Thursday, August 8, 2013

Roloff Bullying: Jacob Roloff's History With Bullying

One of the issues that the Roloffs often are asked to speak about - whether it's for a public paid speaking engagement, during interviews or in Facebook posts - is the topic of bullying in schools. The Roloffs always speak as the victim - the insinuation that they have been the target of bullies because of the dwarfism in their family.

Here is one of the many times Amy Roloff has spoken about the subject:

Amy Roloff: "Whether parents need to be more involved in what their kids are doing, who they are associating with, what groups at school they are involved in, I'm not quite sure. A lot of the emphasis has been on the person that's being bullied, but I also want to take note to say why is a person wanting to bully someone else? What is going on in their life that they feel the need to hurt someone so much unless they themselves are hurting and this is their way of lashing out or making their own pain go away, but it is sad..."

Well, the latest revelation to come out of Jacob Roloff's account, is that the Roloffs have their own history with bullying - but not as the victim - as the unrelenting bully.

It began, with Jacob's ex-girlfriend Vanessa, on her account, mentioning her friend named Levi. It is important to note that this is not the Levi that viewers of LPBW know from early seasons of LPBW, the kid who was Jacob's friend.

However, the people asking Vanessa questions, were confused. Vanessa mentioned that Jacob and her friend Levi did not like each other. Confused people asked Vanessa why they didn't like each other because they used to hang out on LPBW episodes? Vanessa explained that she was talking about a different Levi and the Levi she was talking about used to go to Faith Bible Christian School, but left that school because Jacob bullied him so horribly.

I think you figured it out, but you realize when people ask you about Levi/Jacob, they think you are talking about Levi Pinyerd. Levi Pinyerd was portrayed on LPBW as Jacob's best friend growing up. When ppl see talk of you and "Levi" dating they think you mean Jacob's friend.
Lol no.  (This) Levi was literally Jacob's least favorite person. Jacob bullied Levi into not going to faith anymore.

People then asked Jacob about it:

"Jacob bullied Levi into not going to faith anymore." Bullies suck. You should be ashamed.

Yea that's why I'm not a bully anymore

Or maybe you're not a bully anymore because most kids at LHS could beat you up? It says a lot about you that bullied people. Not surprised at all. You need professional help.

Okay well first of all, Guideline #1. Don't bully someone bigger than you.. So that wouldn't be a problem for me.. And I think I actually made him leave 7th grade, which is when I stopped.. And realized that I can just wait for people like you to say something dumb and make fun of that

So in addition to bad grades, teachers and bus drivers hated you (for no reason of course), you also bullied kids at Faith. The picture of why you were expelled is becoming a lot clearer, despite your "it was only cuz of grades" cries.

Yea damn I guess you're right.. Now what

Not much is worse than kids that bully other kids into leaving school. Pretty sure you're going to hell for that. And that IS something people can judge you on without "knowing you". You suck as a person.

Yea I bet.. Condemn me to hell again though, so I know that at least you're a good person 

 Did the kid's parent's not complain to the school because you were a celebrity Roloff and got special treatment? Good for Faith for finally getting up the courage to stand up to your family and give you the boot even if it was a couple years late

Yea I know why'd it take so long.. Weird.. Must be special treatment!

Wow, so you bullied Levi into going to Liberty, then you got kicked out and went to Liberty. That's fucked up, Levi is such a nice guy. You should feel ashamed, but I doubt you do.

It's not like I planned that lol

It's really not something you should "lol" about. What you did is horrible, making someone suffer so much that they have to leave school. Like honestly, do you even feel bad that you did it?

I'm not actually the reason he left lol but I'm probably the reason he didn't care that he left

Ok and you know this how? What is the reason he left then?

I'm pretty sure he moved lol.. And his brother went to Liberty

This night has definitely been enlightening. You tortured someone so much that they wanted to change schools. You're even more of a dick than people imagined.

I guess so

Now the roles have switched and Levi has tons of friends and is popular, while you're a loser.

Yea damn, I guess I lose

Not an ounce of remorse in you.

Oh.. I feel really bad for what I did to Levi.. Am I better for it now? No lol.. And nothing's gonna change it or make it better so go find out what else you can discover about me from the Internet

Yes that would make you better, because any fucking normal person with a conscience would feel bad. I would even forgive you if you did. You're a piece of shit. I started out liking you, but you're fucking unbelievable how little you care about people.

"Any normal person" that's what sucks.. That shouldn't be said to anyone.. I can deal with things however I like there should be no gauge for what's normal and what's not. 8th grade after he left I told him I was sorry and stuff it's not like I need to continue, that's not what I do anymore and it's over so it doesn't matter lol

I just hope it wasn't your parents making you say sorry and it's because you felt bad for what you did and realized it was wrong. If that's the case, I could forgive you because everybody makes mistakes especially in middle school, but you really don't give that impression off.

I'm not really trying to impress any of you

I honestly don't care, live your life however you want, but when people see a wrong, they're going to say something. You don't have to be famous (which you're hardly) for people to hold you up to the standard of a decent human.


 What's the drama about?

I don't know but it's starting to bore me 

Anything that makes you confront what a shitty person you are, "bores you." It's your go to excuse.

I've been answering these questions all day

What are you accused of that's not true? Trying to think of the top things ppl say about you? Use drugs? True. Insult ppl on here? True. Got expelled? True. Bullied classmates? True.

Yea but I don't even think of half of those as negative lol


Peter said...

The comments or questions to Jacob on were right on the mark and the perfect tone.

In categorizing scummy people, being a bully in school ranks right up with the worst.

Personally, I don't think people really change if there's something within you that makes you want to torture someone else and gang up on them.

Even though I usually agree with the comments, Jacob's rudeness on can often be excused because people are presenting a negative opinion or question and he eagerly responds with an asshole response.

Not very classy, but at least understandable. Someone says he's rude, so he's rude back.

But actually being a bully and then acting like he did when people were talking about it does say a great deal about the type of person he is.

Natalie said...

That's absolutely terrible. Whoever the person was that asked him that question or made the comment about being a decent human being, good job! That's exactly what needed to be said to him.

Chrstine said...

Doesn't it make you wonder about all the crappy things the Roloffs do that fans don't ever hear about?

Greg said...

Maybe ol' Jer and Molly should ask Jesus to pray for the victims of their family members?

Emily said...

My God. I can't even imagine treating someone so bad to the point that they would be happy leaving the school because of me.

To read Jacob's reactions...he very well might be a psychopath or a sociopath. I'm not trying to be dramatic, but honestly

Read the definition: a person afflicted with a personality disorder characterized by a tendency to commit antisocial and sometimes violent acts and a failure to feel guilt for such acts.

That seems to describe Jacob.

Laura said...

It's not something I'm going to defend, but bullying and name calling happens in middle school.

I don't see why Matt and Amy or any other Roloff should be held accountable for what Jacob did in Grade 7.

Timothy said...

So Amy...what is going on in Jacob's life that would make him want to hurt somebody else so much?

Jocelynn said...

That really is awful. I was bullied in school (a few years ago now! lol)

I hope the kid that Jacob bullied rose above it. It can really shape your future if you're not careful. You have to rise above the jerks (Jacob).

Megan said...

You can tell not much has really changed with Jacob. If you surf around the accounts of the people that likes his answers, his friends, you can see they are doing the same type of things.

The girls that Jacob does drugs with gang up on Vanessa (Jacob's ex) and he's sure to like all of their ganging up on her. If this was a movie, they would be the villain bullies that the audience despises.

Abby said...

Is there anything that the Roloffs aren't hypocrites about??

cynthia said...

I can have sympathy for him until I hear stuff like this.

ashleigh said...

While I hate that this went on, I am glad to see that he realized it was wrong and apologized later as well as stopped doing it by grade 7. I would have wondered if it was the change in schools that made him stop if he hadn't said that part. BTW I left one school and went to another in grade 8 and while it wasn't because of a couple of girls who weren't terribly nice to me, it def was an icing on the cake situation that I wouldn't have to see them again. I hope for this kids sake that that was what it was for him as Jacob seems to believe.

I know someone was wondering if A&M made him apologize, but really, anyone who thinks that doesn't know those two. I doubt they would have even done so if this had been a big public affair, let alone kept quiet until now.

Rap541 said...

don't see why Matt and Amy or any other Roloff should be held accountable for what Jacob did in Grade 7.

Because in grade 7 he was a 12 year old, aka a child, and apparently you don't know this but.... 12 year olds aren't adults. So when a 12 year old does something, it is the parents who are supposed to be minding the child in their csre responsibility.

Just because Matt and Amy both declared they were "done parenting" when Jake was 12, that doesn't mean they aren't accountable for the child they brought into the world and then decided to not bother with.

Or is this the typical "If it's good, it's because Matt and Amy are awesome, and if it's bad, how dare anyone think it is the fault of Matt and Amy???" rule?

Kyle J said...

I'll say that I doubt the sincerity or if an apology ever took place at all.

If you follow the conversation, Jacob was a jerk about the subject and obviously didn't feel bad about what he did.

It was only after the person commenting (I agree with the previous remark, good job to whoever) put Jacob in his place and made it clear that he had crossed the line of being a cheeky asshole on to disgraceful human being.

When it was pointed out (in detail) that any decent person would feel remorse, Jacob first laughed off an apology. Then after the person made their point about what a crappy person it makes Jacob and said an apology would have been the only thing that would have made him less of a scumbag, that's when Jacob gave the person what they wanted and said he said he was sorry.

Rita said...

Personally, I'm not surprised. Maybe surprised at the degree Jacob was a bully, but all you have to do is look back at his twitter conversations with fans when he gets his friends involved.

He's still quite the bully.

I think somebody on hit the nailed on the head. At the new High School, Jacob is one of the smaller kids and doesn't seem to be the cool kid at the school. I'm sure that's the reason why he's not bullying and not some moral reason.

Leigh said...

I don't see why there is any reason to believe that Jacob actually apologized.

Despite some people thinking "Jacob is so honest" you can catch him in his own lies.

He starts by saying "And I think I actually made him leave 7th grade, which is when I stopped

Later he denies that the kid left because Jacob was harassing the kid.

Then he admits it again.

Then he implies that Vanessa was lying.

Then he admits it again and says an apology wouldn't have meant anything.

Then he says he apologized.

I think Jacob does have the Roloff family trait of lying, he just lies about different things.

Brianna said...

I'm disappointed in Jacob. I liked him up to this point, but bullying is something that defines character.

Especially to be the 'ring leader' and to do it to that extent that you make someone so miserable that leaving the school is a good solution.

Allison said...

Where are all the Jacob defenders now?

He's been a prick from day one, but some of you, including Spiritswander, have been praising him for being "honest".

I'm surprised you're not all giving him an award because he admitted what he did.

Oh he said he was a bully! Isn't that great? He's so honest! Let's buy him ice cream!!

Krissa said...

I wonder how many more stories like this there are about the Roloffs?

I don't know about anyone else, but I always suspected Jeremy and his group of friends must have left a trail of victims in their tracks back in the day.

We know what Jeremy and Mueller and his other friends did to fans as far as bullying and being cruel went, it's not hard to believe that they bullied kids at school too. Unlike Jacob, Jeremy had a group that followed him around.

Rachel said...

Bullying can ruin lives and need to be taken more seriously by everyone.

I have this feeling that Matt and Amy are so detached from Jacob that reading about it on is the first they've ever heard about it.

Laura said...

I was referring to Matt and Amy being deemed hypocrites because they've spoken about bullying.

It's not like they can't talk about bullying because Jacob used to act badly.

Crystal said...

The Roloffs are not nice people. Why does anyone doubt this?

Rap541 said...

So a not so quick comment on the honesty issue.

Allison, I'm only speaking for myself but here goes. No, of course Jake shouldn't be on a pedestal simply because he's willing to admit he's been acting as a bully... and I don't think anyone is offering him ice cream for it btw. But.... at least he is being honest enough to admit it's true. Compared to other Roloffs? That's refreshing.

Point - Jeremy has been a prick, just like Jake, since day one. Yes, this is a valid comparison. Jeremy was indeed using racist terms in a racist way and has never ever acknowledged he did it, or that he was wrong. Jake has been a foul mouthed bully. And admits it. Who is more honest?

Keep in mind, that honesty doesn't mean the behavior is acceptable. But at the end of the day, is it better to at least acknowledge the wrongness of one's actions? Or say "Coram Deo!" and have your mommy lie about how throwing the cat is perfectly acceptable?

Allison - Jake was being a jerk, absolutely. So was Jeremy. When Jake was being a jerk - he's willing to acknowledge that things actually happened. He may not be apologetic (I'm questioning the sincerity of his words) but unlike big bro Jer-Bear, he's willing to admit that things happened.

So from my persective, being willing to admit you're a prick is a lot better than saying nothing, and hiding behind your daddy, and letting your anonymous friends tell us how hilarious you found being called out in the National Enquirer and how you didn't care what anyone thought. Which btw is how Jeremy handled the racist language then and yup, even now.

On the other hand that doesn't mean Jacob's honesty washes away his bad behavior... and I don't think anyone is suggesting it does wash away his behavior. It's simply less insulting than having to wade thru the "Jeremy says he doesn't drink so you're a liar!" or "Matt speaks for the family so Jeremy doesn't have to acknowledge these accusations" or "Jeremy was a child at sixteen and he was such a precious lamb he thought faggithole and nigger were types of candy oh always remmeber his brain wasn't fully formed!!" in order to get some acknowledgement that a Roloff child can do rotten things.

Oh and hey, what does it say about Jeremy that Daddy Matt still apparently owns his balls and won't let him speak without permission while Jake is allowed to say what he pleases?

Methinks Jeremy is officially old enough to have a thought in his head about his own actions. Or is he still a boy that can't speak unless Daddy says its ok?

Rap541 said...

Laura - if they can't stop their own child from bullying, how effective can their motivational speaking be?

BeckyM said...

So - again - what is the REAL reason, Jacob left Faith? Not grades alone, I can guarantee that.

None of the four kids had a normal childhood. It was filmed and exploited. They have a narcissistic
father and a disengaged mother. We already know Jer likes to torture animals and that Jacob is a drug user.

The best thing that could happen to them is the show ends and the public moves on to the next set of circus freaks (and this I don't mean dwarfism but personality).

Ren said...

Rap, I don't think Jeremy's lack of transparency is because of Matt. Jacob has said that Zach doesn't use social media because he doesn't like dealing with idiots. I think Jeremy is similar in the fact that he addresses only those he knows personally. Jacob is different because he's part of a very open generation who put every little detail of their lives on the internet.

I do feel bad for Jacob because of Amy insisting her motherhood job is over. Jacob is roughly the same age as the twins were when the show first started, and we all saw how engaged she was with them.

Rap541 said...

Ren - I get you. But the excuse given for Jeremy never addressing his bad behavior is that the Roloff Family has made the decision that Matt and Amy speak for the children so its unfair to expect Jeremy the boy to disrespect his folks and speak out of turn.

Therefore Jeremy isn't to judged for his inability or refusal to answer any questions or make any public statements - he's a child, and his daddy controls him.

Also please, Jeremy and Jake are both millenials, they are not of a different generation.

Is it fair to say that if Jeremy refuses to address his cat throwing, his racist comments, his friends telling people to kill themselves over fan email, his drinking despite saying he doesn't drink, his views on homosexuality etc etc etc, its NOT because he's a little boy who has to mind his beloved daddy? I mean, Matt lets Jacob tell people he smokes pot and screws girls but Jeremy is still too young to answer questions without daddy Matt there?

My point btw is that Jeremy is a man and he doesn't want to answer tough questions because well, he doesn't want to. He doesn't want to say what he believes in or that he doesn't have a problem with certain things. He doesn't want to be held accountable, so he hides behind "Daddy Matt decided Daddy Matt speaks for the family and I can't speak out of turn since I am a boy".

I just don't want to hear poor precious little boy Jer isn't accountable for his refusal to speak anymore. Daddy Matt clearly has no issue, Jeremy is an adult, and if he doesn't want to answer tough questions then he needs to own that his actions reflect on him and not on his parents. Jeremy doesn't want to speak on these topics because *he's* choosing not to, not because he's not allowed.

So when Jeremy doesn't want to address whether he thinks homosexuals can be cured, he's the one not standing up for that view. He's the one sitting silent when he could be "I give glory to Christ!" every other word on the show.

He's a grown man and its very very clear that TLC doesn't have a problem with a Roloff speaking out on bad behavior. So no more excuses for Jeremy.

Barb said...

Aside from the bullying and the pot, I found this to be one of the most revealing things that emphasizes the degree that Matt and Amy are absolutely awful parents.

what is the most expensive thing you have bought for yourself as a reward for LPBW?

Like 7 xboxes and everything on iTunes, ever

He uses drugs, he fails at school he's rude to everybody.

However, because they need him for the show, he is rewarded and is able to be spoiled despite all of those things listed above.

Matt and Amy Roloff are absolutely awful as parents.

DJ said...

The only reason why Jacob has is so he can attempt to make fun of people and be a jerk.

It has nothing to do with him being nice to fans or wanting to answer their questions and solve their curiosity. He ignores most of the real questions.

k Has c said...

What a little Dork! Poor Jake he needs mental health help...but will his parents be big enough *no pun intended* to get him help? Roloffs need to put some attention where its needed and to heck with the trips and speaking engagements---take care of your child Roloffs.

Susan Coles said...

Can I just say again what a failure Matt and Amy are as parents?

It's a sad state of affairs when any stranger can go on twitter or and see that your son is getting "high af (as f*ck)".

I even knew Matt and Amy's son was stoned last night because of his tweets and pictures hanging out with his friend known as "The Pothead" who was tweeting "I'm high af".

If I know this, surely the parents should know this.

Do they simply not care? It seems like that's the only conclusion to reach.

Very sad.

Susan Coles said...

And Jacob is saying he might get his license so that he can drive to his pothead friends houses to "hang out" because he's too lazy to bike everywhere (aka. smoke weed together).

If they were let Jacob get his license while he is living at home and doing drugs...I don't even know what to say.

Abby said...

Jacob is a mess. I agree with the people that say he has so that he can be a jerk and try to make fun of people. Not because he wants to "give back" to fans or anything.

He's already told everybody he's going to stay in his room and not work this pumpkin season so he can avoid fans, that he ignores fans on twitter and ignores "fan questions" on because he only wants to answer things where he can be a sarcastic ass.