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A Roloff Expresses Their Opinions On Homosexuality

Jacob Roloff, who has been the Roloff making the most news among fans and followers in the past couple of months, continued his trend of being the "first Roloff" to ever do something.

Jacob Roloff actually legitimately answered the frequent question about his opinions about gay people - if they are sinners, if they should pray to be cured and how they should live their lives.

As most people know, the issue of gay people and the Roloffs has been one of the most asked and speculated topics about the Roloffs. Gay-related issues or questions about the Roloffs being homophobic is still one of the most searched about subjects regarding the Roloffs.

To give a brief overview and summary...I think it is fair to say that a common opinion among people with some knowledge of the Roloffs beyond the TV show persona's, is that they are much more conservative and much more religious than the TV show portrays. Matt's Facebook followers see just a glimpse of it when he occasionally posts about politics. Jeremy's twitter followers see a religious side to him that is absent on the TV show portrayal.

The general belief among many is that the Roloffs oppose homosexuality. However, because they have the title of "Diversity Advocates" and can make a lucrative career as diversity speakers, the Roloffs do not want to voice their true beliefs about gay people and have it on record. Basically, if you're being paid and invited to speak on issues of diversity, acceptance and equality, having those groups and organizations know that you are "anti" one of the minority groups is bad for your business.

Most of the Roloffs have their own history with it.

Matt Roloff is very careful to avoid the subject like the plague. As stated, Matt's political views are very conservative and the politicians that Matt has publicly supported have been known for being severely "anti-gay" in their political career. However, Matt has always avoided answering about what he believes regarding gay people.

Amy Roloff has been very vague when she has been asked about the issue. Amy was questioned about the fact that the Roloffs support a church that preaches the message that gay people should pray to Jesus to be cured of being gay and seek treatment. Amy gave very vague answers about how supporting a church doesn't necessarily mean they support everything the church teaches. A while later, she was more forceful in refusing to give her opinion, declaring that her beliefs and the beliefs of the other Roloffs were private and she would not share what she believes.

Jeremy Roloff is the family member most associated with this issue. Years ago, as a 16 and 17 year old on social media, Jeremy used gay slurs and used to pose in "gay-mocking" (in some people's opinion) pictures with his friends. Jeremy never apologized or expressed any regret for those thing which further enhanced the belief that he had an issue with gay people.  More recently,  Jeremy's enthusiasm for the Solid Rock church in Portland and its lead Pastor, John Mark Comer, garnered attention. As mentioned, the church and John Mark Comer has delivered sermons that Jeremy has attended where they've spoken about the sinful nature of homosexuality and promoted the "pray to be cured" message. Jeremy has often voiced his support for John Mark Comer on twitter with re-tweets or quotes and has shared some of those sermons (podcasts) with his friends. A lot of Jeremy's close friends have been very clear about their (negative) feelings about gay people in society. For Jeremy's part, he has never answered. He has never stated his opinion or clarified his feelings. He has received many questions and comments on social media and the internet which ask him for his opinion --  Jeremy has never answered. Again, a common belief is that Jeremy doesn't want to lie, but he doesn't want to have a definitive statement out there to the world that might damage the Roloffs pocket book as diversity speakers.

Molly Roloff, also is a supporter of the Solid Rock church and has attended those church events with Jeremy. Friends of Molly did report that following Kirk Cameron's controversial comments on the Piers Morgan show regarding gay people being destructive to civilization, Molly told her friends that she was very proud of Kirk Cameron for being courageous and standing up for God and stating his beliefs in a non hateful manner (in her opinion obviously) by declaring that gay people are detrimental and ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization. Molly does not speak publicly to fans, so obviously she has never made her views known to fans or "the public".

After months of being asked about his views on the gay topic and refusing to answer (about the only subject that Jacob declared was off-limits - Jacob Roloff finally addressed the issue void of the normal sarcasm that often is found on his account and gave his true thoughts and actually had a rather thoughtful exchange with people posting questions and comments. After he discussed the issue, Jacob said that he expected that Matt and Amy would be unhappy with the fact that he expressed his views on the topic. He shared his thoughts on if it's a sin, whether he believes gay people can change and stop being gay and his advice for someone who is gay.

Personally, regardless of what your feelings might be, I think it is very refreshing when someone is willing to be direct and say "This is my opinion and here's what I believe". Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, but it is nice to see when someone is willing to be honest and upfront about what they think.

The questions posed on ask are in blue and Jacob's answers are in red.

I'm surprised you are homophobic. You don't seem as religious as others in your family and chances are there were probably some gay lpbw crew you knew. It's surprising.

Im definitely not homophobic lol but I doubt that will do anything to change your mind, since I'm fairly positive you're saying this to push my buttons 

I like a lot of what you say, but you seriously don't think you're homophobic? Really? You wouldn't even say when asked "Do you think gay people should pray to God to be cured?" That's like asking "Are you in favor of slavery? The answer shouldn't be difficult. But you're uncomfortable with it.

Lol omfg me not answering these questions makes me gay? Okay geniuses. I can tell how smart you are now :-)

Uh, you can change people's minds that you're not homophobic by saying you don't think it's a sin. Oh that's right you'll avoid this question and won't publish it, making people believe you're a homophobe :) 

What I heard growing up and I guess still believe is, it doesn't matter if you're gay, it's not a sin. The sin is actually acting on your urges. 

Well Jacob, the problem with what you believe is people are really born gay, they can't change who they are and if they didn't act on their urges or constantly felt bad about them, they would lead miserable lives being alone. Can you imagine disliking yourself every time you felt attracted to a girl 

They don't have to like girls instead.. And they don't have to be alone forever.. I don't care if they act on their urges but I'm saying, for me, that's when I call it a sin. But it's not like I don't know gay couples.. I don't condemn them to hell like some people. Be gay with whoever, i don't think it's possible to 'become straight' either so if you're gay then be gay and don't feel bad because that's your life you shouldn't let others' opinions make you feel guilty about something you can't change..

So a gay person should go through life alone, knowing they will never love someone, never find a soul mate. Either that or pray to God to be cured and wait. I hope you've really thought about what you're saying and at least understand why so many gay teens kill themselves. 

I have thought about it. 

Your answer was very interesting. But you do realize what you're actually saying is that a gay person shouldn't do what makes THEM happy, what is right for them because they should please others. And that's totally opposite to your philosophy about everything/everybody else.

I didn't understand the middle part of that very well.. They should do what makes them happy.. And just love whoever 

So even though it can't be changed its still a sin? Even a young innocent kid? People know they're gay from like 6 years old. So they were just born in sin by default?

That's a question for whoever you believe made us 

I liked your answer Thank you for explaining. But if you advocate that, then I don't understand why you still think it's a sin. If it's because it's in the Bible, well, sex before marriage is a sin, etc, you know the story. But it's your opinion. 

Yea I sin/have sinned plenty.. That doesn't mean I still don't believe they're sins. 

Every single person on Earth was "born in sin." We all sin differently and none are better or worse than others. (Not a question o well) 

This would've been a good answer for that guy.. Hopefully he sees this 

Nah it's a question for you, because I'm asking if that's what you believe.

Look at the guy who just asked me a question *before this* that's my answer. 

Don't need to publish this, but thank you for finally giving your serious thoughts on "the gay issue". Whether I agree or disagree with you, I appreciate that you gave a serious on it. Thank you.

Yea ill probably get some 'feedback' from my parents about that but oh well hahah.. You're welcome

Seriously bro, I like ur style and all, but ur dumb as fuck when it comes to this gay shit. Its understandable though given ur overkill Christian upbringing, but u need to sit down and form ur own opinion after some serious thought, and not base it off some 2 thousand year old book.

Calling people dumb for believing in the Bible shows how childish you are so I'm not gonna answer this seriously. You're irrelevant to me. Believe whatever you want don't call people dumb for believing whatever religion there's no point.

Imagine trying to repress your sexual urges and hating yourself everytime you have one. (really imagine it) That's what your advocating for gays to do. A. It's impossible. B. It's miserable and leads to suicide. It's ok if you still think it's a sin, but realize this is what you contribute to.

Did you read the answer of mine that was pretty long? Obviously not... 

Yes, I echo the "Thank you". Whether people like your view or not, thank you very much for answering the question in a serious way once for all. Now when you get asked about it, all you have to do is "see my answer from 3 months ago". :) 

Exactly hahah

Why are people acting like you're the authority over the gays lol 

They aren't they just care about my opinion or something 

You don't have to be rude bro. I read your answer. All I wanted to say was that realize that you're contributing to the misery and suicide in the gay community by believing what you believe. You've never come close to experiencing and witnessing pain like I have because of beliefs like yours.

I think maybe you're assuming a little too much because I have. And you obviously didn't understand my answer given what you're saying you think I believe..

Sort of ridiculous that a couple of sentences by a couple of people in a book not written by god can inform your opinion.. 

lol. Neat opinion. Now let me have mine.. 

No offense but you really know very little about the bible, so your opinion is pretty uninformed. Don't take offense, it's what it is.

I also don't advertise that I know any more than I say about it 

No answer you've given gives the impression that you understand what your beliefs entail and collectively the pain they cause... So I don't know where you're getting that. 

Ugh.. Educate yourself then come back and read my answers

I'm a sinner just for being me. Screw you.

Everyone's a sinner for something.. Screw everyone 

Not for things they can't control and were born with :)

Even if you didn't consider that a sin you've still sinned so either way you're a sinner.. Why does it matter what you do that makes you one 

Some person will read your answer, curl up and cry themselves to death. They will think they are not good for this world, they will think they are monsters, why not take it to brain and end it? Is this what your religion teaches you? 

That's not at all what I said so you're obviously fucking stupid lol. I gave my opinion. Done with questions about it now 

Jacob, good for you for answering! I don't know why people are confused about your answer. YOU personally think it's a sin, but you don't harass someone who is gay with that and you believe a gay person should live their life how they want regardless of what you or anyone else thinks. 

YES. Everyone who's too dumb to understand my opinion about being gay, read this.

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Roloff Social Media Accounts As Of August 2013 - Twitter, Facebook, Instagram,

People often inquire about the real social media accounts of the various Roloff Family members. It's been a while since we've done a definitive and updated listing, so we've decided to do it now.

We will go one by one through each Roloff family member, list their social media accounts of note and then we will give an overview describing how the said Roloff uses that account and then the general Spiritswander comment on what people say about each of them.


Matt Roloff:

Social Media accounts:

Facebook Fan Page:


You Tube:

Official website:

Main venue of Communication: Facebook

Spiritswander overview: Matt Roloff's Facebook Fan Page the only social media account that he uses on a regular basis. 

A couple of years ago he used You Tube to post some videos which he linked from Facebook. Likewise, his twitter account used to be linked from his Facebook (meaning that his facebook posts appeared automatically). He disabled that feature after he found out that posts he deletes on Facebook, do not also automatically delete on twitter. He has only posted a few times on twitter in 2013.

Matt's Facebook fan page is the most well known and followed social media account of any Roloff. When Matt wants to promote something or bring attention to something that benefits the Roloff brand/image, he uses Facebook.

It's a very "safe" page, very cookie cutter. He attempts to portray the Roloff image as very wholesome and Christian, the same "family friendly" image that is portrayed on Little People, Big World. Matt does not answer any questions on subjects that he does not approve of. Dissenting opinions are not permitted. It is basically Matt promoting what he wants and his thousands of fans agreeing, believing and praising him for whatever he posts. 

The rare times that Matt has stepped out of character and posted something raunchy (like teaching Jacob about condoms or commenting that he liked looking at Jenifer Lopez's butt in a movie) some of his more conservative and religious fans were shocked and outraged - Matt quickly resorted to the popular excuse used by many celebrities after they get flack for something they post - he claimed he was hacked. 

Once in a while, Matt will respond to fan a comment with something such as a "Thanks" or comment on something general, but he does not really respond directly to fans.

In conclusion, if you're interested in the Roloffs, Matt's Facebook is something that you'll want to check up on. He posts news of upcoming shows, pictures, etc. Just know that you'll never read something there that Matt does not want you to hear and the image he presents for the family is the "TV image" and not necessarily real or accurate.


Amy Roloff

Social Media accounts:

Facebook Fan Page



U Stream:

Official Website:

Official Charity Website:

Main Venue of Communication: Facebook, twitter.

Spiritswander's Overview: Amy uses her Facebook and twitter in the same way Matt does. It's promoting the family image they portray on LPBW and her various projects (books, charity events). In the past, when people have confronted Amy on her Facebook page about controversial subjects (such as Jeremy and Mueller throwing Mo the Roloff cat) she has posted a response. But for the most part, it's the wholesome Roloff image that they push. Amy is more frequent than Matt in responding to fan comments, Having said that, when they are filming, Amy appears to be the most concerned about keeping things private (which in turn, makes her social media accounts pretty boring and uninformative). Amy even appeared to be annoyed when Matt shared the news on Facebook that Rocky the Roloff dog had passed away. Amy stated that they were filming Rocky's death and they aren't supposed to talk about filming events, but Matt blew that by posting the news on Facebook. 

Amy has recently got more involved with twitter. She usually tweets daily. At one time, she said the AmyRoloffcf (charity foundation) was controlled by herself as well as Lisa Dixon from her Charity foundation and another ARCF person, but Amy appears to have taken more of a role in twitter recently. She is becoming more active in retweeting fans that tweet her. She has replied to compliments and general question in a very polite manner. 

Amy also has recently begun using Instagram more.

When the weekly LPBW series ended and before the "specials" came back to TLC, Amy started hosting "Live coffee chats" on U Stream. When the show came back on TV, Amy ended those Live Internet shows.


Jeremy Roloff

Facebook Photography Page:




You Tube:

Website (with his friends in Santa Barbara):

Main Venue of Communication: Twitter and Instagram

Spiritswander's Overview: Jeremy is the Roloff with the most tainted and controversial past on Social Media (although Jacob might be catching him, except that Jacob also receives a lot of praise for what he's doing). We won't re-hash all of Jeremy's past on social media (you can search Spiritswander for more info).

At one time Jeremy was much maligned for his treatment of fans online and then how he ignored them totally. That changed a little bit since Jeremy got interested in photography, attended Brooks Institute of Photography and started thinking about using his photography for business. Now he has actually asked fans to follow his twitter, Instagram page and like his Facebook page.

On twitter, Jeremy mostly posts inspiration sayings, links Bible quotes or posts about Jesus. A lot of Jeremy's twitter feed is linking his Instagram pics which he uses almost everyday.

Jeremy still rarely interacts with fans. Sometimes if a fan praises his photography and commends him for tweeting about God, Jeremy will say "Thanks". If a fan asks him on Instagram "Is that Waterfall, xyz Waterfall in such and such city, it looks familiar?" Jeremy will sometimes respond with a "yes, thanks".

Jeremy doesn't answer questions about the show. He doesn't talk about any controversial topics he's been involved with. He doesn't voice his opinion on any subjects that might be controversial. For the most part, it is "Here's my photography, here's some Bible quotes I like", and "Thank you".

Jeremy hasn't used his Facebook fan page since May. He seems to randomly go back to it after long periods of inactivity.

Jeremy used to use You Tube channel, but now he has a Vimeo video account where he has made 6 videos (some rather recently).

Jeremy has been talking about (for over a year or almost two) how he is working on an official website. Jacob also alluded to how Jeremy is starting his own photography business but his website isn't up and running yet.

Conclusion: Jeremy has obviously learned from his infamous past on Social Media and now is very careful to keep his real conversations with his friends off of social media and his real feelings for fans of the show far away from his online accounts. He's very guarded and very simple in any interactions with fans on social media accounts - usually keeping it to a simple "Thanks".

Also, as Jeremy prepares to launch/begin using his photography as a business and attempts to sell his work, he has obviously realized that it's advantageous to use his LPBW fan base to support his work -- and that explains his change from not wanting to have anything to do with fans to inviting them to follow him on twitter, etc.

Jeremy shares a lot of his photography and videos on the above mention sites. His interactions with fans are kept at a minimum and are very basic. Jeremy never speaks about any topics that are controversial and avoids all negative questions or comments. However, all of Jeremy's social media sites with the exception of his personal Facebook page, are public. Jeremy and Jacob are the only Roloff "kids" to have all public accounts on social media at this time.


Zach Roloff:

Social Media Accounts:


Main Venue of Communication: None

Zach does not have a twitter account or a public Facebook fan page. He only has a private Facebook strictly for his friends.

This July he got an Instagram account, but only has posted 2 photos since July.

Spiritswander's Overview: Way back when Little People, Big World first started and Zach was Jacob's age now, Zach used Myspace. He got into trouble when he publicly posted calling pumpkin season customers "Dumb idiots that ask for pictures". Despite that, back then Zach did develop a good reputation for interacting with fans and responding to their comments (especially in comparison to Jeremy). However, since Zach got older, he has basically abandoned all interaction with fans and doesn't express anything on social media. Jacob says it's because Zach doesn't want to deal with idiots.


Molly Roloff

Social Media Accounts:


Instagram (but it's private - the only Roloff to have Instagram but have it private):

You Tube:

Main Venue of Communication: None

Spiritswander's Overview: Molly does not (and has never) speak to or acknowledge fans in any way on Social media. The only fan she has acknowledged on twitter is an actor that said he was a fan. She originally had her twitter account private, but must have realized that it's pointless to have a private twitter account since everyone who is not following you, including people you like, will never see your tweets. Even with a public twitter, Molly never acknowledges fans. Ever.

She had the You Tube account and once posted a video with friends. When fans began commenting on the fact she named a character "Dr Hemp" and began questioning why a good Christian would do that or when people began commenting on Jeremy and Mueller's various acts - Molly angrily responded in a comment something along the lines that no one had any right to every judge a Roloff or a Roloff friend. She then deleted or made the video "private" and disabled comments. She posted a school video 10 months ago and that was it for her activity on her You Tube channel.


Jacob Roloff

Social Media Accounts:



Main Venue of Communication: and Twitter

Spiritswander's Overview: Jacob has been the star of Roloff Social Media in the past few months. His account has been unprecedented for a Roloff. Although some people will dispute an answer here or there, the honesty is off the charts for a Roloff.

The other Roloffs that speak (which basically makes means Matt and Amy, because Jeremy, Zach and Molly are unwilling to speak about the show or their opinions on anything) are known for not exactly being overly truthful. They project an image and that's the goal. People often get the feeling that Matt, Amy, Jeremy, etc. are just spewing BS and don't really believe what they are saying.

Jacob is the opposite. Although there are some that are upset with his demeanor on or accuse of him of name calling instead of engaging in an intellectual debate about something, I think for the majority of things you can at least come away honestly thinking that Jacob really believes what he is saying and for the most part is being truthful.I don't think that can be said of any other Roloff.

Jacob has stated the main reason he has is because he enjoys arguing with "idiots" and finds it amusing to listen to them. Although Jacob maintains that he doesn't care at all about what people think of him, he denies that it's correct for people to call him rude - he says the majority of questions or comments he responds to are rude or negative so he responds by being rude to them. Jacob says he reads all the comments from "positive" fans but doesn't reply because all he would say is "Thanks" and that would be boring, so people just see him being rude - because those the ones to which he responds.

However, having said that, Jacob is by far the most interactive Roloff. He does often answer curiosity questions, general questions about his feelings on different issues and his feelings about the show - in a very real way. A person recently asked him since they are filming currently if they are on the "We are getting divorced" script or the "We might lose the Farm" script? Jacob replied "probably both". The point is, he's the only Roloff that would get that, most likely agree (although he sarcastic a lot of the time) and respond.

Jacob is also the only Roloff to ever admit bad behavior. When people started saying he bullied a classmate in junior high, Jacob admitted it was true. He has commented on having sex with his ex girlfriend, his enjoyment of smoking weed, opinions that marijuana is harmless and doesn't make him "lost" or a "bad kid, his opinions on the show, being expelled, not really having his driver's license despite what the LPBW conveyed -- he pretty much will address all topics. The only subject that he flat out dodged and refused to answer was when people asked whether he believes that gay people should pray to Jesus to be cured? He said he won't answer.  But pretty much everything else, Jacob usually addresses in a pretty honest manner.

Conclusion: Saying Jacob is the most honest or the most real Roloff is a "no brainer". If you like Spiritswander because you want to sort through the "BS" of the PR show image and want to know the truth and what people really think, Jacob's is a must. Heck, if Jacob's account had existed all along, there might not have ever been a need for the Spiritswander Blog to be established. Haha.

And finally, just a few Roloff related accounts that people often ask about:

Audrey Botti (Jeremy's girlfriend)

Social Media accounts:




Spiritswander Overview: Audrey is Jeremy's girlfriend of two years and people are often curious as to what she is like. She often posts picture on Instagram of her and Jeremy. Her twitter and blogger account (which gives a better idea of what she is like) are very religious with a lot of Bible and Jesus quotes and references.


Tori Patton (Zach's girlfriend)

Social Media Accounts:


Spiritswander Overview: Tori is Zach's girlfriend. She often posts Instagram photos of her and Zach.


Destiney Mueller

Social Media Accounts



Spiritswander Overview: People still ask about Jacob Mueller, who was known as Jeremy Roloff's best friend for all of the LPBW series and appeared in practically every season. Destiney is Mueller's wife. They celebrated the birth of their son, Payton, in July. Mueller's instagram and twitter are private (and he has an infamous history with hating fans of the show anyway), but Destiney's are public for those who are interested in seeing what Mueller is up to.


Thursday, August 8, 2013

Roloff Bullying: Jacob Roloff's History With Bullying

One of the issues that the Roloffs often are asked to speak about - whether it's for a public paid speaking engagement, during interviews or in Facebook posts - is the topic of bullying in schools. The Roloffs always speak as the victim - the insinuation that they have been the target of bullies because of the dwarfism in their family.

Here is one of the many times Amy Roloff has spoken about the subject:

Amy Roloff: "Whether parents need to be more involved in what their kids are doing, who they are associating with, what groups at school they are involved in, I'm not quite sure. A lot of the emphasis has been on the person that's being bullied, but I also want to take note to say why is a person wanting to bully someone else? What is going on in their life that they feel the need to hurt someone so much unless they themselves are hurting and this is their way of lashing out or making their own pain go away, but it is sad..."

Well, the latest revelation to come out of Jacob Roloff's account, is that the Roloffs have their own history with bullying - but not as the victim - as the unrelenting bully.

It began, with Jacob's ex-girlfriend Vanessa, on her account, mentioning her friend named Levi. It is important to note that this is not the Levi that viewers of LPBW know from early seasons of LPBW, the kid who was Jacob's friend.

However, the people asking Vanessa questions, were confused. Vanessa mentioned that Jacob and her friend Levi did not like each other. Confused people asked Vanessa why they didn't like each other because they used to hang out on LPBW episodes? Vanessa explained that she was talking about a different Levi and the Levi she was talking about used to go to Faith Bible Christian School, but left that school because Jacob bullied him so horribly.

I think you figured it out, but you realize when people ask you about Levi/Jacob, they think you are talking about Levi Pinyerd. Levi Pinyerd was portrayed on LPBW as Jacob's best friend growing up. When ppl see talk of you and "Levi" dating they think you mean Jacob's friend.
Lol no.  (This) Levi was literally Jacob's least favorite person. Jacob bullied Levi into not going to faith anymore.

People then asked Jacob about it:

"Jacob bullied Levi into not going to faith anymore." Bullies suck. You should be ashamed.

Yea that's why I'm not a bully anymore

Or maybe you're not a bully anymore because most kids at LHS could beat you up? It says a lot about you that bullied people. Not surprised at all. You need professional help.

Okay well first of all, Guideline #1. Don't bully someone bigger than you.. So that wouldn't be a problem for me.. And I think I actually made him leave 7th grade, which is when I stopped.. And realized that I can just wait for people like you to say something dumb and make fun of that

So in addition to bad grades, teachers and bus drivers hated you (for no reason of course), you also bullied kids at Faith. The picture of why you were expelled is becoming a lot clearer, despite your "it was only cuz of grades" cries.

Yea damn I guess you're right.. Now what

Not much is worse than kids that bully other kids into leaving school. Pretty sure you're going to hell for that. And that IS something people can judge you on without "knowing you". You suck as a person.

Yea I bet.. Condemn me to hell again though, so I know that at least you're a good person 

 Did the kid's parent's not complain to the school because you were a celebrity Roloff and got special treatment? Good for Faith for finally getting up the courage to stand up to your family and give you the boot even if it was a couple years late

Yea I know why'd it take so long.. Weird.. Must be special treatment!

Wow, so you bullied Levi into going to Liberty, then you got kicked out and went to Liberty. That's fucked up, Levi is such a nice guy. You should feel ashamed, but I doubt you do.

It's not like I planned that lol

It's really not something you should "lol" about. What you did is horrible, making someone suffer so much that they have to leave school. Like honestly, do you even feel bad that you did it?

I'm not actually the reason he left lol but I'm probably the reason he didn't care that he left

Ok and you know this how? What is the reason he left then?

I'm pretty sure he moved lol.. And his brother went to Liberty

This night has definitely been enlightening. You tortured someone so much that they wanted to change schools. You're even more of a dick than people imagined.

I guess so

Now the roles have switched and Levi has tons of friends and is popular, while you're a loser.

Yea damn, I guess I lose

Not an ounce of remorse in you.

Oh.. I feel really bad for what I did to Levi.. Am I better for it now? No lol.. And nothing's gonna change it or make it better so go find out what else you can discover about me from the Internet

Yes that would make you better, because any fucking normal person with a conscience would feel bad. I would even forgive you if you did. You're a piece of shit. I started out liking you, but you're fucking unbelievable how little you care about people.

"Any normal person" that's what sucks.. That shouldn't be said to anyone.. I can deal with things however I like there should be no gauge for what's normal and what's not. 8th grade after he left I told him I was sorry and stuff it's not like I need to continue, that's not what I do anymore and it's over so it doesn't matter lol

I just hope it wasn't your parents making you say sorry and it's because you felt bad for what you did and realized it was wrong. If that's the case, I could forgive you because everybody makes mistakes especially in middle school, but you really don't give that impression off.

I'm not really trying to impress any of you

I honestly don't care, live your life however you want, but when people see a wrong, they're going to say something. You don't have to be famous (which you're hardly) for people to hold you up to the standard of a decent human.


 What's the drama about?

I don't know but it's starting to bore me 

Anything that makes you confront what a shitty person you are, "bores you." It's your go to excuse.

I've been answering these questions all day

What are you accused of that's not true? Trying to think of the top things ppl say about you? Use drugs? True. Insult ppl on here? True. Got expelled? True. Bullied classmates? True.

Yea but I don't even think of half of those as negative lol