Tuesday, November 12, 2013

New Little People, Big World Episode Featuring Roloff Family - November 12, 2013 "Game On!"

Here is a preview and then recap of the new episode of Little People, Big World on TLC tonight at 9:00pm on TLC.

Little People, Big World (Season 9) Game On! 

 In hopes of recapturing the old Roloff farms spirit and encouraging the kids to help out more - Matt decides to throw the first annual Family Game Day. However, there can only be one winner and everyone’s true competitive colors come out in full force!


Recap written by Rap541:

So Matt and Amy are "refocusing" on pumpkin season. Apparently they normally prep for six months but this year they want a fun zone and a corn maze. Matt notes how IMPOSSIBLE it is. Matt notes how HOPELESS it is and how he can't depend on the family.

The four kids note if they don't leave soon, Dad will make them work so they go innertubing. Everyone, including Jeremy "Always wanting to be at Matt's side" Roloff would rather goof off for the cameras having fun, leaving Dad to work.

Matt meanwhile wants the trebuchet to finally be repaired but notes his kids are crap who won't help him, leaving him to gut it out alone with no help. He could use the kids but Amy notes the kids get tired of work. Matt notes that whatever he says is fun is fun, and no one should question that. However he wants to connect with the kids without pissing them off by expecting them to do anything.

Matt calls a family meeting to let them know he wants them to have a family game day for the cameras because otherwise TLC will have nothing but weddings and bitching and dead dogs to film. Essentially it sounds like Matt making everyone be his toys. Tori shows up. Apparently the teams are random. They run off on a timed mule race?

For the reality, as presented by Matt, it is a little obnoxious and spoiled that his mostly adult children can't handle a summer that is mostly work. I mean Christ Almighty on the cross, Jeremy and Zach are both 23... summers off ended a few years ago.  Funny how the Roloff kids are never ever willing to be grateful on camera that at age 23 they can spend a day, and really an entire summer, goofing off like 16 year olds and getting paid to act like children. Yes Roloffs, I'm judging your spoiled kids.

So everyone watches the mule race. I'm really not going to really recap the race except that its innane. Matt and Molly race, then Tori and Amy = Tori sucks at basketball although Amy seems sorta ok with it. Then Tori screws up picking cherries. Its amusing how pointed they are about buckling up... something we have never seen with the kids. jeremy snots how fast he is compared to Zach and really... I kinda hope someone twice Zach's size is a bit faster at running, Jer.

There's a ton of whining. The boys do the race. While there's pointed seat belts on calls, it's also obvious they aren't wearing seat belts a lot. Matt starts shrieking no seat disqualified! He rants a bit but Amy allows it.

Now we're at the minefield competition that seems to ripped off blatantly from Survivior. The teams change for no apparent reason. Jake tries to talk Jeremy through, it's bad, they switch and its ok. Matt and Amy do the course and Amy is annoyed that Matt is rather openly playing to the cameras. Matt btw is all about shrieking at Amy constantly. Matt notes how Amy wasn't listening and he did a better job. Then Dad rides off in a huff over something.

So now its a cooking challenge and Matt btw admits to being frustrated and running off in a huff. Zach and tory make cheesy spaghetti. What? Not some recipe from Amy's cook book? SO basically Tori does it while the entire family runs off. Amy is the judge btw. Jeremy and Jake have "omelat and a smoothie". They put hamburger in the omelat. Jeremy apparently has no idea how to make an omelat and it's sad. The smoothie has carrots and spinach and milk?  The "burrito" has peppers, jalapenos, hamburger... it honestly sounds gross.

Matt and Molly have fish tacos. Molly tells Matt to get her spinach. Yeah, Molly is the one who takes after Matt. The fish tacos look good. Amy gives Tory/Zach a 12, Jeremy and Jake a 9 and Matt/Molly a 15.

Now they are writing trivia questions? God this is dumb. Amy owns Matt. Jake and Zach both suck at family trivia. There's an endless debate over when Matt proposed to Amy and I so could care less. And pretty much they could care less too.

Now there's a soccer game and we kill a few minutes with that. Every waxes on soccer and then we're in the living room deciding who wins based on some fantasical system that is essentially devoid of meaning.

A commercial for next weeks ep implies all this family harmony? Hmmm for nothing as Matt and Amy continue the divorce debate.

Jake is number two and Jeremy is number one because you know, he's clearly not going to handle not geting his ass kissed. Matt notes how awesome it is and then next day everyone goes out to work on the trebuchet because they're kinda required by TLC. Amy is worried but Matt wants it so screw how anyone else feels about it. It works. Everyone eats tacos and honestly this was really pretty fake. By fake I mean this. What are the odds that there will ever be an unfilmed "family game day"?


Greg said...

Family game night? If that doesn't scream of "Real, raw and realistic"...I don't know what does....

k Has c said...

On pins and needles---ooh so exciting..NOT.

Rap541 said...

Greg - I am genuinely curious to see how many friends of the Roloffs will run to insist that yes yes yes, the Roloffs are always playfully competing in family games like an episode of the Brady Bunch and how dare anyone suggest that the Roloffs might be staging events.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

I mentioned this farce earlier. It will be a new low, if such is possible. They actually went through with this.

Susan Coles said...

Family game night? Give me a break!

Mike P. said...

Jake and Jeremy exaggerate--no, lie about--their cooking skills, and Amy actually gets all holy about it.

The irony. It burns.

Timothy said...

The way every member of that family make Jeremy out to be a God and the editing of his show is downright frustrating.

I can't believe I'm commenting on something as meaningless as "Roloff family game day", but Jeremy seemed to get very pouty when Matt said he was disqualified. Of course no one comments on that.

Considering that Jeremy is the oldest, most able-bodied and strongest person in the family, I would hope he would be declared the winner.

Chris P said...

Is it really necessary to bash the Roloffs for every single thing they do? According to this blog and comments, they can't seem to do anything right. It comes across as being critical for the sake of being critical.

Rap541 said...

You know, if they were private citizens, Chris, you'd have an arguement.

But they aren't. They are celebrities who chose to be on a reality show and accept the money and freebies with great big grins.

They don't have to. Hell, when pushed, Matt will snot how he's a millionaire, and has been a millionaire, and has never needed the show to make money and support his family (and we apparently are supposed to ignore the evidence against that) but when push comes to shove, they keep coming back despite having been millionaires since before the show started.

So if they don't need the money and they don't like the criticism and don't want people to bash them for being media whores (and having your 23 year old sons participating in family game day for the camera is pretty media whorish) then why why why do the Roloffs continue to accept the checks and freebies?

People would stop bashing them if they weren't on tv boohooing how they're gonna lose the farm over their faked for the cameras wedding business, and boohooing how they're totally in love and also constantly inches from destroying the family by divorce.

Why are the Roloffs never to blame for displaying themselves for money? Matt's on record that he doesn't need the money so he's basically torturing the family for his attention fix at this point.

Anonymous said...

This stuff with the Rollofs is old. Matt should get an award for recycling the.same thing.over and over. Give us something real!!

BeckyM said...

Why are people watching this show? Really. Let me know.

Sounds as fun as watching paint dry.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

This whole thing with Matt snotting about the kids not helping with the trebuchet, let alone pretty much anything. We watched Matt cut a 2X4 on the base of the trebuchet with a reciprocating saw. Then, while he continues to whine howl and show his disgruntlement he takes a hammer and knocks said board of the base of said trebuchet. For all the people critical of the critical people, there was no reason whatsoever for Matt to "stage" this board-cutting useless bit of film. It served no purpose, had nothing to do with the finished product that we saw later, and in my mind was done ONLY to show Matt "working" while the kids "played". It's a complete lie. All of it. I don't know whether to be critical, ashamed, full of pity, amused or sick to my stomach. I truly think this was a new low.

Ecossais said...

Thanks again Rap for confirming that I didn't miss anything.
I changed channels a few minutes into the episode.
I couldn't stand Matt's phoney griping about how much work it was to complete all the things he, and he alone, wanted to add for pumpkin season.
We all know he has paid help and does nothing but brag and give orders.

Megan B said...

I don't watch the show, but I can state why I read the recaps: entertainment and morbid curiosity. I will say since I don't watch the show that I sometimes am curious and about the things Rap alludes to but does not describe. Clearly Rap's recaps are intended primarily to serve an audience that watches the show. However, I still enjoy reading them and will continue to do so.

I for one cannot imagine the long term effects of 1) forcing (or even allowing) my kids to do some or all of their growing up on a television show, and 2) indulging such a poor work ethic and such superficial values on my kids.

I'm fortunate to have two hard-working, open-minded kids who have learned to be great citizens, consider everybody's rights and feelings to be as important as their own, and to learn that life's rewards come as a result of life's efforts (read: hard work). But that doesn't come naturally. It takes lots and lots of parenting work and emotional strength to not overindulge your children.

I'm keenly interested in how this whole train wreck turns out in the long run. I hope for all of the kid's sake that they eventually find their own rails. So far, I see some of that potential only in Molly, although I worry that she has been so steeped in Roloff values that she thinks of herself as someone only suited to a role "in the kitchen", as Jeremy once let out in a misogynistic admonishment to his college-graduate mother during a family argument. By the way, did that really go unchallenged when that happened? It made my stomach churn to read about it, but I never did see the show, and don't intend to. I wonder if that's how Jeremy settles arguments with his girlfriends?

Justin2 said...

I rather enjoyed this episode! Just because it really didnt have any real storyline to force down our throats. Nothing wrong with watching people playing games..even Rap mentioned the show Survivor in her recap. Survivor btw is a game show played by adults...just thought I would clear that up.
With all this recent "fake" stuff going around, if you took all that away, this episode kinda reminded me personally of episodes of long ago that drew everybody in to begin with...lighthearted and fun with no real agenda to push.

Anonymous said...

Wonder how much tuition reduction Jer is getting from Brooks? He had on a Brooks tee shirt and has spoken about it enough.

Man, is Amy's ass huge or what????

Ashley said...

"I wonder if that's how Jeremy settles arguments with his girlfriends?

Megan B,`that`s probably why they get along. Jeremy is in luck because Audrey is as big a fan of John Mark Comer on his Solid Rock church as Jeremy.

That means Audrey is on board with things like girls need to ask their man about religion and God (because girls aren't smart enough to think of things for themselves). The entire purpose of women is to serve her man and raise his children. I can see why Jeremy likes her.

Btw, both Jeremy and Audrey are trying to get people to vote for them in some wedding site's contest about the best couple.

Does that mean they're engaged?

Rap541 said...

Spirit, check your email, I sent you something *good* :)

k Has c said...

"matt doesnt need the money"

Now thats a big old joke..look how they lived before TLC came along. That house was not big and fine and they did not have a fleet of vehicles either.

Rap541 said...

Agreed K has C - and they clearly had some money problems, and there's even an old old interview where Amy admits one of the motivations for doing the show was yup, the money.

But... for some time now Matt's story has been he never needed the show to provide for his family, he was a millionaire before the show - I actually assume this might be true in the sense that when he was working for the software companies in the early 2000s, he was probably doing well. However, the Roloffs clearly had a bad spell financially, its alluded to in Matt's first book, and its pretty evident in the first season.

Which just makes the denials hilarious. But... Matt has always wanted it all ways at once. He wants everyone to constantly respect his business sense but he also wants to be the guy who does wild and crazy things and manages to pull it off. He wants to portray himself and his family as simple farmer folk who are just like their middle to lower class fans, complete with money woes... but he also wants it known that he owns a million dollar piece of property. I'm not actually offended at the idea that they're making money from the show - that is really the point of selling your family's privacy down the river, but Matt wants credit for being nobly struggling and also incredibly successful.

If he wants to snot how he's a millionaire, fine. But he needs to own it. ANd if he wants to play the "OMG I could lose the farm!" every week... then he needs to remember that he's also snotting off about being a millionaire and *pick a story*. Because when he insists both are true, it just comes off badly.

Anonymous said...

Its hilarious to see all the attention on seatbelts in the mules when Jeremy gets a no seatbelt ticket just a few months ago. Way to fake it for the camera Roloffs.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Also Anon, it's quite comical considering how these people used to ride in the mules before, from hanging off the frame to squeezing too many people into one vehicle, all VERY safe practises indeed for public consumption. I work for a company that fires people for transgressions of good safety practise standards such as the Roloffs perform. The horse is a dot on the horizon because it's so far away, and Matt probably thinks no one will notice that he has finally decided to close the barn door. But the horses**t still lingers!

Rap541 said...

Yeah Podge, the buckle up! mentality was quite hilarious, all things considered. Seems I remember all the kids hanging on the Mule, Jeremy especially lying on top of the roof being whipped from side to side while Matt drove and grinned and snotted off how a man had let kids be kids.

Hey Matt - which is it? Safety first? Or let kids do whatever because you're on record saying both and allowing some really dangerous crap and demanding you get the dad of the year award for letting your kids do dangerous crap. Was letting your 12 year old son hang off the roof of the mule still you making a great parenting decision? And if so, why be such a hater and fun restricter by demanding your kids wear seat belts?

If I seem annoyed its because Matt insisted it was a point of honor that he didn't restrict his kids and let them play no matter how dangerous things seemed. And Amy was quick to snot that they weren't wrong to let a nine year old use a trebuchet, but that their nine year old needed to learn he wasn't ready for certain activities by you know, mom and dad never saying no, too dangerous.

Why oh why are the Roloffs all about safety now? When it was such a public point of honor that Matt let the kids do dangerous things because kids need to be kids? Matt? Amy? Would you let Jeremy and Mueller ride on the roof of the Mule now? The way you insisted was fine and filmed years earlier? Or is it all about buckling up now? And were you wrong then?

Anonymous said...

everyone please live your own life... if you don' t like it, don`t watch..... simple....

Rap541 said...

Funny how the anons always say that when Matt's caught out :) Why shouldn't we watch the train wreck the Roloffs provide? They want to be fame whores... why are the Roloffs any different from the other famewhores?

Also funny how closed lipped the Roloffs are being about their appeal being denied.... gosh, I don't even have the hard core fans still insisting Matt losing is Matt winning :)

Rap541 said...

Btw in case you missed it, there was some giant parenting fail on Matt's part in this episode.

If I am supposed to believe Matt (Matt who as many fans of his claim, is a Christian who therefore never lies) then I must believe that Matt genuinely wants the kids to help around the farm and the kids all want to goof off and play.

Here's the problem. None of those kids are ten. 3 of them are adults. Two of them are 23 years old. If the "kids" don't get that working on the farm is where the money comes from at this point... then maybe instead of giving them a childish treat to motivate them to give a damn, the correct, *normal* action is to start cutting the kids off from the free and easy lifestyle.

Because really, if Matt genuinely needs the help around the farm, its pretty damn pathetic that Jeremy and Molly (both able bodied, both completely dependant on Mom and Dad, and neither with a job) just blithely decide to ditch the farm for fun.

Now of course, any number of people are going to insist that Matt was just doing a storyline and his adult children really are responsible and not prone to just goofing around until they get treats... but Roloff kids... this is how Daddy is presenting you. As ungrateful little monsters who won't be bothered to help poor handicapped Dad as he manfully tries to complete projects he's just too physically disabled to finish. ANd when he looks to his ungrateful adult children, they're off and running for treats and Matt's letting the public know how *hard* it is to get the adult children to do anything helpful....

Makes you want to hire one of the Roloff kids, doesn't it? Roloff "kids" - you're adults now and your daddy is depicting you as lazy ungrateful jerks who can't be trusted to perform any task without serious supervision.

If Matt genuinely wanted of the kids to take over the farm, he'd try trusting them with something other than washing the wagon... and doesn't.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Rap, in reference to my earlier post, Matt's attempt to be the poor man who was too handicapped to finish the trebuchet, was an embarrassing pointless useless farcical comedy that served to make anyone who was half conscious see the whole charade for what it was - a charade. Forgive me, not pointless. The only point that it proved is Matt has no idea how to falsely portray himself as a disadvantaged father with spoiled bratty kids, and is a total failure at producing anything for TV more than uninteresting mindless drivel.
I wonder if the 'kids' have any input to the 'show'. How would Jeremy present an idea, "Hey MR, seeing as I make my living form this, how about running off to play just to show you and mom that I've got you wrapped around my little finger and can get away with anything I want. We'll just take the camera team down to Jones Creek, OK?"
I wonder what TLC really thinks of Matt, in front of the cameras as well as behind the scenes?

Tezca said...

I'm watching this episode online right now and I agree with the review that the omelet doesn't really look all that good to me(granted I haven't actually tried an omelet like that, but still doesn't really look tasty to me.)

The cooking competitions on the food network is more organize than this I would think, but the cooking competition here was funny to watch imo like in an "oh my god....lol" kind of way,