Friday, November 15, 2013

Roloffs Lose Appeal On All Counts In Case VS Washington County

This will be a very brief update simply to pass along news.

As previously noted in articles both on our Spiritswander Blog and in places like Portland Business Journal, the Roloffs basically lost their case vs Washington County in the trespassing case. In the original lawsuit, most of the case was dismissed and then both sides reached an agreement.

However, the Roloffs appealed the decision. The Portland Business Journal had a few articles which were linked by Matt Roloff on his Facebook Fan Page about the Roloffs appealing the case.

The appeal has been heard and there has been a ruling.

The Roloffs lost the appeal on all counts including the part that involves this blog. Part of their stated reason for appealing was that the original judge (Judge Mosman) granted Spiritswander's Motion To Quash the Subpoena the Roloffs filed demanding that the personal and private information of myself and every person that has ever posted a comment on this blog be handed over to Matt and Amy Roloff. Matt posted on Facebook (and linked to his twitter at the time) that his act of subpoenaing Google was perhaps the "funnest" thing Matt had ever done in his life. The appeal court upheld the original ruling about the value of anonymous online speech outweighing the Roloffs need for discovery.

That's about all I can say say about the documents in the appeal because it says it is not for publication. If you are interested, it is available on the pacer website if you care to search for the case and spend the few cents it takes to access the documents.

People have been inquiring over the past several months so we are simply informing everyone of the decision. The appeal has been heard and the Roloffs lost.

I would like to once again thank everyone who offered their various forms of support to the Spiritiswander Blog throughout the entire process.


Rap541 said...

The website is and you will need a credit card to register. Once you have done that, you go to the Ninth Court and click. You then search for Matt Roloff - it will bring up the case and you then choose the last document. It will cost you a dollar or so, depending on whether you make mistakes or not.

Its not terribly fascinating reading but if you don't trust Spirit to tell the truth, its all there and available. I actually think that the not for publication is a reference to how the higher courts publish their groundbreaking decisions.

To sum up, the Roloffs lost on all counts. They have 90 days to file a writ of certiorari requesting the Supreme Court hear the case. However the Supreme Court declines most cases - they hear only 1% of the cases submitted.

I'm curious if there will be any public acknowledgement on the Roloff's part that the appeal failed.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Well, with what the Roloffs have been putting up on TV for public consumption, This is imply more proof that the Roloffs have no shame, no self respect, no conscience and no sense of what is good and right and true in the world. How can people be enamoured with this family?

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Hmmmm lots of reaction to this news.

Rap541 said...

Podge, the hard core fans - not naming names - aren't responding because they were loudly insisting Matt did win when the case settled and would win when the appeal was announced.

We probably won't hear anything from the actual Roloffs until they decide whether they are appealing to the Supreme Court or not. If they do appeal, Matt will laud himself as a "fighter" - if they don't then frankly I doubt we will ever hear the Roloffs speak of this again.

Unless, you know, they're presenting themselves as victims.

BeckyM said...

I meant to post something earlier but have been doing jury duty all week....

here it is....