Tuesday, December 17, 2013

New Episode Of Little People, Big World Featuring The Roloffs: "Crossroads For The Roloffs" December 17th at 9:00pm On TLC

This is a preview and then review of the new episode of "Little People, Big World" airing tonight  at 9:00pm on TLC.

The episode is called "Crossroads For The Roloffs":

The Roloff Family dynamic is changing. Jeremy and Molly return to school as Zach moves into a new house. Pumpkin season catastrophes push Matt and Amy to their limits - and after 25 years of marriage, they question whether there’s still a future together.


Review written by Rap541

Weird thing I noticed while watching reruns. Amy is all “why is it leaking??” in the wine cellar, but she’s standing right next to the gaping hole in the bricks. Also when Matt is giving Jer the pep talk on doing good in school, Jeremy is rolling his eyes and unable to look directly at his father. And who wants to bet we never see Heidi again? Oh and despite the serious concerns everyone expressed in the Family Game Day episode, not once in the other episode did I see a Roloff, or anyone with a Roloff put a seat belt on while driving the mules. There’s even one lovely scene of Matt and Heidi rolling up and there’s a full on shot of Matt not wearing a seat belt.

Also the commercial leading into this final episode are cloying. And if Molly and Jeremy expect to be provided a bed over summer break, Christmas break, and whatever break, and for their stuff to be stored at the house, and Mom and Dad pay for their places at school, they aren’t actually moved out.

Btw Person of Interest was really awesome!

So in previously, Matt and Amy bitch at each other.

The farm is desolate and Amy and Matt eat dinner by themselves.  Apparently Zach moved out and now since Matt and Amy are alone (screw Jacob, they’re already talking grandkids) Matt pointedly states “I’ll move to Maui and call me when the grandkids arrive.”

Four weeks earlier, Matt is chiding Amy how he’s sooo beat and he doesn’t like the weddings and he clashes constantly with Amy. Matt harps on pumpkin season and he’s so exhausted. Amy notes that she’s told Matt to calm down for years and doesn’t appreciate his bitching.

Matt and Amy check the pumpkins and the harvest looks like crap.

Also the kids are doing headshots with camera equipment. Jeremy notes this is the last summer (as opposed to the various last summers) Amy notes her empty nest and how she misses the dog.

Matt notes how despite not showing any of it, there’s been a massive push to build the funzone. Matt says he’s been working so hard he hasn’t seen the kids.

Molly demands a car from Amy.

Jeremy notes Molly wants a car. Molly wants a small SUV. Jeremy and Molly drive the jeep. This is all about how close they are, nicely staged since in the actual scene they barely speak out loud.

Now there’s a staged scene with some kids who are “testing” the fun zone for the cameras.  Matt notes Amy needs to shut her mouth and let him work with the kids because she’s in his way.  In fairness Amy is a bit gripy but really neither of them are good with kids who aren’t theirs.

Amy enters the sacred office. Matt notes all the kids hated the fun zone and he’s sure it’s a disaster and he’s too old and is throwing in the towel! Is Matt bipolar. He wants to close down pumpkin season because he’s old.

Now Jeremy and Molly are leaving and even tho Jake is home, Amy notes she and Matt are alone. Jeremy notes his life is now in Santa Barbara despite his incessant whining that he’ll always be an Oregon farmer. Interestingly he finally seems to see the dysfunction.

Matt notes how tough it was seeing *Jeremy* leave. Not all the kids, just Jeremy.

Matt hands off a brand new SUV to Molly. Because all normal families have the new car driven by the salesman to their home. There’s a deathless scene between Molly and Jacob. Molly notes she hopes Jake moves the hell out.  There’s a lengthy good bye and Molly diplomatically notes Matt and Amy will have to “rediscover”.  Now Zach moves into a house. Matt doesn’t bother to show for this.  Zach notes how having kids was keeping Matt and Amy together.

Matt chides Amy for not planning. Matt notes how Amy is a piece of crap who never listens to him. Matt notes how if people aren’t lined up, they’re screwed.  Now pumpkin season starts. I note btw that no one seems to be in the pumpkin pavilion. Also the credit card machines are down.  Oh the farm has an ATM?

Amy apologizes to the customers.  Matt is grabbing some wireless gadget.  Matt wants to have the trebuchet fire because his *dream* has been to have it fire off, and of course he insists on having Jake fire it. And of course because it’s a piece of crap, its lucky no one was killed with it. Amy does a tractor tour.  To be fair, she’s fairly funny on the tour.  Amy notes life isn’t actually a fairy tale.

So Matt does a tour for the cameras as well.  The power goes out on the microphones and Matt notes he’s emotionally exhausted. He talks as we see film clips of the family in younger days and Matt notes how maybe he’s done with the farm now that the kids are moved out. Matt tells Amy he is fried from the work. Matt bitches and moans and he notes how careless and stupid it was. There’s lots of bitching and moaning. Now we’re back to the show start of the eerie farm and Matt bitter and angry. Amy makes Matt steak. Amy haybales that she prefers to stay married but things need to change. A rarity, Matt and Amy pray before eating. This is a rehash of the start.

Matt and Amy talk with their mouths full. Amy wants to see her kids and grandkids. Matt notes how small that is and feels he’s stuck on the farm and wants to quit. Matt notes how they are in a dark transitional stage, and how he has nothing in common with Amy. Oddly, Amy is pretty happy with her life. Matt notes how they don’t travel well. Amy notes she’s not going on a trip with Matt if she’s just going to be tested the entire time. Amy notes Matt doesn’t care about anything with the farm and the house and their life. Amy notes Matt’s isn’t happy unless whatever is in front of him is new. Matt notes that things shouldn’t be this hard. Oh Matt, stop being a douche. You want your way. Amy has called it completely – a trip together is Matt judging Amy on everything and Matt isn’t required to make any concessions.  I don’t particularly care for either Amy or Matt at this point but Amy does concede a lot to Matt while Matt constantly calls Amy out as a useless incompetent bitch a lot.


Timothy said...

Something seems really odd that they'll do segment after segment about buying clothes or a couch or a car, but, "Oh by the way, Zach is moving into his house"...just slips by without any talk.

They said "Zach's house" that he's living in with roommates.

Did Zach buy the house? Are they renting it?

There must be a reason why they didn't focus on it.

Anonymous said...

What about Jacob? It is like he doesnt exsist

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Timothy, from all the input I've seen/heard, they have said that zach moved into "his" house. That Zach BOUGHT a house. This requires verification, but it might turn into a real kick in the teeth of the LOSER SQUAD that condemns Zach. It's a common practice to make up the downpayment and then get roommates to help pay the mortgage. If you are fortunate enough to put 25% down over 25 years, two roommates will just about cover the mortgage, and you look after the taxes.

While I'm here, I might as well write my initial impressions of the episode. I'm getting the impression that even Matt and Amy have realized that they simply can't milk the 'marriage problem' storyline any further. I feel they are both fed up.
OK, so what if they finally put themselves, and us, out of our collective misery and divorce?
a) the Matt sheep will be happy that that awful pushy woman will leave their hero alone, because Matt is such a sweet adorable man.
b) the Amy supporters will be happy that she is free of the lies, deceit and constant complaining of the person that has held her back from developing as a complete person, with something to say in the real world.

There will be no fence-sitters on this issue, it seems to me. The majority of the people who defend neither of them, like myself, will just be serene and resigned that it is finally over with, and we can all move forward with our lives. "Just do it, and get it over with" thank you dry much, and have a nice day.

Molly went back to school. So……….what? Heck, I'll buy the Chevelle if she doesn't want ti.

Jeremy James Jesus went back to school. So……..what? His 'thoughts' lol on his parents can hardly be seen as insightful.

Zach went to 'his' house. So……what?

Amy said yet again, that they are empty nesters! And Jacob is still at home, for at least two more years. The Amy supporters feel this attitude is justified but I have no idea how.

Matt is tired, and sore, and needs a break, and wants to live on Maui, and wants to leave all he (and his micro-managed staff, and all his minions including his own father in the early years) has created. The Matt supporters feel so sad for Matt.

You know, one impression I got from tonight's episode, is Matt finally has and was made to realize that it's not all about him. THAT was the straw that broke the 'lil dicken's back folks. Simply too much to bear.

Maybe they need some new money from producers of pumpkin food products. After all, maybe Matt truly has squeezed every ounce of juice out of TLC.

All we can do is hope.

watcher said...

Yes they kept saying they were all alone now whilst jacob was in his room playing video games. jacob barely spoke and looks sad.

punkin' said...

This is the Matt and Amy show don't you know that? Jacob has been pretty non existant from the beginning. Good for you Zach congrats on the house, to bad Matt and Amy make it all about themselves. Most of us would rather hear of the goings on of the kids. Who gives a flipin' fig about will Amy and Matt divorce...who cares?

jay jay said...

Matt is going through a deep depression that Amy is oblivious to. She disagrees with everything he says without giving it any thought. They definitely need professional help.

sscooter43 said...

I wonder what happen during the episode. I totally forgot that it came on last night.

Anonymous said...

What about.Jacob...he is.the youngest and the most impressionable.. Matt, Amy ...chill out. every couple big or little go thru shit!!! Wake up, you have a lot to lose... nothing like kids having to split their time between parents & grandparents. I am a product, by kids are a product...

Melanie said...

"Christian" Jeremy is so full of it. It might be the last summer they'll see each other? Yeah right! Just like he barely sees his family anymore? That's what he says on the show but in reality he's taking trips back home all the time.

Anonymous said...

How many effing cars does jeremy have? Jeel, VW bus, orange car thing....motorcycle? I'm 23 and I can barely afford gas let alone three cars...

Anonymous said...

Molly seems to be the only normal sucessful and respectful Roloff kid... she is doing normal 19 year old stuff and going to college.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Hey Rap, I'm pretty sure Zach fired the trebuchet. They did two shots of him not having the physical weight to trip the release. Then of course, one small obvious problem reared its head yet again, and Matt could not bring himself to realize that he has no idea whatsoever how to build and level a trebuchet. His lack of knowledge combined with the conceit that he thought he HAD knowledge, severely injured injured his son and friend/business partner. Thankfully the only injury from this infantile escapade was a deceased pumpkin. Who says Matt doesn't get overly dramatic? "The trebuchet is dead. It will NEVER be fired again." Good. Let us bow our heads in fervent thanks. At least you won't put any more permanent scars on your non-existent invisible empty-nest son.

OK, so all the "real and raw" contrived garbage aside, they are still smiling for the cameras jet-setting around the US looking for joint ventures to take unfair advantage of (remember Rockstar Energy Drink?) with pumpkins from their patch that didm't look all that great. A few seasons ago, Matt made no bones about letting us know that he was buying a lot of pumpkins from other farms to stock his "own" patch. I wonder of that still happens. We could ask their staff, but I think they are sworn to secrecy more binding than the Freemasons. Why is that, anyway? What has Matt got to hide?

Rap541 said...

Podge, I just think Matt outlined exactly how selfish he is. "I'll move to Maui and call when when the grandkids are born."

Frankly, thats one of the most hurtful things I've ever heard a man say about his family - that he could so shit care less that he is not to be bothered by his family until they crap out some grandkids. You know what? I even felt bad for Jeremy when Daddy Matt brayed that particular brand of selfish asshole out for the world to see.

And I am sure some Matt fan is going to complain how Matt has done everything for his family - well, Christ on the Cross, isn't a man *expected* to provide for his kids? I mean, sure, kudos to Matt for not running off the second he knocked up his wife. Now put that in perspective with "You're my child and I don't want to be bothered unless you have bred me a grandchild. Leave me to things I actually enjoy until then".

And thats before I harp on the empty nest and kid who is so unsupervised he's going on about his pot use and his sexxing his girl.

Anonymous said...

My prayers for a rekindling of marriage vows. We too are empty nesters and things change... enjoy one another in your twilight years...you truly have been blessed with a wonderful family....take timeto reflect and enjoy what the good Lord gave you. Ecc.9:9

Anonymous said...

look Matt has done more than enough for his adult children. His hard work is the show that helped his kids and wife live a pampered life. I think Matt likes getting his way. If its not his way hes not going to join in. Before this episode I thought Amy was the problem now not so much. He dosent like her. She is probably the only person in his life that tells him no and calls him out. Matt doesnt like to be told no. I hope they do divorce they seem so resentful.

Vic Rattlehead said...

Yawn sigh,

Yet more manufactured drama from the family that has become the TV equivelant of herpes simplex B:

Matt & Amy fight like they hate each other (and they probably do), either file for divorce or don't and stop jerking the audience around.

Jeremy is still an idiot man-child pretending at being an adult.

Zack is still the "loser" son despite actually trying to do his own thing in an honest manner.

Molly seems to be there at gunpoint and poor Jacob has become the phantom son who is only seen sporadicaly like an apperition and is clearly unwanted uncared for and unloved by his parents.

beckym said...

Lol anon! You do realize Matt and Amy have a son still underage and living at home? Despite the fairy story they are not empty nesters.

Reading just another misinformed crazy Christian post who quotes the bible to justify the crazy is always good for a giggle.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Rap, I agree with you assessment of Matt's selfishness. I feel Amy is equal to that degree of being selfish, but my problem is in coming up with ONE most glaring example. That is not to say Matt has not repeatedly reached or new levels in disgusting-ness, they are about equal in that regard. but Amy deserves the research to come up an equivalent one-liner.

Mike P. said...

It ended like The Sopranos: minor tension, nothing happens, cut to black.

Anonymous said...

Their dinner eating manners was shocking! Really, I know you are at home, and it's just you and your douche husband, but Amy eats like a horse.

I'm trying to notice if I seen the kids eat?

Molly has gained at least 20 pounds! And Amy's arse...well she needs to be careful or she will start feeling the pain in her hips and knees, if she hasn't already.

I do believe Matt is in terrible pain. And I am sorry about that. Maybe if he had taken the time when he was younger to deal with his shoulders, I don't know. But if he has shoulder surgery he will most likely be confined to the scooter.


Frustrated Viewer said...

I want to say a word in defense of Jacob.
Okay, the show is not „real. “ It is totally scripted by TLC and by the producers of the show. But the producers are none other than Matt and Amy Roloff themselves. So whatever their “real” life might be, you have to admit they choose how they want to portray things on the show, and they do it in a very consistent way. That says to me that they, maybe unwittingly, are actually showing us part of the truth.
Specifically, they treat Jacob as a non-person, unless he is being trotted out to be shown as a loser. This episode again, the ghostly empty house and the “we are alone, let’s end this” dialog (for the umpteenth time over many seasons) while Jacob is in his room – a currently 16 year old who is going to be living at home for at least the next two years. Is there any doubt that the way his parents choose to portray him on the show must have at least a grain of truth about their attitudes in it in real life? They just aren’t that good at acting.
And Jacob also takes a lot of pointless flak from viewers. They don’t like that he smokes pot. Okay, I don’t smoke pot either, but hundreds of thousands of people, young and old, do. So much so that it is decriminalized in many places, is legal in many places for medicinal uses, and even is legal for recreational purposes in several states. And the statistics also show that lots of teenagers are having sex, which you may or may not like personally, but clearly they show Jacob is not some abnormal kind of Satan Spawn for having sex.
And, leaving that aside, Jacob comes across as bright and self-possessed despite everything. The few times he wants to speak or is allowed to speak on the show, he does so in coherent thoughts and sentences. He doesn’t make up words like Jeremy often does in his little hay bales. He doesn’t mispronounce words like “flustrated” Amy. And if you read his ask.fm posts, they do tend to be written well. He may not be highly motivated (and who would be, living with Amy and Matt) but despite that he appears to be a pretty together 16-year old kid. I hope he does what Molly said this week, and gets out as soon as he can.

BeckyM said...

Scratching head... usually these types of filmed reality eps ends with some sort of faux meaningful understanding and reuniting of the couple. So I guess I don't understand why the Roloffs are airing all their dirty linen to the public about their failing marriage, if they aren't going to throw a bone to their fan saying "we still love each other and will work hard despite all the trials and tribulations."

I guess I'm not getting the scripted storyline from reading these reviews. If the marriage is in this sad state it says nothing good about either of them. Matt leave the family you are so uninvolved in and live out your days in the sun - you have the money to do so especially if you sell the farm land. If my health was that poor I would definitely "retire" and move some place warm (my brother has degenerative arthritis so I know a warm climate is far better for joint and bone pain).

Amy look for some peace and quiet as you have a lot more years to enjoy your life. I wouldn't want to listen to that demeaning crap all day long.

Anyway still don't understand why anyone watches or defends this crap as "good family television."

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Frustraed Viewer, welcome to the small and beleaguered club that sees the situation, and Jacob's life and treatment, for what it really. is. Both the Executive Producers have many supporters who still believe their "good family television" and think that Jacob is in fact, the Devil Incarnate.
There are still those that defend Matt and Amy as 'christian' and I have not been able to fathom their reasoning for a long time, if ever, FV.
I've written on this blog in the past how Jacob was vilified repeatedly by his father. Matt's attempts to show him as a wimpy, crying loser who was not entitled to lick the crap of Jeremy's shoes are as sickening as they are numerous. I do not blame Jacob for any of his behaviors. Hold him responsible, yes, but not blame him.
It's actually quite sad how a good many people are so blind to the REAL reality of what is happening with this family. Thank goodness some people still understand.

Mike P. said...

@Frustrated Viewer:

I've long believed that Jacob's disdain for the show grows out of the way he was always depicted on it.

Always, he was the whiny little brother, hurt and crying, incompetent, an obstacle, a "wait for me" annoyance to his older siblings.

There may have been some truth in that, but not the whole truth. And I guarantee, no little kid, knowing the truth about himself, would accept that portrayal or agree willingly to participate in it.

And it's not that he didn't try. In the early seasons, he is shown right in the center of things, doing his part for the show. But his behavior changed following the trebuchet accident.

And you're right: His many and various posts have (until lately) been literate, grammatically accurate and spelled correctly. Unlike his brothers, he is no dolt.

I've always been--and I remain--on Jacob's side.

Allison said...


Frustrated viewer, Podge/Rodge, Mike P., and Spiritswander themselves are all kissing Jacob's butt.

I have found it to be a very disturbing trend on this blog. Ever since Spirits Wander began sucking up to Jacob about his Ask.fm.

He is a rude, foul-mouthed brat. He is a drug user who has admitted to only having the account so he can insult people in an environment he controls.

For that he gets praise. Call someone a "cunt". Get praised for being honest about his "feelings".

Oh, I get it, you don't like that Matt and Amy put him on the show, therefore you all have a "blame the parents" mentality. Let him be as rude and disrespectful as he wants and never hold him accountable because it's his parents fault.

People need to get over and hold these brats accountable.

No matter what you think of Matt or Amy, Jacob did take to twitter to tweet to the world that everything he despises in people, Amy has those characteristics. Bashing his own mother on twitter! It even came out on Ask that Jeremy (who had issues of his own, but looks good compared to Jacob these days) has made it clear to Jacob that he does not like it when Jacob bashes on Amy on social media.

Jacob can do anything he wants on twitter or Ask, and people like the 4 I mentioned and more, PRAISE this brat for his bad behavior.

On a final note, Jacob's "brightness" is his arrogance and an example of him being a jerk to massage his own ego. He will make fun of a question that contains grammatical error and pretend as though he is perfect, but he is not.

He is a disrespectful and unmotivated brat. I don't care if you ALSO place some blame on Matt and Amy for being contributing factors, but call a spade and spade and don't for God's sake praise this kid (17 in less than a month) for his horrible behavior.

I was ready to boycott this blog after I read Spirit Wander's write up describing Jacob's activity on his Ask account as "gracious" and a "nice" gesture.

Is this the twilight zone where nobody can see things as they are?

Vic Rattlehead said...


You seem to be more than a little thick in the head.

Matt & Amy treat Jacob like he was for lack of a better term "an accident" and they've done their best to let him know that they don't love him or want him around them and have done so in a public form no less.

Could it be perhaps that a lifetimes worth of being compared to his brothers (who aren't all that great themselves) and then constantly gettting chastised for not being more like them along with copious amounts of passive aggressive emotional/psychological abuse at the hands of his parents who refuse to let him be who he really is (a sweet sensitive boy) has done him a world of damage?

Could it be that they chose to publicly humiliated him over and over again for no other reason than his parents are money grubbing attention whores who would have happily sold him to a child molester for the right price?

Does he not have the right to be even a little resentful of those things, or should he just "shut up and do what daddy matt wants"?

Make no mistake about it Matt & Amy Roloff are despicable people whose massively dysfunctional relationship and piss poor child rearing has caused incalculable amounts of damage to their youngest.

Carrie said...

Um, I don't think Jacob should ever be described as a "sweet, sensitive boy". lol

While he is who he is because of crappy parenting choices, he still is nothing to be proud of.

I also know that "all 16 year olds" are like that is not true.

BeckyM said...

Allison, for me personally, I don't think much of Jacob. Neither do I think much of Jeremy, Zach or Molly. None of them have shone intelligence or drive in a manner that I find admirable.

However, what needs to be put into consideration is the damage that REALITY TELEVISION FILMING has done to this family. The kids were given scripted roles to play (read up about how reality television is actually scripted and character traits given to individuals for a scary enlightenment).

Jeremy thinks a lot of himself No wonder with television reinforcing that. Zach is the no-good, Molly the be-good, and Jacob the brat.

Matt and Amy's entitlement and narcissism has been given a rich food wit realty television. They have sold all of their children's souls for the all-mighty dollar.

Jacob who was filmed at the youngest age - and who has been depicted as the whiney baby brat is probably showing the worse effect of realty whoredom. He does poorly with his grades, is a bully to other peers, uses girl for sex with no attachment, uses drugs, and disconnects from personal relationships.

Do I like him? Think well of him? No. I see a personality that is on a path of self destruction, most likely getting a girl pregnant before high school is done, and having issues with drugs.

Feel sorry for him? Yes.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

I'd like to know where and when I have ever praised Jacob. I am not surprised that I have been taken out of context - again. I'm more mystified at how it can happen, I've never had a problem with understanding why is occurs.

Frustrated Viewer said...

You are quite correct that not all 16-year old boys are like Jacob. Jacob also isn’t a gangbanger, he is also not a choirboy, he is also not founding a group to fight gun violence like the kids who survived the Newtown shootings, and he is also not robbing people on the streets.

Being whored out and portrayed as a loser and brat by his parents for profit on a TV show also is not the life of other 16 year olds. Jacob is a regular kid who ought not to be abused by viewers of his parents’ TV show. Yes, he can act out, but as you read the ask.fm posts, look at the abuse that is heaped on him, or that he gets here in these comments for that matter.

By contrast, the holier-than-thou Jacob critics don’t seem to care that Jeremy, who spends an inordinate amount of time on social media posting his devout religious beliefs, is a huge hypocrite. If you have followed the family at all, you know Jeremy smoked pot and drank underage. In fact got so high with his friends on the alcohol he stole from his father he nearly burned the barn down. This is the same Jeremy who, as an adult, is the same hypocrite, showing off his apartment in Santa Barbara with the “cigar porch” where he and his roommates smoke and presumably drink.

Frankly I don’t care that Jeremy smokes or drinks. Teens and young men do that (and women too.) Jacob at least is self-aware and not a hypocrite about it.

Anonymous said...

The driving off to college scene was staged. Jeremy driving off to California with an empty car and only one box and a bike on the roof rack.
What was the wagon incident Matt and Amy were talking about at the end of the pumpkin season? Matt mentioned that they need to fix it and someone could have gotten hurt. Also, need to train the employees.
I think Jeremy sold the VW Bus. He had it for sale a while ago but don't know if he sold it.
Molly's car is a Nova not a Chevelle.
I think Matt's tired of the Farm is just drama for the show. They need a topic to talk about for the show since the kids are not around.
All the Roloffs eat with their mouths open.
Where is the storyline of Jacob spending all his time in his bedroom, aren't Matt and Amy concern about it? It's like Jacob doesn't exist. Matt and Amy are only concern about is being empty nesters. It's very odd, unless Jacob demands not to be focused on. I know Jacob doesn't think the show should be going on and doesn't like to be filmed.

tashapork said...

I just don't think it's that big of an issue one way or the other for the Roloffs. I do wonder why the fundamentalists like the Duggars and Robertsons don't show their series on a religious channel except maybe that those networks don't pay as well. Happy holidays

Anonymous said...

I used to love the show But now Amy is impossibly hostile and has never had joy in life for 25 years. Really? Look what he has given you. She is meaner than a woman with a large bunch of kids was no wonder they are miserable. I feel broken hearted for their kids and challenge Amy to use Matts crutches for 48 hours... like the tie together episode....

Rap541 said...

Anon - seriously, Amy has given Matt nothing?

She had four children for him. Look at what he has given her? Show me Matt raising four kids on his own with no cook, or housekeeper to tend them for him. Show me Matt going to school, or checking on the kids work at school, or attending their events without a sourpuss look on his face and a whine to the cameras how he needs to be working on his precious farm. If Matt had to raise those kids on his own, he would have dumped them on his parents.

I feel brokenhearted for those kids that their daddy thinks he should head to Maui and tells the kids not to bug him until they bring him a grandchild.

I also feel brokenhearted for the kids seeing people say their mother who bore them *brought nothing* to the marriage. Their lives are nothing compared to Matt's fancy house anf Matt's *money*.

Seriously Anon, if you think Amy gave Matt *nothing* then you are stating Jacob, Zach, Molly and precious golden boy Jeremy are *nothing* and Matt could have had. Amy brought kids to the marriage and since it's not MONEY she has given Matt NOTHING. She's brought him NOTHING but burdens. Thats all the family is to Matt - nothing but a burden he wants to escape and they all need to smile and bless him for telling them all on national tv that he wants to head to maui and be done with them.

If you genuinely believe Amy has given Matt *nothing*, then own what you are saying - you think her children are nothing in comparison to Matt's material possessions.

BeckyM said...

No insult to you Anon, however, it's always interesting to see the many anonymous posts that blast Amy and pity Matt.

Wouldn't you agree the best thing for them BOTH is for them to separate and divorce? For BOTH would benefit. Amy could live her life the way she wants, and Matt can do the same.

k Has C said...

I wonder if all the "divorce" crapola is just that... crap. Made up crapola to try to keep them on the TLC gravy train. I'd still be ticked off at all of Matt's bad talk toward Amy and not to forget she downs him as well *YAWN*---probably crapola too. Otherwise why are they still together? Year after year same ole same old. They seem to get off on the name calling' such good church goin' folks ....*ROFL* seems like this show should call it a wrap and Matt and Amy should grow some and grow up. Ooh yeah and heyy your not empty nestors----what about Jacob??? They are not christian like in any way. The harsh way they act towards each other even if it is scripted...its just Crap. Happy New Year Posters!!!

Eve said...

Matt is going thru a mid-life crisis plain and simple!

RoseRed said...

This season showed some new things but otherwise it was the same-old same-old of Matt and Amy bickering or the plots were contrived (family game day, really? Most of the "kids" are in their 20s). The Matt-and-Amy-at-a-crisis-in-their-marriage boloney is getting old. Check out their Facebook pages and they're flying off on a trip together several times a year. Seems like they like each other's company just fine. And please, Matt and Amy, stop calling yourselves empty-nesters when you have a teenage son who's crying out for attention.

P.S. I beg to differ, Spirits Wander, but the "new" SUV is a 2004 or '05 Honda CRV.

Elisabeth said...

Anyone else notice that Matt's recent fb post shows a bowl of pumpkin soup he's made at a table and chairs that are clearly not in the Roloff dining room/kitchen? If you look back a few pics, you'll see Jeremy posing in front of the same table w/red chairs. It's pretty obvious that Matt's got his own place and that he and Amy no longer live together(and most likely haven't for a while, just keeping up the charade for the fans/ratings so they can finally have their real "divorce episode"). This would explain all Amy's cryptic fb and twitter posts about "adjusting to a new normal" and shooting yet another "painful episode." I could be wrong and it might be Zach's house, but those red chairs are very Matt.

Rap541 said...

Elizabeth - I actually think the "office barn" is where Matt spends the majority of his time and it wouldn't surprise me if there was some sort of kitchenette there. And possibly a bed.

There's also the brand new manufactured home. And sure, it could also easily be Zach's house, but yes, Matt and Amy seem to be living seperate lives off camera.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Very strange indeed. The two locations definitely do not look like the same house.

Elisabeth said...

Podge Rodge, I agree. The one with Jeremy definitely looks like a condo or house, and not the prefab bridal suite or Matt's office. Maybe it's Zach's house, as I can't see Matt living too far away from the farm, but he might. Amy did note in her twitter a while back that "Matt is never here" in reference to watching a football game alone at home. Maybe she means that literally, as in he doesn't live there anymore. Oh well, I'm sure we'll find out soon enough, perhaps in the painful "holiday special" they were shooting over Christmas/New Year's per Amy's twitter. No doubt TLC will drag it out though.

RoseRed said...

I feel bad for Jacob. I have four kids around the same ages as the Roloff kids and my one who is still home (a high school freshman) still does a lot with me and his dad, my husband. We include him in activities: going to the movies, the beach, dinner, whatever. His older brother and sisters also take him out and come by to spend time with him. He gets good grades, goes to church, etc. He has friends and spends time with them.

I think the Roloffs dropped the lead ball with their youngest boy, as a lot of parents do who have a number of children. You get burnt out, it's true. I've been a parent for almost 28 years, while many of my friends who have children my oldest kids' ages (28 and 25) have been empty-nesters for years, I am still trudging on with my youngest, because I love him and he deserves the same attention by me as I gave to his brother and sisters. But a lot of parents give up with the younger ones and don't put in as much time as with the elder kids. Life moves on, life changes for parents, but that's no excuse to drop the ball.

Jacob was close to Mike D. and when Mike died, no one seemed to take the time to replace Mike in his life. That seems to be the turning point in Jacob's life. It would have been the perfect opportunity for Matt or Jeremy or Zach to step in and be his mentor. He's a quiet kid who doesn't express himself. He needs to be drawn out of himself. But he seemed to crawl into a hole and retreat even further and everyone just let him go.

Now every time we see him he's staring at the huge TV screen in his bedroom, playing Xbox. He had a girlfriend at an early age (which I think is a huge mistake) and now he has a girlfriend as a teen and God knows what they're up to when his parents, who are rarely home anyway, are yet again away or are in another part of that huge, huge house. Who is watching that kid?

Matt and Amy need to wake up, stop whining about their marriage, put aside the charity stuff, the TV episodes, the business, let someone else manage the farm and everything else and concentrate on raising that child. He's going to be an adult in another year and he will no doubt be getting into trouble. He seems so unmotivated. When his grades faltered at the Christian school, Matt and Amy should have taken that as a sign, if all the other signs weren't enough. They put him in the public school as a panacea, instead of getting to the root of the problem with the boy. He's smart, he shouldn't be failing. Take away XBox, take away the girlfriend, don't encourage getting a driver's license, require improvement, require him to shape up, and monitor him. Make sure he's coming home and doing his homework. Make sure he's not hiding out in his room or anywhere else on the farm. Have him get a job. Surely, there's something he can do at the Indoor Goals place where Zach works.

Matt's McMansion proved to be a big mistake because now, with just one kid in the house, Jacob has 6,000 square feet of freedom and never has to even look at his parents. He can play XBox on a number of huge-screen TVs instead of doing his homework and who's to know what he's up to, especially since Matt rarely goes upstairs. Big house, big mistake. Who didn't think that one through, Matt? Amy was right that time.

I think Matt and Amy both love Jacob, but he is not turning out very well (check out his ask.fm page) and something needs to be done now.

I don't think Jacob was old enough to have had a say in whether the family should be filmed but Matt insisted on the TV show. He should now do something to repair the damage the show has caused his son.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Thank you, RoseRed. That says it all.