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Guest Opinion Article: Jacob Roloff's Social Media Disrespects Jeremy & Audrey Roloff's Wedding, Christians and Jesus

The following opinion article was emailed to the Spiritswander Blog requesting that we publish it. It was sent by a reader and frequent commentator to the Spiritswander Blog items. A reader, by the way, who is often critical of the Spiritswander Blog. However, they made a plea for fairness in allowing their article to be seen.

All of the opinions expressed belong to the author of the article Anne Bailey. Spiritswander has always tried to allow people with all sorts of opinions to express themselves whether they had positive or negative things to say about the Roloffs. The Spiritswander Blog has in the past published items at the request of people who have emailed. After some deliberation, I have decided to let the person express themselves although I personally do not agree with some of the sentiments.

Everything below is the opinion of and written by Anne Bailey:

Jacob Roloff Disrespects Jeremy & Audrey Roloff's Wedding, Christians & Jesus

Written by Anne Bailey

"Our wedding day is about far more than a day in a dress. It is about becoming one by the powerful Grace of God. It is a picture of the love that Christ has for us. I hope that our love can forever reflect that image." – Audrey Mirabella Botti Roloff ~ September 20th, 2014.

Audrey Roloff's beautiful wedding vows perfectly reflect why Christians love and have supported the Roloffs in all their ventures for the past decade. Particularly, it captures the reason why I, as a Christian, have so much respect for Jeremy and Audrey Roloff.

Another Christian on Twitter, tweeted Audrey this, which Audrey Roloff retweeted October 1, 2014 

@audreybotti look forward to it! Prayed for you guys this morning. Love that you put God first and realize it's all about Him.

This brings, joy, love and inspiration to love Jesus more to all who are Kingdom seeking (as Jeremy writes on his Instagram biography).

Who could not be filled with pure joy and love of Jesus on that beautiful day? Only someone with darkness in their heart. Only someone who has hostility towards God and Jesus' followers. Only someone whose desire it is to turn the confused and doubting against Jesus. Who could be present at Jeremy and Audrey Roloffs wedding and not be over-whelmed with joy during the festivities?

Yes. It is Jeremy's own brother, Jacob Roloff.
The above GIF is from the wedding festivities.
It exposes his true emotion. Disgust.
You don't need to be an expert in body language and facial expression to see what was going on there.
It is indicative of Jacob's disdain for celebrations that give glory to Jesus.

Look at the clip again. You can see Jacob Mueller, a Christian himself and Jeremy's best friend for many years, raise his hand and cheer in celebration at the words being spoken. You can see others in the frame and outside also react in approval at what they are hearing.

And there is Jacob Roloff. You can see the look of  disgust on his face and the darkness in his eyes.
Why is Jacob Roloff the only one not acting in kind? Why is he not celebrating with the rest of Jeremy and Audrey's friends and family who were there to support their union under the eyes of God?

Unfortunately, it didn't end there.

September 20, 2014. As viewers, as people scrolling the internet, they witnessed the beautiful wedding of Jeremy and Audrey. Now imagine being a sibling of the happy couple on the day that they become one for Christ.

That is what the day was about. Celebration. Joy. The Love of Christ.

Jacob Roloff? Here is his twitter account on September 20, 2014. Yes this is his brother's wedding day.  Did the festivities inspire him? Bring him closer to Christ? Was he willing to listen and be inspired by all of the great Christians at the wedding? What was on his mind?

He tweeted profanities throughout the day. He did not mention the wedding. He complained about other random things. He tweeted out curse words again.

For the purpose of this article, I scrolled back to document for all who will read my article exactly how Jacob was expressing himself on Jeremy and Audrey's wedding day.

However, I have discovered, that as is the case with most people who are not guided by Jesus, they are without character, without morals, they lie, they deceive, that is what they do because they think they are not accountable to anyone. That is what Jacob is....yes my friends the cowardly Jacob has tried to deny deplorable behavior. He lies like the devil. He is a bad person. There is no light of God inside of him. He will write something or do something. Then if he does not like the reaction, Jacob will deny what he did and call others liars. People without God do those types of things. They don't care about truth. That is why they deny God.

Yes, Jacob has now deleted his tweets that he made on September 20th, 2014. If you look at his twitter page now you will see tweets on September 19 and the next one doesn't appear until September 21st. The date September 20th has now magically disappeared. It is not because he wasn't tweeting that day.

I saw Jacob's behavior on twitter on Audrey and Jeremy's big day. I was outraged. Many others were outraged and expressed it here and in other places on the internet.

The only tweet that remains is this piece of profanity. Although it is dated September 21st, you can see he made it at 12:15am, still the night of the wedding.

Also, in the Spiritswander article the day after the wedding:

Spiritswander did copy Jacob tweets from that day: This is what was on Jacob's mind the very day he gains Audrey as a sister and Jeremy marries the love his life in front of family, friends and God.

Jacob Roloff @ffoloR_bocaJ · I'm soOoOoo ready to road trip and get lost by myself somewhere new 

Jacob Roloff @ffoloR_bocaJ · With a GoPro and some vibrams... Man that's all I want 

Jacob Roloff @ffoloR_bocaJ · Not looking forward to tomorrow @ alllll

Jacob Roloff is at the wedding of Jeremy and Audrey. Almost all others in attendance are Christians who love Jesus just as much as the Bride and Groom. Jacob is supposed to be happy for Jeremy and Audrey. He is soaking in the festivities and Jacob decides to get on twitter and tweet about....

A) How he wants to leave
B) About wanting selfish material goods: a camera and shoes
C) Complain about tomorrow.
D) Express hatred and use profane language

What is wrong with Jacob Roloff you ask? He doesn't have Jesus, that's what is wrong with him.

I have shown you the visual of Jacob on Jeremy and Audrey's beautiful wedding day. I have shown you the written of Jacob (although he sneakily tried to hide his actions) on the wedding day.

It goes beyond one day. Jacob's hostility towards God and Christians is simply deplorable. He attacks Jesus when he mocks Christians. When he mocks what Christians believe in, he is mocking Jeremy, his own brother! He is mocking Audrey! Now his sister. Does Audrey deserve to be mocked for expressing for faith? Does Audrey deserve to be mocked for praying to Jesus?

How can any good person watch Audrey's wedding vows condone mocking her for the complete faith she has in the power of Jesus?

Jacob gets worse. Yes, Jacob gets worse.

In the week leading up to the biggest day of her life, Audrey was understandably concerned about the weather for the wedding, Saturday September 20th, 2014. It was supposed to rain all day...according to the "experts".

As all good Christians, Audrey knows that all blessings from God. Audrey asked Him for help. That is what she did. Many Christians such as myself joined with Audrey in praying that Jesus would bless Jeremy and Audrey with sunshine.

A great miracle began to happen as Audrey demonstrated on her twitter as the wedding approached:

Just two days before the wedding, it just kept getting better as though God was trying to reassure Audrey.

As anyone who watched the wedding on TLC knows, God came through and granted Jeremy and Audrey with a beautiful day that matched their love for Him. Audrey proved what Jesus followers know, always turn to Jesus for help.

However, Jacob took a beautiful thing and made it ugly. Jacob mocked what Audrey did and the entire concept of it when it was brought to his attention on his

[Questions in red, Jacob Roloff's answers in blue]

Do you believe in the theory that if it doesn't rain next Saturday for Jer and Audrey's wedding that it's because God is rewarding them for being Christians?

Lmao, no, I'm 90% sure this is a joke but knowing some of these people, maybe it isn't. 

Why would you think it's a joke? Audrey is the one praying for no rain. Do you think she's being ridiculous? I don't understand how believing that praying for no rain could make a difference is that much different than believing if they get what they want it's because God is rewarding them. 

You can call what you pray to God, but a human figure in the sky isn't what created the universe haha

You should be ashamed of yourself that "strangers" are following your sister-inlaw's prompting and praying with her that God will bless them with a beautiful wedding day, while you snark and giggle at the "man in the sky". You're so disrespectful. 

So you think there's actually a human in the sky watching everyone? Uh, anyways.. I'm not disrespectful for disagreeing and doing the exact same thing as you just with the reverse opinion 

How do you like them apples? Since we (I'm including Audrey, myself and like-minded Christians fans of the show that support Jeremy and Audrey) began praying, the forecast has changed and is now "mainly sunny". The power of prayer. 

Yea! Nothing to do with nature! Haha fuck meteorology And Jer knows what I think he's probably seen it somewhere,"

What created the Universe? 

Better yet, No one knows, but if I'm to believe any theory there's more interesting ones than what's in Genesis 

"but a human figure in the sky isn't what created the universe haha" Do you ever have the guts to say this to Jeremy and Audrey? Or are you only this obnoxious to Christian fans of the show who provide you with the lifestyle you enjoy? 

If you're so butthurt about "providing my lifestyle", stop watching the show log off of this and shut the fuck up haha.. And Jer knows what I think he's probably seen it somewhere, I know what he thinks, we don't need to argue about it 

But you don't actually have the guts to say it to him? You just mock his beliefs online but can't actually say it to his face. When you mock the practices of Christians you aren't just mocking "insignificant" Christians fans. 

As I've said before, There's absolutely no REASON for me to just go and say this to him, that's just confrontational and obviously we'll disagree. Not everyone needs everyone to agree with them or be damned like you & so-called Christians like you 

Ok, so you just mock his religion behind his back. And you wonder why your Dad and everyone thinks you're a pussy lol.

I'm not mocking HIS religion you guys are the ones asking these questions lol, and I'm not hiding from him haha he knows I use this and twitter, I don't think you get the concept of what I'm saying, we know we'll disagree & a conversation about it isn't gonna get us anywhere, so WHY. For you guys: because you have nothing better to do. 

Why aren't up mature enough to talk to Jeremy and be open minded to what he has to say about it? Are you too stubborn to be open to the possibility that you are wrong? 

Lolol I was surrounded by it in church, school and family for 15 years, THEN I opened up, now I'm here 

You could be skeptical about Christianity without being so derogatory and without belittling. You don't even have the courtesy to let your family know you had doubts. You think your grandma would prefer to see you retweet anti-Christian BS.

Yea I could be, and lol. They know how I acted they knew I wasn't practicing any sort of Christian belief, & they don't seem to be upset or disappointed enough to talk to me lol, it's literally just you people.. I want you to know that.

People who are walking with God are never alone. I feel sorry that you don't know that. 

Thanks, your pity is bringing me closer to him I think! 

You'd be sad less often if you had Jesus in your life. People living with Jesus are happier and more fulfilled. And you choose to reject Jesus? It is very foolish on your part. 

Literally shut the fuck up hahah you think acting like everyone who doesn't believe is 'lost' is going to make them want to be more like you? Nope. You gotta worry about your own life and problems man for real haha. If God is all powerful he'll work it out Hes got a plan right? You can stop obsessing over this. 

Using curse words only have a negative affect on you and how people will perceive you. Can you come up with a better way to articulate your feelings than using curse words? 

Stop talking to me hahah nothing you're saying is useful to me nor is your general presence in my life, and I wish you had anything more exciting than this going on in your life so you could focus on actually acting Christian & not like a condescending, holier than everyone prick

Ask yourself why you bring pain and hurt to those who are in contact with you? There is something broken within you that causes you to hurt others. It is the work of the devil and only Jesus can save you. But He can. If you ask. 

Shut the fuuuuck uuuup. 

The last few were Christians trying to help him, trying to save him, and he responds with hatred and profanity.The darkness abounds.

My Christian friends. That is what we are dealing with. That is Jacob Roloff. A person who shows disrespect during his own brother's wedding. A person who mocks the Christian beliefs of his sister in-law Audrey Roloff. Jeremy's biography on his Instagram states that he is Kingdom seeking. Jacob has also scoffed at the concept of Heaven.

He has no morals. He is not a good person. He curses. He insults almost everyone. As I demonstrated earlier, Jacob lies and deceives. He's a drug user. He's admitted to doing Acid and taking Xanax. He lets the world know that he smokes marijuana all the time. He promotes it to other young people, attempting to spread the false message that marijuana is harmless and good for people. People don't need marijuana. People need Jesus.

Jacob Roloff has nothing but disdain for Christians and Jesus. He has no respect for his family. I've talked about Jeremy and Audrey as Christians who inspire. Matt and Amy, although they are human with flaws, both are followers of Christ and have spoke of God on public pages and given speeches to religious groups. Molly Roloff, although, not very active on social media, is also a good Christian who got flack from the liberals with a gay agenda when Molly supported Kirk Cameron's comments that he made on CNN. Zach Roloff avoids social media but is a Jesus follower as is his fiancee Tori. Both Matt's and Amy's parents are Christians. Ron and Peggy Roloff are truly wonderful Christians and Americans. I know Jacob disappoints them greatly with his deplorable tweets and "answers".

Jacob has no respect for his family, for Christians as a whole, and for the Christians who support his way of life. He is using the very platform that Christians (due to our support) have given him to spread anti Christian rhetoric to his followers. Jacob has admitted that he is after as many twitter followers as he can get. He knows most of those followers are fans of the show. He knows that most fans of the show are Christians just like Jeremy and Audrey. He constantly is spewing out anti-Christian sentiments and mocking Christian rituals.

We, as Christians, if we love Him, cannot allow Jacob to continue to corrupt his audience, many of whom are under 20 years of age just like Jacob.

Jacob is not in control. Jesus allows us to have the control. Aside from simply praying that Jacob comes to Jesus seeking forgiveness, there are people above Jacob who have control over him. Who can knock Jacob off the internet and prevent him from spreading his ugliness and corrupting people who are on the verge of coming to Jesus.

As I wrote (along with other Christians) a while ago, we, Christians fighting for Jesus have the power. We have an action plan to stop Jacob's use of public social media accounts and to make sure TLC and the sponsors know that we don't want Jacob seen on the show. It is not a boycott of Little People, Big World, TLC or the Roloffs. They are all wonderful with the one awful exception of Jacob. He does not belong. It is the way to stand for Jesus after all He has done for us and prevent Jacob from working against the growth of God's Kingdom.

You can email for more information.

We are winning the battle my friends. We are emerging victorious because we have God on our side. Some influential people have informed me that Jacob has had his backside slapped for his disrespect to Jesus and to Christians including his family and viewers of the show. I have been told to expect to see it removed eventually.

We have already seen a decrease in Jacob's rants against Christianity. I am of the understanding that Jacob has been told he is allowed to save some pride and present it as though it his decision to discontinue his social media.

After I (and others who have joined the fight for Jesus over Jacob) was informed that would happen after writing several organizations, people and corporate entities, there has been a decrease in it.

Then just 3 days ago came this, which is exactly what I was told would be Jacob's escape plan to save his ego.

Christians. Pray. Turn to Jesus. Just like we did with Audrey asking Jesus for a sunny day to celebrate the union of Jeremy and Audrey, when you trust in Jesus, He will see that the outcome is just.

It is up to us to see that hateful sinners like Jacob have a minimal voice while Jeremy and Audrey Roloff reach the masses and have the ability to inspire more and more to seek Jesus and give God the ultimate glory in building His Kingdom.

Please support Audrey Roloff on her:


And Jeremy Roloff on his:


On twitter, use the hashtag #ForJesusBanJacob if you wish to show your support to minimize Jacob's influence and demonstrate that you are sick of his mocking of Audrey, Jeremy, all Christians, the Christian faith and Jesus.

John 2:22

Thank you for reading and God Bless.

Article written by Anne Bailey


*Edit: October 6th -- In response to this article, Jacob's friend, Isabel,  posted or answered the following questions/comments/answers ending with an impromptu picture of Jacob responding with a gesture:

Q:As a fan of Jacob that likes him, should I be worried about him right now? Thanks.
A: No I'm with him right now he's fine:)

Q: #forjesusbanjacob

*Otherwise Jacob has been silent on in the last day or two.
Some speculate it's because he is annoyed.
Some speculate it's because of the pressure some are putting on him to stop using it.

Spiritswander: State Of The Union Regarding Blog Comments And Discussion Topics

As people have noticed, the blog has been in a self-imposed hiatus over the Holidaysthe last couple of days while some comments (on both sides) were getting out of hand.

 So this is a Spiritswander "State of the Union" as I re-iterate the purpose of the Blog and some of the rules of what will or won't be tolerated. Let me start by saying I realize that nothing I implement is going to please everyone but I am making the decisions I feel is best. There were pending comments from people with opposing points of view which both felt that "the other side" were receiving preferential treatment on the blog. So I understand that nothing will please everyone.

First, Spiritswander: "Keeping Up With the Roloffs" exists as an independent place where people can discuss the public figures The Roloffs. Just as mainstream entertainment sites like US, People, TMZ, RadorOnline, E-Online, discuss the activities of major Celebrities or Independent Online Sites discuss Sports Leagues, we discuss The Roloffs for people who choose to do so.

 Especially when the show is not currently airing, this often means people posting their opinions of the Roloff family members and discussing their social media with other people who are aware of the Roloffs history. Given Jacob's tendency to speak his mind on his beliefs on a variety of controversial issues (very unlike the rest of the Roloffs) I think it is understandable that his public social media does attract attention and discussion, both positive and negative.

In the last week while I have put comments on hold, it is quite clear that there is a demand to use the Spiritswander Blog as a place where people are free to post their opinions on a Roloffs public social media account. I don't have a problem with that.

In fact, someone who formerly went to Jacob's high school emailed privately to state they think the public should be able to comment on what is on Jacob's public twitter account and they don't mind if people reference their account (Jacob was recently involved in an argument with many former classmates from the public high school he attended the last few years).

The Spiritswander Blog have strived to allow people to express all kinds of opinions, both pro and con regarding the Roloffs. If people are interested in discussing something, we generally allow discussion of it. And sometimes allowing people to express themselves shed light on that person's own character.

Matt and Amy Roloff both have traditional social media for Public Figures. Some would describe it as "safe" or "fake". Basically existing to promote the Roloff brand. Zach Roloff doesn't have public social media so he is not discussed. Molly Roloff does but it is rare and I think it is fair to say what she does put forth publicly does not captivate the interest of observers of the Roloffs. Jeremy and Jacob Roloff both have active social media so it is natural that they are the subject of discussion. Regardless of if I agree with opinions expressed, if people want to discuss their feelings on Jeremy or Jacob based on their social media content, again I don't have a problem with that. If you are uninterested or think it's boring for people to discuss a public figures social media than no one is forced to visit the blog or read the comments.

The grey area that has come up is comments regarding people who are not public figures but are heavily associated in the Roloffs public social media. I do think it is natural and understandable that if a public figure Roloff chooses to publicly discuss a subject, whether it be their dog or their girlfriend, that people naturally are going to start posting their opinions on the dog, on the girlfriend. Especially, if this is a daily occurrence and the other person chooses to have a public account and be active with interacting with the public figure.

 I will point out that long before Audrey was married or engaged to Jeremy and prior to her being introduced to LPBW viewers on the show, Audrey was a top search topic associated with Jeremy Roloff both on our blog and on Google in general based on how often she interacted with him on his social media and the amount of time he was referencing her.

However, some of the comments, regardless of whether some people feel they were spurred on or instigated by the people talking about their comments on another site, some of the comments were just getting out of hand. Although we do want people to express opinions on the blog, we don't have to enable people to genuinely hurt others by making comments that are cruel. So it had reached a point where it was time to temporarily pull the article with the subsequent comments.

To clear up a couple of rumors, no Roloff contacted Spiritswander privately asking/requesting/demanding that the Anne Bailey article be removed. That was completely my decision to let things cool down.

I will also say, that no one referenced in the comments recently, contacted the Blog privately to request that they not be discussed. This did happen quite some time ago with another friend of the Roloffs or their family member who asked that they not be discussed on the blog. Although I didn't have an obligation to do so (again, they did have public social media and interacted with Public Figure Roloffs on their accounts), I did honor their request.

 On the flip side, it is true that some people associated with the Roloffs do think it's neat that people take an interest in discussing them and don't have a problem with being noticed.

It was also brought to my attention that Jacob's ex-girlfriend Stephanie was asked about people linking her public You Tube channel/her videos and she replied "Yes it is completely fine!"

So Anne Bailey's article will appear on the blog again shortly. However comments, especially about the non Roloffs, which are simply mean-spirited will be under scrutiny. Unlike some other sites where Roloffs were discussed, we have never allowed personal attacks based on appearance regarding either the Roloffs or their friends. Although I understand that some claim that subjects mentioned were brought up by the person themselves on public social media, if comments are mean spirited, than they simply serve no purpose.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays To All!

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Jeremy and Audrey Roloff's Wedding Video and Blog Of Their Move to LA

Jeremy and Audrey  Roloff have shared their Wedding video that they had put together. It was made by "Moving Picture Weddings".

The 2:53 video includes different parts of the wedding that viewers did not see in the wedding episode that was aired on TLC -- More of Jeremy and Audrey's vows are heard in this video and a bit more of the speeches.

Watch the video here

In other Jeremy and Audrey news, they left Oregon for their apartment in LA.

Unfortunately, it did not get off to a good start as Audrey tweeted that she broke her foot 10 minutes into unpacking the Uhaul.

"God must just likes to bless me with lots of stories... Broke my foot 10 minutes into unloading the u hual..."

There also are pictures on the photographer's website/blog.

Audrey tweeted and Instagrammed more about her broken foot.

Already dreaming about being back here.... On Friday Jeremy and arrived at our appartment in LA. 15 minutes into unloading the u-hual, I rolled my ankle on the curb while carrying in our mattress. A couple hours later I went to the urgent care only to see the line through my broken right foot on the x-ray results. I left with crutches. Oh the familiarity.... The next day Jeremey worked an all-day job which left me at our appartment alone with no power, no food, no hot water, no internet, no where to sit and unable to leave or accomplish anything. HUMBLING. Then I come to find out that I can't start my job until my foot is completely healed, 3 weeks. Through blurry eyes I hear The Lord whisper, "don't let Satan get a 'foothold.' I am writing your autobiography. It's a book of relentless stories, and I am gifting you with a voice to share them in My name." Ok Lord, I will. (once I have internet and can post them) But I still hate crutches. Hate. #alwaysmore #aujpoj #journeyofjerandauj

 Audrey also just posted about their move to LA on her blog. You can read Audrey's blog here:

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New Episode of Little People, Big World Featuring The Roloffs: "A Roloff Gets Married" On TLC Sept 30

The new episode of Little People, Big World airs tonight on TLC at 10:00 PM. It is the episode "A Roloff Gets Married".

Here is a quick preview and then a review:

Little People, Big World (Season 10)

A Roloff Gets Married! TV-PG

Jeremy and his bride-to-be, Audrey, feel equally nervous and excited as they complete the final details for their wedding. Meanwhile, Matt falls seriously ill and everyone worries he will not be able to attend his son's big day.


Guest Episode Review written by Rap541:

Ah, the wedding episode!

Some previous scenes of Matt and Amy arguing.

So its one month to the wedding and we get the trade out parade. Huh, they basically are getting the dress on extremely short notice even though it normally takes six months… funny that. I actually liked the first one she tried more than the second, or the third. I find it interesting that there seems to be some unexplained rush to the wedding.

Now Jeremy and Zach are getting custom suits for their product placement tradeouts. Also Zach is Jeremy’s best man. Jeremy’s wedding colors are “floral”.

Three weeks to the wedding. To keep with a long running theme from many episodes, Jeremy has dreamed of getting married on the farm since he was a wee little boy. It’s probably the first time we’ve heard Jeremy speak more than a sentence or two and he’s still not very articulate. He’s also pretty openly planning to own the land and have his own house there.  Which is interesting, his assumption about getting it

Two weeks to the wedding and we’re getting more tradeouts. Jeremy sounds and looks bored as hell at the table setting 
odyssey. To give Audrey some credit, she seems quite in love. 

Jeremy, in his haybale about his new mom in law looks totally bored.

Now Jeremy is taking his mom to lunch because he just wants to hang out with her. He looks like he’s got a limb in a trap and wants to gnaw it off the whole time. Seriously, this scene was really forced. So Audrey is working, and Jeremy is not.

Oh look it’s Matt’s drama. He’s possibly dying and very clearly lies on camera when he says “Jeremy’s wedding is next week”. Now Amy is heading over to his man cave for the first time and takes him to the doctor. Amy also lies about this happening “a week before Jeremy’s wedding”.

Look, I know a number of you are going to bitch and moan so here’s my objection. Was the lie necessary? Because it is a lie – per Matt’s facebook, he was in the hospital as of Aug 22…. Which FYI is not “a week before Jeremy’s wedding” – so does the lie add anything?

Now we’re “five days to the wedding” and Zack and Jeremy are merrily stating dad is still in the hospital as they head off to paintball with huh, product placement folks. Gosh it’s like this wedding is getting a whole shit ton of freebies for selling their private moments.  And huh, per the show, Matt is theoretically in the hospital until three days  before the wedding which leads Jeremy to sagely lie to us how worried he is that Dad won’t make it to the wedding.

Matt concedes that it’s awkward for his wife that he left to tend him as its three days before the wedding and he’s JUST OUT OF THE HOSPITAL.
So in other words, when it comes to the show, Matt really has no problem lying if it makes him the center of attention.

Oh look, Matt is of course up and about for the wedding. To be fair it looks nice. I personally like that Matt actually gave Amy a genuine compliment for a change.

There’s a nice shot of Audrey pre-makeup, and she should go natural more often. That’s a complement by the way. Somehow Audrey ended up with a used dress that she bought on line? Because that doesn’t quite jibe

Now we have WonderJer dressing. Then Zack and Jer have a nice moment as brothers. Then Audrey is presented with a cow brand. Oh look! There’s special hashtags to unlock wedding photos! I wonder if Jeremy and Auj were monetarily compensated for these commercials?

Matt quickly lets Jeremy know how nervous etc he was. Honestly, this is all pretty typical wedding stuff. Is the preacher the famous John Mark Comer? Matt calls Jeremy a man. The bridal party is huge and one of them is holding a sign that says “sexy baby”?

Is that Audrey’s dad holding a sign saying “she’s yours”.  I like the color of the flowers in Audrey’s hair.  Jeremy’s vows did not involve sharing her with Jesus, interestingly enough. Audrey’s did, I will give her that. But seriously folks, I’ve been to some Jesusy weddings and this was pretty plain jane in comparison.

I did like the shots in the flowers. The reception also looked nice. In fairness this wedding looked a ton better than any of the “wedding” episodes . Zach’s speech was cute, Matt of course chokes up. I also think it was sweet that Amy and Jeremy danced.  And it was nice to see practical bridemaids dresses.

I really didn’t care for the hospital drama.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

New Episode of Little People, Big World: "Another Roloff Pops The Question" September 23, 2014 TLC At 10:00 PM

The new episode of Little People, Big World airs tonight on TLC at 10:00 PM. It is titled "Another Roloff Pops The Question".

Here is a preview and then review:

With Jeremy’s big day just months away, Operation Wedding Preparation is in full swing on the farm. Following in his twin’s footsteps, Zach reveals he wants to marry the love of his life, girlfriend Tori, and he is ready to pop the question.


Guest episode review written by Rap541:

Oh look, we’re up to Zach setting up a five episode arc for summer 2015. What, did Jeremy refuse to impregnate the wife on Matt’s demand?

So Zach is dating Tori for years, Matt totally hates Amy and Jeremy dimly notes he’s getting married.

Zach is chopping kindling for a fire for Tori and Zach. Zach notes how cruel girls are. Matt and Amy wander out to bitch about how small the fire is and also how scatterbrained Jeremy is. Amy and Matt are still bitter towards each other but would love to have Zach marry on the farm.

Operation Jeremy’s wedding is on and Matt is SCREECHING at no one. He’s up in the track hoe, and Matt notes he wanted and Jeremy in theory agreed to Matt merrily ripping up the landscaping because Matt needs attention. Matt notes how he hates Amy and tells Amy how he plans on Jeremy’s wedding working. Amy notes that Matt doesn’t value her opinion. This is endless bitching by Matt. Matt notes how Amy has no vision and how she is a hinderance to him. Amy notes how he doesn’t listen to her. Matt notes how Amy is an endless piece of trash in his way and tells her how her ideas in the way of his ideas. Seriously, its very very clear to me the Botti family has no input.

Oh hey Matt hurt himself and called Molly, not Amy. He then complains about his mobility and then rips off the cast to show the camera how he’s injured. Matt immediately makes the wedding about his injury.

Now we have scenes of Matt noting how he’s a pitiful wreck of a man who only wants the wedding to be good but he’s so grieviously injured he can’t even cap his toothpaste.
Matt tells Zach he has a dramatic injury. Zach immediately moves into “Hey, I am asking Tori to wed”

To be fair to Matt and Amy, they both seem very happy with Zach’s decision. Matt pointedly notes how it will be a wild ride for the next few years.

For some reason they are all taking out the shed. The kids love the shed, Matt hates the shed. There’s a ton of crap in the shed that’s basically a shrine to how the kids are spoiled.

Oh Jeremy’s opinion is what matter’s on the shed. Jeremy and Audrey make bagels and Jeremy pretends to be a chaste Duggar, as does Audrey. Funny how Jeremy “graduated” in April but is flying up to visit as his family busts ass to make his wedding happen.

Zach shops for engagement rings. This is a nice ad for the whole jewelry store.
Jeremy works on a car in his livingroom garage and Zach shows him the ring. Its all so forced.

Matt drones on how his hand is broken and how he wishes Amy would wait on him hand and foot. Molly wanders into the mancave house and Matt lets Molly know how physically miserable he is and how he’s in constant pain. Much like I suspected, Molly gets the whole farm business better than the boys and also Matt continues to note how miserable he is. He also notes how he is milking it.

Zach is waiting for the right moment for the cameras to catch the proposal. Oh look a commercial break right when Zach grabs for the ring!

Zach grabs for the ring as Tori talks about their private time in Australia. Then it gets awkward and Zach backs off despite the camera placement.

Matt the Martyr notes he’s finally going to see a doctor over his hand. He notes how dumb doctors are about his specialness. The doctor recommends a splint.

At the farm,Matt and Jeremy wander about the farm. No one seems to want to explain why Jeremy is away even tho he “graduated” in April and isn’t at Brooks finishing up over the summer. He’s certainly not referencing any job issues…. Jeremy is against the shed being removed.

There’s a bridal shower.  Oh look a commercial of Audrey and Jer offering hashtags for their weddings. I guess fans don’t need to suck your cock anymore, huh Jer? And if they like you, they shouldn’t fuck off and commit suicide, right? But they should check out your public wedding registry because you poor poor kids need marriage gifts from strangers to make it in the big city.

Now we’re at Audrey’s bridal shower. No sign of Audrey’s mom, lots of Amy Roloff and Molly. I think the dark haired lady near Amy is the mom but if there was an intro, I missed it. There’s cute gifts. I actually like the quilt gift Amy gives. Yup the mom is the dark haired lady with glasses although there’s no formal introduction.

Matt tries to impress us with how well he watches others lay sod.

Zach heads off to ask Tori to wed.

Oh huh, the proposal is on the farm for the cameras. Heh Tori is videoing her dog. It also seems a tad less exploited. . Good lord, can Amy stop acting like Zach is mentally incompetent. Matt asses his way about and notes how there will be new episodes for Zach’s wedding next summer and also manfully notes how lucky it is that Matt is even alive for all this as this is all about Matt.  There’s some cute photos.

Next week – hard to believe that Matt manages to nearly die right before Jer’s wedding but what a way to make the episode about Matt!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Jeremy Roloff And Audrey Botti Are Married

Jeremy Roloff and Audrey Botti are married! The wedding was yesterday Saturday September 20th.

The current set of Little People, Big World episodes are focusing on the lead up to the Roloff wedding and the wedding will be featured in the last this season.

For people in the know, there was some controversy about the fact that the wedding is being filmed reality television episodes because in the past Amy Roloff made very scathing remarks about the Kardashians "selling their private moments" when they filmed Kim Kardashian's wedding for an episode. So the fact that the Roloffs are filming Jeremy's wedding and doing the same thing, have led some to bring up the word "hypocrite" regarding Amy Roloff.

The entertainment site E-Online had the wedding invitation:

E-online also had the registry: From E!'s article:

"And just before we hear wedding bells go off, E! News has learned what is on the Little People, Big World couple's registry for when they do become husband and wife.
The future newlyweds signed up for gifts at REI, where they requested a range of gifts from outdoorsy supplies to dinnerware and baking tools.
Specifically, the couple registered for a Coleman stainless steel cooler to take with them on their lengthy hikes around their future home, Los Angeles.
They also asked for close friends and family attending the nuptials for a GSI Outdoors Pinnacle base camper cooking set, along with flashlights, a hammock to snuggle up in between a pair of trees they stumble across with a spectacular view, a couples' sleeping bag, headlamp, and food container.
And along with their hiking and camping must-haves, the duo asked for a variety of flatware, ovenware, cooking utensils and an assortment of items that are absolutely necessary to start a family kitchen."

Here are a sampling of pictures from the Wedding from Instagram and Twitter:

The new couple

Jeremy and Audrey

Jeremy and Audrey - as you can see it was filmed

The Wedding venue

The Couple and more cameras

Zach giving a speech

Zach and his fiancee Tori

Tori says "one step closer to being sisters" - Tori and Zach are engaged

Audrey and Jeremy with Tye French, Jeremy's friend and business partner from Brooks

Audrey with the wives (Destiney and Erica)  of Jeremy's childhood friends, Jacob Muller and Dan Meichtry

Audrey with Jacob's ex-girlfriend Stephanie. While Stephanie and Jacob were dating, she and Audrey formed a friendship, often commented on each other's social media and Stephanie attended a Christian retreat where Audrey serves as a mentor.

The Wedding party -some wondered with Jeremy's abundance of friends who would be left out, it turns out they basically had a wedding party so large it included everyone. Long time viewers of the show might recognize "the friends": Jacob Mueller, Dan Meichtry, Bryan Roth, Scott LeSage, Jake Rempel as well brothers Zach and Jacob.

There is a little video on Instagram posted by one of Audrey's friends:

While the most of the Roloffs themselves have been quiet on social media so far (which is not unusual for anything they film that will eventually air on tv), Jacob Roloff was the only Roloff to use twitter yesterday. Jacob didn't post about the wedding, but still managed to infuriate some of Jeremy and Audrey's Christian fans. If you don't know the back-story, basically Jeremy and Audrey (although never on the TV show) are known as very vocal Jesus followers online and in life. The Roloffs in general have a large following of fans who are Christians. Jeremy and Audrey are favorites of the Christian fans. Meanwhile, Jacob drew the wrath of the Christian fans when he revealed that he's not a Christian. Some of the Christian Roloff fans feel that Jacob belittles the Christian faith by retweeting anti-religion tweets and by saying things such as he thinks it's silly to "pray to a man in the sky". While Jacob claims he is just expressing his beliefs and his opinions, Christian fans feel he is mocking their beliefs and by doing so is showing a lack of respect for all Christians including the rest of his family - specifically Jeremy, since Jeremy and Jacob are often compared.

Anyhow, during the wedding day, Jacob made the following tweets which some are already complaining about because they feel Jacob should have been 100% happy all day for Jeremy and Audrey and they take offense to Jacob's negativity expressed in his tweets yesterday:

Jacob Roloff @ffoloR_bocaJ · THIS IS SO ANNOYING LOL I hate being fucked with haha like ??? Are you sure you don't have your own life to worry about ?

Jacob Roloff @ffoloR_bocaJ · I'm soOoOoo ready to road trip and get lost by myself somewhere new 

Jacob Roloff @ffoloR_bocaJ · With a GoPro and some vibrams... Man that's all I want

 Jacob Roloff @ffoloR_bocaJ · Not looking forward to tomorrow @ alllll 

On Sunday, Jacob was the first Roloff (as usual - Jacob has been the first Roloff to do many things) to post a picture from the wedding.