Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Little People, Big World New Episode October 29, 2013 - "Playing With Fire"

Here is the preview and then review of the new episode of "Little People, Big World" featuring the Roloff family on TLC at 9:00pm Tuesday October 29, 2013.

9:00 PM 60 MIN. Little People, Big World (Season 9) Playing With Fire

For the first time in years, all four Roloff kids will be home for the summer. With wedding season fast approaching, the family wastes no time - all chipping in to get the farm ready. Matt hatches a wild scheme... and the family is hit with tragic news.


Review written by Rap541:

So for a change, this isn’t on super late. On the other hand, it’s interfering with Person of Interest, which I enjoy as well. But *one* of these shows will be available on Itunes and it’s not LPBW. 

Btw, being spoiled, I know who is being referred to in the commercials where Matt shakes his head in the doctor’s office as he gets bad news and really, after all of Matt’s telling people how his health is precarious, it’s really in poor taste.

So Matt is all “its summer! Time to completely expand the farm! I have to recoup the money from the wedding farm!” Because that’s so a real business. Oh and Matt intends to work the kids to the bone! Amy is against that, of course. Matt insists he will spend no money. Amy notes this is a bald faced lie. 

Jeremy comes home in a new truck thing. He notes how despite being home every other weekend, and for several significant overseas vacations, he’s been away two years and hasn’t seen the family. Molly’s summer plan is to buy a new car because the muscle car she owns isn’t ok for school. Jeremy is also annoyed that he lost his bed room and also isn’t allowed to take his spot at the table. Basically he’s a bit of a baby over it. Matt advises them they will all be working. No one seems concerned. Also its really noticeable how the family is pointedly sitting around the table as a family for dinner. 

At the office barn, Amy and Matt discuss less expensive ideas for improvements. Like greenhouses and such, but then Matt screeches “Expansion!!”. He demands Amy ride around the farm and listen to his ideas because this isn’t forced at all. He wants towers and a kiddie funzone. Amy notes the cost. They head into the wedding barn and note all the hay and dead birds and general mess. Matt notes how he can’t enjoy an utter mess. The bridal suite at the old house is a mess. Broken windows, bad electricity, dead flies. Matt wants to whip his dick out and track hoe destroy the place. Amy thinks that’s a bad idea. 

It’s only a month until wedding season! Which means a greenhouse? “The kids all chipped in to work!” They all look disgruntled. They also look to be doing fairly minimal on screen scenes for the cameras. Matt tells Amy he wants to burn down the bridal suite. Geez I totally see where this is going. 

Matt wants to let the fire department do a practice burn and then put in a manufactured home. Amy notes the whole no more spending. Matt lies to her face that it won’t happen. 

Now the kids are forced to film a scene planting stuff. 

Matt goes to pet the dog and Matt voices over how the dog has a tumor. There’s a long maudling scene of Matt rolling on the ground with the dog. Sorry Matt, the scene I will always remember of you and your beloved dog is you expressing how you wanted Jeremy to kill the dog for you. Oh, and I also remember your facebooking how awesome it was that your best old pal you loved so much really did get locked in a closet and not fed for three days. 

Jeremy and Zach discuss school. Jeremy is taking an entire semester off to play on the farm and film. Zach is on year four or five of his two year degree. There’s a random shot of a Mexican teen in the fields. 

Oh look Matt bald face lies to his wife and sends her off for seeds so he can let the fire dept in to burn the house down. I’m thinking this is all completely staged because neither of these two are good actors. And look, its Matt ordering the fire trucks around and cackling . He pointedly tells the firemen how his wife is a bitch that he lies to so they better start setting fires before she gets back. Yeah that house was pretty flammable. Jeremy notes that Mom will be upset. This also seems forced. 

Amy’s “gosh, that’s smoke! I *wonder* where it’s coming from??” was pretty damn fake. 

Oh good god, TLC is now exploiting FLDS runaways. 

So Amy runs up to Matt and is all “what?” but she is also laughing and smiling and this is all so fake. So now they have a burned hole which will look very attractive for the weddings. Matt haybales how that’s just how he rolls. 

Zach shows up with pizza. The kids all casually discuss how the dog won’t last the summer. No one seems all that upset. In fact its just sort of a given to them .Molly notes in a confessional that Zach is wasting his time in school. The kids all sit about the campfire making smores. Yeah, that wasn’t staged. Who wants to bet they all smoked weed after? Now Jeremy gets on the “Zach’s a piece of garbage” train. Yeah big boy, you’re taking the summer off to play. Think about it. I’m also wondering how your career in photography will go once Mommy and Daddy stop funding you.

Two weeks until the wedding season! Where there is only three weddings! Matt wants to put a replica of Tara as the new bridal suite. Because really, that’s not ridiculous at all. They proceed to argue about “the wedding business”. Amy notes she is the brakes and Matt thinks brakes are dumb. Personally this lil argument also feels staged. I also wish they’d stop discussing the weddings as though it’s a serious business. They’re having three. The entire summer, and three weddings. It’s not a real business. A real business would have had weddings booked months ago. 

Oh its two weeks to the wedding season and no weddings are booked yet. Yeah, that’s believable – especially after watching the fanboys and girls constantly ask Matt how they can book his farm. And why is there hay in the wedding barn to begin with when they don’t keep animals there? Considering the nature of the farm, no animals and only used for weddings, I could see the place being dusty but filled with hay? Why? Zach and Tory play soccer – she’s apparently just graduated from college and plans to be a teacher. She “works on the farm”. Zach wants to finish school. 

Now Matt is going on about how they put so much money into the expansion, they need to book Erica and her man. Or else they might lose the farm? The couple seems cute. The grass is all icky. The couple is not impressed with the open pit. Matt of course notes “We didn’t know what we were thinking” over the empty burnt pit. Because while I think that whole pile of stupidity was completely arranged for the cameras, it was still depicted as Matt doing what he wants cause he’s a man and his lil wifey doesn’t deserve to be treated as an equal partner. Funny how when there’s a burned up pit after, suddenly Matt made that decision with help. Way to man up and own your actions, Matt! The couple plays along but yes the decision to “sign the contract” seems like more staging.

Now grim music as we see Rocky. Amy and Matt argue over the ruts. Amy wants them fixed and Matt notes how he has to be the one to do it. Since its basically calling a contractor, I don’t buy it. As in how much physical effort for Matt is it really, to get the ruts fixed? Oh gosh and golly Zach is making a film with Jeremy to hand in for his lit class. Really, it’s not that hard to pass a lit class, Zach. They rush to school because handing stuff at the last minute is smart.

So Matt is taking Rocky to the vet. Not sure I need to see the doc put his hand up the dog’s butt. 

And sadly Rocky has fast growing cancer. 

Now Matt tells Amy the news about Rocky. Amy says “that’s a bummer”. I’ll throw Amy a bone in that I don’t think she’s a pet person. Matt tells the kids as they eat around the table that the dog is dying, it will be a fast slide and of course it’s all about Matt and how upset Matt will be. The kids don’t seem that upset, mostly accepting of reality. Matt of course takes the dog out on a filmed tour of the farm, asking Rocky his opinions and about his memories and then of course Matt patting the dog and howling for the cameras. Because this is indeed, all about Matt and Matt’s needs and wants.

The previews look like everyone is acting.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to watch this!!! It's gonna be epic!

Christine said...

Jeremy "I moved 2 years ago. I haven't seen much of my family since." What a liar. He's home so much.

Jason said...

Everything is so fricken fake. Jeremy is a terrible actor. Scratch that, the whole family is awful.

Yeah, I believed Jeremy asking Matt if Amy knew about burning the "bridal suite" down and Amy didn't know exactly what was going on as it was part of the script.

kp said...

I'm DYING at the horrible acting when Amy comes out to yell at Matt about the house burning.

"What are you doing...?"


Brandon said...

The TV Roloff kids eat smores together around a campfire.

The Roloff kids in real life smoke weed and get wasted.

Mary said...

Poor Rocky...

Timothy said...

I hate how the show and all of the Roloffs make Zach out to be the big loser and Jeremy this huge success.

Jeremy is in a photography school that anyone with money can go to. He has an expensive camera and takes pretty pictures. That's it. He plays around by taking pictures. His parents pay for everything. He still relies on this fake show and his parents to support him.

Mallory said...

this was such a great episode and its so sad that rocky has cancer matt and amy crack me up I don't think I could ever handle being married to matt he would drive me nuts lol

Nancy said...

I think the Roloffs are the only people who I could be annoyed at as they are (supposedly) saying their goodbyes to the family dog.

It was so forced. I agree with what someone said to Jacob on Ask.fm. Fans cared more about Rocky than the Roloffs themselves!

And Jeremy's thoughts that were supposedly to be touching when he said "for a dog" made it really clear how he could get enjoyment over throwing a cat. He's one of those people who see animals as strictly being around for the amusement of humans and doesn't see them as living beings with feelings and paid and that get frightened.

Grandma Sheila said...

This show has become such a fairy tale. I'm beginning to wonder if these couples even bother to get a marriage license for these 'weddings'.

Mike P. said...

Odd how Jacob's hair goes from short to long to medium to long to short. All in one "sequence" of events. And how the trees have leaves, then they don't, then they do. All in one "continuous" summer.

And Zach, with the rough equivalent of a sixth-grade education under his belt, figures he's had enough school.

Sure, Zach. And if you don't get hired, it's pure discrimination against dwarfs.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Oh boy, four full hours of the Roloffs the day before i go to work. Let's see.......

Many kudos to the designer of the Dallas Stars' new home unforms. Very sharp indeed! And, I guess we can't call Toronto the Maple "Laffs" anymore but they won 4-0 over...Edmonton? Sigh. Edmonton, rebuilding, results, remorse in that order?

But I digress. Thanks to Rap for for Rap's work and tolerance lol. I'll just throw in my two bits worth.
Does anyone remember a photo on Matt's Facebook page with Amy holding a flare, used for STARTING fires, and Matt asking his sheep, "Gee, what is the meaning of this? stay tuned, sheep!" I don't have access to FB just now, but are there any scorched window frames on said house in that photo? No? Was Amy there from the beginning? Yes? I am starting to get thoroughly disgusted with Matt's condescending view of the collective intelligence of his 'sheep'. VERY bad form, Matt.

I have another question. All this Rocky filming looks like it took place before Rocky passed. I think we can all live with that assumption. But my goodness, WHY did they do all this mindless drivel, overly sentimental obviously staged and (partly?) false emoiton when they weren't quite sure when Rocky's time was nigh? It is apparent to me they planned all to use all this filming, which to me was a great disrespect to Rocky, instead of allowing him even an animal's death with a little dignity? Is Matt stooping to get as much time with Rocky to feed of Rocky's fame with the honest and right-thinking public? Too much syrup on my pancakes, folks. Rocky deserved better.

Anyone doing any research into the treatment of the youth of the FLDS under the monster that is Warrenn Jeffs knows that they have been exploited enough. Already. Sigh.

One last question - With the LPBW edting and timeline management, why doesn't TLC buy the series Dr. Who? Is it becasue
a) PBS et al knows the difference between blatant kitch and out-and-out stupidity, or
b) The viewing public will see what happens when the big MR's and his Exec. Producers' sequencing 'expertise' goes up against a REAL Timelord like Dr. Who. No contest, says I!

Ashley said...

Sorry for being a little off topic (but it is kind of about last nights episode), anybody else see Jake's Ask.fm account about 20 minutes ago?

Someone asked what the ratings were.

He posted a screen capture of him asking Amy if he was allowed to say (he used to say he didn't care and no one could tell him what he could say on Ask) and Amy saying that they need to wait for TLC to release it before they can say it.

Then someone said he was arrogant and being controlled by Amy and it was dumb anyway because that tv ratings aren't something the Roloffs have exclusive rights to.

Then he answered "1.65 you stupid slut".

Then he deleted his answer and answered again "1.65 tho".

When someone commented that he's now worried about getting in trouble because he's deleting his answers he said he deleted that answer because it was "dangerous".

IDK, I find it hilarious that after everything Jacob has said, from the pot smoking to talking about having sex and dumping his ex gf to calling people cunts to saying the show is fake to admitting that Matt and Amy complain when fans ask them for autographs....that after all that, someone has got to Jacob he's now thinking that what he says is dangerous and the thing that is dangerous is him calling someone a slut.

I find it very very weird. Anyone else have ideas about what was going on there?

Ashley said...

Rap, I'm wondering, what do you think of Jacob

A) asking Amy what he is allowed to say? (after before saying he doesn't give a F***)

B) Of Jacob calling someone a slut, then deleting it and when he was called out on it he said he deleted it because it was "dangerous for unrelated reasons?

Anyone else have theories on it?

Jacob denies it and is saying BS about how he's not answering because people aren't asking questions to his satisfaction and aren't guessing to ask the "right" question, but it's totally obviously that someone finally punished Jacob with something that caught his attention.

I actually wonder if Jeremy told him to shut up and being that Jacob worships the ground Jeremy walks on, Jacob listened. Jeremy has been really big on promoting the show in recent months.

Spiritswander said...

Ashley, FYI: The ratings were significantly better last night than the previous "specials" or the "Wedding Farm" episodes.

They are available on tvbythenumbers.com :

Little People, Big World TLC 9:00 PM

1.968 Million viewers and 0.6 share of the key 18-49 demographic.

Rap541 said...

Ashley - honestly my thought is that he got a talking to about what wasn't ok to say. Now he's in the position of having to back peddle without losing face. Which is bound to fail.

I doubt it was Jeremy tho, because I just don't see Jeremy taking the interest.

I'm inclined to think the previews implying someone dying drew in some viewers.

k Has c said...

How come this show is still on? They are all grown azz adults, not like they act like it. Its all boring and same crap different year. Who gives a flying fig? Waay beyond boring.

Randy said...

A few thoughts about the episode...

--Is it just me or does Jeremy come across as super stuck up ever since he went off to that photography school. He just acts like he's too cool for the room. I don't know if it's a Santa Barbara thing (where the school is located), or what...but he comes across as super snobby.

--I agree with everyone else, those scenes of the kids working, and Amy acting all surprised when Matt was burning down the house was totally staged, set-up, planned ahead, and whatever other word you can use to describe. And of course their acting was terrible.

--I don't know if Amy just plays this role for the show or what, but for every single project Matt does, she shoots it down...saying we don't need to do this, this is going to be too expensive, this is stupid, etc.

If Matt listened to her, their house would still probably look like the rundown shack that it was when they first bought it, and they'd have all this empty land.

Whether you like Matt or not, you have to give him credit. All those years ago he bought that property, and has turned it into a very, very successful business. I gotta give him props for that.

--Zach claims he lives on his own, but says he still only works part time at that soccer place. And now he supposedly is going to reduce his hours to concentrate on school. That for one is laughable, but either way, there's no way he can afford to live on his own with the little money he probably makes. I'm guessing mommy and daddy still fund most of his living expenses.

Brandon said...

Randy, I can't say I've noticed that Jeremy is any more "snobby" than he was before.

It was clear to me from the early seasons that Jeremy thought Jeremy was too cool for the room. His whole family treats him like he is. Just look at how Jacob talks about him.

I don't think going to Santa Barbara has changed him.

Ashley said...

Randy, about Zach, I think Zach lives with two of his friends.

And lets be honest. Most of Zach's money comes from TLC, not the soccer place. But I don't disagree that Matt and Amy pay for all his (and Jeremy's) expenses.

Set Abominae said...

At one point during the whole Rocky Melodrama someone said "where's Rocky" and all I could thing was "Perhaps he's been kidnapped by a daylec".

Note to Matt @ Co/the idiot editors: there's this little thing called "continuity" that is sort of essential when you're trying to tell a story (no matter how hackneyed).

if you screw up the continuity then don't bother telling the story because it becomes incredibly obvious that you're faking it.

Set Abominae said...


Jeremy is one of those "arty" hipster jackoffs who thinks that he's better than everyone else just because he goes to "art school".

MommieDawn said...

Firstly, a lot of the show is staged...it's a 'show'.

Second, why so harsh? No one's trying to win an Emmy here.

Why 'Keep up with the Roloff family' if all you do is slam their every move on the show? It's like you only watch the show to pick apart every single nuance of it. But that couldn't be it. I mean, you have better things to do...right?

Hating myself now for accidentally coming across your blog.

MommieDawn said...

Wow. Why do you people watch the show if all you have to say about it is negative crap?

SO much hate. Go outside and skin a cat or something.

It's a show.....here for ratings...hello?

Ecossais said...

I didn't watch the episode.
Thanks to Rap and the other posters for letting me know I didn't miss anything worth my time.

Christine said...

"Go outside and skin a cat or something."

Unfortunately, Mommydawn, there is a good chance that Jeremy and his idiot friends have already done that :(


Judy B said...

Randy, why so harsh on Jeremy?

I saw nothing since Jeremy has went to photography school in Santa Barbara that suggests he is stuck up or conceited.

If you are referring (and you have to be, because there can't be anything else unless you are basing your opinion on not liking his expression or the sound of his voice) to Jeremy's comments about Zach, he is calling a spade a spade.

Jeremy is pursuing his dream. He left all of his friends and went to a city where he didn't know anybody. He is thriving. He simply understands that it is past time for Zach to grow up and move on with his life too.

Rap541 said...

Jeremy's home almost every other weekend, Judy. Jeremy took an entire semester off from "pursuing his dream" so he could hang out on the farm, vacation in the Bahamas and goof off for the summer. His dreams obviously aren't that important to him if he's willing to quit for treats.

I think it's well past time for two 23 and a half year old men to not be entirely financially dependant on their parents. Heck, Judy, if I had Jeremy up on that pedestal that you insist he be on, I would be asking right now why he's not out in the world *shining* from the success he's earned all by himself.

But he's *not* now is he? He's still financially depedendant on his parents, he still lives at home and expects mom and dad to provide him room and board when he visits for *months*, he's still not working, and he's dragging out his schooling because its clearly more fun to take free vacations than it is to go to school.

I was told Jeremy was gonna show me and shine his success out! Judy - tell me what Jeremy is doing that makes it necessary for his ass to be kissed? What is *extraordinary* about a guy taking the long route through the accept all comers for profit art school? Judy - it's easy to "thrive" when everyone kisses your ass for nothing.

Now as it happens, I think Zach is equally guilty of letting mom and dad handle things, but he has managed to permenently move out, he does work a job he likes and really... at the end of the day, is working at the soccer club really that much beneath being a wedding photographer?

Rap541 said...

Mommiedawn - funny, you hate yourself for reading here but demand to know why people watch a show they feel negative about?

Don't you have any incite? I mean, you *hate yourself* for reading this blog but can't resist bitching about it and demanding everyone explain themselves. Why not explain why you're driven to read and post on a board that makes you *hate yourself*?

And funny how every episode we have at least one person making this not especially clever holier than thou arguement :)

Brady said...

"I think Zach is equally guilty of letting mom and dad handle things, but he has managed to permenently move out, he does work a job he likes and really... at the end of the day, is working at the soccer club really that much beneath being a wedding photographer?"

Yes! Zach sucks. Zach is a loser. Jeremy is much better than Zach. Anybody with a brain can figure that out.

Rap541 said...

Because still being completely dependant on mom and dad at 23 and never working at a job where daddy wasn't the boss is inherently better than having a job that daddy doesn't control, and living away from home on a permanent basis?

I mean, you know it doesn't take a 100k fine arts degree to be a wedding photographer, right?

Ashleigh said...

Can someone explain to me how Molly's Nova isn't right for school? I know nothing about cars. And are they going to be on every single week? TLC must have NOTHING else going on.

As far as Jacob not answering many questions, maybe he just got bored. He seems to just keep getting the same questions. I def can't see Jer caring and while Matt & Amy like their money and wholesome image, he's been talking about things like pot, sex and how fake and dumb the show is, talking about A&M not liking to sign autographs and using bad language for *quite* some time now. I can't see it all of a sudden being a problem. And if it was, wouldn't they have him disable the account so that no one could see the previous things? Not to mention he just answered a question about Zach & Tori still being together, when the promo showed we're going to be getting Z&T break up drama ahead. He's kept certain things quiet before (where they were going on vacation) while at the same time talking about phoniness of the show and such. I think he's prob just a typical kid in that sometimes he does what they say and sometimes he doesn't and there doesn't always have to be some major reason for it.

Ashley said...

Ahleigh, but now it is happenong just as the new episodes are airing. He also was asking Amy if he had her permission to post the ratings. I don't think he woukd have done that before. I know Jacob would tell everybody he's bored but I would bet a lot someone told him he's not alllowed and despite his wanting to be known as a rebel, he does what he's told. I also could see Jeremy caring for sure. There has been a huge change in Jeremy's promotion of the show in the last year. He used to not even talk to fans or mention the show now he's constantly asking people to watch and support the Roloffs. If he thinks Jacob is being stupid and doing something that could backfire over getting more episodes I totally could see him telling Jacob to stop it. Jacob worships Jeremy.

Rap541 said...

Ashleigh, in all honesty, have you seen whats been on TLC lately? Between now, Sunday morning, and Tuesday night, the only thing you will see on TLC is Long Island Medium, I Found The Gown, Alaska Women Looking for Love, Toddlers and Tiaras, 19 Kids and Counting, and that baby show they run in the mornings.

TLC really hasn't got much these days.

As for Molly needing a new car... A Chevy Nova is basically a muscle car so it may not be Molly's style. I also never got the impression that it was a particularly reliable car - the episode that featured it implied it still needed work. Have we ever seen Molly drive it? Plus... does it guzzle gas?

As for Jake's ask/fm... honestly I'm sure it's a combo of boredom and being tired of the same questions and various other members of the family getting annoyed.

Rap541 said...

Ashley - yes, hard to believe after eight years of being on TV, Jeremy finally gets where the money is coming from.

Funny how the big boy still can't do an interview without daddy and mommy holding his hand.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Ashleigh, I too am curious as to "Molly's" Nova. YES, it is most definitely a fine car to be driving around any campus. The Nova and Chevelle models from those years are considered classic cars in every respect. However.....

Does the car REALLY belong to Molly? There was a photo on Matt's Facebook page of her backing it out of storage(?) when she got home for the summer. The photo has probably been deleted, much like other photos I have mentioned on this blog. I wonder why? Anyway, There is something fishy about that photo and statement combined with Molly's recent remarks about buying HER OWN car? What's up, Doc? So much for a lovely, thoughtful sweet 16 "gift". Did Matt or TLC buy the car? Maybe this is a hypocritical move on Matt's part. 'Matt' and 'hypocritical' in the same sentence. The holier-than-thou's will not apporve.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Ashley, in one of Jacob's answers recently he made the remark that the asker had "until Nov. 1". This leads me to beleive that he has stopped answering questions. He has not answered any since the end of Oct. last I checked. I have no idea or supposition as to whether he is going to leave the acount open to sit there, or delete it and all the answers with it.

Ashley said...

Podge/Rodge, that's interesting. Thanks. I didn't pay attention to the "until Nov 1" answer.

I thought all he meant was he was answering on Oct 31? And he was only going to be patient and wait for the "right question" until the next day.

He was being kind of a jerk there, imo, complaining about not being asked the right question. I thought he was just setting a make believe deadline to justify not answering.

I didn't think about Nov 1st being judgment day! But now that you've said that he hasn't posted on twitter since Oct 31st too.

Melanie said...

I assume TLC got a clause that said he can't post during the airing of this season.

Poor big bad tough guy Jacob, lol. Remember when he was bragging about not being able to be controlled?

Jocelynn said...

Hmmm. Good catch guys. Didn't notice about the whole "no posts in November thing".

It screams of a contract that forbids Jacob from posting. The show airs and Jacob goes away.

I have a feeling he will eventually be back. If you read what he said near the beginning of all his answers and what he kept repeating, the real reason he has that site is because he has a deep desire to tell people who are talking about him to F off.

It's not about him doing something nice for his "true fans" or giving fans a way to communicate with him. It was clear that he ignored most genuine true fan questions.

I think the real reason for it was that he wanted a voice, a chance to talk back to people talking about him. He "answered" once that he responds to the "hate" questions because "it's my drama" so he wants in on it.

Allison said...

They finally banned Jacob from the internet? It's about time!

It is funny though, because he kept insisting he couldn't be told what to do because he does whatever he wants. Whoops.

ren said...

I think he's just been partying what with his parents gone and being a partying-type weekend.

k Has C said...

Re: "They all probably smoked weed after eating the Smores"

Some might think that they "smoked da demon weed" before the Smores ;-)..
just sayin~

Timothy said...

You might be right, Ren. But it seems like he carried his phone with him everywhere (he made a joke out of answering Ask questions during class). It doesn't seem like Jacob's M.O. to go 3 days without any internet activity.

Lord knows Matt and Amy don't enforce anything on him so I don't think that's it either.

My guess is like others, I think it was contractual and made clear to Jacob that he had to follow the rules.

In his last few days on Ask he did at least 2 things he said he never did before.

He deleted an answer after he called the person asking the question a slut. He deleted and answered again, this time removing the name calling (slut). He said he deleted that "one time" because his anger response was "dangerous". He also asked Amy if it was o.k for him to discuss the show's ratings.

All of a sudden Jacob being concerned about his name calling and giving out information that is against the rules is a shift in his behavior.

For those reasons, my vote is that TLC was making it into a major thing about Jacob not continuing his behavior, at least through these next 8 episodes. Perhaps Jeremy told Jacob he better do as he is told and Jacob is a follower of Jeremy.

Timothy said...

By the way, Rap? I don't know if you read Jeremy's twitter, but I thought you would appreciate his retweet :)

"I'd rather make a living being myself than a killing being someone else."

Speechless. Utterly speechless. Jeremy must be lacking the most self-awareness in a person that I've ever come across.

Timothy said...

By the way, Rap? I don't know if you read Jeremy's twitter, but I thought you would appreciate his retweet :)

"I'd rather make a living being myself than a killing being someone else."

Speechless. Utterly speechless. Jeremy must be lacking the most self-awareness in a person that I've ever come across.

Rap541 said...

Timothy - I saw it. I found it pretty typical.

I'd like to see jer make a living all by himself. It's pretty easy to arrogantly snot how you walk that "being myself" path when you're actually not supporting yourself financially.

I'd also point out that he sure learned how to say "Yes sir!" and not "suck my dick" to fans when he realized it affected the money.

But you're right, Timothy. It's unlikely to occur to him that his little tune might be different if his mommy and daddy weren't paying his bills.

Nancy said...

I've noticed that Jeremy hasn't posted on twitter since November 2nd either.

Maybe TLC banned all the Roloff "kids" from twitter during the season?

ren said...

Are they filming now? It could be a part of that; a life without smart phone segment. Or, they sent Jacob away... haha

Carol said...

Ren, it's wishful thinking that Matt and Amy finally did something and sent Jacob to a military style boot camp to whip him into shape and teach him some respect and responsibility.

I agree with other posters. Jeremy's sudden lack of tweets is worth noticing and pondering.

If so, it should be a blow to Jeremy's massive ego (bit it wouldn't be). It's one thing that a network doesn't want a 16 year old on one of their shows talking about his marijuana use and calling people sluts and cunts, but for a 23 year old to still not be responsible enough to be trusted is embarrassing.

This apparent "no social media" during the airing of the season rule obviously doesn't apply to Matt and Amy. Only the Roloffs that can't be trusted?

Ashley said...

Jeremy is not posting on twitter but he is posting on his Facebook's photography page.

"Rocky was the best, we're sharing our love for him with you tonight on LPBW."

Anonymous said...

I have been a loyal fan of LPBW since it first began. I have watched Rocky from a young pup until his final hours. After last night's episode in which Rocky passes away, well, it will be the LAST time I EVER watch this show. Clearly Rocky was dying..the vet gave him a grim prognosis. He even told Matt and Amy (who refuses to believe anything anyone says - she is ALL ABOUT ME)that Rocky's tumor had grown 3x's the size in two weeks and was in more pain/discomfort. With that said, what do they do? They bring Rocky home and the Roloff's continue on being Roloff's - planning their wedding's, planning new things for the farm and there is Amy, constantly belittering Matt and rolling her eyes about EVERYTHING. What about Rocky? What about his prognosis and pain? At the end of the show, there is Amy cooking breakfast (let them grow up Amy, you're so OVER PROTECTIVE) and Jeremy comes in from outside and announces, "Rocky is dead!" Oh, how they all look shocked. The camera pans to the outside where you see Rocky dead on the front lawn. They rush out and Amy says, "Oh, wow, yes, he is dead." Sick, just sick! I would think SOMEONE would have been with that poor animal during his last hours. Someone to hold him, pet him, tell him how he much he was loved and what a good faithful dog he was....be with him...be a loyal owner just as he was a loyal pet for years! I can imagine the final hours that poor Rocky had to suffer all alone. What, no one looked to see before they went to bed where their terminally ill dog was? How anyone could do that is beyond me. Makes me sick! I clearly have a different outlook on the Roloff family now They are totally heartless and only care about themselves. Oh, btw, Amy? Take a friggen "chill pill!!!"
RIP sweet Rocky! I would have been right by your side holding you and telling you to go home!

Anonymous said...

if you don't like the show and if you have negative things to saw then don't watch the show and rip rocky.