Tuesday, June 4, 2013

TV Ratings For "Little People, Big World: Separation Anxiety" episode June 3rd, 2013

Last night's episode of Little People, Big World: Separation Anxiety drew a 1.19 rating and a 0.4 in the key 18-49 demographic.

TV-By-The-Numbers has the list for the cable shows last night:



Peter said...

What the hell is wrong with TLC? Do they have the stupidest and least creative executives in the business?

The show sucks. It's void of realism. Just ask Jacob! It's staged and every plot has already been done 6 times previously.

It's not getting good ratings. Yet still TLC indulges the Roloffs and refuses to finally kiss them goodbye permanently.

Based on TLC signing Joey Newman to do the music for more episodes they seem happy to keep this old and tired show going.

BeckyM said...

@ Peter I guess it's because TLC knows they can give the Roloffs comped carpet to sell out every shred of their decency and privacy.

ROFLMAO on the ratings! Once again hilarious.

Vic Rattlehead said...

An 0.4 wow.....just........WOW.

TNA wrestling on Spike got better ratings when Vince Russo was "writing" for it in 2010 and pretty much everything they did for a year and a half was a complete and utter disaster.

More people probably watched the infomrecials that aired after TLC went off air at midnight.

Brandon said...

Cue Matt's obligatory damage control "TLC was thrilled with the ratings"...yes...1...2...3...

"Hey everyone. Thanks for watching the last episode of lpbw. TLC was ecstatic about how many of you tuned in to watch it. :)"

Then he goes onto lie and says they tell all the stories...haha. And then completely undermines the "reality" they portrayed by once again posting a happy picture and talking about the fun they are having.

Rap541 said...

I sometimes suspect that the Roloffs would divorce on screen a la Jon and Kate if TLC continued to pay them their two bits for a gander.

I'm also still waiting for Matt and Amy to explain why they aren't reality whores selling their private moments for cash.

Mike P. said...

I'd like to see the particulars--in print form--of the contract between Roloff and TLC.

Clearly, neither ratings nor quality are involved.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Oh, my goodness. Brandon was spot on!
"TLC was ecstatic about how many of you tuned in to watch it. :)) " I wonder if anyone from TLC will be willing to comment if they were asked? How do we go about finding someone on the exec. to comment. Maybe Matt could give us a name of a real person to attribute the quote to?
Oh, and the "real and raw" bit.
"But the reason lpbw has lasted so many years is because we tell all the stories ... Even the ones that are uncomfortable to watch." Will the BS never end?
I can't find another airing on TLC to watch and review until next Monday.

Justin2 said...

Its just a shame...I even forgot a new episode was on until I read this!!

BeckyM said...

TLC's Little Couple show earns highest ratings

Inside Matt's brain he's fuming. There's always a reality-ho right behind you, one upping you. ROFLMAO!!

Anonymous said...

The Duggars have dipped below 1 million many times over the past 2 seasons. The big Duggar trip to Asia one of the episodes was in the 900k range yet TLC keeps renewing the Duggars. I wonder why the Roloffs and Duggars are still on TLC? I can see Jim Bob Duggar taking a big pay cut but would Matt Roloff do the same?

BeckyM said...

@ Anon Because shows like Duggars and LPBW are cheap cheap cheap to make. Since there are no laws in Oregon governing the filming of minor kids, TLC doesn't have to break a sweat (part of the reason why you don't see the Gosselins any more is because Pennsylvania put in laws on reality television filming).

Matt only got new baseboards comped to him for the last show so TLC ain't offering much to their "stahs!"