Thursday, October 24, 2013

Jeremy Roloff's Girlfriend Audrey's Blog

Now that Jeremy Roloff's girlfriend, Audrey Botti, has appeared in episodes of "Little People, Big World" (the Costa Rica vacation) and is a frequent subject of Jeremy's Twitter posts and Instagram pictures, we sometimes receive inquiries about Audrey.

Audrey has posted an entry on her blog where she basically tells her life story (or at least what has been going on in her life the last few years) that gives a sense of who she is and what is important to her. So we thought we would pass that along to our readers.

Jeremy's girlfriend's Audrey's blog

Audrey also recently posted photo on her Instagram of Jeremy where she describes him. I thought some people would be interested to see her description

Audrey's Instagram:

"Jeremy Roloff (noun...usually acting as a verb): An adventuresome farmer with Peter Pan like characteristics; a Kingdom harvester, passionate pursuer, creative builder, problem-solver, patient encourager, inspiring leader, Jesus follower, risk seeker, authentic lover; a brilliant blessing #braidit"


Timothy said...

I could think of a much different description for Jeremy.

Terrible example of a Jesus follower
Full of double standards

Janet said...

I know many Christians like Audrey.

What they don't realize is that talking about the Lord and how you're overcome by Christ is not the way to bring anyone to Jesus or to spread "the flock".

Where are her acts of kindness? Selfishness? She certainly doesn't display any of it from her online persona.

She comes across as a snobbish, entitled young woman that talks a lot about Jesus because it gives her the confidence that whatever she does in life (whatever she wants) is the right thing because God must want her to do whatever she does.

Kesley said...

Why should Audrey be criticized for being a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ

Rap541 said...

If you follow Jesus Christ, are you better than others and not to be criticized?

Or is Audrey's love of Jesus so perfect, there's literally nothing she could do to be a better Christian?

I personally have no real issues with Audrey in that I really don't care what her level of devotion is... but unless she's as perfect as Jesus, she's not above and beyond criticism, and declaring her so is one reason why people tend to think the Roloffs and their buddies are a tad snobbish - the whole "How dare anyone question us, how dare anyone criticize us, we're *followers of Christ, don't you know that means we're above you, jealous haters who hate us because we're saved and you're not?" thing that surrounds them.

Why should Matt Roloff judge anyone as a negative nellie or a bad neighbor? Why should Amy Roloff make ustream videos of how she judges people as "Weiner Whiners"? Why is it ok for Roloff kids to judge fans?

Because they follow Christ so they get to hate? Sorry - when the Roloffs and buddies actually do as they demand, and shut their mouths when they see something they don't like, and say nothing but nice things about EVERYTHING becuase judging is hating.... then I might be willing to ascribe to them the sainthood you demand. But that sure as hell hasn't happened so until then, I see no reason grant them special priveledges they insist the rest of us aren't allowed to have because we're beneath them.

Jason said...

This is why Christians are a joke. Audrey will put a lot of thought into Thanking Jesus and writing about how she is so thankful to God and her entire life is about spreading the Kingdom of God.

But when she calls people "randoms" and "creepers" who see or hear about her on a tv show (or the social media accounts of people on tv) does she think that will "bring people to God" or is it what Jesus would want her to say?

BeckyM said...

Jason - I just wonder what Jesus would think of people who put fame above their morals. Or what Jesus thinks of people who are hypocrites. Or what Jesus thought of people who attack and destroy their neighbors or people weaker than they are.

Gosh. I think the entire New Testament deals with what Jesus thought of people who said they worshipped and followed God, but by their behavior did not.

I doubt the Roloff and gang will be asked to sit at the High Table.

PorcupinePie said...

She's a college student? She should really proofread her entries before she posts them, yikes!

Set Abominae said...

Fake "christians" like Jeremy and Audrey are the saddedst form of christians there are because they don't understand the world around them and are spoon fed a truly toxic form of the faith by con artists like JMC.

Rorie said...

Sounds like Audrey is a very devout young woman, which is great, but I always wonder about that type of Christian--the ebullient--in that they feel that God has all this time on his hands to heal them and help them. Personally, I don't think God has the time for a middle-class college student who seems to have a great life when there is death and destruction going on all around us and all around the world. To me, God is more apt to help those who truly need it and those who trust in him silently and do good works outwardly than just pray to him for personal gain.

Also, God helps those who help themselves. I don't think God helped Audrey win a race or got her off crutches. He just gave her the common sense and fortitude and willpower to do it on her own.

Samuel said...

Rorie, I hear this argument a lot and it's always flawed.

People often say what you're saying about people who are strong in their Christian faith in sport, such as Tim Tebow. I don't see what Audrey is doing as any different than Tim Tebow.

If you are a follower of Jesus, He is with you always. That means he does care about your health and what happens in your life.

Believing that God only cares about wars or people in life threatening situations is flawed.

If you give your heart to Jesus and live for Him, then He is apart of your every decision and every aspect of your life regardless of how insignificant it may seem to outsiders.

Alicia said...

Why is that "vocal" Christians like Audrey are often among the least friendliest people to "strangers"? It's something I notice time and time again.

Rap541 said...

Speaking of blogs, according to Matt's facebook, he and Amy are off to Maui for some R&R

So Jake is home alone? And per Jake, Matt has read his ask/fm so Matt knows his son likes the ganja....

But Matt and Amy have done *everything* to put a stop to Jake's pot smoking?

Justin2 said...

Why are people judging Audrey?

The rule of them every poster goes by on this blog is "We can judge the Roloffs because they're on TV and are public figures." But Audrey isn't a public figure at all. Is it really just because she's Jeremy's girlfriend? Being someones other half doesn't make them a public figure as well.

Ashley said...

Justin2, Audrey is on TV!

I totally disagree with you. Jeremy publicly tweets and instagrams about her. He even tweeted to a fan talking about Audrey and how they met.

If she wasn't on tv and Jeremy kept her private on his social media accounts that he asks fans to follow, then I might agree with you.

But if you're going to be on tv yourself (she could have said no to the Costa Rica trip and stayed out of filming, but she didn't and even must be ok with the show labeling her as "Jeremy's girlfriend Audrey Botti" and you are dating someone who is a celebrity who constantly talks and posts pictures of you and you have public twitter, Instagram and blog, then I think it's perfectly understandable that people are going to talk about their opinion of her.

Justin2 said...

My mom and dad where featured on an episode of Storage Wars: Texas. They didn't say anything on camera but there was a close-up shot of them that made it into the episode. Does that make them public figures? No..because the show isn't about them. They were what would simplify as being an extra. That's the case for Audrey as well. She's an extra on LPBW. As far as I can tell she hasn't sat down or did a random lengthy interview/conversation on the show..unlike Zachs girlfriend Tori. Now SHE could be considered a public figure because she has been on several episodes and has been shown to actually participate in the show.

Now Ashley I always like to refer things to real life. If you lets say did an interview for your local news and it gets played for like a week straight and you posted a picture of your husband/boyfriend, girlfriend/wife on any social media is it fair to say that they are a public figure just because you're now a local public figure and youre talking about them and posting pictures of them? I don't think you'd agree with that whatsoever because you'd say..just like everyone else does..that you're the public figure and not your spouse.

Ashley said...

I still disagree , I don't think there is any difference between Audrey and Tori. Theyve both spoken on camera. They both agreed for their full names to be used on lpbw. They both agreed to be involved in several staged scenes ( like the couples dinner). I'd almost argue that Audrey is more likely to be discussed because Jeremy makes her front and center of his social media. He even links Audrey's accounts. Audrey retweets and likesand comments to Jeremy on his twitter (where Jeremy has asked fans to follow him. And all of Audreys accounts are public. She even links her blog where she discusses personal details about her life. When there are all those things and someone does all that, I think its crazy not to expect anyone to discuss her.

Brandon said...

Justin2, your real life example to Ashley is flawed. You are making Jeremy out to be the extra, the local on one newscast, and Audrey to be the gf/bf that never appeared in the media at all. That's not the case.

I don't know what you're objecting to? That people are posting their opinions of her? Even ignoring all of what Ashley said, in this day, anytime you post something on the internet you have the chance of being talked about. Audrey has a blog about her Christian faith sharing details of her life. I don't see how she is off limits to be discussed.

Natalie said...

"Being someones other half doesn't make them a oublic figure as well."

Tell that to Kate Middleton! I think she is the most photographed woman in the world and has been for a while all because she is the other half to a public figure. Even her sister was a trending topic on twitter after the wedding and she's not even dating a public figure. The point is anytime you're in a position where people are going to see and hear about you, there is the chance people will talk about that person.

Justin2 said...

Natalie...isn't Kate Middleton some time of princess and her sister of some royalty too?? Well there goes your argument right out the window. definitely make very valid points. I'm not taking that away from you or ignoring them. Audrey just isn't featured in the show really at all. Sure she has been seen having dinner and being around Jeremy and did a short interview for the show, but all that breaks down to is being an extra. Again, unlike Tori who is regularly featured on every LPBW episode now and who is more involved with the show. But nobody is talking about her in any way, shape or form and holding her up to the same level of criticism as Audrey. Is it because its like people blame the Roloffs themselves for doing..not thinking Zach and anything he does or anyone he's with means anything? Or is it really because Audrey is Jeremy's girlfriend and people actually look up to Jeremy as what they say the Roloffs themselves do and think Jeremy is God and isn't allowed to do anything or be with anyone without being judged on it? Or is it simply because Audrey likes to post about her Christian faith and everybody wants to make fun of her for that?

Brandon..I'm not saying not to voice your opinions of Audrey. It's funny how when someone kinda questions what's going on everybody assumes they want them to shut up and not say anything about them..but I'm not saying that. What I'm saying is that just by Audrey being Jeremy's girlfriend doesn't make her a public figure. Gas she been shown on the show and mentioned on the show? Yes because the show IS about Jeremy and HIS life. Maybe Brandon you could also answer the questions I posed to Ashley..

Rap541 said...

Justin2 - I don't consider Audrey off limits because she has appeared on the show. I don't generally "go after" her or Tori because neither have been on the show that much.

I would point out tho, that Tori is not considered off limits and is routinely slammed by the Pro-Roloff crowd for being a lying slut who only dates Zach for free trips and the opportunity to pine openly for Jeremy as she is really desperately in love with Jeremy and knows she can't compete against perfect Christian Audrey.

And it's not like Tori has been on the show *that* much but its been perfectly acceptable for people to openly discuss what a lying bitch she is and how her only motivation for dating Zach is money and trips and of course, stalking Jeremy. Where were your "gosh guys, why are you judging Tori" comments then?

Personally, I think it's obvious that Jeremy and Audrey don't want to be featured on tv and as usual, Jeremy is indulged... even tho I think it's fair to say people who actually like the show would rather see more Jeremy than more Zach.

Hey next weeks new episode is Matt declaring its Family Game Day! Because that doesn't sound fake at all! Or childish!

Greg said...

Oh, make me sick. What narrow minded thinking.

Audrey Botti ‏@audreybotti
God was removed from schools in 1962 since them violent crime has increased 60%, but I'm sure that's just coincidence..

Rap541 said...

Greg I'd simply ask how many of the Christian grads of Faith Bible have DUIs.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jeremy and Audrey on your upcoming wedding. May your life together be a wonderful one. To those haters out there -- get a life.

Anonymous said...

So many jealous people out there. Heres what I see... The Roloff family are bloody incredible, can anybody di what Matt has done to his farm. Sure his kids are lazy and constantly needs a push to lift a hand around the place , but hey the mother Amy needs a swift kick uo the ass for that, but thats her choice RIGHT.None of you can do what this family has accomplish. So!!! Audrey makes a comment and adds Jesus into it and bloody all hell breaks loose. All of a sudden all these Christians or so called Christians comes to comment calling her names . What does that makes u all.FUKEN DUMBASSES. Leave the couple alone.

Eileen lords said...

So many jealous people out there. Heres what I see... The Roloff family are bloody incredible, can anybody di what Matt has done to his farm. Sure his kids are lazy and constantly needs a push to lift a hand around the place , but hey the mother Amy needs a swift kick uo the ass for that, but thats her choice RIGHT.None of you can do what this family has accomplish. So!!! Audrey makes a comment and adds Jesus into it and bloody all hell breaks loose. All of a sudden all these Christians or so called Christians comes to comment calling her names . What does that makes u all.FUKEN DUMBASSES. Leave the couple alone.

Angel said...

And here I thought I was the only one who finds "Auj" fake and pretentious and so judging of other people. It seems to me if her and "Jer" are such real Christians they would be volunteering or helping in a soup kitchen or something besides filming all their road trips.