y is Zachs butt so gigantic

Like I can't move an inch with zach here but I'm like "he's a dwarf why is this a problem" doesn't make sense."

Ellie said...

Jeremy's friend Tye from Brooks is on the trip in the British Virgin Islands too.

Michelle said...

I was mistaken, maybe Tye is the new Mueller. He's Jeremy's pal that keeps him company on these family trips.

Jackie said...

I wanna slap Jacob so much everything he starts complaining about something on their vacation.

Does the spoiled brat even know that there are a lot of kids that never even get to travel out of state and all he does is complain and complain. Every trip he starts tweeting about wanting to come home.

Laurie said...

Thank you Roloff family for sharing. I look forward to seeing these on the show.

Peter L said...

So typical! Someone on twitter was at the same bar the Roloffs were at in the BVIs.

Jeremy favorited his tweet so the guy must have thought he was now best friends with Jeremy and tweeted that it was nice to drink with Jeremy at some bar called "The Soggy Dollar".

He then deletes the tweet about drinking at the bar with Jeremy!

I don't know if the guy had second thoughts about killing Jeremy's "always living for Jesus" image or if Jeremy privately told him to delete the bar tweet.

So typical Jeremy. Everything about his fake and a cover up.

Chris Linton said...

Tis true! I replied to the bar buddy tweet before it was deleted!

Folks have to learn that if you want to be pals with Jeremy James Jesus you gotta keep Jeremy's bar hoppin ways on the DownLow!

Timothy said...

In Matt's picture on FB they did go with the fan family with the yacht that gives them BVI trips.

Ashley said...

Timothy, in that picture, Jacob looks bigger than Jeremy. Jacob also looks like he's putting on weight.

Natalie said...

I love how Matt says *I* took my boys (ahem, how old until parents stop doing that?) on a trip. If the rich family was there, then Matt didn't really do it. They were mooching of someone else again. That's the Roloff way.

Greg said...

I like how Matt was able to slip in a reference to Focus on the Family.

You don't think that was unintentional do you?

"I took my boys on an amazing vacation together. (Without the cameras). One of you once told me... Focus on the family ... Such incredible advise. Love you all for your wisdom and support"

Rap541 said...

Greg, I thought it was just Matt fishing for compliments and attention.

Hey Matt honey, since you're addressing fan comments and following fan advice now, how about you stop taking "the boys" on vacation and actually parent them at home? You know? That place where you lock yourself in your barn office and your youngest son never sees you? Except when he comes out of his own room for food?

Or is that too big a drain on you? Spending time with the family while not indulging yourself?