Tuesday, July 30, 2013

New Little People, Big World Episode: Welcome To The Jungle: Tonight July 30th at 10pm on TLC

There is another new episode of Little People, Big World on TLC at 10:00pm. It is titled "Welcome To The Jungle" about the Roloffs TLC vacation to Costa Rica.


"After a long winter, Matt and Amy attempt to breathe new life into their relationship by embarking on a family trip to Costa Rica. The kids though, have separate plans in mind. Sparks ignite and one Roloff finds himself stumbling through the jungle alone."


Episode Review Written by Rap541

Wow. This is on so late! I just feel like saying it again because really, 10pm isn’t family show time. Also the whole “Who Do You Think You Are?” show was really sad as it was all about Christina Applegate and her grandma’s sad past. I mean it was all so sordid.  For the record, I think the more interesting story was where the mystery half brother was but…

Anyway….  Matt stares pensively at the rain and immediately we’re on the divorce talk but Matt thinks it’s time to go somewhere. Matt notes to Amy that they have done Mexico.  For the record, when the wedding shows start, I do plan to note the vacations are so excessive that Matt can note they have done Mexico so I really don’t care to hear any bitching how they could lose the farm over the non business.

Finally a brief view of the amazing chicken coop that I doubt very much Matt has ever had to tend to. Matt notes how he is always left out on the vacations because the family is hateful. 

Matt gets himself a special saddle to ride horses. I get it, and sometimes the family is a bit cloddish but really, Matt manages to trot off by himself at least once a year on vacations for just Matt – and it’s usually more than once a year so really, the complaining gets a bit old. If Matt wants to lounge on the beach, Matt does, and doesn’t bring the family so it’s hard to boo hoo for him, when he seems a tad selfish. Yes, I will say it. He’s married and has children at home and goes on multiple vacations by himself – all the while complaining on camera how his poor business decisions mean he could lose his home.  If we’re supposed to believe he could lose his home at any given moment then maybe the lil vacations to Maui and China aren’t necessary.

Molly is home and a tad blah. Amy waxes on how Molly is studying Spanish at college. Now everyone is leaving and they are meeting Jeremy in Phoenix. Audrey is coming with the family. Amy notes all the changes. Zach reads lines on how Tori is part of the family. Matt is insisting that he bring the pedal extensions. Will this be a plot point later? They run off into the airport. 

Matt notes how rare a family vacay is . Yeah um… No.  This particular comment gets old. Now they are at Sky Harbor in one of the club rooms. Jeremy notes how he hasn’t seen his woman in three months. And now we’re in Costa Rica!

Yeah this place looks fancy.  Matt wants to hang by the pool. Amy notes the kids take after Matt in sleeping in. He seems to be really offended by that observation. Yay, the bitching has begun!

Now everyone is waiting on Matt for the kayaking trip.  Amy gets mad. Molly tells her to chill. Matt slowly rolls out. Audrey asks if they will be there on time. Amy notes how mad Matt would be if it was Amy who was late. I kinda agree with her there, he doesn’t like it when people aren’t on schedule. Amy is pissed when Matt rolls in. There’s endless car bitching.  

They make it to the kayaking. Amy reads some lines on the nature. Amy is annoyed that Matt takes off with Jeremy. Matt snots to the camera how he intentionally ditched the wife. There’s nature. Matt wants to turn around.  Matt notes how on family trips they should be doing everything together. Matt is uncomfortable and wants to get out. Its awkward because really at the end of the day, he has physical issues and he expects Amy to give up her own enjoyment to be at his side… especially when he’s a pouting bitch when she takes him to the oh so physical endurance challenge of a fancy restaurant. Yeah, I remember the last divorce episode where sitting in a booth and ordering was too much for Matt and he had to snot how he’s only happy when he’s working a project and getting his way.

So back at the hotel Amy bangs on doors because they are hiking. Jeremy yawns and wears a towel. Amy complains about how her adult boys can’t wake up on time. Who’s fault is that? 

Amy and Matt bitch at each other about the hike. It’s a three mile hike and Matt is conveniently left behind for the cameras. There are monkeys. Matt notes how he’s the medical martyr and how he was left behind. He plays with a coconut in an obviously staged scene. Somehow he magically turns up at the beach. Jeremy notes how dull being with the family is and how he loves Audrey and funny how Jer isn’t at Matt’s side, gamely being Matt’s helper monkey. Matt wants to take the “boys” fishing. Amy is fine with not going. They head out on a boat. The women do girl things because there’s no fishing for girls. The fishing is poor. Matt asks Jeremy about Audrey. There really doesn’t seem to be any interest in Zach and Tori.  I really don’t think Jake speaks in this episode.

Jeremy and Zach take the girls out for food. Jeremy seems pleased to be on “date night”. Amy and Matt have an awkward dinner. Matt notes he’s not having a good time. Amy is annoyed that Matt isn’t going to try the horse riding. Amy notes that no matter what happens the family is made to feel guilty if Matt doesn’t go on things. That’s a fair point. I mean realistically, was everyone supposed to turn around when Matt gets tired? I understand his limitations, but at the end of the day, why go anywhere if all Matt wants is to hang on the beach? There’s nothing wrong with that – but seriously when is the family allowed to do something guilt free if Matt can’t participate? And why go anywhere if this is what every trip is like? Because really, this is what every trip is like for the Roloffs, and the older Matt gets, the less likely he will be able to partipate.

Zach notes that Matt is ready to leave now. Amy notes how miserable Matt is. Matt notes with a dramatic sigh that he’s not miserable. Amy somehow makes this about her empty nest. Matt notes “what about us” and we have more bitter separatist talk. Good lord, get therapy or get divorced.

So day three of the misery. Amy brought a backpack of stuff to hand out to poor kids. No one but Tori is thrilled by the visiting poor kids plan. Matt notes that Zach is an instinctive teacher. I notice we don’t see Jeremy with any of the kids. Matt again makes them late to leave. The problem is that I can kinda believe Matt is making them wait on him.

Now they are planning to zip line. It seems like a steep walk up. Yeah this is miserable because I feel for him, but I also see Amy’s point that there’s a point where it’s always Matt saying the family is leaving him behind.  He seems to make this about the marriage but I don’t think it is. I think it’s about control. Matt likes being on his farm property because he controls everything there, including, to a point, Amy. When they go to places where Amy can do things he can’t, and he can’t snap his fingers for a couple of the farm lackeys to circle around, he’s frustrated and angry because he isn’t in control. There are many ways Matt could have gotten up there – frankly I find it hard to believe the resort had no contingency plan but Matt does like the pity.

So now Matt voices over how *Amy* puts him in situations where he’s made the fool. I question that simply because he is a control freak and had to have seen the trip itinerary. I mean, folks, do you really think Matt allowed Amy to mastermind this? I note that none of the kids including Jer suggest skipping the treat to be with dad. Hmm. Funny that, that Jeremy didn’t manfully leave the group to assist his beloved father.  Matt voices over how very wrong everyone is to have fun while he martyrs himself as the poor guy. 

Meanwhile everyone  ziplines and Matt conveniently is somehow able to put those peddles he brought to use even though I saw no sign or hint that they had been loaded into the hotel van.  Funny that.

Now day four and they decide to skip the daily squabble over Matt coming to the van. He wants to use the saddle but never bothered to try it in Oregon because testing stuff is dumb. Matt notes how he’s never been on a horse despite prior episodes where he WAS on a horse and also described being on a horse as a child.

Matt throughout the ride yells various shouts all through the ride.  The scenery is nice. Matt notes how amazing he was. Now there’s a final meal. It wraps up in a neat little package with everyone happy and Matt and Amy have yet again decided to not divorce.

So lets see. All of the kids barely spoke on screen. Matt and Amy debated their marriage again and basically had a miserable time. Folks at TLC? If you are just going to film Amy and Matt bitching about how they might get divorced, don’t bother sending them on trips any more. Trust me, those two will whore themselves and their marriage out  for our amusement without the trips.


Megan said...

"and one Roloff finds himself stumbling through the jungle alone."

I am SURE that was REAL and scary! Lost with a camera crew in the jungle to give them a plot.

Timothy said...

I'll take the wild guess that they won't include the part where Molly bitches at the Costa Rica residents because she's pissy that they weren't bringing her room service as fast as she wanted while she was on this free trip.

sassenach said...

Between Matt not being able to go on a one week vacation without his pedal extension "because the little baby wants to drive" and Amy saying "I'm kinda mad for the second time" I changed channels after 14 minutes.

Ecossais said...

Between Matt not being able to go on a ONE week vacation without his pedal extension because the "little baby wants to drive" and Amy saying "I'm kinda mad" for the second time I changed channels after 15 minutes.

Ashley said...

Is every Roloff vacation episode the same?

I swear it is. Even the stuff they do is the same! Zip line. Horse back riding. Climb a hill.

Lynn C said...

It was nice to see Jeremy back in the episode.

Tori must feel like she got the short end of the stuck (no pun intended).

Jeremy is so much more romantic than Zach. It was very sweet the way he talked about Audrey. Zach? Not so much.

Christine said...

"I'll take the wild guess that they won't include the part where Molly bitches at the Costa Rica residents because she's pissy that they weren't bringing her room service as fast as she wanted while she was on this free trip.`

Yep. Really shocking that we didn't see princess Molly whine and complain about room service.

Maybe Jacob was under the influence of illegal substances and that's why he didn't say two words the entire episode.

Chris Linton said...

Okay, I'll just say it. It couldn't have been unintentional that there was a commercial for The Smurffs during Little People, Big World? HAHAHA

But on a serious note. I was moved to find Jesus tonight by Audrey and Jeremy's words about Jesus tonight. Oh wait.

Lara said...

The only thing Jacob did on this episode was sleep. lol.

Leah said...

If it wasn't just a staged scene for this episode (which I think it was) why couldn't anyone else walk with Matt up the hill? Big strong Jeremy?

But wait. If he wanted up there, a tour official would have carried Matt himself for the publicity if that's what was needed. Obviously it was more important to get a scene of Matt and Amy acting....up, arguing.

Anonymous said...

If you don't like what is said or shown on the show, WHY do you watch it. I think most of the commenters on here just want attention themselves and are jealous of the Roloffs.

Although I do agree that Matt acts like a big baby and a spoiled brat. Just because he can't physically do everything, he has no right to hold the rest of the family back. I have been in a wheelchair for 10 years, but I go out of my way to make sure my disability doesn't hold back the rest of the family. I truly don't see how Amy puts up with him. He only ever wants to do what he wants to do. Not a way to be a contributing member of the family.

kitten Has claws said...

@ Chris.....hahahaha on the Smurfs!!! PERFECT! Good One Chris. As always The End=The best. They will probably think it was done against them. ROFL ...or as Jake would say...TRILL ...SMH on that one. Oh and i fell asleep too ...but it was from a turkey sandwich.

Rap541 said...

Anon, if you don't like my reviews, why don't you NOT read them? Whats wrong with you that you intentionally read something you don't like and then spew how you don't like it? I think you must comment simply because you want attention for yourself and are jealous of me.

Come on anon, stand up and defend yourself. Why are YOU commenting on a review YOU DON'T like? I have to infer that you believe if I don't like someone on the show, I should sit silent and say nothing. Why are YOU allowed to read something you don't like and allowed to say something negative? Do you KNOW me? :)

If I seem annoyed, its because almost every single review, someone has to say the equivalent "If you don't like it, don't watch and btw I read your recap and didn't like it and here's my opinion why" and they never seem to understand that this is a hypocritical arguement. If you don't like it, sit silent and shush. If you expect me to abide by that, then in theory, you should be making no comment at all.

I'm not telling you not to comment - I'm merely noting you're telling me to not comment on things I don't like, you obviously are quite obsessed with making sure to let me know how it upsets you, and you're not following your own advice. Since you won't follow your own advice and not read a review that you know will upset you, and you won't sit silent and you do make sure to let everyon on this board know how you read something and don't like it.... I see no reason to take your advice. If you get to spew, so do I. :)

And if that means I'm jealous and attention seeking... then what does it make you? A perfect little princess?

Jill said...

I echo why keep on sending them on vacations? It's the same contrived conversations over and over again.

Mike P. said...

Utterly charmless as always, the Roloff coupling concocts schemes in which they may quarrel and hiss, to provoke worry among their dwindling believers.

Matt, aware of his limitations, plans a trip and its outings, fails in or disrupts every event, pouts and blames Amy for the result.

Amy, the professional victim, narrows her eyes on cue and joins right in, tit-for-tat

Zach reveals that he rarely goes to the farm anymore, due to the atmosphere there. Odd that that statement is left in the show, or maybe not.

Amy and Molly (the student of Spanish) speak a flat, embarrassing Peggy Hill version of the language to the wait staff. Curiously, the staff are not overwhelmed.

Jake puts in his time, makes his appearances, speaks only when he's told to, and earns every ounce of sympathy I can generate.

Vicky said...

Is any of it even real? The fighting between Matt and Amy?

I felt like Matt was acting when he was "upset" and acting all emotional when he was on the hike.

pixie said...

I don't think Matt was acting. He appeared to be settling in nicely to a *GIANT* hissy fit!

He almost cried! How...awkward.

Plus, when your parent's argue in front of you, it's just rude.

Zack's comment at the 'date' was very telling indeed. He said something about how he 'didn't want to get into it right now' and glanced at the cameras. Hmmm...wonder how bad it REALLY is at the Good Ole Farm.

Brandon said...

But Pixie, I agree with Vicky. Everything is planned and staged, imo.

When Zach glanced at the camera... it's not like that little dinner was a genuine moment. It was a planned filming event where they are obviously told what to discuss. Jeremy ask Zach about the farm. (because Jeremy never actually in real life has asked Zach if he goes to the farm?) Zach, give an answer that will create drama and add to the plot of an episode that will bring us money.

Porcupine Pie said...

I refuse to watch this nonsense anymore, but I like Rap's recaps. Roloffs, just go away and take the Duggars too while you're at it..........

Justin2 said...

I just have one correction about your review Rap.
The only episode I remember Matt getting on any kind of animal was when they went to Australia and rode the camels, not horses.

I don't know, maybe you can point to another episode where Matt got on an animal to correct me, but I'm just saying that's the only episode I remember where he actually got on an animal.

k Has c said...

@ porcupine pie...i agree and to add to the list take Sister Wives and that hair flippin surfer wannabe hubby. DONE.

Rap541 said...

He said he rode horses as a kid, Justin. I also seem to think he was on a horse at the dude ranch briefly - I think he sat on it, he discussed unpleasant experiences riding horses as a kid and then we moved to Matt and Amy arguing. I'd also put the camels in play. But point taken.

Mike P. said...

I think Matt rode a horse and/or a mule in the dude ranch episodes.

UhhOk said...

You ask a commenter why he/she reads your blog since they don't like it but honestly why do YOU write about the Roloffs? You obviously don't care to much about them or their show so...?

Rap541 said...

Uhhok - Why was does any reviewer watch anything they don't like?

If a reviewer gives something a bad review, is it really a fair question "well, why did you watch it?" and is "if you don't like it, then say nothing and be silent" a valid point?

If you don't get my point, or if you simply want to argue, feel free to say so - I am merely turning the question back on the person asking because it gets asked every review and always with the tone of "if you don't have anything nice to say, shut up because I love the roloffs and don't like hearing anything but praise for them".

Since I don't think the Roloffs are always deserving of praise, I don't abide by it. I notice btw that the anonymous commenter has yet to explain to me why they read something they don't like, and comment on something they don't like, when I am expected to sit silent when I don't like something.

Rap541 said...

But I will answer your question, despite how my questions to these folks never go answered.

I like to write. This isn't the only show I recap. I do others on different platforms. I enjoy writing something that others find entertaining. I enjoy sharing my wit and insight. I know, since I am not building a fort or driving a track hoe, that Matt Roloff and his boot lick fans will look down on what I enjoy... but tough :)

Uhh, were you asking me why I review because you're jealous of me? And want my attention? Yes or no? And origanal anon, you still haven't answered that either. And no, not jealous of Matt. I can go places without needing a scooter.

BeckyM said...

This has gone way past irritating and stupid to just plain sad. All four of the kids had no real childhood and while I don't approve of their behavior, being "famous" on reality television for minors has NEVER had a good outcome.

All of the family has an inflated idea of their value and interest that is reinforced by TLC continuous filming. Meanwhile you see more and more of the destructive behaviors which will eventually catch up to them when the show is eventually cancelled.

Matt and Amy - the adults - sold out and the sold out their kids. There's going to be longterm damage here.

k Has c said...

Rap i want you to know that i really enjoy your recaps on The Roloffs..i do find your wit and points you make to be right on point. Your wit is what i enjoy the most. So thank you and keep up the work and thanks for keeping it entertaining.

Rap541 said...

Thanks K has C - I am glad you enjoy them. They're generally fun to write. :)

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

And thank you Rap for taking the time to write them. I don't get to sit and write to all of the episodes, and sometimes my heart just isn't in it. You persevere through that, and most of us are grateful. I DO feel it's necessary to have another evener, not because of the differing opinions, but having another set of eyes, as it were. Another viewpoints, so the loyal readers and commenters can read them and think, "What planet are either one of you on???"
I'm not wearing this on my sleeve. others have contributed in the past, and I'd like to mention their efforts as well. Until they send a camera crew to Santa Barbara and get a whole whack more of The Golden Boy shirtless (he looks like he's becoming quite the chubby little cherub, doesn't he?), I don't think we'll hear from Expressed again! There was one more volunteer recently, but I can't remember their handle, and I'm sorry about that, but I did want to make sure they got the recognition he/she deserved. We all see things differently, and that is what makes it interesting!

pixie said...

I hear you Vicky and Brandon re: staged scenes. I guess it looked to me like Matt has these temper tantrum hissy fit outbursts a lot!

I agree most of it IS staged.

Matt's still a manipulative, passive aggressive ass tho.

Timothy said...

Up next for TLC's big Roloff vacation that Matt is trying to sell? An Alaskan cruise.

Matt's Facebook posts are so transparent.

ashleigh said...

Lynn C, so what if Jer talked more about Audrey? Zach has always been more shy, perhaps he didn't feel he wanted to get into it all on tv. It doesn't make him any less romantic or make their relationship less than A&J's.

When Amy was pissing and moaning outside the van and then acting like she's doing breathing exercises and attempting to de-stress, I was waiting for one of the kids (prob Jake or Molly) to just slam the door and lock it. I don't think those two will ever get divorced, she is WAY too into being miserable and complaining every second.

BTW, over at IMDB some people have commented that both GFs look like Molly. I don't have an account so I can't post but I wondered if anyone here thought that at all? I know I'm a bit late to the party so I don't know if there will be any responses to this but I am curious as I don't see it at all. Aside from them both being pretty, tall girls and Tori being a brunette, I see no similarities.

Kyle J said...

Ashleigh, Audrey doesn't look anything like Molly.

Tori does from a distance. If you look at their facial features, it's not like they are twins, aside from their hair being similar.

Rap541 said...

Ashleigh - you want to remember Lynn wants Jeremy up on the pedestal as the "best boy". Good Christian boys are romantic and love good Christian girls. Thats also why Tori is always viewed with suspicion because how could anyone date Zach when Jeremy is so dreamy fantastic? I mean, its actually been proposed that Tori has dated Zach for *years* now because she is a fan obsessed with *Jeremy*. To people like Lynn, Jeremy is perfect (oh of course they insist they don't think he's perfect but there is NO valid criticism of Jeremy ever) and Zach is forever and ever less. Zach can't possibly have a girlfriend on his own, his girlfriend is really lovesick for Jer and using Zach to be closer to Jer....And Audrey will be a perfect match for Jeremy until they break up and then whoever Jeremy chooses next will be perfect. Because Jeremy's judgement is sooo awesome.

I have to say I have thought AUdrey and Tori both look a bit like Molly but its mostly "tallish white brunettes with longish hair and similar clothes".

Ellen said...

Audrey has fiery red hair. Molly doesn't.

sassenach said...

I couldn't stand to watch this episode after the first 15 minutes. It had all the signs of being the worst LPBW ever.

Anybody know what ratings that garbage generated?