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Roloff Social Media Accounts As Of August 2013 - Twitter, Facebook, Instagram,

People often inquire about the real social media accounts of the various Roloff Family members. It's been a while since we've done a definitive and updated listing, so we've decided to do it now.

We will go one by one through each Roloff family member, list their social media accounts of note and then we will give an overview describing how the said Roloff uses that account and then the general Spiritswander comment on what people say about each of them.


Matt Roloff:

Social Media accounts:

Facebook Fan Page:


You Tube:

Official website:

Main venue of Communication: Facebook

Spiritswander overview: Matt Roloff's Facebook Fan Page the only social media account that he uses on a regular basis. 

A couple of years ago he used You Tube to post some videos which he linked from Facebook. Likewise, his twitter account used to be linked from his Facebook (meaning that his facebook posts appeared automatically). He disabled that feature after he found out that posts he deletes on Facebook, do not also automatically delete on twitter. He has only posted a few times on twitter in 2013.

Matt's Facebook fan page is the most well known and followed social media account of any Roloff. When Matt wants to promote something or bring attention to something that benefits the Roloff brand/image, he uses Facebook.

It's a very "safe" page, very cookie cutter. He attempts to portray the Roloff image as very wholesome and Christian, the same "family friendly" image that is portrayed on Little People, Big World. Matt does not answer any questions on subjects that he does not approve of. Dissenting opinions are not permitted. It is basically Matt promoting what he wants and his thousands of fans agreeing, believing and praising him for whatever he posts. 

The rare times that Matt has stepped out of character and posted something raunchy (like teaching Jacob about condoms or commenting that he liked looking at Jenifer Lopez's butt in a movie) some of his more conservative and religious fans were shocked and outraged - Matt quickly resorted to the popular excuse used by many celebrities after they get flack for something they post - he claimed he was hacked. 

Once in a while, Matt will respond to fan a comment with something such as a "Thanks" or comment on something general, but he does not really respond directly to fans.

In conclusion, if you're interested in the Roloffs, Matt's Facebook is something that you'll want to check up on. He posts news of upcoming shows, pictures, etc. Just know that you'll never read something there that Matt does not want you to hear and the image he presents for the family is the "TV image" and not necessarily real or accurate.


Amy Roloff

Social Media accounts:

Facebook Fan Page



U Stream:

Official Website:

Official Charity Website:

Main Venue of Communication: Facebook, twitter.

Spiritswander's Overview: Amy uses her Facebook and twitter in the same way Matt does. It's promoting the family image they portray on LPBW and her various projects (books, charity events). In the past, when people have confronted Amy on her Facebook page about controversial subjects (such as Jeremy and Mueller throwing Mo the Roloff cat) she has posted a response. But for the most part, it's the wholesome Roloff image that they push. Amy is more frequent than Matt in responding to fan comments, Having said that, when they are filming, Amy appears to be the most concerned about keeping things private (which in turn, makes her social media accounts pretty boring and uninformative). Amy even appeared to be annoyed when Matt shared the news on Facebook that Rocky the Roloff dog had passed away. Amy stated that they were filming Rocky's death and they aren't supposed to talk about filming events, but Matt blew that by posting the news on Facebook. 

Amy has recently got more involved with twitter. She usually tweets daily. At one time, she said the AmyRoloffcf (charity foundation) was controlled by herself as well as Lisa Dixon from her Charity foundation and another ARCF person, but Amy appears to have taken more of a role in twitter recently. She is becoming more active in retweeting fans that tweet her. She has replied to compliments and general question in a very polite manner. 

Amy also has recently begun using Instagram more.

When the weekly LPBW series ended and before the "specials" came back to TLC, Amy started hosting "Live coffee chats" on U Stream. When the show came back on TV, Amy ended those Live Internet shows.


Jeremy Roloff

Facebook Photography Page:




You Tube:

Website (with his friends in Santa Barbara):

Main Venue of Communication: Twitter and Instagram

Spiritswander's Overview: Jeremy is the Roloff with the most tainted and controversial past on Social Media (although Jacob might be catching him, except that Jacob also receives a lot of praise for what he's doing). We won't re-hash all of Jeremy's past on social media (you can search Spiritswander for more info).

At one time Jeremy was much maligned for his treatment of fans online and then how he ignored them totally. That changed a little bit since Jeremy got interested in photography, attended Brooks Institute of Photography and started thinking about using his photography for business. Now he has actually asked fans to follow his twitter, Instagram page and like his Facebook page.

On twitter, Jeremy mostly posts inspiration sayings, links Bible quotes or posts about Jesus. A lot of Jeremy's twitter feed is linking his Instagram pics which he uses almost everyday.

Jeremy still rarely interacts with fans. Sometimes if a fan praises his photography and commends him for tweeting about God, Jeremy will say "Thanks". If a fan asks him on Instagram "Is that Waterfall, xyz Waterfall in such and such city, it looks familiar?" Jeremy will sometimes respond with a "yes, thanks".

Jeremy doesn't answer questions about the show. He doesn't talk about any controversial topics he's been involved with. He doesn't voice his opinion on any subjects that might be controversial. For the most part, it is "Here's my photography, here's some Bible quotes I like", and "Thank you".

Jeremy hasn't used his Facebook fan page since May. He seems to randomly go back to it after long periods of inactivity.

Jeremy used to use You Tube channel, but now he has a Vimeo video account where he has made 6 videos (some rather recently).

Jeremy has been talking about (for over a year or almost two) how he is working on an official website. Jacob also alluded to how Jeremy is starting his own photography business but his website isn't up and running yet.

Conclusion: Jeremy has obviously learned from his infamous past on Social Media and now is very careful to keep his real conversations with his friends off of social media and his real feelings for fans of the show far away from his online accounts. He's very guarded and very simple in any interactions with fans on social media accounts - usually keeping it to a simple "Thanks".

Also, as Jeremy prepares to launch/begin using his photography as a business and attempts to sell his work, he has obviously realized that it's advantageous to use his LPBW fan base to support his work -- and that explains his change from not wanting to have anything to do with fans to inviting them to follow him on twitter, etc.

Jeremy shares a lot of his photography and videos on the above mention sites. His interactions with fans are kept at a minimum and are very basic. Jeremy never speaks about any topics that are controversial and avoids all negative questions or comments. However, all of Jeremy's social media sites with the exception of his personal Facebook page, are public. Jeremy and Jacob are the only Roloff "kids" to have all public accounts on social media at this time.


Zach Roloff:

Social Media Accounts:


Main Venue of Communication: None

Zach does not have a twitter account or a public Facebook fan page. He only has a private Facebook strictly for his friends.

This July he got an Instagram account, but only has posted 2 photos since July.

Spiritswander's Overview: Way back when Little People, Big World first started and Zach was Jacob's age now, Zach used Myspace. He got into trouble when he publicly posted calling pumpkin season customers "Dumb idiots that ask for pictures". Despite that, back then Zach did develop a good reputation for interacting with fans and responding to their comments (especially in comparison to Jeremy). However, since Zach got older, he has basically abandoned all interaction with fans and doesn't express anything on social media. Jacob says it's because Zach doesn't want to deal with idiots.


Molly Roloff

Social Media Accounts:


Instagram (but it's private - the only Roloff to have Instagram but have it private):

You Tube:

Main Venue of Communication: None

Spiritswander's Overview: Molly does not (and has never) speak to or acknowledge fans in any way on Social media. The only fan she has acknowledged on twitter is an actor that said he was a fan. She originally had her twitter account private, but must have realized that it's pointless to have a private twitter account since everyone who is not following you, including people you like, will never see your tweets. Even with a public twitter, Molly never acknowledges fans. Ever.

She had the You Tube account and once posted a video with friends. When fans began commenting on the fact she named a character "Dr Hemp" and began questioning why a good Christian would do that or when people began commenting on Jeremy and Mueller's various acts - Molly angrily responded in a comment something along the lines that no one had any right to every judge a Roloff or a Roloff friend. She then deleted or made the video "private" and disabled comments. She posted a school video 10 months ago and that was it for her activity on her You Tube channel.


Jacob Roloff

Social Media Accounts:



Main Venue of Communication: and Twitter

Spiritswander's Overview: Jacob has been the star of Roloff Social Media in the past few months. His account has been unprecedented for a Roloff. Although some people will dispute an answer here or there, the honesty is off the charts for a Roloff.

The other Roloffs that speak (which basically makes means Matt and Amy, because Jeremy, Zach and Molly are unwilling to speak about the show or their opinions on anything) are known for not exactly being overly truthful. They project an image and that's the goal. People often get the feeling that Matt, Amy, Jeremy, etc. are just spewing BS and don't really believe what they are saying.

Jacob is the opposite. Although there are some that are upset with his demeanor on or accuse of him of name calling instead of engaging in an intellectual debate about something, I think for the majority of things you can at least come away honestly thinking that Jacob really believes what he is saying and for the most part is being truthful.I don't think that can be said of any other Roloff.

Jacob has stated the main reason he has is because he enjoys arguing with "idiots" and finds it amusing to listen to them. Although Jacob maintains that he doesn't care at all about what people think of him, he denies that it's correct for people to call him rude - he says the majority of questions or comments he responds to are rude or negative so he responds by being rude to them. Jacob says he reads all the comments from "positive" fans but doesn't reply because all he would say is "Thanks" and that would be boring, so people just see him being rude - because those the ones to which he responds.

However, having said that, Jacob is by far the most interactive Roloff. He does often answer curiosity questions, general questions about his feelings on different issues and his feelings about the show - in a very real way. A person recently asked him since they are filming currently if they are on the "We are getting divorced" script or the "We might lose the Farm" script? Jacob replied "probably both". The point is, he's the only Roloff that would get that, most likely agree (although he sarcastic a lot of the time) and respond.

Jacob is also the only Roloff to ever admit bad behavior. When people started saying he bullied a classmate in junior high, Jacob admitted it was true. He has commented on having sex with his ex girlfriend, his enjoyment of smoking weed, opinions that marijuana is harmless and doesn't make him "lost" or a "bad kid, his opinions on the show, being expelled, not really having his driver's license despite what the LPBW conveyed -- he pretty much will address all topics. The only subject that he flat out dodged and refused to answer was when people asked whether he believes that gay people should pray to Jesus to be cured? He said he won't answer.  But pretty much everything else, Jacob usually addresses in a pretty honest manner.

Conclusion: Saying Jacob is the most honest or the most real Roloff is a "no brainer". If you like Spiritswander because you want to sort through the "BS" of the PR show image and want to know the truth and what people really think, Jacob's is a must. Heck, if Jacob's account had existed all along, there might not have ever been a need for the Spiritswander Blog to be established. Haha.

And finally, just a few Roloff related accounts that people often ask about:

Audrey Botti (Jeremy's girlfriend)

Social Media accounts:




Spiritswander Overview: Audrey is Jeremy's girlfriend of two years and people are often curious as to what she is like. She often posts picture on Instagram of her and Jeremy. Her twitter and blogger account (which gives a better idea of what she is like) are very religious with a lot of Bible and Jesus quotes and references.


Tori Patton (Zach's girlfriend)

Social Media Accounts:


Spiritswander Overview: Tori is Zach's girlfriend. She often posts Instagram photos of her and Zach.


Destiney Mueller

Social Media Accounts



Spiritswander Overview: People still ask about Jacob Mueller, who was known as Jeremy Roloff's best friend for all of the LPBW series and appeared in practically every season. Destiney is Mueller's wife. They celebrated the birth of their son, Payton, in July. Mueller's instagram and twitter are private (and he has an infamous history with hating fans of the show anyway), but Destiney's are public for those who are interested in seeing what Mueller is up to.



Justin said...

Wow, Destiney is very hot when she's not pregnant!

Judy B said...

Excuse me Spiritswander?

When did Spiritswander become the lead cheerleader of the Jacob Roloff fan club?

Are you kidding me?

Jacob is rude little know it all twerp. I think he is being influenced by the devil to be honest with you.

Drugs, sex, foul dirty language. No respect for his elders or for anyone for that matter.

On the other hand, Jeremy is polite and cordial. Jeremy is giving and kind. Jeremy gives all glory to his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Jeremy's online pages serve as a positive example for all.

But somehow, I'm sensing that Spiritswander is trying to suggest that Jeremy's should be dismissed because he has hidden motives of "selling stuff" while Jacob should be praised for being honest?

That makes no sense.

I am very disappointed at the pro-Jacob vibe I am feeling.

Ashley said...

Jacob doesn't answer everything, a lot of good questions go unanswered or if he asks something, if you give an answer, he won't respond to you answering his question if it's something that makes him look bad.

But basically, yeah I agree that Jacob is more real than the rest of his family.

I couldn't imagine Jeremy ever answering questions that Jacob gets.

Nancy said...

Molly is the biggest snob of the bunch.

All of those vacations and she can never say a thing to a fan?

What a snob.

Hillary said...

Jacob is so different than the rest of the family when it comes to this!

I sort of wondered if he did this as a screw you to Matt and Amy, but he's generally supportive of all of them in his answers.

Peter said...

Yes Jacob is rude, but he's also far and away the most interactive with fans.

He's not always as Spirits said, but he is honest the majority of the time. I don't see how it's more respectful for Matt or Jeremy to lie to people than it is for Jacob to be rude but tell the truth.

Barb said...

Celebrities only have these accounts for their own purposes.

To sell their product.

In Jacob's case, it allows him to be a mouthy rude prick and justify it with "They weren't asking a nice question".

Jacob has a lot of inner anger and that's why he's so aggressive online and why he treats his feelings with drugs.

Adam said...

Can somebody from Oregon maybe answer this? I'm surprised at how homophobic Jacob and his friends are. Im 18 and most kids from my high school support gay and think all the discrimination. But Jacob and his friends are very anti gay if you pay attention to how he answers. Don't tell me its because he's religious cuz he doesn't care that getting high is s sin or sex b4 marriage. Jacob and his friends dont even think faggot is a bad word. I was speechless reading that. Like who thinks that in 2013? His friends are from public school and theyre all homophobic. What gives? Is Oregon just a bigoted state or does Jacob gravitate to kids that hate gays?

Vic Rattlehead said...

Judy B:

Unless you have something of intellectual value to add to the conversation kindly go sit in the corner and let the adults have a serious discussion.

Anonymous said...

Barb, don't all people have these accounts for their own purpose? I don't think Jacob's responses are angry at all and he seems genuine and respectful in most of the responses I see. I don't see the reason to think his uncertainty in his feelings towards gays is one of hate. Its an issue the Church itself still doesn't have a sound solution on how to handle. And as far as I can tell concerning drugs the only thing he admits to doing is smoking some weed and has specifically he doesn't do harder drugs. Many respectful God loving people smoked weed as teenager and some still do as adults. I don't consider it a sin and I think the majority would agree. I just don't see what your opinion is based on. He seems like a normal teen just being a kid to me.

Rap541 said...

Judy B we get Jeremy down off the cross please?
And let's remember some blasts from when Jeremy was sixteen, just like Jake.

Judy, was Jeremy being poliite cordial and Christian when at sixteen he was calling Mike Detjen his nigger?

Yes or no - and don't you dare cry- this is a same age comparison, Jeremy was sixteen, should we applaud what he said?

Was it foul mouthed or cool when Jeremy at sixteen was calling people faggots and beaners?

And yes Judy, now that Jeremy is old enough to understand that being polite gets hi, more treats, funny how now he's all polite when before, you were insisting the poor boy was just so overwhelmed by loving nature and Jesus to interact. And that was when he was 20..... You remember, right Judy? How Jeremy was a boy not responsible for his words at 20 because he was a boy standing behind Daddy Matt, not allowed to speak for himself?

Chris Linton said...

Jacob's picture is brilliant! It fits in so many ways!

Jason said...

I like that Jacob broke from the family mold.

Now all he needs to do is learn to reject the religious aspect of his upbringing and stop with the Jeremy worship.

Other than that, I like him.

Allison said...

Judy B, it's good to see that there are other people here with good sense.

SHAME on Spiritswander for applauding Jacob.

There's not excuse. Acting like a rude little brat should not be applauded as "He's being honest".

Yeah he didn't deny that he was a bully, but also didn't express much guilt over it!

Rap, you didn't ask me, but I'll tell you I don't care what Jeremy did 7 years ago. We are talking about the here and now.

Spiritswander is trying to write Jeremy's positive social media example off as him "selling stuff", while Jacob is held up as being "honest and real".

It's ridiculous.

Jeremy is polite and inspires other to seek Jesus and think about how you can have a better relationship with Him.

Jacob is foul mouthed and promotes drugs!

Cassie said...

Good rundown Spirits.

Jacob's social media is the only one that is really interesting.

Everything Matt says I take with a grain of salt.

KL said...

Thank you.

I look at Jacob's ask and twitter and Jeremy's twitter and Instagram the most.

Why won't Zach do anything and why is Molly a snob?

Anne said...

Why is Spiritswander pro-Jacob all of a sudden?

Something seems fishy.

Kayla said...

Well, what's the saying, you'd rather have someone tell you to your face what they think of you then behind your back.

Jacob is the true family spokesperson.

Rap541 said...

Allison - will you care 7 years from now what Jake says? If the answer is "no" then why *don't* you care what Jeremy said at sixteen, but what Jake says at 16 is something you care deeply about?

My point btw is that both at 16 years of age were immature mouthy foulmouthed brats. Explain why Jer-bear is off the hook and Jake isn't - or does it apply equally?

Yes, I think it's noteworthy that now that Jeremy *wants something* some his fans, he's no longer chiming in how his fans all suck dick. Now that he *wants something* from them he's all yes sir, no sir. Mark my words, once Jake wants something, he'll shut up with the insults.

My only positive acknowledgement of Jake is that he acknowledges he's acting badly while Jeremy calling someone a faggot is "He's just a little boy who doesn't know his words at 16 years of age oh he has the RIGHT to hate fags because he's Jeremy The Christian and when he calls someone a faggothole, he's witnessing to Jesus, bless him for his godly work, but never ever hold the big boy accountable ecause Jeremy was a BOY who isn't RESPONSIBLE".

When they were both sixteen, they were both foul mouthed brats and the parents never step in. WHat part of what I just said *isn't true for Jeremy*?

Rap541 said...

WHy are the Jeremy fans so offended at the idea that Spirit appreciates that at least one Roloff will show their actual nature without coatinng it with Matt's patented gobblygoo?

Funny how Jer-Bear still can't speak on his religious views or stand proud and tall and proclaim how he agrees with his Christian fans that homosexuality is wrong but Matt and Amy both have no problem with Jake's ask/fm.

Makes me think real life at the Roloffs is a lot less Christian than what some people think.

Rap541 said...

Anne - what do you think is fishy and what are you suspicious about? WHat are you accusing Spirit of?

Or you know, say nothing like you always do when you're called on your passive aggressive comments.

Leslie said...

Count me in on the side that wonders why Spiritswander is so much nicer to Jacob than to Jeremy and Matt?

tmlfan said...

I find this kinda amusing.

Jake somewhat being honest (and at least speaking for himself, something Jer has yet to do) rude or not, has admitted to things Jer never will (I think its wrong he has no guilt about bullying someone, but at least he didnt pretend like Jer has like hes "caring") but all Jer fans jump on that saying how big of a brat he is and rude, etc.

But I bet you, when Jer was 16 years old and admitted to things (being rude or not about it) all his fans would say how awesome he was for at least admitting his wrong doings and learning from it.

I give Jake credit because he has admit to things hes done, Jer has never done it and acts like he cares about his fans when he doesnt. Jake isnt fake like Jer when it comes to that

Spiritswander said...

Just a note to all that are asking...

This site always strives to pass along information about the Roloffs - sometimes I express a personal opinion on the issues at hand. Everyone reading can and will form their own opinion the subject.

Contrary to what an Anonymous person on Jacob's Ask.Fm is suggesting, I was not "convinced to change" or did not alter my opinion about Jacob at the request of any person or group of people (Jacob correctly guessed that the person was lying).

I also don't expect everyone to agree with my personal opinion. If someone prefers the style of Matt's Facebook or Jeremy's twitter over Jacob's Ask.Fm account -- you are more than welcome to feel that way. Good for you. No one is stopping you from expressing that you enjoy those accounts.

Personally, the aspects I appreciate about Jacob's behavior on are:

1. He is honest and a straight shooter. Whether you agree or disagree, like or dislike what he says on, can many people honestly walk away from Jacob's Ask.Fm answers thinking "He's just saying that, that's not what he really thinks"? I may not agree all the time, but I like that he says what he thinks.

2. Jacob doesn't lie about past bad behavior. Whether it was accusations about marijuana or things said by his ex-girlfriend, or bullying rumors - it would have been very easy for Jacob to lie and simply say "It's not true" or attempt to avoid those topics like so many others do. Instead he admitted it and explained his version of those events.

Personally, I appreciate someone who will own up to something even if they aren't dying on their sword expressing remorse about it compared to someone that will deny the truth or let it be implied that what was being said was untrue.

3. Although the more dramatic topics and the insults that are used get a lot of the attention, Jacob does actually take the time to answer quite a few fan type questions. Whether it's questions about the show or things about the family, Jacob has answered far more than anyone else. Fans like that and personally, I think it's a nice thing to do for those people.

Brandon said...

Jacob is more honest than the others, I will agree with that.

Whether that makes a good person or not is up for debate!

Scott said...

Thanks for the links, Spirits. Great job.

What I find interesting about Jacob's social media persona is that I don't doubt that he's being honest or that it's really his opinions.

But it's interesting to me that his friends or people at his school have said that he is very different in "real life". In real life, he apparently is quiet and shy. Online, he is very expressive and opinionated.

It makes me wish I grew up with today's technology instead of almost 20 years ago. Some people are better at expressing themselves and being themselves through words on a computer than "in person". It gives people a chance to see what a person really is like.

Chrstine said...

TMLfan, I agree about Jacob and Jeremy.

Jacob probably wouldn't like someone saying he's superior to Jeremy, but he is when it comes to admitting things and talking to people.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

It appears as if many people are taking Jacob and his sense of humour more seriously than is necessary. Many of his answers are filled with his brand of sarcasm or he's outright joking. And oh sure, I'm going to get the "Oh my goodness Podge/Rodge you can't possibly think he's joking when he says that he's bought "like 7 xboxes and everything on iTunes" with the proceeds from the show?" Oh my word, he tells people to f off!!!" etc. etc. So when all the bashers get off their pedestals yes, I will be here. Who really are the disillusioned ones here? As far as the Jeremy illusion is concerned, I will wait patiently until all is revealed, it might take years, but I'm willing to wait.
It would be very interesting to see how any of you people would handle all the garage of total crap that Jacob deals with. Remember that what we see is only a fraction of the questions that he gets. I realize that's not near good enough for some of you. I'm willing to say that some of you honestly thank that he should answer ALL the questions he gets, because he is on TV and his life is put out there in front of us (though none of that was his choice), and NOTHING he will ever do will be good enough.
I'm not surprised. Not in the least. Well, let's get the shit-show started.

k has c said...

@ Adam :-)
Oregon is pretty darn liberal is all areas. Thinking its the crowd he chooses to run with.

Adam said...

KC, thanks :)

I was starting to think maybe Oregon was Texas or Kentucky or some place when it comes to gay people.

I didn't expect to see all of those kids to be as homophobic as they are, especially since they aren't even in a private Christian school.

Timothy said...

I'm torn on the whole Jacob/ issue.

I see Spiritswander's point about Jacob being honest.

I also understand the hesitation people have to applaud him because he is unnecessarily rude. It's not true that he's always only rude to "haters". He's a jerk whenever any question even slightly annoys him. Annoying him can be disagreeing with him or questioning something he says.

But this one sums of Jacob's answers and personality.

If a fan came up to you for a picture, would you take one with them?

Yea it's easier to say yes than say no and have you blog about it lol

It's the honest answer. But he doesn't really come across as the nicest guy in the world.

Allison said...

Podge/Rodge Groupie, Rap541, and Spiritswander,

To be honest? I think you're all screwy.

Cut the crap! Jacob doesn't answer as a thank you to fans. He answers so he can be tough talking jerk. It allows him to be a potty mouth jerk and then laugh with his friends how he tells people off.

In his 3000 answers, how many of those have included examples of Jacob being kind and considerate of someone?

He's a selfish drug using brat.

Rap, let me be very clear. It is August 2013. Spiritswander article is about the social media accounts of Roloffs in August 2013.

Answer me this. Who has the more respectable social media page? Jeremy or Jacob?

If you needed to choose one or the other to have as your son, who would you choose?

I'll tell you what any sane person would say. It is Jeremy.

But I come here and see people like you and Spiritswander writing articles that treat Jacob like a hero for being a drug using bully.

It's shameful. Matt, Amy and Jeremy are the class of the family.

Laura said...

"Oh my word, he tells people to f off!!!"

Podge, the problem is Jacob tells people to "f off" not because they are telling him he should die or something horrible, but usually because they are asking something that proves something he said to be false, like when he was saying that there are no harmful effects of marijuana.

If Jacob is being praised for caring about fans, shouldn't he be answering more of their questions instead of the ones that he answers only because he wants to scream at people, therefore his friends will think that he's a tough guy.

Lynn C said...

"As far as the Jeremy illusion is concerned, I will wait patiently until all is revealed, it might take years, but I'm willing to wait."

PRG, WHAT are you talking about?

Katherine said...

It's too bad that good people often get overshadowed but the outrageous and loud.

All the talk is about Jacob because he curses, and posts about drugs and having sex.

Jeremy's a wonderful a young man. Audrey is a wonderful young woman. Read her blog. She's very thoughtful. Jesus is her center piece and her everything.

Tori appears to be nice too. Matt and Amy, can't respond to everyone, but they express their gratitude for their fans often.

In spite of that, it's Jacob that gets all the attention and the praise from Spiritswander?


Rap541 said...

Allison - where have I said Jake isn't a drug using brat?

Now here's your problem - and you do have a problem here.

The problem is that we can make a same age comparison between Jake and Jeremy. Both have been sixteen and both have interacted on social media sites at age sixteen. You don't want to acknowledge *Jeremy* at sixteen as the guy who calls a faggothole a faggothole when he's not calling people beaners or his niggers, and you don't want to acknowledge that Jeremy at sixteen was a foul mouthed brat telling his buddies that fans suck dick.

No, you want to compare a 16 year old to a 23 year old... because thats really the only way ol' Jer comes out ok. The problem is that I am making a very fair comparison - Jake at 16 vs Jeremy at 16 and you somehow don't seem to think its fair... which just isn't logical.

I would *hope* that a man of 23 who had managed to get his last social media website recognized by the National ENquirer had wised up to the point that his Facebook was no longer littered with racial epitephs. I mean really, Allison, I really do hope a grown man is more mature than his 16 year old brother.

But at the end of the day - the true comparison thats fair is Jeremy at 16 vs Jake at 16, not Jeremy at 23 vs Jake at 16. You just want to deny it because Jeremy at 16 is the same mouthy brat his brother now is.

I also would ask in Jeremy's interactions at 16 - where was he showing any kindness or courtesy? As I recall, that was when he was laughing with his buds about how *hilarious* it was that he was in the National enquirer, and how he didn't give a *darn* about what anyone thought of him, he just laughed and laughed at people who questioned his choices. Gosh as I recall, Jeremy was yukking it up over buddy Mueller calling fans fat and telling female fans to "eff off and kill themselves".

Allison - was Jeremy being kind then? When he was sixteen?

Genievea said...

I like Jacob's page.

Helen said...

It's up to each Roloff how they choose to handle their fame. No one way is the right way.

Rap541 said...

Jeremy's a wonderful a young man.

Katherine, I am asking seriously. What action of Jeremy's are you basing that on?

I didn't argue this with Allison, who has apparently slinked away, but seven years ago, when Jeremy was all about calling out the niggers and faggots and beaners and basking in the love of the *Christian* fans who applauded his nasty comments... well, the big boy has yet to express one regret for his behavior.

Katherine - was Jeremy acting as a good Christian THEN? Is it Christian for him to never ever express a regret for his racist bigotted language?

I am particularly amused that Judy B can stand tall and proud and tell us she thinks Jake is being influenced by the devil but when Jeremy was the same age, she was kissing Jer's ass for calling the niggers and faggots, well, niggers and faggots. Guess that means Christians are allowed to use those words, right? Since Jeremy the strong Christian used them and has no reason to apologize?

k Has c said...

@ Adam (you are most welcome) btw~ Portlands last mayor was Gay ..ohh my ;-). There is another little town in Oregon "Silverton" that has a cross dresser as mayor and he/she is very popular with most folks there. I have to say he/she needs some fashion lessons ;)!

Jacob45 said...

While, obviously, I don't think Jacob being rude is "good" -- I don't think anyone is saying that. He is being honest, even though not completely honest, more honest than I expected a Roloff to ever be.

I'm surprised that Jake's friends say he is timid in real-life, but very open, sarcastic, etc. over social media.

He obviously knows Spiritswander is blogging about all this. Maybe he wants to be known as the "Roloff Rebel"? Or he knows in real life ppl could actually get back at him (e.g. Bully *him*, beat him up, etc.) so he knows to keep his mouth shut..... but of course, online he doesn't *have* to.

He also says he'd rather fight with ppl on the internet than his friends. He clearly has a lot of anger, & he knows it & so, instead of taking it out on friends he takes it out on fans over the internet.

He also says he LIKES the hate... which is interesting...

Vanessa says she thinks he has some heart.

He definately, CLEARLY has expressed he cared for Mike very, very deeply, which is pretty understandable, IMO

What do others think about his love for Mike?

Rap541 said...

Jeremy is polite and inspires other to seek Jesus and think about how you can have a better relationship with Him.

As long as you're not different from him. If you are different or disagree with him or any Roloff, well, you're judging and God Hates Judging Cause Judging Is Hating.

But the Roloffs and their Christian pals and fans? Are allowed to point fingers at ANYONE. And bless them for judging, its sorta Cutesy Christian for a Roloff to judge someone as under them. After all, they do need to let us know how they have million dollar houses and cars but GOOD GOLLY THEY AREN'T SNOBS. But never ever forget that Matt owns a million dollar farm. ANd Jeremy, when he is calling someone a faggot or a nigger, well, that's Jeremy doing Jesus's work, right? Because Jeremy was being *Christian* when he was judging the fags as less and thats what GOOD Christians do - they name call for the lord and make people who are outsiders feel worse and drive them away from the "good people".

If seeking Jesus means doing as Jeremy does, ie judging others and treating people who are different as less with harsh words, well.... I'm not impressed. I haven't seen Jeremy do a thing to inspire others to seek Jesus and I am perfectly open to hearing of examples of something other than "he said Coram Deo and posts quotes of the Bible so of course he's converted thousands!"

That's the gauntlet thrown down folks. Examples of Jeremy doing something that would inspire someone else to be religious. Let's hear them.

Greg said...

Jacob45, I hate to sound cold and heartless, but I think Jacob's answers about Mike are about a couple of different things.

I think some of it is Jacob having a pity party for himself and some of it is him looking at things through rose-colored classes and using that to reinforce for himself how much better things should be.

If Jacob's answers are to be taken at face value, he quit soccer because Mike was his best coach, he's dead and he won't have a good coach again, so why even play? The a dramatic way to look at it.

I also would guess that if Mike was still living Jacob would have become as annoyed at Mike as he is with everyone else not named Jeremy.

But since Mike is dead, Jacob can romanticize it (no I don't mean THAT) into thinking about how much he lost.

I also doubt the bond that a 10 year old is capable of having with someone.

Greene said...

Jacob's account is the best of them all.

Timothy said...

Jacob finally answered the Roloff taboo subject.

He's on the Roloff family train of gays are sinners.

"What I heard growing up and I guess still believe is, it doesn't matter if you're gay, it's not a sin. The sin is actually acting on your urges."

If a person believes that, the next step to it if they ever spend any time thinking about it, is that they believe in the "pray the gay away" notion because most people realize how unrealistic it is to expect a person to live their whole lives without ever loving someone.

Ashley said...

Timothy, it sounds like Jacob is all over the board because his next answer contradicts what he is saying

Question: Well Jacob, the problem with what you believe is people are really born gay, they can't change who they are and if they didn't act on their urges or constantly felt bad about them, they would lead miserable lives being alone. Can you imagine disliking yourself every time you felt attracted to a girl

Jacob's answer: They don't have to like girls instead.. And they don't have to be alone forever.. I don't care if they act on their urges but I'm saying, for me, that's when I call it a sin. But it's not like I don't know gay couples.. I don't condemn them to hell like some people. Be gay with whoever, i don't think it's possible to 'become straight' either so if you're gay then be gay and don't feel bad because that's your life you shouldn't let others' opinions make you feel guilty about something you can't change..

Ashley said...

Further enlightening answer!

Question: Don't need to publish this, but thank you for finally giving your serious thoughts on "the gay issue". Whether I agree or disagree with you, I appreciate that you gave a serious on it. Thank you.

Answer: Yea ill probably get some 'feedback' from my parents about that but oh well hahah.. You're welcome

Brandon said...

Congratulations to Jacob!

He finally did what no other Roloff has ever done.

He actually answered a question with "This is what I believe" and laid his opinion out there.

The older Roloffs could take a lesson from Jacob.

punkin' said...

Oh please he is a teenager give him ten or twenty years and then ask him. He did not ask to be on a reality show when he was what 10 years old, they always had him in the background for the most part, not very included it was of course all about golden boy and zach with a little sprinkled in on molly. Heck Rocky got more air time than jacob. I might just be a rebel too if i went thru all that. 2nd thought hell yeah i would be a rebel dealing with all that. I don't like all the picking to pieces each and every word, question and answer.

kp said...

By the looks of those pictures, Jeremy is growing out of his good looks, and Zach is finally finding his.

Melissa said...

Let's all be honest, Molly is a rude snob.

People tweet her all the time in response to things like her tweeting about running a marathon or stuff like that. They tweet nice little things like good luck or some advice or their own story.

Molly NEVER can take 3 seconds to say thanks or comment ever to anyone.

You're a "fan" so you're not a person to Molly? I think she is a stuck up brat.

Timothy said...

Anyone else notice that in the aftermath of Jacob saying he would refuse to be filmed, he has went noticeably silent on Ask?

Since then, he has answered about 3 questions a day with a yes or no answer.

I am sure Jacob would say it's because he's bored or busy but it's very noticeable to see the timing of it.

Maybe Matt has more control over Jacob than Jacob would like to admit?

Timothy said...

Also, it's always amusing to see Jeremy the user.

Jeremy is helping out his friends and "companies will be there too" by telling his fans/aka. Instagram followers to go to his friends Instameet, some meet up for the companies to promote their products.

Jacob45 said...

@Timothy I didn't notice that, you're probably right!
But if I were to give him the benefit of the doubt... maybe he's bored with long answers, & he does seem to *suddenly* have a busy schedule.... ;)

Ashley said...

Timothy, J45, I think it must be. The timing is peculiar. He's not answering anything now. I asked him a few times how soccer tryouts were answer at all.

Jason said...

I'm not believing that suddenly Jacob is too bored. He said that's why he did answer or too busy. He even posted a twitter screen capture of his phone making fun of the fact that his schedule was free (that sounded like some family event).

Jacob probably realized that he put his foot in his mouth about not doing the show. People were telling him that he would never follow through, that Matt would get him to follow along, that he would be just like Zach and go along for the money.

Jacob was like "No, I'm different, I can't be bought, no one can change my mind".

And then suddenly he stops

Jacob45 said...

Well I guess we won't know if Jacob *can* be bought until he turns 18 & has to sign the contract then (I'm betting Matt still has the power to force Jake to sign it right now while he's a minor).... but I'm also betting the show will be cancelled by then, so I guess we'll see ;) ....

But I believe all things must meet their end, eventually.... or, in the case of LPBW, *multiple* ends LOL.

Ashley said...

J45, if you believe Jacob, he said it doesn't matter that he's not 18. Someone said that to him on, he said he's been around it long enough that he knows how it works and he needs to sign...I don't know, but that's what Jacob said.

Lisa G said...

Jeremy got a motorcycle.

By my count, Jeremy has 5 vehicles.

1. Motorcycle
2. FJ
3. 1971 volkswagen
4. VW bus (he was selling it about a year ago but not too long ago he posted a picture of it
5. The truck Mike gave him? Again, he said he was selling it, but a few months ago posted a picture of him working on it.

I love how a 23 year old guy with 5 vehicles (I'm betting his parents pay for all the insurance) has a website project lecturing people that they should live a simple life without material possessions.

Rap541 said...

Lisa, I am glad I am nt the only one who finds the simple life project website a hilarious thing. It's not something I think he and his buddies understand. Having a picnic at the beach or rock climbing or hiking with buddies (and his little videos are just like him, pretty to look at but with nothing to say beyond "oh pretty") isn't "simple living" in the slightest. Particularly when the picnic stuff, the rock climbing gear and all the free time is basically coming from your parents. It's easy to live that simple life f fun when you're twenty three and mommy and daddy just let you take an entire summer off to play.

Did Jeremy contribute one red cent to the play times he's recieved? Some simple living... I'm not a huge proponent of that lifestyle but really, based on Jeremy's love of his material possessions and his love of expensive fun things to do.... I don't think he's all that fond of simple living either, website aside

Brandon said...

LOL, I love how Matt posts a picture of the family all sitting around by a barn and he feels it necessary to add

"This photo was not staged or organized in any way."

He then goes on to say it was when they were waiting for filming to resume.

Uh Matt? That is staging or planning in any way! It's not the family going about their daily lives choosing to all sit around together by the barn and chat. It's planned filming and waiting.

And I see Jacob looks rather cooperative and not the big rebel he is on

Christine said...

Brandon, I thought the same thing about Jacob.

I know he gets around it by saying he was talking about "the next contract" and not "this season", but still, on Ask, he's all "I'm not doing anymore filming, screw everybody!" and then he's just like everyone else filming staged scenes.

Yeah, I think Jacob enjoys acting on how he would like to act in real life.

Rap541 said...

Yeah I kinda wonder if Matt understands that if the family is waiting for a scene to be set up, then they are not dong something real and raw

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Lisa, did you forget about the orange BMW 2002i or is that what you're referring to with the '71 Volkswagen? Just clearing up confusion, that's all.

Nice 'simple living' site indeed. Kinda like David Beckham encouraging families to do more 'planning', when he and Victoria have FIVE children. Hmmmmm.

Greg said...

Justin2, Most of it is probably high school macho guy talk (aka, no follow through), but from what I saw, it's mostly because Jacob likes to make jokes about how much the Liberty Football team sucks. So the players on the team aren't taking kindly to Jacob telling everybody that they suck.

Lisa G said...

Podge/Rodge, yes, sorry my mistake.

I'm not very good with cars. When I said the 1971 VW, I thought that was the Orange car that Jeremy loves so much, but now that you say it, I think it's called a 2002.

qaqusee said...

wow jeremy and meuller pretending to have girlfriends??!!

Allyssa said...

Has anyone met or tried to talk about a conversation with any of Jeremy's Christian friends in Santa Barbara that he keeps calling such good people?

They are such snobs!

CindyM said...

Matt has no shame!

"I rarely use Facebook to promote my business... I like to keep it personal..." Uh, rarely? Yeah, right...

Jeremy makes a Matt Roloff worship video and Matt promotes it.

How egotistical is that?

Rap541 said...

Cindy - I know. Its not a bad little video, but it's like a lot of Jeremy's videos... visually pretty but not very origanal or telling us much at all.

Am I the only one who gets a very bitter vibe off Matt's recounting of his childhood of horrors? I mean, for someone who seems to say "hey get over it" a lot, Matt really seems to want everyone to pity him. Every moment of his childhood sounds like a hideous nightmare - he was experimented on by mean doctors and nurses and no one ever stepped in and apparently while a lot of these surgeries were *unnecessary*, he just had to gut it out, screaming in agony for months on end until he was what, 13? 15? And never ever once went back to ask his abusers why they did these things... because he's over it. Except that we must never ever forget Matt's childhood of torture and how he bore up under it and survived it.

This little tale of woe? Honestly, it just makes me think there's a part of Matt that will never ever stop being angry over his childhood. Resilent? Sure, but also bitter and angry.

Brandon said...

Jacob finally admitted that Jeremy is his hero.

Jacob, for once, admit it when people are right. Jer is your hero. Everybody sees it. Even your Mom said it. You have this knee-jerk reaction of wanting to say "You're wrong!" anytime someone says something about you regardless that it's the truth.

"Jer is my hero lol he's good at basically anything he tries and he's funny and my brother??.. how can I not love him"

I know there was some debate whether Jacob had wised up to Jeremy and his comments about him were sarcastic jabs about him.

Sad to say no they weren't. Jacob appears to be President of the Jer fan club.

Rap541 said...

Brandon, I was too busy watching Matt, for the third or fourth time, allude to a medical problem on Facebook and then wonder why everyone is so concerned.

Matt, little tip, ok? If you don't want to be accused of attention seeking and whipping up false concern, don't post pictures of yourself with an IV and a cryptic comment and then act all "gosh and golly, I don't know why after telling people for years about my fragile health that a picture of me having an unexplained medical procedure might concern people!"

Because you know damn well what you're doing. And the sad thing is, its you being a jerk to people who actually like you.

Timothy said...

Jacob finally gave a more in depth answer about why the administration at Faith Bible really expelled him.

Jeremy and Zach's reputation and their wild parties scared the parents.

Maybe because you were a bully?

Lmao do you think they were scared to expel me for that, more valid reason? It was grades, none of the administration really lobbied for me though because my whole family were just labeled the crazy family that had parties at their house and were on tv and The stories of Jer and Zach and their friends reached the ears of the parents of my friends so I was a 'bad influence' and didn't really hangout with Faith kids outside school because their parents heard rumors and then they would complain so it was a combination of my entire attendance there of just being rumored as a bad influence.. Especially since my best friend was Ethan Fletcher who I still talk to but he was in the same boat and idk where I'm going with this now and I'm not sure if I answered your question lol just a rant cause bored in class

Christine said...

Jacob's not very smart.

He actually doesn't understand that if someone (Jeremy) is going to talk about following Jesus every 3 hours that people would expect him to not get drunk or stoned.

Jacob seriously believes it is "insane" to expect someone that says they are so in tune with what Jesus wants not to get drunk or high.

CindyM said...

If anyone needed proof of just how ineffective Matt and Amy are as parents, this Q&A leaves no doubt.

"You love to act so grown up and independent. You're still a boy and your parents could make your life a living hell if they wanted to. That precious phone, computer and video games..Goodbye. You may get a license but woops no car for you. You want to see your girlfriend. Too bad! Think it can't?"

A: "Lmao how about ill act however the fuck I want and any punishment they give me, they give me. But they won't. Because you aren't even close to understanding the relationship me and my parents have lol. You're insignificunt. (Not misspelled)"

Rap541 said...

"Insignificunt" - Hehehe I wonder if Matt's a proud papa over that one... since you know, he's pleased as punch over Jacob's online interactions.

Oh and I wonder if I'd be called a hater if I said Amy and Matt's accomplishments were "insignificunt, not misspelled" since you know, "insignificunt" is a charming Roloff family gobley goo remark!

If Mom and Dad Roloff don't have a problem with their sixteen year old son saying that, well, they need to shut up on how they don't like certain things being said. Because they are condoning "insignificunt" when its their kid.

Oh and hey, I wonder if Matt and Amy ever wonders whats going on in Jake's life that makes him say such things? Oh wait... he's not calling them that so they couldn't care less.

Ashley said...

Jacob's new girlfriend (the one after Vanessa) is really nice. I think almost too nice for Jacob. He isn't half as nice as she is.

Megan said...

Jacob is a selfish jerk. Shame on Matt and Amy for not forcing this little brat to show up for pumpkin season.

They SUCK as parents!

"Don't you feel guilty at all for stiffing paying customers? Some people drive really far, wait in lines and you can't even be bothered to show up?"

"hey're paying for pumpkins lol. Just cause you go to the White House doesn't mean the president feels guilty about not meeting everyone. Thanks for coming out but I'm not about to spend my whole weekend taking pictures with strangers hahah if you can't understand that then sorry your loss"

Jacob45 said...

"Lmao do you think they were scared to expel me for that, more valid reason? It was grades, none of the administration really lobbied for me though because my whole family were just labeled the crazy family that had parties at their house and were on tv and The stories of Jer and Zach and their friends reached the ears of the parents of my friends so I was a 'bad influence' and didn't really hangout with Faith kids outside school because their parents heard rumors and then they would complain so it was a combination of my entire attendance there of just being rumored as a bad influence.. Especially since my best friend was Ethan Fletcher who I still talk to but he was in the same boat and idk where I'm going with this now and I'm not sure if I answered your question lol just a rant cause bored in class"

Levi was always portrayed as Jacob's best friend.

Brandon said...

Well J45, bigger than who was portrayed as Jacob's best friend is that Jeremy was portrayed as a good wholesome "aw shucks, gee whiz" kid.

But his reputation was so bad among the school and the friend's parents that they were afraid to let their kid (for good reason) associate with another Roloff.

And look at that? Jacob was asked who smokes more marijuana, himself or Jeremy? Jacob said himself because Jeremy mainly did it when he was in high school.

Mr. Wholesome Jeremy Jesus Roloff was smoking pot all those years he was portrayed as a wholesome kid who was writing in books about how his faith in God prevents him from doing bad things like drugs like all those other bad kids....

Sheila said...

Why should Matt and Amy force Jerkob to participate in the pumpkin patch? It wasn't his idea for the messes they create for themselves, why should he have to go along? Besides, I'm not sure that I would want him there given his attitude towards fans.

Megan said...

Sheila, because good parents teach their kids to have respect for people.

Jacob is well aware of all the perks he has.

He brags and brags how he never gets in trouble for anything and Matt and Amy never do anything to punish him.

They should force him to drag his lazy butt out of his room and away from his weed so he can at the very least spend a few hours a day working. Yep, I realize greeting fans is not fun for him, but it would at least teach him some responsibility. A little bit anyway.

But of course Matt and Amy do nothing.

Rap541 said...

Megan, doing something would involve parenting. And Matt has never wanted to bother unless it's entirely on his terms, and Amy has been done parenting and proudly stating on camara how her nest is empty and she's done parenting since Jake was 12. Its not like they were doing all that much parenting when the other kids were home anyway. Fail a class? Oh well, Dad will buy you a car and moan how unfair the schools are to not see your wit. Meanwhile Mom bakes a cake and lets you cut school.

Brandon - yes, I found Jacob's comments about Jeremy's pot smoking amusing in that they confirm something I was told by someone who was associated with the show - namely that Jer smoked weed in high school. I don't necessarily take was Jacob says as holy writ, but it is interesting that he confirms that Faith wasn't entirely happy with the twins. My theory was always that between the lack of parenting and the "We're Roloffs and our kids need understanding, not rules!" that Faith probably wasn't looking forward to dealing with it for another 4 years.

Melissa said...

I think Jacob's Ask got shut down. Jacob will probably say he got "bored" because he wants to act like a tough rebel that no one can control, but I think that's what happened.

He was asking for Amy's permission to talk about the ratings and just as the new season of episodes airs, he stops using it. Hmmmm.

Ashley said...

FWIW, Jacob didn't have his phone taken away because one of his school friends tweeted a picture of him, in class, playing on his phone.

I don't think there is any other thing to realistically think except that TLC banned Jacob from Ask and Twitter.

Jacob does sort of look like a fool since he was big on talking about how he can't be controlled.

Ashley said...

Jacob's back on twitter and Ask and he's saying he just got bored.

I don't believe him, lol.

! said...

You guys need to back off of Jacob on twitter and I've seen you justify your bullying by saying that the Roloffs are "public figures" and they "chose it". Jacob is not. He was a CHILD who's parents signed him up for the television show. He was and still is a minor who many of you are relentlessly bullying. He chooses not to be on the show now because he does not want the attention. If you're mad about his parents lives, cool, be mad at them. But stop taking your ridiculous bitter arguments out on a teenage boy. Absolutely pathetic.

Ashley said...

I totally disagree with the "!" mark.

Yeah it's his parents decision (although it's not if you believe Jacob), but Jacob is a public figure. He's on tv every week for 2 months.

He has public social media accounts. Treating Jacob as though he's innocent is ridiculous. He's the guy that has said several times that he only has Ask so he can argue with people because he thinks it's entertaining and he wants to be able to insult people and saying things like "annoying cunts". Jacob has said (and does) ignore supportive fan questions because he only wants to insult people.

Acting like he has this nice warm welcoming site and mean people invade it to insult him when it's unwarranted is totally not what happens.

He's quite the dick to people who don't even insult him on twitter or Ask too. He's annoyed right now at someone because they said Jacob's marijuana smoking makes him lazy and forgetful? He's a tv celebrity on a public social media account talking about smoking pot and how there are no downsides to it. You have to expect some comments like that.

It seems to me like the things that really bother Jacob (but he won't admit it) is when people call him out on real things and make a case for their opinion.

Like when it came out that he was bullying a kid at Faith and getting other kids to pick on the kid. Jacob doesn't want everyone thinking he's a bully so he got mad when people called him out on what a crappy thing he did was.

It's the same with all the homophobia stuff.

Jacob might be more "open-minded" compared to Jeremy or grandpa Ron, but if you really read his serious answers he does fit being described as "anti-gay" or unaccepting or whatever.

He thinks being gay is wrong with God, he doesn't think anyone should get offended over words like "faggot" and gay kids being around him and talking to him makes him uncomfortable. That and more are all things Jacob said.

Some people agree with him, some conclude he's a homophobe.

Jacob seems to not want to be known as being homophobic and sincerely doesn't think he is so he gets mad when people they call him that and put together reasons why they feel that way.

Austin said...

Ashley, well said! ::clap clap::

I can't count the number of times when Jacob has insulted someone for merely disagreeing with him.

You nailed the homophobia stuff. I think deep down he knows people are right about him. He thinks it's not right because it's in the Bible, but when people use the same reasoning about Mueller conceiving a baby before marriage which completely sins against the Bible's teaching, Jacob calls those people "fucking morons".

Jacob doesn't like it when his hypocrisy gets pointed out and thrown around.

That's when Jacob gets upset and calls in his brain-dead friends to buck him up and feel sorry for him.

Rap541 said...

Personally I have never posted on either Jake's twitter or his ask/fm. Mostly because I am cognizant of how I am an adult female and Jake is a 16 year old minor, and his parents are litigious, if not very good at it.

Now if you're suggesting that no one should comment on what a minor says on social media ever - nope, disagree. This is what Matt and Amy chose for their kids. They wanted the kids to be on tv, they don't get to complain that they made their kid famous and now anyone that types Jacob Roloff in a search engine can see how "insignificunt* Jake feels certain people and opinions are.

Matt and Amy are parents and yes, it would be hard and it would involve the two of them not being Jake's best buddy, but yes, they could put a stop to Jake's online activities - it's obviously "insignificunt" to them what Jake does online as they make no effort to stop it.

Is Jake forced to do the show? Probably. Is his attitude going to change when he turns 18? Possibly. But in the meantime he chooses to participate in social media online and his parents don't make any effort to restrict him. I don't contact him thru these venues for the reasons I've cited but having read the comments... i'm pretty certain its mostly people Jake's age asking him questions.

And he's offering up the pot smoking and sex and I am sure the Roloffs have had people message them and if not, well, we sure as hell know Matt's reading here. The drugs and sex and cursing clearly aren't problems to the parents and that more than anything tells me what the Roloffs family values are like.

Timothy said...

Rap, I am sure (as long as TLC is still willing to pay and they seem like they are in no hurry to stop) Jacob's attitude about doing the show will change when he turns 18, just like Zach's.

Honestly, I think Jacob's attitude about the show changes right now depending on what perk is offered to him.

Jeremy's attitude about promoting the show definitely changed once he realized he can use it to support his lifestyle and Zach's objections to the show stopped completely now that it's his real income.

Jacob will be exactly the same.

Even know I think if Jeremy would tell him to be apart of filming he would to make Jeremy happy.

Christine said...

Interesting stories being told on Jacob's friends Ask accounts.

You know how you sometimes see Roloffs call the farm Narnia?

"Your wrong about Narnia. Do your research on the history of Narnia. Noah. It was started by Jeremy and friends for exactly that reason. They were so wasted that one of them ran out of the woods, saw all the trees and said they were in Narnia."

I don't doubt the truth of that for a second.

Ashley said...

Jeremy's latest Instagram caption says:

"Happy new year friendlies! Today I thought of 3 resolutions: stop biting my nails; no soda; and Bible in a year. I always get sidetracked with my readings."

What does "and Bible in a year" mean?

Rap541 said...

He means reading the Bible once a day, every day, for the entire year, and therefore reading the bible completely in one year.

Hard to believe such a Christian hasn't done this already.

Christine said...

The part I found funny was he said he was giving up soda.

Someone in the comments said if he likes it, he should drink it because he could die today so enjoy what he wants. Jeremy said he disagrees 100%.

Let me understand him correctly?

He's giving up Soda to be healthy. He disagrees with enjoying what he wants because he apparently wants to be as healthy as possible 50 years from now.

But he smokes! At the very least, cigars and more likely cigars, cigarettes (people already posted Audrey's picture of him on the beach with what appeared to be a cigarette hanging from his mouth), and marijuana (although Jacob said Jeremy smoked weed more in high school than he does now). Jeremy also gets drunk, is vocal about loving beer (trying to get freebies and other alcoholic beverages.

But he's giving up Soda to be healthy?

Ashley said...

Thanks Rap. After I asked and read other comments on his twitter, I thought maybe that's what he meant, but it didn't occur to me when I first saw his caption because considering how many Bible quotes he posts, I figured he already reads the Bible every day.

Anonymous said...

dont forget spiritwander matt roloff has a google plus account.

Melanie said...

I hate that Jacob lied on his Ask account. He kept portraying himself as having a hard life, a misunderstood loner.

But then you see him with tables of friends hanging out with him.

Can someone explain to me why kids like Jacob think it makes them look cool to say they have no friends and are so alone when they aren't?

Anonymous said...

Can you do an update on these ? Thanks !