Tuesday, November 19, 2013

New Little People, Big World Episode Featuring The Roloffs "Forever Young" On TLC

This is a preview and then review of the new episode of "Little People, Big World" tonight Novemeber 19th, 2013.

Little People, Big World: Forever Young TV-PG CC 

Desperate for a bridal suite solution, Matt convinces Amy that a pre-fab home is the best option - but getting the house in place and functioning by the next wedding proves disastrous! Zach adds to the tension, announcing that he wants to move back home.


Review written by Rap541:

Matt demands the kids pay attention to him and praise him. Jeremy kisses Dad's ass. Now Jeremy takes credit for the western town and the castle that TLC finished. This is pretty much all we see of him except for his later wish to marry on the farm.

Zack wanders in. This is clearly a staged scene. Matt completely refuses and then demands to know why. Apparently it costs money to live on your own. Zach calls it a two month thing. I'd like to point out that there was absolutely no fuss at all at the idea of Jeremy taking four months off from school (which is what actually happened) and moving back into the childhood home for that time. 

Now Amy and Matt take a nice couple on the wedding barn tour. They seem to like the grassy field but want a huge cross up. Apparently its ok to have the reception in the barn. Hmmm its all of five weeks to the wedding. 

Matt hauls Amy to the open pit that is the old house. Matt wants the prefab manufactured home but he wants to have it positioned perfectly. Matt openly notes that Amy has no aesthetic sense and then tells Amy to get the hell away from him so he can have Matt Roloff time.

Now the argument is over, with Amy noting she doesn't know why Matt bothers to ask her anything. Then Amy notes his office is plan b and he throws an utter hissy, noting that his feelings are never considered.

They meet with the wedding people. Their theme is confused and the guy finally asks about the bridal suite. Matt plans to have the manufactured home but SOMETHING will be worked out. Matt notes how the manufactured hime is all rush rush because they had no idea in January they'd need a bridal suite.

Zach unloads a box of stuff. He seems to be taking Molly's room?

More construction. Matt tells Amy how the house is coming. Matt notes that thre's no way they will get it in on time. I note that the product placement signs are oddly obscured. Funny how Matt starts shrieking at the workers. Something cracked?

Despite Matt's shrieking, no one who actually knows what they are doing seems concerned in the slightest. Matt notes on camera how picky the damn county is and how they might not have time to get shit done. 

Matt wants to show Amy is idea for the wedding's special moment. He's chosen the school house and explains to the camera the farce that is the special moment - essentially this is all forced for the cameras because the wedding people aren't actually paying so they have to jump thru hoops. Amy notes she wishes the couple would keep each other engaged. Matt notes this is a smack on him and THEY ARE VERY DIFFERENT PEOPLE. Amy seems to be trying to say something important. Matt completely dismisses her. 

Now its three days to the wedding. There's crap everywhere and the wedding might be ruined. Amy makes the "kids" fill glasses with hershey kisses. Matt runs in and this gets very staged with Matt "being a lil dickens" steaing glasses and shoving kisses in his pockets.

Now they decorate the school house and Jeremy sagely notes how he might marry on the farm. If TLC offers to pay him I am sure it will happen. Hey Amy, what are your views on whoring out your son's marriage? 

The wedding couple goes on about how being married is nice. Meanwhile there's no water in the new house.

The inspectors wont let the house be used because there's no water and Matt is all "She'll have to go in the barn because I am NOT letting anyone in my office!"

Matt's all amazed that an actual plumber to fix the water and then snots while holding the permit that he usually doesn't ask permission, he asks forgiveness. Yeah, I'm sure having to settle the lawsuit oof the woman who broke her leg in your unpermitted pavillon had *nothing* to do with your sudden need to ask permission, did it? And hey, how did the appeal on your case about the inspectors violating you come out? Cause rumor has it you lost. 

The bride is impressed with the new house. The groom loads a cross up and the groom is then taken on a tour of the farm. Then we see the groom and friends playing ball and Zach and Jeremy don't care about the time. Amy notes they had to call in a caterer. Yeah I don't believe that the caterer needed to pick veggies from the Roloff garden. Matt notes that Jeremy and Zach haven't returned with the menfolk. Someone tells the bride the groom is missing. Matt brays to the boys how they're all late for the wedding and honestly, with the camera crew pointedly noting the twins not caring about the time and Matt's patented fake shouting... yeah, staged drama. 

The wedding happens. They seem like a nice couple. Matt and Amy have Vespas for the couple to ride to the schoolhouse for the mandated staged moment showcasing the farm. To be fair, the schoolhouse is a lot nicer than making the previous couple dance in the dirty saloon. Having them ride the Vespas seems like an accident waiting to happen. Back at the catering, Amy is helping because that is perfectly acceptable, you know, someone completely unconnected to the caterer handling the food.

Amy yells at the catering staff. There's toasts and speeches and I note that I think we saw the Roloff kids (including Jer who *sacrificed* an entire semester at his photography college, therefore putting off his career and his dream) for maybe all of five minutes on screen. And most of that was Zach moving back in despite, per the anons out there, the reality that he's making a handsome living being paid for this five minutes! Honestly there clearly wasn't much of the Roloffs to film because there was a LOT of the wedding people.

Amy rightly notes that Matt actually hates the weddings because they are very organized and have to follow a certain pattern. Matt of course gets annoyed and gives a little speech about how marriage sucks. 


Brandon said...

"Wedding tension". How surprising!

Anybody want to bet that during the Zach bashing tonight we hear about how successful Jeremy the Golden Boy is? The 23 year old who has everything paid for him that took a semester off to play at home and go on vacations?

Rap541 said...

Brandon, I admit, I am curious how that will play out because really, I don't believe Jeremy is working his way thru school at all. Mom and Dad are paying for it.

Don't get me wrong - Zach needs to find something because he's not going to be a soccer coach for the MLS, and he's not going to coach soccer in a school without getting a college degree and its time he understood that.

On the other hand, Jeremy is the same age and the parents are funding his lifestyle down in Santa Barbara and likely will continue to do so until he graduates... which has now been put off by a semester and that and his career goals really need some looking at. Is Jeremy going to be expected to pay for his lifestyle after college? How long will mom and dad fund his career?

Point - Matt obviously wants one of the kids to take the farm over and all jeremy has to do is ask. It's just interesting that he hasn't asked.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Oh yes, Brandon, the Jeremy idolators (which is a SIN, and you people know who you are) will be out in full force.

Ashley said...

It was basically a wedding episode with about a total of 90 seconds of the Roloffs edited in.

Zach says he moved back for "a couple of months"? The summer? Like Jeremy and Molly?

I did wonder when he said his lease was up on his apartment. Wasn't he living with 2 of his friends?

Who knows, probably something fake for the show.

Speaking of that, Jacob just announced he got his license. Months after TLC did the episode about him getting it and all the fans congratulated him...when he didn't really get it.

Anonymous said...

I don't think people on here understand much about this family. Jeremy and Zachary get paid to do the show. How do you think Zachary was able to purchase a home? jeremy earns a handsome living being a reality star. Why don't people on here get that? "Parents are funding his lifestyle" Huh??

Rap541 said...

My response to you, Anon, is that if the Roloff boys are making the big bucks being reality whores then why is Zach moving back home, even briefly? Isn't he making that handsome living? And if he is... why are Matt and Amy presenting him as a sad sack loser?

I mean, you're not suggesting every interaction with Zach and Matt and Amy was an utter lie, right?

Jocelynn said...

They are clearing setting up a Jeremy wedding next summer. All the references to the couples being married being around their kids ages, Jeremy talking about having his wedding on the farm. The Matt and Amy voice overs about their kids watching the weddings for ideas.

The event this year that kept the show going was Rocky's death.

Next year it will be Jeremy and Audrey's wedding.

The thing I can't help but think about that is the hypocrisy. Wasn't Amy outraged when one of the Kardashians had their wedding on their reality show? Amy thought it was terrible and they should have respect for their own privacy?

I would be shocked if that's not where they're headed.

FactJack said...

"But all bubbles have a way of bursting or being deflated in the very end"

- Pedro

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Anon at 9:44 PM, when wor where was it ever said that Zach was able to PURCHASE a home? I missed that one entirely.
Kudos Anon for seeing that fact that Jeremy James Jesus could possibly have the wherewithal to fund his 'dream' himself. Tghere was a brief scene a few shows ago where Amy was asking Jeremy hgow he was going to pay back the money he owed her, that she lent to him. Thta might all be looked after. It would be interesting to see, but from what I have seen of Jeremy, and his perceived greatness and illusions of grandeur, if or why he shouldn't keep getting money form mom and dad? If you're playing poker, you don't stop betting until the cards go cold. I'm not saying anything about what different people see as valuable or feel is important in life as there are some mixed signals coming from all of this.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

I'm wondering about the profesisonal caterer and the renumeration received for their talents and tolerance in last night's uh, presentation. Did everyone see the GLARE the catering boss gave Amy when Amy snotted, "come on people we need to move FASTER!" or "let's moved a little faster, people!!!" If looks could kill, Amy would be a few feet deeper than Rocky right now.
But, when they were going out to present the food, they were all 'high fives' and woo hoo and didn't we do an amazing job?
WHY oh WHY was the food late? My thoughts are thus:
A professional caterer is not late and does not be paid to be late. Done. A professional caterer brings everyhting with, and can do so on a moment's notice, they usually have long-standing relationships with their suppliers for everything that is needed, and yes I agree with Rap, that the veggies pikcing was just awful. They threw in a quick little mention about their veggie garden at the beginning of the show, how cunning and sly of them (???)I digress.
Amy was to be filmed obviously 'helping' to make the food. Amy wrote a cookbook, don't you know? She put recipes for dishes that she cooks in that book (that her son Jacob called 'disgusting' on camera lol)so yeah, the producers of the show you-know-who and you-know-who thought it would be great to have Amy doing some of her cooking on the show. That's fine, except:
Amy is pre-programmed and pre-destined to be late. Period. Very well documented.
OK, how much do you think the professional caterer was paid to allow Amy, who might not be certified in public food preparation (chef, first cook, second cook, food handler etc.) to allow their reputation to be dragged through the mud by Amy's actions making the whole meal LATE? People at the reception dinner are getting hungry. Things are behind schedule. Land O' Goshin, Pa, whatever shall we do?
Forgive me people, but I can't remember if the professional caterer's name was mentioned, but if I were them, I would NOT want the name of my business associated with this farce! To what end, folks? If this was all done for the sake of fake drama, it was really really really bad.

Prodge/Rodge groupie said...

Ashley, I saw the Roloffs where I didn't think they needed to be seen for a few of those 90 seconds. After the reception, when the happily married couple were leaving, there to say goodbye were Amy, Matt, and the REST of the family standing behind them? Why? That looked just plain dumb.
And while I'm here, why are Matt and Amy so involved in all the wedding scenes? Why such a presence at the 'special wedding moment' (oh, barf)when none of all the other weddings that TLC shows, the providers of the venue are not seen and not heard? The evidence keeps piling up that the couples do not pay or should not pay, one nickel for anything, from the late food to the shameless self-promotion of the Roloffs. Idea!! Dr. Matt Roloff, PhD SPAM (Spin Technology And Mainupulation), has found a way to make a couple's wedding all about himself and Amy and their wedding farm.
Of the 2 friends that Zach roomed with, one is now married - that'd be Jacob Mueller. I think Christian was the other, but I am not sure about that.

M said...

The whole Jeremy and Audrey marriage might not be that far off. I was checking out their Instagram photos and one had a friend commenting asking if they were engaged because she saw it on a Facebook post. They could be engaged(or planning on it) and are keeping it quiet for the show. My guess is that they'll film it or reenact it for the cameras.

Ashley said...

Jocelynn and M, I agree about Jeremy's wedding being on the show. I expect it too.

Podge, no, it wasn't Jacob Mueller. Zach's roommates were Bryan Roth and another friend named Jake. Jake is the drunk one that Jeremy almost set the barn on fire with in that infamous story!

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Thanks Ashley! My incorrect assumption entirely. Zach and Mueller showed up at the house one day, as per a photo on Amy's Facebook page, seeing what leftovers Amy had of her cooking (see my previous post), so I thought wrongly that Mueller was one of the roomies.

Anonymous said...

This was a good episode. First in years. Like how the.build up.was marriage trouble but then all is good. LOL. Matt getting every ounce of juice from TLC.

Anonymous said...

I am losing interest in this show because AMY has become so rude, inconsiderate, and controlling. I just saw a commercial when Matt was going along on his back hoe and she came running out and jumped in the bucket of the back hoe and tells Matt " we will do what I say" she has RUINED this show and needs to be taken off. poor Jacob he did not have the life that the other kids had and Molly's statement of last weeks show when they had "family game night" was so true!!! " my mother is a sore loser!!!" get her of the show before you lose so many viewers and it's taken off the air!!!!! please!!!

Eva said...

I think it's time to get rid of Amy Roloff. she has become so rude, and inconsiderate. I just saw a commercial on tv when she came running out and jumped in the buck of Matts back how and said "we do what I say we do" Matt works so hard to take care of the farm so more wedding will be booked and she stand there trying to take all the credit. Molly said it all on last week show when they had family game day. she said "my mother is a sore loser!!!! I absolutely agree and she is ruing the show. so get rid of her before you start losing viewers!!

Rap541 said...

Just curious, are you actually advocating Matt and Amy divorce so that ratings will be better?