Sunday, June 1, 2014

Roloff Family In Portland Rose Festival Starlight Parade

The entire Roloff family (and the girlfriends) took part in the Portland Rose Festival Starlight Parade last night (Saturday May 31, 2014). The Starlight Parade is described on the website as "One of our most popular events, the Portland General Electric/SOLVE Starlight Parade offers funky, eclectic fun for everyone. From traditional marching bands and flood-lit floats, to glow-in-the-dark umbrellas and unique hand-built entries, you’ll see the best of Portland’s diverse community groups (and surrounding Northwest region) together in one whimsical pageant."

Most of the Roloffs and the girlfriends were happily tweeting and posting pictures of the event.

Amy Roloff tweeted throughout:

Amy RoloffCF‏@amyroloffCF
Heading back to PDX to film and be in the Portland Starlight parade

AmyRoloffCF‏@amyroloffCF We're at the Portland Rise Festival Starlight Parade. What a great night for it. See you all in the parade

Jeremy Roloff was inviting locals to come out and see the Roloff Farm float

Jeremy James Roloff @JeremyJRoloff
Portlanders!! Come out to the starlight parade tonight and see our Roloff Farm float!

Jeremy's fiancee, Audrey, was also tweeting pictures of their day

Audrey Botti‏@audreybotti
Floating through the #starlightparade #rolofffarms @ Starlight Parade 13th & Taylor

Zach's fiancee, Tori, posted several Instagram pictures as well. She started Friday with the following picture that includes her new dog and the hashtag #ihaterules

Tori Patton: vepatton  · Roloff Farms
The starlight parade has no idea what they're missing out on. #ihaterules #inspectorsullivan #rolofffarms @mollyjoroloff @jacobroloff45 @mattroloff

Tori Patton: vepatton
I'm on a float. #jodoinitright #rolofffarms @mollyjoroloff @aujb @wilburdyer @zroloff07 @jeremyjamesr @jacobroloff45 @amyjroloff @mattroloff weirdest thing I've ever done.

Tori Patton: vepatton · Pearl, Portland, Oregon
 #starlightparade was a success. @zroloff07

However, there was one Roloff who didn't share the excitement that the other Roloffs expressed for the parade. You gotta love Jacob who refuses to put on a facade and wasn't hiding his true feelings towards the parade.

Jacob Roloff @ffoloR_bocaJ 
Been in Portland aaalllllll daaaayyyyyyy for this stupid parade 

Jacob Roloff @ffoloR_bocaJ 
since 11:30 am and I won't be leaving until 11 pm 

Jacob Roloff @ffoloR_bocaJ 
Best thing about this stupid parade lmao