Sunday, October 6, 2013

New Season Of Little People, Big World" Featuring The Roloff Family Begins October 29, 2013 On TLC

New episodes of "Little People, Big World" will begin airing Tuesday October 29th on TLC.

If you've visited our site before or follow some of the Roloffs social media accounts, you probably already know that Jeremy and Molly came home for the summer so they could film these episodes.

The episodes are expected to feature the beloved Rocky the Dog passing away, more "weddings on the farm", and preparing for pumpkin season such as working on the new Trebuchet, which has been years in the making.

Many of the "story lines" will sound very familiar to long time viewers and followers of the Roloffs. Episodes will feature more Matt Roloff "health scares" which will put he "future of the farm in jeopardy!" And as summer ends and Jeremy and Molly go back to college, Matt and Amy find themselves along again (except for the fact Jacob is still at home - you can see what he's up to by following his twitter or account).

Here is the TLC press release as relayed by TV By The Numbers.


sassenach said...

Sounds like the same old, same old rubbish.
I do not understand why TLC is not through with these phonies.

Sccooter43 said...

And let me guess...we are going to here more about Matt and Amy marriage problems!!!

PorcupinePie said...

Nope, not watching. I think watching paint dry would be more exciting. I like to read Rap's recaps anyway! :)

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the new season!

Set Abominae said...

TLC must be desperate for matter how bad it is.

Justin2 said...

It gets annoying reading comments where people are saying they are so over this family and the show. Seriously. I'm in no way sticking up for the family, just speaking my thoughts. If you're so over the family and the show then why keep coming back to and reading this blog. Like honestly it doesn't make sense to me.

Jacob45 said...

I'm only watching if Jacob's in it at all. If not, I'm much happier reading Rap's recaps.

Who needs to watch an hour of "marriage issues" when I can read a recap (that's a lot more interesting) about the same thing, in a lot less time?


Jacob45 said...

Jacob admits to being a control freak (like Daddy Matt) on Ask.Fm:

Q: So you do admit that you try to control people?

A: No? I just try to control whatever situation I'm in or else I'll just shut down and not talk or move really just trying not to have like an anxiety attack lol


Chrissy 1 said...

I LOVE the show. The family is absolutely adorable and Matt is a hoot. This family is like any other family including the family drama so all you haters out there you don't like it don't watch in fact if you are looking for the all American fake phony family flip it to the reruns of Leave it to Beaver Im sure you will love June Ward Wally and the Beaver

Greg said...

Chrissy1, I think you're very naive if you think LPBW is real!

All you have to do is look at Jacob's or twitter accounts to see how fake LPBW is as a portrayal of the Roloffs.

Rap541 said...

Chrissy - why do you think people who don't share your opinion are "Haters"?

And isn't calling people "haters", you being hateful?

I mean are we on the "I can be hateful and nasty because I think I'm right" rules? Please advise, Chrissy

Justin2 said...

Greg..of course the show is "setup" just like all other reality shows on TV. LPBW isn't the only show like that. I've been to a filming of Storage Wars: Texas and they even did retakes and had the cast members go out of their way to film certain interviews so by no means is LPBW the only setup reality show. In fact if I'm reading correctly, Chrissy didn't say anything about the show being real or not. She just simply said that she liked the family.

It amazes me how everybody is on these shows by being fake or inaccurate but for some reason nobody stands up and says "Oh hey this movie is BS because its 'based on a true story' but its not even the truth." Take for example the movie The Exorcist. Yes it really did happen and was a true event, but upon further investigation it was actually a boy who was possessed and not..I repeat NOT a girl.

But you say "Oh its just Hollywood and they have to exaggerate things to make them interesting and entertaining." Well there you have it! It works the same way for all forms of filmed media..even reality shows.

Brandon said...

Justin2, People stand up when you have Matt and Amy Roloff or the network executives saying the show is "real and raw" which is what they've said about LPBW.

They are definitely not real and raw. It is a phony picture of the Roloffs. Anyone that knows the slightest bit about the Roloffs that isn't shown on tv knows that. Like Greg said, Jacob's Ask site is the perfect example of that.

Rap541 said...

Justin2 - No one gets up in the grill of the Exorist's producers because "based on a true story" is not the same thing as "we're filming a reality show about an exorist and showing you the day to day life of Father Karras as he casts out demons".

Based on a true story doesn't mean "its a true story". It's a story, and there's a script and actors are hired. A reality show is following a person thru out their day/occupation.

Matt and Amy are not actors and do not claim to be actors. In fact they get a bit testy when its suggested that the show isn't "real". However, they also get a bit testy when it's pointed out that they're staging scenes and lying about whats actually happening and or enhancing the drama intentionally.

You know, there's plenty of reality whores who don't play these games. They either keep quiet and don't play with fans or they pretty openly concede that certain things happen on camera by design (There's very little that you see on Pawn Stars for example, thats genuinely spontanous)

Matt wants the ability to brag "I let them film EVERYTHING, no holds barred, we're out there" but he also very much controls what happens and what is presented and events and moments are clearly staged. If he's going to do one, he can't do the other, and he doesn't deserve praise for both. Its also fair to doubt the Roloffs every pronouncement on the show because they aren't presenting themselves accurately. That means it wasn't ok for Matt to whip up his old group of boardies to harass the hell out of anyone who doubted the show was presenting an accurate picture. It also means that people didn't deserve to hear "Matt Roloff is a *Christian* and *does not lie* so therefore you are a lying hater!" every time the inaccuracies between real life and the show came up. One of the reasons people don't like letting Matt's "real and raw" comments go is because all of the verbal abused heaped whenever Matt's holy word is doubted.

Because you know, Matt walks with Jesus and never lies and anyone who says different is a lying hater who hates.

Justin2 said...

Oh I'm not saying the Roloffs don't constantly contradict themselves because we all know we do and like I said in my original comment I'm not defending them in any way. I'm just stating my opinion about why there are so many people are on reality shows and not so much on other media that claims to be true because even though movies that are about true stories say "based on a true story" people assume that what's presented in that movie is what actually took place (within reason).

I think the Roloffs need to take Jacobs lead and say that yes certain things are setup and they do retakes and all that good stuff. Now we can't say that EVERYTHING is set up on LPBW because its not. Take for example back when the trebuchet accident happened or the upcoming episode where Rocky dies because I'm sure that'll contain a lot or real, honest emotion.
They just need to admit that yes its a show and yes its a production and they'd save themselves all the problems with their haters.

Justin2 said...

And in case you missed it..Amy *JUST* sent out this tweet herslef for all to see. (click on my name)

Rap541 said...

Unfortunately that would be backing down from their prior statements and admitting they weren't always telling the truth. Mind you, I think this inability to admit to being wrong is why so many of the Roloff missteps get continually brought up.

Take the cat throwing. You know why that gets brought up? Because instead of "Yeah, Jeremy and Mueller were being jerks and I punished them because it was mean", Amy gets herself up on Ustream and notes how cutesy cool it was and how people throw cats on youtube so everyone needs to kiss the boys asses.

Justin2 said...

Well Rap, Amy posted something on twitter yesterday for you and the rest of the world to see..admitting to exactly what I was just saying to you.

Amy Roloff CF (@amyroloffCF) tweeted at 4:41pm - 10 Oct 13:

"Reshooting a scene right now for LPBW"
And here's the link so you can see for yourselves that it indeed did come straight from Amy.

Or if that doesn't work I'll include the link with my name and you can click on that.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

I personally can't wait for the "Family Game Day" segments, or yikes! a full episode. Ridiculousness at its finest. Can anyone tell me why the Big MR is so obsessed with BS pretend useless competition? What is the point? What does it prove?

Rap541 said...

Justin - thats part of the problem tho. Yes, Matt and Amy both talk about reshooting scenes but when they are called on it, they insist the audience just doesn't understand the nature of filming and also the family is not staging scenes, this is all things that are really happening.

I do get your point, but there's been too many occasions of denial on Matt and Amy's part.

Podge - I sense your question is rhetorical but here's an answer. The weird little BS competitions are included because they kill time and because they play into the whole "we're wholesome" image Matt wants to project.

Set Abominae said...

Yeah, everything we see on LPBW is "totally real" the same way that watching Randy Orton punt kick someone in the head repeatedly (without killing him) on WWE Raw is "real".

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Rap, I'd like to visit the "killing time' point for just a moment. That idea never occurred to me. Does this intent come into the minds of the producers? "EEK, we need some content, should we do the competition thing again?" If Matt thinks "We've got nuthin' let's have a Family Game Day" it doesn't say much for the rank of 'extraordinary' in or of life.
The 'hole-some" (my spelling) aspect, sure. Certainly. I'll go so far as to say that Matt honestly believes his sheep actually want to see this! Does Matt think this segment adds value, maybe even has a bit of relevance.
The Roloffs. Relevance. What have I become????

Justin2 said...

Rap, my basic point is to say that if the heads of the Roloff family take just a little insight from Jacob and just really stick by what Amy posted on Twitter and try to explain to their fans how a television show is made then I think people would be willing to understand.

If you clicked on the link to Amy's actual post you would've seen the comments where people are saying "reshooting? So much for reality TV." That just goes to show that people believe whatever they're told to believe. Just like the example I brought up about movies that are "based on true events." People don't really look into things but I think most people should at least know that LPBW has always been a *TV SHOW*.
Pretty much all Amy and Matt has to say is that yes its a show that depicts some of their lives as they actually are (case in point where Jacob was seen talking to Matt and Amy in the kitchen in one of the specials where he said he almost hates talking to them) but it also has an element of entertainment (like the family game night coming up) to make it a family friendly show. If they were just more open about the process of making the show then they would save themselves all they trouble they get into.

windyblue said...

It is sad that Rocky died. but he had a great life on the farm he was an old man. Amy and Matt are suffering from empty nest. The children have grown up and are moving on with there lives. And it is time for them to adjust to being by themselves again. That is sometimes hard for parents to do. It takes time. All there lives where the children. Now it is over. Amy was right in going back to work, she is trying to move on but Matt he is stuck, He lives in the past. Thinking his children are small yet and want to play in all the buildings he made for them when they were small. He has to grow up. He acts like a child. Plus the fact him being handicap, and cannot walk really, he gets very angry at himself. Because he cannot do the things that they can.
And takes it out on them too. I think he is a bit depressed too. And at times he gets very selfish. expecting them all to just do what ever he wants to do. And they have done that I can bet most of there lives. As far as the marriage problems well they need to see a counselor and keep that off of TV, and private.

rescuemom said...

My daughter and I have loved this show since it first came on and were so disappointed when it was no longer offered. It's a shame that there are so many negative comments when this is one of the only reality shows that offers a peek into the everyday lives of the Roloffs. I would suspect that negative comments are from folks that watched Jersey Shore and alot of the other reality rubbish that is offered. Just sayin....

Rap541 said...

I'm genuinely curious as to what your logic is, rescuemom.

I personally have never seen an epidode of The Jersey Shore.

As for rubbish, you and your daughter enjoy watching the Roloff kids back talk their parents and Matt and Amy ask their buddies if they should divorce? Hey, how about the Roloffs laughing about the dog being locked in a closet for three days - thats entertainment that you're missing? When Matt was insisting it was important that Jeremy take Rocky out to the barn and blow the dog's brains out, you sat your daughter down for that lesson? And of course you want her to see a married couple consistently lie to each other, deride each other, and make poor financial decisions to where they are moaning about losing their home?

Justin2 said...

But remember Rap, all of what you just said was "set up" and isn't real "reality." It was all just a "storyline" that the Roloffs were told to "act" through you know.."nothing ever shown on the show is how they really are."

kitten Has claws said...

Re:Rescue Mom

I have never watched an episode of The Jersey Shore, no clue to what it is. If you actually have watched LPBW you would know exactly why there are so many negative comments.

Student in Palo Alto said...

It is absolutely asinine to assume that someone is "anti-gay" or "homophobic" when they are simply following their beliefs with a non-violent clear conscience according to their constitutionally-protect moral, religious, cultural or even academic views. Just because someone believes the predominate Christian view that homosexuality is a "sin," it doesn't mean that they "hate gays.

"Bullying," "bigotry" and "intolerance" is a two-way street. It isn't truly "tolerance" or even "diversity" if you can't tolerate the fact that someone's faith might find something wrong.

I am a heterosexual guy. I have sometimes wanted to have sex with women who were not my wife. That is contrary to the teachings of Jesus Christ. However, I suppress any "natural" urges and attempt to live my life according to the precepts of my faith. Does that mean that I hate HETEROSEXUALS who give into such urges. Of course not.

Leave people alone. Let them hold to their religious beliefs without subjecting to them to public scoldings or politically correct bullying. In other words, treat them as you wish to be treated. Is that too much to ask?

ccchhhrrriiisss said...

It is absolutely asinine to assume that someone is "anti-gay" or "homophobic" when they are simply following their beliefs with a non-violent clear conscience according to their constitutionally-protect moral, religious, cultural or even academic views. Just because someone believes the predominate Christian view that homosexuality is a "sin," it doesn't mean that they "hate gays.

"Bullying," "bigotry" and "intolerance" is a two-way street. It isn't truly "tolerance" or even "diversity" if you can't tolerate the fact that someone's faith might find something wrong.

I am a heterosexual guy. I have sometimes wanted to have sex with women who were not my wife. That is contrary to the teachings of Jesus Christ. However, I suppress any "natural" urges and attempt to live my life according to the precepts of my faith. Does that mean that I hate HETEROSEXUALS who give into such urges. Of course not.

Leave people alone. Let them hold to their religious beliefs without subjecting to them to public scoldings or politically correct bullying. In other words, treat them as you wish to be treated. Is that too much to ask?

Rap541 said...

Justin2 - I know, I know - and storylines about how you're constantly making poor financial choices and whining "we could lose the farm, oh dear god the money, we could LOSE the farm!!" are never fair to Matt's financial genius. After all, he's a millionaire making making deals and owning lots of cars and taking fancy vacations...

But we're also never supposed to find the Roloff marriage anything but happy even when its clear both Amy and Matt are gritting their teeth and snarling at each other.

If we believe what Matt says on the show, we're wrong, and if we believe what he says off the show, we're also wrong. :)

Rap541 said...

Kitten - I don't watch the Jersey Shore but I know the gist. Rescue Mom is attempting to suggest that when Matt and Amy ask their friends if they should divorce, and pout, and argue with each other and go on lavish production paid for trips to continue to argue etc etc etc that its somehow a cut above these *other* reality shows where peopel argue about their relationships and get lavish treats.

Because you know, there's levels in reality whoring. In reality, the plus points I'd give shows like The Jersey Shore is that they aren't displaying minor children for money. they're only hurting and embarrasing themselves.

Rap541 said...

In other words Kitten, Rescuemom is throwing down the "If you don't like the roloffs, it can't possibly be because there's something to dislike, its because you're a bad person" card.

That's what it amounts to. Don't like the Roloffs? Dislike something they do? Well, you're a terrible human being. Matt and Amy arguing about divorce is a blessing and all children should be sat down to watch the wholesome family values of Jer calling his dad a dick! Also its wholesome family entertainment to discuss what is or isn't 1/8 of an orgasm. The Roloffs aren't perfect... but any and all criticism is wrong/incorrect/unfair and the person doing it is a BAD person who needs finger pointing judgement.

RescueMom, any disagrement? Or have I summed up your position?

Personally I can't wait to see the new episodes jsut so we can hear how "Matt wants the kids to contribute to the fake wedding business because they could lose the farm!"

Brandon said...

Chhhrrriiisss, They can have whatever beliefs they want.

But they do use slurs without apology.

And the big problem is the blatant hypocrisy.

Don't sell yourself and the show as "Diversity" advocates preaching acceptance when they hold views that completely contradict that.

The Roloffs real message is "Accept us, screw you if you're not like me, then you should pray to Jesus to be normal like me"

The Roloffs can hold that belief, but they are hypocrites and frauds who should stop pretending to be something they are not. They are not champions of diversity and acceptance.

Rap541 said...

Chriissss (hehe)

"Bullying," "bigotry" and "intolerance" is a two-way street. It isn't truly "tolerance" or even "diversity" if you can't tolerate the fact that someone's faith might find something wrong.

Per court docuements, the Roloffs don't want "tolerance" for their differences, they want *appreciation*.

Btw back in the old days, people who felt that africans were less and deserved to be slaves used the bible to justify that viewpoint. Chris - is it ok to deny rights to African Americans if your religion tells you they are condemnded by God to be hewers of wood and drawers of water? I mean, those people were just following their religious beliefs so god bless em its ok to oppress others and deny them rights since one particular religion says its ok?

Hell, it wasn't so long ago that people thought little people didn't have souls and it was ok to sell them and justified it with... yup, that pesky Christian Bible. So why do I have to appreciate Matt and Amy Roloff's differences (not tolerate, Matt and Amy don't want to be tolerated, they want to be appreciated) when their own religion can justify my treating them like subhumans? I mean, if those are my religious beliefs - am I allowed to spew hate and demand the Roloffs sit silent and not judge?

Oh wait... its not politically correct to suggest that Matt ordering people around and watching isn't really "Matt doing it all by himself with no help" isn't it?

Justin2 said...

The funny thing about Matt and Amy here is that they are hypocritical blatantly in front of everybody and nobody sees it...or the majority of people don't. One the show they are always right on the verge of saying "F you I'm gone" but on Facebook they're all like "look at me and my happy family." That's proof right there that they themselves are hypocrites.

Now, although I make that point, I myself have no issue with Matt, Amy or any of the Roloff family. In fact I think they are probably really good people in real life. And yes I do watch the show still because come on..I've seen every single episode since day one. I always just come back to my point that if they were more open and honest about the process of filming their lives from the very beginning they would've saved themselves all the trouble they find themselves in today.

And before I go...just because I think the Roloffs aren't as bad as people make them out to be DOES NOT mean that I have te save views and beliefs as they do. I'm my own person. In my own opinion I don't believe homosexuality is a sin..and this is coming from a straight man. To me its a persons way of expressing their love to the person they love...just like any other kind of sexuality out there. Jeaus never said "Love all people..but only if they are straight." He simply said "LOVE ALL PEOPLE."

Anonymous said...

chrissss or whatever....
have whatever beliefs you want but are you a public figure? Are you selling a belief to "have sex outside of marriage" (the opposite of what you believe?) as a motivational speaker to organizations?

Well, that's exactly what the Roloffs do. They are against homosexuals (documented), their "children" have used racist slurs (documented), and they belittle women. But they sell their spiel as "DIVERSITY" SPEAKERS.

It's called hypocrisy by a public figure, taking money under false pretenses. Do your research before you hold up the Roloffs as holy Christian brethren, because you will find out they are the worst, and most common sort of Christians - just simple liars who apply separate rules for themselves in order to justify doing what they want.

Anonymous said...

They disgust me to the core!!! Making money off the death of their poor dog!!!!!! I bet that dog is glad to be dead and away from that crazy ass family!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry guys, but I thought tonight's episode was well done. My wife was 4:4 and she always enjoyed this program. I lost her in 2010 Due to Breast Cancer.

Rocky you will be missed

parent said...

I will never watch this show again. They knew Rocky was sick and just left him to wander off and die alone. Then made ratings off his death for money!My dog would have been with me knowing that he was loved till the end. This family wasn't even upset! Zack was on his phone with that stupid ass look on his face and Amy made me want to puke with her fake speech. It was obvious she never liked the dog. I'm done with this show. Clean your house, get divorced, get Jake some counseling. Rip deserved better.

parent said...

This family knew Rocky was sick but let him stay out side probably locked out where he died alone. Then used his death for ratings? DISCUSTING! My dog would have been with me knowing he was loved till the end. This family didn't even seem upset.Zack was on his phone with that dumb ass look on his face and I thought I was going to puke after Amy's speech. It was obvious she has never even liked that poor sweet dog. Clean your house, get a divorce, get Jake dome counseling BC its clear he's not happy and for heavens sake don't get any more pets! Im done with this show! Rip deserved much better:(