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Little People, Big World New Episode October 29, 2013 - "Playing With Fire"

Here is the preview and then review of the new episode of "Little People, Big World" featuring the Roloff family on TLC at 9:00pm Tuesday October 29, 2013.

9:00 PM 60 MIN. Little People, Big World (Season 9) Playing With Fire

For the first time in years, all four Roloff kids will be home for the summer. With wedding season fast approaching, the family wastes no time - all chipping in to get the farm ready. Matt hatches a wild scheme... and the family is hit with tragic news.


Review written by Rap541:

So for a change, this isn’t on super late. On the other hand, it’s interfering with Person of Interest, which I enjoy as well. But *one* of these shows will be available on Itunes and it’s not LPBW. 

Btw, being spoiled, I know who is being referred to in the commercials where Matt shakes his head in the doctor’s office as he gets bad news and really, after all of Matt’s telling people how his health is precarious, it’s really in poor taste.

So Matt is all “its summer! Time to completely expand the farm! I have to recoup the money from the wedding farm!” Because that’s so a real business. Oh and Matt intends to work the kids to the bone! Amy is against that, of course. Matt insists he will spend no money. Amy notes this is a bald faced lie. 

Jeremy comes home in a new truck thing. He notes how despite being home every other weekend, and for several significant overseas vacations, he’s been away two years and hasn’t seen the family. Molly’s summer plan is to buy a new car because the muscle car she owns isn’t ok for school. Jeremy is also annoyed that he lost his bed room and also isn’t allowed to take his spot at the table. Basically he’s a bit of a baby over it. Matt advises them they will all be working. No one seems concerned. Also its really noticeable how the family is pointedly sitting around the table as a family for dinner. 

At the office barn, Amy and Matt discuss less expensive ideas for improvements. Like greenhouses and such, but then Matt screeches “Expansion!!”. He demands Amy ride around the farm and listen to his ideas because this isn’t forced at all. He wants towers and a kiddie funzone. Amy notes the cost. They head into the wedding barn and note all the hay and dead birds and general mess. Matt notes how he can’t enjoy an utter mess. The bridal suite at the old house is a mess. Broken windows, bad electricity, dead flies. Matt wants to whip his dick out and track hoe destroy the place. Amy thinks that’s a bad idea. 

It’s only a month until wedding season! Which means a greenhouse? “The kids all chipped in to work!” They all look disgruntled. They also look to be doing fairly minimal on screen scenes for the cameras. Matt tells Amy he wants to burn down the bridal suite. Geez I totally see where this is going. 

Matt wants to let the fire department do a practice burn and then put in a manufactured home. Amy notes the whole no more spending. Matt lies to her face that it won’t happen. 

Now the kids are forced to film a scene planting stuff. 

Matt goes to pet the dog and Matt voices over how the dog has a tumor. There’s a long maudling scene of Matt rolling on the ground with the dog. Sorry Matt, the scene I will always remember of you and your beloved dog is you expressing how you wanted Jeremy to kill the dog for you. Oh, and I also remember your facebooking how awesome it was that your best old pal you loved so much really did get locked in a closet and not fed for three days. 

Jeremy and Zach discuss school. Jeremy is taking an entire semester off to play on the farm and film. Zach is on year four or five of his two year degree. There’s a random shot of a Mexican teen in the fields. 

Oh look Matt bald face lies to his wife and sends her off for seeds so he can let the fire dept in to burn the house down. I’m thinking this is all completely staged because neither of these two are good actors. And look, its Matt ordering the fire trucks around and cackling . He pointedly tells the firemen how his wife is a bitch that he lies to so they better start setting fires before she gets back. Yeah that house was pretty flammable. Jeremy notes that Mom will be upset. This also seems forced. 

Amy’s “gosh, that’s smoke! I *wonder* where it’s coming from??” was pretty damn fake. 

Oh good god, TLC is now exploiting FLDS runaways. 

So Amy runs up to Matt and is all “what?” but she is also laughing and smiling and this is all so fake. So now they have a burned hole which will look very attractive for the weddings. Matt haybales how that’s just how he rolls. 

Zach shows up with pizza. The kids all casually discuss how the dog won’t last the summer. No one seems all that upset. In fact its just sort of a given to them .Molly notes in a confessional that Zach is wasting his time in school. The kids all sit about the campfire making smores. Yeah, that wasn’t staged. Who wants to bet they all smoked weed after? Now Jeremy gets on the “Zach’s a piece of garbage” train. Yeah big boy, you’re taking the summer off to play. Think about it. I’m also wondering how your career in photography will go once Mommy and Daddy stop funding you.

Two weeks until the wedding season! Where there is only three weddings! Matt wants to put a replica of Tara as the new bridal suite. Because really, that’s not ridiculous at all. They proceed to argue about “the wedding business”. Amy notes she is the brakes and Matt thinks brakes are dumb. Personally this lil argument also feels staged. I also wish they’d stop discussing the weddings as though it’s a serious business. They’re having three. The entire summer, and three weddings. It’s not a real business. A real business would have had weddings booked months ago. 

Oh its two weeks to the wedding season and no weddings are booked yet. Yeah, that’s believable – especially after watching the fanboys and girls constantly ask Matt how they can book his farm. And why is there hay in the wedding barn to begin with when they don’t keep animals there? Considering the nature of the farm, no animals and only used for weddings, I could see the place being dusty but filled with hay? Why? Zach and Tory play soccer – she’s apparently just graduated from college and plans to be a teacher. She “works on the farm”. Zach wants to finish school. 

Now Matt is going on about how they put so much money into the expansion, they need to book Erica and her man. Or else they might lose the farm? The couple seems cute. The grass is all icky. The couple is not impressed with the open pit. Matt of course notes “We didn’t know what we were thinking” over the empty burnt pit. Because while I think that whole pile of stupidity was completely arranged for the cameras, it was still depicted as Matt doing what he wants cause he’s a man and his lil wifey doesn’t deserve to be treated as an equal partner. Funny how when there’s a burned up pit after, suddenly Matt made that decision with help. Way to man up and own your actions, Matt! The couple plays along but yes the decision to “sign the contract” seems like more staging.

Now grim music as we see Rocky. Amy and Matt argue over the ruts. Amy wants them fixed and Matt notes how he has to be the one to do it. Since its basically calling a contractor, I don’t buy it. As in how much physical effort for Matt is it really, to get the ruts fixed? Oh gosh and golly Zach is making a film with Jeremy to hand in for his lit class. Really, it’s not that hard to pass a lit class, Zach. They rush to school because handing stuff at the last minute is smart.

So Matt is taking Rocky to the vet. Not sure I need to see the doc put his hand up the dog’s butt. 

And sadly Rocky has fast growing cancer. 

Now Matt tells Amy the news about Rocky. Amy says “that’s a bummer”. I’ll throw Amy a bone in that I don’t think she’s a pet person. Matt tells the kids as they eat around the table that the dog is dying, it will be a fast slide and of course it’s all about Matt and how upset Matt will be. The kids don’t seem that upset, mostly accepting of reality. Matt of course takes the dog out on a filmed tour of the farm, asking Rocky his opinions and about his memories and then of course Matt patting the dog and howling for the cameras. Because this is indeed, all about Matt and Matt’s needs and wants.

The previews look like everyone is acting.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Jeremy Roloff's Girlfriend Audrey's Blog

Now that Jeremy Roloff's girlfriend, Audrey Botti, has appeared in episodes of "Little People, Big World" (the Costa Rica vacation) and is a frequent subject of Jeremy's Twitter posts and Instagram pictures, we sometimes receive inquiries about Audrey.

Audrey has posted an entry on her blog where she basically tells her life story (or at least what has been going on in her life the last few years) that gives a sense of who she is and what is important to her. So we thought we would pass that along to our readers.

Jeremy's girlfriend's Audrey's blog

Audrey also recently posted photo on her Instagram of Jeremy where she describes him. I thought some people would be interested to see her description

Audrey's Instagram:


"Jeremy Roloff (noun...usually acting as a verb): An adventuresome farmer with Peter Pan like characteristics; a Kingdom harvester, passionate pursuer, creative builder, problem-solver, patient encourager, inspiring leader, Jesus follower, risk seeker, authentic lover; a brilliant blessing #braidit"

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Jeremy Roloff's New Wedding Videography Company And Website

Jeremy Roloff and his friend that he met at Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara (Tye French), now have a Wedding Videography company they are calling "Like A Letter". They have a website to support it.

Like A Letter Website

This is from the bio part of their website:

Dear Friends, 

We are Like A Letter. We are original, timeless, genuine, crafty, and most important, we are storytellers… Like a Letter is a destination wedding videography team. We want to make you an amazing wedding video that lasts a lifetime and beyond. You can check out some of our videos that we made for other beautiful couples on our Films page. Enjoy!

Our Story: 
Who are we?

We are a couple of ordinary guys who happen to love, well… a lot of things. 
My name is Tye French And this here is my friend Jeremy Roloff.

Together we are a Wedding Videographer team. We have a passion for life and find ourselves spending most of our time outdoors. Both of us have attended Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California, so we live and breath video and photography. Being in such a rich environment of Wedding Photographers, we had doors opened for us to start photographing Weddings. We then both had the great opportunity to work with a video company called Cloudless Weddings and we got our feet planted in the wedding world. Now our goal is to keep that passion for life going by creating beautiful wedding videos that captures love at its purest. We want to strive to make sure we create a friendship, not just a transaction, so please contact us on our Mail Us page with any questions or comments you may have.

If you are interested, this is what their services include:

Basic Bundle:
Full Coverage of your day. (8-9 hours)
A 4-6 minute Highlight Film played back to beautiful music and any audio captured during your day 
A Full Ceremony with captured audio. 
A Full Toast with captured audio. 
You will receive a DVD with all this in a custom DVD case with all three videos (Highlight, Ceremony, and Toast) 
Turnover time usually takes 4-8 weeks depending on the season. 
The Highlight Film will be on placed on the Web and DVD 

Their starting price is $3000.

Here is an example of one of their videos:


"Max and Chelsea's wedding was a unique one for us. We were asked by a friend a couple of days before the actual wedding to come and film it. I had no idea who they were and what to expect but as you can tell it was an amazing, fun, beautiful, crafty, love filled day. I enjoyed every moment and thank them for being awesome people!

Like a Letter

Filmed by Tye French
Edited by Jeremy Roloff 
Camera: 5D Mark III 
Song: Around Us, by Jonsi"

New Season Of Little People, Big World" Featuring The Roloff Family Begins October 29, 2013 On TLC

New episodes of "Little People, Big World" will begin airing Tuesday October 29th on TLC.

If you've visited our site before or follow some of the Roloffs social media accounts, you probably already know that Jeremy and Molly came home for the summer so they could film these episodes.

The episodes are expected to feature the beloved Rocky the Dog passing away, more "weddings on the farm", and preparing for pumpkin season such as working on the new Trebuchet, which has been years in the making.

Many of the "story lines" will sound very familiar to long time viewers and followers of the Roloffs. Episodes will feature more Matt Roloff "health scares" which will put he "future of the farm in jeopardy!" And as summer ends and Jeremy and Molly go back to college, Matt and Amy find themselves along again (except for the fact Jacob is still at home - you can see what he's up to by following his twitter or Ask.fm account).

Here is the TLC press release as relayed by TV By The Numbers.