Thursday, May 1, 2014

Zach Roloff Is Engaged

Zach Roloff became the second Roloff to get engaged this year. Earlier, Jeremy and Audrey announced they were engaged and now Zach and Tori are engaged.

Zach relayed the news on April 30th.

"Last night I asked Tori Patton to marry me and she said yes! Its been a brilliant 24 hours and totally excited for what the future holds. Wanted to share with all my friends. Thanks to my brothers Jeremy James Roloff and Jacob for capturing it on video. Tori's mom, Kim Williams-Patton for helping coordinate Tori's whereabouts the day of and to Tori's dad Gary Patton for accepting me into the family. My mom and dad for their support, sorry to my sister, Molly Roloff whose in costa rica. I couldn't hold out till she got back;) and for my bud Bryan for asking me the tough questions and encouraging in the days leading up. Bring on the future!"

Jeremy and Audrey's wedding will be later this year while Zach and Tori's is planned for 2015.