Thursday, May 1, 2014

Zach Roloff Is Engaged

Zach Roloff became the second Roloff to get engaged this year. Earlier, Jeremy and Audrey announced they were engaged and now Zach and Tori are engaged.

Zach relayed the news on April 30th.

"Last night I asked Tori Patton to marry me and she said yes! Its been a brilliant 24 hours and totally excited for what the future holds. Wanted to share with all my friends. Thanks to my brothers Jeremy James Roloff and Jacob for capturing it on video. Tori's mom, Kim Williams-Patton for helping coordinate Tori's whereabouts the day of and to Tori's dad Gary Patton for accepting me into the family. My mom and dad for their support, sorry to my sister, Molly Roloff whose in costa rica. I couldn't hold out till she got back;) and for my bud Bryan for asking me the tough questions and encouraging in the days leading up. Bring on the future!"

Jeremy and Audrey's wedding will be later this year while Zach and Tori's is planned for 2015.


Megan said...

I wonder why Zach waited until after Jeremy did his?

Jeremy wanted the spotlight? Zach and Tori saw that Jeremy and Audrey a People Magazine mentioned and wanted some attention of their own?

kp said...

I'm surprised he waited until after Jeremy. They've been together longer. Best of luck to them, because I like Tori. Tired of Jeremy and his "honk if you love Jesus" hypocritical schtick

Judy B said...

I wish them well, but I wonder if Tori would have ever been interested in Zach if not for his being on LPBW?

I prefer Audrey and Jeremy because they always put God first and give God the glory for all of their blessings.

While I'm told that Zach and Tori do also, they aren't as vocal about it as Jeremy and Audrey.

JS said...

Zach is a stuck up snob. He can go to hell as far as I'm concerned.

Chelsea said...

All I have to say is I hope Zach is more committed to her than he was when they were "just dating". I have a friend from Saskatchewan Canada who is good friends with a girl who is a little person. She has some crazy stories about their drunk times dancing and in the hotel together. I know that's what goes on at the LP "Conferences" but this was after Zach was already dating Tori and it didn't stop him.

If I was Tori, I wouldn't let him attend LP events alone. He can't be trusted, in my opinion.

Dena M said...

Judy, I wonder if Tori wants to be on the show. She is on it a lot more than Audrey and seems to enjoy her camera time.

Jason said...

Predictions on whose marriage will last longer, Jeremy's or Zach's?

Nancy said...

Poor Zach. Always in Jeremy's shadow. Now his wedding will need to compare to Jeremy. They are already re-arranging their entire farm to accommodate Jeremy's wedding.

Cathie Castellano said...

Who cares! Another god worshipping fake trying to cash in! Theese people are the perfect examples of what you dont want your chiildren to be like. Its pathetic they even call themselves a family ....

Rap541 said...

Oh Judy B, you can't say something nice when you can add a nasty dig in, can you?

So instead of being passive aggressive, be a grown up. Are you saying Tori is marrying Zach under false pretenses? Do you believe Tori is marrying Zach... MARRYING him, simply so she can be on tv?

And I am really doubting that you want to play the "I know Jeremy and Audrey stand with Christ because they are sooooo proud to say so!" stuff. Because I will remind you again and again and again that Jeremy has NEVER said he reads the Bible, on the show, that he is a follower of Christ, on the show, that he is proud of his faith, on the show, that he believes homosexuality is wrong per his religion and is proud to say so, on the show.

I will also ask you, Judy B - who exactly gave you the authority to judge Zach Roloff's walk with Christ or lack thereof? Judy B? Isn't judging hating? Aren't you judging Zach and Tori? Doesn't that make you a hater?

My own opinion on the Tori/Zach thing? He's not that rich, and she's not on the show enough, to say a three year relationship with a commitment to marriage and an increasingly unlikely prospect of further tv shows, is Tori marrying Zach because she's a famewhore who wants to be on tv. If it was just about being a famewhore, I think she'd be gone by now because really, at the very least I think Amy and or Matt would have sniffed out her intentions.

Yet again, Jeremy's fans tear down his brother to puff up the big boy.

Dena - all I will add to you is that I don't see Audrey turning down any free trips. For the record, I don't see any reason to assume Audrey is a famewhore either, but the same argument does apply, made easier to believe because Jeremy is the goodlooking favored son, most likely to get money etc from the parents. She's been on tv, has accepted trips on the tv show's dime, and may be getting her wedding comped.

Rap541 said...

Megan - I think Jeremy's announcement was timed to take attention off Matt and Amy's separation.

Nancy - My cynical side wondered if the weddings were separate so Matt could have two specials and two opportunities to garner attention doing a project for each wedding.

Lynn C said...

Oh Rap, what is wrong with people liking Jeremy and Audrey more?

Cheryl said...

I'm sorry if some people won't like what I have to say, but what is Tori thinking??

I hope being on TV is enough for her!

What is Zach's job besides be on the show a few times a year?

Is he still in community college? "True love" is nice and all, but all marriages crumble without any financial stability.

I follow Tori's Instagram and she is a pre-school or kindergarten teacher.

I hope her salary is enough to support the both of them.

Audrey on the other hand has Jeremy who has a college degree, already has a business and is talented in a field.

Rap541 said...

Lynn - does liking Jeremy and Audrey more mean that its acceptable to judge Tori and Zach's faith as less? Or required? I mean really, are you agreed with Judy B that since Zach and Tori are less vocal, they love Jesus less? And if so, please feel to expand on what I asked Judy B about Jeremy sitting silent on the show for years and still, at 24, not standing up for Christ and stating his views on Christianity and homosexuality publically like Christians like Kirk Cameron.

Cheryl - pretty certain the plan right now is for Audrey to move to California and work for Ernest and Gallo Wines, while Jeremy works at a seasonal business.

What has Jeremy been up to? A quick perusal of his twitter suggests he hasn't been doing weddings despite the season being upon him. From the sounds of things he's been hanging around the farm, playing. Mind you, I am not saying that to somehow insult Jer-Bear, I am merely pointing out that the whole "Audrey has a man who works to support her" stuff so far doesn't appear to be based in fact. She's working or will be working in California at a winery. What is Jeremy doing?

Rap541 said...

Cheryl - in all seriousness, I can make the same argument about Audrey and Jeremy.

She has a job lined up. What is Jeremy doing? How much is his salary? How is Jeremy going to be supporting them? I hope her salary is enough to support them both.

Jeremy is now a 24 year old with a fine arts degree and an impending marriage, where as near as I can tell, he will be moving to where Audrey will be working. The Like a Letter website hasn't updated since Dec 2013 and Jeremy hasn't said word one about *working* or *doing weddings*. the big boy at 24 and three months shy of a marriage is a lil old to be spending yet another "last summer" playing.

I hope Audrey's salary is enough to support them both.

Rap541 said...

Just throwing it out there, Cheryl but... is it posssible she's actually in love?

I've always had a smidge of sympathy for Tori since she's actually had a lot of ugly accusations made against her -feel free to reference Judy B's post above about how Judy B prefers Audrey because Tori isn't vocal enough about loving Jesus per Judy B's judgemental standards - and you know, the near constant accusation that she's only been dating Zach since what 2010? 2011? as a ploy to be closer to *Jeremy*. There's also the near constant refrain of "she wants to be famous, she's only dating Zach for free trips and being on the show, she's a famewhore because she's been on the show several times".

Jacob Mueller was on the show near constantly and got multiple free trips and a free wedding from it. Yet, he's a precious friend and NOT a famewhore. Tori? Can't possibly find Zach attractive or love Zach (Point, Zach's not my cup of tea lookwise, but I have seen far uglier men get women) and she must have some ugly motivation for dating him.

Because it's impossible for a reasonably attractive average height woman to choose Zach when Jeremy is available. She can't have fallen in love because Zach is just so awful.

I don't normally say nice things about Zach, because frankly he's got some personality issues.... But I could see him treating a woman very well.

As for financial stability, lets see. Tori has a job that probably has benefits and stability. Zach's job at the soccer place isn't my idea of a career but he is working. Audrey is taking a position at Ernest and Gallo in california and Jeremy... well, how is Jeremy earning a paycheck these days?

Nicole said...

Rap541, Tori got free trips to Australia and Costa Rica while Audrey only got Costa Rica.

Greg said...

Tori seems like a snob. Fits right in with the Roloffs.

Rap541 said...

Nicole, with all due respect, we don't know that Audrey was or wasn't invited Australia. Frankly, I can't see any reason why they wouldn't include her, except that possibly she just couldn't get her schedule clear.

With that said, seriously, you're basically saying Tori is a whore because she accepted two trips with her boyfriend while Audrey is a precious saint for accepting one. So, Audrey isn't turning down the treat, she's accepting the monetary gift of a trip but that's not being a whore because her boyfriend invited her and the boyfriend's dad has money.

But Tori, for accepting the monetary gift of two trips is a whore, because her boyfriend invited her and boyfriend's dad has money.

So just to be clear, if Audrey accepts a second TLC trip, is she a gold digging whore? Or hey, if she accepts TLC comps for her wedding, is she a gold digging whore? Because Tori is a gold digging whore for two trips and that's all we need to deem her a whore. Frankly both girls have accepted one free trip, and Tori was called names after just one so princess Audrey needs to own being down in the gutter like Tori. She accepted a free trip from her boyfriend. If that makes Tory a gold digging whore, then why doesn't it make Audrey a gold digging whore?

Well, that and she's not shouting her love of the lord to Judy's standards - glad to know we ARE allowed to judge someone's walk with Christ
So uif

Sarah said...

I wish Tori and Zach all the best and I am happy for them.

sscooter43 said...

I wonder if Tori has a sexual fetish towards little people or if she really loves Zach?

punkin' said...

I wish Zach and Tori all the best. As for sscooter- go blow yourself if possible.

Anne said...

Who honestly believes Tori would have ever dated Zach if he wasnt on the show? Her true colors will show.

J. Sterling Ellison said...

What does Tori's family think? I wonder what the stats are for little people married to "regular" statured people. It must be a rare occurrence.

Laura Osmundson said...

This comment brought me out of lurking. Hey y'all!
On topic: Seriously? You're really serious? Prasing Philistines makes baby Jesus cry.

Laura Osmundson said...
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Sharon said...

Laura Osmundson, what are you talking about?

Who is the Pharisee?

Tori? if her her motivation for the relationship with Zach is not out of genuine love.

Jacob? Because he calls himself a Christian while shaming Jesus with his dreadful foul mouthed and sinful behavior.

Rap541 said...

How about Matt for abandoning his wedding vows and leaving his wife? Till death do we part, under God until Matt wants to go to Hawaii. Then to hell with his vow to the god he loves, he's off to Hawaii and the family can call him when they have produced grandkids... until then he's done with the family.

Oh and Christians praising Matt? Are we to applaud him for leaving his wife and his marriage? Per Jesus, that's what marriage is? Till death or until Matt wants his way? Would you like your Christian husbands to emulate Matt's Christian marriage? After all, Matt's a great Christiana and has a great Christian family. Should *Jeremy* emulate Daddy Matt in his Christian marriage and dump Audrey after 25 years and four kids because its time for Jeremy to play as he pleases, just like Daddy Matt?

Judy B said...

Rap, Divorce is wrong (and they haven't), but the blame for their marital problems lay squarely on Amy.

A Christian woman is supposed to show respect to her husband. Amy never did and it got worse and worse.

Matt has given Amy a wonderful lifestyle and she never showed any appreciation for him. Jacob isn't helping matters either.

I am constantly praying for them. Praying that Amy will hear Jesus and make a change with how she treats Matt.

Have you ever seen Audrey, who is a lovely young Christian lady, show Jeremy anything but love and respect? Does she disparage him? Treat him with disdain? Those are all things Amy did to her husband.

Audrey is a beautiful Christian lady that knows better than to ever treat her husband (Jeremy) like Amy treated hers (Matt).

Cathie Castellano said...

Oh please all you people waving the so called Christian flag give it a rest. People are what they are regardless of what we think, yes I myself have had my opinion on the Rollofs but I don't act the innocent about to sprout wings and a halo! Rap 541 realise that your opinion isn't always the right one. That is all.........

Rap541 said...

Judy 0 hand on the bible, when your husband says you cooking dinner is a waste of his time, do you say "Yes sir, tell me how to better serve you"?

Matt made it very clear how he picked a useless piece of shit for his wife. Amy owns her part of the marital issues, I don't deny that, but please don't tell me Matt treating her like shit under his shoes and cheerfully telling the world how he thinks she is a piece of shit was christlike. And also - who left the house, Judy? Who said spending time with the family was a waste of his time? Does Christ approve of THATcomment?

Audrey has spoken all of what, five sentences in episodes? Personally I don't consider her rare appearences enough to say. I am not shocked that you're cheering her on. Hey, weren't you calling Tory a gold digging whore and judging her as less recently? Hey Judy, hand on the bible, swear on your love of Jesus, who gave you the right to make public judgements? Isn't judging hating? Hating? Judy? Isn't your judging hating?

Or will you run off like the brave little Christian you are and not return to the conversation?

My guess? As usual, you won't stand up and defend your hate :)

Also I can cite example after example of Matt disrespecting his wife so unless you as a woman feel your role as a woman is to never ever question a man and are proud to say no matter what your husband says, your only answer as a woman is "yes sir, how can I better service you" then Matt and Amy BOTH had respect issues.

And since you love to claim Matt's a great parent, well, he's separated now and he's left his most troubled child with his horrible hateful wife. Seems like a man who gave a shit about his kids would have insisted he take custody of his sixteen year old son and straighten him out. But instead he's spent the last year living la vida loca. Some parent.

Judy B said...

I don't base my opinions of Audrey off what she has said on the tv show.

She has a strong presence online. She has a very personal blog/website where she has opened up her heart and revealed what is important to her. Jesus. Jeremy has written and spoke about Audrey.

I have opinions about people. I have not called Tori a "Gold-digging whore".

I have my opinion. I question her intention. She says she is a Christian (although Jacob does too), but Audrey seems to like her so she has that going in her favor.

The bottom line is that it is my opinion and there is nothing you can do to change that. I like Audrey more. I have been nothing but impressed with everything I have seen and heard about Audrey. Jeremy trusted God and God delivered him a wonderful Christian woman and a bright future.

Blaming Matt for the way Jacob turned out is flawed. Every time Matt attempted to discipline that kid, Amy would interfere. There also comes a time when a young person needs to be held responsible for his or her own behavior and people need to stop blaming the parents.

Matt tried for years and years to work with Jacob to encourage more productive interests. To make him more like Jeremy. Jacob resisted at every turn.

A troubled marriage needs prayer. However, don't kid yourself. The problem with their marriage has always been Amy's disrespect and lack of appreciation for Matt.

Rap541 said...

Blaming Matt for he parented Jake is flawed? Matt is a man, isn't he? Judy? You agree when Matt puts his mind to it, he can accomplish anything, right?

So why isn't he putting his mind to it? Tell us when Matt put any effort into parenting Jacob - at last check Judy, Matt has been telling his facebook how proud he is of Jacob's online behavior.

Judy - if you think Tori is with Zach for monetary gain, you think she's a gold digging whore. Please understand "I don't think Tori loves Zach and is using him for his money" is not you being nice, it's you talking on the role of Jesus and judging someone with hate. You're a hater, Judy.

Remember Judy? When Jeremy was laughing as his buddy tortured the cat and you INSISTED everyone be silent as "only God may judge"?

Well, hands off, Judy - you're a judger and a hater so gtet *yourself* down off the pedestal and have an opinion about Jeremy's animal abuse - did you like it when he laughed? You're loud and proud questioning Tori... why can't anyone question Jer? WHY JUDY?

Come on. Be a grown up. or continue to be a little child with your "I like Jeremy so everyone only say nice things or I get mad, but if I don't like someone, well god bless me and my opinion and no one better dare try to shut me up" routine.

Matt's seperated now, Judy - why has he left his son with the horrible woman who ruined him when he could insist on custody? Judy? Matt's the good parent right? Why isn't he insisting on removing his son from his wife's influence? You're insisting on it yourself, Matt's the good parent and AMy is the one at fault for everything so why would a man who knows his wife will ruin his kid leave the kid there?

Btw Judy the reason you can never win these things is because you refuse to allow that Matt is part of the problem. I have always said it takes two - Amy has flaws and contributed to her marriage problems. But so does Matt and when you insist poor precious little Matt is the blamless widdle victim as he merrily trashes his wife, people will always be quick to point out the many many times Matt lied to his wife, disrespected his wife, said his wife had a meaningless existence and openly stated he didn't want to be bothered with his family.

Rap541 said...

I also will need to evidence other than your say so that "Audrey has a strong presence online". Or rather, that you've looked at her blog is not an indicator of it's reach. You're attempting to suggest she's doing some sort of ministry to the public when in fact, she has a rarely updated blog, and she twitters a bit. Her facebook is friends only. There's nothing wrong with that except that you are insisting *that* constitutes a strong online presence and no, it doesn't.

*Please don't harp on this as "running down Audrey's accomplishments" as *Audrey* isn't calling her online presence an accomplishment, nor is Audrey declaring herself an online personality with a strong following. Its very clear she's marrying Jeremy and that means she's up on the pedestal as far as you're concerned but really, just because you say she's got a strong online presence, that doesn't make it true and it begs the question - What are you defining "a strong online presence" as? How about it?

Laura Osmundson said...

Pharisee is used in reference to anyone who makes a show/spectacle of their faith. Judy wasn't impressed because Tori/Zach didn't blast hallelujahs enough.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy may have a college degree, but I live near the college he goes to, and dang, it's a crappy school that nearly everyone is accepted into. I don't think 's entirely unaccredited, but it's kind of like Academy of Art Colleges (the ITT Tech of the arts schools). It's extremely expensive, most people get in, and your job prospects are little to none after you graduate. Most students from Jeremy's college (they have 2 campuses I believe-about an hour away from each other) end up working at kid's photgraphy studios/store after they graduate, IF they're lucky. And that's just as an assistant. Maybe paid, maybe not. I see it all the time. So many kids getting sold on the "photgrapher" dream, only to discover they have are massively in debt (it's an EXPENSIVE private school) and have little job prospects due to their lack of education. If Jeremy is naturally talented, then he should have the best chances at making it, but that will be because of his talent, not the "degree" or education. Everyone made a big deal when he got into that school, but I chuckled because I know the deal with that place and how small the town is that it's in. No jobs there (I just moved away thank God) photography or not, and no opportunity to make something of yourself. It's not like Jeremy can move down to LA and get a job at a CBS or something either-he's likely not qualified for that (I haven't seen his work, nor am I an expert, but I know Brooks "Institute" does not get any students jobs in LA.

Cathie Castellano said...

Oh dear not the big deal they made it out to be? I think he should be a preacher, after all he is such a good Christian isn't he? Please what a loser!

Anonymous said...

I don't care if you know him or not. KEEP YOU COMMENTS TO YOURSELF PLZ AND THANK YOU.

Mike P. said...

Jeremy doesn't have "college degree," he has a diploma from a trade school. There is a difference.

But, indifference to the truth and resume exaggeration are hallmarks of the Roloff family.

Amy now claims to have a "business degree" (spoken during a wedding episode), but in truth has a degree in hospitality—conferred by a business school, but not the same thing as a degree in business.

(A REAL business diploma doesn't have a recipe for scones printed on the back.)

And she claims to have been a "teacher," when in truth she has NO such credential and could never be hired as such, even at Faith Bible. She was a classroom aide—quite a different thing.

And let's not even begin the falsehoods and exaggerations of the "cookbook author." It would take too long.

Aussie cathie said...

Oh dear. Busted talking themselves up? How embarrassing . Amy qualified for..... Being a grub!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Lol some people on here have too much time on their hands seriously who cares these two kids are going to do what their going to do. We all will see where their future goes. Their marriage might stick or crumble. As far as people and their negative comments who cares everyone has a right to their opinion. I say why get mad and give them lectures especially acting like you know the roloffs or something defending them really it's just a opinion don't like scroll down or ignore. Enough said

Anonymous said...

damn just say congratulations and leave it at that. Ya'll don't know these people in real life. That's what's wrong with the world, always putting the next person down. and for what???

Anonymous said...

Seriously this is what's wrong with the world. people are always putting the next person down and for what??? Do you guys personally know them? Just say congrats or nothing at all.

Lacey said...

Judy B makes me so happy that I am not a Christian. In fact her judgment of others and those like her that claim to be good Christians, is what turns a lot of people away.

Anonymous said...

I think both boys are pussy whipped..I said long ago they will never have real love while being stars on TV.. Its Amy's fault they are getting a divorce Matt tried his little heart out He gave her a beautiful home and she couldn't keep it clean or make the kids all she did was mentally abuse him

Anonymous said...

I love The Rohloff family show but am wondering. How can Zach physically protect his new wife who is a bit taller than him? I mean does he have any weapons training? A security guard? and how will he support Tori? I imagine Zach receives some compensation from TLC and read that Tori is a school teacher, that is a good start I suppose; and are they prepared if their offspring are also Little People?

Dibeejibee said...

I have been a big fan of the show for a long time, watching all the trials and tribulations. I have one comment and one question. First, what are the odds of either of the boys having a little person baby? and Second, I think I saw Tori's true colors come out when she walked in the barn as Matt was displaying his windmill model, and said, "Explain please". Oh really, Explain please!! Like Matt needs to explain anything to her. I don't think that marriage will last. Zach has no manners and I think she used him to try and be somewhat famous. She is a very unattractive woman, I don't think stuck up, just clueless of how to act. Amy is very rough. Matt is a gem of a guy, just my opinion.