Saturday, March 15, 2014

A Letter Of Complaint About Jeremy Roloff and Audrey Botti

The Spiritswander Blog received this email asking us to publish it, so we are. The opinions are that of the author and we are merely passing it along.


Dear Spirits Wander Blog,

I am writing to you to tell you a story about what Jeremy Roloff and his girlfriend Audrey Botti are doing. I can't find many websites on the internet that would hear my complaints. I thought you would let people know how unfair and unprofessional Audrey Botti and Jeremy Roloff have been and how it impacts innocent high school athletes.

I am so furious right now.

My brother was a nominee for the Oregonian's student athlete of the week. Winners are decided by the voting poll results.

My brother did not win. That isn't what bothers me.

Jack Botti, a skier for Sunset won.

Jack got 117 more votes than the student who finished in 2nd. To show you how ridiculous it was, he got 651 MORE votes than one of the nominees.

I'll explain why I'm writing to your blog and why I'm furious. As far as I'm concerned, Audrey Botti and Jeremy Roloff hi-jacked an award that is supposed to be fair and recognize athletes in sports. They have no morals or sense of fairness. They play dirty and will rig the results to do anything to get the outcome they want.

By "rigging" I don't mean inaccurate counting of the votes. I mean rigging in terms of stuffing the ballot box based on TV Celebrity.

Here are the links to what they did.


Vote for my brother!!!
Later that day...

Hey Everyone! ya'll should take a few seconds of social media surfing to click a button and vote for an Oregonian...
·                                  More

Then Audrey retweeted Jeremy's request tweet to his fans. This shows that Botti family was in support of Jeremy using his celebrity to get Jack the win.

Retweeted by Audrey Botti
Hey Everyone! ya'll should take a few seconds of social media surfing to click a button and vote for an Oregonian...

Before any of their fans say I have sour grapes I challenge any of their fans, Jeremy or Audrey or Jack to explain to me how this was fair or good sportsmanship?

They turned a high school athletic award into a popularity contest, but not even a fair popularity contest, they turned it into who knows a celebrity!

Audrey Botti has nearly 1000 followers on twitter. Considering how prevalent she is on Jeremy's twitter, I think it's a good guess that a lot of those followers are fans of Jeremy Roloff's television show.

Jeremy Roloff has 18,500 followers because he is on a television show. When he asks his fans to do something for him, I think I can assume that maybe at least 3% of his total followers might actually do what their celebrity idol tells them to do.

Jack Botti didn't win because people thought he was the rightful winner. He won because people that don't know anything about him or the other nominees, were told to vote for him by a TV celebrity because he happens to be the brother of his girlfriend.

Should I apologize to my brother because I don't have as many twitter followers as Audrey or that my significant other is not on a reality TV show? I don't mind that Audrey wanted her brother to win, but I do mind that she and her boyfriend used his celebrity status to give her brother a victory that is tainted.

Personally, I think Jack Botti should have been disqualified because of this and the Bottis should feel ashamed of what they did.

It's just another example of people with celebrity or money or power using those things to get ahead of regular people who work hard.

Imagine if you went to a local talent show competition and you lose not because you were judged by how you or the other competitors performed but because one of the other contestants was the sibling of someone connected to a celebrity who told their fans to vote even though they had no knowledge of the competition or the performances?

It's people without morals or character doing anything to win.

From reading Jeremy and Audrey's twitter, they think they are following Jesus' example?? By turning a high school athlete award into a celebrity popularity contest? Does Jesus think that is fair to the other athletes?

The worst part is after reading back on Audrey's and Jeremy's twitter, this is not the first time they have used their celebrity to try to win voting contests meant for regular people.

They used their fame to try to win Wedding Wire's "Best Couple" (whatever that means) contest which also named the winner based on voting poll results. I assume the winner and top finalists probably got some financial reward to use towards their wedding from Wedding Wire.

I don't even know what that contest was, but again, how is it fair that one of the people involved is on a TV show and tells his fans to vote for him and his girlfriend?

Spirits Wander, I hope you will publish this because I want to make sure everybody knows about what Jeremy Roloff and Audrey Botti did to unfairly interfere with competition results.


A furious, non-celebrity sibling of a High School athlete in Oregon


Thoughts? Petty complaining or a legitimate gripe?

By the way, Audrey re-designed her Blog and now has an active public Facebook Page  . We received criticism when we posted about Audrey, some argued that she wasn't a celebrity and shouldn't be discussed or have her accounts linked because it is an invasion of her privacy, but I simply disagree based on the fact that she has these public pages.

Jeremy Roloff also now has his own website operational.

Edit: Jacob Roloff weighed in on the topic (sort of...) on his page 

Question: "What do you think of the person ranting to Spiritswander about what Jeremy and Audrey did? Do you think they have a point? Is it fair for Jeremy and Audrey to do it?"

 Answer: "That's the stupidest thing I've read in a while on spiritswander lol.."


NYBill said...

Reading the Oregonian article, it seems to me that Jack Botti deserved to win. A state title is pretty impressive! The other athletes did great, but haven't brought home the trophies yet. My second choice would be Silas Melson if anyone cares. It looks to me that if the Roloff connection got anyone's interest they looked at the athletes and agreed Botti was the best choice.

Rap541 said...

Its a little petty and sour grape-ish, yes, because all the actual contest is, at the end of the day, is a popularity contest with no prize. And to be honest, the numbers don't seem that suspicious although I am open to examples of other week votes that were much closer.

On the other hand, in a local contest, its very unsportsmanlike behavior. If you're internet savvy enough to know you have a lot of followers and ask those followers to help out your chosen candidate in a contest, then you're savvy enough to understand you're using an advantage that other contestants aren't getting. You also understand that most of your followers aren't your close, personal friends so I do think it's fair to say that Jeremy and Audrey asking their followers to vote for her brother is unsportsmanlike and meanspirited when we're talking about a local contest.

Anonymous said...

Seems petty to me. It is just a dumb online athlete of the week award. It happens everywhere when one person has more people to spread the word to vote for a given person. Jeremy and his gf were just supporting her brother. Life goes on.

Austyn Hughes said...

Petty, simple as that. She was supporting her brother helping him win a random athlete of the week award online. It happens everywhere, when someone has more people that are active online more people will vote for him. In a month, no one will care at all who won this award. Life goes on.

Craig said...

"Final decisions on nominations are made by reporters and editors who oversee high school sports coverage for The Oregonian".

Some thought is put into the nominations by watching and analyzing the athletes. To have it wrecked by a celebrity and his girlfriend is not the spirit of the contest.

Shame on Audrey and Jeremy. They owe the other six an apology.

Lintons Lint said...

Well, perhaps they are the "Best Couple" as far as winning internet voting contests?

Nancy said...

It is legitimate.

Audrey cheated (by using Jeremy and their fans) to make sure her brother won.

I understand why she did it, but it's not very ethical.

Samantha said...

Oh give me a break. This person is just whining that Jack is better than her brother.

Jeremy didn't even tell people who to vote for. All he did was tell them to vote and how to vote.

Char said...

NYBill, Ellie Logan had nearly half her teams points in the final game.

Ellie was the deserving winner.

Devon said...

"Jeremy Roloff has 18,500 followers because he is on a television show. When he asks his fans to do something for him, I think I can assume that maybe at least 3% of his total followers might actually do what their celebrity idol tells them to do.

Jack Botti didn't win because people thought he was the rightful winner. He won because people that don't know anything about him or the other nominees, were told to vote for him by a TV celebrity because he happens to be the brother of his girlfriend."

How can anyone disagree with that? It's the truth. Whether Jack Botti was deserving or not, his winning was definitely tainted because of what his sister and her almost brother in-law did.

Karl said...

It is just as the author describes.

Popularity breeds power and corruption. Even for high school athletes of the week.

Audrey (and Jeremy to impress his girlfriend) using an unfair advantage to make sure her brother won.

Liz said...

What a whiner.
Good for Jack!

Lynn said...

There are no rules against doing what Jeremy and Audrey did. They did nothing wrong.

Annie said...

If other people are allowed to tweet people to vote, why shouldn't Audrey and Jeremy be allowed to do the same? Being a semi celebrity doesn't mean they lose their rights as people.

Rap541 said...

Lynn 0 in all seriousness, I don't consider this that big a deal....

But if someone did something unsportsmanlike like this to 17 year old Jeremy... would you be so primly noting how nothing wrong happened? That Jeremy needs to understand no one broke any rules and should accept his loss as fair?

Liz - same to you - if it happened to Jeremy and Molly protested on his behalf, would your response be "what a whiner"?

Hands on the bible, swear on your love of Christ to tell the truth, the both of you.

(and keep in mind when something similar happened to Jeremy in ODP, that he might have been passed over due to favoritism, the response was not "there's no rules against it, what a whiner Jeremy is")

I actually don't think this is a *terrible* action but I do think Audrey and Jeremy both need to consider whether it was really fair and sporting on their part and if they'd smile with joy if someone did it to their loved ones.

Rap541 said...

Annie - again, if someone did it to Audrey and Jeremy, would you be telling them to shush because bigger celebs have the right? :)


I don't think its a huge deal in that the contest itself isn't a huge deal but really, this is how fun local traditions get screwed over. Jeremy and Audrey are adults now, and are old enough to know that just because you can do something, it doesn't always mean you should. If their response, and the response of their fans, if in a similar position, losing a contest because a celebrity called in the fans to vote for their own picked candidate, is anything other than graceful pleasant acceptance... then as adults they need to rethink the behavior.

Devon said...

You can say "it's only a High School athlete of the week award, it doesn't matter", but that is flawed.

Cheating is cheating. Whether it is in the Super Bowl or if it's in a game of tic tac toe with your 5 year old brother.

There is fairness or unfairness.

Audrey and Jeremy chose the unfair route.

Chantal said...

There is nothing wrong with Audrey supporting her little brother.

Shut up people.

Jocelynn said...

Well put, Rap. That's how I feel too. Crime of the century? No. But just because you CAN do something, doesn't mean you SHOULD do it. It would do Audrey and Jeremy good to question their own behavior.

"I don't think its a huge deal in that the contest itself isn't a huge deal but really, this is how fun local traditions get screwed over. Jeremy and Audrey are adults now, and are old enough to know that just because you can do something, it doesn't always mean you should."

Briana said...

The only poor sportsmanship I see is someone complaining about losing instead of congratulating the winner.

Alexandria said...

"so I do think it's fair to say that Jeremy and Audrey asking their followers to vote for her brother is unsportsmanlike and meanspirited when we're talking about a local contest."

This is crap.

Audrey is a woman of God. She is not mean spirited. It is out of love for her brother that she hoped he would be honored for his athletic feats.

There is a misconception about Christians that they can't live to spread His Kingdom and still be competitive. Nothing wrong with Audrey and Jeremy wanting her brother to win.

Rap541 said...

Oh good lord, really?

Alexandra and Briana, when you respond, please put your hand on the Bible and swear on the blood of Jesus this is your true belief.

If your sibling was in a contest that is essentially a local popularity contest and one of the competitors had a boyfriend who was on a national tv show who tweeted out to his fans to participate in the local contest where his girlfriend has a sibling in the contest.... You swear... SWEAR on your love of Christ that you would tell your sibling to suck it up, its totally fair and sporting for the celeb to please his girl by asking his fans who have absolutely no dog in the race to vote for the person connected to his girl and they need to stop crying and accept that it was completely fair?

You swear on Jesus that you'd do that?

You'd insist your sibling who got outvoted because of someone else's celeb status to congratulate the winner? And be upset if they didn't? And call it sportsmanlike for a celeb to call in fans from far outside the locale vote because Christians have the right to use any means necessary to win?

Point - I don't think Audrey or Jeremy have committed a terrible crime but I again remind the fans that when Jeremy was teared up and crying because he didn't make ODP, it was totally cool for fans to insist that he wasn't being a crybaby. It was totally cool to insist he was unfairly treated and possibly maligned... and NO ONE insisted Jeremy be a good sport and congratulate the boys who bested him and the Jeremy fan boys and girls did think it was ok to bitch and moan how unfair it was.

If this happened to Audrey, or Jeremy, how many people insisting how fair it was would continue to insist it was fair?

Alexandria, Briana? If some celeb screwed over Audrey's brother, would you snot to him how fair it was and how he needed to congratulate the winner? If your answer isn't ABSOLUTELY YES, you're a hypocrite.

This isn't the crime of the century but really, its hardly "Thank Jesus that Audrey asked her boyfriend who's been on tv to pump the votes! Her brother really earned it that way!"

Rap541 said...

Also I guess, if we're playing the Jesus card, is that if Jesus would say "Audrey, when you asked your famous boyfriend to get his fans who don't know your brother to vote for your brother so your brother could win a popularity contest by a landslide, you were doing my work.Because Christians are not humble, in My Name, they compete and use any means necessary to get the win!"

Alexandria, Briana - do you think Jesus would applaud Audrey?

sscooter43 said...

This is what was asked and answered on Jacob Roloff's page:

Question: "What do you think of the person ranting to Spiritswander about what Jeremy and Audrey did? Do you think they have a point? Is it fair for Jeremy and Audrey to do it?"

Answer: "That's the stupidest thing I've read in a while on spiritswander lol.."

Rap541 said...

Btw, defenders of Audrey and Jeremy.... you do realize what selfish assholes you make Christians in general and Audrey and Jeremy in particular sound like when you defend their every action as a blessing from Christ?

Me? I'm pretty willing to consider that Audrey might not have considered that it would come off a little jerky to ask her celeb boyfriend to ask his fans to vote for her brother in a small local contest.

That's why I'd like to know if this happened to your own relatives, if your attitude about it would be so "Audrey and Jeremy did NOTHING wrong, quit whining, loser!" or if Audrey and Jeremy would appreciate hearing such a response if a similar thing happened to them.

But clearly asking Christians to consider fairness and empathy is too much.

So clarify for me, Christians. In a local contest about local high school athletes, Jesus Christ is so pro competition that He would soundly endorse one contestant getting endorsed by a minor celeb and encouraging people far outside the local area to vote. Because Christ isn't about fairness and compassion, Christ is about competing as hard as possible and if something isn't *expressly* forbidden, it's perfectly fine.

I mean, I fully concede its not expressly forbidden for the contestants in this contest to ask for celeb social media help... but if only one of them has that as an option.... like I said earlier, just because you can do something, it doesn't mean you should. But now you're wrapping it up in it being a blessing from Christ and I really strongly question if "win by any means legal" is really legit.

But hey, I get it - Audrey and Jeremy are *Christian* so as long as they're technically inside the rules, they can use any means necessary to win and don't have to consider anything or anyone's else's feelings and views since Jesus likes competition and wants Christians to win by any means available with no thought to how it affects others.

That sure makes them sound like nice people, huh? If Audrey and Jeremy do it, no matter what it is, they're doing Christ's work. They were walking with Jesus and blessing the contest with their competitive spirit and all the losers need to find Jesus themselves because Jesus helps winners not losers.

Have any of you guys actually read the Bible? Or even just seen the Bible miniseries?

Craig said...

Sscooter, Jacob can only call it "stupid" because to make an actual argument supporting what they did as fair and just is impossible.

Therefore, Jacob resorts to calling it "stupid" because he has no argument and is too blind to what his brother does to see anything involving him objectively.

Betty said...

Let's see as a Christian, how big of a person Audrey is or isn't?

Will she apologize? Acknowledge a mistake (if she sees it as that)? Explain her actions?

Or ignore and dodge it as she always does?

It amazes me that Christians like Jeremy and Audrey don't think being honest and ever acknowledging something you've done is part of showing character that you're supposed to have in order to set an example for others so you can build His Kingdom as they profess to want to achieve.

Crystal said...

Well, I don't care that much, but it IS unfair.

I doubt Audrey has any guilt over what she did though.

Rap541 said...

Betty - I agree. I genuinely don't think this is that big of a deal except that people are expressly defending this as Audrey and Jeremy acting as good Christians.

I'm not even convinced the request Jeremy made had that much of an impact on the voting and I have even said the letter writer is being a bit petty. But now that I am told "no no no Audrey was showing her good Christian competitiveness, in the name of Jesus DO ANYTHING NOT EXPRESSLY AGAINST THE RULES TO WIN!" well, now I am tired of hearing how Christ blessed it is to use celebrity status to manipulate a contest and how wrong it is for a Roloff concubine to hear she might have shown her ass.

Really, I am completely willing to admit it might have been an innocent mistake on her part, but I am not seeing any of the "OH DEAR GOD DONT YOU UNDERSTAND AUDREY IS JESUS WALKING???" crowd concede she and Jeremy just might have been out of order. Nope, as usual, if a Roloff (or a Roloff concubine) does something nasty, everyone they crap on should be thanking them for the favor.

Brandon said...

I'm in the "Not horrible, but wrong" camp.

Btw, how bad is it (even if he couldn't defend it with a substantial case) that over and over again, the only Roloff that is ever willing to say anything about any topic, is the 17 year old?

While they so-called adults run and hide and never give an opinion or explanation for anything.

Wendy said...

With Christ, you can accomplish anything. That is why Jack Botti won and is having success. Any other explanations is petty squabbling.

Rap541 said...

So Christ wasn't with the others? :)

And if Jack ever falters at anything, is that an indicator that Christ is NOT with him?

Because you're very clearly stating Jack won and is successful because Christ is with him. SO people who aren't successful.... are they punished by Christ? The other athletes in this contest... Jesus loves them less? Or Jack loves Jesus more and therefore Jesus gives him more?

How petty and small you make your savior sound.

Its also duly noted that at least one of the Christian crowd thinks Audrey was indeed walking with Jesus and was RIGHT to manipulate the voting since Jesus loves winners more than losers. :)

Set Abominae said...


You're an idiot.


Rigging the vote is not an honest win.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

There were no rule against Joseph Kennedy buying enough votes to get his son into the White
House. He did nothing wrong. And they're Catholics to boot!!!

Angie said...

Perhaps Jeremy and Audrey's response to criticism. It seems to be their motto for all criticism they receive:

Retweeted by Jeremy James Roloff
Jarrid Wilson ‏@JarridWilson 2h

Never waste your time trying to explain who you are to people who are dedicated to misunderstanding you.

Rap541 said...

I frankly am not going to interpret "what Jeremy might mean" with his tweets because...

Jeremy's a grown up. If he wants to address criticism.... he's just about a 24 year old man. Heck, the big boy is old enough to propose but he can't have an opinion that isn't cryptic and up for debate? Audrey sure picked herself a winner... will Daddy Matt speak for Jeremy at the wedding too? Since widdle Jer-Bear still can't comment directly?

Timothy said...

"Jeremy's a grown up. If he wants to address criticism"

No Rap, he doesn't. That's why he loves what his religious mentors are saying.

Anybody who criticizes him or points out that he did something wrong or hurtful are "misunderstanding" him and he shouldn't waste his time explaining.

It's very convenient. If you behave like a jerk and do something that has negative reactions, never own it, never apologize, never try to make right.....the only thing that matters is not wasting your time because those people don't matter.

Unbelievable message from this new Pastor that Jeremy likes.

This Jarrid Wilson guy who Jeremy and Audrey met and who he's always retweeting these days makes me appreciate John Mark Comer a lot more! (Can't believe I just said that!)

amanda said...

This is just stupid. Doesn't matter who you are, I'm sure everyone who was able probably posted "vote for my friend (or whoever)". Just because they have more followers doesn't mean it's wrong. They were just supporting their brother like you were your son. Basically what you're saying is that because they are a 'celebrity' it means they can't support him? How is that 'fair'? When you're in high school everything is a popularity contest anyways. Life isn't fair and the earlier you and your son learn that the better off you will be. Not winning one little award isn't going to ruin his future, get over it.

beckym said...

Who should be questioned is the group who set it up as a popularity contest. Online contests sucd as this are easily corrupted and manipulated.

Rap541 said...

Again Amanda.... the questions I would put to you are these. Would you tell your own sibling, if Jeremy and Audrey did this in a contest they were in that it was completely fair for a contestant with a minor celeb as a contact to use that contact to bring in votes outside the local district and your own sibling should just accept it as fair? Or would Jeremy and Audrey like it and tell Jack to suck it up as fair if a bigger celeb than Jer campaigned for an opponent?

You're right - its a silly local popularity contest and rather than let it pass as no big deal, Audrey felt she had to pump the vote with outsiders so Jack would win.

The crime of the century? No. A situation where perhaps Audrey and Jeremy want to consider whether its fair and sportsmanlike to enlist the support of Jeremy's fan base to vote for Audrey's brother in a local popularity contest? Maybe.

I mean, you say it yourself, Amanda - not winning one little award isn't going to ruin Jack's future so maybe next time Audrey should let her little brother compete fairly and get over it if he loses.

I notice btw that no one protesting how awesome it is for Audrey to do this will admit that they will tell their own siblings to shut up and deal because its soooo incredibly fair if it happened to their own family.

My own opinion? Its a little jerky and I hope she reconsiders doing it again. If you think it's fair then you should be willing to say its also fair if it happened to you or a sibling and no one taking Audrey and Jeremy's side seems willing to commit to "and if they did it in a contest my sibling was in, I'd smile and tell my sibling how FAIR it was and to quit crying and congradulate the winners".

That's telling.

Rap541 said...

Timothy, I get you, I really do. I just don't feel like interpreting what Jeremy *might* mean with his occasional cryptic retweets of the words of others.

If he has something to say to defend his actions over the years, he can find his twig and berries and be a man and speak for himself. Or he can, at 24, continue to let Daddy speak for him and make passive aggressive retweets like a child.

I kinda wonder, will Jeremy find his sack to say "I do" to Audrey or will Daddy Matt need to do that for him as well? Because god knows, Jer's record right now says he's still not man enough.

KP said...

They didn't do anything wrong. Any family/friends who wanted to support someone in a contest would do the same thing - help promote them. If it was supposed to be about the kid's talent instead of a popularity contest the organizers should've set it up differently where only people familiar with the athletes could vote. Don't blame the voters.

KP said...

Rap, stop judging an entire religion based off one group of people who visit one particular blog on the internet.

Rap541 said...

Kp - they're calling it Christian behavior. Now it's "Its so Christian but we're not all Christians so we can't be judged as Christians"?

Come on. They're walking with Christ and letting us know that Christ shows his love by giving success. I mean - Jack won *because he had Christ*. It's only logical the Christians here are saying the other contestants were not Christian and or judged in their faith.

As for what Audrey did - it wasn't technically against the rules, and I have said that. I notice NONE of the professed Christians have been willing to say "I swear on my love of Jesus that if this happened to MY sibling, I would smile and like it and tell how FAIR it was" and I also notice that frankly no one seems willing to concede that most reactions, including mine, were that it wasn't that big of a deal but she might want to rethink doing it again because in a small local contest, it comes off a bit unsportsmanlike and unfair.

But hey, let me know how Audrey is walking with the Lord as she uses any means necessary to see to it that her brother wins. Because only winners walk with Christ, right kids? Everyone who lost to Jack is less to Jesus.

I'm genuinely curious where that little gem is in the Bible.

I am also curious - since the losers in this contest don't have Christ and Christ rewards winners.... when Jeremy didn't win the spot in ODP that he cried over, did he fail because he wasn't with Christ and the winners of positions were? And who here thinks its nice and Christian to say that about someone? :)

Because I am struck by the Christians argument with this. Hey, Spiritswander won in the subpoena issue - I guess that means Spirit was higher up with Christ than Matt Roloff - since Christ rewards the faithful....

julespesci said...

As much as I like the Roloff family I think their voting approach is absolutely WRONG !! I think the letter writer is being absolutely passionate about what is right and wrong and I'm on her side.. As for the Roloff MIDDLE FINGER KID.. You're a prime example of the low class that is described here. Where are your parent's in allowing such a disgrace, to post your education level ?

julespesci said...

I'm on the Author's side here.. She's just passionate about what's right and wrong ! (and she's right !!) As for the MIDDLE FINGER ROLOFF.. Where are your parent's in allowing such a disgrace, to post your maturity and education level, like that ? You bring shame ;/

Kathy said...

Does Jacob EVER come out of his room? Too bad his parents seem to forget he still lives there.

Roloff Fan No More said...

Jeremy & Audrey told Matt about the engagement while Amy was away. I find that to be disrespectful, but then again Matt's favorite son was with his favorite parent, I suppose. Just feel sad for Amy.

As for Jacob, holy smokes! Instead of separating, Matt needs to get back into that house and start parenting that boy. Will moving out help Jacob at all? It's just sad how Jacob has fallen by the wayside and neither parent is doing anything about it. How he's turning out is not normal. He grew up on TV and is rebelling. TV was your idea, Matt. So fix this thing now.

Robin (asst. coach) said...

I'm one of Jack's assistant coaches on the Sunset high school ski team. Super proud of Jack's accomplishment of winning the STATE CHAMPIONSHIP! I respect everyone's opinion on this subject. I voted for Jack and I used my facebook account to help get the word out and encouraged my circle of influence to vote for Jack. If that's cheating, then I cheated. Bottom line: High school ski racing is awesome. And Jack skied faster than 100+ other athletes over a 2 day period. Bravo Jack!! Kudos to the 6 other athlete of the week nominees!

Jocelynn said...

Hi Robin, I respect that you're proud of Jack, but objectively, you have to admit what Audrey and Jeremy did is different.

Anytime a poll is left up to internet voting there is a chance the votes won't be fair.

Family member or friends asking people they know that might know the person is somewhat to be expected.

However, you have to admit what Audrey (and Jeremy) did to make sure Jack won was not fair because the others didn't have that chance.

You might have asked someone to vote for Jack, but you do not have thousands of fans. That is an extreme advantage that ruined the voting.

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me? That's ridiculous and takes away from the winner. They are all kids. How old are you? Congratulations to the winner. Well deserved I am sure.

Rap541 said...

Robin, I'm just curious about this.

You like Jack and are proud of him. I looked at the other contestants for this contest... I didn't see anyone who didn't appear to be "worthy" of winning. This is a apples to oranges kind of thing anyway but my point is that any one of the candidates was deserving. Jack's accomplishments are great and no one is saying Jack isn't a great skier.

So you're Jack's coach and here's what I want you to think about and maybe answer... but at least think about. If this fun local contest had ended with one of the other contestants winning by a landslide... and you then found out that the sister of the winner had asked her boyfriend who was say, on a long running reality show to ask his fans to vote in the contest....

Would you tell Jack he deserved to lose, Christ was with the winner, it was completely fair and no one did anything wrong at all?

Would you?

I've asked this of a couple of people who are defending it - if it was Audrey, Jeremy, or Jack who was lost, would it be so fair and awesome... No one defending it has yet to say it's fair and just if Audrey, Jeremy and Jack were treated as they treat others. I wonder why that is.... if its so fair when they do it, why isn't it fair if its done to them?

ashleigh said...

These polls are ALWAYS a popularity contest. If Audrey's brother hadn't won, the next popular kid would have, whether they were the one with the most athletic prowess or not. Doesn't seem like that big of a deal to me.

BTW, Spirits, I kind of find it wrong that you post the pic of Jacob giving the finger along with his comment about this story. It misleads the readers into thinking that he posted the pic as a reaction to the story. Unlike some, I have no problem with the gesture and I don't know that he would necessarily have a problem giving it in reaction to the story but since he didn't actually do that, I really think you should take that down. If Matt or Amy were to do something like that people would have a problem with it, whether it was deliberate or not, its still misleading.

To julespesci, who is wondering where his parents are - his father never particularly wanted to be "the parent" and his mother has been dealing with a *very severe* case of empty nest syndrome for many years now. Considering her youngest child (Molly) moved out a year and a half ago and she is in therapy, if this were a normal case you would think she could have gotten over it by now.

Rap541 said...

"It's just sad how Jacob has fallen by the wayside and neither parent is doing anything about it. How he's turning out is not normal. He grew up on TV and is rebelling. TV was your idea, Matt. So fix this thing now."

Made more assinine by Matt and Amy moaning since Jacob was twelve that their nest is empty.... but if you note how decent parents actually pay attention to and discipline their kids, oh dear sweet Jesus how dare anyone judge these little people?

So Matt no longer lives at home and Amy was gone all last week... and Jacob is a junior in high school. Hands up, defenders! He's a pothead who likes to sexx his girlfriend... are Matt and Amy doing a fantastic job leaving him alone in the house? Is this, hand on the Bible, the absolute best they can do do for the kid?

Jason said...

"He's a pothead who likes to sexx his girlfriend..."

Rap, you forgot "running around the Farm on Acid trips".

west side is best side said...

it was based on vote so it already was a popularity contest to begin with... Just saying.

Anonymous said...

Even if they hadnt asked other people to vote for him Jack still would have won as he was the most accomplished out of the nominees.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that Jeremy and Audrey did what anyone with a friend or family member involved in a "Popularity voting contest"...they asked their friends and family to vote for the person they were supporting....WHY is THAT wrong? IT IS NOT AT ALL! The COMPLAINER just felt bad their brother did not win and felt the need to vent their frustration at someone they are jealous of.

IF this contest was SO important, it would have been decided a different way....Many contests are put on this way and become a popularity contest. I see people asking for votes for their friends and family for lots of reasons on FaceBook and it is the SAME THING! LIFE G

Rap541 said...

Ah yes, whenever Jeremy is possibly doing something less than praiseworthy, it can't possibly be that he's in the wrong, everyone is always just jealous.

Here's the problem anon. Jeremy has what, 20k people on his twitter? 18k? Is it really fair and honest in your mind to say that every single one of those people is a close friend or relative that Jeremy would recognize in an instant as a close personal friend?

Tell me honestly, do you really think that? Because yes, people are supposed to ask their friends and family to vote, and Jeremy asked his friends, family, and fans he's never met and mocks unless he wants something from them.

As for the contest itself, personally I don't think it was that important... except that *someone* thought it was important enough to Audrey's brother, that Audrey's brother had to win so badly, that Jeremy had to ask his fanbase to vote.

If it wasn't important, why do we have someone purporting to be the coach of Audrey's brother, assuring us he really was better than the losers?

If Jeremy and Audrey did nothing wrong, why is no one who insists that Jeremy and Audrey did nothing wrong willing say they would chide their own sibling for being a jealous loser if their sibling lost a contest in a similar fashion?

Remember, you're suggesting Jeremy considers the thousands of people who follow him his close friends and family. Going forward, if that's the standard, then Jeremy needs to the "creepers and randoms" like his close friends and family from now on... if he's going to casually use them as he pleases.

Rap541 said...

Anon, I also assume that you do believe when Jeremy teared up like a crying bitch when he didn't make ODP, the appropriate reaction to that was that someone should have told him to suck it up and learn how to congratulate his betters?

Funny how Jeremy's fans whined for years how poor precious Jeremy was denied his place in ODP, his rightful place that he earned and was denied by people showing favoritism and whining and moaning how cruel it was wasn't people being bad sports, it was *for the love of Jeremy!* and if its for the love of Jeremy, its not a bunch of people being crybabies for some pampered spoiled loser who can't handle losing and has to hear how victimized he was?

Come on now fans of Jeremy, explain to me how insisting Jeremy was victimized by ODP was perfectly reasonable and how Jeremy when he was crying, wasn't being *jealous* of the kids who bested him? I'm waiting to hear how the precious Jer Bear was the victim :)

Anonymous said...

I agree seems petty and a bit of jealousy going on.

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! So because they have more friends they cheated? Ok sounds like jealousy and complaining.. social media is how everyone communicate and show support for friends and family so because they have a celeb status with more friends they cant show support like everyone else "THROUGH SOCIAL MEDIA" that seems unfare and judgy towards jeremy and his gf.... and im pretty sure showing your love and support for your brother is more christian like than to judge complain and accuse people. anyone who cares about friends or family will go to social media to show support, so I really dought they were being mean only showing support.

Brandon said...

"So because they have more friends they cheated?"

Anon, that's not even the problem.

Are fans of LPBW who follow Jeremy on twitter who might do what he says about a high school poll, friends of Jack Botti?

They aren't. They are just voting because a celebrity told them he wants them voting for Jack Botti.

That doesn't seem very fair to the others.

Rap541 said...

Anon - Brandon sums it up nicely.

Is it fair to say that a lot of Jeremy's twitter followers are fans who have never met him?

I think so. Personally I don't have huge feelings on this topic in that I think it was a silly local contest, but the endless dancing Jeremy and Audrey's anonymous buddies do to insist how sporting it is for Jeremy to ask his fans to vote just tells me a lot about Jeremy and Audrey and their buddies.

Here's what I would like the anons who defend this to answer. If the roles were reversed and someone beat out Jeremy in a silly local contest because they got a celeb to get their fans to vote, would all the anons insisting this was so fair run to Jeremy to let him know how fairly he was treated and if he protests, then he's being a jealous petty complainer? I've asked this previously, but no one who insists the situation was petty ever agrees that if Jeremy was treated the same way, that he would need to smile and accept it with no whining.

Anonymous said...

Sour grapes...through and through...and who sends a rant like that to be published!

Give me a break said...

What's sad is it people have nothing better to do with their lives then talk about this crap anyone who watches that show can see that Jeremy and Audrey are extremely good people take a good look in the mirror and get a life