Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Jacob Roloff Talks Sex, Drugs And Roloffs

One of the original purposes for the Spiritswander Blog was to serve as a source to inform people who are mildly or casually interested in the Roloff family of the buzz around the family of what was going on and what people were talking about. Hence the title "Keeping Up With the Roloffs".

The fact is, the thing that has garnered the most attention in the last week or two (besides the death of the beloved Rocky the dog) has been Jacob Roloff's activity online and that of his girlfriend or ex-girlfriend Vanessa (will explain in a moment).

Before we dive into the topic, whenever Jacob Roloff is discussed, there is always a subset of people who object to Jacob ever being discussed. Usually it's from people who are not happy with the Roloff image being tarnished or the criticism it sometimes can bring. They'll point out that Jacob is "only 16" and no one should read or pay attention to anything he does online. Well, if that is your opinion, than you are entitled to it. And you are welcome not read further and go to a Roloff controlled site/page where the fact that Jacob and friends are publicly discussing these subjects are off limits. Ironically, telling people to just ignore what a 16/17/18 year old Roloff says publicly online is the exact instruction Matt Roloff had back when Jeremy was that age. That was when fans brought it to Matt's attention that Jeremy (and Zach regarding fans) were saying offensive things (and in Jeremy's case using racial and homophobic slurs). Matt simply ordered everyone to ignore his son's behavior online. Shortly afterwards, Jeremy wound up in the National Enquirier labeled as a bigot.

However, the fact remains, Jacob Roloff is a star of a reality TV show. Jacob even said himself that he does consider himself a reality tv star and has pointed out that he's a 10 year veteran (going back to the original documentary) of reality television. And he's intentionally posting publicly and acknowledging that he realizes that it's fans who are the majority of his followers or the ones asking questions.

So when a reality tv star, especially a son on a show that is promoted as being a family friendly show and where parents Matt and Amy (who are also Executive Producers of Little People, Big World) actively like to portray their family as a wholesome Christian family, publicly posts things with his friends that are rather shocking considering the TV image - it does catch the attention fans.One of the original purposes of the "Keeping Up With the Roloffs" blog was to give people who are interested in these celebrities - the Roloff family - a place to discuss the happenings and their opinions on those happenings on a site or on a page that isn't controlled by the Roloffs themselves - the majority of the places where the Roloffs are discussed occurs on sites or pages that are run by the Roloffs themselves or TLC/Discovery which also obviously has a bias and doesn't want certain topics or opinions discussed if it counters the image or "reality" they portray in their product.

The other element of Jacob Roloff's public social media activity is it does (with some exceptions that I'll leave to the reader to determine for themselves) certainly have the sense of being authentic and real. And that's rare for the Roloffs online. I think people who are wise to Matt (and Amy to a slightly lesser degree) know his habit for being less than truthful and misleading. "Honest" is not a word to describe the Roloffs. Jeremy who has learned from his past scandals, now comes off as very "cookie cutter" phony and not very genuine on his social media accounts. Zach does not have any public social media accounts and 18 year old Molly who is a vocal follower of Jesus completely refuses to acknowledge the existence of any fans on her public social media sites (except for actor Josh Peck who is a fan of LPBW - both Molly and Jacob like to respond to that "fan" of LPBW because he is a "celebrity" himself. On rare occasion, Molly has expressed in a post or two that she feels no one has a right to judge herself or her siblings, but that's pretty much as far it goes with Molly regarding fans or the public.

That leaves Jacob, who, attitude or not, rude or not, brat-like behavior or not, does give the vibe that he is being honest (although he's not opposed to lying). It's very rare, almost never, that you see a Roloff family member give people the impression that they really believe what they are saying and that they are being authentic. Jacob does that. And therefore he attracts interest because he comes across as being real and gives far more insight than all the other Roloffs combined. He has referred to LPBW as "this stupid show", voiced his displeasure with being required to participate, expressed that the show is fake and said the show continues for the wrong reasons.

Now that brings us to the current flurry of attention. Fans have been emailing and commenting about the things that are coming from Jacob and a girl named Vanessa, who was Jacob's girlfriend up until a week or two ago. Followers of Matt and Amy Roloff's facebook fan pages will recall that less than 2 months ago, Matt and Amy were posting pictures of Jacob and girlfriend Vanessa and saying how much they liked her.

If you are not up on the latest social media sites, we will give a brief explanation. I'm sure everyone knows what twitter is - Jacob has had his twitter account for quite some time and is quickly approaching 10,000 tweets. Instagram is the popular photo site that people often link to their twitter account. It quickly allows users to upload pictures and users can "follow" others on Instagram just like they can on twitter. "Ask.fm" is a site where users create an account for the purpose of allowing anonymous users to ask them whatever questions they want to ask. Ask.fm, like Instagram, also can be linked to someone's twitter page.

Just in case anyone doubts the authenticity of these, here are screen captures of the links:

Jacob Roloff has the much discussed twitter account. He recently created an account on on Ask.fm. It should be noted that Jacob is the only Roloff that has ever dared to answer unedited or non-screened questions. Jacob's girlfriend Vanessa (the girl who Matt and Amy were posting about just a couple of months earlier) or now ex-girlfriend apparently as of less than two weeks ago, has an Instagram account where she also created an Ask.fm account and posted an Instagram picture of the link to direct people to ask her any questions they wanted to ask.

What followed after that captured the interest of many fans for what appears to be rather open and frank discussion of things like sex and drugs as it relates to reality tv show Jacob Roloff. It reaches the point where if we are not sharing the already public happenings that people are interested, then we are slacking on "Keeping Up With the Roloffs".

So here is our item on it.

Basically, other than people just being interested in Jacob's answers to general questions about what he really thinks (there's even mentions of the Spiritswander Blog - where the anonymous person posing the question and Jacob correctly predicted that this article was indeed on its way :))`, the stuff that really jumped out at people was the allegations between them of sex and drugs - which neither deny and both seem to confirm.

To cut to the chase, on July 2, Vanessa posted a picture of herself with a paragraph of her lashing out at Jacob for breaking up with her at 4am via text so he could allegedly smoke weed with other girls.
Then there was this whole thing about how they had sex and then Jacob broke up with her after he had sex with her. The only part of that story that Jacob denies is that it is the reason why he "dumped" her and Vanessa has written in answers on Ask.fm about regretting it.

Of course, there were lots and lots of question to both of them about those things. Vanessa elaborated on Jacob's alleged use of drugs - particularly marijuana. She also gave some interesting insight onto why she thinks Jacob loves smoking pot and says Matt and Amy do in fact know that Jacob is using drugs. Keep in mind, that Vanessa is not some random person. Just a few weeks ago, Matt and Amy were expressing how much they liked this girl. So her insight is rather interesting. And she has been asked a lot about the Roloffs and pretty much defends them vigorously with the standard Roloff defense/excuse (you can't judge them if you don't them personally - which of course is the Roloffs favorite response - the one Amy Roloff herself used when people were criticizing Jeremy and Mueller for throwing the cat - Amy's response was simply that no one should judge them if you don't know them personally regardless of the fact that they indeed did throw the cat and it was completely true.).Of course there are plenty of examples of Roloffs judging people they don't know personally, but that's a whole other subject.

So anyway, we will start with highlighting some of what Vanessa's questions and answers about the Roloffs or more specifically Jacob. You can read them for yourself here. We are just highlighting some of the answers that might be of interest to our readers.

This was her Instagram picture with the caption that seemed to start this all.
In case you can't read the caption, it says:

"Lol you're so basic. Break up with me at 4 in the morning over text so that you can smoke weed with hoes freely. Meanwhile I'm over here not caring. LOL at you cause it's your loss. PS. Get a life that's worth living and thanks for making mine better by not being in it"

The following is from her http://ask.fm/vanessaannecarling account.

Why do you hate on Jacob so much?
Oh you mean one time?
Jacobs a dick! You're perfect! Stay beautiful!!
Honestly.. that made my night. Everyone acts like everything he does is fine because he's famous... thank you♡
Were amy and matt good to u when you were still together?
They were amazing, they always tried to make me feel as at home as possible. Not to mention they were so sweet and always told me what a good influence I was on Jacob and how confused but glad that he managed to get a girl like me. They weren't mad when I said I didn't want to be filmed and they were never anything but kind. I know I'll miss them a lot. They are amazing people.

Jacob's a jerk you're cooler. lol Why is he so arrogant? and pig headed
Okay be nice, underneath it all he was a good guy. He's sweet and very thoughtful. He just wanted to do other things that made him happier I guess. I couldn't stop him. And he's arrogant because people who don't know him judge him, that'll get to a person.

You seem awesome not caring that he wore something you didnt like but still he should show some respect to you and not make fun of you
Preach it, sister. Lol but obviously he doesn't care enough I guess, I don't understand why because of course he told me so many times he did but obviously I wasn't that important if he already has another girlfriend. You would think at least he wouldn't let people talk bad about me, because he dated me at one point and said he was happy, but that just isn't how he is. He isn't one to defend people he cares about, and in this case he doesn't even care about me so there's no point in it.

You and jacob smoked together XD That's how you got together he said lol !!
Lol at how I've never done a drug in my life, and seeing that Jacob and I fought frequently about that subject I'm suuure he told you that, it's not the least bit true. If you want to know how we actually met, you can ask in another question.

We fought about drugs because they're horrible, against the law, they ruined my childhood, and they are not used for God's glory. And because you shouldn't need them to make you feel better, it an addiction and a life ruiner. Its expensive, can get you in to tons of trouble, and if he doesn't even care if he graduates high school there was no way I wanted him to do drugs.

He doesn't care that he graduates high school or not ? ? its a good thing hes rich to afford college then
If he doesn't want to graduate high school then he definitely isn't going to want to go to college, which he doesn't. And also you can't go to college with out passing high school unless you get your GED soo money won't really help him here, not like he cares.

Don't you think that it's really rude that Tori and Audrey ignore your comments on Instagram now that you're out? I think it goes to show how phony they are as people.
Wow wow wow. They don't need to reply to every comment and actually they do still talk to me and are amazing people. I didn't realize that the gauge of friendship was whether or not you reply to comments on instagram, but they are great people who are genuine and have amazing hearts.

Was it a good talk?
Lol definitely not. He came and picked up the stuff that he gave me, didn't say one actual word in person, couldn't look me in the eye, and then at the end I told him to never talk to me again because all he wants to do is hurt me and lie to me, but all I did was care.

Well basically you guys didnt talk at all. Haha
We talked a lot. Until the last week when he turned weird and would never text me and wanted to hang out with his friends and do bad things before he wanted to see me after being in the BVI's for like 8 days. We talked he just didn't like the fact that I don't like drugs and I think differently than him. Because I think that the way he's living his life is going to ruin it, and he thinks that he can do whatever he wanted and then when he's ready to step out into the real world, that the gates of heaven will just open up. Sadly though he's wrong. And its sad because he's incredibly smart.

Do you still talk to matt and amy?
Yes I do. They're great people. Normal, with their own flaws and struggles but they are amazing people and just because they're famous doesn't mean that they can't be human, no one is perfect and people need to remember that. They're sweet people to say the least.

Jacob said he doesn't have a facebook ? Than who is the kid that's friends with his dad?
Lol he does. Its him. But what does it matter? If he doesn't know you then he really isn't interested in getting to know you, he likes his friends that do bad things juuust the way they are. And he doesn't really make room for others very well, so I'd probably suggest just not bothering him.

Did u and jake have sex or how far did u go
Haha that's a secret, I never kiss and tell. But I will say that I do regret some of it an incredible amount. Like every day all the time. I'm sure you could ask him this question.

You have way more class than Jacob. Look at Destiney and Mueller's wedding. You looked very pretty and respectable. Jacob was dressed like he was going to the mall or something, lolDoes his parents know he's doing drugs
That's just how he is, it was a semi formal, semi casual. Idk
But thank you very much.

Do you think he does drugs just to keep his friends or try to be like them
Neither. I think he does it because he wants to show that no one can control him and he'll do whatever he wants when he wants. And because he's convinced himself that there's no harm.
I think you are a beautiful heartfelt person and you will definitely find a guy who thinks the same way about drugs as you do, it's just that these days ,everyone get influenced by them so it's not intirely Jacob's fault, it's the people whom he hangs out with.
Please do not ever again say that it isn't his fault. If you want to blame it on the people that he hangs out with then realize that he chose those people to be his friends. And Jacob as strong willed and stubborn as he is could have easily said no. Believe it or not, there was a time when he was just like me, until he tried them. It is entirely and completely his fault, just like everything every one of us chooses to do. When you make a choice that is your responsibility and decision. So yes he had negative influences, but he chose those. And whatever he does is his decision and fault. People need to own up to their actions and stop blaming everyone around them.

You have awesome character. I loved your answer about taking responsibility for choices and decisions someone makes in their own life. I don't understand what you ever saw in Jacob in the first place other than him being good looking? He's a stoner, very rude and look how he treats ppl.
See, I'm the type of person to not judge people until I know who they are, although at first I didnt think Jacob was all those things. I wanted to prove myself wrong, as I got to know him I realized that everything is just a shell. And he has this protective layer because everyone thinks they know him because of the show and he doesn't know who's going to just try to be friends with him because he's famous. Then I got to know him, and to me he was sweet and he was kind and I thought he cared. So me being the type of person to not judge a book by its cover, got this amazing guy. But it really just comes down to him wanting other things more and not wanting anyone to hold him back or get in his way.
He is a good guy, he just doesn't know what he wants. Actually, he does, he just wants the wrong thing

As a person who loves Jesus and wants to spread God's Kingdom, didn't it bother you how Jacob would treat other people besides you (before he broke up with you)? Kind piece of advise for the future. Pay attention to how ppl you surround yourself with treats others. It reveals their true character.
Thanks for the advice but he's actually really nice to other people. One of my special ed friends that has a crush on me saw him and asked if he was waiting for me, he said yes, and the special ed kid said he would wait with him. Jacob is not the type of person to know what to do in these situations but I was happily surprised to find him kindly talking to my friend. You can't base his character off of the internet, because I don't blame him for not being the kindest to all the people who just talk bad about his family. Hes not a saint and everyone has their moments, but he is a good guy.

Vanessa, if you read his tweets back then, it sure sounds like he was bashing your friend that you were praising him for being nice to. When he kept writing "Go away, you're so annoying and stop talking to me about about Vanessa"...so he was being a jerk even when you're giving him credit for being nice
No those were actually annoying people coming up to him with nothing to say other than "your girlfriend is so hot dude" and "do you see what she was wearing today, damn?" Every single time they saw him. If you didn't give him a reason to be annoyed by you he's not going to be rude. But if you have such a problem with it, you can take that up with him yourself. I don't feel like there's much of reason for me to care any more. But it would get annoying having everyone hit on your girlfriend all the time, especially when he's already a pretty jealous guy and he's dating a cute girl

Jacob doesn't havve a facebook. He even said it.
You're right, I wasn't his girlfriend and I have no idea haha

Vanessa, you seem like a good hearted person, but you have to be willing to see the other side of where ppl are coming from. Just bc they were nice to you when you were in their circle, doesn't ppl who are critical of them are wrong. Do you even know some of the stuff they did/do to ppl?
Please enlighten me. And let's see if any one of them are anything but a rumor and able to be proven as factual.

God probably thinks you were too young to have sex.
I think that also. You aren't wrong. So what's the question? And/or the point of that statement?

I don't understand your hatred towards somebody you once loved so much? There's nothing to gain out of had mouthing him and calling him a druggie and what not. It makes you look desperate for attention. You're a sweet girl, but you look dumb doing all this over a guy you dated for a few months.
Saying that he does drugs is a fact but it's funny because I have the farthest emotion from hatred towards him. I've actually been defending him so please don't comment on things you know nothing about.

GIVE UP THE FUCKING GOD ACT. NO ONE IS BUYING IT. You had sex. You are really mean. You're not a true christian
Oh. I didn't realize you're God and you know everything. Everyone makes mistakes and so do you obviously, because you had no need to say this whatsoever. I'm not mean, grow up. Find a better use of your time please. And I truly hope you get over yourself enough to find Christ someday.

Did you only date jacob so you could get "famous"?
This is probably one of the worst questions I've ever gotten. I don't understand how you could ask that question. No, I have never even seen the show. And as a side note, his dad wanted to film me and I said no. That was the least of my concerns and honestly it was a little bit of a turn off to me.


And then Jacob's Ask.fm/JacobRoloff account: This is quite lengthy, but it without a doubt give you insight into both Jacob and the entire family for that matter. 

Do you smoke weed?
Lol we aren't friends if you don't know

Do your parents read your twitter? It's hysterical!
Lol yea they say something every once in a while but yolo right

How's Rocky?
Dead lol wow clever

Do you hate that you were ever in TV?
I hate that it's still going on for not the correct reasons but I'm glad it happened

one week camping trip and you can only bring one family member. who?
Jer bear

Best part of filming LPBW?
The crew *off duty*

Are you getting a new dog?

Why do fans hate you?
Ask them

Why do you get so upset with people ? Don't let them bother you if they don't even know you just because they're stupid.
Lol it doesn't bother me.. Every once in a while I just enjoy listening to what idiots have to say

Did you get kicked out of your old school? Why?

Are you grounded very often?
No lol

Are you ever going to get a real job? Not the job of a reality tv star and not some chore around the farm that your parents give you and pay you ridiculous amounts of money for but a real job where your dad and tlc don't pay you?
Lol of course..

Do you think gay people should pray to Jesus to be cured of being gay?
Never talking about that subject because 'fans' I guess you could call them, will just twist my words and say I either hate gays or hate Jesus

Are you going to attend Solid Rock church regularly on your own when you can?
Not really planning on it

If someone tweeted about Jesus as much as Jer does but he wasn't your brother, I bet you'd die laughing as you'd mock him, right?
Lol no? There's plenty of accounts on twitter that tweet only about God.. Why would I make fun of that and why would it bother me

What criticism of you do you think is the most legit?
Lol wtf kind of question is this

Would you ever put your kids on reality tv shows?
If the opportunity arose probably

Why hasn't TLC or your parents shut your twitter down? You called the show fake. I like the honesty, but how the hell do they allow that?

Does Molly have a boyfriend?
Lol no

Favorite memory?

You are awesome. Dont let the haters get you down and keep doing you. Your opinions on twitter are so refreshing
Thanks friend :-)

Why do you hate being filmed?
:-) get filmed with your family for 10 years and find out :-)

Will you be shown a lot in any upcoming episode of LPBW?
Idk.. They edit things so you'll see I guess

Do any of your friends smoke pot?

Does Zach still live at your house?

Even though you don't like filming the show, do you like your fans? How so you feel about them coming up and asking for autographs?
I don't care.. It's not annoying I'm used to it

Which family member most loved everything about the show (fame/experience/exposure)?

What's your opinion of drugs?
Depends what drugs

Your non answer about gays praying to be cured is very Roloff like and very revealing. lol. With that said, do you think Dwarves should pray to Jesus to get taller?
Yea I think everyone should pray to be as perfect as you make yourself sound you ignorant beetchhh

Is that "keeping up the the Roloff's blogspot legit?
Ya man that sight is the TRUTH

how can fans get you to follow them on twitter
If you make me laugh frequently and minimally talk about the show

Do your parents read that shitswander blog site often?
Idk ask them

Does Jeremy think he is all that and more?
Yes. But he is, so it's k

Should people be given free healthcare?
Ask Obama

I thought you loved that other girl? What the hell, heartless. Probs broke her heart
You're probably someone that goes to liberty lol scram

You like steph cause she smokes and vanessa didn't huh?

How did you move on so quickly??
Life goes on no matter what so why try to stop it

Didn't the fact that you guys had sex mean anything?
Hi :-)
Wow lol you're disgusting, it didn't mean anything? She made a mistake she'll always secretly regret then
Mm she didn't really, not want it to happen

Probably not. Ur dad seemed to love vannessa from facebook. And she loved you so much from facebook. Get her back dude she seems great.

Y do u like to smoke pot?

Vanessa is the perfect girl so why aren't you dating anymore? Drugs?
Lol no fux off

It's not a good image for you to date someone like Steph especially when she has her tongue out nasty, will you dare her? You need a nice girl like Vanessa for you
Lol not a good image? Fuxxx off lol

Are you scared for the day when you realize how No one else cares as much as vannessa does?
I'm excited for the day Vanessa questions stop lol

So you guys did have sex! And now you like someone else? Messed up brah
How is that messed up 'brah'

Are you a different person than the show perceives you as?
Am I? Only friends know :-)

Do you think this country needs more immigrants?

Favorite place in Oregon? like a beach , park, or whatever?
My farm

Is Jeremy getting married?
Idk ask him

You just like to fuck girls and leave them you asshole
You said that. Never me

I wish I was rich... How's your black slave?
Wrong time period :-) it's k, I get lost in time too

Do you think vegans and vegetarians are taking it a bit far?
No just do you homie

What would you call yourself? A Republican or Democrat or something else?
Idgaf about politics yet

Do you drink and drive?
I don't even drive lol

What's your view on abortion?
I don't really think it's right but it's not like ill bash you if you get one

Did you get in a fight yet? Who won?
No I don't work out so id rather fight people via Internet or via CoD 1v1 lolz play your strengths

I heard some lady broke her leg on your farm and made your parents bankrupt... is it true?

Is Jeremy smart?

Does the government have the right to take away guns from people ?
Yea certain people

Are animals equals to humans?

Do you fight with your siblings sometimes.. like with words... or whatever
Not anymore

What was your parents reaction when they found out you had sex at such a young age

Do you have any chores on the farm? If so what are they?
Basic chores

Poor vanessa you're a dick man! No one moves on in a day! I feel so bad for her. No dude should move on that quickly, especially cause she was your first time. You're dumb haha messed up buddy
Not messed up at all.. You just don't understand the way I think so you call it wrong so you can feel superior to me lol oh well

LOL that would be funny if you got her pregnant
No it wouldn't lol

Do you like Jeremy or just fake like him?
Lol what.. Yes I love him

Does Zach live with friends or Tori?

What's jeremy up to now?

why doesn't zach have a twitter?
He doesn't want one lol

Do you even realize that people just suck up to you because you are on tv? Oh you're so wise Jacob!! You're like every other arrogant know-it-all teenager.
If you're not a teen then stfu lol why are you speaking to me and if you are a teen then you have no merit to call me a know-it-all because that would mean you are too since you know nothing actually about me :-)

You should get rid of your giant panda bear your too old for that shit
Um fuck that ill outgrow it when I want to outgrow it lol sentimental value

You get along with Molly the best out of all your siblings?
I get along with all my siblings now hah

You are so full of yourself. Unbelievable. People can see what kind of person you are from how you act on twitter and here.
Lol not true. Get to know me then I won't laugh at you when you say you hate me

You think you're so clever, champ. By observing how someone interacts/reacts to different questions, situations and people you can get an awesome and accurate read on a person's character and soul. That can be much more accurate than the superficial nonsense in person.
Lol that is pretty backwards but you do you, champ

Is Zach still in school, taking a break, or graduated?
Still in school

U still accident prone?

Your love of all things Jeremy = epic amounts of embarrassment. The fact remains he's a 23 year old adult completely dependent on his mommy and daddy. That's the definition of coolness, huh?
Lol you'n'evn know man he's crazy cool for that definitely true fact :-)

Randoms. Such respect shown. Who taught you that one, Jer? As he was spreading the love of Jesus and Kingdom of God? One I day I have hope someone will explain to you why you're such an asshole.
Oh, but why can't you just tell me :-) you random :-)

Hows your turtle? Is he still alive?
Dead, no :-)

Why is ur hair black and ur other siblings not?
My hair is brown, just like every single one of my other siblings

How many pets do u hav now in ur house rn?

Where did you get that jacket u always wear?
From Jer for Christmas

Is Jeremy king of the castle, as they say it?

does mueller go to ur house still? u miss him?
Yea yea

Are you good at keeping secrets?
Yea.. Unless it doesn't matter if people know or not but like if it could actually get you in trouble then yea I'm good at keeping a secret lol

Did you live in Iraq?

Is the family getting a new dog after rocky?
Probably not

Steph can hang out with you and noah but vanessa couldn't?? Guess she wasn't too much if a hard core druggie for you huuh?
No.. Steph just doesn't hate all my friends like Vanessa did :-)

Why did you have another girl over to smoke weed before you and vanessa broke up and not tell her? Why did you do it in the first place?
Well I didn't have a girl over before we broke up lol so.. Maybe don't just listen to Vanessa

You smoked with her before you and vanessa broke up. Ashlynd even tweeted about it
Lolz are you sure that was before we broke up?

Jacob and I hung out AFTER he and Vannessa were over and Steph was with me. Don't try to say shit you don't know. If you weren't there, then don't even try to say that they were together when they weren't. Ashlynd Perry
Hahah @ everyone asking me questions rn

Why don''t you answer all the questions
Cause some are pointless and others are idiots trying to be funny and others are idiots trying to fight

Actually he is making himself look bad for hanging out with sluts like you. Check your Twitter, you were the one who said you guys smoked. And that was before they broke up.
I don't understand the question

Is Jeremy still in school? or has he graduated?
Still in school

Do you literally live in your bedroom 24 /7 or do you enjoy the rest of the house?

Do you think you would have still been a druggie even if you hadn't been on tv?
Lolz what

Do you think your lack of progress in soccer would disappoint Mike? I wonder when he used to brag about your potential, did he think at 16 you'd only be playing soccer occasionally at indoor? Do you feel like you let him down?
Not at all

Why don't you ever look at yourself honestly? Mike believed in you w/soccer. You've done absolutely nothing with it. How can you think Mike would be proud of that?
I stopped playing because he's the best coach and friend ill literally ever have and I'm still playing at least a little because of him.. But I'm not gonna play outdoor anymore because I already had the best coach and the best team ever so you can leave and never come back lol srsly gtfo I hate you a lot for that question and idek you so just leave

Now that you're older can you hear the truth about Mike as a coach? When u say he was the best coach, you mean he was your favorite bc he made you the star. Mike played favorites with the whole team. Did the same thing with Jer. When u had coach that wasn't like family, they didn't make u the star.
Lol idk if you saw me or Jer on other teams but we were super good either way lol idec about you

What do u usually do in your room beside smoking weed?
Watch project X cause I like to pretend I'm cool

Have u tried smoking weed at the gazebo?
How would that be different than anywhere else

Hey bro i dont care if you smoke weed or raped vanessa. Who cares? Im your biggest fan in the philippines. YOLO!
Lol wtf I didn't rape anyone?

Why do you keep making jokes about Rocky. Your parents must be so proud.
What jokes?

Will there be an episode of LPBW centered around you and your friends?

Do you have Facebook?

I hope you know that your worship of Jeremy in part is why he's so arrogant and full of himself?

What did you get for your 16th birthday?

Do you ever think about God and the plan he has for you?

Are you super religious

Do you go to church?

Is Mueller going to Hell for going against God's rules when he got Destiney pregnant, the whole sex before marriage, creating a bastard child thing?
Lol what the fuck?

How many questions do you think you would have if you weren't a reality tv star?

Fave childhood memories?
Bloody Accidents

God's plan for you is to smoke marijuana?
I'm not going to talk about religion to stupid Internet people lol you guys are toxic

God's plan for you is to be a stoner that has sex with his gf and then dumps her after sex? Religious ppl are hilarious!!!
Lolz I no rite!!? !

lol, stupid people on internet about religion! You mean ppl that question all the lies and ridiculous hypocrisies of organized religion? Keep on drinking the kool-aid Jacob and never question anything, right?

Can you please explain Roloff family religion to me? Gay ppl are looked down upon as wrong bc they aren't following God's plan in Bible. But other ppl that don't follow rules in the Bible, like Mueller (getting a girl pregnant b4 marriage) or stuff like drugs, are cool with God. Is that about right?
Idk you ramble too much I got bored

lol ok ok you " don't have" a facebook... biggest liar ever

I think she said she did but she wasn't serious.. I know she regrets it so she must not have wanted to do it as much as youre trying to make yourself believe. And the once you did it, she thought well it happened one time. Screw it. So you're wrong I think. What do you think? Did you ever ask her?
Lol it didn't just happen once so go 'ask' someone else all these paragraphs

Well she seems nice. But just because I don't know her means nothing. You shouldn't do what you did to any girl. But apparently she cared a lot. You don't think that sleeping with her, and pretending you cared then dumping her out of random was wrong??
Lol I dumped her for a reason and I just laugh at people like "you shouldn't have done that to a girl" do what? Break up and move on? Who gives a fuck how long it took. There's no rule "Oh you have to wait a month before you can start dating again" lol literally die you are irrelevant

I remember Jer had 2 or 3 girlfriends while on the regular run of LPBW. And they expect you to live to a higher standard? LOL
Lol Jers had 3 girlfriends his whole 23 year long life lol just because you've had 0 probably ever, doesn't mean it's bad lol

What does Jeremy do in his spare time? Oil his abs?
Lol Jer does what he wants and no one questions him

did your ex do drugs before?
She's never done drugs

Why the hell do you guys still have the wheelchair? You guys are so selfish. Do you even know theres people who need wheelchairs but don't have them. Anyone ever thought of donating it instead of you rolling around for fun?
That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard lol How many times has a hospital RUN OUT of wheelchairs lol

I can't believe you honestly don't think there are people that need wheelchairs but don't have them? You seriously need to step out of your sheltered life and realize there's people who are not as privileged and need things like wheelchairs. That's shockingly bad that you don't realize it.
Lol people go to hospitals for wheelchairs you fucking idiot lol.. Give me an example of there being a shortage of wheelchairs anywhere

It so stupid how people are freaking out over a wheelchair.
Lol tell me about it

Lol now spiritswander will be watching you on this. That must suck . but ........ YOLO

Jeremy is such a snob!
You're a snob

if you could smoke with 3 people, who would those 3 people be?
Lolz Seth Rogen, James Franco, Danny McBride without a doubt

Do you smoke?

it seems like a lot of the questions you choose to answer are negative or unkind to a degree in one way or the another towards you or what you supposedly do. do you enjoy all this drama going on?
Oh yea hahahah I love it because it's my drama so I have a right to be in it plus I usually do it cause I'd rather fight some idiot who thinks they know me than like a friend hahaha and I stop when I get my need to fight out

Now that you have almost reached 1,000 questions. Are there questions here that you totally lied or just made an alibi?
Lol what idfk there's a lot

Whos ur fave reality star?
Me of course I'm hella hella conceited tell the h8rs idc

I wanna see you this pumpkin season are u gonna drive one pf the tractors?
No ill be a recluse

Will u be rude to ur fans if ever they come up to u and take a picture?
No I always do it.. My parents are the one who refuse sometimes lol

Why do your parents refuse to take pics with fans? Just gets annoying after a while? I would think it would drive all of you guys nuts after all these years. I would SNAP.
Yea basically

Among ur siblings, who is the best looking?
Jer bear

if you ever have kids what would you name the young padawans

When did it all go wrong for you?
I guess we have very different definitions of what being wrong is because my life is brilliant right now

Is Zach still into soccer ?
Definitely lol

Why don't you not want to talk to your family for another week?
Cause they're annoying

Are you ever going to shake the giant chip off of your shoulder?

Do you prefer Jacob or Jake for people to call you?
If you know me you know that answer

But I don't know you, so do you prefer Jacob or Jake? Why must you have an attitude for every question?

Do you ever bike to school?
Hah. The first time my mom refused to drive me and made me bike and it was the middle of December and 27 degrees and I couldn't feel anything by the time I got there and other times I usually just skipped and biked all around Hillsboro lol (shh)

do you like your fans?
I guess yea lol

you have an odd way of showing that you like the fans? this account has been revealing because it shows that you lie more than people thought.
About what

Who goes to church the most in your family?
Jer bear

Does Melatonin still work for you?
Lol no.

smoking in your name tonight homie
Lol solid

Why are your cousins Max and Henry so much more well behaved and polite than you are?
Not saying they arent, but Have you even met them

Are they ur uncle sams children?

Does it bother you that your grandpa (on your dad's side) is a real right wing crazy fundamentalist Christian religious wacko? Don't even deny it cuz you know it's true.
Lol why would it bother me

you lied about fans, about facebook, about weed, you lie everyday on here.

how are you picky for friends like do you mean careful about who you hang out with?

bong hits for jesus?

Do you hate Tyler Perry because he is a successful black man?
Lol omfg lmao no his movies are just not funny

It might bother you that your grandpa is a crazy right wing religious wacko because a lot of ppl don't like having ppl like that in their family? Do you share his crazy extremest right wing religious wacko thoughts and thats why it doesn't bother you?
You are fishing for me to give an answer so you can manipulate it lol so fux I'm not answering anything about religion or anything

Do you lift weights and how much can you lift?
I don't lift lol

Is it good to have suck ups like you do or does it get annoying to always have ppl kissing your ass?
Idk I bet you've got an answer you want to hear from this though lol

Vanessa said everybody lets you do whatever you want and acts like it's fine because you're famous. That the truth right?
Idk that's pretty opinionated

I heard when Jeremy first moved to SB, some guy sucker punched him in the back of the head, knocked him out and mugged him. Is that what happened?
No he didn't get knocked out lol it's Jer.. But yea he got mugged.. Or rather someone tried to mug him lol

"he didn't get knocked out lol it's Jer" - He's incapable of getting knocked out?
Lol no ones gonna understand these jokes I say about Jer.. You all (you all = irrelevant people who bash my family) are just gonna say how bad my adoration for him is but idrc lol

Is Jeremy bordering on being an alcoholic?
Not in the slightest lol

Note to Jacob, when someone (aka Jer) keeps on passing out drunk time and time again, said person might have an alcohol related problem. Do you not want to say it because Jer will get mad at you?
Lol I think he's been "too drunk" and blacked out, once

Omg ur so kewl

Jacob!!! What's up my nigga?!
Supp gangster. (Bad language)

Why don't you do an interview with Spiritswander?

This site is to ask you questions. You're not supposed to respond with why?!

RESPECT! Most ppl can see u r the real deal. Keep paying those h8ers exactly what they r worth. U seem authentic & funny, it seems u have worked out a gr8 balance of living real life inspite of a "reality" life. Let Spirits keep sniffing spirits, h8ers keep h8ing while u keep doing u. Stellar! :)

Do you feel any guilt when you vacation with the Mackenzie's knowing how often you and your friends use the word retard considering their mission?
We don't

your honestly hysterical, i don't give a fuck what these stupid peasants say you and your family seem cool as hell. except amy no offense she seems scary.
She is lol

Why do people hate Jeremy?
Cause he's way cooler than them

You know why people hate Jeremy. It's all totally justified. If he wasn't your brother you might hate him too though you wouldn't admit it now.

You like making yourself into a martyr?
How am I a martyr

Why do you lie so much? Remember when you were all upset because kids were saying you did drugs....well....?

Why is everyone so fucking concerned with how you live your life
Idk man

Is Jeremy staying in his old room in the house this summer?
No the guest room

Have you decided yet that you and your friends were being cruel bullies and pure assholes by laughing at poor Holly Swanson? Have you realized yet that she probably isn't that different from Tobi M?
I know?

Can you say what your honest reaction was when you first heard that Mueller's girlfriend was pregnant?
Why does it matter?

What do you know how to cook?
Nothing lol

If Jeremy is staying in a guest room, What did your parents do with Jeremy and Zachs room?
It's mine

Are you going to the world dwarf games this year?

I heard you have frontal lobe damage which makes you totally incapable of having empathy for others?
Whatever floats your boat lol

What happened to your room then?
Going to be another guest room I think

There's a lot of good questions you don't answer. Do you not answer them (the ones you usually answer with "why?") because you're afraid of what ppl will say about you?
No because I have to be careful on certain answers with the way I word them

Why do you have to be "careful"?

I thought you don't care what people think because everybody except Roloffs are irrelevant randoms, so why do you have to be careful?
It doesn't matter if I care or not what you say.. You'll still be an annoying cunt

Do you still like this app or do you want people to stop asking you questions?
It amuses me

Do you think you are an honest person?

Do you know who Matthew Shepard was?

They didn't put you on TV so the world could be sold a fake image so ppl are shocked when you do normal teen stuff like smoke weed and curse. It's your parents, your crew buddies like ES and CC and your now adult sibs that did this to you.
Lol no one did anything to me..

You know very well that all the criticisms you get (aka. "hate") are totally valid and legit. If you can't admit that to yourself, you are blinded by your own inflated ego that comes with being a "celebrity".
Not at all lol but why are you trying to convince me you're right, if you're SO definitely right?

You shouldn't be calling people annoying cunts they were just asking you a question.
Other people

Hey people of the media, leave Jacob alone he's annoyed with you lame ass lames writing pointless articles and blogs about his life like why the fuck u care so much?? He's a person too yes a teenager and who gives a fuck what he does you guys are never gonna be as swag as him so might as well give
Lolz listen to this genius, people

it a rest I mean honestly. You're all probably a bunch of fat pigs hiding behind computer screens sitting in your lazy boy drinking miller light with your hairy stomach hanging out. Leave him alone because he has much better things than to explain himself to you. Seriously go write about
This is accurate.

Snow leopards or something cooler (no offense Jacob) but honestly or like space travel anything because tbh his life is much like a regular teens life the only difference is he has NASTY ASS FREAKS LIKE U COMING AT HIM ASKING HIM RETARDED QUESTIONS. So bye assholes. Get a life
SPACE. Write about space pls. (Don't say retarded)

Sorry for the rant Jacob ilysm
Lol thanks friend. Ilysmt

You seem cool, but get many hateful questions on this. Why do you deal with this?
It's amusing and I can get any anger out by arguing with these people lol

You smoke weed?


What a guy, way to trash your fans with your friends. Do you ever think of them while you're tanning on a beach in Costa Rica courtesy of the show/fan support? Douche bag!
Occasionally the negative ones will cross my mind so I can get a little comic relief from life, yea.

That last answer was the most audaciois response I have ever seen. You, my friend, have reached a new level of spoiled brat. Please, let this sense of entitlement go.

Sweet, level 16 now

These people are so stupid. You're fucking 16, what the hell else are you gonna do? You're gonna be spoiled because you're rich and 16. Embrace it! You're awesome! If they hate you so much why are they 'paying' for all your cool trips? Idiots. Get a life.
Lol yes

I bet you that you would be fun to hang out with on Bourbon Street in New Orleans (after your 21st birthday of course)!!!

Lol idk about that.. I'm not so down for drinking

Do you ever read Spirit Wander's blog?

Yea when they have interesting articles (about me)

Still in shock my dad was like "I'm very proud of the way you're answering those questions on Ask.fm.. Very proud" last night hahahaha

It would be good for your ego to get rude service and need to wait in long lines so you know how us normals live.
I don't like the sound of that.. I think ill let it be
Do you think your former Faith Bible friends think you're a bad influence?
Probably but for sure their parents do so it doesn't matter lol

aside from weed what drug do you take

I can't believe you ever dated Vanessa. Yuck. I think you're a very good, cool person. Weed is not bad, almost no one thinks it is anymore. She's ignorant.
Lol same


Brandon said...

These are the 4 things I take from that.

1. Jacob is a pothead (great going Matt and Amy!).

2. He really hates the facade that is the show (but not any of the good stuff that comes because of it).

3. Jacob isn't religious, except for believing that gay people need to pray for a cure. I guess he didn't want to step out of line with Jeremy on that one. Don't know if Jacob realizes that "Do you think gays need to pray to Jesus to be normal?" shouldn't be a difficult question to answer.

4. Jeremy isn't his brother, Jeremy is a superhero. To say Jacob worships Jeremy is an understatement of epic proportions. I didn't realize just how bad it was.

Natalie said...

WOW! Matt and Amy must be beaming with bribe that their 16 year old is a sexually active, pot smoker who is as rude and as obnoxious as can be.

Peter Lane said...

He does show signs of having a sense of humor.

But the most glaring thing is like Brandon said.

He talks about drugs, having sex, abortion, but gays being diseased and in need of a cure? That's the one topic he wimps out on. Speaks VOLUMES.

Having said that, I would love to see his idol Jeremy show the same kind of balls and answer questions that honestly (give or take a few). Would never happen from ole Jer Bear.

Keenan said...

Jacob online is far more enlightening than any episode of LPBW could ever be!!!

Ashley said...

Very, very interesting to hear Vanessa's take.

I wonder how the Roloffs would respond to that?

It's obvious by the fact that she basically defended Jacob and the Roloffs about everything else, that she's telling the truth about Jacob and weed.

Karl said...

Let me get this right. They know their kid smokes weed but they still buy him a computer for his birthday.

Awesome parenting!

Rap541 said...

Karl - don't forget, they'll also get pissy if anyone questions their parenting in the slightest.

Nothing Jake has said shocks me - this is how Matt and Amy raised Jeremy and Zach as well, and look how that turned out. Jake will likely turn out worse since Matt and Amy are "empty nesters" and "ready to move on to life after kids".

Lil hint, Matt and Amy - the Christian crowd *will* expect you to have something to say about Jake screwing and Jake doing drugs other than "Mind your own business! Do you know us????"

And FYI - I know your son and his ex girl friend are saying about the drugs and sex so unless you're going to call your son and his ex girlfriend a liar, yeah, I think we do know *something* about what's going on in your home.

I suppose the question is whether Matt and Amy know... and whether they give two shits since its Jake and they've been done parenting and publically stating they're done parenting and have an empty nest since he was 12.

Kayla said...

Jeremy got mugged? Almost? He escaped it because he is a super ninja?

Kayla said...

It is nice to see a Roloff actually answer questions but he sure does have a nasty attitude.

His whole "everybody except for me are irrelevant is the height of arrogance.

Pam said...

Somebody asked a question on the ASK website, but I sure hope he didn't get her pregnant or he and Mueller will have A LOT in common!!!

Tina said...

Vanessa seems somewhat like a nice girl, but I HATE HATE HATE it when people start issuing excuses like "He doesn't like to let people in" and he's trying to be protective.

Call it like it is. He's a prick to people. If you're one of the few people who he is nice to, than you don't care if he's a prick to people.

Greg said...

Jeremy friggin walks on water in that family, huh?

Jackie said...

Lots of swearing in his answers.

I guess that is so far down on the scale, given the sex and the drugs.

Rap541 said...

Tina I will throw Vanessa a bone.

She's young and probably hasn't dated a lot and probably doesn't want the mess to get worse. Its easy when you are 25 to toss off an ex-boyfriend with a shrug, but it does take some experience.

Tina said...

I don't know Rap. Seems to me like she still wants him (just pissed that he dumped her for weed and another girl) and she's just making excuses for how he treats people like dirt.

Fiona said...

I would ask everyone to ask themselves one question after they read a bunch of Jacob's answers.

Does any of his answer, even one answer, indicate that he is a kind and caring person that cares about other people and their feelings?

There's not one thing.

The only totally positive comments he makes about anyone is the ridiculous idolization of his bigoted cat abusing arrogant brother Jeremy.

Justin said...

Jacob doesn't believe Jeremy would be knocked out if he was hit in the back of head by a mugger....because he's Jeremy?

So much for everything people say about Jacob being so bright.

I bet Jacob thinks Jeremy could survive a plane crash, run through fire and walk on water, too.

Rap541 said...

Tina - yeah - but have some mercy - she's a kid and kids that age are hormone bundles. She'll realize when she's older that this is a life lesson.

Tina said...

Maybe. She seems like a meaner version of Jeremy's first girlfriend Sarah.

Sarah wasn't over Jeremy either, but was blind to all of his faults.

Lynn C said...

Jacob sure doesn't come across as very likable from all of that, but I don't see what's so horrible about his answers about Jeremy.

He's his older brother and looks up to him. What's wrong with that?

Also Spirits, I don't see why or how Jeremy is being "cookie-cutter phony" when he is polite on twitter or in his instagram replies.

Laura said...

Jacob is rude, no doubt about that.

I do like that he actually answers things though.

Jeremy and Zach are 23 and are afraid to.

Molly is supposed to be so nice and mature but she's just nothing but a stuck up witch.

Austin said...

Why is Jacob so afraid of the gay pray question?

We all know why.

Timmy said...

Is there anything Jacob doesn't like about Jeremy or doesn't think he's the greatest at?


Paula said...

Jacob is a grade A jerk. He NEVER expresses any regret or remorse for thing he says or does.

He acts like he's just so frigging important and no one matters except for him (and his hero Jeremy!)

Victoria said...

Yeah, it might be interesting to see him answer those, but how can anybody get past the massive attitude he has.

Disrespect is the word that comes to my mind.

Timothy said...

I like the answer from Vanessa that Matt and Amy were shocked that Jacob was dating a nice girl like her.

Despite their crock of an image, I can just imagine what they envision for Jacob's girlfriend.

Lintons Lint said...

Maybe I can shed some light on young Jacob's affection for the Jer Bear?

Let us not be distracted by the fact that Jacob (or the ex!) is so forthcoming about his love of the weed.

Before JGR, there was JJR - Chron Master himself.

I think now that Jacob is old enough to partake with Jer, they have a new found respect for each other.

Makes sense to me.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

I think Jacob most definitely does have a sense of humor. I get his jokes about Jeremy, and the sarcasm that they put forth. I commented on this in a previous item, when at Xmas over ice cream he made fun of Jeremy's self-centeredness so if, "Jeremy wants fancy sauce, he can have fancy sauce" so there! kinda thing. I pick it all up easily.

I realize that I might be the only one on here that is not too surprised at what I see on the blogs about and from Jacob. Even in a family of 7 children I was the odd-child-out and for the most part grew up on my own. I made my share of mistakes and got into my fair share of problems. It has been mentioned on this blog time and again that Matt and Amy have effectively checked out of parenting, period. It looks to me like every single thing that Jacob is figuring out in life he is coming up with the conclusions on his own.

Kyle J said...

Podge, about Jacob and his "sarcasm about Jeremy", that might have been true for "fancy sauce", but I don't think you can say that it's not flat out hero worship when you read his responses to almost any question about Jeremy or when Jeremy comes up in his answer to another question.

Jacob's answers about Jeremy being mugged says a lot. Jeremy is so cool and awesome in his eyes.

Melissa said...

Jacob never even responds with kindness to anything.

Laura said...

To defend Matt and Amy, so what if they know Jacob smokes weed?

It doesn't mean they condone it or are happy about it.

Jacob's not the only 16 year old that apparently smokes weed.

It's not like they are happy about it, but what do you really expect them to do?

Mike B said...

That's a helluva lot of liquor bottles in the picture of Jeremy looking hammered in the hotel room.

Was he drinking for Jesus? Reading the Bible at the same time?

What a joke.

Jacob's honesty is more appealing than Jeremy, but his idolization of him and his complete fright about the gay question is disappointing.

Jillian said...

Molly is the biggest snob of all the "kids".

Sure Jeremy's as fake as $3 bill and Jacob can be a mouthy punk, but at least they go through the motions.

And then she has the nerve to babble about setting an example for everyone to follow Jesus.

Ben said...

Jacob def makes Jeremy very hateable.

Rap541 said...

It's not like they are happy about it, but what do you really expect them to do?

Ground him, take away the cell phone, take away the internet, take away the video games and refuse to allow him to see the friends until he stops uses the drugs.

Publically state that they don't approve and want to know when someone catches their underage minor son using drugs.

Cut off his access to money to buy drugs.

Involve the police - using drugs is a crime.

Get him some therepy - they constantly prat about being millionaires, maybe making sure the kids are drugs is more important than styling down to Pondo's in the Mercedes.

Laura - right now... Matt and Amy allow the kid to publically discuss his drug use - what exactly are these two awesome parents doing to curb the behavior? Because right now the kid is bragging how he uses and no one does anything. What are Matt and Amy "We're empty nesters, we're moving on!" Roloff doing about the minor in their care openly telling people he uses pot and has sex while underage?

Why are they due more respect than any other parent with a rotten kid bragging about committing a crime?Why don't they have to address their kid publically bragging about screwing his girl and dumping her to smoke weed? I mean, aren't Matt and Amy followers of Christ? Is that what Christians call good parenting? Yes, these people got on their high horse and wrote a book about parenting - sorry but when they did that, they judged others so now they don't get to play the don't judge us game. Whats wrong in their home that Jake smokes pot? It's against the law, so yes, Matt and Amy have to do something other than NOTHING in order to qualify as good parents here.

There is PLENTY Matt and Amy could be doing. But my bet? They're done parenting and its much more important that Matt plays on a project than be a father - he's made that point every time he's asked, his projects are more important than his family.

Anonymous said...

Guys, stop hating on the Roloffs, mmmm okay, ya'll want to be like them and you know. Ok I am about to go drink my kool aid and twerk. bye ya'll

Annie said...

I'm not sure why people say Jacob is honest.

I remember him freaking out on twitter all upset and angry because kids at school were saying he did drugs.

And? Apparently he does. Rather blantantly. Why was he lying?

Truthful? He says he hates the show. That serves him because it lets him get his whine out and makes him look like a victim.

But he lies just like the rest of them and avoids the controversial topics just like Jeremy.

Gina said...

It's so funny when you put it into the context that they advertise this show as "Real and Raw". On the show they are a wholesome prayerful family.

In reality, their kid is a pot smoker having sex and has an attitude the size of a mountain.

Chris said...

Just had to add, "stellar" is such a stoner word, haha.

Irene said...

Did everyone know that former Little People Big World producer Chris Cardamone before LPBW was the producer of Brat Camp?

Too bad that show wasn't still on. They could have a crossover with Jacob!

My God. That kid is out of control with arrogance.

Brian said...

It's too bad Jacob is supposedly so into weed and has the big head because of the show (aka. nobody else matters). Other than that he seems bright and cool.

CindyM said...

Jacob and his friends don't exactly do wonders for the image of teenagers in 2013.

Lopez said...

Do all of Jacob's friends come from wealthy family?

Is that why they have gigantic attitudes? A rich kid syndrome?

George said...

Jacob just vocalizes what his siblings are too cowardly to say.

I'm not saying that's good or polite but at least he has the guts to say it (except for his dodging of the gay pray question, that was sticking with the Roloff family tradition!)

Abby said...

I think Matt and Amy should consider sending Jacob to a reform school/military camp like the Camdens did with Mary in 7th Heaven.

Rap541 said...

Abby, that would involve parenting. Let me explain how Matt and Amy will handle this.

Matt will take Jake to one movie, brag about it on his facebook and pat himself on the back and of course accept all the compliments from his fans on how deeply he cares.

Amy will hiss "Do you know me!! This is our PRIVATE LIVES!!" and throw a hissy on how when Jake was posting how he fucked his girl and dumped her for a weed session he thought he was being private oh dear god how people hack into the lives of the oh so private Roloffs....

And once Matt and Amy have been applauded for basically doing nothing, they'll shut up, and Jake will continue to have sex with his fellow minors and continue to smoke pot and he'll end up mooching off mom and dad just like Jeremy and Zach - adults in their mid twenties still completely financially dependant on mom and dad.

Awesome parenting there Matt and Amy... maybe you should write a book!

Terri said...

On religion, Jacob seems like he's not quite ready to step away from the family mindset.

Like he's not quite ready to take that big step out onto his own and be his own person.

Kyle J said...

For as bright and smart as people say Jacob is, I was surprised he totally missed the point when someone asked him about if dwarves should pray to get taller.

He dismissed the question by calling the person ignorant.

Is he not smart enough to understand the double standard and what that question meant?

It seemed to go right over his head.

Leanne said...

Jacob is the head cheerleader of the Jeremy fan club! Wow!

Cassie said...

I think Jacob isn't as truthful as everyone gives him credit for.

He avoids most questions of importance.

Raymond said...

Like him or not, he gives more real insight on the Roloffs than everybody else combined.

It was refreshing to hear Vanessa give an informed opinion on Jacob's mind frame.

Katie said...

Jacob really does have a lot in common with Justin Bieber. The difference is he has a fraction of the amount of fame that Bieber has, but they do have a lot in common.

Bonnie said...

Oh my dear. Matt is Facebooking that all his kids are unique and special in their own way and they are all amazing.

Matt? Perhaps Jacob needs less "You're amazing" and more actual parenting and discipline?

Rap541 said...

Bonnie - I assume Matt means Jake is amazing at smoking pot and screwing girls. We know from his comments to Jer that Matt views girls other than Molly as rows for his young stud sons to plow until they settle down as old goats.

And hmmm... look, the kids do something unpleasant and here's Matt looking to see how many fans will congradulate him on his awesome parenting. Matt hun, when your kids (and I include Jer and Zach because I know where Jake learned it from) stop smoking pot and do something other than be reality whores then maybe you'll have something to brag about. right now you have one adult son who has never held a job you didn't give him, one adult son who works a job that if it was one of the "haters" you'd snot about how low it is, and one teen son who thinks its cute to brag about screwing girls and using drugs.

At what point will the "boys" actually accomplish something?

Bonnie said...

Great assessment Rap. It bears repeating.

Matt hun, when your kids (and I include Jer and Zach because I know where Jake learned it from) stop smoking pot and do something other than be reality whores then maybe you'll have something to brag about. right now you have one adult son who has never held a job you didn't give him, one adult son who works a job that if it was one of the "haters" you'd snot about how low it is, and one teen son who thinks its cute to brag about screwing girls and using drugs.

At what point will the "boys" actually accomplish something?

Dustin said...

Jacob doesn't know who Matthew Shepard was...Sad.

Matt and Amy wasted a "teachable" moment there.

Allen said...

He's so mouthy. Seriously.

Bailey said...

I like a lot of it. I like that Jacob does answer some stuff.

But the Jeremy walks on water image Jacob has of his brother is really ridiculous.

Gail said...

Jacob sure comes across as an angry obnoxious know it all.

Ashley said...

This is sort of off topic except that Jacob did answer a question about Jeremy's fondness for alcohol, but does anyone else notice how common booze is around Jeremy, Audrey, the bigger girl from Santa Barbara? All 3 post all day about Christ.

I know some people argue that being Christian doesn't mean you can't drink ever, but where there's a picture of Jeremy, there is a good chance there's an open bottle of alcohol.

Latest example is Audrey's twitter picture of them at a lake with Mueller and Destiney and the Santa Barbara girl. Big bottle of booze right there on the table.

Hopefully Destiney wasn't drinking it since she's going to give birth any day!

Carolynn said...

Isn't sweet that Jacob is calling people c*nts now.

What a farce.

Somewhere deep down Matt and Amy must know they failed miserably with their nasty kids.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Well Carolynn, I haven't done a review of "Separation Anxiety" yet because TLC hasn't re-broadcast it, and I got robbed when I was at work so I don't have a TV anymore. With the other items stolen that is the least of my worries. But from the first 15 minutes that I did see, and the previous history;
It's my belief that Matt has kind of "painted himself into a corner" on the image he is attempting to uphold. His preaching of 'doing something extraordinary', and 'living an extraordinary life' has left him nowhere to go as far as being and acting human is concerned. He can't go out and enjoy himself, and simply relax, because it's flying in the face of the must-prove-myself, must-seek approval-always, must-be-extraordinary, can't-be-one-inch-less-than-the-busy-and-industrious hero-I-preach person he has cast for himself in the public arena.

Apparently, without the cameras, as in the BVI trip, he might be just fine at relaxing, we don't know. However, on his FB fan page, and everywhere else, on TV interviews etc. he is spinning a portrait of the ideal, the good wholesome loving example of the perfect family, with perfect children, and a perfect wife, all wrapped up in one total package.

Alright, here we are at the present. It is becoming increasingly difficult to spin the "Jacob's knocking it out of the park in school, Jacob came home with the reward of free tickets, Jacob is studying diligently to get grades worth of getting his Driver's License....." when a completely different picture is being painted by Jacob himself. What will happen in the future as far as any press releases from Roloff Farms.

People, I've worked with Engineers all my working life, Mechanical, Chemical, Electrical, Civil, you name it. My overall impression is that the majority would in most instances rather cut off their right hand than admit they made a mistake. The Plant Operators have taken a lot of guff over the years at their hands. I honestly believe Matt will deny any problem. Right to his dying day. I will quote Zach once again, "The most important thing to my dad, is his reputation". It is just not possible that there is something wrong. Can't happen. Not when you live an extraordinary life. Even if Jacob is arrested and incarcerated Matt will be absolutely steadfast in his insistence that not one thing is wrong, that all is well, that it is not the fault of any of the Roloffs. He has preached his own BS so much and so often that he actually believes it. About any of his children, or his wife. And I'm sure he demands we believe it also.

I do not.

Brandon said...

Podge, wow great post.

You hit the nail on the head.

Set Abominae said...

Personally I don't care if Jacob is having sex (hopefully he's smart enough to at least use a condom when he's doing it) because he old enough to make the choice for himself and use his penis for whatever he chooses to do.

But it certainly does shatter Matt's carefully constructed image of them being "the perfect christian family.

ashleigh said...

Podge, I don't think for a second Matt believes his own BS, he just knows that there are idiots out there who will as long as he continues to rattle it off.

"Podge, about Jacob and his "sarcasm about Jeremy", that might have been true for "fancy sauce", but I don't think you can say that it's not flat out hero worship when you read his responses to almost any question about Jeremy or when Jeremy comes up in his answer to another question.

Jacob's answers about Jeremy being mugged says a lot. Jeremy is so cool and awesome in his eyes."

Yeah, it did say a lot. It was the epitome of sarcasm as are other comments about Jer, he's just goofing around, it couldn't be more obvious. I def think he had the hero worship going on when he was younger, because that was what he was taught. Now he jokes around about how god-like he is because it became a thing that others were throwing around and he's goofing on it.

Rap541 said...

I agree Podge, and I would raise you this. Matt's life, as presented by the show, would not be considered extraordinary if he wasn't constantly playing the dwarf card.

Matt totally understands that by dint of being small, his every accomplishment is over praised as extra ordinary. Stop and consider for a moment. Imagine an average hieght man working a sales job full time and running a modertely successful farm business as a sideline, with a wife and four kids, three of whom lack discipline and drive. Is that average height man extraordinary? Or is that actually pretty average?

It's only extraordinary in that we, the evil average heights, are conditioned and used to having low expectations about little people. This reality show isn't really about Matt showing us little people can do it - because really, lets be blunt, Matt's ability to "build" something is pretty minimal beyond driving a track hoe that he can't even get into without assistance. The projects are done by people he hires, most of the design work is done by people other than Matt, the majority of the work is done by people other than Matt and at the end of the day, Matt walks out on his crutches and says "Look at the school house I built! Look at the car I restored! Look at the patio I built!"

And because the vast majority of us were raised with kindness and manners, we don't grind reality in the faces of people who have handicaps because life is already cruel enough. So no one is really going to say "Matt, all you did was yell at us while we did the work" or "it was the guy you contracted who built the school house and painted it and all you did was make extra work by making messes" or "if you actually had to do this by yourself, it would never got done because you can't physically do the work at all".

And Matt knows this. He knows that decent people consider it cruel and unkind to point out the hard truths. There's a reason he harps so much on his dwarfism (aside from the obvious). It's because he understands that most people are nice enough to not point out that in the average height world, his success outside of the show isn't that extraordinary. And the only reason he has a reality show is because of his dwarfism. After all - raise of hands folks, how many of you have jobs and a family you love?

Does *Matt* consider your job and your family extraordinary? A guess? Based on the brags about the million dollar deals, the million dollar property, and the "Look at the famous person *I* saw" - I'm pretty certain Matt considers average heights who are in the same position he was in 2002 as a cut below him.

Unfortuneatly, depending on how you look at it, Matt doesn't understand that average height people don't get reality shows for accomplishing the basics. It's expected of us to get jobs and have families. It's funny, because he says he wants to be treated like everyone else, but the reality is that I don't think he'd like it if he was held to the same standard as those of us who are average height.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Brandon, this has been proven in history as I perceive it. The cat tossing incident, the less-than-sportsmanlike treatment of animals and other affairs - WHO got thrown under the bus? The big MR has no hesitation, and he probably poked Mueller with a stick just to make sure he was all the way underneath. This irrational infatuation with Jeremy James Jesus (never gets old, Rap!) on who knows how many levels, is not enough to save anyone from Matt's protection of his Adonis. Any feelings Jer Ber had for his BFF, any looking up to Mueller than Jacob did, NO MATTER. This is the price you pay for hanging with a Roloff. I've seen Jacob get asked if his friends are there just to be with someone famous. He strongly denies this. But I do not think it is denied for the same reasons as I'm trying to put forth here.

I'm concerned at what might happen to Jacob's friend if things go badly for him in the public eye. I put forth that even if he is alone when he gets arrested, interrogated for information or whatever, in daddy's eyes SOMEONE is going to take the blunt of it. Jacob simply has to have some horrific influences on him from his no-good druggie second-class sinning friends and Matt is going to be trumpets a-blazing with whatever he can dream up or find on paper or get his lawyers to push. You see, Matt says it is your job to think your children are amazing!!! So you parents of Jacob's friends, you better watch out when I get on my spin bandwagon and get into a propaganda war with you over who's child is amazing-er. It's my belief that Jacob will stand up and take full responsibility for any and all of his actions, away from the party line, if something does actually go down. Yeah yeah, I just know I'll take a train full of grief over that, but what I'm saying is, Jacob will be much more vocal in the defense of his friends that the most Blessed Golden Boy ever did for Mueller's sake.

Which brings me to my last point. Why is Jeremy so much better than Jacob? Neither one is anywhere near a saint, but the repercussions to their friends will be exactly the same. And, in the eyes of the Jeremy glorifiers, if Jeremy did nothing wrong, ever, is Jacob NOT doing anything wrong, ever? Same involvement, same set of consequences to their friends, but why a totally different feeling towards one over the other? If all the evidence and the truth is brought to bear, things, in my eyes, are pretty parallel. The chemical usage, the lack of empathy for the thoughts of others, whether capable or not, the bonds of friendship that are formed, all pretty close. And yet........

Someone's getting fooled, big time.

Jocelynn said...

Ashleigh, Podge and Kyle J, my two cents?

I have to agree with Kyle. I think some of you are give Jacob too much credit for sarcasm.

I think he made the Jeremy comment about (not) getting mugged because in his mind, Jeremy is Mr. Cool who is awesome at all things and can always avoid harm.

Greg said...

Jacob take responsibility? Podge/Rodge? Are you smoking pot with Jacob? Asorbing the fumes?

Has he ever apologized for anything? He seems to have realized that he and his friends were wrong for laughing at the lady on twitter who does nothing but say she likes him and appears to be "slow". But did he apologize? Did he acknowledge to the people who called him on his nastiness? Nope.

He doesn't apologize and when people call him out and totally true things, his defense is that you don't matter because you're a random.

That's not someone who is ready to take responsibility for the crap they pull.

Jocelynn said...

Podge, question for you?

I know that you've been a loyal defender of Jacob on this blog.

However, do you acknowledge that based on his twitter and his Question and Ask account that Jacob is rude? Do you agree that he exudes arrogance?

Ashley said...

Ashleigh and Podge, count me as a vote against you on whether Jacob is serious or sarcastic in his praise of Jeremy's perfectness.

When he's asked for his favorite something or who is the best at something or who has the coolest something, the answer is always Jeremy.

I didn't take the "he didn't get mugged, he's Jer" answer to be a sarcastic jab at Jeremy. I think he always sees Jeremy do everything so well that he meant it.

Diane said...

Jacob doesn't seem like a very nice kid to say the least.

Set Abominae said...


Jacob turned out to be what Matt & Amy wanted him to be because they're also disrespectful people.

Remember: Disrespectful parents tend to raise disrespectful children who become disrespectful adults.

Justin said...

Three cheers for Vanessa for calling Jacob out about his worship of Jeremy!

Way to go Vanessa! I like that girl!

Question to Vanessa: JAKE doesn't care if people call him jake lol you do

Vanessa's answer: He doesn't prefer it that's for sure. And I don't care what you call him, but please stop talking to me about him. I'm perfectly happy that he likes girls who do drugs better because I need a man who believes in something bigger than himself, or his brother for that matter.

Natalie said...

Anyone that gave Jacob credit for telling the truth? I suggest you read the back and forth in the Q&A about Jeremy's support for John Mark Comer.

We all know that everything said to Jacob about that topic is true. But he tried to lie and imply that it was wrong until he couldn't dispute it anymore.

Jacob is as big of a liar as Matt or Jeremy.

Peter said...

Natalie, agreed. Very disappointing to see Jacob lie like that.

I thought his saving grace might be that he cared about being truthful.

Scratch that.

Hillary said...

Uh, yes! lol. I do believe people have overstated Jacob's "honest" factor.

I'd trust him as much as I'd trust Matt.

Donna said...

I don't understand all of you people that talk like Jacob is so truthful and candid.

Are we reading a different account?

He doesn't say much. If he's asked a good question, he gives a sarcastic answer or an insult.

Someone did a good job illustrating how Jacob lies re: Jeremy and the pastor subject. Jacob calls people morons and liars. Someone presents all the facts. Jacob responds with some smartass response.

He's a chip of the old block. If Jacob Roloff is what is considered an honest person these days than we are in trouble.

Tina G said...

Jacob is just SO obnoxious. He is.

The "threats" are idiotic and wrong, but they aren't many of the questions he gets on there.

Most of the questions that he gets mad about our actually good questions. He asks people to ask him questions and says he enjoys it, but the when he gets asked a tough question he's so rude and obnoxious.

Claudia said...

I have sympathy for Matt and Amy. They are trying their best, but Jacob is a handful. That attitude he has is not attractive.

Rap541 said...

Claudia - and what have Matt and Amy tried?

Provide specific examples.

I'm not asking that to be obnoxious btw. If Matt and Amy want credit for trying their best, if they want that "its not your fault Jake's a mess, you did everything you could and you're still awesome parents!" pat on the back.... then it isn't too private to ask *what they did* to curb Jake's behavior.

It really isn't.

And we know they haven't provided a curfew or taken away the games and internet so until that happens - and my point here is that if they don't want Jake being a mouthy snot bragging about where he's dipping his teenage cock and how cool it is to smoke weed, they have the power to turn off his internet access - they have not done their best.

I don't see any evidence that Matt and Amy have done anything at all or that they even have a problem with his behavior. Since it has continued without interruption, or complaint from Matt and Amy... I see utterly no evidence that Matt and Amy think Jake needs to be corrected.

Sabrina said...

Who thinks Jacob answers (or responds since he doesn't actually give answers) those questions on ask.fm while he is high? His friends say he gets high every night.

His friend tweeted this at him after he said

Jacob Roloff ‏@ffoloR_bocaJ
@Morgan__Sierra1: Recipes that call for wine>>>” alcoholic

Sierra Morgan ‏@Morgan__Sierra1
@ffoloR_bocaJ so, you get high every night. We all have our flawss... ;)

Jake M said...

I know what Jacob does is common, but pot smokers are so lame. Especially when it's rich boys thinking they're being so cool.

It's funny to see people suck up to him. If he wasn't on tv, people would call him what he is.

TImothy said...

Ok, who is NOT shocked? Jacob is tweeting that Matt said he is "Very proud" of the way Jacob is answering on ask.fm

"Still in shock my dad was like "I'm very proud of the way you're answering those questions on Ask.fm.. Very proud" last night hahahaha"

Brandon said...

Timothy, that speaks VOLUMES and VOLUMES about Matt. Jacob is talking about using drugs, having sex, insulting is ex girlfriend, acting like an entittled little snot....and Matt is proud.

Yep, that's Matt.

Rap541 said...

Well, I do concede the possibility that Jacob just might be seeing how well he can whip up the people watching...

But overall... Jake clearly isn't the kid they care about.... No one is bitching how he'sow a child and how private this all is.

Leslie said...

If Matt is proud of Jacob for answering the way he does then I am speechless.

Is there a way to vote for Matt for World's worst parent?

Rap541 said...

Oh and if true, I note that Matt doesn't have the balls to tell his facebook how proud he is of Jake's ask.fm.

I mean, he's soooo proud, why isn't he proud as punch to send the fans over to see it?

*I accept the reality that Matt isn't dumb enough to do this.

Rap541 said...

Leslie, Matt will never publically say he's proud of Jake's ask.fm.

It would hurt the profit margin and the reputation.

Melanie said...

Jacob's an embarrassment really. He thinks he's being cool the ruder he gets.

punkin' said...

I sometimes wonder ..(and dont yell @ me :/)If Jake wasn't left out so much these past ten years perhaps more with most of the attention going to Jerbarf..oops Jerbeer...oops Jerber then next Molly and Zack got attention of course not as much as Jerwhateva ;-) IF only Jake had not been left out..just maybe he would not be as lets just say... out spoken...i think i would be a tad bit ticked if i was him. Its WRONG for parents to be playing favorites it mess's up kids....Not Right! It doesnt take much gray matter to know this. With all the empty nest talk ..talking like Oooh my what will we ever do we are empty sad nesters----HEY I WANNA YELL ..DON'T FORGET GET JAKE ...just wrong...make your child feel less than is wrong and extremly unkind and cruel. So just maybe that has alittle something to do with the out come.

punkin' said...

I sometimes wonder ..(and dont yell @ me :/)If Jake wasn't left out so much these past ten years perhaps more with most of the attention going to Jerbarf..oops Jerbeer...oops Jerber then next Molly and Zack got attention of course not as much as Jerwhateva ;-) IF only Jake had not been left out..just maybe he would not be as lets just say out spoken...i think i would be a tad bit ticked if i was him. Its WRONG for parents to be playing favorites it mess's up kids....Not Right! It doesnt take much gray matter to know this.

Christine said...

Punkin, I don't know. Jacob is defending the Roloff name more and more (people have commented on him being less and less truthful).

It's obvious from Jacob's answers that Jeremy is a God that walks on water. You'd think if your parents played favorites, that you'd resent that sibling. That's what usually happens. Not worship them just like your parents.

He may think he's being cool by telling everyone to f off and laughing at everyone and he's the only person in the world that matters, but that frame of mind is setting him up for a huge fall.

Julia said...

Jacob sure needs to work on how to be more appealing.

I understand that he's "too cool to care" but he would be a lot more likable or at least a little less repulsive if he gave some serious answers and didn't have that giant attitude.

Somewhere or someone (his friends that hang around him because his famous? The rest of his family? The crew who need to stay on his good side?) gave Jacob impression that being a JERK to people is the way to conduct yourself in life.

Sandra said...

Jacob admits to smoking pot.

Ask yourself, if Jacob and his friends were black, what do you want to bet that they would be busted by the cops?

But where they live rich 16 year old white kids can brag about smoking weed and nothing happens.

Ashleigh said...

Tina said...Vanessa seems somewhat like a nice girl, but I HATE HATE HATE it when people start issuing excuses like "He doesn't like to let people in" and he's trying to be protective.

Rap said...Tina - yeah - but have some mercy - she's a kid and kids that age are hormone bundles. She'll realize when she's older that this is a life lesson.

So, SHE'S a kid and sometimes their brains don't function the same way that an adultswould so we should have some mercy? Interesting, Rap.

As to Tina, really it's so impossible to think that the kid might have a protective shell after all these years? Why don't you look back through the archives here at SW and read the comments, or watch the tv show and the way that he is treated for that matter. I'm not saying it makes anything and everything he does okay, but really, you don't think some of the abrasiveness is self-protection?

Ashley said...

I didn't take the "he didn't get mugged, he's Jer" answer to be a sarcastic jab at Jeremy. I think he always sees Jeremy do everything so well that he meant it.

He said "No he didn't get knocked out lol it's Jer". Now, unless you think that Jacob is mentally retarded this is clearly a joke, there is no way that if he is of average intelligence that he is under the impression that his brother is incapable of being knocked out.

Ashleigh said...

Justin said...

Three cheers for Vanessa for calling Jacob out about his worship of Jeremy!

Way to go Vanessa! I like that girl!

Really? Because she seems to think Jer is a fantastic guy, the total opposite of arrogant or self-centered. Something tells me if she wasn't slipping in digs here and there at Jacob no one here would be too thrilled with her considering she adores every Roloff (except the one that dumped her), Matt and Amy are wonderful and sweet, Jer is a great guy, loves Tori and Audrey. She HAS in fact lied - when asked if they ahd sex she said she doesn't kiss and tell yet proceeded to give details about them kissing a post or two later, she likes to rank the prettiest girls in the school and my personal fave...

Lol half your questions are about that retard you dated.

I know haha it's miserable. I'm not interesting at all, they just want to stalk my ex boyfriend LOL

Boy, I bet if they were still dating you all would like her just as much, even though someone just used the word retard and she just laughs.

Ashley said...

Ashleigh, (I apologize to everyone else for the confusing "Ashley VS Ashleigh" :)

He said "No he didn't get knocked out lol it's Jer". Now, unless you think that Jacob is mentally retarded this is clearly a joke, there is no way that if he is of average intelligence that he is under the impression that his brother is incapable of being knocked out.

No, that's not my opinion of what he said. I'll try to explain. I think Jacob always thinks Jeremy is perfect. Whatever Jeremy does he's the greatest at. He was the greatest soccer player ever. He's the most talented photographer ever. He has the coolest car ever. Did Jeremy get knocked out? Of course not because he's perfect lol, he would never get knocked out. Jacob about Jeremy reminds me of a little brother who would be in shock if his big brother ever lost a fight because in his eyes he could never lose.

Boy, I bet if they were still dating you all would like her just as much, even though someone just used the word retard and she just laughs.

I think people are saying honest because she seems to be. She's telling the truth about Jacob lying about not having a Facebook. He's friends with everybody real in his family. It's obviously not a fake account. Vanessa is right. Jacob is lying. She's probably right about the reason too, Jacob's lying because he doesn't want fans sending him requests but she's still telling the truth.

She obviously was telling the truth about Jacob and drugs because he has admitted since she said it.

I wouldn't call her a liar because she said she wouldn't kiss and tell and then answered the question about Jacob as a kisser. That's not really lying as much as it is being a bit of a hypocrite because she was honest in answering questions asked of her.

Because we call her honest doesn't mean you have to agree with her opinion about everything. I'm sure she does think Jeremy is nice. I don't like Jeremy. But I've never doubted that Jeremy would be nice to the girlfriend of his brother. It's how Jeremy treats everybody who isn't family or close friends that is where I have a big problem with him.

Ashley said...

Ashleigh, I forgot about "retard".

You do realize the reason why people bring it up to Jacob (and Jeremy on twitter), right?

It's because Jeremy and his friends and Jacob and his friends used the word retard.

Then Jacob and his family use the Mackenzie family's yacht to get free trips to the BVI's and the Mackenzie's goal is to go to schools and try to end the use of the "R-word".

Vanessa shouldn't say it or condone it like everyone shouldn't. But the reason why people bring it up to Jacob is because he gets free trips out of the Mackenzie's knowing what he is doing is wrong.

Brandon said...

Jacob's fight with a Faith Bible student is interesting! Ron and Peggy must be worried.


Parents at Faith Bible wanted Faith to expel you because you were a negative influence on their kids. Did you know that?

Wouldn't surprise me lol.. Getting expelled is the only way I would've gotten out of that place though so thanks, parents


What was so bad about Faith Bible?

Attend and see


FB is a private school that can keep those kids out to create an environment that serves Him. Sure some of the rules here are annoying and there's the Faith drama that always goes on, but at Faith Bible we are a Faith Family.

Lol did you get that out of the handbook? I went there I know how 'not-so-godly', whatever your definition for that is, the majority of the kids are lol I was definitely not the worst.. Especially when I actually went there. Mr. Wallace just loathed me lol but I guess that didn't work out too well for him..


I will pray that you truly find Jesus because you are lost and that is the truth. God bless.

Funny that people think they can label others as 'lost' lol.. You have no idea. If you need to say I'm lost so you can feel found though, neat.


Just because you are lacking in the moral character that Faith wants and you want to ignore Jesus so you can do drugs, sex and curse, doesn't mean you should bash Faith. Those of us "Faith kids" love it here and we know that we are walking with Christ.

Lol idk why you're anon right now.. But keep in mind I didn't have anything to do with drugs or sex when I got expelled lol so idk what you're trying to accomplish here.


Everybody from Faith knows some of the stuff you did and even if they didn't know you from Faith, just look at how you act on here? You are spiritually lost. I know you don't think how you act on here matters but it does because God is watching it all.

Lol ok I'm saying this only for the sake of the argument. I can't be spiritually lost if if I don't want to be spiritually found and you shoving the same "you're lost to God. Repent" shit down my throat honestly isn't gonna bring people to God either or at least it wouldn't help me cause that's just annoying.. Let people believe what they want in their own time you just worry about you


The first step towards that is for you to admit that you are lost and need help. The awesome thing about Jesus is that no one is beyond hope if you are willing to ask Him for help. God bless.


You are so annoying lol.. Everything can be answered by God but not as literally as you're making it seem lol.. And if you still go to faith then you're no more than a year or two older than me which annoys me further because you're intentionally using bigger words than the average person would to make all your questions sound intelligent and original but you're just saying the same thing which bores me and makes your points irrelevant lol


I didn't call you lost to bash you. I called you lost because it is the truth. You have lost your way with Jesus so you are bashing great places that serve Jesus like FB. You are either lost or dumb and I know you aren't dumb.


Just talk to me when you get out of Faith and experience life and have more than regurgitated shit from Bible class to say to me lol

Rap541 said...

Sure Ashleigh, I don't see the a point in castigating a 16 year old girl for not being "Now that I've broken up with Jake, I'll rip him to shreds". You do understand Tina was having a problem with Vanessa being somewhat protective of her ex boyfriend instead of simply tearing into him, right?

However, since you're suggesting I am not being fair - are you saying when Jeremy was calling Mike his nigger and using the word faggithole, hand on the Bible, you don't believe Jeremy had the wit to understand why those words were inappropriate? I'll be fair. Insist Jeremy at sixteen was so mentally slow and childish, while he was mentally capable of drinking, smoking pot and driving a car, and while he certainly knew midget was hateful, that when he was tossing off nigger and faggot, he was so undeveloped mentally that he can't be held responsible for what he said?

And that anyone who isn't 23 (thats where the brain is "fully formed") is completely off the hook for any and all behavior since if your brain isn't fully formed, you're a baby who can't be held accountable.

Hand on the Bible and swear on the Blood of Christ, Ashleigh, that Jeremy James was too mentally childish to understand what he was saying.

Because let me explain - I consider the brain developement arguement to be somewhat of a standard excuse. I don't expect teens to have the experience to understand say, that the guy who dumped you doesn't really deserve much of your loyalty in discussions with strangers... but you're wanting to take it a step further and use that as an excuse for bad behavior that Jeremy was old enough to know was wrong. Its like when people trot out the "the boys didn't know if kitties would land on their feet" arguement - really? Two 20 year old men didn't know better? Oh but their brains arent developed so no, they can't understand how not to be mean to a kittie... but they can drive. Hey, Meuller isn't 23. He should be off the hook for his baby, right? His *brain wasn't fully formed* at 21 so he was a BABY putting his peepee in something he simply didnt understand... poor Baby Mueller, right? And Poor Wittle Jer-Bear who thought nigger meant candy and faggothole was a donut. Really, if you're going to argue his brain just couldn't connect the dots then please understand, you're not *complimenting* him.

Vic Rattlehead said...


Wow, those "born again" christians at that school are such simpleminded idiots that they can't think for themselves or accept that not everyone is stupid like they are.

But then again most people who get "born again" are the sort of people who didn't deserve to be born in the first place.

Rap541 said...

And btw the reason I bring up things like driving and screwing your girl outside of wedlock is that people who use the "His brain isn't fully formed so you can't expect a child to understand how certain words and actions are wrong" never EVER like to hear the opposing arguemnt.

Namely - if your brain is so unformed you can't be held responsible for the words you say, then you certainly shouldn't be driving. You don't understand the words you say, how can you possibly understand driving a car or going anywhere by yourself or doing anything without a real adult present? After all, until you're 23, you're a child who can't be held responsible. That means Matt and Amy were HORRIBLE parents - Jeremy's brain wasn't fully formed when they gave him car keys, a gun, let him drink on his 21st birthday.

You agree right? After all, you're insisting he was a baby boy at 15=17 who didn't understand what nigger meant and can't be held responsible for what he said since his brain wasn't formed. If Jer was such a mental incompetant, Matt and Amy were VERY wrong to trust him with a car - a very adult priveledge, a gun, etc etc etc? After all, you insist his brain wasn't mature enough to understand adult concepts.

Why was a child who couldn't even understand his own words somehow mature enough and responsible enough to be driving at the same age he didn't know whether kitties land on their feet without letting his buddy throw them?

Rap541 said...

Oh hey, why is Molly Roloff away at school? Her brain isn't fully formed and under the Roloff Rules of Brain Developement, that means until she is twenty three and her brain "forms" she can't be trusted to any adult responsibilities! I mean, she doesn't have an adult brain so she needs a real adult right at her side, right Ashleigh? Because until you hit 23, your brain isn't adult and you can't be trusted to know ANYTHING! Right? That IS what you believe right?

Asker said...

Wow, Vic Rattlehead? I can't believe the things you would say about a school that you don't know anything about.

Faith Bible is an awesome school. The family atmosphere at Faith is awesome. I have friends that were forced to transfer and even they say there's nothing like the family that Faith has. No public school has that, it can't without having God as the center piece. Sure there's some rules that are really strict and kind of stupid, but it's worth it.

Look at what's happened to Jacob. It's very sad to see what's happened to him because of the choices he made. That's the difference between a public school like Liberty that keeps God out and Faith Bible where God is at the heart of everything.

Faith Bible also has a great athletic program and I can say I love playing on teams for the Falcons. When you play with God in your heart there's nothing like it. Where is Jacob now without that at a public school? He does nothing. He smokes drugs, has sex and insults everybody.

What Jacob said to me on askfm is not totally true. He didn't get expelled at Faith only because he didn't care about grades. He was stepping away from God when he still was at Faith. He was driving teachers and even bus drivers crazy because he had no respect for anybody. Now that he's at a school without God he's fallen completely off the rails. He is so far from Jesus and he doesn't even realize it.

I hope everybody reading will know the stuff he said about Faith isn't true. He's angry because he lost his chance to attend the high school here. The high school teachers are legends. But instead of repenting, he wants to bash Faith. Maybe it's the drugs talking, I don't know. I can say his sister Molly has her head on straight and she does love Jesus. I'm praying that she will be able to guide him back to Jesus because he is so lost.

Honestly, I couldn't believe it when I saw what he was doing on askfm. I was hoping that it was going to be fake or a hacked account or something, but it's not. It's a disgrace to himself and to Jesus and he doesn't even care about what he's doing. He's headed on a very dark road and the only thing that can save him is Jesus.

I also would like to make sure people don't believe Jacob's bashing of Faith Bible as a school. Grades ARE important at Faith. I am proud to go to a school that gets higher SAT scores than other schools in the area.

Do you want to see what Jacob lost when he made the decision that he didn't care? My mom showed me the letter she got from Mr. Cochran?

Here are the reading, math and writing scores for Jacob's school now (the public school without God) and Faith Bible.

Liberty Reading 495
Faith Bible Reading 588

Liberty Math 488
Faith Bible Math 571

Liberty Writing 461
Faith Bible 571

Liberty did the worst out of all the schools in the area. Faith Bible did the best. Remember that when you see Jacob bashing Faith Bible and pretending like he's happy about it.

Jacob lost a great school, great friends and has left Jesus behind. For what? For drugs and sex and a school without God?

Vic Rattlehead said...


I've known plenty of self righteous "Born Again" (which was also a great Black Sabbath album) ultra religious christian imbeciles like you and they're ALWAYS....I REPEAT......ALWAYS HORRIBLE PEOPLE BEHIND CLOSED DOORS.

Something which you have proven with your silly comment.

What you don't understand is:

Jacob has the right to make up his own mind and do what HE chooses with himself and you have zero right to demand anything of him for doing so.

You see religion is like a penis: everyone knows its there but it doesn't need to be seen in public all the time.

By the way: you sound rather brainwashed, are you sure that Faith Bible is a school and not a cult/expensive babysitting service for spoiled brats?

Timothy said...

Asker, I don't totally disagree with everything you said, but what about the whole "not judging" thing?

I will say I'm really shocked about the SAT score results. From what they showed of Faith on tv, I wasn't impressed. How can you forget the book report where the question was "Who is Atticus Finch?" That was a grade 3 level question that Jeremy and Zach were doing in grade 10 or 11.

Set Abominae said...


In the words of a very wise man (Sammy Hagar):

Is it right, uh, to take the easy way?
I don't know, I get down on my knees and pray
Now I'm saved, by a higher voice
Giving up, giving up, giving up my choice

If I'm wrong, hey! Then I'll pay for it
If I'm right, yeah, you're gonna deal with it
'Cause I'll try, yeah I'll try for it
I'll try and I'll cry, even die for it

And, I'm tired o' hearing what love can do
And I, ain't gonna tell you what's right for you

Asker said...

As a brother or sister in Christ, you're supposed to reach out to help your brothers or sisters who are lost and in need. That sometimes means showing them that they have a problem.

I think one thing we can all agree on is that the way Jacob is on Askfm is not what you should see from a follower of Christ that has a good relationship with Jesus. He thinks it doesn't matter how bad he behaves on there but it does.

Like I said, I know Jacob is not going to listen to anybody on Askfm and use that as the wake up call to find Jesus. My hope and prayer is that someone he does respect will see that and realize that they need get him to think about his relationship Jesus.

Vic Rattlehead said...


So then you would deny Jacob his RIGHT to make choices for himself just because those choices don't jive with your own servile sanctimonious self righteous "morality"?

Personally I think anyone who willingly surrenders their right to make decisions for themselves of their own accord and leaves it up to some higher power just because someone else says too is an idiot.

We all have this thing called free will, it allows us to make decisions for ourselves, you may want to try using it once in a while.

Do me a favor and don't tell me what love can do because I'm sick and tired of hearing it from people like you.

Laura said...

Rap541, I think Jeremy was directing his last tweet to you and people like you.

"Funny thing about hate is, your the only one suffering from it. Be renewed not consumed. The tool is forgiveness."

Ashley said...

Asker, thanks! At least we finally found out why Jacob really got kicked out of Faith Bible. Now that you said, Jacob is kind of admitting it.

Question: I just read that the bus driver couldn't stand you? Why??

Answer: No I was accused of doing a lot of stuff so I got in trouble a lot

Question: Why were you expelled from Faith School, you must have done more than gotten bad grades? Come on Jacob,spill the beans! (Don't say google it because I have and can't find any details of why)

Answer: Grades lol it's a private school they can expel you for that

Question: and the reason was grades + pissing off teachers and bus drivers? Why'd all those people hate you if it was only grades?

Answer: The official reason was grades

What I got from that is they officially said the reason was his bad grades, but his behavior was disruptive to the point that teachers and bus drivers were complaining about him and he was always getting in trouble. Combine that with a kid that was getting bad grades, not doing homework and parents that were told there was a problem but didn't do anything.

That sounds like how it probably really went down.

Rap541 said...

Oh Laura really?

Here's what I say to that, Laura. Jeremy is a man now. He doesn't have to hide his comments (unless you know, his daddy still hasn't given him permission to speak for himself to his detractors) and he doesn't haved to couch everything in cryptic comments. Laura - if it is directed at me and about me, then Jeremy James needs to find his balls and man up and say so.

But I am sure since Jeremy is spending the summer of his 23rd year playing on the farm, taking an entire semester, that Jeremy isn't man enough to say anything directly to anyone. Nope, he's a child so he has to make a vague comment and then send someone else to explain to me how he's maybe kinda trying to insult me. What a sack he has on him, unable to speak for himself at 23.

And Laura, please do understand, I don't actually follow Jeremy's facebook comments so do understand, your role here was to spread his hate for him. You wanted me to know how Jeremy wanted to insult me, right? Wow, what a *hater* you are for Jeremy Jesus!

Laura is so consumed with hate, she had to post here to let me know how Jeremy was looking down on me! For the love of Jeremy Jesus, HATE FOR HIM, right Laura? You're spreading the hate for the love of Jeremy? :)

Rap541 said...

Ashley - like you, I assume the official reason was grades, but I have said it before - the school handled four high school years of no one in the Roloff home giving a damn about grades or attitude - four more years of the same probably wasn't the joy that the Roloffs think it is.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Uh, Asker, I just as confused as Vic on this point. How is it YOU decide that Jacob is your 'brother'? When you reach out to 'your' brothers and sisters, how can you decide that these free-thinking (we hope) independent people need help, especially 'your' help? This, to me, is the strongest and most visible case of "working someone else's program" that I've seen in quite some time. If Jacob came to you for help, fine. But this is not the case. You feel it is your tight to impose your thought processes and beliefs on a person that does NOT want to hear it, or has NOT asked for any of this self-selving arrogance that we are seeing.

Laura said...

Rap541, maybe I didn't make myself clear.

I don't know if Jeremy even knows who you are.

I meant "you" in a general sense, because I know who you are, lol.

Jeremy IS talking obviously talking about people that were "hating" on him, his family and friends.

I looked at the timing of his tweets. In the hours before, some people had tweeted things about Mueller being mean spirited and that it's scary that he's now a parent and other people were tweeting Jeremy about Jacob saying he does weed and the usual what does Jesus think of that huh Jeremy' stuff.

I take my post to you back. No, I don't think Jeremy was directly talking to YOU, I think he was talking about people that hate on him and his family and friends (Mueller) and *I* included you in that.

Justin said...

If anyone has ever asked him a question on Ask.Fm, the questions he avoids answering is far more telling than the answers he gives.

DJ said...

Jacob has NO empathy for anybody else. Too bad he can't understand how sheltered he is.

Rap541 said...

Laura - then why mention my name directly if you were speaking of the "general you"?

Hmmm? You pretty clearly wanted me to know what you think Jer is saying about me? How is that not hateful and how is "Rap541, I think Jeremy was directing his last tweet to you and people like you." you somehow speaking about a general population?

But hey, thanks for making a hateful comment and then obsolving yourself of it. Lemme guess - you're not going to comment on why Jeremy can't just name his haters, either... Go ahead Laura, say "whoopsie Jesus" and pat yourself on the back for being passive aggressive.

And of course Mr Jer Bear when he's calling out the niggers and faggitholes, well, thats a blessing from the Blessed Jeremy Jesus and certainly nothing e should ever admit regretting? But the haters - who he doesn't have the balls to name directly, need to know how he thinks they are haters? Except that he can't possibly be a man and actually say so directly.

Did it ever occur to you that people wouldn't have such a problem with the Roloffs if they would ever concede, in a non flippant manner, that they have done hurtful things to others?

Rap541 said...

Also Laura you seem to miss my point - by directing my attention to Jeremy's twitter (where he isn't exactly being praised) and pointedly stating Jeremy was referring to me (and now to others) you are inciting and making it very clear that you think Jeremy is looking down on others and agree with it and want "the haters" to know that they are not on Jer's good list. You were hating. Don't pretend you you posted what you did in the spirit of love. You wanted people to feel bad. For the love of Jer-Bear, hate.

Laura said...

Rap541, OMG. Just forget it. I explained what I meant (and I did say "you and PEOPLE LIKE YOU) and then I posted clarifying/correcting what I should have said.

I just wanted you to see Jeremy's words of wisdom and state of mind about people who criticize him all of the time (and you do fit into that group).

Rap541 said...

Yes you wanted me to be hated on, I totally get it :)

You're not apoligizing, and you wanted me to see what you insist is Jer's derision of me. How kind of you :)

Hey lets all applaud Jeremy's passive aggression, and Laura's insisting that I bend over and take her hate up the ass for the love of Jeremy. :) After all, she wanted me to know how Jeremy looked down on me and hating for the love of Jeremy is Christian cool these days :)

Even tho, of course, the fact remains that Jeremy Roloff doesn't have the chops, or permission, to stand tall and proud and call out the people he doesn't like - nope, that's what "laura" is for :)

Do you get a free pumpkin from Matt for the hate, Laura? Does Jesus bless you for it? :)

And yes, I get Jer's state of mind - that he can shit on people and its their problem if they're offended since he has lackeys like you who applaud him for not giving a damn who he offends or hurts - I'm just pointing out the big *boy* still isn't man enough to defend himself... is the Jer-Bear ever going to defend himself? Or is he a child forever?

Rap541 said...

Oh and "just forget it" isn't going to cut it, honey - you were hating! You were inciting and of course when you're called on it, you say forget it, and not that you're sorry - just like a hypocrit - its ok to hate if you're doing it for the love of Jer, right Laura?

But if anyone is offended by the big boy - well , theyh need to forgive and forget - but YOU get to hate for the Love of Jer-Bear - explain that to me, Laura, why you get to hate, and the rest of us have to accept your labels (and Jeremy's although he as usual lets his buddies fight for him since he's a baby boy whose daddy doesn't let him speak for himself) and be silent as you spew your hate? I mean lets not forget who instigated here and is now insisting we all forget it - I didn't bring up Jer's comments at all... you want me to know how you think ol Jer is talking about me and the "haters" and want us all to know how Jeremy looks down on us.... were you blessing us? Laura? Why are you demanding we forget it when YOU wanted it known to begin with? Oh right - you've been caught out hating and instigating for the roloffs.

Set Abominae said...

"Jeremy's words of wisdom"


What a laugh that is, Jeremy doesn't have the wisdom to actually understand the world around him because he has been sheltered and protected from EVERYTHING BAD his entire life.

If anything he's a wannabe hipster moron who thinks that he's "deep and thoughtful" because he listens to Train and "really get's" Pat Monahans incoherent rambling lyrics.

Vic Rattlehead said...


If you came up to me and started spewing that sort of pseudo-religious garbage at me self rigteously "informing" me that I needed to "get right with god" I'd smack you right in the gob then proceed to knock seven bells out of you.

People like you are the EXACT reason why I have no respect for evangelical christians AT ALL.

You so arrogantly assume that you know what's best for everyone else yet you don't even understand that outside of your small (and simpleminded) circle no one else cares about your opinions ON ANYTHING.

Ashleigh said...

Ashley and Rap, my point about Vanessa is that everyone here is loving her because she has said a couple of things about Jacob that paint him in a bad light, but if she was still with him then practically every other thing she says would make you dislike her. I am well aware of the reason "retard" is a hot button issue and again, all I am saying is that people are liking her while she seems to be a lot of what you all dislike. What's the reason for that? She's given you some dirt. Plain and simple.

As for the Jake comment on Jeremy not being able to be knocked out, again, I really think the kid is just goofing on the hero-worship idea. He seems to be a sarcastic type.

Rap said...
Because let me explain - I consider the brain development argument to be somewhat of a standard excuse. I don't expect teens to have the experience to understand say, that the guy who dumped you doesn't really deserve much of your loyalty in discussions with strangers... but you're wanting to take it a step further and use that as an excuse for bad behavior that Jeremy was old enough to know was wrong. Its like when people trot out the "the boys didn't know if kitties would land on their feet" argument - really? Two 20 year old men didn't know better? Oh but their brains arent developed so no, they can't understand how not to be mean to a kittie... but they can drive. Hey, Meuller isn't 23. He should be off the hook for his baby, right? His *brain wasn't fully formed* at 21 so he was a BABY putting his peepee in something he simply didn't understand... poor Baby Mueller, right? And Poor Wittle Jer-Bear who thought nigger meant candy and faggothole was a donut. Really, if you're going to argue his brain just couldn't connect the dots then please understand, you're not *complimenting* him.

You agree right? After all, you're insisting he was a baby boy at 15=17 who didn't understand what nigger meant and can't be held responsible for what he said since his brain wasn't formed. If Jer was such a mental incompetant, Matt and Amy were VERY wrong to trust him with a car - a very adult priveledge, a gun, etc etc etc? After all, you insist his brain wasn't mature enough to understand adult concepts.

Where did I ever say that? I am not a Jeremy fan, nor am I a Christian, so calm down with that. Any time you see someone remotely defend a Roloff you just jump on that wagon. I don't like many of the things that the Jer Bear has done. Please read back what I wrote and explain to me where I condoned ANY of the things you are saying I am INSISTING were okay? Where was I defending ANY of Jeremy's actions? You clearly have some reading comprehension issues. I have said nothing in defense of Jeremy. I was referring to the current situation with Jacob (and I think it's quite clear that I was) when I was making the point that it's interesting that you see that a teenager isn't the same as a 20something...WHEN it's somebody who is saying some things about someone you don't appear to like.

Where exactly am I INSISTING that Jeremy was a baby boy who didn't understand what the word nigger means??? Or commenting on Mueller knocking up his girlfriend?

Rap541 said...

Ashleigh - to be blunt I also consider somehwat out of bounds in that she is not and most likely will not be on the show or profit from the show, whcih means to a point, she's essentially a 16 year old kid who will never have a fandom on her side.

Ashleigh - you're making the "he'sa child so excuse it, his brain isn't formed" argument for Jake, right? The same arguement was made for Jer, because his brain wasn't formed at 16, he isn't responsible or accountable for the words he says. Frankly I think its pretty fair to say Jake knows the words he's saying in these little q&a's and knows he's talking about things that are considered wrong, even if he, as a 16 year old is completely unaccountable for saying he smokes pot and screwed his underage girlfriend. That is your point right? His brain isn't formed so he's unaccountable? Just like Jer wasn't and isn't accountable for the things he did "when his brain wasn't formed"?

And like I said - no one likes the turnabout on how if you aren't accountable at 16-23 because you're still a baby in the brain dept, you shouldn't be allowed any adult priveledges. No one likes hearing that if Jeremy, Jake, Zach and Molly have brains that aren't formed enough that they can't be trusted to make good decisions or *be held accountable for their bad decisions* that they shouldn't be allowed adult priveledges until they reach that magical brain fully formed age. No one likes hearing that if the "kids" aren't accountable then their parents *are* accountable for how they act and behave.

After a while the escuses get old.

Rap541 said...

And you do understand that people like yourself have actually argued that Jeremy didn't know what nigger meant when he said it because he was a boy and his brain wasn't fully formed so he's not really accountable for what he says, right? Because I can direct you to that discussion. And to the one where some of the Christian crowd said it was Jeremy's right as a Christian boy to call a fag a fag as it pleases the Lord?

Ashley said...

Ashleigh, I think we will have to agree to disagree about Jacob's "sarcasm" about his idol worship of Jeremy.

I don't know what to say if someone can read Jacob's ask.fm or twitter and not come away thinking that Jeremy is his hero and thinks Jeremy is the coolest and greatest guy on the planet.

I'm trying to think of an example to use to show how I think the "of course not, he's Jer" was meant.

Think of someone who you think is the coolest person you know, who is the opposite of someone clumsy who gets embarrassed.

If someone asked you "Did so and so trip when he was walking across the stage?" You might answer "Of course not, he's {fill in the name), meaning you'd never expect that to happen to him. That's who I took Jacob's "It's Jer" comment. Jeremy is so cool and never gets hurt and of course would never lose a fight.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Did everyone see the "question" and answer:
"To the guy freaking out about ppl freaking out? JGR gets mad over ppl calling his family liars, hypocrites and frauds. Look at how Matt portrays them on facebook and on the show. Nuff' said. If they were real ppl wouldnt freak out when Jacob cusses, fucks and does drugs. Not hard to understand. Report" . 2 days ago

Now I'm not sure about the "how Matt portrays them on facebook and on the show" comment. If there is any hint in there about Matt supposedly pushing realism, I suppose we're going to have the reality and truth discussion again. Because what Matt portrays is definitely NOT real and NOT true. Jacob pointed that out himself with his "they made me pretend I was studying" photo and tweet. What does this all say about Matt's 'portrayals'????

Jocleynn said...

Podge, if I'm understanding correctly, you are agreeing with the comment/question.

I see it as the person making the comment is responding that Anon who complained that people are "freaking out on perfectly normal 16 year old Jacob because he smokes weed and calls people "cunts" online.

I'm certain the person's point is that BECAUSE Matt pushes a fake image of the family on Facebook, that's the reason why people "freak out" when they see Jacob using the bad language and find out that he smokes weed.

Paula said...

I don't know what people are talking about? I almost never see Jacob answer a question.

If there's a good question, he either ignores it by not answering, gets around it by trying to correct the spelling and grammar or gives a sarcastic answer.

The honest Roloff? No such thing.

Christine said...

For the record, Jacob finally admitted that he was lying when he said he didn't have a Facebook, Vanessa was correct about that too.

You seem honest about 95% of things on here but why did you lie about not having a Facebook? Vanessa was right that you do and anyone who is smart knows that's really you (who is friends with all of your family and friends). I'm guessing you denied it bc you don't want fans to send you requests?


Christine said...

Now Vanessa and Jacob are talking about how he bullied a kid at Faith and made him want to leave Faith.

What a little jerk. What a joke that Amy and Matt talk about how bullying is so bad when you look at what their own kids do!

Vanessa "Levi Posen, who was literally Jacob's least favorite person. Jacob bullied Levi into not going to faith anymore."

Question "Jacob bullied Levi into not going to faith anymore." Bullies suck. You should be ashamed."

Jacob: "Yea that's why I'm not a bully anymore"

Christine said...

Wow, Jacob is really a terrible person! He bullied a kid into leaving school. Why didn't this kid's parents take action with the school? Was school protecting a precious Roloff?

"Or maybe you're not a bully anymore because most kids at LHS could beat you up? It says a lot about you that bullied people. Not surprised at all. You need professional help."

Okay well first of all, Guideline #1. Don't bully someone bigger than you.. So that wouldn't be a problem for me.. And I think I actually made him leave 7th grade, which is when I stopped.. And realized that I can just wait for people like you to say something dumb and make fun of that

Anonymous said...

When the show is gone and everyone forgets who these people are, it's going to be quite a shock for this family.


The one question I was wanting to see is "When are you going to come out Jacob?"............

This guy has my Gaydar pinging in overdrive...... :p

Anonymous said...

Next question: Jacob, when are you going to come out?

This guy sets the Gaydar in ping overdrive!

Response said...

I think Jacob responded well to all of the questions. He's 16 and quite right to refuse to answer several of the questions. People hiding behind their computer screens can easily manipulate responses to questions regardless of how definite a response is. You don't know Jacob. Regardless of what you might think, you don't, and I don't blame him for giving what many of you refer to as "attitude" because you're going well out of your way to insult and demoralise him. Sooo many of your questions and responses are totally shocking and it says so much more about you than Jacob's responses say about him. Thousands of you attacking a teenager. Nice one!

To conclude, I don't know Jacob (neither do any of you by the sounds of it), but good on him. Impressive how well he handled the barrage of insults... not questions, insults.

A very interesting read.

Christine said...

Oh come on, get real "Response".

Contrary to what the Roloffs think (only about what people can do to the Roloffs, they don't need to follow the same rules) you don't need to personally know a person to judge them.

Amy is wrong. You don't need to know Jeremy and Mueller personally to feel they are cruel sickos for throwing cats. Your judging something based on a fact.

It's the same with Jacob. People can and do judge Jacob based on A LOT.

Quite frankly, anybody that can't form an opinion of someone after answering 1600 questions and however many tweets he's up to, is probably mentally slow.

Rap541 said...

Response - and Matt and Amy, and Jeremy and Zach and Molly and Jacob don't know the people they call haters, right?

Right? They don't know the "randoms", the "losers", the "insignificunts", the "negative nellies" etc etc etc, and therefore they can't possible blame any of the people they namecall for having attitude since they *don't know* the people they deride, correct?

Or is this a "Roloffs are upo here and can shit on who they please but how DARE anyone not kiss their ass for it?" rule?

More seriously, if Matt and Amy are concerned about the barrage of comments and questions directed at their minor son, I think they are free, as parents, to insist he no longer participate. I personally don't ask questions of Jacob on ask.fm because I personally think there's nothing to be learned other than what we already know - that Matt and Amy could care less about parenting.

But if you're going take people to task for "knowing" - you either include the Roloffs for their many many nasty comments about people they can't possibly *know* or you agree that you're holding everyone else to a much higher standard. WHat is the criteria for *knowing* the Roloffs? Because you also understand that no one can say anything nice based on "knowing them" from the show, right? How can anyone KNOW Matt deserves to be called a great guy when all they know is his fake show persona? Therefore the Roloffs do need to start declining the compliments as well... no one KNOWS them and how dare they accept compliments from people they don't know?

See how silly this can get?

Matt and Amy allow Jake to put this out there and when it ends up with Jake bragging about nailing girls and being a pot head and hating the show and guess what? Matt and Amy have insisted that the family be public figures - thats been their intent from the beginning. The public is going to form opinions based on their interactions and the more the Roloffs (and their buddies) insist that it's unfair, the more they are going to be told this.

If you don't want your kid on ask.fm answering questions from thousands of people you percieve to be attacking him.... Stop letting him do it. Hell, "Response" per Jake, Matt is a proud papa over Jake's responses (including the insignicunt one apparently) but if this is such a nightmare, why aren't the Roloffs, as parents, stopping Jake? Hell, why aren't the Roloffs as parents speaking out on how no one should ever say they know the Roloffs?

Do the rules of conduct only apply to us? While the Roloffs can spew where they please without *knowing* who they hate?

Rap541 said...

And Christine btw is correct - people can be judged and known for their actions without you personally being in their prescence. I;m finding it hilarious that when the Roloff kids put some nasty thing on the internet, be it their love of pot, the love of underage drinking, being racist, throwing cats.... we can't possibly *know* them based on the things they say, and do, and say they do. But defenders of the Roloffs can look at our words and say "Hater! Judging is hating, you can never know the Roloffs and therefore I judge you as a hater!!!" and never ever ever see the irony in this.

Allison said...

Jacob impressive? What a joke. This is what is wrong with people in the world today. Praising kids for acting badly.

I'm still confused as to why Spiritswander went soft on Jacob and began sucking up to him? Something doesn't sit right with me about that.

Jacob only has that account because he can lash out on people by calling them annoying "cunts" and so he can control whatever people are talking about.

Nothing about his behavior there should be commended or applauded.

Bailey said...

Anyone else think Jacob's current girlfriend is very unstable?

She would post about how Jacob is her entire life. Then she actually changed so she can go to his school all so she can be with Jacob. She often posts picture of them together and then deletes it which is usually a sign that the guy either told her she doesn't have permission or she's afraid he will get mad. She has said her biggest fear is that Jacob will dump her and she's afraid he will think she's ugly if he sees her without make up.

Rap541 said...

Bailey, to be honest, she sounds like a teenager ;)

Timothy said...

Changing schools to be with the boyfriend is a bit of a red flag, but that's more on the parents.

Look at girlfriend #1 for Jacob this year.

Jacob dumped her. She hates him now. Will girlfriend #2 transfer out of the school when the same thing happens to her?

Nancy said...

I couldn't help but think of Jacob with what happened with Kate Gosselin and Mady and Cara on the Today show.

If you didn't see it, Kate and the 2 oldest girls were supposedly on the show with Katie Couric to tell the world about how they are doing wonderfully. They're asked to tell everyone and it's complete silence.

Kate was clearly embarrassed and agitated.

In my opinion, I don't think the girls were shy, I sorta wonder if they did it as a sabotage on Kate.

I'm making this comment here because I think this is why Matt doesn't allow the kids to talk or give interviews.

I could totally Jacob screwing Matt and Amy (especially Amy, he seems to have no respect for her) over just like the Gosselin girls did.

I wonder if that's the reason why Jacob is so upfront about his drug use. Maybe since that hasn't stopped TLC and Matt/Amy, the next step for Jacob is to pull and Mady and Cara in a live interview.

BigBrother said...

A minor wouldn't be allowed to do a televised interview w/o parental permission, and Matt and Amy have clearly shown they'd not favor any of the kids (though Jacob's the only one a minor now) speaking without them having control. So no, doubt you'll see Jacob with Katie Couric until years after LPBW is off the air and he's being asked to talk about the book he'd just had ghost-written telling how his life was ruined by being a kid on a TV show.

Brandon said...

BigBrother, only another 11 months and days before Jacob is legally an adult.

Having said that, I don't think Jacob will be pulling any stunts similar to the Gosselin kids.

Jacob talks tough on Ask, but clearly it is just talk. He already did the big "I'm a rebel" act when he said he was quitting the show. Yet he's cooperated since.

How soon we forget (because he doesn't have public social media accounts today) that Zach was once as negative about the show as Jacob is now. What happened when Zach turned 18, was no longer a minor and could make his own choices? He chose the money, being paid direct obviously made his feelings for the show not the important.

IMO, Jacob, despite his little rebel persona on Ask, is the same way.

Nicole Eaton said...

Who really cares what Jacob does or his family? They don't pay your bills or feed you or fu** you. So why get all worked up about people who are solely there to live there life and give you something to watch on TV and relax. Just my opinion.

Nicole Eaton said...

Who really care about Jacob and his family? Out what he does? In the end he does not finance you, feed you, or fu** you. He and his family are living their lives the way they want. They are there to live and happen to provide a relaxing pass time by having a TV show. Every one lives differently. Why get worked up about someone who does nothing for you. Just my opinion

CB said...

Very disappointed in Jacob. He has certain people on here who always defend him, but he just proved that he does not care about people.

If anybody hasn't been following his twitter, he tweeted about a fan who saw Jacob at a gas station.

Jacob Roloff @ffoloR_bocaJ ·
The absolute strangest thing just happened to me at AmPm man..

Jacob Roloff @ffoloR_bocaJ ·
A guy came up to my car saying he was a fan then told me about his failing marriage and how he caught his wife with another guy earlier 2DAY

Jay ‏@jay7andrew
oh my

KC Lewinski ‏@KCLewinski

Pily O C ‏@pilyoc
People feel like they know u. Poor guy needed to vent. If people connect with non reality shows imagine now with reality tv

Jacob Roloff ‏@ffoloR_bocaJ
@pilyoc yea I know just wasn't expecting anything like that happening haha much less at a gas station

Pily O C ‏@pilyoc
yes got to be careful at gas stations .

annieprince ‏@tnaprince
I guess it was a full service station?

Melissa Bretherton ‏@GCSUgirl2010 whoa. That's TMI

This demonstrates how selfish and uncaring Jacob is as a person.

First, before people defend him.
The guy/fan was wrong for thinking Jacob would give a shit about his life. The guy was wrong for putting his trust by revealing something so person to someone like Jacob who didn't care.

But here is the problem. Jacob is not a little boy. He is almost 18 and he clearly has a brain.

The man is clearly experiencing a hard time in life.

I don't know what Jacob said to him or how he reacted at the gas station. But for Jacob to care so little about the man's feelings that he needed to rush to twitter to tweet everyone about the crazy freak who told him about his life falling apart, is one of the coldest, most callous things a person in Jacob's position could have done.

I don't care who you are. If you are a boy or girl who tells a person that you like him, or if you are a man who is a fan of a celebrity family with an irrational connection to them and uses the opportunity of a chance meeting to tell them you're having a horrible time in life.

To have that person only use the trust you put in them to go around to their friends or followers and tell them "Look at the crazy freak that was talking to me" is a HORRIBLE way for someone to treat another person.

This is exactly the type of thing that pushes people over the edge when they are in an emotional state.

Instead of trying to be a good person and respect this guy's trust that he showed in Jacob, Jacob used it so his twitter followers could "lol" and laugh with him at the guy for confiding in him.

Life. Think about more than just yourself.

Laura said...

CB, too bad for the guy that he didn't run into Jeremy instead. Jeremy probably would have offered him prayer instead of making a joke of him on twitter.

Rap541 said...

Which of course explains why there are stories of Jeremy jumping on people for daring to approach him at community college and ask him how he stays so upbeat. Seems I recall that story ended with Jeremy not offering prayer, but instead telling the fan how he didn't want to know her.

And when he was calling fans creepers, do explain how his big Christian heart was blessing him? And hey, when his buddy Mueller was telling a fan to go kill herself, what did Jeremy On The Cross do?

Oh right, he sure didn't do anything but laugh and continue to be best buddies with Mueller.

I love these same age comparisons. Jeremy was 17 and OLDER in the examples just cited. If Jeremy is so quick to pray and offer prayers for strangers.... why why why is no one willing to say "My name is Amanda Tate and I approached Jeremy Roloff, said I was a fan, explained my troubles, and he offered to pray to Jesus for me".

Laura - please pony up some examples of Jeremy spontaneously offering prayers in person. You say he does it so lets hear about it.

Or are we praising the big boy for your personal fantasies? :)

Rap541 said...

And since it will be asked, Jake was rude as hell to post this. But at least he didn't follow Mueller and Jer's example of telling the dude to go kill himself and also he didn't want to know him.

Laura said...

Rap, there isn't a comparison.

Jeremy (if that story was even true) was attending college and a girl was attempting to mock him by asking him why he always says he had an awesome today. He could obviously sense the girl's negativity.

That isn't the same as a fan sharing intimate details of their crumbling life and then have the person post on twitter for amusement.

I'm not advocating that people confide in celebrities they don't know. However, I am confident that it would have been much better for that man if it was Jeremy he had seen as Jeremy would have offered prayer instead of doing what Jacob did.

The only thing I agree with you about is that Jacob "was as rude as hell."

Vanessa Shaw said...

Why do people think that Jacob owes this guy anything?

Jacob didn't ask for this guy to start talking to him out of the blue or tell him personal details of his life.

Jacob had no responsibility to keep that story private. He wasn't rude to post it.

Ashley said...

I'm not saying it's right for a fan to do what that guy did by telling Jacob something very personal, but when fans say the usual "I love your show", the Roloffs get annoyed at that and complain about hearing the same old thing they don't care about again and again.

Greg said...

The guy probably doesn't have many friends and his family may have only consisted of his cheating wife.

Yeah he shouldn't have said it to Jacob, but Jacob proceeded to act like dick just as I would expect from any Roloff.

Rap541 said...

First Laura, I disagree. You're assuming evil intent on the part of the girl who approached Jeremy when you have utterly no proof. Second, Jeremy as a *college student* could have politely responded to her with a "please leave me alone". Instead, he at twenty years of age (older than Jake) told her off quite rudely, and ended the conversation with what? "I don't want to know you".

When did he offer to pray for her? As you say he would?

And I notice you don't want to have an opinion on Jeremy's buddy Mueller telling someone to fuck off and kill themselves. Why is that? He's Jeremy's best buddy and Jeremy is often lauded for his choices... Jeremy's best buddy tells fans to fuck off and commit suicide. Would you like your teen daughter to get that response from one of the Christian pals? Would you tell her how *right* Mueller was?

I'm *waiting* on factual examples of Jeremy offering to pray for people outside his direct circle. Laura? Laura? You're insisting it happens.

And I don't disagree Jake is following in Jeremy's footsteps in being rude as hell. Jeremy has set him a fine example.

Hand on the Bible, Laura - you would tell your daughter to suck it up if she approached Jeremy and he told her off the way he has done. Put up or shut up - you think it was right, then swear on the blood of Jesus you would want Jeremy to treat your child as well as the fan he told off when he was twenty.

And let me be blunt - if you're aren't willing to swear it, then you obviously understand he wasn't being kind.

Rap541 said...

Greg - I just think it's sad no one in the Roloff circle ever sat any of the kids down and explained how acting rude as shit wasn't good for business or mannerly. Jake, like Jeremy and Zach before him, was clearly never taught manners.

Jocelynn said...

Someone agreeing with Jacob on Ask...

I'm gonna go ahead and say it is a funny scenario when a stranger comes up and pours out his marital issues on a high school kid.Theres no way you did it to fuck with that guy; you just tweeted some crazy shit that happened. Guy deserves to be tweeted about after doing shit like that
Jacob - Hahah yess
Vanessa, true Jacob didn't ask for it but he could still show some empathy for a man in the darkest period of his life.

Someone on Ask agreed with Jacob, to which Jacob replied with "Haha yes" when the guy agreeing with Jacob is saying it is funny and the guy deserves it. Jacob then agrees. After denying that his tweeting about it was humiliating the guy or making fun of him.

It never even occurs to Jacob to have empathy. Instead it is just about him, it is weird happening to me so I'll post on twitter so my friends will say it is funny.

I think the worst part about Jacob in this is when it is brought to his attention that his subsequent way of dealing with it wasn't swell, he's incapable of understanding why.

Does Jacob know that it is possible to say "Hmm, maybe in retrospect, I shouldn't have used it on twitter" ?

Angela said...

The Roloffs don't care about anyone. They don't care at all about others despite all of their love others as God loves you stuff.

The guy should have cursed Jacob out. It would have given him the same result.

Laura said...

Rap, I'm repeating myself because you didn't read anything I wrote.

They are two different situations.

The girl said she asked Jeremy why he always says he had an awesome day/weekend and why everything is always awesome, why doesn't he have bad days? He took that as her mocking him.

That is not even remotely similar to what happened to Jacob. It wasn't a fan who shared something very personal from their lives.

Yes, I do recall seeing people write Jeremy on twitter about having cancer or a family member having a disease and a doctors appointment and asking Jeremy to pray and he responded "of course" or something similar.

Rap541 said...

Why would Jeremy take it as mocking? I mean, I frankly take it as *inappropriate* - a fan approaching Jeremy and asking a rather personal question is really quite similar to Jake being approached by a fan and told about a bad marriage - but why is Jake a cruel little monster for mocking the guy while Jeremy is Jesus on the Cross, completely and absolutely within his rights to be harsh?

I mean, he was OLDER than Jake and as mannerless. He could have been kind, or at least polite, and instead he treated the girl who approached him like trash. Why should Jacob act any better when you are praising his brother and saying he was within his rights for acting just as poorly?

And if you have seen them on twitter - provide quotes please. Twitter datestamps so tell us all where to look so we can see who Jeremy is blessing and how deeply personal his prayers are.

You say there are examples. Provide them. :)

Rap541 said...

Its also duly noted that I have to repeated myself again over Jeremy calling people who were fans "creepers" and his best buddy Mueller telling fans to fuck off and commit suicide. Were you ok with that too, Laura? Because Jeremy *had the right*? How about when Jeremy and his buddies were mocking that Puerto Rican fan with the weight problem? Was that a different situation where Ol' Jer-Bear at 17 was just too MUCH OF A CHILD to know treating someone like crap was wrong? Because it sure seems you think Jake is old enough yet you never want to address examples of Jeremy acting badly at the same age.

How about it?

I mean hell, at last check, Jeremy throwing around nigger and faggot at 17 (Jake's current age) was Jeremy being way too much of a little boy to know the words coming out of his mouth and needed a kiss and a cuddle because bless his sweet little mouth, he was a boy who didn't know it was wrong. Is that still the case, Laura? Jeremy at 17 was too mentally immature to be responsible for his words?

If it is, if you're going to defend it due to Jeremy's age, immaturity, and of course his brain not being formed, then I kinda wonder why you're expecting better behavior from a boy the same age as Jeremy was when he was allowed this defense?

Again, I think Jacob was rude, I just think he's clearly following in Jeremy's nasty rude footsteps.

Laura said...

Rap, As requested. I am sure you will post an apology to both myself and Jeremy? I won't count on it.

Ashley Hutchison ‏@ashhutch1 Sep 5
Good Morning Jeremy.I don't want to start out your day bad , but can you please pray for my mom she's in the hospital. Thanks

Jeremy James Roloff
@ashhutch1 yes of course. Sorry to hear that.

Judy B said...

Laura, thank you for proving Rap541 to be an irrational hater of Jeremy.

Jacob doesn't even deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as Jeremy.

Rap hates Jeremy and will never give Jeremy credit where credit is do.

Then you have the Podge Rodge's and Spiritswander who act like they want this blog to be a Jacob fan page or something.

It is very bizarre.

Jacob is a blemish on the Roloff name while Jeremy is a blessing.

Rap541 said...

Hhehehe no problem Laura, it's duly noted that you had to go back to September of 2013 to find a comment to spite me. :)

I'm *sorry* Laura - I admit it, in the last nine months, Jeremy offered prayers to a fan ONCE.

I find myself wondering why he's not nominated for sainthood :)

And his interaction was so thoughtful too! :)

Any others? :)

Rap541 said...

Judy B - Actually I just think its inappropriate to overpraise. Seriously - Jeremy is all about the fan prayers and praying but we needed to go back nine months? To find ONE example?

And seriously - I actually am pretty blunt that Jake was being a rude piece of crap. Now explain how Jeremy was acting *nicely* and *politely* when he was telling that fan who approached him that he didn't want to know her? He was older than Jake - shouldn't he have known better?

Jake is considered responsible for his comments at 16-17. I am fine with that. Is Jeremy also responsible for his online comments at 16-17? Remember - back in the day, calling Mike Detjen his nigger was "a boy being a boy" and "he didn't know what the words meant".

Same age comparisons are such fun, because you Jeremy fans completely show your bias. :)

Tell me again and again how poor 17 year old Jeremy was a child with an unformed brain who couldn't be held accountable for the things he said. :)

Rap Moffett said...

Also to be blunt - he actually wasn't offering prayer to a fan. He was asked and agreed to give... which is not actually the same and Laura was saying he offers prayers. Here's a quote.

" However, I am confident that it would have been much better for that man if it was Jeremy he had seen as Jeremy would have offered prayer instead of doing what Jacob did."


Laura said...

Rap, you asked for an example of Jeremy praying for a fan and I gave you an example of exactly that.

How many times was he asked or in position to give a prayer to a fan? I don't remember reading any on twitter.

Deny it all you want, but it was very thoughtful of Jeremy to offer prayer and sympathy to a fan on twitter.

That is why I said that man was unfortunate that he did not see Jeremy at the gas station instead of Jacob.

Rap541 said...

Actually Laura, you're maligning me. :)

I clearly said I was sorry, and then asked you for more examples since you provided only one, from nine months ago, and also pointed out that technically Jeremy wasn't offering prayers to fans, which you said he was doing.

I also pointed out that when Jeremy was the same age as Jake, he was calling fans creepers, using hatespeech online and was held up as not responsible for his words as he was too immature to be held accountable. I also asked why Jake was accountable at the same age where Jeremy was not.

Do you want to answer? Or are we just going to ignore it?

Rap541 said...

Again to be fair, he didn't offer, he was asked. :)

Rap541 said...

Also in case its not clear - Jeremy approached by a fan at maybe 20 was rude as hell. Jake approached by a fan at 17 - rude as hell. Jeremy at 23 - on one occasion is pleasant on request.

Is Jeremy at the same age as Jake really acting better? :)

Because really, I can only hope Jake grows up enough so that at 23-24 - or even 20, like big brother Jer - he's acting slightly better than he did at 17. Jeremy at 23-24 is acting slightly better than he did at 17 when he was all about calling out the niggers and faggotholes.

Laura - hand on the Bible, and I have asked this before - swear on your love of Christ that Jeremy calling Mike his *nigger* at 17 is Jeremy acting BETTER than Jake at 17 :)

And Please understand - Anything other than Yes Jeremy was acting better than Jake when he was 17 and calling Mike Detjen his nigger is you waffling :)

lynn cooper 111 said...

Just be yourself jacob,ignore those silly folks.Religion is poison and will corrupt you.Stay true to your beliefs and be happy the way you are.

Skins said...

He's a teenager. WTF do u expect? I guess all of you that are judging him were always respectful as teenagers and followed all the rules. I know I sure wasn't respectful at times and surly didn't follow rules well. From his answers, I think he has a good head on his shoulders and a good sense of humor. He also has balls for confronting all the idiots and trolls that are just trying to F with him. His ability to keep his cool under some of the fire that he receives will go along way for him in the future. I can't say I'd handle it as well and I'm twice his age.
You fanatics that have already cast him into the depths of hell for his actions, ideas, or non-ideas on religion, gays, sex before marriage, drugs, etc, etc are fing losers that have nothing better to do with their time than crap on a teenager that lives his life in the public eye for your entertainment and for doing nothing more than what most teenagers do. You say he's arrogant? For what...telling the truth or giving you a short answer to an fing ridiculous question? He's not the a-hole that's casting judgement. IMO making judgements on others lives is far and away the highest form of arrogance...like you right wing robots have it all figured out...what a joke.
I like the kid and I think his future is bright.

Anonymous said...

Oh my god - this is the most inane site devoted to a semi-famous family that I have ever seen. I am certain now that Christians are the most spiteful and self-righteous group of complete morons on the planet. I just wanted to find out if the children of the Roloff's were all well-adjusted, or if they were affected by the experience of television. You people are scary!

Anonymous said...

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