Tuesday, December 10, 2013

New Episode Of Little People, Big World On TLC Featuring The Roloffs: "Come Rain or Come Shine" - December 10, 2013

This is a preview and then review of the new episode of "Little People, Big World" airing tonight on TLC at 9:00pm.

Little People, Big World Come Rain or Come Shine 

The Roloffs need to prepare for pumpkin season - but with the last wedding of the summer still demanding their attention, the entire family is scrambling! Matt suffers from intense shoulder pain, and rain threatens to put a damper on the couple’s big day.


Review written by Rap541

So people are working. Amy meets with Caryn and Matt on the mule. Matt goes on about how they are way behind on pumpkin season. He’s totally worried about the kiddie fun zone that seems to involve large tractor tires. Amy notes how Matt doesn’t communicate squat.

Amy wanders into the sacred Matt office to chat up Matt. There’s a new wedding couple, Liz and Mike. They want a candy shop.  Its four weeks to the wedding and TENT ONLY IF RAIN.  Yup, Mike is a war vet… funny how the Roloff boys who aren’t handicapped never consider service. The bride wants rustic but elegant. Matt and Amy make it very clear the barn isn’t for people. The bride likes the church. The church is looking a tad ramshackle.

Matt screeches to no one “Lets get some work done!” He orders people to build an adventure park. Oh look, the Roloff kids put in a an appearance for under ten seconds. Matt tells Amy she’s in charge of the wedding because he needs to handle pumpkin season. He repeatedly insists its all on her and she repeatedly says no.

Two weeks to the wedding! Matt has an idea for “the special moment” an event that first and foremost leverages the farm. They have a little house in the woods idea but Amy worries about rain. Matt notes he may not have the strength to walk because life has taken its toll. Normally Matt guts through the pain to please us but…. He’s struggling and makes sure we know it. They examine the ratty barn. Matt basically bitches Amy out and says she likes to make him miserable and walks off.  Matt also hates the whole candy store idea and bitches Amy out again. Matt notes he may divorce her.

Now Matt is redoing the tour road and notes he is in excrutiating pain and it sucks to be Matt Roloff. Amy hauls the kids into the barn to clean it… again. I mean really, why is the wedding barn constantly needing cleaning? A tent goes up on the property. The wedding planner is fairly forceful but the groom insists they will marry in the rain.

Matt and Amy chat on mules. Matt wants to cancel the wedding. Amy notes he’s being ridiculous. Matt notes he’s in a ton of pain and has taken on too much. I’d be more sympathetic if a) we were talking about a real business and B) Matt wants the attention of the show more than his health.

One day to the wedding. Amy makes the kids play with Hershey kisses again. Amy tells them to make it look like an old fashioned candy store. The kids all look bored. The candy thing looks dumb. Matt wanders in and Amy fakes it with Matt for a bid. Btw, why is Matt the diabetic constantly stealing candy?

The dad of the bride is super happy.  They rehearse. The bride cries with dad.  Dad is real proud his girl didn’t have sex before marriage.

On the wedding, Amy is taking down the decorations from weddings past. Matt notes how he’s in constant pain.

The bride heads in to the “bridal suite”. They are still making the candy store? I think this is creative editing and Molly gets the plus points for artfully shilling the Hershey sponsor.

Matt notes he’s in horrible pain. He’s on the couch noting how the pain is sucking his energy.

Bridal stuff. The bride is wearing her grandmas dress but one of the bridesmaids screws it up. Panicky, they scrub it. THAT’S NOT WORKING!!

The bridesmaids consult Amy on stains. She heads over with club soda and no one (the bride especially) seems to question her wandering in with one bottle of club soda.

Matt rolls in, noting again how much pain he’s in but he needs to check on Amy’s work because she’s nothing but his vagina to plow.  Oh good god really? The candy store needed to be worked on hours before the wedding?

The bride is really into wearing Grandmas dress. Btw, the storm of the century is coming. It begins to pour.

So the bride heads out despite the rain. The groom thinks the downpour started on cue. Its really raining and thundering. It is like *pouring*. Now they are hauled into the barn and are soaked. Now the candy store and ice cream bar is opened.  Caryn suggests Matt and Amy try to help the bride. There is hair dryer drying. Matt notes how horrible the bride’s situation is.

Amy reads off some lines about the bride and groom being wet. Huh, the special moment is a pretend house in the barn. Then we have the bride’s dad talking. Then slow dancing by the bride and groom.  Finally the couple is thrown out by the Roloffs. There’s endless chatter. Matt notes the most important thing is pumpkin season.

Oh hey, next week where Matt and Amy discuss divorce. Ain’t that great?


Miller said...

The more I read this website the more I can not believe I take the time to watch this show. Anyone else believe that the entire dress in the grass was completely contrived? I don't think the final dress was even the same as the one the bridesmaid was carrying. How are they getting these people to go along with the storyline?

Deloris said...

Matt is a total jerk! He wants it all but doesn't do the work. He just wants to bark orders.

whatever said...

Just so we're all clear...we get thunder maybe twice a year here. It *might* have been one of those times, but I think someone got happy with the thundersheet in the sound effects.

Brandon said...

That was painful to watch. It seemed even more boring than the others with the contrived "wedding disaster" plot.

Funny how they all knew rain would threaten to ruin this wedding from the very start but not the others.

Do they use the exact same scenes of "the entire family pitching in" to help get ready? Because I swear we already saw the "kids" help by putting Hersey kisses into bowls...

And cue the 20 second scene of the "kids" sweeping something and focusing on Jeremy as being the big helper.

I did notice btw that Jeremy was nowhere to be found after the actual wedding when the bride and groom were thanking the Roloffs. Matt, Amy, Molly, Zach and Tori.

Megan said...

Jacob must have been in a too stoned of a state to even put in an appearance in this episode. He didn't speak once and his back was shown for about 3 seconds in a group scene.

Christine said...

"Oh hey, next week where Matt and Amy discuss divorce."

This show has the exact same plot, episode after episode, week after week, season after season.

Cue the dramatic announcer "the Roloffs lives will change forever!" but nothing actually changed.

A fake wedding business where ever wedding is on the verge of blowing up but is saved by a last second miracle.

Matt and Amy hint about divorce for the 8 millionth time.

Matt is in pain. Matt and Amy argue some more. Throw in a few words about Jeremy being the golden boy success and Zach being a failure and repeat year after year.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Miller at 8:34 PM, I didn't take the time to watch the show. I flipped back and forth from an interesting documentary on the Universe to the Roloffs.
I am grateful for Rap to take the time out of his/her day to re-cap and review the show, thanks Rap! The reviews are getting shorter, I know, becasue let's face it people, there. Just. Isn't. That. Much. There. Anymore.
I am starting to wonder if this is a tactic from the crafty (??) Roloffs? If they air the same claptrap every week, then the detractors and haters who hate and people who can see through the BS will get tired and fed up and stop tuning in and leaving truthful reviews such as the ones you see here. THEN the supporters will be free to bask in their idolatry of Jeremy (which is a sin, and you know who you are) and free to post to Matt's Facebook page wishing him well and offering their hopes for his resolution of all the problems with Amy.
Sage big MR, sage.

Rap541 said...

It also didn't escape me that as soon as the last wedding was done, Matt's intense and amazing desire to bulldoze it all and redo it ended.

nascar1 said...

I thought I had read somewhere; where The Roloffs had sole the farm & were living in Lower California?. I Personaly 'jmho' have enjoyed the series & am taking sides with Neither Matt or Amy. As you should know, things are added in the production of any 'Movie' 'Play'or ect. to give it more kick.

clever monkey said...

I believe I still watch this show because I enjoyed it when the children were young.

It is painful now with the children being forced to be filmed and the bad script they all have to follow.

Having grown children this age...I know being filmed with Mom and Dad is the LAST thing they want to do.

I guess when you are Amy and Matt's age...they feel like they should continue to make the show and take the money....

As far as the kids still being dependent...that is quite common these days, unfortunately.

Frustrated Viewer said...

These episodes are getting more and more pathetic. The underlying problem is the only thing that was interesting at all was the family. But now that Jeremy and Molly have moved out/on, there is not much left to the family. Zach just hangs around pretending to want a career while waiting to take over the farm and make his gal pal be a farm housewife. The only one I sympathize with is Jacob. Regardless of how scripted the show may be, his only role is to be ignored (“we are empty nesters now that the kids are gone”) or to be brow-beaten about how useless he is. And this is not new – throughout the entire run of the show, real or not, Jacob is always shown as the loser or the brat. It is no wonder Jacob hates the show and won’t do more on the show than he is forced to. All of which just leaves the tired Amy/Matt story lines to be repeated over and over again, and the fake weddings.

Anonymous said...

@Frustrated Viewer Amen!

interceptor said...

I didn't see the new assistant that they hired a couple episodes ago. Was just wondering why they hired her for one wedding, I wonder if she quit or Amy let her go.

They don't seem into the wedding business for real, because otherwise wouldn't they bring the barn up to code so they could have people in it. The wine cellar/bomb shelter doesn't look very safe either.

Didn't seem wise to stay outside if weather was so bad, a little lightning and it could have ended much differently.

Anonymous said...

I am just shocked at how terrible Molly's cystic acne has gotten. It has progressed over the "summer". It looks like awful scarring is occurring now. Not to mention she has put on at least 20 pounds. Is Jeremy the only one they take care of?

We know this family has never been clean, and perhaps personal hygiene was not given much attention.


Rap541 said...

Oh hey, Matt's off to Hawaii by himself again.

Since you know, he was whining about how financially strapped the family was with the burden of purchasing healthcare, I'd like to point out that he can't be that bad off and worthy of sympathy if he's still able to jet off to the islands.

Or is Matt having vacay by himself more important than health care? Who knows, since you know.... even tho Matt's braying about it for sympathy on facebook, how the Roloffs afford Hawaiian vacations but are worried where the money is coming from for their health care is probably going to be deemed "too private"

Anonymous said...

How.does TLC let.this.go on. The show.is so scripted now. This is.so far from.real. Amy has tons of resentment for Matt its.sad. This man has worked to give.you millions and yet tons of resentment. Matt Rollof please move on. The only part of this show that is real is.Armys resentment.

Anonymous said...

I stopped watching this show once the kids grew up and the premise of learning more about little people adapting to the predjudice of society disappeared. Now I just see promos about amy and matt bickering like five year olds. Boring...

Just a Thought said...

Why on earth did they not rent a big tent to cover the wedding ceremony and guest, if rain was impending...lesson learned people!! Oh wait....I guess it wouldn't have made for such a good "story"...hmmmm.

I smell a script...reality done!

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

I'm been considering my "use repetiton to bore us to sleep" tactic mentioned Dec. 11 at 6:15 AM. I've tried to take in all the evidence of Matt and Amy's collective intelligence, from the horrendous spelling (made by a family member) to the truth of knowledge and ability as proved in a court of law (from court documents) to the stubborn self-derived derogatory opinion of others made on most ocaissions (from coffee chats and interviews), I am beginning to wonder if this is 'the best they've got'?
Let's think aobut this for a moment. The material presented does not change. Eg. there just HAS to be a wedding drama, the dropped chandelier is the most contrived crap I've seen in a long time, the late professional caterers, which Amy HAD to help, etc etc I won't bore you with any more detail.
The plots don't change. Matt and Amy do not get along. Jeremy is the State, the State is Jeremy. The millionaire pumpkin farmer might not be a millionaire tomorrow. Matt bites off more than he can chew. Matt gets his way. Matt says he NEVER get his way. Amy thinks she has something to say. Amy says diddly with any substance. Zach is a waste of time. Molly is a waste of skin. Jacob is just plain wasted.

I do not believe I should raise the question of TLC's ownership of the content, because I can't understand their expectations and intentions in the first place.

What are we left with? Matt and Amy, as producers, cannot come up with any new ideas, any new situations or ocnditions, any other ways to present their opinions and feelings about other people, life in general, their family, or their staff.
The ONLY example they and their sheep and supporters can put forward is the "family game day", which was not well planned, not executed well, and not wholesome family entertainment. However, it was honest in portraying the true personalities of the family. Amy is a picky whiny bitch, Matt tries to change the rules to suit him, then pouts and runs away like a child, Jeremy cries when he gets caught, Molly laughs at the whole affair, Zach and Tori are just 'there' and Jacob takes an interest just as the party is ending.
This is the best they've got. The best.

According to the lead-ins, next week Matt and Amy are going to discuss divorce. Again. Still. I was going to suggest one mehtod of making it 'new' was discussing divorce in Mandarin or Swahili, but they have enough difficulty with English right now. Goodness, what WAS I thinking?

Ashley said...

About the lack of plots? Or plots that are mind-numbingly boring and contrived?

Do you think anyone with TLC or the production company has ever suggested they do something...gasp..real?

A 16/17 year old pot head who hates has no respect for anyone except his golden boy brother.

That would make an interesting show. But they refuse to do anything remotely real.

They are left with "Let's say Matt and Amy were tethered together!

A silent camera panning through Jacob's 1600 Ask account would be the most riveting and interesting LPBW episode perhaps ever!

Rap541 said...

The problem is that the Roloffs really don't want to do a reality show anymore. Don't get me wrong, Matt and Amy very much want to continue to be on tv. They clearly enjoy the fame and the money and the perks. The kids? Probably enjoy the perks and money. They clearly don't like being on camera. I think its fairly obvious, for example, that Jeremy came home for the summer to goof off, screw around at Mueller's wedding and spend some time in the BVIs, and possibly to hang out with his girl friend. He clearly didn't come home to help with the weddings or to be filmed. Jake clearly doesn't want to be filmed. Zach appears to stage moments with his girlfriend for the camera. Molly is barely visible.

And funny, none of the many many friends are over, on camera, this summer. No bonfires, no "kids" hanging out, no one even talking about doing anything other than "we four Roloff kids went inner tubing" or "we four kids are having family game day down on the farm!".

Hell, we don't even get to see Jeremy even speak to his girl. A good third of the shows are the wedding couple interviewing, and another third is usually Matt and Amy either giving the couple a tour or debating the increasingly innane "special moment".

They don't want to do anything real on camera, so they make up a business and then get pissy when they get called on how the "wedding business" only exists for the cameras.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Fair play to you, Ashely! I did jnhot leave room in my post for the tethering 'plot' as being new and improved viewing for the whole family. I guess I just don't know anyting about the varied and far-reaching imagination of Matt and Amy Roloff. How could I make so grievous and error, seeing as I went to all the trouble to mention Matt's outright lying in real life as lower than a snake in the grass (and my apologies to the snake) but backing up that opinion with an example from an earlier season when Matt gives Jeremy pointers how to screw his friends out of money that Matt gave him to collectively get work done that should have been done anyway, would be seen as hating on poor little Matthew. But, as Matt said to Jeremy, "That's how you run a business, son."
And yet they still maintain they are christians.

Ryan Velasco said...

Matt needs a vacation in Maui several times a year to get away from all the stress from being at home.

All of us go to work but he stays at home and gets all beaten up. Makes sense.

k Has c said...

@ whatever- You are soo right we only get thunderstorms like that about 2 times per year. I do agree with you on the thunder sounds--ooh those sound effects people=alil' over done. As for the rain well we do get that alot..but then again we do have local weather people who give us daily..weekly and minute by minute weather updates so we do know when its going to rain here..geesh roloffs who are you kidding *SNARKY JAB*. Funny thing too is where do they advertise to have these weddings? Never seen one ever. Rap another episode about divorce...im soooo damned excited, ya know i just cant hardly wait. They need to get a new problem other than "divorce" cuz who cares..same old same old. Their grown kids acting like spoiled lil' babies ...they have run that one into the ground as well. I sure am glad that abc, nbc and cbs has some pretty good shows on...Almost Human is good...so is Dracula and Mom...i know off the topic of LPBW but hey they are boring as heck with their same old duff. I'm not going to watch any longer but will be on here to see what everybody has to say. ciao~ Hark do i hear a thunder clap...MMM...no i do not. Happy Holidays Rap and all others...ho ho ho Merrrry Christmas!

Ecossais said...

I see that the next episode is just more of the same - catastrophe looms for pumpkin season and more about how shaky their marriage is.
I cannot understand why TLC continues with this "show".
Surely the ratings cannot be good.

Tezca said...

I remember watching this episode during the marathon the other day, I have to say it is just one more evidence that a train wreck is happening pretty much so to speak over the season.

I thought Matt was just being rude and such in how he responded to Amy about her idea like really? Why does he have to think all of her ideas are horrible until later or something. I bet if the candy store was his idea he would've thought it was the best idea ever and gone with it from the start.