Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Little People, Big World With The Roloffs: New Episode: A Bride And A Bulldozer - New Episode November 26, 2013

This a preview and then review of the new episode of "Little People, Big World" featuring the Roloff family airing tonight at 9:00pm on TLC.

Little People, Big World A Bride and a Bulldozer 

The third wedding of the season is a month away and the Roloffs have grand plans to make it the dreamiest, most magical ceremony yet! Matt and Amy hire an assistant, but she may do more harm than good - and their plans could literally come crashing down


Review Written By Rap541


Ok, so here’s the thing. I actually had this done and it was loaded up and then the computer ate it so I actually had to redo it and rewatch it.

So Jeremy lets us know how he hasn’t been home in a year and a half and how he just sees all these things he could be doing. This is voiced over as he manfully puts up some chicken wire. Funny, I am actually quite certain he’s been home a lot in the last year and a half and also that Mom and Dad voiced no concerns about him spending three or four months living with them with no apparent reason. Despite, you know, the fit they pitched at Zach.

Matt rolls up. Apparently Matt needs to let us know again how he spent years in the hospital and how awful it was and how he KNOWS  what it is to be set free.  That’s why having free range chickens is so important to him….

Matt also notes that while having Jeremy home is great, he’s worried that Jeremy, a grown man at 23, isn’t putting enough time into his school work. Since you know, Matt is all about school. Amy and Matt chat about why Jeremy has come home for the summer. They both seem to think it’s a very good question. I point out that clearly, we’re just going to ignore the whole “TLC is filming our family” reason and pretend there’s something darker involved.  Both Matt and Amy seem to think Jeremy is ready to quit school for farm life…. Which btw is pretty much what Matt has said in several episodes that he wants, one of the kids to take over the farm, but of course, for the sake of this episode, school is very very important to Matt. He says they have to dumb down the farm for Jeremy.  I don’t really get what he means by that.

The wedding couple show up in a cool classic car. Amy wants their car. Its Kevin and Meredith. There’s the standard tour of the farm and it’s a month away. The couple seems nice.  He’s a fireman. She works in some way. He did a sweet proposal with a burning fire and a fire truck. Its cute.

So now, because Matt is all about Jeremy focusing on school, he and Amy are hiring a new assistant to help with the weddings.  Amy asks a lot of questions about qualifications to the candidates which *amazes* Matt. He seems to think its bitchy. Matt wants someone fun, while Amy is all about someone qualified. They interview Heidi who seems to have no qualifications. Caryn asks her if she will clean up actual shit. Matt thinks she’s cute. There’s another candidate, Rose, who seems competent but Matt hates her because she’s forceful.  Matt gets his way.

Amy notes Matt can’t handle Rose. He notes he can handle any employee, he just fires people who don’t do as he says. The decision is clearly already made but because it’s the show, Matt and Amy have to rock paper scissors over it. I also note that Matt’s office is a pigsty.

Jeremy sadly looks at his books and confesses how he loves learning but reading and being on the computer and answering questions about financial things is just not stimulating at all. Poor baby!  Also its sort of interesting to note that the room Jeremy is in looks like an office in the garage. As in, it looks like a room in the house until the camera pulls away and you see the concrete floor and trashcans and bare space.

So the groom is building a head table with wine barrels and a chandelier, and an arbor. Matt insists on helping  by holding a barrel while it’s sawed and doesn’t wear safety glasses. There’s a montage of the groom manfully building things and I wish he’d take his shirt off. Matt makes a show of displaying himself, and also notes while Kevin is competent, he’s taking on too much.

Matt now leads Amy to the wine cellar to discuss the “special moment” that they always plan for the bride and groom. The wine cellar looks like it hasn’t been touched since the last episode it was in. There’s a frog on the table, there’s standing water in puddles. Amy openly wonders about snakes. She also wonders why it leaks and frankly so do I because that basement was previously filled with water and I kinda wonder if that’s such a great investment. Especially if you know, its used all of once a year. I mean, do these people take care of things?

Heidi wanders in as the new hire. Matt is all “welcome to chaos”. There’s a lengthy bit where Heidi asks for the cameras how Matt and Amy met and a montage of Heidi decorating and mopping. Matt decides to give her more responsibility since she’s so awesome. Btw the wedding house looks undone with no skirting at all around the house and stacks of building materials next  to it. A bit eye sore-ish for a brand new place. Matt condescends to trust her with driving a mule and makes a show of screaming yeah baby!

Jeremy lifts a straw bale and Matt calls him in because Matt is so concerned about Jeremy’s school work.  Jeremy notes at this point – two weeks in theory before the wedding, that his courses are going good. Matt gives him a paycheck and again expresses how important it is that Jeremy do well in school. Jeremy looks and sounds totally bored with the conversation. Matt notes to the cameras how Jeremy is drifting and will sink.

One week to the wedding, Heidi is doing things all wrong, and Matt yells at her and notes how stupid she is for getting the mule stuck in a ditch. Sweet Jesus people! He had to call Jeremy away from his so very important school work to rescue the mule!

You know, if school is this important to Matt, why didn’t he kick up any fuss at Jeremy taking an entire semester off? You know, so he could go to the Bahamas with Matt and hang around for Mueller’s wedding? Matt notes that Heidi is annoying, what with wearing wings to work. Matt decides Heidi is too dumb to be trusted so he dumps her off with Zach and Jake, and gives them the crappy chore of cleaning the wine cellar and decorating. The place looks pretty bad.

Jeremy  wanders in to the office. Jeremy is a little backed up with his school work and has homework and tests to do  so he’s “opting out” of working the wedding. Matt is shocked! Jeremy smirks as Matt plays it up. For the record, Jeremy, like Matt and Amy, isn’t much of an actor, this is a clearly staged moment.  Matt notes how proud he is of Jeremy being so responsible. Matt totally thinks homework is a priority! And he better not see Jeremy goofing around on the wedding day, to which Jeremy snots “yep yep” as he walks out.

Ok so let me explain what’s wrong here, and it’s not that Matt “I went to the school of hard knocks and school isn’t important” Roloff has suddenly gotten on the homework train (for Jeremy anyway).  No, folks, it’s that Jeremy Roloff is a lazy indulged immature piece of crap. What? Rap is being too harsh? Folks, Jer-bear is a 23 year old man who, counting his community college years, has been in college for years and has taken this summer off, thereby getting even more behind and still has at least a year to go. I’ve taken online college courses. Part of the student’s responsibility as an *adult* is to manage one’s time. In theory, what we saw was Jeremy essentially telling his boss he couldn’t come into work because he was too backed up with his own personal concerns. Do you want to know what a real employer, and not Daddy Matt, would say to that? “Either you show up to work, or I get someone else, your personal issues aren’t my problem.” But… no… Daddy Matt tells Jeremy how PROUD he is to hear that Jer-bear is so far behind in his school work, there’s no way he can work the wedding and still pass.

Seriously, he told Jeremy that Jeremy was being responsible. A 23 year old man can’t manage his time and that’s Matt’s idea of a good thing.

Kevin the groom is bringing his projects in. The chandelier is tied off on camera. It does look nice. They walk off and it promptly crashes. Matt yells dude at the groom’s brother. I kinda think this was faked for the cameras. The shop btw looks utterly disgusting. There’s wine on the kitchen counter.

Amy and Matt debate salami and cupcakes. Yes yes, we get the script, Matt and Amy. Seriously the faux arguing over the salami cupcakes reminds me why these two aren’t actors. And now we badly segue way into the product placement cupcakes, made by Hershey’s! Note the full shot of Hershey’s website and the chocolate wrappers on full display. Also Amy, brides getting into white dresses probably don’t want chocolate frosting anywhere near them.

Heidi is sent to sweep glass. Kevin works hard. Zach and Jake have a staged scene with Matt. A tent goes up. The new chandelier is magically twice the size of the old chandelier. It is a cool looking piece. We have some chat from the couple. People arrive for the rehearsal. They’re having the dogs as their ring bearers.

It’s the day of the wedding. Jeremy asks Molly to help with his schoolwork. Actually he’s taking an exam and needs “guidance” on the questions.  Molly is basically explaining balance sheets to him.  Ok, seriously, Molly, HD is not your friend. Please ask your mom or dad to take you to a dermatologist. There might be something that can help that acne. I really don’t mean that unkindly.  When I paused the video, her skin just looked raw. Please do something.

Now Daddy Matt looks on and asks how it was going. Matt now notes that this class was *critical* for Jeremy – which of course is why Matt is so gosh darned proud of how Jeremy did nothing and had to get out of work in order to get his school work done.  Yup, Matt’s proud that Jeremy made “the right decision” in blowing off his school work until the last minute.

Now more couple stuff. The camera doesn’t linger on it long but the new bridal house totally looks like a construction zone. Amy comes in with cupcakes. She shares the insane salami cupcakes idea and they all laugh.

Amy notes that Heidi seems to have gotten more competent.  I do like the kite decorations. Now we have some bride stuff since the Roloff family really doesn’t want to actually be on the show. Now the wedding begins. Is the barn part of the venue essentially as nothing but a back drop? The couple is sweet, I just don’t feel like recapping them. Needless to say, out of the 42 minutes of this show, the bride and groom got a good 16 minutes of the airtime.

Now Matt and Amy haul the couple to the dank wine cellar. Amy actually expresses concern about what it will look like since she hasn’t been down since the earlier filmed moment with the standing water, frogs and snakes. I note that people who are actually running a business will usually actually check on things before they go forward. It looks nice. Matt gives them a cute bottle of wine. There’s champagne. Matt notes how it was gorgeous.

Now there’s cake eating. The groom and bride dance around. Matt notes how everything on the farm is an eyesore. He decides that the middle of the wedding is the right time to get the bulldozer.  Amy chases after him. Amy gets up on the scoop and smirks and yells at Matt. Amy shakes her ass at him, he fake shouts he never gets his way and will completely reconfigure the farm!

Back to the bride and groom who eat s’mores and say thanks to Matt and Amy. I swear we spend two minutes saying good bye.

Now Amy and Matt argue over stuff. Matt insists on reinventing. Amy notes he never appreciates anything and never finishes things.


Brandon said...

I know everything is planned and plotted out, but since Matt and Amy as exec producers have say in the story lines, the difference between how Zach and Jeremy are portrayed is unbelievable.

They are afraid to approach Jeremy about why he's home for the summer (the elephant in the room is the $ from the show) yet Zach they have no hesitation in telling him that he's a loser that shouldn't be home.

Megan said...

Matt still pays Jeremy to "help" on the farm?

The part I hate is how deceptive they are about who does the work on the farm.

The farm is maintained by Matt's workers. But the show would have you believe it's Jeremy that does most of it.

Wanna bet the only work Jeremy does on the farm is filmed?

ren said...

Dude! The chandler dropped! Matt exclaimed dude, that's some great acting, dude!

Rap541 said...

The review will be late - had some technical issues. Sorry folks!

Jennifer said...

Anybody else think the "wedding assistant" was an actress?

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

ren, I don't mean to mow your lawn, but I just can't let this crap go any longer.
Unless you're dead or living by every word that Matt speaks, you can't possibly think anything BUT a compete set-up of the chandelier. Why would TLC pay so much attention to the incorrect rope tying of the best man or whoever he was BEFORE the chandelier 'fell'? Why would such a big and completely stupid build-up be made of this 'precious' (??) chandelier? OF COURSE they were going to drop the chandelier. Let's face it people, the frame was steel, and alrwady made so no problemn there. The glasses sure as hell were not made by Joseph Knox in Waterford City, so it's not like it's 36% lead oxide crystal, Duh. It was a set-up from the beginning, it was stupid, it was NOT acted out very well at all, it just plain failed on so many levels.
Who would have the nerve to write publically that they actually believed Matt's garbage that htis was "real and raw'? I'm afraid to know.

Christine said...

Good review, Rap. Thanks.

Yes, I'm glad I'm not the only one who is sick of Jeremy's voice over lies about "haven't been home in a year".

For a guy supposedly living in California he's at home more than some people who live 5 minutes from home!

Laura said...

Rap541, who do you think you are? Calling Jeremy a "piece of crap" is far too harsh!

Also, commenting on Molly's acne is immature and totally unnecessary.

Rap541 said...

Laura - is the big boy a 23 year old man?

Or is he wee lil Jeremy, a blameless little child and how dare anyone expect him to do anything but be a little boy playing?

So he took an entire semester off from school, obviously to film but also to hang around the Bahamas and with his buddies. In theory, he works for his dad and Dad has three weddings total that Jeremy is expected to work at. Jeremy also has "online courses" to do.

Laura - do you know how many 23 year old adults manage to work full time and take online courses without incident? Not Jeremy. Jeremy had to go to his boss, Daddy Matt, and explain how he's just not going to work the wedding because even tho on screen Matt checked with him two weeks earlier to make sure school was going well and Jeremy said yes, he's now so backed up he'll fail if he's not allowed to skip work.

He's 23, Laura. Thats being an indulged, spoiled, irresponsible piece of crap. If it's not an accurate depiction of what actually went down this summer, then Jeremy needs to stop and think about how his parents have no problem accepting money to depict him as a spoiled piece of crap.

As for Molly's acne - I have genuine concern. These people have money and she was almost 20 in that scene and thats a little old for such bad acne. A dermatoligist could help.

Unknown said...

Totally agree about the groom sans shirt. ;) I'm normally an iceberg, but he made me melt a little.

I feel bad about Molly's complexion. I suspect rosacea may be an issue for her. Antibiotics should help some.

k Has c said...

Rap...tsk tsk tsk on you :-) sometimes teenagers ie Molly's acne is just a phase...quite sure she is not happy about it either. Neither was i when i was a teenager...it left and no scars. Gotta pick those battles Rap and i do like your comments. Just not the acne one. Some kids go to the doc's and get all kinds and types of med's ...some are extremly bad for them..with bad side effects. Ok off my soap box! *S*

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Molly is putting herself on national TV, for a salary. Matt has said many times that we are getting the Roloff family "warts and all". Well, there you go folks. I'm wondering if any of you remember the 'glory' days of the PTL and the 700 Club? Was it immature to diss on Tammy Faye Baker's ridiculous, pasty, roller-applied make-up? No. She was on national TV and she knew it. Gracious me, a good 'christian' woman painting herself up like a cross between a circus clown and a protitute. Open TV, open season on the people that appear there. Any has in the past, not given it's a moment's thought about commenting on other women and how they appear on national TV, why should her precious little daughter be spared?

Ecossais said...

I think calling Jeremy a "piece of crap" was being generous.
He never really does anything.
He is home for months. What happened to his much vaunted professional photography partnership?

I agree the comment about Molly was a bit unkind but you would think with dad being a millionaire and all the TLC money flying around that she could get some first class treatment.

Jocelynn said...

I'll weigh in, I agree with 'K has C'!

Rap, I enjoy your reviews and all your comments. I usually think you're right on the money, but I didn't like the acne comment.

It's good if she's not really bothered by it. It's an issue for some people and not for the other. I don't think seeking medical treatment is the answer for everything imperfect about your body.

Rap541 said...

Jocelyn, KC - do understand - I said what I said about Molly out of concern. Thre's a photo up on Amy's facebook that is theoretically from today, and her skin looks as bad. They have money, and cystic acne can scar.

I knew that the comment would provoke reaction so I will take the heat.... and I genuinely hope someone trots Molly to a dermatologist.

Picture frame said...

I'm slightly confused as to the purpose of this blog...If the family continues to make your blood boil so much then why watch the show?

Anybody with eyes and a brain can see that a lot of scenes are edited and staged....thats what's called television? Quite a lot of 23 year olds are in fact lazy freeloaders... it happens. It does not mean they're the devil incarnate.

I'm not trying to defend the roloffs here because personally I don't care what they do in their spare time... what unsettles me is that you seem to have a personal vendetta against this family...which is a little baffling. If you're looking for shows to demonize head on over to a honey boo boo blog...all you have on this one are some rebellious children and a father that clearly knows how to make money.

Rap541 said...

And whats wrong with calling a lazy freeloader just that?

I'm curious, Picture frame - it clearly makes Laura's blood boil to hear me call lil Baby Jer a lazy spoiled piece of crap. What's your thought on that?

*the comment about how Matt makes money is duly noted. He's a reality whore, and its blindingly obvious he's selling his marital difficulties and his children's privacy for money. After looking at his bored, annoyed children who he derides in almost every episode, clearly he thinks the dollars are worth it but I wonder.

Hey whatever happened to the bunch of stalkers he and Amy went to the press to complain about?

Anonymous said...

Molly's skin does look awful. Really, no need for that in this day and age of wonderful cystic acne prescription products. I have noticed, go back and look, every Roloff is constantly touching their face and picking at their skin. It is poor hygiene and poor skin habits. Her face looked swollen on the hay. Molly has put on her freshman 15 or 20 as well.

I think she and Zach have always looked kindof dirty and greasy, well Jacob too.

Rap541 said...

Also Picture Frame, to more seriously respond to you, yes anyone with a brain can see that Matt and Amy are acting out scenes, and the family is faking moments and staging events.

The problem is that Amy and Matt both get really upset when they're accused of faking it. They can and do insist the show isn't scripted and is real. Now, because both Matt and Amy are pedantic - I'll agree that they aren't handed a script with lines to memorize. Under the letter of the law, so to speak, the show isn't scripted and Matt and Amy continually pat themselves on the back for being "real" and "unscripted".

But really - does anyone really think Matt and Amy in real life race each other on mules and tie themselves together to prove to the kids they can get along? Really?

But when someone dares suggest that the Roloffs aren't 100 percent presenting their real lives.... the Roloffs get really upset. They want the credit for being real, but are also don't want to be held accountable for any of their onscreen antics. Funny how Matt *on the show* likes to depict himself as two steps away from bankruptcy due to poor decisions and edges from divorce as well but when people dare suggest he's not such a great business man or husband, he's right on facebook letting us know how he's making money and and he and Amy are so much in love.

Btw your calling the Roloff adult child "rebellious children" and emphasising how Matt makes money, coupled with your "I don't care but you all need to explain to me" arguement has been done so many times before... whats wrong in your life that all you have to cling to is demanding why others blog? :)

Rap541 said...

Btw - where exactly did anyone call the Roloff kids "the devil incarnate"? I mean, Picture Fram e, you seem perfectly fine with "lazy freeloaders", which btw is a lot closer to "spoiled piece of crap" than the devil incarnate....

Or is this like how asking if something is real on the show is demanding Amy Roloff sacrifice 100% of her privacy?

Is it ok per you, Picture Frame, for people to call the Roloff kids "lazy freeloaders"? I assume when you called them that, that *your* blood wasn't *boiling*.

And I assume you meant it, since you're attempting to suggest you're not defending the Roloffs. So What was said here that *demonizes* the Roloffs?

And remember, apparently "lazy freeloader" is not "demonizing" the Roloffs. PLease be specific in your examples - I think we're all tired of hearing how anything other than "Gosh Matt is a fantastic father for letting Jeremy gooof off until the last minute with his school work to the point Jeremy was so behind it he was gonna fail if Daddy Matt insisted he work, and Jeremy, god bless that little 23 year old rapskallion, he's such a littlwe sweet boy with his silly little boy mistakes, who can expect anything but play and sillyness from such a little baby boy? God bless him for being forever an irresponsible little boy who can't be trusted to complete tasks without supervision!" is demonizing the Roloffs and calling them the devil incarnate.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

You're right, Picture frame. Jeremy IS a 23 year old lazy freeloader, who has in the past treated his fans with utter contempt and shown an arrogance and outright conceit that anyone with eyes and a brain have from quite disgusting. And yes, the father does know how to make money. From the hypocritical speaking engagements to selling dirt, from filing frivolous lawsuits to even more frivolous appeals, to getting every ounce of juice from TLC, he does it all.

The one thing that saddens me, Picture frame is the following of people who adore and praise and gush over him on his FB page. Who are those people? Because anyone with eyes and a brain can see him for the charlatan that he is....that's what's called suckering the people. What did you write to them, Picture frame?

Picture frame said...

Honest question...do you enjoy watching the show?

From everything you've said I can only infer that you don't, so why not change the channel?

I don't need to point to any specific examples here because the entire blog is filled with barbs and snide comments regarding everything the Roloffs do. The fact that you find it so incredibly offensive that a 23 year old mooches off his parents would suggest that yes, you do think he's 'the devil incarnate'.

Do I think Jeremy is lazy? Yes. Do I think he's spoiled? Yes. (And the rest of the kids for that matter). Does it bother me? No, I'm entirely indifferent on the matter. What does bother me is that you feel the need to bash them at every opportunity...why waste the energy?

I'm not trying to argue here...I'm not a fanatical groupie...I'm just genuinely curious as to why this blog exists solely to gripe and moan about the show. I watch it because its entertaining....why do you?

Rap541 said...

Oh I think the show is hilarious, Picture Frame. Matt's ego and devotion to kissing his own ass is amazing. Sure, it's a little sad that he doesn't see how bitching about his slattern of a wife and his lazy kids (except for Jeremy who he lauds for gooofing off) just might be why there's criticism of his family...but he's not a slave and he's clearly getting paid to embarass himself so why shouldn't I laugh? The best part is when he insists he's the hero in this little tale and then refuses to acknowledge the real reality.

I sometimes get a laugh as well wondering if Matt and the Roloffs realize just how much of themselves they've sold.

Its duly noted you refuse to cite examples of the Roloffs being called the devil incarnate.

I actually don't find it offensive that Jeremy is a lazy y moocher at 23.... That by itself isn't really a problem. I do find it offensive that Jeremy is lauded by his father as a fine young man for being a lazy piece of crap who can't manage his time when Matt openly derides his other sons Zach and Jake for the same exact behavior. I'm not going to call that good parenting.

Let's try again - why is my calling Jeremy a lazy freeloader the equivalent of calling him the devil incarnate while you choosing to do the same thing is just expressing an opinion? Aren't you moaning and griping too? Hmmm.

Rap541 said...

And you could also try answering "Am I correct in assuming your blood was *boiling* when you called Jeremy a lazy freeloader?"

Because if the answer is no, then why do you assume my blood was boiling? I actually find calling Jeremy a lazy piece of crap pretty funny because he's so cocooned and over praised, he's never going to see it until the money is gone.

Jason said...

I like that Rap continues to call out the Roloffs on this site. It is needed since Spiritswander went soft on Jacob applauding him for being a rude brat. Without Rap this blog would be as bad as Matts Facebook.

BeckyM said...

Making mock of reality ho's has been a stock in trade since reality shows came into being. Check out Television Without Pity

I don't "get" people not "getting" it. Want a shameless praise-blog than start your own. Gawd.

The Roloffs are typical of all the reality-ho idiots - they will do anything for the all-time dollar. After letting their lives be a freak show, and getting hooked on the easy money, they want to know why the public finds it easy to mock the "personal" life they have broadcast to the world.

Don't like Raps reviews - write your own. Spirits has asked repeatedly for others to provide them but somehow those Praise-Matt-fans don't ever get around to it. Probably because this show can be recapped in about a paragraph. Here Spirit use this one next time:

Matt states he has to do everything himself. Amy tells him that he never listens to her. Jeremy smirks and talks about his great plans for the future. Molly is the good girl. Zach is the loser son. Jacob walks in and walks off. End.

Rap541 said...

Becky, no, see, even though the Roloffs pretty openly look down on reality whores themselves - I think we all remember both Matt and Amy insisting LPBW is a cut above because it's theoretically about educating but have no problem trashing the likes of the Kardashians, the Jersey Shore, the Real Housewives... you know, people who strut their relationship difficulties out for the world to see for pay.....Even tho the Roloffs openly look down on OTHER reality whores, it's somehow a horror indeed if people are daring to criticize the Roloffs. Thats why we routinely have this question asked "Why oh why if you don't like something will you say ANYTHING? After all, in this world, its understood that its morally wrong to make a critical comment - if you don't like something the Roloffs have done, as a decent person you should sit silent and say nothing!"

And we'll just forget that the Roloffs themselves don't have to abide by the "sit silent and say nothing" rule.

I am sure Spirit would be open to a pro-Roloff review.

Vic Rattlehead said...

Yet more creatively bankrupt TV made by morally bankrupt people.

Anonymous said...

This is so staged it's not even funny. The Rollof's say this isn't is just plain crazy. Come on, look at the kids faces (or young men in some cases) they don't want to be there. How can TLC put this stuff out? It's not believable anymore.

caitlyn said...

Molly's outside appearance is imitating her inside.

She's always been edited as nice sweet girl Molly, but she's not.

Has anyone ever seen or do something nice or totally unselfish on twitter?

She's what? 20 or 21 years old willingly signing up to get paid to be on the show.

Has she ever treated a fan as human? Ever said thank you? Ever acknowledged anybody?

Even Jacob has done that once in a while!

Tanya said...

I used to watch this series when it first came out and enjoyed it. Last week was the first time I watched the show in a few years and I found it boring and uncomfortable to watch. I won't watch another show. Can any of you remember when it started to get so bad? Why is it still on the air?

John said...

Bridal House--I'm willing to bet that the reason the "new house" isnt finished is because Matt is trying to make it look like it isn't permanent--just like the buildings in his "town"--they are all built on runners--remember the episode when Matt needed to "move" the chapel and it moved on runners when it wa stowed??

Rosewood said...

Heidi is an actress.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Tanya, for myself personally it started to change after Season 3. Season 4 is when Matt's self-centeredness and delusions of grandeur started to surface, along with some contrived premises, as well as a shift from 'reality' to 'what-we-want-to-feed-you-as-reality'. Can any regular watches remember when Chris Cardamone's involvement, as a Producer or Executive Producer, started?

gemstone said...

They have this huge house with all these rooms. Amy and Matt cry that they miss their lovely children when they are gone. So Zach wants to "temporarily" move in for a couple of months to save a few bucks and it's a No Go! How selfish is that.I don't understand why the hell they built such a huge house at the time the 2 boys were seniors already. Molly left immediately(smart girl) and they are crying that only Jake is left and you rarely see them interact with him. Or so he himself says this. That is messed up. What a waste of money! What a waste of time! What a joke!