Sunday, October 6, 2013

Jeremy Roloff's New Wedding Videography Company And Website

Jeremy Roloff and his friend that he met at Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara (Tye French), now have a Wedding Videography company they are calling "Like A Letter". They have a website to support it.

Like A Letter Website

This is from the bio part of their website:

Dear Friends, 

We are Like A Letter. We are original, timeless, genuine, crafty, and most important, we are storytellers… Like a Letter is a destination wedding videography team. We want to make you an amazing wedding video that lasts a lifetime and beyond. You can check out some of our videos that we made for other beautiful couples on our Films page. Enjoy!

Our Story: 
Who are we?

We are a couple of ordinary guys who happen to love, well… a lot of things. 
My name is Tye French And this here is my friend Jeremy Roloff.

Together we are a Wedding Videographer team. We have a passion for life and find ourselves spending most of our time outdoors. Both of us have attended Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California, so we live and breath video and photography. Being in such a rich environment of Wedding Photographers, we had doors opened for us to start photographing Weddings. We then both had the great opportunity to work with a video company called Cloudless Weddings and we got our feet planted in the wedding world. Now our goal is to keep that passion for life going by creating beautiful wedding videos that captures love at its purest. We want to strive to make sure we create a friendship, not just a transaction, so please contact us on our Mail Us page with any questions or comments you may have.

If you are interested, this is what their services include:

Basic Bundle:
Full Coverage of your day. (8-9 hours)
A 4-6 minute Highlight Film played back to beautiful music and any audio captured during your day 
A Full Ceremony with captured audio. 
A Full Toast with captured audio. 
You will receive a DVD with all this in a custom DVD case with all three videos (Highlight, Ceremony, and Toast) 
Turnover time usually takes 4-8 weeks depending on the season. 
The Highlight Film will be on placed on the Web and DVD 

Their starting price is $3000.

Here is an example of one of their videos:

"Max and Chelsea's wedding was a unique one for us. We were asked by a friend a couple of days before the actual wedding to come and film it. I had no idea who they were and what to expect but as you can tell it was an amazing, fun, beautiful, crafty, love filled day. I enjoyed every moment and thank them for being awesome people!

Like a Letter 
Filmed by Tye French
Edited by Jeremy Roloff 
Camera: 5D Mark III 
Song: Around Us, by Jonsi"


Anne said...

It is very impressive work. I never doubted Jeremy. Unlike some.

It's nice to see that the wedding celebrates Christ above all else.

Greg said...

And...this is the precise reason why Jeremy suddenly, after years of ignoring and insulting, to tweet at fans once in a while.

Because he now sees them as customers who can give him money.

I don't think that's what Jesus taught, but I guess that's what Jeremy took from the Bible.

Sarah T said...

Great work, Jeremy and Tye!

Austin said...

I'm almost tempted to email them to inquire if they would do a gay wedding or if that goes against their morals?

I'm sure they would for the money, but I wonder nonetheless.

However, I hope no one that supports gay rights would give them your business.

Rap541 said...

Anne, I am always amused by your pronouncements of success for Jeremy.

For example, wasn't Jeremy such an extraordinary photographer that he was going to be snapped up by National Geographic? And show me how incredible his talent was?

Why is he wasting his artistic talent doing weddings?

Gosh and Golly, Anne, wasn't Jeremy supposed to show me up by playing professional soccer? And being a ship captain? And a pilot? But now I see that he's living an extraordinary life as...a *wedding photographer*! Oh my goodness, his star is really shining, Anne! He's living that life of adventure.... as he takes pictures of the bride and makes wedding vids. My gosh, being the hired hand at someone else's expensive wedding sure is Jeremy living that dream.

Btw has the duo actually been paid to do a wedding yet?

And psst go here -

or just - and look for photographers in either Santa Barbara or Oregon. Like a Letter is a little overpriced.

Austin - I'm genuinely curious if they would commit to saying it's against their morals.

Austin said...

Rap, we know it is "against their morals", but I would bet anything they would say they would do it if the price was right.

Megan said...

Thanks for the link.

They are overpriced. On the first link, the #1 company for Santa Barbara lists their price range as starting at between $2000 - $2999. A whole $1000 cheaper than Jeremy and Tye.

Glad to see that the guys living for Jesus are giving people a break on the price....

Felina said...

Wow! The video isn't bad, but it doesn't blow away any other videographer.

$3000? Is the inflated the price because of Jeremy's "celebrity factor"? That's a lot of money just to have some guy that was on a reality tv show edit your wedding video.

BeckyM said...

ROFLMAO! $3,000~ LOL

I'm sure the inflated price is because of Jeremy's "fame." Of course, TLC will pay Jeremy and his buddy during the next Roloff wedding episode. *yawn*

sscooter43 said...

I know when my brother got married, the company he used had both videographers and photographers. So his company may want to think about bringing in some more people (people that will do photographers and people that will do the videographers).

Ashley said...

Sscooter, that sort of confused me about their business. Both Jeremy and Tye want to be photographers. I was surprised on the website they are not doing any of that and only want to do the video part. Couldn't one of them do the video and one be the photographer. It sounds like all Jeremy does is edit after the fact.

Johnny Reb said...

Oh look another talentless moron who thinks he's somehow deserving of the worlds time and attention when he isn't.

Emma said...

Lol. Jeremy. Famous. LOL. What "fame" are they even talking about? The fame he has as a nobody from a reality show with horrible ratings? He doesn't even 10,000 followers on Twitter. That's not much fame. In today's world, you can directly measure the popularity of a public figure (if you want to call Jeremy that) by how many followers they have on Twitter. Even college football players have more than 8k followers. If he and his friends consider what Jeremy has "fame," then I wanna know what they consider people like Johnny Manziel..royalty?

Where's George said...

If a gay couple wanted to hire them to video their wedding, I wonder if Jeremy will be willing to do a gay wedding?

Emma said...

I'm not a fan of Jeremy videos because I don't like the out of focus parts of the videos.
The website is to feminine for two guys.
Also, they misspelled Jeremy's name on one page.

k Has C said...

Rap: regarding the "anne" post...I needed a good laugh that come back you gave is right on target and you put it out there so well---his star is really shining...ROFL. Keep up the good work.

Laura said...

Rap, do you really doubt that Jeremy and Tye are going to find work?

It appears they have already shot several weddings and I don't doubt they will find more work.

And there's nothing wrong if the fact that people know who Jeremy is helps get them work or more appropriately, helps get their work noticed and then the quality of their work gets them more business.

Rap541 said...

Laura - as long as the economy is good, people will be willing to shell out for a wedding photographer.

I think I've been told repeatedly how Jeremy is *gonna shine* - in fact, I *have* been told he will show me how successful he is as a pilot, as a soccer player in the pros, as a ship captain, as a car restorer, as an artist with his camera as he shows me his talent by working for National Geographic and lives that life of adventure.

And this is Jeremy's incredible future? :)

As for whether they find work - my thinking, based on how their example vids and website are a near copy of the Cloudless company that Tye says they worked at, and that they attend a school that actually offers wedding photography as a sort of major, is that they might be in a saturated market and they seem a little overpriced.

I'm actually more curious to see how Matt handles the Golden Boy working in a profession where the average income is 35k per year. After all, Matt's made it very clear over the years that the more money you earn is the indicator of your success. (thats what the "million dollar property" and "matt's employees running to brag how much *matt* makes" is all about)

Is wedding photographer the shining career where Jeremy has shown us all how we're losers compared to his stunning example of success beyond our wildest dreams? Is this what we're all so jealous of? Being a pricy add on to a wedding? :)

Tell me Laura, is this what I am so jealous of? :)

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Laura, I'm wondering about how many is 'several'? Here is as many as I found:

Jessie and Erica was at the farm.
Teddy and Brittany was in California,
Sergio and Leah was last July.
Chris and Tiffany was last Aug.
Max and Chelsea was this Aug.

Their company logo and letterthead appeared on only one video so far. I'm also wondering if any of these were done during their tenure with Cloudless Weddings, and if they just hold the copyright.
I ocnsider it a 'start' and you have to 'start' somewhere. I just don't see 'several'. I think it would be great to get as much credit for the same amount of productivity.

Rap541 said...

And in case it's not clear, Laura, I am sure Tye nd Jeremy will find a few jobs and do some weddings. I'm just asking if Jeremy making an average living doing a job that thousands of others do, and making an average wage is "Jeremy shining and showing you haters how he'll be on top forever!!"

I didn't put him on that pedestal of success. His nasty fans did.

Rap541 said...

And there's nothing wrong if the fact that people know who Jeremy is helps get them work or more appropriately, helps get their work noticed and then the quality of their work gets them more business.

Yup, Poor Jeremy was telling us how his fans suck dick in his opinion... until he can get money and assistance from them. Then the "fans suck the suckable" becomes "Yes sir! Coram deo, sir!"

Funny how waving a dollar makes a Roloff kiss ass. And funny how Jeremy can't even speak for himself on his own business's website.

Justin said...

I realize weddings are really for girls, but if $2000 - $3000 is the going price to have your wedding on video, I think I'll stick with giving uncle Steve a camcorder.

Anonymous said...

Anne really isn't a true Christian. Anne is one of those self proclaimed "Believers". Unfortunately Anne you really are misguided. You would do yourself a world of good to actually learn what a true Christian believes acts and treats others (all of which are God's creation).

Oh and your Idol worship of Jeremy is a sin against other clue that you are not a real Christian. Of course you will not respond because you are rather delusional in your worship.

Ryan Velasco said...

Jeremy is a daddy's boy with a little hobby. If he needs thousands of dollars of equipment his dad will spoil him with it. He will change careers when this doesn't help him pay rent

Anonymous said...

The video was very good and they are obviously talented. Thanks for posting it, I probably never would have seen it if you hadn't.

Ashley said...

I noticed that they deleted Jeremy's email contact on the "Contact Us" page.

Craig said...

Their "starting price" is $3000.

Potential customers? Read the fine print!

Anonymous said...

I checked out the wedding video of max and chelsea and have to ask... why is it so "washed out". It's like it is overly bright and sharp for no apparent reason. Is this the new fad these days? If this were my wedding video, I'd be pretty pissed that it looks so horrible.

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