Tuesday, July 30, 2013

New Little People, Big World Episode: Welcome To The Jungle: Tonight July 30th at 10pm on TLC

There is another new episode of Little People, Big World on TLC at 10:00pm. It is titled "Welcome To The Jungle" about the Roloffs TLC vacation to Costa Rica.


"After a long winter, Matt and Amy attempt to breathe new life into their relationship by embarking on a family trip to Costa Rica. The kids though, have separate plans in mind. Sparks ignite and one Roloff finds himself stumbling through the jungle alone."


Episode Review Written by Rap541

Wow. This is on so late! I just feel like saying it again because really, 10pm isn’t family show time. Also the whole “Who Do You Think You Are?” show was really sad as it was all about Christina Applegate and her grandma’s sad past. I mean it was all so sordid.  For the record, I think the more interesting story was where the mystery half brother was but…

Anyway….  Matt stares pensively at the rain and immediately we’re on the divorce talk but Matt thinks it’s time to go somewhere. Matt notes to Amy that they have done Mexico.  For the record, when the wedding shows start, I do plan to note the vacations are so excessive that Matt can note they have done Mexico so I really don’t care to hear any bitching how they could lose the farm over the non business.

Finally a brief view of the amazing chicken coop that I doubt very much Matt has ever had to tend to. Matt notes how he is always left out on the vacations because the family is hateful. 

Matt gets himself a special saddle to ride horses. I get it, and sometimes the family is a bit cloddish but really, Matt manages to trot off by himself at least once a year on vacations for just Matt – and it’s usually more than once a year so really, the complaining gets a bit old. If Matt wants to lounge on the beach, Matt does, and doesn’t bring the family so it’s hard to boo hoo for him, when he seems a tad selfish. Yes, I will say it. He’s married and has children at home and goes on multiple vacations by himself – all the while complaining on camera how his poor business decisions mean he could lose his home.  If we’re supposed to believe he could lose his home at any given moment then maybe the lil vacations to Maui and China aren’t necessary.

Molly is home and a tad blah. Amy waxes on how Molly is studying Spanish at college. Now everyone is leaving and they are meeting Jeremy in Phoenix. Audrey is coming with the family. Amy notes all the changes. Zach reads lines on how Tori is part of the family. Matt is insisting that he bring the pedal extensions. Will this be a plot point later? They run off into the airport. 

Matt notes how rare a family vacay is . Yeah um… No.  This particular comment gets old. Now they are at Sky Harbor in one of the club rooms. Jeremy notes how he hasn’t seen his woman in three months. And now we’re in Costa Rica!

Yeah this place looks fancy.  Matt wants to hang by the pool. Amy notes the kids take after Matt in sleeping in. He seems to be really offended by that observation. Yay, the bitching has begun!

Now everyone is waiting on Matt for the kayaking trip.  Amy gets mad. Molly tells her to chill. Matt slowly rolls out. Audrey asks if they will be there on time. Amy notes how mad Matt would be if it was Amy who was late. I kinda agree with her there, he doesn’t like it when people aren’t on schedule. Amy is pissed when Matt rolls in. There’s endless car bitching.  

They make it to the kayaking. Amy reads some lines on the nature. Amy is annoyed that Matt takes off with Jeremy. Matt snots to the camera how he intentionally ditched the wife. There’s nature. Matt wants to turn around.  Matt notes how on family trips they should be doing everything together. Matt is uncomfortable and wants to get out. Its awkward because really at the end of the day, he has physical issues and he expects Amy to give up her own enjoyment to be at his side… especially when he’s a pouting bitch when she takes him to the oh so physical endurance challenge of a fancy restaurant. Yeah, I remember the last divorce episode where sitting in a booth and ordering was too much for Matt and he had to snot how he’s only happy when he’s working a project and getting his way.

So back at the hotel Amy bangs on doors because they are hiking. Jeremy yawns and wears a towel. Amy complains about how her adult boys can’t wake up on time. Who’s fault is that? 

Amy and Matt bitch at each other about the hike. It’s a three mile hike and Matt is conveniently left behind for the cameras. There are monkeys. Matt notes how he’s the medical martyr and how he was left behind. He plays with a coconut in an obviously staged scene. Somehow he magically turns up at the beach. Jeremy notes how dull being with the family is and how he loves Audrey and funny how Jer isn’t at Matt’s side, gamely being Matt’s helper monkey. Matt wants to take the “boys” fishing. Amy is fine with not going. They head out on a boat. The women do girl things because there’s no fishing for girls. The fishing is poor. Matt asks Jeremy about Audrey. There really doesn’t seem to be any interest in Zach and Tori.  I really don’t think Jake speaks in this episode.

Jeremy and Zach take the girls out for food. Jeremy seems pleased to be on “date night”. Amy and Matt have an awkward dinner. Matt notes he’s not having a good time. Amy is annoyed that Matt isn’t going to try the horse riding. Amy notes that no matter what happens the family is made to feel guilty if Matt doesn’t go on things. That’s a fair point. I mean realistically, was everyone supposed to turn around when Matt gets tired? I understand his limitations, but at the end of the day, why go anywhere if all Matt wants is to hang on the beach? There’s nothing wrong with that – but seriously when is the family allowed to do something guilt free if Matt can’t participate? And why go anywhere if this is what every trip is like? Because really, this is what every trip is like for the Roloffs, and the older Matt gets, the less likely he will be able to partipate.

Zach notes that Matt is ready to leave now. Amy notes how miserable Matt is. Matt notes with a dramatic sigh that he’s not miserable. Amy somehow makes this about her empty nest. Matt notes “what about us” and we have more bitter separatist talk. Good lord, get therapy or get divorced.

So day three of the misery. Amy brought a backpack of stuff to hand out to poor kids. No one but Tori is thrilled by the visiting poor kids plan. Matt notes that Zach is an instinctive teacher. I notice we don’t see Jeremy with any of the kids. Matt again makes them late to leave. The problem is that I can kinda believe Matt is making them wait on him.

Now they are planning to zip line. It seems like a steep walk up. Yeah this is miserable because I feel for him, but I also see Amy’s point that there’s a point where it’s always Matt saying the family is leaving him behind.  He seems to make this about the marriage but I don’t think it is. I think it’s about control. Matt likes being on his farm property because he controls everything there, including, to a point, Amy. When they go to places where Amy can do things he can’t, and he can’t snap his fingers for a couple of the farm lackeys to circle around, he’s frustrated and angry because he isn’t in control. There are many ways Matt could have gotten up there – frankly I find it hard to believe the resort had no contingency plan but Matt does like the pity.

So now Matt voices over how *Amy* puts him in situations where he’s made the fool. I question that simply because he is a control freak and had to have seen the trip itinerary. I mean, folks, do you really think Matt allowed Amy to mastermind this? I note that none of the kids including Jer suggest skipping the treat to be with dad. Hmm. Funny that, that Jeremy didn’t manfully leave the group to assist his beloved father.  Matt voices over how very wrong everyone is to have fun while he martyrs himself as the poor guy. 

Meanwhile everyone  ziplines and Matt conveniently is somehow able to put those peddles he brought to use even though I saw no sign or hint that they had been loaded into the hotel van.  Funny that.

Now day four and they decide to skip the daily squabble over Matt coming to the van. He wants to use the saddle but never bothered to try it in Oregon because testing stuff is dumb. Matt notes how he’s never been on a horse despite prior episodes where he WAS on a horse and also described being on a horse as a child.

Matt throughout the ride yells various shouts all through the ride.  The scenery is nice. Matt notes how amazing he was. Now there’s a final meal. It wraps up in a neat little package with everyone happy and Matt and Amy have yet again decided to not divorce.

So lets see. All of the kids barely spoke on screen. Matt and Amy debated their marriage again and basically had a miserable time. Folks at TLC? If you are just going to film Amy and Matt bitching about how they might get divorced, don’t bother sending them on trips any more. Trust me, those two will whore themselves and their marriage out  for our amusement without the trips.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Jacob Roloff Answers Questions About New Episode Of Little People Big World

The aftermath of the new episode of Little People, Big World last night had a different element to it.

This was the first episode that has aired since Jacob Roloff started using a Ask.fm account to respond to questions and comments.

What ended up happening was that basically Jacob graciously participated in pretty much a live chat with fans as they watched the show and he answered their questions or cleared up the misleading details of the episode.

Jacob is the only Roloff in the history of LPBW to ever take the time to candidly answer unedited questions about an episode, set things straight as he sees it and respond to viewer comments (both positive and negative). .

The reaction since Jacob created his twitter and now his ask.fm accounts has been split. Some seem to love Jacob's personality that is displayed on his ask account and appreciate his candor. Others say they are horrified at his perceived rudeness and feel the fact that he talks about his marijuana use is dreadful. Others just like the honesty from a Roloff,

Personally, while I certainly think some of the negative reaction has some validity, I like what he's doing. Like his reaction to comments or not, he does come off as being real and genuine instead of fake like is often the criticism of the rest of the Roloff clan. And it certainly is nice for fans to get the real story after an episode straight from a participant. In my opinion, Jacob is the only Roloff who is truly insightful and enlightening online.

So with no further delay, here are some of the questions and answers Jacob responded to during and after the episode aired. He sets the record straight about the deceptive way the show handled going for his driver's license (he does not have his license contrary to what the show implied) and responds to criticism from the episode about being disrespectful towards Matt and Amy.

Read from the bottom up if you want to read in order from oldest (as the episode was airing) to newest.


is your hair still as long as it was in the recent episode?

Why do you think you're so closed to people?
Cause I'm easily annoyed and hate you if you annoy me

just wanted to say u r hottt. i dont see why people are giving u crap about doing weed..? its safer than binge drinking and passing out
Lolz ikr

You were the only good thing about the episode last night.

Little People, Big World was so boring last night that I actually fell asleep watching it.
Neat? I guess I had a better night than you.. Sucks..

The power of tv and celebrity status is ridiculously amusing. I love how you're "amazing" when basically all you do is smoke weed, play video games and insult people on the internet.
You should check out some accounts on twitter.. People literally worship people they don't even know. These people have at least seen me grow up lol

Are you going to Michigan with your family next week?
Well just my mom is going

Why do u reply to all the comments about yourself and your looks? You have a girlfriend rite? Do u just like the attention u get, and what all these gurls think of u?
Because people ask me why I only answer the hateful ones

You say trill a lot what does it mean?
I think I've said it like 4 times but idek.. Urban dictionary it

don't work in a movie theater. i did it for six months and its basically just sweeping rude customers popcorn off the floor all damn day and night. not fun.
Yea but I'd rather do that than actually talk to people lol

True, true! Low key I'm jealous of her.

Well not so much for you, but for your girlfriend?
Well I'm probably never gonna meet any of these girls so it's trill

Is it weird having a bunch of random girls telling you how cute you are?
Why would it be

You're really attractive!

If you enjoy gaming, have you ever thought of pursuing a career in animation? I'm 24 and it took me forever to figure out my major. It will click. :)
Idk I'm not creative enough for that I don't think

you're inspirational
:-) I should make an inspirational quotes account on twitter then

You and Zach said what the duece a lot on the show. WHY?
Cause what the heck is too mainstream

why are you so insecure about yourself? You're perf

you say 'like' a lot on the show lol
I say a lot of things a lot

What's your gamertag? If you don't wanna give it out I understand.
Combine 'orphan' and 'llama' and send a request to whatever you think it is lol

Date me (x but seriously doe you a cutie. You get all dem ladies (;

I'm pretty sure every girls wants you (x your gf is lucky.

Smoke with me babe

I love how you're so positive and take all of the criticism in the best way possible! sorry that people are assholes.. you're amazing :)
I love how positive I am too lol thnx

I ask this in the nicest way possible, but do you feel like your parents being different has held you back at all?
Not at all

Do your brothers and sisters no you smoke? If so, are they ok with it?

We're all so curious , how did your family get on TV? Did they (tlc) just contact your fam at random or did your family contact tv stations or whatever?
I think they did idk I was young

Did you get your drivers license and did you get it up? Your grades lol not the D btw lol
I got my grade (which was a D) up, yea ;-)

Do you get offended if they call your parents midgets
They? When people on the Internet do I don't care but when friends do it bothers me

fuck all of the fucking people who give you shit. like seriously stfu.. Jacob's perfect.

well you're seriously very attractive

Which Roloff has the most celebrity style autograph?

What the haters really want is your attention. They live for it! Love the way deal with it all.
I'm glad giving them the attention as long as they make me laugh

You're hotter to me now that you're in that little teen-rebel stage smoking pot, if you didn't have a GF I'd want to shot gun a hit with you and show you what a good time is in Cali ;)
That's deep. :-)

You're probably the most famous Roloff right now! :)

Do you help your mom out with the ARCF?

what kind of music do you listen to
Reggae.. RHCP.. other random bands idk.. Kid cudi

What are these ppl talking about?? I've never seen you being disrespectful or rude.. Weird

do you realize how attractive you are ?!
No I guess not lol I've gotten quite a few 'questions' saying so

You're life's on tv? How?
*your. And I'm not gonna answer that lol that has to be a joke

You were like my tv crush and now you are just a pothead:;(
Just? That's adding something not subtracting everything

You're imperfectly perfect, and that's just it. I just omg you're amazing. I respect everything you do. you're flawless and spectacular and everything amazing
Thank you lol :-)

I wanna smoke with u
Do you

You are so disrespectful and the only reason why people suck up to you is because you are "on tv" and some think you're good looking. People ARE correct when they talk about drugs and your terrible attitude.
Are they though?

"you realize everyone is correct in their way of thinking to themselves"...That makes no sense. Stop trying to sound wise. So a murderer is correct if they justify it to themselves? A guy who cheats on his wife is correct if they justify it to themselves. Great logic there, champ.
Yea they are correct TO themselves... They think that's the right thing to do so they do it.. Fucking idiot lol

Your motivation is to smoke weed and be an ass to people on the internet? Great job.
Lol what? Not at all.. My motivation is knowing that everything is gonna work out

How old are u

You are perfectttt. Omg.
What is Molly majoring in?
Spanish and something else

It's one thing to have an attitude as a teenager...everyone does or did. But it's another thing to be a complete and total dick to your parents. Lost a lot of respect for you tonight.
I honestly don't care lol.. You don't live with them. Scram

Do you really think mission trips are good? It sounds nice at first. But really, they force poor ppl that have nothing to believe what they do (ie believe in Jesus).
They do more good than bad

Do your parents know you have a girlfriend

Wow why put your personal life on Internet. It just ruins the perspective
Lol what? It's on TV.. Might as well clear things up about it on the Internet

you're perfect.

I seriously love you
Do you

Jacob, I'm glad you never never watch the show. You will never see the shitty way you have been portrayed to the world all these years. I respect and admire you for that. You are truly the wisest of us all. Keep calm and carry on bruh. Oh, question - how was your day?  
I would answer your questions more often but you'd get called a suck up lol.. Not so swell of a day I lost an indoor game by quite a bit lol

If you were single would you go out with someone from somewhere not as close to you... Like California... Or Washington?
Probably not

They just televised a scene where you went for your license and passed. But you said you didn't have your license. Was that an actress playing a DMV instructor? lol. What a farce.
Lol this is the 5th time I've gotten the same question. Read like 5 answers back

I'm so confused. On here you said you don't have your license. On TV, they just showed you getting it. TV doesn't lie does it?. My world is crushed.
Lolz read 3 answers ago
You're very attractive

The scene of you supposedly passing your driving test and getting your license was a complete and total lie?
No read like 2 answers ago

I'll pray for you. Between drugs and the lies you tell and how rude and entitled you are, you have a dark future ahead if God doesn't speak to you soon.
Ill hope you realize everyone is correct in their way of thinking to themselves so anyone to tell them otherwise is d u m b. haha I called you dumb what are you gon' do bout it

I thought you said you didn't have your license? The show showed you passing your test. Or was that just your temps?
I passed the driving part not the computer part yikes
Lol to the person that said he couldn't speak clearly.... get a life. I usually don't reply to those dumb comments but this one was just so dumb I had too. How does he not speak clearly ? He has a deep voice idiot it's called puberty. Maybe once you hit puberty you will find out. (If you hit it.)
Why are you so mean to your parents?
I've seen this a lot tonight :-)

:D you passed ! good job
Forget your girlfriend I'm single
Forget you, I'm not
do u have a girlfriend ?

Wow you are so tough. How can I be like you? You have such a bright future.
Lol do you so you can be like yourself

If God knows our future, why does he allow to us do certain things that he knows will cause us pain and suffering?
To learn

Who pays for your iPhone? And Xbox? And food? And clothes? Oh yah that's right your mom and dad. So quit being such a jerk to them and show some respect.
Well you got one of those right.. They pay for my phone, yea

You're really gonna regret the way you've treated your parents once you're older.
Probably.. But since my time of regret is coming inevitably (according to you), why are you even telling me?
You have a nice looking chin, but I worry you could be easily knocked out cold if you were in a fight because of it.

How many successful people do you know that sleep til the afternoon, get failing grades, can't speak clearly, and has no motivation. You're going to be a 40 year old still living at home being supported by mom and dad
Some, but probably none, to you. Since your definition of successful is probably how much money you make

Jeremy is not a real Christian, I mean his best friend has sex before marriage, would that not be true for Jeremy?
Well if Jers best friend was himself (it isn't, for all you about to take this literally), I guess that'd be true

Law states everyone should have a right to life, but why does "God" murder people all the time, from genocides to tornadoes?
Idk maybe so other people can be inspired to do stuff like start charities that help with that and go on mission trips idk everything happens for a reason

Your method of answering hate makes me laugh :) stay awesome
Will do

Do you actually believe your friends when they say they never watch the show?
No mostly not lol.. But I don't call any of my friends out for anything until they do/say something that actually affects me

But don't look to publish the book until you're 18 so you get all the profits for yourself!
Good tip lol
I have your future career. Write a tell all book about being a kid growing up on a reality show. You are more or less honest, so...that would be good. You'd be the only Roloff who I'd want to read a book from.
Possible :-)