Tuesday, March 25, 2014

New Little People, Big World Episode on TLC Featuring the Roloffs: New Year, Big Changes March 25, 2014

Here is a preview and then review of the episode of Little People, Big World airing on TLC at 9:00.

Little People, Big World (Season 10) New Year, Big Changes TV-PG 

 It’s the holidays and the Roloff Kids are home to celebrate, but the family dynamic has changed dramatically. Matt has moved out of the main house and into the bridal suite, hoping the change will give him and Amy space to work through their issues.


Written By Rap541:


Its a new episode of LPBW! Who wants to bet Matt and Amy argue? Hahahah, that seems to be a guarantee for this one. That's right, its time for Matt and Amy to earn a buck by displaying their shattered marriage for a buck. Ironically, as of 12:30pm of the day of the show, neither Matt or Amy have reminded their fans on facebook to watch. Huh. Anyways, I am genuinely curious to see who blames who. My guess? Matt pins it all on Amy and is the sad little helpless victim....


Observations on the prior episode. 
Jeremy thinks Jake is a senior in high school in the crossroads episode, when I am pretty sure Jake was a junior (and just sixteen) in that episode. 

Matt’s Facebook fans, before the staff gets at it, seem pretty pissed with him. 

Zach moving to his own home that he bought himself is not in any way presented as Zach accomplishing something. 

It’s *really* obvious that Matt and Amy don’t want to address their separation on Facebook, or discuss this episode, and yet this is America and no one is forcing Matt and Amy to air their marital laundry to the public. 

Also, Matt disparaged Amy for her only plan for the future being seeing the kids and grandkids, but when Amy asked what he intended to do with his future, his response was that he hadn’t figured it out yet. He also mocks her for being content. 

It is also increasingly obvious that neither Matt or Amy even consider Jacob. 

New ep!

It is Dec 29!.... Zach shows up for food. Amy is making bacon and is all in a tither over it and Zach is all “IS DAD OUT THERE??” and Matt and Amy are separated. Matt haybales how he chose to move out in November because you know, Amy is a shitty housekeeper who didn’t been to his every whim. Amy notes how she didn’t want that, which is a nice move for the divorce since now Matt’s on public record for leaving his wife who didn’t want him to leave. Matt notes how he wants things to be normal for the family. He calls Amy to his office so they can throw a New Years Party like old days. Matt wants a big celebration. And it is theoretically Dec 29…. I could point out that two day’s notice isn’t really reasonable but…. There are plans for a ball dropping. He asks her to decorate a cake and she’s offended that he doesn’t know she does that….. 

Amy tells the kids about the party. Zach haybales that it’s sad. Jeremy is also sad. Matt notes the first night at the house was sad. The place looks very man cave. Call me crazy, but I am impressed with how a) decorated and furnished Matt’s place is and b) how clean the big house looks now that Matt moved out. Matt complains about doing his own laundry. He takes Zach to make a confetti cannon for the party. Matt stresses how he worries about the kids. Molly refuses a ride on the mule with dad and walks with Zach. Matt notes how he enjoys the serenity and how the kids don’t drop by. Yeah. Not well phrased, Matt.

Matt makes the twins make a glitter ball for the ball drop. Right now it’s a wad of chicken wire and Xmas lights. Jeremy drops it from a ladder and busts it but frankly this feels totally staged for the camera. Oh look, Pop and Honey put in an appearance and pointedly stay at Matt’s house. Ron notes how tidy it is and how there’s no photos of the family. Honey is sad and notes she hopes Matt isn’t happy alone. Honey isn’t having Matt’s nonsense. 

The kids are at Zach’s house, making burgers. Zach can’t cook. Molly is planning to move out of the dorms. Jeremy waxes deeply on how they hang out. 

Matt challenges Ron to make soup, before Matt’s friends come for poker night. They’re making some sort of pumpkin bisque. Ron is a lil disappointed in the separation and quotes the Bible. He seems to genuinely care though. Matt is caught by Amy taking stuff from the house. She refuses to go hang at the prefab house because she wants him to come home to the real home. 

Amy is going out with friends and asks Molly for advice. Amy notes she and Molly aren’t close. At poker night, Matt revels in being a man with a man cave where everyone drinks beer, drinks poker, belches and merrily grabs their crotches. Matt notes how he’s being selfish and has no intention of divorce as long as he’s allowed to do as he pleases and gets to keep the man cave. 

Amy heads out with friends Lisa and Lisa and confesses her separation. “Matt chose to move out”. She notes it’s sad and they don’t have a plan, and it’s been a month and she’s kinda shattered by it. In a confessional she calls it a grieving process. Her friends press her to say what she would like, and she doesn’t know. Amy isn’t wearing her ring. She cries a little in the restaurant and in the haybale.

From a purely cynical point – Amy is setting herself up for the divorce wrangling a lot better than Matt is, with his gleeful poker night. 

Also, still no mention of the one kid who still lives at home. 

It is new years eve and there’s only eight hours to prepare the garage! There will be a photo booth so Jeremy can have attention! Matt has the ball drop for his attention! It will all be in the giant garage. Amy is making a clock cake. Amy and Molly mock each other in a sassy way. Molly notes how its not always joking. Audrey actually speaks on camera! Matt is all “Audrey and Jeremy are adorable!” He manfully explains how he does a project. 

Matt dresses up as Noah, aka Father Time. Molly mocks Matt’s costumes. Matt notes how all the kids think he’s ridiculous and not cool and he heads off to take the costume off. Yeah Matt, its hard to believe that your kids who are almost all adults aren’t actively praising you for “shenanigans” as Molly calls it. 

One hour to the party! Matt is annoyed that very few party preps were out. Matt yells for help. Meanwhile it appears to be a fairly fancy party. Matt snarks at Zach about where is the ice and Zach notes that if Matt wants it to be his party then he should do more. Matt notes how disorganized “Amy’s camp” is and how disappointed he is. Matt notes how he *almost* said screw it. Over sodas, apparently. Sam is there, in a top hat. Zach is stressed that someone suggested he marry Tori. Matt of course screeches about midnight and the ball drop. Matt is of course the center of attention and of course appears to blow a fuse with the ball.

Of course there’s a commercial. 

Jeremy flips the breaker. The ball is lit. It’s all kind of over the top. Jeremy notes how he’s planning to get engaged. There’s smooching. Amy allows Matt to kiss her. Peggy is all this is special. A moment of weirdness, although I have noticed this before. Why do people in this house wear quilted winter jackets in the house? I mean, yes it’s winter but take your coat off at the table. The place has heat. Matt gives a toast. One of the girls is wearing a ski cap at the table. They try to sing Auld Lang Syne but no one knows the words. Yeah, that about sums it up. This honestly was exactly as I expected – a bit dull and Matt mansplaining how perfect he is. I don’t think he realizes how selfish the man cave poker parties come off.


Cathie Castellano said...

So whats new? Amy fame whore rollof will make sure all her puppets will put on a show. Heaven forbid should anyone dare to defy her.Matt never had any input anyway same old crap, different eppisode!

Rap541 said...

Throwing out a few ground rules, folks.

1. Matt and Amy have control over what airs. If they didn't want to make a buck of their separation, they didn't have to. All whining about how poor precious Matt and Amy aren't asking for comments on their marriage are null and void when Matt and Amy show their ass on TLC for pay.

2. Matt and Amy *are* getting paid to whore their marital collapse out for the masses. No one is MAKING them do this. They are doing this because they can no longer hide their separation... not because they want privacy. If they wanted privacy to deal with their separation, they would end the show.

3. If anyone wants to play the Christian card in bitching about Amy, please remember that Matt is a Christian who stood up in a Christian ceremony and swore before God to stay married, for better or for worse... not "for better or for worse unless she doesn't clean the house to my standard". Anyone attempting to make the argument that God allows a man to discard a wife over petty issues will need to cite actual scripture to make their case.

Matt's facebook is already a trainwreck of "How dare anyone comment on their marriage, oh dear jesus just praise Matt for allowing us to see his sainted life, airing episodes about his marital discord does not give anyone any right to comment on such a private matter" and frankly, bullshit. Matt's already making sure the check clears and if that's how little he cares about the marriage and his privacy, then I hope he enjoys the cash... and the consequences.

sscooter43 said...

I would tell you what happen...but I fell asleep when I was watching the show.

sscooter43 said...

Somebody posted this on Matt Roloff's Facebook page:

"What is between Matt and Amy has now been put out there for "Entertainment"; a "plot twist" to generate ratings. I am disgusted by it all."

I have to agree with that comment.

Kathy said...

I actually watched this new episode and I regret it.

An hour of Matt whining about everything was annoying. The kids seemed to be annoyed with him too.

I miss the old episodes when they showed how life as a little person was. This new episode was a waste of time. Matt must need more money. TLC needs to end this show now.

One good thing, Jacob actually came out of his room and said something!

Grandma Sheila said...

I was surprised to know that the separation (if there truly is one) was initiated by Matt. After 26 years of marriage he decides that he can no longer live in a dirty house? For that reason alone is why I'm not buying into this story.

k Has c said...

I can't believe these people air all this crap (well i can believe it) but damn the things they "roloffs" do for the almighty buck. Whats left..o yeah the big weddin' event..yawn yawn yawn. Or are they laughing all the way to the bank? *hmmm* still...Yawn Yawn Yawn.

mallory blevins said...

I am sad about this episode I feel for Amy and matt I really almost cried seeing Amy cry its sad I think she does love matt and misses him but I hope Amy and matt can work things out we as the viewers don't see what led up to Amy and Matts problems but all we can do is pray for them :)

Anonymous said...

Did Amy have a facelift? She looks, different.

Ryan Velasco said...

It's not about being little anymore. It's about dysfunction.

BeckyM said...

The Little Couple show was trending way higher than the Roloffs. I'd be interested in the viewer stats when you have time Spirits.

I'm guessing the Roloffs were about 1.0 mill, with no significant rise in ratings despite the divorce dog and pony show.

Rap541 said...

I'm not spirit but the Little Couple show is trending high because a) they were finally able to adopt their second child and its a case where both kids are little cuties and b) Jen, the female half of said couple, was diagnosed with cancer at the very same time so there was some genuine drama there.

Two adorable little kids having their first American Christmas vs Matt explaining how he just *had* to leave his wife.... who was gonna win that fight?

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Well, this seems like the best place to post this comment at this time.

Everything aside, I fell there is only one outcome to everything that is going on in this little drama:
Amy gets 50%. Of everything.

Now before you haters start judging (yes, it IS judging) and spout off on what AMY deserves or does not deserve, and what Amy built or helped or did not help to build, the fact remains that Amy will get 50%. Of everything.
Remember the episode when THEY bought the neighbour's farm? When AMY was not in favour, and Matt asked her to come and co-sign the papers, and was going to do it regardless what Amy would or would not do? Remember? Personally, I think Amy came to her senses and realized that if she did NOT go to sign on the dotted line, she would have no vested interest in the farm property. Sage Amy, sage.

It has been remarked by other posters that Amy is doing a much better job at putting on the right front for the impending D.I.V.O.R.C.E. by the comparison in the way Matt is acting in his little hide-a-way. Which is sadly ironic in it's own way, people. It's a manufactured home. Nothing wrong with that, but it was made in two halves and put together on the Roloff(s) farm. Does anyone hear the distant buzz of chainsaws?

I think Amy is quite resigned to the matters heading to the law courts. BUT, I think Matt is ready also, in his own way. Did anyone pick up on Matt's moaning about how much "work" the farm is? How much upkeep, pumpkin season, and everything else? It's a portent folks. An omen. This, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, will be Matt's ultimate "I'm the VICTIM!" performance of his life. Let's all be patient. and we will see how Matt twists, and spins, and molds the minds of his Facebook sheep how Amy is taking advantage of poor poor little Matty. What a bitch she is to do this to his poor li'l dickens. The nerve. After all he (and Camerino, and the rest of the staff) have done.

On the other hand, Amy deserves everything she can get for the way Matt has treated her over the years. Matt is the shallow, inconsiderate, self-centred spoiled little brat. I'll leave this discussion to all the supporters. this definitely goes to both sides.

As far as the 'nonsense' goes, I do agree with Rap541's interpretation of Hunny's (I aw it spelt that way on a sign once, that's all) having nothing whatsoever to do with Matt's nonsense. I think Ron also. They are his parents. They've had him figured to the nail all these years. It's still my idea that Ron was getting completely fed up with Matt's micro-managing on the show, which is why they appeared much less and eventually moved to Calufornia. But hey, what about Gordon and Pat? I just loved the way Gordon would razz Matt's ass every time they came out to visit. Now, while I agree that Gordon had Matt nailed from the start, what are other poster's opinions on whether both of them find equal fault whig their daughter?

What about Jacob? While most simply do not care (like Matt and Amy) I find it comical how Matt lives in his little house, Amy goes to Michigan for a week, then to baby-sit nieces and nephews, and Jacob,,,,,,,,,, uuhhhh........ I got a chuckle out of Matt's photo of him and Jacob out for Sunday morning breakfast ( a sort-of-tradition, much maligned by the religious folks out there!) while Jacob makes jokes about not getting what he ordered. Did Matt phone Jacob and ASK him if he wanted to go for breakfast? Did Jacob phone Matt? Is this visitation time? What would Amy think? Does Amy care?

Spiritswander said...


The "Little Couple" at 10pm Tuesday got 3.28 million viewers and a 1.1 (4th highest Cable program of the night) of the 18-49 demographic.

"Little People, Big World" at 9pm Tuesday received 1.88 million viewers and 0.5 of the key demographic.

Tezca said...

It feels like a miracle to me that they stayed married for this long given how Matt acts on the show and all the arguing and everything. Watching this last season is like watching a train wreck slowly unfolding before your eyes.

@Rap541- Just want to say I enjoy your recaps of the episodes, very entertaining to read.

I also enjoy reading all the comments to.

Rap541 said...

Btw, I found this little gem of Matt's over at Television Without Pity. Back in the day, when the show was on season three, here's what Matt had to say about Amy and the cleanliness of the house.

Three years ago when the creator of our show, Mr Joe Freed asked us to think about doing this series Amy had only one demand: I'm NOT cleaning my house for a TV show. In fact, she stated i'm who I am ...and i'm not putting on makup or.. an 'act' for anyone. If I can be myself and ONLY myself then i'll consider it.

The producers said--- "We have our family".
TLC tells us that the reason this show is working week after week is because Amy does not care what people think of her.

They wanted someone with that attidude. They did NOT want a family that was fake and was inclinded to clean the house just for them. Amy's compunction to be proud of the way things are (even if it embarasses many of you) is why this show works. If you don't like Amy then you need to watch a different show. She will NOT be changing her ways to make you happy. Period. In fact Amy does not even watch the show or read any emails. Amy is who she is.. we all love her dearly. Those of you that want to change her are barking up the wrong tree.

I have tried to hire house cleaners many times in the past 15 years.. She refuses to have have others come into her house and help clean. It's not about money but rather a badge of honor for Amy to not care what others think of her. Do you get it? This is why the LPBW show is popular. Those that don't get this will not understand why LPBW gets the ratinging that it does.


P.S. Wow... that was fun to write.

Now remember, when Matt wrote this, he also "never felt comfortable in his home". This was 2007. And he's bitching at fans that they need to shut up and love the filth and chiding the fans for "being embarrassed" and of course, noting how goddamned fun it is to tell people off.

And now we know he lied. As he was delighting in telling us all to shut up because Amy was never gonna change and he was proud of her for it, he NEVER actually was ok with it. He was happy to lie like a little bitch when it got him some much wanted attention but now, six years later, Matt wants everyone to know that when he was having so much fun telling the haters off, deep down he was NEVER comfortable with the mess he made damn sure to defend Amy on.

For the record, Matt, the internet never forgets and I am very curious what the truth is. Since you can't be proud of Amy and not want her to change, and also never comfortable in your home with her and sadfacing how you WANT her to change.

Matt fans, Matt has told two contradictory stories - someone wanna explain how both stories are Matt the Christian Martyr telling no lies? After all, Matt Roloff is a Christian who is now on record leaving his marital home because he can't stand the mess.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Now Rap, you can call it lying.......if you want. You can call it contradictory and word-smithed....if you want.

But seriously though, I think we agree that Amy has not changed her attitude. I ask, how much has Matt changed HIS attitude over the same period of time?

quid pro quo

beckym said...

The point is rap that the gosselins show was canceled at 1 million viewership. The point is the roloffs are not interesting even with manufactured drama.

I can't believe that giving up a career post college and raising four kids means you are not entitled to half of a married couples estate. Just wow with the angry comments stating Amy did nothing. We know it wasn't Matt attending kids events, feeding and clothing them, taking them to doctor appointments, and being there. Just wow.

Vic Rattlehead said...

"0.5 of the key demographic"

Wow...just wow.

TNA Impact does better than that...on Spike TV a network where the highest rated program in rotation is re-runs of Cops.

On almost any other network ratings like that in the key demo's would mean certain death for a show.

BeckyM said...

Yep Vic. That is why the stats are what needs to be looked at, not people's emotions.

In regards to Amy's housekeeping, I don't know Amy (regardless of Matt's paranoia that we are all personal friends of his or family members), but I have to wonder if this entrenched, "I'm not going to change for TVland" is more about stubbornless or a real (mental) issue with clutter. Personally, if I had had the financial success they have had with the show, I would definitely hire a cleaning lady to come in once a week and deep clean. And I'm just an average person, raising two kids. Cleaning isn't fun for me, so why not pay someone else to do it? and enjoy the benefits.

Sometimes we get entrenched in a defensive situation which would better serve us if we remained flexible and open. But then again this is the Roloffs we speak of and flexibility isn't their forte.

Cathie Castellano said...

I wonder if some peoples arses ever get jealous of the shit that comes out of their mouths?

Rap541 said...

I don't know Amy either, Becky.... but I think its simply a control issue between the two of them.

Matt controls the money and doesn't allow Amy any real input in important decisions. In response, Amy controls the house and the kids, something Matt isn't interested in committing time to that. The messy house pisses off Matt, so she leaves it messy.

Matt meanwhile sees tons of people complaining about the messy home and at the time, he's branding the Roloffs as America's favorite family. He can't call the wife a slattern or consider leaving her when the kids are all underage. So he defends it, despite hating it. Now that the kids are mostly moved out, he can leave without too much blow back (and he is getting blowback, the facebook fans are not happy with him) and go on and on about how really, when he said he was happy, he really wasn't.

Meanwhile, I am not shocked that the second Matt moves out, the main house now looks neater.

thinkaboutit said...

Amy fits the definition of FISHWIFE: rude, verbally abusive, coarse, not very intelligent, narcisisstic, filled with hate, ungrateful, hag. Matt deserves better, as an intelligent, good looking, hardworking, fun-loving guy.

BeckyM said...

And Matt fits the definition of ASSHOLE.

Cathie Castellano said...

I agree with most of ur comments,but good looking .... Matt? I suppose it takes all kinds. Your description of Amy is right on the money.I would also add know it all Im never wrong troll!

Tezca said...

Um, may I ask you a question thinkaboutit and I think Rap541 might put this in a more better worded way, but I'll post this comment anyways, would you mind pointing out where in the show where he was fun loving like having fun the entire way through and such cause last I remember in the last episode he was having fun until he got all pissy with Amy in that blindfolded game and left off in a huff like he was mad he wasn't getting his way and whatnot.

I don't like the way he acts towards Amy like his plans are the best ever in the entire world and Amy can't think of a great plan to save herself.

Storminnorman said...

Tezca, you don't seem to understand the the format of the show. Matt was probably going off the bathroom and they made it look like he 'stomped' off. Lol. I've heard that the norm.

Rap541 said...

Tezca, I think you worded it just fine.

What I would add is this. When have we ever seen Matt say something nice about Amy that wasn't also passive aggressively insulting?

In case that needs explanation, here's some examples of Matt complimenting Amy but also insulting her.

"I didn't think she could do it but she really surprised me"

"I never thought she'd be able to manage"

Frankly, I find Matt resoundingly negative about Amy, he just plays the martyr about it, how Amy makes him give up his dreams, poor little dreamer Matt should only hear yes, yes, YES! over his every whim and desire.

Here's what I'd like to ask, Matt Fans - he's such a goddamn awesome dad, name the times he willingly did things with his kids that *weren't* activities he enjoyed. For that matter, name an activity Matt willingly did with Amy, where he wasn't pulling a pouty face and whining how it was a waste of his precious time and how much better/more important/more interesting?

Or hey, how about Matt the husband and father ever saying he was willing to give something up to support or help a member of the family?

beckym said...

If Matt is good looking, good natured, caring, loving as a partner, I have to say folks standards are really low. I would rather be on my own if he was the last man on earth post zombie.

Rap, passive aggressive would describe them both. That's why it would be best if they did divorce. Though once again Jacob is still at home, though apparently emaciapated since he doesn't seem to exist. Is Oregon a community property state? Haven't they been married for over 20 years?

Rap541 said...

Becky, I agree - but I have saying it takes two to tango and there's blame on both sides, not "Saint Matt deserves to be free of Witch Amy" or "Amy the Goodwife and Mother should be praised for dealing with Asshole Matt Who Is Always Wrong."

Of course Amy is passive aggressive and of course she shares the blame. *Shares* it.

So the "Oh God, now Matt is finally free to be a good looking stud and find himself a lady or two who understand HE'S A DREAMER and NEVER SAY ANYTHING BUT YES MATT, WHAT EVER YOU SAY MATT, YOUR SHIT SMELL LIKE ROSES AND WHILE YOU AREN'T PERFECT, THERE IS NO VALID CRITICISM OF YOU" crowd really needs to get Matt down off the pedestal and remember that it takes two and Matt has not been the "yes Amy, you're right Amy, my role is to compliment you and strive to please you" guy they seem to think he is. Amy is not the innocent victim and neither is Matt. And it gets old after a while.

BeckyM said...

Completely agree, Rap. I started out liking Amy but I think fame has gone to her head. There is no reason not to pay a housekeeper to come in occasionally other than arrogance (though both Amy and Matt seem to have a touch of Hoarder about them).

Amy's disregard of her children has ticked me off too. She should be devoting her time to Jacob, instead of doing work as a fake diversity speaker.

Matt is just a jack*ss and anyone who thinks he would be a great catch I challenge you to WifeSwap with the Roloffs. I think that person would find him disregarding your opinion and feelings at every turn.

In response to living with him, Amy has dug herself into a position that is indefensible.

It's time for them both to cut bait and move on with their lives AWAY FROM THE TELEVISION!

Maria Carol said...

I've watched this family since they put in the "Zip Line." I've loved what the farm has become. As a family from Maine and worked hard all our lives this is sad. For those that think airing their lives is wrong look at other shows of families "breaking wind" now THAT IS USELESS T V. The Roloffs are a hard working family and try to keep family together. The show is about the trials and tribulations of families. Theirs just has a few more trials that's all. I love Amy's spunk and straight forwardness and Matt's ways of trying to show he cares for her. I pray that they work things out and get some real help with the farm so they could go and have some quality time ALONE. Amy and Matt try to work things out . Talk don't argue try to talk through your differences. I know it can be hard "been there" for sure. We as a family have had hard times and few good times. Now we go day by day and realize together is the best with compromise. Compromise is what your farm has to be about look at the progress you've both made there.

We would love to take a trip to see the farm and get away from here for a bit. Always wished to take that trip to Oregon. When you two ride in that "mueler" all over the property @ sunset how romantic is that?? Try the talking calmly and get out the real feelings for each other. We've been married 32 yrs. with lots of ups and downs. I'm 65 and husband 78. Husband has mobility probs. we have an intellectually challenged adult son, and me with some issues myself. We do things like others too just different ways too :) It hasn't all been great or easy. We made it this long. Come on we are counting on you two. So are your kids too. We all love you both come on :) How can we visit the farm without you two?? We plan to do it this year 2014 :).

Anonymous said...

Tori and Zach are engaged.
Double TLC wedding?