Saturday, January 18, 2014

Jacob Roloff Turns 17

The youngest Roloff is now 17. It was Jacob's birthday yesterday, Friday January 17th.

Amy posted some pictures on her social media accounts:

Jacob's public social media accounts are:

Twitter and

Jeremy and Zach will be 24 years old this May. Molly Roloff will be 21 in September.


Ashley said...

Whose truck is that? Did they buy him a vehicle for his birthday already?

Leigh said...

Now that people have had a chance to see what Jacob is like from his Ask and Twitter posts, what do people really think of Jacob?

Timothy said...

At times Jacob seems like the only Roloff not to have drank the kool-aid.

He's clearly not as candid/honest as he used to be in his online responses (I'm sure someone had a talk with him).

He's not as in your face about being Christian as his other family members.

I think going to a public school has been good for him in that way, making him more aware of the world than Jeremy, Zach or Molly since it forced him out of the Christian bubble.

Rachel said...

In my opinion Jacob will be and is similar to Justin Bieber.

They're both disrespectful. Justin Bieber started out just smoking weed too and now look at all the recent reports about all the drugs he's into.

Chris Linton said...

Jacob is by FAR the best Roloff. Even if he's not totally willing to say F-you to the show persona and his family, he's still the only Roloff who gets it.

Brandon said...

Chris, I kind of agree. Sure he's still entitled and all that, but the best reflection on him was when he recently responded to someone who said his fans would be disappointed to read his answers on and to discover that he does drugs.

Jacob responded that he doesn't think any of his fans (the Matt and Amy Facebook fans obviously) who think that highly of him even know what

I liked that he showed some awareness to that fact.

Mark said...

Jacob is the best of the Roloffs. The rest are too phony.

Mark said...

Jacob is the best of the Roloffs. The rest are too phony.

Set Abominae said...

"How does it feel to constantly disappoint and let down the ones who care about you? Change has to come from within. We can point you in the light's direction but you have to walk there on your own. Its time to become a man Jacob."

That is the sort of self righteous judgmental arrogance that the so called "Christians" who are the hardcore fans of the show heap upon Jacob because they seem to think they know whats best for him better than he does...and quite frankly it's almost as disgusting as the freaks who insist that the Newtown Massacre didn't happen.

Frustrated Viewer said...

Nobody is saying Jacob is perfect. But he does seem to be a normal 17-year old boy, and he seems generally to be smart and self-aware. For those who want to decry him because he has sex and smokes marijuana, chill - a whole lot of perfectly normal and perfectly good kids do this, and then they go on to be good and responsible adults. They are not the spawn of Satan for it.

Jacob is a boy who has been whored out against his will by his parents. And these are the same parents who get credit as producers of their show and who seem to delight in portraying Jacob as a loser and as the "invisible child" in their "empty nest." How do you suppose that would affect you or anyone else to have that thrown at you since you were little?

So give Jacob a break and give him credit for, as others have said, being the most forthright and probably smartest of the entire family. He is stuck in a bad situation and as a minor can do little about it.

I agree with Timothy who said that Jacob getting out of that hothouse bible school was good for him. We can only hope that he will have the strength to get out when he is 18 and go where he can learn and make a good life for himself.

Erin said...

I find the praise Jacob receives here to be totally bizarre.

To debunk a myth, he's not honest in his Ask answers. People have pointed out several things he has said that weren't true (from his social status at school, he wanted people to believe he had no friends when in fact he has tons to his future on the show).

He's admitted he only has that account that he can yell insults at people. He ignores friendly questions from positive fans so that he can call someone vulgar names. He's not doing anything nice for anyone. He has it because it's a venue for him to say nasty things.

He has no motivation. According to Jacob himself, the number of times he went out and mingled with the pumpkin customers in the most recent pumpkin season was less than three. Jeremy even came home so he could participate.

Jacob sits in his room, smokes pot, plays video games and does nothing productive.

People made fun of Jeremy for his lofty career aspirations, an under water welder, a ship captain, a pilot, etc., but at least Jeremy had motivation and goals.

Jacob complains, is disrespectful, does nothing productive and does drugs.

All that weed he is smoking is adding to his laziness. It also is getting him further into the drug culture.

One of the few things he answered recently was questions about drugs I don't even understand, "Cool drug lingo" that he obviously was proud of himself for showing off his knowledge of these drugs.

He's also talking about using Xanax and other drugs for anyone who believes Jacob's bs about how smoking weed and associating with drug dealers isn't leading him down the path to do more drugs.

I'm not a full throttle fan of Amy (largely because she is too soft on Jacob), but one of the worst, most heartless things Jacob has done was use twitter to publicly bash his own mother.

He tweeted that everything he hates about people, his Mom is or does. Wow, stick that dagger in her heart and pull it out and in a few more times!

That's one of the worst things I've seen anyone say lately. Jacob even admitted that Jeremy told him to knock off the bashing of their mother.

Just look at the difference between Jeremy's twitter and Jacob's social media. Jeremy uses his for good, to inspire people and to praise Jesus.

Some people might say Jeremy is older so don't compare, but Jacob is bright, it's not his youth that's the problem, it's where his heart is.

BeckyM said...

I actually agree with you Erin. The only reason I cut Jacob any slack is you are seeing the dysfunction of a life that is twisted to long term "reality" show filming.

The other "kids" are just as dysfunctional. Society needs more scientific review of the long term effects of filming children for reality shows.

The Gosselin twins are getting old enough that in a few years the damage from reality television filming is going to get more exposure.

Vic Rattlehead said...

"Jeremy uses his for good, to inspire people and to praise Jesus."

Jeremy is just a self righteous ass who is too stupid to actually understand what it truly means to be a christian.

He is a liar and scam artist who has people like you fooled by his pretend piety when he engages in many of the very behaviors that he so readily condemns others for doing like the hypocritical piece of garbage he is.

Rap541 said...

"Just look at the difference between Jeremy's twitter and Jacob's social media. Jeremy uses his for good, to inspire people and to praise Jesus. "

I think the issue has always been that Jeremy puts up a good front, but hmmm was smoking pot and drinking in high school just like Jake, used foul language that would make a sailor wince, was routinely disrespectful to his mom on camera, and seems to have been getting his jollies harassing the household pets... and alll of this was Jeremy *loving Christ and showing us his big heart*. If Jeremy was caught drinking, everyone who saw it and reported it was LYING on this CHRISTIAN boy, who btw was being a *boy* and even at 23 years old still gets excuses made for his being a lazy piece of crap who "needed to study" instead of work a wedding because well, he's a boy being a boy and got behind and sure enough Daddy Matt let us all know how proud he was of the lazy piece of crap for letting his school work go until Daddy had to let him off the hook. Jeremy never apologizes for anything ever, he still hides behind his daddy whenever tough questions come up, he's almost 24 and still sucking off his mommy and daddy, he does nothing to enrich anyone's life but his own... but he throws up a bible quote occasionally and attends a church that hates marriage equality so he's an awesome Christian.

Jake is being an immature little brat and he clearly learned it from brother Jeremy. The honesty I give him credit for? He isn't putting on a smile and professing how he loves Daddy Matt and how he loves Christ.

And shhh... Jer's still a widdle boy so he's not allowed by Daddy to say he loves Christ and is against marriage equality ... and also because actually being a man is a lot less easy that being an almost 24 year old boy playing.

Rap541 said...

Erin - Jacob clearly could use some supervision but Mom and Dad Roloff clearly are done parenting. Since Mom and Dad have vocalized since Jacob was twelve that they are done... I'm genuinelly uncertain how much respect he's supposed to show people that constantly insist they're done with him.

Rap541 said...

Btw 0 we're making a same age comparison - when Jeremy was 17, he was calling people niggers and fags and drinking and smoking pot and failing in school. He's Jacob's example, only funny, when Jeremy was being a nasty piece of work, he was a poor lost Christian boy doing his best to be a shining beam for Jesus.

Rap541 said...

"The Gosselin twins are getting old enough that in a few years the damage from reality television filming is going to get more exposure. "

I think that meltdown will be extreme.

beckym said...

Rap - Lindsay Logan extreme jmo.

sscooter43 said...

I prefer an asshole like Jacob over a phony like Jeremy, Zach and Molly.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

I still find the mindless belief in Jeremy's total crap here, to be totally bizarre.

Some people also do not believe in giving the same repsect that is given, or vice versa. All of us who have watched the show since day 1 have seen how Jacob was treated, villified, put down, and more recently, abandoned on national TV for all to see. Empty nesters who completely disregard the non-existent child. I see why Jacob has bashed his mother publically, It's a tinge over-the-top for me, but it certainly is retribution for the inherent, mind numbing psychological bashing that he has suffered at the hands of his parents. OK, you wait, there will be people writing in to this blog saying, "Jacob MUST respect his parents, regardless. His parents can treat him ANY way they want, they can call him a cry baby, ignore him, put him down, write him out of their lives, but still, he MUST respect them!!" I call bullshit. Matt and Amy are not above reproach. They sure carry on like they are, but they're not.

OK, all the "believers" in Jeremy state that even he has called out Jacob for his mom-bashing. Yes folks the big brother who was pampered by his mom, always sucked up to by his mom, dutifully wakey-wakeyed for school by his mom, sets the box of a mule on fire and DISAPPEARS, he who had her mom stand there and NOT reply to his demand ON CAMERA that she get her ass back in the kitchen because that is where she belongs (no one can deny this, it's on tape!!!), yeah, that big brother.
It carries no weight. Not at all. Not from a phony hypocrite like him.

A famous man once said that the general public would much easier fall for a big lie, than a small one. Jeremy James Jesus (had to work it in there somewhere, Rap!)Roloff is a fine christian and a shining example to all whose lives he touches, and graces our lives with his talents and inspiration.

Megan said...

It's easy to see where Jacob gets his rudeness.

Take a look at Amy's twitter. She is whining about the terribly slow and poor service she gets at hotel bars and restaurants.

Apparently there is a really large conference booked, which probably means the poor staff is swamped.

All Amy can do it bash them for not serving her fast enough.

Just like Molly trashing the Costa Rican hotel staff for being slow to deliver her room service on her free vacation.

The Roloffs are despicably disrespectful and self absorbed people.

k Has C said...

@ Podge/Rodge...I'm with you on your post. If i was Jacob i'd be dissin' ole mom and dad too. They have Always put him on the back burner. All the while dumping loads of sugary bull crap on Golden Boy Manchild with alil' tossed in for Zack..and alil' sprinkled on Molly. Put downs and Frowns for Jacob. Saying they are "empty nesters" for along time now...i'd be mad and act out too. JMHO

Melissa said...

Jacob is sorta defending Justin Bieber on Ask. Surely he can see that they are a lot alike.

Anonymous said...

You should keep your comment to yourself if they aint good they both hot so what

Anonymous said...

Dang, how tall is he know? Towers over Amy and Zach

Anonymous said...

Some of you people who are athiest and dont really know what christianity is all about should really not be critical about peoples characters and blaming christianity. Last i checked God chooses to love the "hopeless case"- according to the world. Through out the bible God never chose to use and pursue perfect people. He chose drunks like noah, liars like Abraham, killers like Paul and unbelievers like Thomas and prostitudes like mary-magdalene. So according to the biblical criteria of someone God is most likely to reveal himself to, Jacob perfectly fits the profile. So what he has strayed away? Other people got bigger problems than he does. He is still young, he can change tommorrow, next week, next month, next year, heck he can change a decade from now. Its never about hoe you start but how you finish.

beckym said...

Roflmao most Christians know less of their Bible than I do! And Jesus would cast 99% of them in the same category as the moneylenders!

What would Jesus have to say to Jeremy's torture of animals? Jacobs lack of parental respect? Of Matt and Amy's love of money and waste? Zack not working? Roflmao!!

Go back and read YOUR bible! Just another silly Christian that excuses behavior that his own Savior would raise an eyebrow at.

Anonymous said...

Becky what you think is christianity is, is a form of religious righteousness and human protocol. God doesnt look at a man and think he or she is too unholy to love and want. When you steer far from God the more he pursues you. Like Jesus said, when a sheep breaks away from the flock, its sheperd leaves the flock in search of that 1 sheep. Same with God. He doesnt 'raise his brow' and say "hhhm such ungodly behavior, off with thier heads". He instead wants to reveal himself to the troubled soul knowing that exposure to Christs love changes characters into christ-like characters and not out of force but willingness and the power of God that removes all sorts of burdens be it depression, addiction, evil thoughts, sickness, (including rebelliousness towards parents) by the way. Thats why God is God and not human like us. Thank God ur not God cos You have already condemned the whole family to hell in your heart and head. And your comment about animal cruelty, Jesus cast out demons into pigs and commanded them to jump of a cliff and into the sea. The pigs died and not even in a humane way(not making excuses for animal cruelty) buuuut showing how little of importances animals were to even Jesus himself, not becos he didnt care but becos he had better things to be concerned about.

Anonymous said...

Grace - God still pursuing you even though you have done the most unthinkable kind of sins and dont deserve God to even look your way but still chooses to love you enough to pursue you. Jesus' love will always pursue the lost.

Stephanie said...

Wow, Anon posting to BeckyM about God and animal cruelty?

If there was ever a reason for someone to turn be Atheist and not want anything to do with God, it's your post saying God doesn't care about animals and their suffering!

If that's what God is about, then NO thank you!!!!!

But to counter your argument I do know a Christian lady who wrote a nice piece about how it's a human's duty to show love and compassion to animals because God gave you (a human) the ability to show His love and compassion for all of His creatures.

BeckyM said...

Now Stephanie, God and Jesus has nothing to do with love and compassion according to Anon.

As Rap likes pointing out "only Christians can judge" - remember? Only Christians can make judgments because God allows and encourages it.

When is Amy going to change and realize that judging others doesn't qualify her as an "accept others" PAID speaker. That Matt has allowed greed to dictate how he sacrificed his duties as a father? They are adults. When are they going to "grow into Christ?"

Yep, Christians accept murderers, pedophiles, rapists etc... and as long as the murderer repents and claims Jesus as his Savior it's all okay with God. At least that's what people on deathrow want you to believe.

Thanks but no thanks to that kinda God. Apparently others agree as they are leaving the "church" in droves.

Anonymous said...

Stephanie, pls read my comments again clearly and carefully, i didnt say God hates animals or promotes animal cruelty. Read my comment again . Your comment has no corelation to what i said, you shoving words in my mouth and you just fueling Beckys behavior. Becky your excuse for not wanting God is stupid to say the least. When your in school studying, when someone else fails a grade, you dont say " oh my gosh, that student failed thier grade i quit school" do you? No you dont becos ur own common sense tells you it would be stupid to do so and someone else failing does not affect you in no way shape or form. Your reasoning for rejecting God has no reasonable basis. Wether i make God look bad or not, im still human and i still make mistakes. Same with the roloffs. Dont reject God all becos of humans like us that still have a lot to learn to be more christ-like. God is love. God still loves you and everyone. God is still holy. God is still perfect. Regardless of our imperfections.

Anonymous said...

And please read my comments carefully and not emotionally reply to my post ending up putting words in my mouth.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy is the best

Megan said...

Guess who got baptized yesterday?

Jacob's girlfriend.

Guess where she got baptized? Solid Rock Church.

Guess who was there in addition to Jacob? Amy, Audrey and Tori.

I bring it up because Jacob was snarking off to his Askers a couple of months ago about how he has nothing to do with John Mark Comer's church and people should stop bringing him up.

But now in addition to his family and friends, his own girlfriend goes there and got baptized there!

Pearl said...

Have not been keeping up. Are Amy and Matt still on the farm but living in different quarters? Did Amy lose any weight.

matt from Australia said...

the whole roloff family and there friends are good people, any one who says bad things about them are jelous ,I love watching all the shows.
matt is my hero, go the rolloffs

Cathie Castellano said...

I'm from Australia as we'll and you are an idiot

Why? said...

These shows only work when the children are young. Would any loving parent subject their child to misery for money? Apparently, and it is we, the viewer, that should be ashamed. We are the ones promoting this rubbish and changing channels when it becomes uncomfortable to watch. Please do not rationalize their motives until you understand your own.

Anonymous said...

You should learn how make sense out of a sentence, unless you just wanted to say he's hot then I think we know what you're thinking. Hmmm

Denice said...

So many judgemental people here...Good Grief !

Anonymous said...

Name/URLliars -I read a blog where it exposed Jeremy and Zach Ripoff as being "jerks, making fun of people, and making racial slurs." This was very disappointing to read about as I've been a fan of little people,big world for years now. I am an african/american and being a child who did not have birthday parties, loving parents to speak too, and all the typical things that usually children should have which Amy and Matt RoLoff have provided to their children I feel is a bit spoiled on the twin son's part if there's TRUTH to the comments I have been hearing about them. Being in the public eye is one thing but knowing what to say or not to say and how to act or not to act is another thing. Parents can't always control what their kids do or say but the basics of how to treat people should start from the beginning of children being taught how inappropriate actions can hurt and anger people.