Tuesday, November 5, 2013

New Episode of "Little People, Big World" Featuring The Roloffs: "Till Death Do Us Part" November 5th, 2013

Here is a preview and then review on the new episode of Little People, Big World, which is airing tonight at 9:00pm on TLC:

Little People, Big World (Season 9) Till Death Do Us Part TV-PG CC With pressure of the first wedding weighing heavily, tensions between Matt and Amy rise. Matt’s careless ways have complicated preparations and as the bride arrives, the Roloffs are woefully unprepared. Meanwhile, Rocky’s health continues to decline.


 Review Written By Rap541:

So for the record, it was announced on Jake Roloff's Twitter in December 2012 that the dog had cancer, and the dog died in June 2013.

Matt portrays this as a few weeks ago but the reality is that the diagnosis was some six months earlier. So the kids being told upon arriving from college at the end of spring semester is a lie. 

So the dog's got a hand up his ass and the doc says there's a giant tumor.... and nothing happens. The dog totters around. There's home movies of the dog in better days. The chat with the kids feels a tad forced and Jeremy blithely notes he's already lived longer than expected. 

They do some maintenance at the farm, oiling the road. Matt sends Jeremy to fix the road. Jeremy notes his father will criticize him no matter what. Matt seriously slurs his words talking to Jeremy. The wedding barn that was picked up last week with hay etc, is picked up again featuring the same hay. 

Matt and Amy meet with the wedding people. They want a country wedding, with boots and cowboys. The wedding planner asks about the bridal suite. Matt notes how there's nothing but there will be *something*. Another clue these people aren't paying for this. 

Matt demands Amy come to the office to discuss how she screwed up and insisted on burning down the bridal suite. He wants to trot in a manufactured home. Matt's visibly annoyed that Amy is not immediately on board. 

Caryn assigns chores to the kids. Wild West town is looking very ramshackle. Matt notes how he wants to serve champagne. The Saloon looks quite dirty. Matt finds Jeremy and asks "about school" and also wants to find the old wagon? The old wagon is gross. 

Two weeks to the wedding! Matt hauls the kids out to scour the saloon. Matt leaves them cleaning to check on Jeremy who is power washing the trailer. Zach notes how he's not interested in running the farm. Matt does some sort of guilt trip on the boys, noting how he needs them to pitch in. 

The week before the wedding! Amy notes how putting the bridal suite in the barn is icky. Matt wants a yurt. Amy thinks Matt should transform his office since it has a bathroom and a couch and no additional cost but NO! NOT MATT'S office - he wants a trailer!

Matt notes how the wedding season that he didn't advertise for is important. Btw there's only three weddings at this venue and all are filmed. Also Jeremy had someone refinish the wagon for him. Matt notes how "their" timing was perfect and he had to rent a trailer as a bridal suite. The groom and bride seem nice. They rehearse and oddly the officiant couldn't make the rehearsal so Matt stands in for the offiicant. It feels fake and contrived and an opportunity to Matt to get attention. 

Amy feeds Rocky special meals. She doesn't top my mom hand feeding her dog Riley a special pumpkin diet.

Matt notes he's gonna die. Amy gets annoyed with the "I'm gonna die " talk. The wedding is on. Amy notes Burgundy looks like death. Molly btw speaks and mostly looks annoyed at the whole business. The bride notes its hot and there's coffee and sandwiches and that's a vomit moment.

Three hours until the ceremony! The bride tells Matt about the vomit and wonders if the trailer shaking makes her vomit. Matt notes that the bride vomiting is a bad omen.

Meanwhile the tractor is dying! And the bride is made pretty. Molly and Jeremy are "mapping the route" to western town? Gosh how scary considering the whole "we've lived here our entire lives" thing. Jeremy notes he is to take photos because he's dreamed since a child to be a wedding photographer for daddy. The bride and groom seem sweet and I like their color scheme. I like the preacher. Matt shrieks for Jeremy and of course this is cut to look like it happens during the ring and kiss scene. OMG! WILL THE TRACTOR NOT START AND RUIN THE WEDDING??? MATT SHRIEKS AT JEREMY!

Sure enough, despite being a "close call" the tractor starts and Jeremy hauls the bride and groom to the saloon where there's a hee haw band and Matt in a cowboy hat and champagne. There's a brief dance in the saloon and its very obvious that the bride and groom were dragged down to the saloon solely for the cameras as none of their friends and family were there. They are hauled back to the reception. Oh look Audrey assisting Jeremy. Oh good, the bride and groom don't smoosh cake on each other. Matt notes he wants Jeremy to finish the wedding book. I notice how Jeremy is being emphasized as daddy's special helper. 

So Matt asks the family if they are having fun but *Jeremy* is surprising the family by taking them on a tractor ride! Because that sure sounds like Jer doesn't it? 

Matt demands Amy make a sandwich and Jeremy walks in and says "Rocky's dead!" 

Oh lord the dog is splayed out on the lawn. Everyone was clearly called to stand there. Matt rubs his eyes like President Obama does and then tells everyone to go dig a grave. Oh look the servants haul the body out and Matt makes a scene. Jeremy looks bored, Molly walks off. 

Matt gives us a speech about how he's gotta keep moving on despite the pain he feels for the dog he wanted to kill three years ago, specifying that he preferred Rocky die by shotgun because that's how Old Yeller bought it. Oh and hey, lets not forget Matt snickering with glee how his beloved pet was locked in a closet for three days and lost weight, or the Roloff kids asking each other "remember when we forgot to feed Rocky for a week" or Zach yanking the beloved dog up by the neck into the car, or Matt telling us how the dog had signs of an eye problem for close to a year and he was just getting into the vet.... 

 Look. I'm not a pet person. And it's very obvious to me that no one in the Roloff clan is a pet person. My mom was sobbing the day I had to help her get Sherman (Sherman Tank) our akita into the truck for the ride to the vet, and she was so upset, my brother had to hold her in the waiting room while I hugged the poor dog and made sure he had his Barney the Dinosaur plushie at the end. 

I didn't see a tear, and the Roloffs weren't raised British the way I was. Sorry folks, but a cancer diagnosis six months earlier... this feels all about the cameras and the Benjimans.


Justin2 said...

I'm willing to bet some idiot is going to post that Rocky dying is "a contrived storyline to make everything about Matt Roloff."

Megan said...

Look at how many of the "entire family" did this or that, didn't include Jacob.

We know the reason. He hates the show and was inside smoking weed.

Greg said...

I realize it was all staged after the fact (yes Justin2, they left Rocky there on the grass, set all the cameras up and had Jeremy "announce" the news) but Jeremy's "Rocky's dead was really unemotional.

Brandon said...

Justin2, Matt has been anticipating the "Rocky's dead" episode for several years.

Yes, I totally believe Matt saw Rocky's death as a good plot that he knew would suck in viewers because of how many of the audience are animal people.

And Jacob tweeted over a year ago "When my dad says he's ready for my dog to die".

Melissa said...

Well, that was awkward. I was far more emotional than the Roloffs were.

Fiona said...

Did Jacob have his cell phone camera out when he came out to look at Rocky dead?

Jacob denied it on Ask after he posted a picture of Rocky, but I honestly think that picture he posted was of Rocky dead.

Helen said...

The Roloffs are disgraceful.

They leave the poor dog laying dead on the lawn for God knows how long while they gather the film crew and their script.

Matt looked like he was acting with his attempt to cry and no one else in the family were the slightest bit upset. Molly was smiling and sounding joyful. Zach and Jacob looked bored as hell and were too busy texting to care about poor Rocky.

Debbie said...

It was shocking at the lack of emotion in the entire family! When our family cat passed away my entire family was a wreck.

Louise said...

Leaving Rocky out in the rain was despicable.

It was another filming scene for them and nothing more. If you watched closely, Matt wasn't crying although he was acting like it.

The rest of the family had no emotion.

It was "come family, we need to film" They film and then go back. You could see Molly walking away as the "scene" was breaking up.

It reminded of the scene a few years ago after one of their many vacations when they clearly summoned all the kids to come outside to raise a flag. They did their filming and the kids ran free as soon as it was done.

Really sad that Rocky's death is the same type of scene with no emotion!

The Roloff kids are terrible. Terrible pet owners.

kp said...

I wonder if them finding Rocky was filmed long after he was found. The odds of them all being able to walk outside right then and there, dressed and at home, is pretty rare for that family. Like another poster said, I think I was more sad about it than they seemed to be, which makes me think it was a re-shoot.

Justin2 said...

Fiona, yes Jacob indeed did have his phone out when the family gathered around Rocky's body. Its hard to tell if he snapped a picture (which I'm sure he or someone in the family did) or was just texting someone because it did look like his fingers were on the screen.

Debbie, Melissa and Brandon...I agree. The lack of any physical emotion from the Roloffs was incomprehensible. For the life of me I swear it seemed like Amy specifically didn't care whatsoever when she saw Rocky laying there. When Jeremy announced he had died it kinda looks like he had a smile on his face. Rewind it or rewatch it...I'm sure somebody else had to have caught it. I was honestly surprised that today (Tuesday) Matt and Amy were on Facebook and Twitter saying how sad they were about tonight's show but there was not one tear shed or one ounce of empathy in any of their voices at anytime during the segment of the show.

Another point is that I kinda feel bad for the wedding couple because while yes the majority of the episode revolved around them and it was all this happy go luckiness going on..at the end of their episode is when the Roloffs dog dies?? Hmm that's just bad editing.

Paulette leigh said...

I so agree with Louise, I wondered were the emotion was and if they had their good cry already...

Paulette leigh said...

I agree with the lack of emotion my family has two old girls and I sat there balling my eyes out. Maybe they already had their big cry...Rip rocky.

Katy said...

I was irked at how Amy seemed to force some emotion out, especially when she turned to Jeremy and said, "well, this is kinda sad, huh?"

RIP rocky

Quilt girl said...

I can not believe how they used Rocky' s death as a scene on their show. Showing poor Rocky lying dead in the yard was beyond belief. This should of been a private, dignified event. I think I shed more tears than I saw any of the family did.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion some of you are being way too harsh on the Roloff's for a perceived lack of empathy. You don't know how they feel. I agree there was some time lapse between the scenes shot and when they were first aware of Rocky's death. Perhaps they didn't all agree with shooting the scene at all. It doesn't mean they don't miss their dog or feel horrible about his passing. They are clearly not actors and the show has become more scripted and some of the scenes are forced. If you don't like it don't watch it but don't pretend to know how people feel.

Leigh said...

Rap, in your list of the ways the Roloffs neglected or mistreated Rocky, you left out friends (the one named Christian) pushing Rocky down a hill in Molly's parkour video on you tube.

Between that and the cat tossing pictures, I'm horrified to think what the Roloffs and their friends have done to their animal that they don't record or take pictures of it happening.

David A said...

Before Ask, Jacob had a formspring.

Jacob once admitted (when he was 14 or 15) that he enjoyed riding Rocky like a horse, by sitting on his back.

That says everything I need to know about the Roloffs as far as being pet lovers.

Rap541 said...

Leigh, honestly I just didn't feel like going full on rant, if you get me.

Jon Lynch...... You do understand that Matt and Amy control the filming so they didn't have to call the camera crew and parade the bored "children" out to look at the dog's body, or show the kids playing with their phones while the paid hands bury the dog for them, right?

If the Roloffs wanted to be discreet, they didn't have to show the dog's death and burial at all. No one was demanding they sacrifice their privacy. Its perfectly reasonable and acceptable in these situations to deal with your grief (or lack thereof)privately. Show the dog walking around, play the poignant music, and have Matt or Amy say as a video of the dog plays "we lost Rocky this summer".

But they chose to go with several vet visits with the vet palpitating the dog's rectum for us, various shots of the kids nonchalantly discussing the dog's impending death, with no real concern, several stages scenes with Matt expressing affection for the dog in ways that were clearly meant for public consumption (really he had a camera crew film him taking the dog on a tour of the property, and also sat out on the porch and howled for the camera) and then we get the dog's body splayed out and rained on. Then we have the adult kids watching as the hired hands bury the family pet for them.

They had the choice and they decided to put it out there.

Or let me guess, if it not on the show, everyone needs to shut up because the Roloffs cherish their precious privacy but if it IS on the show, everyone needs to shut up because the Roloffs are *sacrificing* their privacy for money and god knows thats noble!

The dog died and Matt saw a paycheck. The paycheck was clearly more important than anyone's feelings about the dog and frankly no one seemed all that upset.

Anonymous said...

Rap, I agree with you about Matt. I was referring to the kids. I don't think they wanted it to be filmed at all and it showed but they shouldn't be judged for that. Matt is a business man at heart and im sure insisted on Rocky's death being filmed. I also believe he cared for the dog deeply. I don't see the events as mutually exclusive. Question the tact of showing it at all? Sure, but fans would probably complain louder if they didn't show it at all imo. I think all the awkwardness of the scene was due to trying to film a very emotional moment that didn't coincide exactly with when it was being filmed.

mallory said...

Its so sad that Rocky died

k Has C said...

So they knew Rocky had cancer six months prior and they did nothing? I am a pet person and if my pet is/was in pain why not let the vet do the humane thing? Because The Righteous Roloffs *SNARK* err *SNAKES* just knew they could get some TLC bucks. Cruel bunch of nut jobs---this is what its come down too? I can't stand their bad behavior....no emotion. No wonder Young Roloff stays inside tokin'. Idiots

Nana Sew Dear said...

This is a TCL show. They are all scripted and poorly edited.I have met the Roloffs. We lived in the same town before the fame. Amy is not a friendly person. Yes,the family is playing along for the bucks but TLC calls the shots. Look at the Duggars and the Gosselins.

Brea V. said...

I think Rocky was euthanized at the vet's office, taken home,laid in yard, film crew ready to film. Rocky should have not been filmed at all!!! Great for ratings for the Roloffs and TLC! Disgusted the Roloffs did this to "a member of their family!"

BeckyM said...

Why is anyone surprised? The Duggars filmed the baby that died and when their son fell off a stage platform. Too busy shilling for the buck to care about ethics or morality.

I work at a veterinarian office and have dealt with many clients who have had to make an end decision. So please. Matt cares? The family is distraught? I've seen it elsewhere, not here.

Set Abominae said...

What a lame attempt at getting an emmy nod for the show, too bad it won't work.

I've seen more genuine looking emotion from a store mannequin.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't say that the roloff's acting is stiff but rocky looked looser and he was in rigor mortis.

Anonymous said...

You people are pathetic... Stop complaining about a family that clearly is loving, and very cool.

If you don't like it... turn it off.

Rap541 said...

(looks at the anon's comment)

(wonders if the anon poster even understands whats so hilarious about their posting)

sscooter43 said...

Anonymous posted "If you don't like it... turn it off. (November 10, 2013 at 7:21 PM)".

I would like to say if you do not like Spiritwander's blog, do not come to this web-site. Just like we have the freedom of not watching their show, you have the freedom of not coming to this web-site.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Which anon poster, Rap?

Rap541 said...

The one doing the "you people are pathetic, I like the roloffs, and if you don't like something, don't watch and shut up" routine.

Clearly the anon doesn't take his or her own advice. Doesn't like this blog and makes sure to spew out hate and insults, and following up with how everyone should not comment on something they don't like.

Funny how that "sit silent and say nothing if you don't like something" never ever applies to anyone bitching about this blog

Anonymous said...

The Roloffs did seem more concerned about rocky the dog than they did about their friend who died several seasons ago