Tuesday, December 3, 2013

New Episode: Little People, Big World Featuring The Roloffs December 03 "All Tangled Up"

This is a preview and then review of the new episode of "Little People, Big World" on TLC tonight at 9:00pm.

Little People, Big World All Tangled Up

"A job opportunity may mean big changes for Zach and Tori. When Zach looks for advice, Matt brags that he and Amy have worked well together this summer and suggests Zach take notice. Baffled, Zach challenges his parents to spend 24-hours tethered together!"


Review written by Rap541

So it’s the farm and Matt is playing with the piles of wood. Matt and Amy both work the cameras how they are learning to actually behave like children. Meanwhile Tory is looking for a real job teaching but she works on the farm for now. Zach tells Matt how she’s looking for work and Matt wonders how Zach and Tori work together. Zach notes they can’t work together for 24 hours. Matt finds his penis and one ups Zach and insists he could be physically tied to Amy. Amy notes how this won’t work. Matt notes how he doesn’t know how Amy spends her time and this will be good because he will see where Amy wastes time in her day. Matt calls Amy the ball on his chain.

They are tied together and immediately the stupid arguing begins as Amy notes she needs to make dinner and Matt can’t articulate his needs but doesn’t want to concede to her plan.

Amy continues to demand how she needs to make dinner. They argue and finally Matt concedes. As Amy works, she is also required to make him a sandwich and also listen to him bitch how she doesn’t manage her time well and how wrong she is. He notes how Amy doesn’t understand what a snack is. Zach and Jake discuss how ridiculous the storyline is. Zach btw plans to follow Tory to her job.

Matt refuses to do dishes and notes how wrong Amy is to do dishes and how dumb she is and how she has no sense of what needs to be done and how she has no sense of anything and is a stupid stupid bitch. Matt accuses her of showing off and he notes he’s getting nothing done. He notes he doesn’t recommend performing a stupid sitcom skit. Matt insists on stacking her work  and he continues to bitch incessantly how awful and dirty she is and he wants to quit as she takes out the trash. He ditched the tether because Amy is sooo awful.

Amy notes Matt needed a time out from being tethered. Matt notes how Amy has changed. He notes how they never worked out fundamental differences. Amy demands Matt rejoin the experiment – and despite his incessant bitching to the cameras how Amy is useless and dumb, he tells her to her face that he respects her and needs to get work done.

Zach finds Jeremy fiddling with a camera. Funny how Jeremy isn’t doing his school work and has no time to work on a wedding but has time to dick off in a field and play with a camera. They vaguely discuss their girlfriends.  Jeremy continues taking pictures of the trestle and not studying.

Zach returns to the house and Matt of course insists on lying to Zach about the tether and lying lying lying like a liar how he has been tethered to Amy. Zach clearly knows this is a lie but there’s cameras and when Matt lies, Jesus loves his lil dickens.

Also, in real, not made up for the tv, bets, Matt? Matt lil crybaby dickens? You lost the second you untethered so all the bragging at this point is Matt lying and making Baby Jesus cry.

Matt hauls Amy around on the forklift and insists she could be more useful to him if she tried. Apparently there was an abandoned dune buggy in the woods. Then Matt makes Amy do his paperwork. He acts like its amazing she knows the address to the farm. Matt condescends how helpful she is. Meanwhile Amy notes how Matt refuses to see that she has a place in the world that doesn’t match his vision.

Amy is in the kitchen making supper and Matt demands protein. Matt insists on going out and takes her to Pondos for a product placement. Meanwhile Zach, Molly, etc are left at home. Everyone is really warmly dressed for summer. Funny how Jeremy is not in this scene.

Pondo meanwhile makes a sex joke about the tether. Matt continues to pretend he didn’t dump the tether like a little whining bitch and acts like he’s gutting it out. Pondo hands out sage wisdom in exchange for the product placement. Pondo basically tells Matt to go screw his wife. Amy btw describes an evening with Matt as Matt sitting on the bed for hours watching tv.

Now its morning and Matt whines, despite quitting already, how hard it is to deal with Amy working out and making breakfast. Matt insists that the pancakes need to cook on his time. They proceed to have an argument over the pancakes.

Matt insists to Molly,Zach, Jeremy and Jake that they didn’t cheat.  All the kids note that Matt lied and lost and the stupid tether thing is done. Oh, and Tori that gold digging bitch who only sees Zach to be around Jeremy per Jeremy’s fans, has gotten herself a job teaching. Funny that.

Matt and Amy debrief from the tethering. Amy thinks Matt needs to be concerned about more than just himself. Matt asks what she thinks pillow talk is about…. Honestly I always thought pillow talk was about sex. Matt notes he goes right to the bedroom when he comes home. Amy notes that’s why he has no idea what the dining room table or the living room is like. Matt chides Amy for the very fact that they are sitting when they could be working. Matt insists he wants to watch the tree be pruned.  Matt cuts off all the reflection by answering his cell.


Timothy said...

Tethered together? Kill me now!

Yep, if anything says "real and raw" and every day normal activity it's "we'll be tethered together for 24 hrs."

Rap541 said...

Now Timothy, don't forget - if you call Matt and Amy Roloff on the staging and scripting, they'll cry to the skies how you're hating on them and how the show reflects the family accurately....

And if you call them anything they do ON THE SHOW like argue about divorce or publically note how they're such crappy businesspeople that they're two seconds from losing the farm, Matt and Amy cry to the skies how you're a hater and and a dumbass too for believing the show!

I personally would like to know how many *unfilmed* days the Roloffs spend tethered together. My guess? None.

LWBeach said...

Off topic, have you seend the tasteless post on Jacob's Twitter account regarding Paul Walkers's death? A hearse emblazoned with "Fast & Furious 7". So much for their Christian values.

Nancy said...

LWBeach, have you seen Jacob's Ask account?

I think posting a picture (or retweeting his friend posting a picture) is minor consider to some of the stuff Jacob has done or admitted to doing when considering his "Christian values"...His wild endorsement of smoking marijuana, his admitting to having sex with his girlfriends and calling people "annoying cunts".

Rap541 said...

I still like the whole "insignificunt" remark and since Matt reads Jake's ask.fm and has praised him, I really don't see why that charming term hasn't shown up on Matt's facebook.

Randy said...

That episode was so, so bad. Every single scene was so scripted, phony, staged, and whatever other word you can describe that means totally fake. And their acting is just god awful...I'm embarrassed for them as I'm watching the show.

I have no idea why I even still watch. I really used to enjoy the show the first few seasons, so maybe that's why I still stick with it.

Back when it first started, they actually had episodes where real stuff was actually going on that made it interesting to watch. They didn't have stupid stuff like family game day, or tying each other together for 24 hours, or pretending the dog was missing.

And the thing is, the Roloffs probably do have a lot of stuff going on in their lives that would be interesting to see, IF they actually filmed it. Instead, they come up with fake storylines. But really, that's how "reality" TV is...so LPBW is really no different than any other reality show out there.

Rap541 said...

I'm vaguely amused btw that apparently Matt has been notified that his insurance will be dropped and he needs to sign up for the Obamacare or get a new policy.

I ran the numbers on http://kff.org/interactive/subsidy-calculator/

using the zip code 97124 which is listed on his zip code. a silver plan for the roloff family, including all the adult children, assuming the Roloffs make 1.2 million (I was aiming low to be honest) would cost for the year... 9938 dollars.

Which yes... is a lot but we are talking about the *Roloffs* who insist they've been millionaires since before the show started - hey Matt, feel free to its not true that you've been a millionaire for years - and I am also pretty gosh darn certain there are episodes of LPBW where Matt tells the camera he doesn't have coverage and has to pay cash for Molly to have some growth removed from her tongue, complete with big wad of cash to flash to the camera.

My point? If you're gonna insist you're a millionaire then yes people will question why you can't afford 10k for healthcare, particularly when you can afford to tool around in matching mercedes and blow a minimum of 50k on a bridal suite house and however much the rarely used wine cellar costs.

Seriously, from just a *money* standpoint, the mercedes driving Roloffs who brag about their million dollar property and their many vehicles and their many many overseas jaunts.... really....they can't afford health care?

Maybe try not blowing money on stupid indulgent crap until you can write a check for your family with a myriad of pre-existing conditions and some injury tendencies? Or is it more important to be driving two mercedes while various classic cars sit in the garage?

KT said...

Did anyone else get a chuckle out of the kitchen scene, while tethered Matt proclaimed that Amy had never wanted to clean the house before but now since they're tethered she all of a sudden wants to? I also didn't know they had a house cleaner, which would explain why the kitchen isn't a wreck every time it's filmed now. And seriously, how many coffee cups does one family needs?! Holy smokes, the side shelf on the kitchen island looked about ready to spill over the side!

Mike P. said...

Zach and Tori do not kiss.

I realize that kissing Zach would be like kissing the grille of a '54 Buick, and maybe that's why it didn't happen. But still . . . you'd think that as a couple supposedly "involved," they'd manage a quick goodbye or hello smooch.

Just a quick peck, especially since she was leaving for an important job interview, and coming back from it. But, no.

I think that, inadvertently, some sort of truth is being told there.

Rap541 said...

Kt - I will throw them a bone on the coffee mugs. Mugs tend to be an easy souvineer. I personally have about ten I rotate.

Liam said...

Mike P., you're assuming that this scene filmed wasn't staged. At this point I doubt anything is genuine.

Christine said...

I just know that Matt is probably trying to use the unfortunate news about Jen Arnold (TLC's other dwarf show, the Little Couple) to his advantage.

Maybe he thought it will be good for the Roloffs because she wouldn't be able to do the show and that will open up the dwarf market for the Roloffs again.

Or maybe he is jealous in a sick way because she's going to continue filming and document her cancer battle.

She's getting a lot of publicity because of it.

I bet Matt in sick fame seeking way wishes one of the Roloffs had some sort of terrible diagnosis so they wouldn't need to fake all the "Someone gets tragic news next episode".

Ecossais said...

This has to be the worst episode ever, even worse than a whole episode about "Roloff Games".
Bitching and arguing from the start. Matt tearing the place up with a bulldozer and Amy screeching and jumping on the front blade. She must have seen the thing years ago when the Chinese student stood in front of a tank in Bejing.
Then we end up with Matt and Amy tied together. I am not sure just what the conversation was that led up to this because I can never understand half of what Zach says but the whole thing was so fake.
Somehow Matt and Amy end up outside with a rope tying them together and they half heartedly pull in opposite directions. From then on it is argue, argue, argue.
Does it matter if Amy "wastes" her
time. What is her "job" in Matt's opinion. At that point I changed channels.

This coming week doesn't look much better. The promo shows Matt complaining that he is in so much pain that he would like to cancel the wedding. What a joke - we all know very well that he doesn't HAVE TO DO ANYTHING. He just likes interfering and bellowing orders.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Well, I'd like to add a few questions to the thorough coverage of this farcical garbage.
Speaking of Rap's referral to product placement, when the tether was broken, and Amy was sitting on the couch, they blurred out the Apple symbol on the back of her laptop. What?
I was totally disgusted when Matt re-tied himself. He is so false, so horrible, so over-the-top. Don't his sheep realize that that this is the way he REALLY is, he REALLY works at his business and how he REALLY handles his affairs with everyone else.
Moving the rusted out dune buggy before pumpkin season??? That dune buggy has been on that place for quite a few pumpkin seasons already. What?
I am amazed at how self-centered these two are. They are incapable of seeing any other views but their own. What?

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Oh, they also blurred Zach's Apple symbol at the end of the show. What?
I wonder if Apple does NOT want their product associated with the Roloffs. Who knows, maybe the remember the fiasco that was Rockstar Energy Drink, and how their placement campaign was screwed by the Roloffs.

Rap541 said...

Podge - it could be as simple as TLC won't give away the product placement for free.

Mike P. said...

@Podge/Rodge 9:57--

I'd see the blurred Apple logo a different way:

The Roloffs tried to get (or make) Apple to pay for a product placement, and Apple declined the "opportunity."

So in response, the Roloffs blur the logo when they can. Thus showing Apple who's the boss. (LOL)

They still can't hide the Apple monitor and mini Mac on Matt's desk, or Jeremy's dual Apple monitors. That would take a LOT of blurring.

BeckyM said...

Podge blurring symbols of products is common now throughout reality television and documentary filming. I think it comes down to the producers trying to squeeze more money out of advertisers and if you don't advertise, hence you are blurred.

I can't remember but some comedy show had pears on their computers :D Portlandia has the Apple logo predominately displayed and since that is an arty-comedy show I bet Apple pays on that show. Why would Apple pay the Roloffs on a show that barely gets 1 million in viewership?

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Mike P., it is pretty hard to disguise the quite obvious 32" APPLE monitor on Matt's desk. I have an older model and there is no logo on the back, there doesn't need too be a logo on the back!
I wonder what the truth is: which side laughingly refused which side.
Becky, I'm not familiar with other reality shows, ever since the Rockstar BS I've been more attentive to the Roloffs blurring than any others.

k Has c said...

This show can't get much worse..watching old people fight and argue...BIG HUGE YAWN..just cant hardly wait for the next show. *snark* ooh and not to forget....will they or will they not lose the punkin farm. Will golden boy get caught up on his school work..what year will it be. bla bla bla......Will Zach kiss Tori...bla bla bla...will molly be happy with her car bla bla bla...and whats jake doing bla bla bla. Somebody stop this madness its putting me to sleep.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

I played back my recording of this particular episode and watched the credits as carefully as I could. I was looking for any credit for the 'writers', you know, the people who dream up the catchy phrases and premise-creating statements of philosophy and life in general.

Nada. Zilch. Zip. Zero.

This might be seen as a frivolous exercise to some, but I had to be certain that the Roloffs were taking full and unquestionable responsibility for the mindless drivel that we see being happily broadcast from TLC.
Statements such as Matt sitting atop the bulldozer whining, "I NEVER get to do what I want!" Uh, cough cough, pardon me? Or Amy, after being tethered, saying, "I HAVE to clean my house now."
at the very least I am now confident in the fact that you can look these two people in the eye and say, "You thought of that all by yourself, didn't you?" and actually mean it. They might even show a little pride, who knows?

Rap541 said...

I am just wondering, as I sit thru a rewatch of Matt not being able to handle being tethered to his wife for 24 hours... Why can't Matt articulate "the stuff" he needs to get done?

He's supposed to be a reasonably intelligent person. Why can't Matt say "I have a financial report to write, I have an interview to do" - why does it have to be "I have *stuff* and my *stuff* is more important than *woman stuff*"?

Also, Matt is forever a liar as he lies to his son about remaining tethered. I never ever want to hear "Matt is a *Christian!* and *does not lie* as we now have on camera, Matt Roloff casually and calmly lying to his son. I *never* want to hear it again, understood Christian fans? Matt lies. Matt is a liar. Never justify his behavior to me again with "Matt is a Christian and does not lie".

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Rap, I'm glad you pointed that out. I tried to mention it on Dec. 8 ay 9:53 AM, that this is how Matt REALLY is, works, and thinks of his public. The supporters cannot simply pooh-pooh this away.
And personally, my take on the reason why Matt does not articulate the "stuff" he needs to do is: he can't. He is not as intelligent as his supporters thinks he is, and ceratinly not as intelligent as HE thinks he is. What was his ranking at SAP America? If it was crystal clear exactly what Matt HAS to get done, it might not be the horrendous workload he is trying to lead us on about. Does anyone think that with his jumping from popject to project and business deal to business deal and this paperwork to that paperwork, that he is just as terrible at managing his time as he claims Amy to be? His organisational skills and supervosory tactics are ridiculously poor at the best of times. Maybe there is not that much there to show off about.
But, to be fair, he is getting every drop of juice out of TLC, according to one person. What does this say about TLC, people? You decide.

tomas said...

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