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New Little People, Big World Episode on TLC Featuring the Roloffs: New Year, Big Changes March 25, 2014

Here is a preview and then review of the episode of Little People, Big World airing on TLC at 9:00.

Little People, Big World (Season 10) New Year, Big Changes TV-PG 

 It’s the holidays and the Roloff Kids are home to celebrate, but the family dynamic has changed dramatically. Matt has moved out of the main house and into the bridal suite, hoping the change will give him and Amy space to work through their issues.


Written By Rap541:


Its a new episode of LPBW! Who wants to bet Matt and Amy argue? Hahahah, that seems to be a guarantee for this one. That's right, its time for Matt and Amy to earn a buck by displaying their shattered marriage for a buck. Ironically, as of 12:30pm of the day of the show, neither Matt or Amy have reminded their fans on facebook to watch. Huh. Anyways, I am genuinely curious to see who blames who. My guess? Matt pins it all on Amy and is the sad little helpless victim....


Observations on the prior episode. 
Jeremy thinks Jake is a senior in high school in the crossroads episode, when I am pretty sure Jake was a junior (and just sixteen) in that episode. 

Matt’s Facebook fans, before the staff gets at it, seem pretty pissed with him. 

Zach moving to his own home that he bought himself is not in any way presented as Zach accomplishing something. 

It’s *really* obvious that Matt and Amy don’t want to address their separation on Facebook, or discuss this episode, and yet this is America and no one is forcing Matt and Amy to air their marital laundry to the public. 

Also, Matt disparaged Amy for her only plan for the future being seeing the kids and grandkids, but when Amy asked what he intended to do with his future, his response was that he hadn’t figured it out yet. He also mocks her for being content. 

It is also increasingly obvious that neither Matt or Amy even consider Jacob. 

New ep!

It is Dec 29!.... Zach shows up for food. Amy is making bacon and is all in a tither over it and Zach is all “IS DAD OUT THERE??” and Matt and Amy are separated. Matt haybales how he chose to move out in November because you know, Amy is a shitty housekeeper who didn’t been to his every whim. Amy notes how she didn’t want that, which is a nice move for the divorce since now Matt’s on public record for leaving his wife who didn’t want him to leave. Matt notes how he wants things to be normal for the family. He calls Amy to his office so they can throw a New Years Party like old days. Matt wants a big celebration. And it is theoretically Dec 29…. I could point out that two day’s notice isn’t really reasonable but…. There are plans for a ball dropping. He asks her to decorate a cake and she’s offended that he doesn’t know she does that….. 

Amy tells the kids about the party. Zach haybales that it’s sad. Jeremy is also sad. Matt notes the first night at the house was sad. The place looks very man cave. Call me crazy, but I am impressed with how a) decorated and furnished Matt’s place is and b) how clean the big house looks now that Matt moved out. Matt complains about doing his own laundry. He takes Zach to make a confetti cannon for the party. Matt stresses how he worries about the kids. Molly refuses a ride on the mule with dad and walks with Zach. Matt notes how he enjoys the serenity and how the kids don’t drop by. Yeah. Not well phrased, Matt.

Matt makes the twins make a glitter ball for the ball drop. Right now it’s a wad of chicken wire and Xmas lights. Jeremy drops it from a ladder and busts it but frankly this feels totally staged for the camera. Oh look, Pop and Honey put in an appearance and pointedly stay at Matt’s house. Ron notes how tidy it is and how there’s no photos of the family. Honey is sad and notes she hopes Matt isn’t happy alone. Honey isn’t having Matt’s nonsense. 

The kids are at Zach’s house, making burgers. Zach can’t cook. Molly is planning to move out of the dorms. Jeremy waxes deeply on how they hang out. 

Matt challenges Ron to make soup, before Matt’s friends come for poker night. They’re making some sort of pumpkin bisque. Ron is a lil disappointed in the separation and quotes the Bible. He seems to genuinely care though. Matt is caught by Amy taking stuff from the house. She refuses to go hang at the prefab house because she wants him to come home to the real home. 

Amy is going out with friends and asks Molly for advice. Amy notes she and Molly aren’t close. At poker night, Matt revels in being a man with a man cave where everyone drinks beer, drinks poker, belches and merrily grabs their crotches. Matt notes how he’s being selfish and has no intention of divorce as long as he’s allowed to do as he pleases and gets to keep the man cave. 

Amy heads out with friends Lisa and Lisa and confesses her separation. “Matt chose to move out”. She notes it’s sad and they don’t have a plan, and it’s been a month and she’s kinda shattered by it. In a confessional she calls it a grieving process. Her friends press her to say what she would like, and she doesn’t know. Amy isn’t wearing her ring. She cries a little in the restaurant and in the haybale.

From a purely cynical point – Amy is setting herself up for the divorce wrangling a lot better than Matt is, with his gleeful poker night. 

Also, still no mention of the one kid who still lives at home. 

It is new years eve and there’s only eight hours to prepare the garage! There will be a photo booth so Jeremy can have attention! Matt has the ball drop for his attention! It will all be in the giant garage. Amy is making a clock cake. Amy and Molly mock each other in a sassy way. Molly notes how its not always joking. Audrey actually speaks on camera! Matt is all “Audrey and Jeremy are adorable!” He manfully explains how he does a project. 

Matt dresses up as Noah, aka Father Time. Molly mocks Matt’s costumes. Matt notes how all the kids think he’s ridiculous and not cool and he heads off to take the costume off. Yeah Matt, its hard to believe that your kids who are almost all adults aren’t actively praising you for “shenanigans” as Molly calls it. 

One hour to the party! Matt is annoyed that very few party preps were out. Matt yells for help. Meanwhile it appears to be a fairly fancy party. Matt snarks at Zach about where is the ice and Zach notes that if Matt wants it to be his party then he should do more. Matt notes how disorganized “Amy’s camp” is and how disappointed he is. Matt notes how he *almost* said screw it. Over sodas, apparently. Sam is there, in a top hat. Zach is stressed that someone suggested he marry Tori. Matt of course screeches about midnight and the ball drop. Matt is of course the center of attention and of course appears to blow a fuse with the ball.

Of course there’s a commercial. 

Jeremy flips the breaker. The ball is lit. It’s all kind of over the top. Jeremy notes how he’s planning to get engaged. There’s smooching. Amy allows Matt to kiss her. Peggy is all this is special. A moment of weirdness, although I have noticed this before. Why do people in this house wear quilted winter jackets in the house? I mean, yes it’s winter but take your coat off at the table. The place has heat. Matt gives a toast. One of the girls is wearing a ski cap at the table. They try to sing Auld Lang Syne but no one knows the words. Yeah, that about sums it up. This honestly was exactly as I expected – a bit dull and Matt mansplaining how perfect he is. I don’t think he realizes how selfish the man cave poker parties come off.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Jeremy Roloff And Audrey Botti Engaged

A little bit of "breaking news" as Jeremy Roloff and Audrey Botti are now engaged. Audrey tweeted and posted this Instagram photo:

The question: Audrey Mirabella Botti, will you marry me? The answer: YES!!!!!!!!!!!! You're the one I want to team up with for life. Jeremy James Roloff, to say I'm I love you is an understatement. I'M GETTING MARRIED!!! #braidit #journeyofjerandauj #tresslelove

 Jeremy also took to Instagram to make the announcement.

January 16th, 2010 I met Audrey. January 17th, 2010, I was in love. August 15th, 2011 asked her out. March 15th, 2014 I asked this beautiful girl to be mine, and she said yes. Drowning in grace. @aujb

Saturday, March 15, 2014

A Letter Of Complaint About Jeremy Roloff and Audrey Botti

The Spiritswander Blog received this email asking us to publish it, so we are. The opinions are that of the author and we are merely passing it along.


Dear Spirits Wander Blog,

I am writing to you to tell you a story about what Jeremy Roloff and his girlfriend Audrey Botti are doing. I can't find many websites on the internet that would hear my complaints. I thought you would let people know how unfair and unprofessional Audrey Botti and Jeremy Roloff have been and how it impacts innocent high school athletes.

I am so furious right now.

My brother was a nominee for the Oregonian's student athlete of the week. Winners are decided by the voting poll results.

My brother did not win. That isn't what bothers me.

Jack Botti, a skier for Sunset won.

Jack got 117 more votes than the student who finished in 2nd. To show you how ridiculous it was, he got 651 MORE votes than one of the nominees.

I'll explain why I'm writing to your blog and why I'm furious. As far as I'm concerned, Audrey Botti and Jeremy Roloff hi-jacked an award that is supposed to be fair and recognize athletes in sports. They have no morals or sense of fairness. They play dirty and will rig the results to do anything to get the outcome they want.

By "rigging" I don't mean inaccurate counting of the votes. I mean rigging in terms of stuffing the ballot box based on TV Celebrity.

Here are the links to what they did.


Vote for my brother!!! fb.me/1cObzdvbM
Later that day...

Hey Everyone! ya'll should take a few seconds of social media surfing to click a button and vote for an Oregonian... fb.me/ZmJtZgDu
·                                  More

Then Audrey retweeted Jeremy's request tweet to his fans. This shows that Botti family was in support of Jeremy using his celebrity to get Jack the win.

Retweeted by Audrey Botti
Hey Everyone! ya'll should take a few seconds of social media surfing to click a button and vote for an Oregonian... fb.me/ZmJtZgDu

Before any of their fans say I have sour grapes I challenge any of their fans, Jeremy or Audrey or Jack to explain to me how this was fair or good sportsmanship?

They turned a high school athletic award into a popularity contest, but not even a fair popularity contest, they turned it into who knows a celebrity!

Audrey Botti has nearly 1000 followers on twitter. Considering how prevalent she is on Jeremy's twitter, I think it's a good guess that a lot of those followers are fans of Jeremy Roloff's television show.

Jeremy Roloff has 18,500 followers because he is on a television show. When he asks his fans to do something for him, I think I can assume that maybe at least 3% of his total followers might actually do what their celebrity idol tells them to do.

Jack Botti didn't win because people thought he was the rightful winner. He won because people that don't know anything about him or the other nominees, were told to vote for him by a TV celebrity because he happens to be the brother of his girlfriend.

Should I apologize to my brother because I don't have as many twitter followers as Audrey or that my significant other is not on a reality TV show? I don't mind that Audrey wanted her brother to win, but I do mind that she and her boyfriend used his celebrity status to give her brother a victory that is tainted.

Personally, I think Jack Botti should have been disqualified because of this and the Bottis should feel ashamed of what they did.

It's just another example of people with celebrity or money or power using those things to get ahead of regular people who work hard.

Imagine if you went to a local talent show competition and you lose not because you were judged by how you or the other competitors performed but because one of the other contestants was the sibling of someone connected to a celebrity who told their fans to vote even though they had no knowledge of the competition or the performances?

It's people without morals or character doing anything to win.

From reading Jeremy and Audrey's twitter, they think they are following Jesus' example?? By turning a high school athlete award into a celebrity popularity contest? Does Jesus think that is fair to the other athletes?

The worst part is after reading back on Audrey's and Jeremy's twitter, this is not the first time they have used their celebrity to try to win voting contests meant for regular people.

They used their fame to try to win Wedding Wire's "Best Couple" (whatever that means) contest which also named the winner based on voting poll results. I assume the winner and top finalists probably got some financial reward to use towards their wedding from Wedding Wire.

I don't even know what that contest was, but again, how is it fair that one of the people involved is on a TV show and tells his fans to vote for him and his girlfriend?

Spirits Wander, I hope you will publish this because I want to make sure everybody knows about what Jeremy Roloff and Audrey Botti did to unfairly interfere with competition results.


A furious, non-celebrity sibling of a High School athlete in Oregon


Thoughts? Petty complaining or a legitimate gripe?

By the way, Audrey re-designed her Blog and now has an active public Facebook Page  . We received criticism when we posted about Audrey, some argued that she wasn't a celebrity and shouldn't be discussed or have her accounts linked because it is an invasion of her privacy, but I simply disagree based on the fact that she has these public pages.

Jeremy Roloff also now has his own website operational.


Edit: Jacob Roloff weighed in on the topic (sort of...) on his Ask.fm page 

Question: "What do you think of the person ranting to Spiritswander about what Jeremy and Audrey did? Do you think they have a point? Is it fair for Jeremy and Audrey to do it?"

 Answer: "That's the stupidest thing I've read in a while on spiritswander lol.." http://ask.fm/JacobRoloff

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Matt and Amy Roloff Separate

The big news (Roloffs wise) in all the mainstream entertainments sites is that Matt and Amy Roloff have separated.

People Magazine, TMZ, Hollywood Life, New York Daily News etc, all of stories about it today.

It should be noted that this news comes out just before the next set of Little People, Big World episodes begin airing.

Amy Roloff has been hinting on her Facebook page for quite some time that 2014 could be a year of change for her. Although she's also posted the usual stuff about there still being hope for her marriage.

As viewers know, the theme of Matt and Amy divorcing has been discussed and discussed and discussed for several years and several seasons. The LPBW episodes always portray Matt and Amy on the verge of divorce while Matt and Amy on social media portrayed themselves as a happy family. When they were asked about divorce, they would snark about people not understanding that the show is edited and things of that nature.


"Though we have weathered many storms together, we recently made the tough decision to engage in a trial separation," they tell PEOPLE exclusively. 

"Matt remains living on the farm in our guest house and we work together everyday on the farm, on our business endeavors and most importantly, raising our amazing children." 


""Little People, Big World" couple Matt and Amy Roloff can't stand living together anymore -- they've just announced they're separating after 26 years of marriage.

Sources close to the couple tell TMZ, Matt and Amy have been living separately since the holidays -- Amy currently resides in the family's main house in Oregon ... Matt lives in the guest house.

We're told neither Amy nor Matt is currently pursuing other relationships -- they're just testing the waters living alone ... for now anyway. So far, divorce isn't on the table. 

Matt has had a history of drinking problems -- such as his 2007 DUI -- but we're told alcohol was NOT an issue in the split.

The Roloffs -- who have 4 children -- released a statement, saying, "Though we have weathered many storms together, we recently made the tough decision to engage in a trial separation." 

TLC released the teaser, the preview video for the new episode.