Monday, December 23, 2013

The Duck Dynasty / Phil Robertson Controversy And The Roloff Family

Our frequent episode reviewer, Rap541, graciously decided to submit an article about the recent Duck Dynasty controversy where one of the stars of the show, Phil Robertson, made some very anti-gay remarks during a magazine interview. Rap dissects the similarities or differences between the Duck Dynasty family and the Roloff family when it comes to being upfront and honest about their beliefs.


Written by Rap541

The Duck Dynasty thing has been amusing the hell out of me. I don’t really watch the show any more. I tried the first season and while it was funny at times, it was also really repetitive and really staged. I also am not shocked by Phil Robertson’s recent comments because a) it was pretty obvious that the family was right wing b) I was curious and found some of Phil’s sermons because someone told me he was a brimstone and fire preacher and he is and btw CNN has a clip where he pretty clearly is not “love the sinner hate the sin” about it and c)because Phil has been mouthing off in prior interviews that he isn’t happy. One of the reasons Duck Dynasty never made it on to my view list is that I didn’t care for Phil and his views on women and on anyone who doesn’t live the way he does. Sorry, but the yuppie bitching and the disdain for anything that isn’t hunting just got old too quick for me. 

So it wasn’t a surprise to me when Phil interviewed that gay people were the moral equivalent of terrorists, “pre-entitlement blacks” never told him (a white man in the early sixties) that they were unhappy, or that “Shintos” bombed Pearl Harbour - the last just makes me sad because despite the schtick, Phil has a master’s degree and should really know the reasons why the Japanese entered the war (a lil hint, it wasn’t about their godliness, it was about oil) because frankly, its not well hidden. This quote from one of Phil’s sermons – “Women with women, men with men, they committed indecent acts with one another, and they received in themselves the due penalty for their perversions. They’re full of murder, envy, strife, hatred. They are insolent, arrogant, God-haters. They are heartless, they are faithless, they are senseless, they are ruthless. They invent ways of doing evil." Is easy to find and yes, Christians, this is a Christian judging others… But it did surprise me that people really didn’t know because they are pretty clear about what they are. 

Where am I going with this? It is no surprise that the Robertson family has fundamentalist Christian beliefs. In fact, some of the criticism that A&E is facing is that they’re just now having a problem with the Robertson family’s religious views. I posted about this on my live journal, describing the Robertsons as anti-gay and virulently Christian and… My pal Andrew posts: 

“So when do Matt and Amy show up?” Which made me laugh but I corrected pal Andrew with: 

“Dude, those two *wish* they had the Duck Dynasty audience” 

Pal Andrew snarks back with: 

“That's both true and mean. Ha, ha, ha!” 

Here’s the thing. It IS true. Let me explain. 

I don’t particularly care for the Robertsons and their viewpoints on various topics but I really can’t say that they aren’t loud and proud about them. If you ask Phil Robertson his view on homosexuals, he apparently will on record state he thinks they are going to hell and are God haters. Please see the above quote from his *sermon* on the topic.

Do you think a member of the Roloff family would ever give that firm of a statement on their religious views? Really? 

Not a friend, not one of the many anonymous buddies who let us know just how much Jeremy James Roloff loves the views of the Solid Rock church and thinks gays are going to hell, much like his beloved pal John Mark Comer. 

 Jeremy Roloff's favorite Pastor, John Mark Comer of the Solid Rock
Church in Portland, OR, (a Church that the entire Roloff family have
attended) has given sermons that Jeremy has shared and recommended
where he describes gay people as having a perversion and being broken
in their soul. He recommends a website, , which
converts gay people into being "straight".

Does anyone think Jeremy will ever say that? How about Molly and her love of Kirk Cameron’s stance on homosexuals? 

Shortly after Kirk Cameron's controversial comments on CNN's 
"Piers Morgan Tonight" where he said gay peoplewere ultimately 
destructive for civilization, Molly expressed her support of Kirk Cameron
 to her friends. However, none of the Roloffs have ever went on the record 
(16 year old Jacob has been the closest) to say exactly what they think publicly. This 
leads many feeling that the Roloffs are intentionally being deceptive so they
don't jeopardize their careers as paid public diversity speakers. 

How about Amy and her “I like some of the message but not all of the message” stuff where she never actually outlines what part of the message she doesn’t like?

As much as I don’t like Phil’s views on religion, I sure can’t accuse him of hiding those views now can I? Christian fans of the Roloffs – and I assume a few of you like and agree with Phil’s views – do you really think the Roloffs are in agreement with Phil? 

Because I am fairly amused that the Roloffs, who so many *anonymously* insist are in accord with fundamentalist values haven’t come down on the side of the oppressed Robertson clan. Well, let me be honest, I am not surprised in the slightest that the Roloffs are shutting their mouths on this one. When it comes to saying anything other than “We’re diversity speakers, we want all people to *appreciate* (not tolerate, *appreciate*) each other’s differences and yes we attend a church that advocates that gays are going to hell and can be cured of being gay but we are under no obligation to say whether we agree with our church or not because that’s private and our privacy is so very precious” – well, members of the Roloff clan don’t like direct questions about their faith, now do that?

It’s funny also, that there’s really never been any anonymous friends who have braved the trend here to insist that the Roloffs are secretly *liberal* and actually hold moderate views. No, that has never happened. It’s always, *always* anonymous friends letting us know how *Christian* and *anti-homosexual* the Roloffs are. At which point, the part of the fanbase that this pleases starts to harp on how the Roloffs always stand tall on their morals and principles as shown by well, their attendance at church events where praying out the gay is preached, Amy listing Focus on the Family in her links for a while, Matt’s cute little references to Focus on the Family on his facebook, their fairly open support of anti-gay marriage political candidates, Jeremy and how he loves the views espoused by the Solid Rock church. When I wonder out loud why the Roloffs themselves never want to speak out on how proud they are to support traditional marriage, no one ever really wants to answer. And when people likewise ask why the Roloffs never speak on this topic in a definitive way…. There’s usually an anon who rushes to explain that even though the Roloffs are diversity speakers, as long as they never ever say what their views are, and even though everyone who knows them knows they are against gay marriage, no one can actually hold them accountable for having an opinion at all. 

Amy Roloff originally linked the controversial group
Focus On The Family, who is arguably best known 
for their opposition to gay rights, on her official
website. She removed the link to replace it with
her own Charity Foundation link.

Have you noticed that they’re not coming out in support of the Robertsons? 

Let me explain. Unlike the Robertsons, the Roloffs aren’t actually independently wealthy. To be fair, I don’t think the Roloffs were close to applying for welfare when the show started, but I think they needed the money. The Robertsons in contrast, were already pretty well off with the Duck Commander business. Also, unlike the Robertsons, the Roloffs have portrayed themselves as diversity advocates. 

I’m sure someone will make the argument that “TLC told them not to say anything!” which btw is likely true. Here’s my response to that. I am absolutely certain someone at A&E told the Robertson clan to not mouth off on certain topics as well. The difference is that the Robertson clan has the money to say what they please, and have consistently marketed themselves as redneck hillbillies (even though that isn’t accurate) while the Roloffs don’t have the financial freedom to speak freely and very much want people to think they embrace diversity. 

If you genuinely believe that Matt and Amy Roloff are against gay marriage, the gay lifestyle, etc, because of their religious views, you really can’t tell me they aren’t keeping that on the down low. They won’t answer direct questions on it because instead of standing tall with their Christian friends, they don’t want to tick off the liberals who pay them for diversity talks. They let their friends, who also won’t stand up and say “I am Lisa “insert lastname” and I know Matt and Amy personally and they believe homosexuality is wrong” and then whine and moan that people seem to think they just might be a bit against homosexuality. Matt, Amy, if you genuinely don’t harbor the view that homosexuality is wrong and against God, you have the power to say so, and you might want to protest all these kind friends of your family who anonymously insist you do believe this. And if you do believe this… well, you’re not the Robertsons, now are you? LPBW never had the marketing value, and Matt’s previous businesses, his protests aside, clearly weren’t the empire that Duck Commander is and was. 

Now I will be honest. I don’t care for Phil Robertson’s views, and because the Robertsons are independently wealthy, I don’t think Phil is taking a life altering risk when he decides to do interviews because Phil has the money to say “screw you” and walk away. A rich man being an asshole because he knows he can get away with it, in other words. On the other hand, this has never been hidden and his sermons are pretty easy to find. I have to respect that he’s willing to stand up for his beliefs and say them, knowing that there’s a potential for consequences. 

I don’t see the Roloffs doing that at all. I get it, it’s about the money, but don’t tell me that wiffle waffling about not liking “some things” in their church and never ever protesting that all these anonymous friends who say they are proud to be against homosexuality, and never stating their opinion in a way that makes them accountable is “The Roloffs standing loud and proud in their faith”. Because if they genuinely believe homosexuality is wrong…they sure aren’t willing to say so and they aren’t willing to buck their masters in order to say it.


Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Thanks Rap, for taking the time to put this together. I am a bit surprised I'm the first commenter. This has been up long enough for the denouncements by the anons to be posted in support of the Roloffs. It has been a mystery to me, and I believe to many others over time, why this issue has not been resolved. Do you think the Roloffs are trying to get any 'mileage' out of this by holding back on their true feelings, playing to keep the talk going by using the indecisive angle? Matt has been at this long enough to maximize the "ANY news is good news" aspect of this, and perhaps take delight in the fact that as long as we're talking about this, we're still talking about the Roloffs?
Publicity is publicity. Any thoughts?

Brandon said...

Good work, Rap.

Podge, I'm not surprised.

This has Matt written all over it. Matt controls all this stuff, even Amy, in my opinion.

Matt doesn't want to hurt the Roloff family brand's ability to generate money.

He can still toss out the God references on Facebook and very clearly make his (very right wing) political views known.

But if Matt or Amy gave an interview like Phil Robertson did, Matt knows that would be the end of his and Amy being invited to colleges for "social justice" day.

That's why the Roloffs try to hide what they really support.

Rap541 said...

Honestly podge, from a purely cynical standpoint, I think the best thing the Roloffs can do is keep their mouths shut.

Also, its the holidays. It will take a while for this article to generate any comments.

My point after all is said and done, is that you're not hearing a peep from the Roloffs on this issues because it could affect their bottom line. They don't have the money to say what they really think.

Megan said...

Wow, what about Molly?

Where is her head at??? Wasn't she supposed to be the smart one?

Kirk Cameron says a person who is gay is destroying the world and Molly calls it "not condemning anyone or being hateful."??????

Jana Vlogs said...

I am in extreme disagreement with you. Not in the sense of what my opinion is on people who identify as LGBT. But fact the the Roloff's may have anti-gay views, but don't share them with the public and are not openly hateful towards gays is actually something to be respected. People are allowed to have those opinions because that is the law of your country. Let people believe what they believe as long as they aren't hurting anyone.

Jana Vlogs said...

I really disagree with you. People should be entitled to their opinions if they're not openly hurting others. These are posts they share on their personal social network profiles. The family was brought up with a certain belief system and according to the laws in your country they're allowed to have such opinions. The fact that they're not going on TV and bashing gays is actually something to be respected.

Jocelynn said...

Well written, Rap.

I am in agreement on the part that while I disagree with the sentiment and beliefs expressed by Phil Robertson or Kirk Cameron, I do have more respect for them than the Roloffs who share the same fundamental beliefs, but will attempt to hide so they can make fools of organizations who are fighting against those "opinions".

It's very two-faced.

Amy actually gave a speech which she called "Accepting your difference".

No one should get paid to give that speech if they don't "walk the walk". When Amy walks off that stage, in her real life, Amy and her family support "Don't accept yourself if your gay, pray that God will cure you and make you normal".

Jana, that's why I don't respect the Roloffs. It's two-faced and deceptive.

Timothy said...

"not openly hateful towards gays"

I disagree with your definition. Refusing to have the courage to state your opinion (even if it is in less crude way than Phil Robertson) but believing and supporting the exact same message is not something to be admired.

Carrie said...

Good timing because it's Christmas Eve that all of the Roloffs go to Solid Rock church to support John Mark Comer at his sermon tonight.

Tim said...

Bible-believing Christians have every right to speak of their beliefs...or not.

The "silence means agreement" nonsense from the homosexual-activist Left is sand-pounding material.

These folks might wise up a bit and realize that when you ask a question, you may not like the answer. Especially if you intentionally try to call out a Bible-believing Christian on his or her beliefs.

Brandon said...

Tim, here is the question.

Should a "leftist" organization pay Phil Robertson or Kirk Cameron to talk about equal rights for minority groups such as gay people? Would they hire Phil Robertson or Kirk Cameron as a speaker?

Of course the answer is no. And they shouldn't and wouldn't hire Amy if the Roloffs were honest about their beliefs like Robertson and Cameron.

Ashley said...

The thing I always think about is how would Amy like it if one of the people involved in a diversity event was always surrounded by groups that called dwarfs abnormal, sinners, against God, shouldn't be married or be parents.

I know how Amy would react to that. She jumped all over Rosie O'Donnell when Rosie said she was ashamed to admit that Little People make her uncomfortable. Amy got offended by that but the Roloffs don't see themselves as hypocrites??

Pam said...

Let the Roloffs be supported by the same crowd that are supporting Phil Robertson, but be honest about it so people that do support gay rights know who stands where.

The Roloffs are cowards and slimeballs for trying to get a piece of the "diversity" money pie while supporting bigotry.

Zee to the Z said...

If you've seen any of the Roloffs or their friends Instagram pic from their Christmas party, I count at least 10 people in that picture are John Mark Comer followers when it comes to homosexuality and could be described as "anti-gay". You can also see that from most of their social media pages.

It's so cowardly that the Roloffs play this game of not admitting it.

Vic Rattlehead said...

The tweet from Molly about Kirk Cameron is laughable in every way possible because the fact of the matter is Kirk Cameron is one of the most selfish hateful small minded "Christians" I've seen next to televangelist con men like Jimmy Swaggart Oral Roberts and Pat Robertson.

He went out of his way to destroy one actresses career all because she dared to be a playboy model before becoming an actress, he once phoned up the president of "peddling pornography" and he basically destroyed Growing Pains with his childish demands for creative control and story input.

Let's just say that there's a few very good reasons who non of his former co-stars want anything to do with him.

Rap541 said...

Jana vlogs - my point of disagreement with you is that the Roloffs call themselves diversity speakers and Amy even has taught children a class about diversity... all while never denying any of the anonymous friends who insist the Roloffs are proud to be Christian, and stand up for Jesus by being against homosexuality.

They don't get to be lauded as diversity paragons and also lauded as staunchly conservative and fearlessly anti-gay. They can't be both.

Tim - if they don't want to stand up for Christ, they certainly do not have to - just don't insist that they *are* standing up for their beliefs when they wiffle waffle on the gay question with "Our views are private! So very private and we don't like some things in our church but we can't say what those things are because its so so private"

They obviously do NOT want to say "We, the Roloff family, believe homosexuality is against the bible and therefore wrong, and we do believe gays choose to be gay and therefore choose to be against the Christian god".

Don't tell me how thats something they believe when they can't possibly stand up and admit it themselves.

Tim - I admit, I probably wouldn't like the answer I'd get from the Roloffs... but they're hardly brave enough to answer. Phil Robertson told people basically to go pound sand... Matt and Amy haven't so they don't deserve the praise for doing so, now do they? Nope, they're perfectly content to let the right wing fans think they're right wing (as long as no effort has to be made) and perfectly content to let the lefties think that they agree with left thinking.

Ask a roloff to take a stand? And look at them scatter :)

tashapork said...

While the Roloffs may be closet homophobesto some degree I don't think the issue is front and center important for the Roloffs like little people issues are for them or like abortion and family planning is to the Duggars. I wonder if some of them may be conflicted on the issue. What I don't understand is why it is so hard for so many to say " my religion keeps ME from------" and let that dictate their personal behavior while showing compassion and respect for others who are in different circumstances. I don't know what is Christian about judging and hating. I have wondered why the Robertsons and Duggars aren't featured on a Christian Network except for the fact that those networks probably can't pay what these families want.

Rap541 said...

. But fact the the Roloff's may have anti-gay views, but don't share them with the public and are not openly hateful towards gays is actually something to be respected. People are allowed to have those opinions because that is the law of your country. Let people believe what they believe as long as they aren't hurting anyone.

See, the question I have - and frankly by prior response, I know what the answer is - is whether this live and let live policy applies to the Roloffs and their more hard core fans?

Here's what I mean, Jana. Say, a Jimmy Kimmel or a Rosie O'Donnell, or a Phil Robertson, or hell, a Jim Duggar, says "I don't like dwarfs. I don't treat them different, I'm not openly hateful, therefore people who are dwarfs have to respect my view. Not tolerate - *respect*. I'm not "hating" them when I say I don't like them, and there's no evidence of my being hateful. I just don't like little people, thats my opinion, and I demand little people respect me and my opinion with no protest as to how incorrect my opinions are".

Jana - do you think Matt and Amy would run to the microphones to say how they insist this view be respected?

I know that the answer is no, because anything other than "I love little people in all ways" leads to the Roloffs insisting that they're victims of prejudice, but I genuinely would like to know if anyone thinks Matt and Amy should be held to this standard?

BeckyM said...

Let's focus on Phil's racist comments which is getting less press.

My parents and grandparents were White Trash in Louisiana. Trust me that they were in no way living the life at the same level of a Person of Color in Louisiana. My grandfather used the N* word casually in all his conversations. Black men had to call me "miss" as they served me in stores. So no, "pickin' cott'n side by side, all chummy" wasn't the pre-Civil Rights Era for Blacks in Louisiana.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

I know this is not the thread to comment on Jeremy's intelligence, but I just have to.
Apparently, from the threads and comments, there was a fire in the back of one of the farm's mules. As Jacob described it to Audrey, " he cleaned the furnace and put it in a bucket in his mule and the coals just caught flame haha.. yikes".
OK, number 1, I have a funny feeling it was NOT a furnace. The Roloffs have forced-air heat in their house. It was most probably the FIREPLACE. Now, why oh why would Jeremy scoop up HOT coals from the fireplace? A person, at least in my world. would usually wait until the ashes were cold. Or, better yet, perhaps clean the fireplace a little sooner, before the build-up gets so large that an emergency cleaning is needed?
Back to the matter. If the coals were in fact hot enough to catch fire by spontaneous combustion sitting in a bucket in the back of the mule, how could the Great and Fantastic Jeremy James Jesus NOT notice the heat or smoke? Seriously, people.
Now I know, the Jeremy idolators (which is a SIN, and you know who you are) are going to jump to his defense with such tripe as, "Oh, he was busy thinking about his christian ethics" or perhaps "It was a simple oversight that any hero could make" or even, "Jeremy simply can't be bothered thinking about the (very evidently) hot coals or with the patience waiting for things to cool. He does not have to because he's Jeremy Roloff".
WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! This incident could have created a great deal more damage than the supporters will acknowledge. This is inexcusable.
But, it was Jeremy Roloff. He's just a boy after all.
I agree with Jacob on this one. Yikes!

Ashley said...

Podge, I don't think Jacob was putting down Jeremy at all. He was describing what happened.

Good call on the not a furnace stuff. I don't know enough about it to say.

But the comment that caught my attention was Audrey's response to Jacob after he told her what happened.

Audrey said "ahhhhhhh plus the bottles in there probs didn't help..."

The bottles in "Jer's mule". Does that mean there are tons and tons of beer bottles from all of their camp fires where they worship Jesus?

And while I'm at it, Amy posted about it on her Facebook too.

"Life happens! The mule caught on fire after a while Jacob rushes from house to put it out after telling Molly Jer & I. Jer has a Proj to fix it Roloff Farm"

Amy has a picture of Jacob with a fire extinguisher outside by the mule.

Why was it Jacob rushing out to put the fire out. Why was Amy taking a picture of only Jacob putting it out?

Am I missing something? Jeremy causes a fire on "*his* mule". Jacob sees it and yells to Amy, Jeremy and Molly that it's on fire. But only Jacob is putting the fire out??

Doesn't that seem like a Jeremy takes charge occasion?

Even the fact that Jacob was telling Audrey about it seemed to weird. Why wasn't Jeremy telling her what happened? He obviously wasn't busy cleaning it up or putting the fire out.

Jason said...

I liked Jacob's announcement about it on twitter. So Christian, LOL!

"Jer's mule fucking caught on fire lmao"

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Ashley, I don't see where I was insinuating that Jacob was putting Jeremy down, at all. I simply copied a direct quote. The inference of Jeremy's 'intelligence' was made by myself in consideration of the events as documented. Period.
I agree with the rest of the weirdness that you pointed out. Strange, this event.

Ashley said...

Podge, I'm sorry! After reading your post again, I misunderstood.

When you said "I agree with Jacob, yikes" meant, you were agreeing with "yikes".

You had just explained that this wasn't Jeremy's proudest moment. When I saw "I agree with Jacob" I thought you meant Jacob was implying that too.

Now I understand what you meant. Sorry!

Yes, very strange! I'm kinda wondering is Jeremy was in too much of a drunken state to react at all to the fire or to fill Audrey in on what happened.

I think Jeremy is a BIG time beer drinker! He was trying for some freebies by shouting out on twitter to a local beer company, telling everybody to drink their beer and like I said, Audrey's first thought after hearing that "Jer's mule" blew up was that it must have been all of the bottles".

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Not a problem, Ashley. I did not make it very clear.
Speaking of clear, when bottles were mentioned my first thought went to distilled spirits rather than beer. 80 proof whisky burns quite nicely indeed. Also, when photos of Jeremy at different events were posted, I saw more hard stuff than beer, hence my rash assumption lol.

Rap541 said...

I would love to know what the details of this little incident.

Not that I especially care if Jeremy was drunk - he's 23, he can get drunk if he likes and if he wants to do it in a Mule, well, at least its only his family in danger.

But really, lets just stop and consider just how *competant* this sounds. Fireplace or furnace - if Jacob is to be believed - Jeremy put a bucket full of hot coals on the mule and left it. And it caught fire and everyone is so amused by it because well, they have money so burning a vehicle is sorta cutesy cool.

I mean hell, why not just let Jeremy burn dollars too? Its not like those vehicles cost money. And everyone be sure to sympathize with Matt over how the Roloffs are *struggling* to find affordable healthcare.

How about giving some consequences? I'm pretty damn sure Jeremy at 23 is old enough to know better, and old enough (at twenty three, lets all remember, he's a man) to offer to pay for the damages he's caused.

J said...

The Robertsons have always been outspoken about their faith. The Roloffs haven't. Are they even worth comparing? Phil Robertson truly fears God and has no qualms about standing up for Him and ~everything~ He stands for. The Roloffs want to pick and choose. Pretty simple, really.

phi said...

Do they not have dermatologists in Oregon? Never seen so much acne.

Christine said...

I'm with Ashley. I find it VERY strange that Jeremy starts the fire, is apparently in the house, but it is JACOB that puts it out and seems to do everything with it....saw it, put it out, pictured by it, told people about it.

Where was Jeremy???? In the house with her according to Amy so why was Jeremy so out of commission?

k Has c said...

Bla Bla Bla so on and so forth. The Roloffs will say anything to get another 5minutes of fame...fame from the flame. So Golden Boy is a fire starter who woulda thunk it ...those cat tossers usually have more than one form of what they think is fun and cool---oh yeah we are talking about a Grown 23year old Golden Boy Manchild. So guess that sums it up and have to give it up to Jacob puttin' out big bro's fires, or was it that he just needed a light~~~~ (ok ok bad of me but just sayin~ **Happy New Years Posters** :-)

Lisa said...

A person doesn't have to agree with what others say, in order to believe and promote the right of free speech. I think that can also be the same for diversity. I think a person could hold some prejudicial feelings, or conflicting ideas, but still believe and promote the rights of all people and their diversity. With that said, I also don't think the Roloff's feel the same as Phil Robertson either. Like many religious people they probably struggle with what their bible says, verses what they encounter in their everyday life and in their hearts. In the spectrum of this topic, they probably settle closer to being more liberal and open minded than what is portrayed here.