Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Jacob Roloff Answers Questions About New Episode Of Little People Big World

The aftermath of the new episode of Little People, Big World last night had a different element to it.

This was the first episode that has aired since Jacob Roloff started using a account to respond to questions and comments.

What ended up happening was that basically Jacob graciously participated in pretty much a live chat with fans as they watched the show and he answered their questions or cleared up the misleading details of the episode.

Jacob is the only Roloff in the history of LPBW to ever take the time to candidly answer unedited questions about an episode, set things straight as he sees it and respond to viewer comments (both positive and negative). .

The reaction since Jacob created his twitter and now his accounts has been split. Some seem to love Jacob's personality that is displayed on his ask account and appreciate his candor. Others say they are horrified at his perceived rudeness and feel the fact that he talks about his marijuana use is dreadful. Others just like the honesty from a Roloff,

Personally, while I certainly think some of the negative reaction has some validity, I like what he's doing. Like his reaction to comments or not, he does come off as being real and genuine instead of fake like is often the criticism of the rest of the Roloff clan. And it certainly is nice for fans to get the real story after an episode straight from a participant. In my opinion, Jacob is the only Roloff who is truly insightful and enlightening online.

So with no further delay, here are some of the questions and answers Jacob responded to during and after the episode aired. He sets the record straight about the deceptive way the show handled going for his driver's license (he does not have his license contrary to what the show implied) and responds to criticism from the episode about being disrespectful towards Matt and Amy.

Read from the bottom up if you want to read in order from oldest (as the episode was airing) to newest.


is your hair still as long as it was in the recent episode?

Why do you think you're so closed to people?
Cause I'm easily annoyed and hate you if you annoy me

just wanted to say u r hottt. i dont see why people are giving u crap about doing weed..? its safer than binge drinking and passing out
Lolz ikr

You were the only good thing about the episode last night.

Little People, Big World was so boring last night that I actually fell asleep watching it.
Neat? I guess I had a better night than you.. Sucks..

The power of tv and celebrity status is ridiculously amusing. I love how you're "amazing" when basically all you do is smoke weed, play video games and insult people on the internet.
You should check out some accounts on twitter.. People literally worship people they don't even know. These people have at least seen me grow up lol

Are you going to Michigan with your family next week?
Well just my mom is going

Why do u reply to all the comments about yourself and your looks? You have a girlfriend rite? Do u just like the attention u get, and what all these gurls think of u?
Because people ask me why I only answer the hateful ones

You say trill a lot what does it mean?
I think I've said it like 4 times but idek.. Urban dictionary it

don't work in a movie theater. i did it for six months and its basically just sweeping rude customers popcorn off the floor all damn day and night. not fun.
Yea but I'd rather do that than actually talk to people lol

True, true! Low key I'm jealous of her.

Well not so much for you, but for your girlfriend?
Well I'm probably never gonna meet any of these girls so it's trill

Is it weird having a bunch of random girls telling you how cute you are?
Why would it be

You're really attractive!

If you enjoy gaming, have you ever thought of pursuing a career in animation? I'm 24 and it took me forever to figure out my major. It will click. :)
Idk I'm not creative enough for that I don't think

you're inspirational
:-) I should make an inspirational quotes account on twitter then

You and Zach said what the duece a lot on the show. WHY?
Cause what the heck is too mainstream

why are you so insecure about yourself? You're perf

you say 'like' a lot on the show lol
I say a lot of things a lot

What's your gamertag? If you don't wanna give it out I understand.
Combine 'orphan' and 'llama' and send a request to whatever you think it is lol

Date me (x but seriously doe you a cutie. You get all dem ladies (;

I'm pretty sure every girls wants you (x your gf is lucky.

Smoke with me babe

I love how you're so positive and take all of the criticism in the best way possible! sorry that people are assholes.. you're amazing :)
I love how positive I am too lol thnx

I ask this in the nicest way possible, but do you feel like your parents being different has held you back at all?
Not at all

Do your brothers and sisters no you smoke? If so, are they ok with it?

We're all so curious , how did your family get on TV? Did they (tlc) just contact your fam at random or did your family contact tv stations or whatever?
I think they did idk I was young

Did you get your drivers license and did you get it up? Your grades lol not the D btw lol
I got my grade (which was a D) up, yea ;-)

Do you get offended if they call your parents midgets
They? When people on the Internet do I don't care but when friends do it bothers me

fuck all of the fucking people who give you shit. like seriously stfu.. Jacob's perfect.

well you're seriously very attractive

Which Roloff has the most celebrity style autograph?

What the haters really want is your attention. They live for it! Love the way deal with it all.
I'm glad giving them the attention as long as they make me laugh

You're hotter to me now that you're in that little teen-rebel stage smoking pot, if you didn't have a GF I'd want to shot gun a hit with you and show you what a good time is in Cali ;)
That's deep. :-)

You're probably the most famous Roloff right now! :)

Do you help your mom out with the ARCF?

what kind of music do you listen to
Reggae.. RHCP.. other random bands idk.. Kid cudi

What are these ppl talking about?? I've never seen you being disrespectful or rude.. Weird

do you realize how attractive you are ?!
No I guess not lol I've gotten quite a few 'questions' saying so

You're life's on tv? How?
*your. And I'm not gonna answer that lol that has to be a joke

You were like my tv crush and now you are just a pothead:;(
Just? That's adding something not subtracting everything

You're imperfectly perfect, and that's just it. I just omg you're amazing. I respect everything you do. you're flawless and spectacular and everything amazing
Thank you lol :-)

I wanna smoke with u
Do you

You are so disrespectful and the only reason why people suck up to you is because you are "on tv" and some think you're good looking. People ARE correct when they talk about drugs and your terrible attitude.
Are they though?

"you realize everyone is correct in their way of thinking to themselves"...That makes no sense. Stop trying to sound wise. So a murderer is correct if they justify it to themselves? A guy who cheats on his wife is correct if they justify it to themselves. Great logic there, champ.
Yea they are correct TO themselves... They think that's the right thing to do so they do it.. Fucking idiot lol

Your motivation is to smoke weed and be an ass to people on the internet? Great job.
Lol what? Not at all.. My motivation is knowing that everything is gonna work out

How old are u

You are perfectttt. Omg.
What is Molly majoring in?
Spanish and something else

It's one thing to have an attitude as a teenager...everyone does or did. But it's another thing to be a complete and total dick to your parents. Lost a lot of respect for you tonight.
I honestly don't care lol.. You don't live with them. Scram

Do you really think mission trips are good? It sounds nice at first. But really, they force poor ppl that have nothing to believe what they do (ie believe in Jesus).
They do more good than bad

Do your parents know you have a girlfriend

Wow why put your personal life on Internet. It just ruins the perspective
Lol what? It's on TV.. Might as well clear things up about it on the Internet

you're perfect.

I seriously love you
Do you

Jacob, I'm glad you never never watch the show. You will never see the shitty way you have been portrayed to the world all these years. I respect and admire you for that. You are truly the wisest of us all. Keep calm and carry on bruh. Oh, question - how was your day?  
I would answer your questions more often but you'd get called a suck up lol.. Not so swell of a day I lost an indoor game by quite a bit lol

If you were single would you go out with someone from somewhere not as close to you... Like California... Or Washington?
Probably not

They just televised a scene where you went for your license and passed. But you said you didn't have your license. Was that an actress playing a DMV instructor? lol. What a farce.
Lol this is the 5th time I've gotten the same question. Read like 5 answers back

I'm so confused. On here you said you don't have your license. On TV, they just showed you getting it. TV doesn't lie does it?. My world is crushed.
Lolz read 3 answers ago
You're very attractive

The scene of you supposedly passing your driving test and getting your license was a complete and total lie?
No read like 2 answers ago

I'll pray for you. Between drugs and the lies you tell and how rude and entitled you are, you have a dark future ahead if God doesn't speak to you soon.
Ill hope you realize everyone is correct in their way of thinking to themselves so anyone to tell them otherwise is d u m b. haha I called you dumb what are you gon' do bout it

I thought you said you didn't have your license? The show showed you passing your test. Or was that just your temps?
I passed the driving part not the computer part yikes
Lol to the person that said he couldn't speak clearly.... get a life. I usually don't reply to those dumb comments but this one was just so dumb I had too. How does he not speak clearly ? He has a deep voice idiot it's called puberty. Maybe once you hit puberty you will find out. (If you hit it.)
Why are you so mean to your parents?
I've seen this a lot tonight :-)

:D you passed ! good job
Forget your girlfriend I'm single
Forget you, I'm not
do u have a girlfriend ?

Wow you are so tough. How can I be like you? You have such a bright future.
Lol do you so you can be like yourself

If God knows our future, why does he allow to us do certain things that he knows will cause us pain and suffering?
To learn

Who pays for your iPhone? And Xbox? And food? And clothes? Oh yah that's right your mom and dad. So quit being such a jerk to them and show some respect.
Well you got one of those right.. They pay for my phone, yea

You're really gonna regret the way you've treated your parents once you're older.
Probably.. But since my time of regret is coming inevitably (according to you), why are you even telling me?
You have a nice looking chin, but I worry you could be easily knocked out cold if you were in a fight because of it.

How many successful people do you know that sleep til the afternoon, get failing grades, can't speak clearly, and has no motivation. You're going to be a 40 year old still living at home being supported by mom and dad
Some, but probably none, to you. Since your definition of successful is probably how much money you make

Jeremy is not a real Christian, I mean his best friend has sex before marriage, would that not be true for Jeremy?
Well if Jers best friend was himself (it isn't, for all you about to take this literally), I guess that'd be true

Law states everyone should have a right to life, but why does "God" murder people all the time, from genocides to tornadoes?
Idk maybe so other people can be inspired to do stuff like start charities that help with that and go on mission trips idk everything happens for a reason

Your method of answering hate makes me laugh :) stay awesome
Will do

Do you actually believe your friends when they say they never watch the show?
No mostly not lol.. But I don't call any of my friends out for anything until they do/say something that actually affects me

But don't look to publish the book until you're 18 so you get all the profits for yourself!
Good tip lol
I have your future career. Write a tell all book about being a kid growing up on a reality show. You are more or less honest, so...that would be good. You'd be the only Roloff who I'd want to read a book from.
Possible :-)



Jason said...

Spiritswander, get real.

Graciously??????? He calls anyone that doesn't suck up to him a "fucking moron" and tells people to get lost if he doesn't like what they have to say (if they aren't kissing his ass).

Alison said...

Spirits, I've had enough.

WHY DO YOU PRAISE HIM FOR BEING RUDE?? What is praiseworthy about talking about pot and cursing people out?

Timothy said...

It definitely puts the phoniness of the show into perspective when Jacob is there to be real about what happens.

Monica said...

Spiritswander, I agree with a lot of what you write, but I think it's irresponsible to commend someone for being so rude and bratty to people. Talking about doing drugs does not make someone cool and shouldn't be glorified.

I'm disappointed that you support that, Spirits.

Christine said...

It's easy to see how the Roloffs are so arrogant, especially the boys. Look at how people agree with everything they do or say solely because they are on tv.

Deanna said...

Good for Jacob to be honest.

Lauren said...

Spirits, that's not true. Matt used to do question and answer sessions through his moderator on his website.

He was much kinder in his answer than Jacob.

Marlene said...

I felt so bad for Amy when she said she was praying for Jake. I feel worse for her after seeing that he has a drug problem and is even ruder in reality than he's portrayed on the show.

Peter said...

Good point Spirits. Jer Bear or so-called good girl Molly would never lower themselves to associate with mere fans like Jacob does.

Spiritswander said...

Allison, Monica and Jason,

It is just my opinion, however, although I don't necessarily like or condone all of his responses or answers, I have to say that I do like that you pretty much know that Jacob believes what he says instead of just saying something he thinks he should say that isn't true.

By graciously answering questions, I meant that he at least spent the time to respond to questions and comments about the show. And as I mentioned, he did respond to both the positive and negative comments.


I realize that. That's why I said candidly answer unedited questions. Matt has never accepted unedited questions and responded to criticism.

Jacob answered in an honest manner. I liked it.

Marissa said...

I'd rather Jacob be real than fake like the rest of his family.

It's cool that he gives people answers to the deception from the show.

Keith said...

Jacob isn't nice to people that don't praise him, but at least he acknowledges people unlike his snobbish siblings.

Neil said...

I'm surprised Jacob believes in God at all.

BeckyM said...

Jacob loves the attention. That's obvious.

Anyone pay attention to what happened to Amanda Bynes today?

tmlfan said...

I dont know why but I thought Jacobs answers were funny. Maybe I havent had enough sleep lately but hes just a smart ass about things. The only thing Ill give him full credit for is actually giving answers to unedited questions, whether or not its honestly or being a smart ass, it's more than his brothers and sister, even parents, can say.

I dont get the hate over pot smoking, I dont think its a "drug problem" I mean yes its illegal and the law but its far better than him getting drunk or real hardcore drugs. Im from Canada so its probably a bit different here but its really not a big deal.

Bonnie said...

Tmlfan, drugs are drugs and it's illegal for a reason. Not "all kids do it" like some would have you believe.

I like his ex-girlfriend Vanessa a lot more. She was right about pot. If things are right in your life, you shouldn't need drugs.

Ashley said...

My opinion on Jacob changes daily. lol.

Some of his answers ARE really rude and it's annoying how he gets out of answering some by correcting a spelling or grammar mistake. I know it is the circumstances he was put it, but I do honestly think he has a big ego because of the privilege he's lived with. I think he is spoiled and his answers about being spoiled make it all the worse.

Having said that, he is funny sometimes and I agree with Spiritswander and TMLfan, at least Jacob does respond.

That's more than Jeremy, Zach and Molly have ever done. Jeremy might tweet a "thanks" once every 4 months if a pretty girl tells him she likes that he's a follower of Jesus, but that's it.

Jacob answers a lot of questions and it's cool that he does actually answer stuff.

KJ said...

I would rather Jacob be honest than him be consumed with the fake PR image like his parents and Jeremy.

Annie said...

I don't think Jacob is as rude as everyone says.

He's only really rude to people that are bashing him. Yeah, sometimes he's even more of an ass to those questions, like the stuff about being entitled, but he's dealing with the bashing by being sarcastic.

I think he has a good handle on the criticism and the good feedback from the show.

He's not afraid of hearing from fans like the rest of his siblings

Janet said...

Sorry but he's just a know-it-all pothead like too many 16 year olds that are raised by parents that want to be friends with their kids and are too busy to parent.

Riley said...

It's true Jacob is the only Roloff worth reading what they have to say.

It was cool of him to give real answers about the driving license stuff.

Zoey said...

I think Jacob's account is awesome.

You never really see his personality on the show and now I feel like I know what he's like.

He's right, he's rude because he answers negative questions which no one else will ever do. But he is smart and funny and logical most of the time.

I've never been into pot, I wish he wasn't, but oh well, he could be doing worse, but I like him a lot more after reading his account.

Kerri said...

I disagree with Spiritswander. I don't think it's right to praise Jacob when he uses the kind of awful language he does on there and glorifies drug use.

Being obnoxious and being honest are not the same.

Amanda A said...

It's very irresponsible of Spiritswander to heap praise on Jacob for declaring that he's a drug addict.

He's proud of the fact that he smokes marijuana. It's disgraceful.

Adam said...

I don't respect how Jacob behaves on there.

Anytime someone disagrees with him about anything he calls them stupid or calls them names.

How is that being mature or cool or gracious?

Victoria said...

I don't like Jacob. He's just a dumb kid that thinks he's ultra cool because he smokes pot and tells people to "fuck off".

Take a look at his friends on twitter. Everything is about getting high and saying "fuck" fifty times in a sentence.


Christine said...

This is hilarious, now Jacob is implying he was high while they were filming those scenes.

You looked so high on LPBW Haahahagahagajahahagahaha

That's why u had long hair to cover up your bloodshot eyes

were you actually blazed while filming? if so that's fucking hysterical and you are my hero

Justin said...

Jacob is a prick through and through.

It always comes out the most when he gets talking with his little pot head friends.

Just watch. As soon as they start insulting, he goes right along with it.

All of you people that think he is so gracious, honest and real as long as you don't insult him, pay close attention to how he interacts with his friends that bash his fans.

It's exactly like what happened with Jeremy and his friends.

Jill said...

I don't know how reliable someone is to be honest and accurate in their answers when they are always "blazed" like Jacob.

Rap541 said...

"He's proud of the fact that he smokes marijuana. It's disgraceful. "

And remember, per Jake, both of his parents have seen his and Daddy Matt has even praised him for his answers. Please consider that when you're considering the quality of the Roloffs parenting.

Tina N said...

Rap, I am curious what do you think they should do abiut the pot smoking? I'm not defending or saying they are great parents but a lot oc kids do it. At what point does a parent have control? He's explained in detail that he thinks it is harmless and that there are worse things he could be doing. What do they do, lo k him in his room 24/7? It sounds like at different times they have taken away his phone, computer, etc. He doesn't have his license and doesnt sound like cares if he gets it.

Eric said...

Rap, the problem is Jacob is right about weed. Lol. Its not a big deal as long as it doesn't run your life. I'd guess 80% of the kids at my school smoke pot. Jacob is right. There's no terrible effects and drinking us actually worse and Jacob doesn't sound interested in that.

Chris said...

Do people really want Jacob to be as fake as Jeremy? Does anyone seriously believe that Jeremy and the "DBU" weren't/aren't smoking pot all of those years? HAHAHA.

Chris said...

The only thing I wonder about is when Jacob will realize his friends are losers that will egg him.

Jerbear was never smart enough to realize his friends loved pushing him into the fire to act like snobbish prick.

Jacob's friends are the same way.

Rap541 said...

Eric, I'm not particularly anti-pot myself but at the end of the day, until the laws change, it's illegal. The Roloffs have for years touted the show as good wholesome family entertainment but also as a real look at their lives. If they really don't care that Jake is toking up - why not show it?

Oh right, because that would hurt the image. I notice with amusement how the conservative crowd who adore how the Roloffs love Republicanism haven't had a word to say about the Roloffs allowing Jake to break the law in their home and on their property. Because, pot is or isn't that serious aside, its still against the law.

Vic Rattlehead said...

Amanda A:

You do realize that every time you drink a beer you are in fact imbibing in a beverage that contains the essence of Hops which is a direct botanical cousin of marijuana, right?

Pot is just a plant which has been used for millennium by native americans in the pacific northwest as both a medicinal herb for pain relief and as a ceremonial sacrament at important inter-tribal events (peace pipe)

Olivia said...

A tale of two Roloffs...

While Jacob was on talking about how smoking pot is completely normal and harmless and people are dumb for freaking out on him about it, Amy was on Facebook posting pictures of her and Matt making funny faces during "Family Game Day on the Farm".

Two very different images of the Roloffs.

Eric said...

"If they really don't care that Jake is toking up - why not show it?"

They're parents. I'm sure they aren't happy about it. lol. 99% of the parents of my friends and people I know aren't happy about it either. It's just not a big deal.

Susan Coles said...

Tina N., what could they do? They could parent!

For starters, Jacob is on twitter talking about how he wants to go to a fair on Saturday with his friend "graymoney" the pot smoking (every hour) kid.

Even I, as a "stranger", know that Jacob is going to the fair Saturday so he can get stoned.

How about as parents, Matt and Amy, don't allow Jacob to go Saturday? Is that so difficult?

Why make it so easy for him to do it?

Carly said...

I have a question for everyone, where does everyone think Jacob gets his weed from?

On his bike rides that he talks about on twitter, does he make a drug stop on a street corner? Or do Matt and Amy grow more than just fruit and vegetables on the farm?

Hmm, maybe that's why they get so mad about County officials wandering onto their property????

Miranda said...

People are giving Jacob compliments because he's on tv.

Think Jacob is so smart and clever? Click on the twitter accounts of his friends. Someone's friends does indeed speak loudly about themselves.

If anyone can honestly say that Jacob's friends aren't losers, than you are lying.

By the way, I don't mean "losers" as in the unpopular kid at school, I mean losers in kids that spend their lives talking about how they smoke drugs all day and think they are cool if they can swear 15 times in a tweet.

There are kids on twitter who actually are smart and aren't burnouts, but they aren't Jacob's friends.

Rap541 said...

Tina N - I seriously doubt there's been any significant punishment but let me explain how easy it is for them to enforce "no pot".

Turn off his internet access. Turn off the cable tv in his room. Take away the video games and simply don't give them back. Stop paying for his cell. If Jake wants to play adult games, he can pay for his adult pursuits himself. There's no law that says Matt and Amy have to pay for his toys. If they don't want him to smoke pot, that's an obvious way to go. It would just have to be enforced and thats where Matt and Amy fail as parents. They're obviously not interested in putting in the time and effort that disciplining their son would take. I think I said this in my review and if I didn't I regret it. When amy was talking to Jake and he was texting and then told her he wasn't listening, in my house, the phone would have been slapped out of his hands to the floor. He wouldn't get the phone back at the end of the chat either.

There's plenty Matt and Amy could be doing... but it involves parenting and Matt prefers his projects and Amy wants the career she feels she was denied. Mind you, its not like they were better parents with the twins...and these same things were suggested and then the arguement was that it was wrong to put Jeremy (not Zach) in lockdown.

If the Roloffs genuinely don't care about the pot use at their home, ok. They just need to own the reality that they are condoning their son breaking law.

Laura said...

The person tweeting Amy was sorta talking about something else (she was saying "Hang on to Jake because empty nest is no fun", but Amy tweeted this in response.

"boy I'm trying He def has a diff perspective on life I keep trying & praying for him My baby"

She's trying and praying. People should leave her alone. Jacob could be a lot worse.

Rap541 said...

Trying what?

Laura said...

If you read back on Jacob's twitter, he says he's had his phone and computer, video game systems taken away numerous times.

They have tried doing some of the things you suggested.

Chaining him to his bed and locking the doors and windows is not realistic.

Rap541 said...

He's clearly got the access Laura. Let me explain how this works. If he continues to smoke pot, he shouldn't have his toys back. If he gets is toys back and then smokes pot, his toys should be taken away again. Thats called enforcing a consequence. If he continues to smoke pot or engage in any difficult behavior, at no point should the priveledge be returned to him. If he smokes pot, and gets his cell phone back because "well we took it and he blew a smoke ring at us so it didn't work" then all Jake learns is that Mom and Dad don't mean what they say. Matt and Amy don't enforce consequences for bad behavior. Seriously - they're bribing him to get a 3.0? How's this - get a 3.0 and until you do, no games, no internet and no cell.

ANd no one said chain him to his bed but seriously don't tell me Matt and Amy are required to pay for his internet and cell service and cable tv up there. They're not and if he isn't making the grades they say they want (I have my doubts on how much they actually care) then they could do something. But as I said, it would involve actuually enforcing the consequence.

Eric said...

Rap, I think parents need to pick their battles.

In 2013, smoking some pot is not a big deal.

If you try to keep a kid in prison over smoking pot, he's going to rebel more when he does get out, whether that's getting hammered drunk or harder drugs.

Better to just let him smoke pot now and then.

Timothy said...

Rap, everyone is ignoring the elephant in the room.

What happens if they making not smoking pot the red line, the point of no return when it comes to discipline?

Jacob refuses to do any filming and/or commits to sabotaging filming.

There goes the family income and the attention that Matt and Amy crave.

Let's be honest, that's why they've never seriously disciplined any of the kids or enforced anything.

They need the kids to cooperate when it comes to filming or else they are screwed.

Rap541 said...

Eric, my next question would be "What battle are the Roloffs choosing to pick?"

Because they aren't picking school, sex, language, attitude or pot smoking and in the past they haven't picked school, language, treatment of others, animal abuse, underage drinking.

Timothy = I agree, that is the elephant in the room. I just don't consider it much of an excuse when I consider how Matt likes to brag that the show isn't providing his livelyhood.

What battle are the Roloffs choosing?

Eric said...

The battles worth picking are if getting drunk becomes a common thing that interferes with life. Getting arrested, doing hard drugs,

Smoking pot sometimes isn't a big deal at all.

To be honest, neither is having sex at 16 as long as he's smart about it. That's common too in 2013.

Rap541 said...

Well, Eric, I disagree if only because the battle about school can directly impact later choices and there's a point where parents have to actually teach their children how to be productive adults. If the only battles worth fighting are "don't drink to where it interfers with life", "don't get arrested (and fyi mellow attitude or not, the demon weed is still illegal so I don't see why you're disqualifying it) and "doing hard drugs" - then you're lowering the bar just a bit too much in my opinion.

Of course if these are the only battles worth fighting then it does explain why so many kids, including the Roloffs, are self involved brats these days.

Also a mild qualifying arguement - Matt and Amy do insist their family is a wholesome family. They get very upset when their kids are criticized for anything. When did toking up and cussing become a battle a decent Christian father and mother just didn't want to fight?

I mean, I know the real reason and I have said it - and so have they - they're done parenting. And believe me, it shows. I'm just tired of hearing how they're "doing so much" when they clearly aren't doing anything at all.

Ella said...

I think Jacob is immature, not smart.

If someone makes a point he doesn't like, he curses at them or insults them.

If someone makes a good point, he demands proof or sources.

When he's given that, he's too lazy to read 4 sentences.

If that is the standard for a smart sixteen year old, the bar has really been lowered.

re said...

He's drunk the tlc-kool aide. He lies about how things go down on/for the show. This is just about stirring things up because he's bored in the summer. He isn't getting his attention from school, and he certainly isn't getting it at home so he resorts to this out of boredom. He has inadvertently exposed his lies on this site. He is a hypocrite and a lier.

Brandon said...

Re, what are you talking about?

Jacob is the only one that hasn't drunk the TLC kool-aid.

What lies? Everything he's said about the show has be right.

Kaitlyn said...

Does anyone find themselves thinking about Molly and Jeremy during this whole Jacob thing where he's basically announced that he's a pothead.

His ex-girlfriend is the same type of Christian as the Roloffs are supposed to be and the main reason they broke up is because she thinks smoking pot is wrong and Jacob loves it.

Molly and Jeremy post a lot about Jesus and living for Jesus.

Molly has even retweeted things about how Christians give Jesus a bad name if they don't live according to the Bible the way Jesus wanted them to live. But there's her brother smoking pot and having sex and she doesn't seem to care. She would rather lecture people about how they can't judge Roloffs.

Randy said...

I found this episode very hard to watch. I actually felt really bad for Matt and Amy with how Jacob was treating them.

I think there is plenty of blame to go around for the current situation...

First with Matt and Amy. They've raised their kids in a household with very little discipline, responsibility, or stressing the importance of school. Those conditions are ideal for raising a spoiled, unmotivated, self entitled individual. Not saying all kids turn out like that (I would say Molly turned out pretty good), but you sure have a much higher percentage of raising a kid completely unprepared for the real world.

When a kid realizes that he can do something bad (failing grades, detentions, drugs, underage drinking, etc), and there are little to no consequences, he's obviously not going to fear getting in trouble because there's really no repercussions from home for his poor actions.

As other posts have mentioned, and I completely agree with them, why haven't Matt and Amy taken away Jacob's phone, video games, computer, or time with friends for his poor grades, rudeness, and alleged drug use. Why do you let him stay up until 4 in the morning on a school night? He'd learn real quick to get his grades up if he got his iphone taken away.

I had to chuckle when Matt says the reason Jacob sleeps a lot is because he's a teenager going through a growth spurt. No's because he stays up all night, smokes pot, and never gets any exercise.

Jacob on the other hand is also a big part to blame. It really is sad to see how he's turned out. I get every teenager goes through a phase where they don't like their parents, or are too cool for the room, but Jacob just seems to be a complete and total dick to his parents.

What happened to the Jacob who was always outside running around, playing soccer, riding bikes, running through the old western town, swimming, etc. Now he is a blob who sleeps until the afternoon and then is just locked up in his room on the phone or playing video games all day.

Jacob has mentioned on his page how he smokes marijuana, and people can say what they want about the drug whether it should be legal or not (I honestly think it probably should), but to me, people who use that drug just have a lazy, unmotivated demeanor about them. It really seems that this drug has made Jacob into someone who never wants to do anything but stay holed up in his room.

I know one day he'll look back on this time and really regret the way he treated his family, and he hope he soon comes to realize that. Although it usually takes moving out of the house to realize how good you had it and how much your parents provided for you.

Anyways, again I really was uncomfortable watching Jacob in this episode. He really is a completely different person from the kid we saw grow up. I really think he needs some kind of professional help because he could be headed down a bad road.

me said...

Please he has joined in on this farce. .. especially with this site. He lied about the scene with the dmv as well as the hw scene. No dmv would EVER subject themselves to the liability of testing s.o. who can't pass the written! They never even showed the outside of the building. I doubt they were even at the dmv. He also lied on about the hw scene that he previously had written about. He is about getting attention, and I believe that is all- he is bored and boring. And it shows! He readily joins in on the TLCmachine when it benefits him. Even at 16 he could refuse if he disagreed, yet nothing; but a snotty brat promoting in his age group way

BeckyM said...

Actually I agree with re - maybe not about the lies but about the attention seeking. Heck yes. This kid is all 'tude to get a knee jerk response.

Personally, don't care and will be glad when this tv show farce is completely shut down.

Natalie said...

Aw, how sweet. Jacob is tweeting that Amy is going to drive him to the fair to pick up his friend, the one that says "fuck" every second word and tweets about getting high 16 times a day.

Gee, I wonder what Jacob is doing tonight? Puff puff puff.

Awesome parenting Amy!

Christine said...

Natalie, I couldn't agree more. Words can't properly explain how much Matt and Amy suck at parenting.

To say they are bad, ineffective, horrible, is not doing it justice!

Amy might as well drive Jacob to the drug dealers so he can buy some more weed (not that that seems to be an obstacle for Jacob).

What kind of parent would drive their 16 year old to the fair to get high with a kid who just talks about being stoned all day??

Austin said...

I hope everyone is noticing how often Jacob's friends uses the words "nigga" and "faggot" (or plain old "fag").

Jeremy's past history is obvious the reason why Jacob doesn't tweet it nearly as much, but it is as telling as the marijuana talk that Jacob these the friends Jacob likes.

k Has C said...

What alittle Smarty pants ...thinks he is sooo cool. I call BS on that..go play on your tire swing jakie maybe it will shake up your last 2 brain cells...did i say 2..ok your 1/2 bc. Poor guy didnt get enough of something from Matt and Amy so now he runs to marijuana...yep lil o' attention seeker.

Rap541 said...

Yeah maybe he should learn to say "Jesus. Coram Deo. Zach needs to get out of his comfort zone. I'm in life. Jesus. I love Jesus." and his parents will tongue bath him.

Also pretty certain Zach and Jer both smoked the demon weed themselves. (and I got that from someone who was associated with Amy's charity bash so it wasn't all that long ago) but since Jer's online pals also praise the demon weed....

Jake is about as cool as Jeremy dressing himself in a bowtie, suspenders, and geek glasses and getting praised for "wanting to stand out". Seems to me the boys have learned attention seeking from dear old Daddy Matt. :)

Timothy said...

Jacob is not nearly as smart as he thinks he is. Take a look at these questions and answers.

How does he not understand that he just admitted what the person was saying?

"Well yea, if you tell them only what you've seen from TV, or heard rumors of" <> You need to stop using that as a defense for everything. In this case, what was not shown on tv makes the evidence even more suspicious since they didn't mention staying at Mike's place on the "tv show".

Why wouldn't I use that? It's true lol.. Everything you guys think you know is just from TV so it's not the whole story but to you, I'm just a TV kid, so all the stuff that I do on TV is what I am. It's hard to get your head around it I'm sure, but almost nothing shown on TV reflects how I really am or how most of the people in or around my family are

Keep on using that defense as your protection blanket. People have plenty to accurately judge you on.

Lol they don't though.. (I just explained this but ill do it again) They saw me grow up on TV and only on TV so anything that strays from what was on TV is a lie to you idiots lol.. Just like some actors you don't call them by their say "oh it's that guy/girl from ____" because he/she exists only on film to you

You really don't get it. A lot of people agree with what you're saying about "TV you, not being real" - Most people get that - but not for the reason you think. Because they are smart enough to know that producers like family friend CC or ES or Matt/Amy Roloff aren't going to show anything that isn'

Lol omfg you are so dumb ugh I'm never gonna get through to you people

OK smarty pants, if people only know you all from tv, why is Jeremy generally known as religious Christian "nut"? In 8 years of the show, Jer's "Christian faith" has barely been hinted at. No Jesus talk at all on LPBW. Yet people know that very true character fact about him. List goes on and on.

YOU JUST PROVED MY POINT. Him in person, now.. Is WAY different than how they portray him on the show.. Lol wow thanks for proving me right

Hannah said...

Well knowing now that Jacob smokes weed explains a lot of his solitary behavior. I also think that he might be suffering from depression. Amy and Matt spent most of his childhood doting on Zach and Jeremy...especially Amy. She was all about the twins and mostly ignored Jacob. If you re-watch any of the episodes from when he was younger, he was always trying to get attention of any kind from anybody. He would deliberately hit Molly or shove Zach just to get attention. The result was negative attention from Amy and Matt. They were so absorbed in boosting the egos and social lives of the twins they cared little about Molly and Jacob. Molly, fortunately, was pretty independent and self motivated and didn't need as much from the parents. They would be wise to get Jacob into some counseling before it's too late. While they're at it, Amy and Matt could use some marriage counseling themselves.

Austin said...

Jacob's friends are proudly saying that "faggot" is not an offensive word at all.

They're all so ignorant. Too much drugs or just horrible parenting?

kp said...

He may be honest, but he's still a dipshit teenager who thinks he's ~sew cool because he smokes weed (like millions of other people in the world) and thinks he's witty. He's not. He's just another statistic.

Justin3 said...

KP, I couldn't agree more with you.

He also ignores any questions that answers the questions he asks if they prove him wrong.

CindyM said...

I'm still kind of in shock that his friend (Brenden) doesn't think the word "faggot" is an offensive word to gay people.

To say Jacob and his friends are ignorant of the world does not even do the word ignorant justice!

When Matt and Amy refer to their "boys" and their friends as "good kids" they should really start having higher standards for the meaning of a "good kid".

Sabrina said...

KP, you're being kinda hard on Jacob, don't you think?

He gets a lot of negative comments or questions and he responds to those in kind.

Jacob clearly is smart and witty.

I thought he made a good point when he said people say he is "off track" because he smokes weed, had sex, etc....doesn't make the same choices THEY would make.

Smoking weed is not as bad as the older generation thinks it is.

gs said...

kp, you suck. lol.

what is your definition of "dipshit teenager"?

jacob probably corrected your spelling and now you're mad. lol.

Brent said...

Remember, as per Molly Roloff, no one can ever judge a Roloff or any of her friends.

Also remember, as per Molly Roloff, it's a great tragedy that so many non-Christians have such a negative opinion of what it means to be a Christian and that's because so many Christians do such a bad job of embracing the characteristics of Jesus

But...if you begin to think that maybe those two are linked...uh, defer to #1!

Aw, isn't Roloff arrogance wonderful?

Kyle J said...

Off topic, but Jeremy is tweeting about the wedding of one of his friends.

I talked to that guy on Myspace way back when the Jeremy scandal was happening.

The typical Jeremy friend. Defended Jeremy's slurs and said there's no comparison between dwarfs and gay people because gay people are choosing to be awful and sin.

At least with twitter now, it's harder for people to lie about Jeremy not being "against homosexuality". All you needed to do was look around at all of his "great friend(s)" and how outspoken they were.

What is hilariously, is that all of those people go to Solid Rock church were in one of their sermons (after they make it clear that gay people need to pray to Jesus to be changed into being normal) they say it's awful of the Church and Christians that they made being gay the #1 Sin out of everything.

Jeremy, Audrey and his friends that got married, are the perfect examples of that and they somehow ignore that.

Zee to the Z said...

KyleJ, Remember when a few Roloff damage control PR-types would come here and attempt to argue that Jeremy wasn't really against gay people and implied he wasn't against gay marriage and all that stuff?

Well, he is of course (against it obviously), but that friend, Mitch, is one of the reasons why Jeremy would never even lie just to get people off his back about being a hypocrite.

If you understand the dynamic among those people, Mitch and his now wife are part of Jeremy and Audrey's Solid Rock contingent. They all go to something they call "The Couple's retreat" which is a very Posh cabin.

Jeremy would never say something (like that he supported gay people) that his friends that are so important to him could ever see and look down on him.

He's very much in lock step with all of them on the Biblical front.

marissa said...

And what kind of statistic is that, kp? You don't even know him.

Rap541 said...

Ironically Matt has posted a fun little article on his facebook called "Words for Teenagers". I'd seen this before...

Northland College (NZ) principal John Tapene has offered the following words from a judge who regularly deals with youth…..”Always we hear the cry from teenagers ‘What can we do, where can we go?’…My answer is, “Go home, mow the lawn, wash the windows, learn to cook, build a raft, get a job, visit the sick, study your lessons, and after you’ve finished, read a book. Your town does not owe you recreational facilities and your parents do not owe you fun. The world does not owe you a living, you owe the world something. You owe it your time, energy and talent so that no one will be at war, in poverty or sick and lonely again.” In other words, grow up, stop being a cry baby, get out of your dream world and develop a backbone, not a wishbone. Start behaving like a responsible person. You are important and you are needed. It’s too late to sit around and wait for somebody to do something someday. Someday is now and that somebody is you.

It just amuses me because it's very very obvious that Matt has never said this to his kids.

Brandon said...

OMG, Rap...does Matt even realize that his kids are nothing like that???

I know everything he posts on Facebook is meant to fool his trusting Facebook only fans over that, but how laughable is that, well for all of the Roloff "kids", but especially with Jacob's behavior being the center of attention lately.

He's nothing like those "words of wisdom" are describing.

Ashley said...

I wonder about Jeremy. Is his Godly thing all an act? He must believe it even if he's a terrible example of a Christian.

Jacob says the only person he respects is Jeremy. That probably says a lot about Jeremy's own habits with drugs.

But if Jeremy was really so much about Jesus, and he's the only one that Jacob respects, you'd think he'd have a talk with him and try to straighten him out.

Jacob gets bad grades, is having sex, does drugs, says he "doesn't get attached" to people/even his own friends, is disrespectful to everybody not named Jeremy Roloff, and thinks he's cooler than everybody (except Jeremy).

If Jeremy is so much about Jesus, at what point does Jeremy try to use his influence for good?

Or maybe it's because Jeremy is just as messed up as Jacob but doesn't put it all out there on

Bonnie said...

Matt shows what a terrible parent he is again.

His latest facebook post:

Matt Roloff "A friend of mine is asking his kid... Is Facebook only for old people? No dad... All the kids started on Facebook... Then all the parents went there... So the kids went to twitter... All the parents followed... So the kids ran to Instagram... The old foodies followed again... So the kids ran to again the moms and dads followed. ...On and on it goes... Maybe we should stop chasing our kids around and play with people our own age. .. I'm sticking with Facebook."

Matt is well aware of Ask.Fm and what Jacob is saying on there (if he wasn't I'm sure he wouldn't even know what it was) but he simply does not care.

Rap541 said...

Jeremy is so much about Jesus, at what point does Jeremy try to use his influence for good?

You know, I asked this previously, and I wll ask again, since Ashley is raising a good point.

Lets assume for a moment that Jeremy wasn't smoking pot at sixteen, and drinking, and allowed all the freedom he needed to have sex. Let's assume he really is that guy who gets up every morning and drops to his knees to give glory to Christ. Lets assume he is that bible reading, bible following Christian who chastly holds hands with his girl in those rare moments that he's not standing right behind Daddy Matt, as the son who supports his father in all ways.

Lets assume he's that guy that people say he is.

So folks, remember, Jeremy is home for summer. His little brother isn't in a different state, he's in the room down the hall. What is he doing to help his younger brother?

I mean, sure, he's not the parent, he's just the adult older brother so there will be people who will insist it's not Jeremy's responsibility to do anything.

Which is a way to go, and Jeremy certainly is an adult and under no obligation to do anything....

But is that what you'd really expect from the wonder boy Christian that some think he is? I mean, just what has Jeremy been up to this summer? This extended summer from school?

Bonnie - Matt just likes to play games. I just hope his amusement at the whole thing doesn't backfire on him.

Shelby said...

I think it's unfair for people to think that Jeremy can somehow turn Jacob's life around if it needs turning around.

I assume the reason why Jacob is saying the only person he who he cares about their opinion is Jeremy is because Jeremy is the only person that doesn't lecture him about what to do. If Jeremy started harping on him, I bet Jacob would lose that respect.

I think the reason why Jacob respects Jeremy and thinks he's so cool is because Jeremy does whatever he wants and nobody (except for people on Spiritswander) ever questions him about anything and Jacob wants to do whatever he wants and not have people nag at him.

And Jeremy got bad grades in high school but now is doing something that he likes (studying photography). Jacob has said he thinks his future will work out even with his bad high school grades because he will eventually find something he wants to do just like Jeremy.

I think that's why Jacob holds Jeremy up as the only one he respects. But to think that Jeremy can somehow tell Jacob what to do and Jacob will obey him is simplistic.

Rap541 said...

So Jeremy isn't awesome enough to turn someone around? Really? Ok :)

Personally Shelby, I'll be honest. I think Jeremy's only interaction with Jake this summer is to ask him for pot. And to be very honest, I think Matt and Amy just don't care what Jake does because - and I am trying not rehash - they're doing nothing to change his behavior. Hell, it appears Matt is tacitly acknowledging Jacob's ask/fm and per Jake is pleased as punch about the responses.

Is Jeremy concerned? I very much doubt it. Is Matt or Amy concerned? They don't seem concerned at all. So at the end of the day, it sure seems like no one gives a damn what Jake does. As near as I can tell, no one in teh Roloff family thinks Jake needs turning around.

But it's interesting to note how quickly Jer is off the hook ;)

Natalie said...

Jacob definitely needs counselling.

What a horrid person. He's also not as truthful as people said he was.

He kept insisting the only reason why he was expelled was because of grades, but during all the questions and from other people's accounts, it's come out of that teachers despised him, bus drivers complained about him, and he bullied a boy into actually leaving school.

So in addition to bad grades, teachers and bus drivers hated you (for no reason of course), you also bullied kids at Faith. The picture of why you were expelled is becoming a lot clearer, despite your "it was only cuz of grades" cries."

Yea damn. I guess you're right.. Now what

Rap541 said...

And just for the record, its duly noted that its unfair to expect Jeremy to do anything other than nothing. So the big boy who doesn't have a job this summer and is spending his summer vacationing... and he's not even obligated to be concerned about his little brother? Jesus praise Jeremy for his love of family, huh? Its not Jeremy's problem so he's off scot free and in Jesus's loving arms and to hell with anyone else? A family member is fallen? Oh well, Jeremy's under no obligation as a member of the family to care or do anything other than what best suits Jeremy's pleasure.

And Jesus loves it :) Thats what Christians do, right? Your brother is smoking pot and screwing girls out of wedlock and as a Christian, no a *GREAT CHRISTIAN* Jeremy James as the older wider brother is not to be chided for doing nothing since... well, he's not obligated even though he lives in the same home.

So when does Jeremy have any responsibilities or obligations? He's not a little baby anymore, and his brain is hopefully fully formed... when does Jeremy have to assume adult responsibilities? His brother is a mess, he lives at home with his brother and his parents , in theory, have "done all they can" - Why is WonderJer off the hook?

BeckyM said...

I never assumed it as "just grades" on why Jacob was expelled from Faith. Why? Because his twin brothers had horrible grades and were allowed to graduate (wink wink there is your private Christian school making allowances).

I stated from the beginning (go see my comments on that thread) that it was probably behavioral and something intense. This school knew the Roloffs would pay them off to put up with Jacob and something happened that made the money far less attractive.

My guess (and no Matt I don't know your stupid family personally) is that Jacob was in a physical altercation with another student or teacher. Due to his recent comments it sounds like he also verbally (probably also in writing since he's such a great composer of thoughts) another person at the school. His threats could no longer be tolerated and he was expelled.

It's obvious from the filming that you can have failing grades at Faith and still get a degree. Jer and Zach did.

Artyone said...

What a waste...I get it that this person was subjected to being on view. Did he ever think it was to inform people that little people are like everyone else? There are all kind of ignorant people out there who have no idea of the challenges some other people have. Have a little sympathy for your parents, who've faced numerous surgeries and problems AND STILL RAISED FINE PEOPLE. I've had 3 life threatening surgeries, and when you've sufferered and still helped your family, I'll listen to your frankly SELFISH diatribe.
Stop complaining and get out there to make yourself something other than a waste of potential. Do you even know how hard it was for your parents to provide care for you when you were a baby/child while in pain? All ypu could do is complain that they used the money on vacations? So they wanted to make nice memories for you...they fed you...they clothed you. If you'd wanted to be educated, I'm sure you could have gone to college through their help. But I'm guessing that was too much work for you. I've briefly met your mom before all the celebrity when she worked at Target, and she was nice to everyone. Get off your backside and do half of the work your parents do, then maybe you'll have perspective. In other words, GROW UP A&$#@*€!