Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Roloff Expresses Their Opinions On Homosexuality

Jacob Roloff, who has been the Roloff making the most news among fans and followers in the past couple of months, continued his trend of being the "first Roloff" to ever do something.

Jacob Roloff actually legitimately answered the frequent question about his opinions about gay people - if they are sinners, if they should pray to be cured and how they should live their lives.

As most people know, the issue of gay people and the Roloffs has been one of the most asked and speculated topics about the Roloffs. Gay-related issues or questions about the Roloffs being homophobic is still one of the most searched about subjects regarding the Roloffs.

To give a brief overview and summary...I think it is fair to say that a common opinion among people with some knowledge of the Roloffs beyond the TV show persona's, is that they are much more conservative and much more religious than the TV show portrays. Matt's Facebook followers see just a glimpse of it when he occasionally posts about politics. Jeremy's twitter followers see a religious side to him that is absent on the TV show portrayal.

The general belief among many is that the Roloffs oppose homosexuality. However, because they have the title of "Diversity Advocates" and can make a lucrative career as diversity speakers, the Roloffs do not want to voice their true beliefs about gay people and have it on record. Basically, if you're being paid and invited to speak on issues of diversity, acceptance and equality, having those groups and organizations know that you are "anti" one of the minority groups is bad for your business.

Most of the Roloffs have their own history with it.

Matt Roloff is very careful to avoid the subject like the plague. As stated, Matt's political views are very conservative and the politicians that Matt has publicly supported have been known for being severely "anti-gay" in their political career. However, Matt has always avoided answering about what he believes regarding gay people.

Amy Roloff has been very vague when she has been asked about the issue. Amy was questioned about the fact that the Roloffs support a church that preaches the message that gay people should pray to Jesus to be cured of being gay and seek treatment. Amy gave very vague answers about how supporting a church doesn't necessarily mean they support everything the church teaches. A while later, she was more forceful in refusing to give her opinion, declaring that her beliefs and the beliefs of the other Roloffs were private and she would not share what she believes.

Jeremy Roloff is the family member most associated with this issue. Years ago, as a 16 and 17 year old on social media, Jeremy used gay slurs and used to pose in "gay-mocking" (in some people's opinion) pictures with his friends. Jeremy never apologized or expressed any regret for those thing which further enhanced the belief that he had an issue with gay people.  More recently,  Jeremy's enthusiasm for the Solid Rock church in Portland and its lead Pastor, John Mark Comer, garnered attention. As mentioned, the church and John Mark Comer has delivered sermons that Jeremy has attended where they've spoken about the sinful nature of homosexuality and promoted the "pray to be cured" message. Jeremy has often voiced his support for John Mark Comer on twitter with re-tweets or quotes and has shared some of those sermons (podcasts) with his friends. A lot of Jeremy's close friends have been very clear about their (negative) feelings about gay people in society. For Jeremy's part, he has never answered. He has never stated his opinion or clarified his feelings. He has received many questions and comments on social media and the internet which ask him for his opinion --  Jeremy has never answered. Again, a common belief is that Jeremy doesn't want to lie, but he doesn't want to have a definitive statement out there to the world that might damage the Roloffs pocket book as diversity speakers.

Molly Roloff, also is a supporter of the Solid Rock church and has attended those church events with Jeremy. Friends of Molly did report that following Kirk Cameron's controversial comments on the Piers Morgan show regarding gay people being destructive to civilization, Molly told her friends that she was very proud of Kirk Cameron for being courageous and standing up for God and stating his beliefs in a non hateful manner (in her opinion obviously) by declaring that gay people are detrimental and ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization. Molly does not speak publicly to fans, so obviously she has never made her views known to fans or "the public".

After months of being asked about his views on the gay topic and refusing to answer (about the only subject that Jacob declared was off-limits - Jacob Roloff finally addressed the issue void of the normal sarcasm that often is found on his account and gave his true thoughts and actually had a rather thoughtful exchange with people posting questions and comments. After he discussed the issue, Jacob said that he expected that Matt and Amy would be unhappy with the fact that he expressed his views on the topic. He shared his thoughts on if it's a sin, whether he believes gay people can change and stop being gay and his advice for someone who is gay.

Personally, regardless of what your feelings might be, I think it is very refreshing when someone is willing to be direct and say "This is my opinion and here's what I believe". Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, but it is nice to see when someone is willing to be honest and upfront about what they think.

The questions posed on ask are in blue and Jacob's answers are in red.

I'm surprised you are homophobic. You don't seem as religious as others in your family and chances are there were probably some gay lpbw crew you knew. It's surprising.

Im definitely not homophobic lol but I doubt that will do anything to change your mind, since I'm fairly positive you're saying this to push my buttons 

I like a lot of what you say, but you seriously don't think you're homophobic? Really? You wouldn't even say when asked "Do you think gay people should pray to God to be cured?" That's like asking "Are you in favor of slavery? The answer shouldn't be difficult. But you're uncomfortable with it.

Lol omfg me not answering these questions makes me gay? Okay geniuses. I can tell how smart you are now :-)

Uh, you can change people's minds that you're not homophobic by saying you don't think it's a sin. Oh that's right you'll avoid this question and won't publish it, making people believe you're a homophobe :) 

What I heard growing up and I guess still believe is, it doesn't matter if you're gay, it's not a sin. The sin is actually acting on your urges. 

Well Jacob, the problem with what you believe is people are really born gay, they can't change who they are and if they didn't act on their urges or constantly felt bad about them, they would lead miserable lives being alone. Can you imagine disliking yourself every time you felt attracted to a girl 

They don't have to like girls instead.. And they don't have to be alone forever.. I don't care if they act on their urges but I'm saying, for me, that's when I call it a sin. But it's not like I don't know gay couples.. I don't condemn them to hell like some people. Be gay with whoever, i don't think it's possible to 'become straight' either so if you're gay then be gay and don't feel bad because that's your life you shouldn't let others' opinions make you feel guilty about something you can't change..

So a gay person should go through life alone, knowing they will never love someone, never find a soul mate. Either that or pray to God to be cured and wait. I hope you've really thought about what you're saying and at least understand why so many gay teens kill themselves. 

I have thought about it. 

Your answer was very interesting. But you do realize what you're actually saying is that a gay person shouldn't do what makes THEM happy, what is right for them because they should please others. And that's totally opposite to your philosophy about everything/everybody else.

I didn't understand the middle part of that very well.. They should do what makes them happy.. And just love whoever 

So even though it can't be changed its still a sin? Even a young innocent kid? People know they're gay from like 6 years old. So they were just born in sin by default?

That's a question for whoever you believe made us 

I liked your answer Thank you for explaining. But if you advocate that, then I don't understand why you still think it's a sin. If it's because it's in the Bible, well, sex before marriage is a sin, etc, you know the story. But it's your opinion. 

Yea I sin/have sinned plenty.. That doesn't mean I still don't believe they're sins. 

Every single person on Earth was "born in sin." We all sin differently and none are better or worse than others. (Not a question o well) 

This would've been a good answer for that guy.. Hopefully he sees this 

Nah it's a question for you, because I'm asking if that's what you believe.

Look at the guy who just asked me a question *before this* that's my answer. 

Don't need to publish this, but thank you for finally giving your serious thoughts on "the gay issue". Whether I agree or disagree with you, I appreciate that you gave a serious on it. Thank you.

Yea ill probably get some 'feedback' from my parents about that but oh well hahah.. You're welcome

Seriously bro, I like ur style and all, but ur dumb as fuck when it comes to this gay shit. Its understandable though given ur overkill Christian upbringing, but u need to sit down and form ur own opinion after some serious thought, and not base it off some 2 thousand year old book.

Calling people dumb for believing in the Bible shows how childish you are so I'm not gonna answer this seriously. You're irrelevant to me. Believe whatever you want don't call people dumb for believing whatever religion there's no point.

Imagine trying to repress your sexual urges and hating yourself everytime you have one. (really imagine it) That's what your advocating for gays to do. A. It's impossible. B. It's miserable and leads to suicide. It's ok if you still think it's a sin, but realize this is what you contribute to.

Did you read the answer of mine that was pretty long? Obviously not... 

Yes, I echo the "Thank you". Whether people like your view or not, thank you very much for answering the question in a serious way once for all. Now when you get asked about it, all you have to do is "see my answer from 3 months ago". :) 

Exactly hahah

Why are people acting like you're the authority over the gays lol 

They aren't they just care about my opinion or something 

You don't have to be rude bro. I read your answer. All I wanted to say was that realize that you're contributing to the misery and suicide in the gay community by believing what you believe. You've never come close to experiencing and witnessing pain like I have because of beliefs like yours.

I think maybe you're assuming a little too much because I have. And you obviously didn't understand my answer given what you're saying you think I believe..

Sort of ridiculous that a couple of sentences by a couple of people in a book not written by god can inform your opinion.. 

lol. Neat opinion. Now let me have mine.. 

No offense but you really know very little about the bible, so your opinion is pretty uninformed. Don't take offense, it's what it is.

I also don't advertise that I know any more than I say about it 

No answer you've given gives the impression that you understand what your beliefs entail and collectively the pain they cause... So I don't know where you're getting that. 

Ugh.. Educate yourself then come back and read my answers

I'm a sinner just for being me. Screw you.

Everyone's a sinner for something.. Screw everyone 

Not for things they can't control and were born with :)

Even if you didn't consider that a sin you've still sinned so either way you're a sinner.. Why does it matter what you do that makes you one 

Some person will read your answer, curl up and cry themselves to death. They will think they are not good for this world, they will think they are monsters, why not take it to brain and end it? Is this what your religion teaches you? 

That's not at all what I said so you're obviously fucking stupid lol. I gave my opinion. Done with questions about it now 

Jacob, good for you for answering! I don't know why people are confused about your answer. YOU personally think it's a sin, but you don't harass someone who is gay with that and you believe a gay person should live their life how they want regardless of what you or anyone else thinks. 

YES. Everyone who's too dumb to understand my opinion about being gay, read this.


Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Before all the judgement and pedestal-perched bashing beings, I agree with an earlier poster on the previous item in that Jacob simply said, "I believe this....." . People HAVE to label. People HAVE to condemn to raise their own self-image. People HAVE to ridicule knowledge or lack thereof when it's only an opinion is being expressed. I've never seen anyone get so haughty over such a complete non-issue in my entire life.

Chris Linton said...

Score another one for Jacob over the rest of the family, haha.

Kayla said...

Other than "It's a sin, but we all sin", the rest of what Jacob said was mostly "gay-friendly".

His family must be crushed. Anyone ever think that Jacob is the black sheep of the family because he seems like he's the least religious Roloff?

Olivia said...

I don't care too much about anyone's opinion on this subject but it was good to see Jacob stop being a wise ass and show that he is capable of being serious from time to time.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

On an open note as to remarks made by myself as to what I was talking about, I will say only this:
All the posters here, including some who claim to be better than others, I have seen exactly the same information you have. I have been privy to exactly the same histories, stories, and evidence that all of you have. I have always tried to stay open to whatever the facts and the truth may be. Reading this blog and the posts from the people that post here serves me as a wake-up call to avoid the tendency to inattentive blindness based on conceit, arrogance, narrow mindedness or any other plague that erodes the inner goodness of people.
Again, I've read what you've read, I've seen what you've seen (with the exception of the "Separation Anxiety" episode) and I've heard what you've heard. There is no magic to any of this and I'm certainly not any different or better than anyone. I give it a minimum of two years, and I'm willing to be patient.

Olivia said...

Podge/Rodge groupie, a minimum of 2 years for what?

Fran said...

Bravo Jacob

Set Abominae said...

Is that actual some moral courage I'm seeing from Jacob?

It takes a certain level of intellect and courage to go against the idiotic things you've had rammed down your throat by your parents via religion from a young age.

Vic Rattlehead said...

"Everyone's a sinner for something"


Jacob is smart enough to understand that everyone has "skeletons in the closet" and that you shouldn't judge people based on those things.

Now if only Jeremy's vacant mind could comprehend it.

Jacob45 said...

Jacob's "It's a sin, but we all sin." I don't believe being gay is a sin,(I'm not even Christian), but if I did -- gay or not, ppl (if they believe in "sins"), are going to sin, one way or another.

I think saying being gay "is a sin" is the only thing Jake said that wasn't gay-friendly.

He never even implied (from what I read), that Christianity was better, or that ppl should believe in Christianity, he said,
Believe in whatever you believe in, either way you're "sinning", so what's the difference? (not an exact quote btw)

Jacob also said something along the lines of "sin if it makes you happy, & don't feel bad about it" -- over the topic of whether gays should act on their gay urges or not.
I'm only repeating roughly the things Jake said that appear gay-friendly to me, although I don't share his views, & don't find acting on gay urges "sinning" at all. I don't even know what is considered a "sin" to begin with & why it is a "sin" in the first place.

But those answers, IMO, were very mature, elaborated, & thought out (especially compared to his usually sarcastic ones.)

Of course, now he's gone back to sarcastic answers, but he clearly showed he's *able* to give a mature answer, & not only mouth-off.

He also obviously isn't just Daddy Matt's puppet. Unlike perfect, young Jer Bear, he's able to speak for himself before he's even an adult. ;)

Austin said...

I'm gay and I would first say that I also like that Jacob put his opinion out there unlike the rest of the cowards in his family.

Secondly, I was pleasantly surprised at what he said. I thought he would have been more on point with Molly and Jeremy.

Having said that, I did cringe at one of Jacob's later comments in response to someone saying that gay teenagers are disowned by their family just for being gay. Jacob said gays want special treatment and a lot of kids get thrown out for different reasons. Special treatment?

Oh well, that was disappointing, but overall, he is still ahead of the rest of his family.

Anne said...

Jacob was trying to please the gays with that answer.

Jeremy wouldn't compromise his beliefs by pandering to gays.

Jeremy was right to not even try.

Rap541 said...

Anne - and pleasing the gays is wrong because?

Feel free to expand on that, since the kid you're praising, Jeremy, will never make that stand for you.

Jeremy is too scared of the consequences and backlash to HAVE beliefs that could be compromised. Anne - Jeremy is the one who hides behind Daddy because he's still a boy and Daddy Matt speaks for the children so Jeremy is never ever accountable. I always find it amusing when you heap praise on Jeremy for his cowardice and inability to unequivocally state his views.

Personally I think Jake's ask/fm is clearly self serving, but at the end of the day, he's the one saying "I'm Jacob Roloff and this is my answer to that question."

Jeremy just sits silent and lets his anon friends insist he's proud to judge gays as wrong. My point? He clearly knows holding that view will affect his bottom line and thats why Jeremy will never say what his buddies and you insist he believes.

You say you agree with his views, Anne. Answer this - would you be proud of your own son if he refused, as Jeremy does, to unequivocally state he believes homosexuals are going to hell?

And would you consider that refusal your son standing up for his beliefs?

Greg said...

Like that Jacob answered. Don't like that he went on to defend the rest of his cowardly family.

People do have a right to know what they believe.

A private citizen? No.

A public figure that makes money off selling Diversity? People damn right should know if they believe in accepting diversity only for themselves and not all groups.

Their silence gives the answer anyway.

Set Abominae said...


Jeremy is an idiot who is incapable of thinking of anyone other than himself.

Brandon said...

Jacob is either a great con man or I think he's losing it. He said he's not doing the fucking show and doesn't care if the family hates him. I'm actually kind of concerned for him.

Anonymous said...

Honestly Brandon if you can't see that the show has torn apart the family you are delusional. Matt over the years has clearly become obsessed and put ratings and doing things for the sake of the show over the family. Its obviously created an unhealthy family environment and anyone who's watched the show can see this. I give Jacob the upmost respect and feel for the all the things he's had to go through growing up with the show. You really think things should continue. Its become a tired boring schtick and I applaud Jacob for having the courage to take a stance.

Brandon said...

Jon, I don't disagree with what Jacob said.

I don't know how serious he is or if he is playing with people, but what I was saying was that it was bold move to declare that he's refusing to film and kill the family business in the process.

He said he doesn't care if his family resents him and doesn't care if Jeremy is angry when his free trip or $ for his plans with Audrey falls through because Jacob won't do the show.

If he really is prepared to go full scale rebel (like he's posting) that is a crazy decision for him to make even though everything he said is right.

Would you want to be the reason why your family loses their fortune and have your whole family turn on you?

I have serious doubts that he will actually follow through on what he posted, but I'm not sure it's in his best interest.

I've changed my opinion on Jacob from his several times, but he seems like a decent enough kid that I don't want to see his life totally go to hell. It will if he declares war with his parents I'm afraid.

Jocelynn said...

Brandon, I mostly agree.

Even Zach wouldn't stand in the way of the money.

I think some people forget that for the first half of the show, Zach was said to be even more against the show than Jacob is now.

Lynn C said...

Come on people.

It's either a prank by Jacob because he doesn't respect the people asking him questions on that site or maybe Matt and Amy took his drugs away and this is the way he's throwing a temper tantrum.

He's not very mature, but it's much ado about nothing, in my opinion.

Bob said...

Jacob wouldn't be talking that way about Matt if Matt was normal height and could whoop Jacob's ass like he's deserves.

That disrespect Jacob shows his parents is disgraceful.

He should be begging them to forgive him for what he said, even if he does consider it all to be a big joke, he should never say that stuff.

Peter said...

Everything Jacob said about the show is the truth!

Good on him for recognizing.

The follow through? Yeah, I doubt he has that much resolve and will to resist the pressure, but he's right about everything show related.

Carly said...

Jacob is the only one that isn't tainted by the money...yet.

That will change.

I'm of the mind that Matt or Amy told Jacob no about something and his default revenge tactic is promosing to not participate in the show.

Chris Linton said...

Jake is taking on the world! F you to fans that critize! F you to Faith Bible! F you to some kids at his school! F you to his parents and the show!

Good luck Bro!

Johnny Reb said...

Lynn C:

Jacob is doing something called "standing up for his convictions".

It means he has a backbone and is willing to tell others the shove their self serving agendas up their asses.

Something which I may add Jeremy is too much of a coward to do.

Without the show Matt & Jeremy will just be ordinary everyday sociopaths rather than "famous" ones.

Set Abominae said...

"it's much ado about nothing, in my opinion. "

Sort of like your brain Lynn?

Rap541 said...

Jacob wouldn't be talking that way about Matt if Matt was normal height and could whoop Jacob's ass like he's deserves.

That disrespect Jacob shows his parents is disgraceful.

And Matt and Amy wouldn't need to pussyfoot around their youngest son's moods if they didn't depend on their youngest minor son to perform for the cameras for *their* livelyhood.

The disrespect Jake shows his parents and the disrespect the roloff kids in general show their parents has been a running theme on this show since day one. Head on over to and look at the older posts there. I'll be clear, the reason Matt and Amy are openly disrespected by all their kids is because they aren't very good parents. Loving parents? Certainly. But they don't discipline and they don't provide consequences and all the kids know that Mom and Dad have to keep them sweet in order to get them to perform for the cameras. There is a wonderful article over on written by the now adult woman who played the little girl in Mathilda and some other films.

That really outlines the problems in using your child as a meal ticket on tv and in the movies.

Laura S said...

Did Jeremy ever threaten to not do the show?

And people wonder why Jeremy is the favorite.

Judy B said...

I said it a long time ago. Matt knew Jacob was the problem child.

If you watched closely, you could see Matt's disappointment and how exasperated he was over Jacob's attitude and lack of motivation.

Rap541 said...

Laura - No, Jeremy likes being a reality whore. So far his major accomplishment in life is being a spoiled lil celeb who gets praised for nothing. Hell Jer-Bear the whore took an entire semester off from his precious photographic career in order to get paid to be on vacation. If he was about his art and about being an adult and wanting to do something on his own, maybe he'd be a little more against being Daddy Matt's Lil Boy.

But its easier to be a boy on a reality show where you're pampered by everyone than it is to be a man. And we all know when given a choice, Jeremy Roloff will always choose to be a little boy hiding behind and entirely dependant on Daddy Matt. He's over 23 now and when Daddy needs him to give up his dreams and career plans to get down on the farm and vacay... Sure seems like Jer comes running for the treats and easy life as a boy every time.

Rap541 said...

Judy B - and pray tell, why did Matt choose to do *absolutely nothing*?

Come on now. He *knew*. You're saying he *knew*. WHat kind of father knows his son is troubled and does NOTHING? Poor pooor Matt lets all pity him, well bullshit, Judy - if he raised a crappy kid, he's the one who did it. He deserved what he gets when he puts no effort into parenting. With the exception of Molly, all of Matt's children reflect kids who were spoiled and undisciplined and never made to put any effort into life. There's a reason Matt fully supports his adult son Jeremy... and its not because Jeremy is a successful adult.

And actually I believe at this same age, age 16, Jeremy was letting us all know his fans could suck his dick for all he cared. Thoughts on that, Judy B? Was he blessing you?

Greg said...

Hm, interesting tweet from Jeremy (don't say that often ;)) He made it about an hour after Jacob said what he said last night.

I have no idea if it was related to Jacob or not.

"Hmm, If only talk depicted our priorities. Do don't just say"

Jacob45 said...

@Greg, I wouldn't be surprised if it *was* related to Jacob's account & threats to not sign the contract the next time around.

However, I guess we'll know if Jake really "walks the walk" when it *does* come time for them to resign contracts -- well, if they *get* more contracts, at least .... who knows, maybe Jake will never get the chance to prove if he really meant what he said.

DJ said...

Jacob is proving he's the smart one by being the only one that can see the show for what it is.

Kyle J said...

It is somewhat amusing that the 16 year old, the youngest in the family, is demonstrating the most guts.

Leslie said...

Poor Jacob. The 16 year old needs to make the moral stand against the greedy family.

That's a sad state of affairs.

Set Abominae said...

Judy B:

Matt is a repulsive human being in every way possible.

His kids turned out the way he raised them to turn out: lazy, selfish, stupid, arrogant and self important.

The difference with Jake is he IS actually smart enough to realize that his dad is a monster who has emotionally abused him for years and sold him out for the almighty dollar because being a "star" on tv is easier than actually getting a proper job and keeping it for more than a few months.

if Jake hates his parents that's their fault and their fault only.

Justin2 said...

Seriously though..why the hell do people at Liberty High School in Hillsboro, OR want to beat up Jacob so bad!?

Anonymous said...

I am over 50 and if all I had to do was drop school for a quater, sign me up cause I will be gone on vacatio

lele said...

When did it become okay to judge people for being raised Christian and standing firm to their faith? Stop trying to force people to accept things they don't believe in. If they are not gay bashing or being mean than leave them alone. Some people that aren't religious still don't support gays so get over it. You will not and cannot force people to agree. Just like religious people cannot force people to agree with them. Uggh.

Rap541 said...

lele - again - would it be ok for stand firm on my faith, as a Christian, if I insisted slavery was ok and handicapped people were less in the eyes of God. You would insist that its my faith and not mean to say to little people, that the Bible says they're not as good as people without blemish and little people need to shush it and stop forcing their beliefs on me since I am justifying my views with the bible?

I mean, its not bashing if it's in the Bible, right? And it is. It's not my fault if the Roloffs don't believe as I do, and they should shush because my beliefs are in the Bible and they need to get over it and accept the Bible says they're less.

Because if it's in the bible, then I am standing firm on faith and NO ONE is allowed to judge me and you will tell people to stop forcing this little people acceptance on others since it clearly states in the Bible that little people are blemished. I'm not being mean, its in the bible, so you do agree if the Roloffs are allowed to treat others as less because its standing up for their faith... then the Roloffs can't protest when others stand up for their faith in the written word of God and say little people are less, right?

I mean, after all, you're clearly stating if it's a religious *christian* view, its not ok to judge, right?

Anonymous said...

This is your brain on religion.

Unknown said...

Way to badger him for responses YOU wanted. Bravo