Sunday, June 1, 2014

Roloff Family In Portland Rose Festival Starlight Parade

The entire Roloff family (and the girlfriends) took part in the Portland Rose Festival Starlight Parade last night (Saturday May 31, 2014). The Starlight Parade is described on the website as "One of our most popular events, the Portland General Electric/SOLVE Starlight Parade offers funky, eclectic fun for everyone. From traditional marching bands and flood-lit floats, to glow-in-the-dark umbrellas and unique hand-built entries, you’ll see the best of Portland’s diverse community groups (and surrounding Northwest region) together in one whimsical pageant."

Most of the Roloffs and the girlfriends were happily tweeting and posting pictures of the event.

Amy Roloff tweeted throughout:

Amy RoloffCF‏@amyroloffCF
Heading back to PDX to film and be in the Portland Starlight parade

AmyRoloffCF‏@amyroloffCF We're at the Portland Rise Festival Starlight Parade. What a great night for it. See you all in the parade

Jeremy Roloff was inviting locals to come out and see the Roloff Farm float

Jeremy James Roloff @JeremyJRoloff
Portlanders!! Come out to the starlight parade tonight and see our Roloff Farm float!

Jeremy's fiancee, Audrey, was also tweeting pictures of their day

Audrey Botti‏@audreybotti
Floating through the #starlightparade #rolofffarms @ Starlight Parade 13th & Taylor

Zach's fiancee, Tori, posted several Instagram pictures as well. She started Friday with the following picture that includes her new dog and the hashtag #ihaterules

Tori Patton: vepatton  · Roloff Farms
The starlight parade has no idea what they're missing out on. #ihaterules #inspectorsullivan #rolofffarms @mollyjoroloff @jacobroloff45 @mattroloff

Tori Patton: vepatton
I'm on a float. #jodoinitright #rolofffarms @mollyjoroloff @aujb @wilburdyer @zroloff07 @jeremyjamesr @jacobroloff45 @amyjroloff @mattroloff weirdest thing I've ever done.

Tori Patton: vepatton · Pearl, Portland, Oregon
 #starlightparade was a success. @zroloff07

However, there was one Roloff who didn't share the excitement that the other Roloffs expressed for the parade. You gotta love Jacob who refuses to put on a facade and wasn't hiding his true feelings towards the parade.

Jacob Roloff @ffoloR_bocaJ 
Been in Portland aaalllllll daaaayyyyyyy for this stupid parade 

Jacob Roloff @ffoloR_bocaJ 
since 11:30 am and I won't be leaving until 11 pm 

Jacob Roloff @ffoloR_bocaJ 
Best thing about this stupid parade lmao


Sharon said...

Audrey looks beautiful in that picture and I love her dress! Her and Jeremy make a great couple.

God Bless Them.

Jacob is such a debbie downer though.

Brandon said...

Jacob, the only honest Roloff.

It's funny to see his tweets stacked up against the rest of the Roloff clan.

Judy B said...

"You gotta love Jacob who refuses to put on a facade"

Spiritswander, no I don't have to love Jacob.

Why praise Jacob for being a sour puss brat?

I don't understand. Jeremy and Audrey are wonderful Christ-loving people acting as a shining light. But you save your words of praise for the drug using, negative brat of the family?

Who would you like to have as your son? Jeremy, the one who happily participates and kindly welcomes people to greet them. Or Jacob, who complains and cops an attitude for the whole thing.

My Lord, it's no wonder why Matt and Amy's marriage fell apart when they were alone with Jacob. The kid is never happy and always complaining.

Jason said...

LOL @ Jacob's tweets!

Shelby said...

What was Tori meaning? Were they not going to let them in the parade?

Ashley said...

I laughed at Jacob's tweets too.

Allison said...

Judy, I couldn't agree more.

I have found Spiritswander's decision to praise Jacob for being a whining brat and somehow crediting him for "honesty" every time he complains or is rude to be very grating, harmful and irresponsible.

Kristy said...

It's good to see the whole family together again!

Laura said...

I agree with the comments (the reader comments, NOT Spiritswander) about Jacob.

We all know that kid who always tries to ruin a vacation or an event by being in a mood. Jacob is that kid.

Ashley said...

Shelby, I think Tori was meaning that the parade probably has rules against letting a dog ride on the parade. She tagged her dog as "Inspector Sullivan" in the picture.

Lacey said...

I don't like Jacob and his bad moods either.

That kid doesn't know how good he has it but he never shuts up whining about how hard he thinks he has it.

Jeremy is so refreshing compared to Jacob.

I feel sorry for Jacob's girlfriend Stephanie. She looked like she was trying to have a good time in the picture but she is stuck with bad mood Jacob.

Brit said...

Most of Jacob's persona on twitter and Ask is to try to be cool at Liberty HS.

Acting like he's never happy, always putting down people and things is all about trying to be cool.

There is a bully at the school named Austin. He is the typical jock bully you can find at any school across America. Austin and Jacob hated each other in grade 9 and Austin kept on threatening to beat Jacob up because Jacob kept flirting with Austin's girlfriend Keelin.

And now they are best buddies. Jacob's "mock everything" attitude is part of trying to be cool at school.

Mark said...

I don't think the younger Roloffs comments are funny.

The Portland Rose Festival is that hard work of many community volunteers (including myself) who give up their time to create a special day for our community.

I realize that Jacob is 17 or 18, but that is old enough to show some respect. If you are given the privilege of riding in the parade, could you at least not bash it?

It is very disappointing.

Mary said...

I love the Roloffs and I'm glad they got to be in the parade.

I don't like that Jacob's bad tweets takes away all the attention from everyone else who were good sports.

It is a shame that Jacob is not more like Jeremy.

Timothy said...

It seems like the only thing Jacob has in common with the rest of his family is his homophobia.

Michelle said...

Jeremy does present a much more pleasant demeanor than Jacob.

Brandon said...

I'll point out that Jeremy only got interactive and starting promoting everything about the family and the show when he realized he needs to make as much money possible now that he's going to have his own bills and responsibilities.

There's nothing to respect about "having a good attitude" when someone only does it because they want the money.

Maria Woods said...

I was there! Everyone seemed to be having a good time except for Jacob. I don't know what's wrong with him.

Maybe Brit is right and it is his "I'm too cool" phase to impress his friends.

Molly, Tori, Audrey....well, everybody except for Jacob were having a great time and really into it.

Rap541 said...

"I don't understand. Jeremy and Audrey are wonderful Christ-loving people acting as a shining light. But you save your words of praise for the drug using, negative brat of the family?"

Hate to break it to you Judy B, but Jeremy James has smoked some pot. I got that from someone who worked on the show. The "walks in nature" with his buddies? Involved toking up. That's number one.

Number two, if Matt the Sainted Father was such an awesome dad and Amy the Sainted Mother was such an awesome mom, shouldn't they be doing something other than nothing about their drug using brat? I mean, aside from praising his smart ass remarks - that would be Matt btw? How about it Judy?

Jeremy at seventeen was telling his mother to get out of her house because he didn't feel like minding her. Jeremy at seventeen was quick to say how he thought fans sucked dick and refused any contact on line with fans. Jeremy at 17 was too much of a boy child to take any time at all to interact with fans. He surely wasn't forced to be in a parade with his family and if anyone had suggested he do such a thing, they would have been chided for not letting precious little baby boy 17 year old Jeremy have his precious nature time.

WHat was Christian about that, Judy B? hey, what was Christian about Jeremy boozing it up and almost burning down the barn at 16? Same age comparison - Judy, which son would you prefer, the one who DID get drunk and almost burn down the barn or the one who didn't? The one who did use the word nigger to refer to his dad figure or the one who didn't? Same age comparison - tell me again how precious Jeremy was just showing his Christian love when he was calling people faggotholes online and saying fans could suck his dick :)

Jeremy and Jake at seventeen don't seem so different. :)

Rap541 said...

Brandon, I totally agree that Jeremy has finally figured out that he profits monetarily if he's pleasant to fans.

After all, it means he doesn't have to be a man and pay for his own wedding. Being a famewhore pays.

Sharon said...

Rap541, people are commenting about how Jeremy behaves on May 31, 2014 vs how Jacob behaves on May 31, 2014.

Do you agree Jeremy's actions and personality are more admirable than Jacob's on this day, June 1, 2014?

Rap541 said...

Sharon - why can't I compare 17 year old Jeremy to 17 year old Jake?

I mean, I get why you don't want to make the comparison, and I will say it - 24 year old Jeremy is better behaved than 17 year old Jake.

Isn't that to be expected? That a grown man behaves better than a teenager?

But really, was 17 year old Jeremy so well behaved that, at age 17, when he was drinking and hating on the fans, that you would describe his behavior as comparable to say, a 24 year old mature adult? Would you find it fair comparison to compare 17 year old Jeremy to a 24 year old man? Yes or no?

Why am I wrong to make a same age comparison, and why do you think it's fair to compare a 17 year old to a 24 year old? I mean, damn, I can remember this argument from Jeremy was 17 and he was a BOY, not to be judged, while 10 year old Jake needed to be a 10 year old mature adult and if he wasn't, he needed to be publically judged harshly for not manning up and being a man.

I'm judging them for their actions when they were the same age. Feel free to insist 24 year old Jeremy has finally matured to where he's not unpleasant to fans. I agree, its about time he stopped behaving like a little boy and more to the point, its *expected* for a 24 year old man to act like an adult.

Sharon said...

Rap541, you admit that Jeremy is acting admirably. That's all I wanted acknowledgement of.

wendy said...

I agree with Judy. Jacob is very disrespectful. It isn't funny or praiseworthy. He should walk in another 17 year olds shoes who doesn't have all the luxuries he has.

Rap541 said...

Actually Sharon, you're putting words in my mouth. I said " 24 year old Jeremy is better behaved than 17 year old Jake."

The words "Jeremy was acting admirably" never happened, so you're a liar :)

Now, 17 year old Jeremy vs 17 year old Jake? Do you have an opinion or will you sit silent?

My guess, you think 17 year old Jeremy saying fans suck cock was "admirable". How about Sharon? Did you ADMIRE Jeremy for saying that? :)

Or will you shush and say nothing?

Rap541 said...

Btw Sharon, I find it sad that the only way you can make Jeremy look good is to compare him to a teenager. As I said above, isn't it expected for a 24 year old man to act with a modicum of maturity?

The best Jeremy can do is best a 17 year old? Does this 24 year old have a job these days or is he "working for daddy" and living with his folks? Or is he waiting until after the wedding to trouble himself with being an adult? :)

EasilyBored said...

I looked at these pictures of a fun looking parade happening; and then scanned quickly through the bickering comments, which aren't really "fun" but did make me laugh out loudwhen several of you insisted upon giving poster Rap a tiney reason for living to correcting your opinions and plotting the history of these people back to the year oughty-ought. Comical~

Jacob45 said...

I'm not surprised Jacob didn't want to be at the parade. What 17 would want to spend their whole afternoon AND evening on a parade float?

I doubt Jer would have wanted to go at 17. Also, if precious Jer Bear didn't want to go to the parade, I really don't think Matt or Amy would have forced him to.

I do expect 24-year-old Jer to support his family on the float without complaint if he's in town.. Honestly though he's an adult now, so I don't think it's going too far to expect he act appropriately.

Ideally, though -- shouldn't Jer be... Oh, I don't know.... Working? Or maybe even .... Oh I don't know? Attending uni instead of hanging around on a float all day??

Of course Jacob isn't a child anymore, but he's not exactly an "adult" either; So why is it OK to compare a 17-year-old to a 24-year-old??

Bemused said...

Reading the comments here is always fun. It is especially interesting to read comments from people who often have no personal knowledge of the people they are commenting on, but are just reacting to their media personas.

Most fun are the so-called Christians who have to put everything into the context of their own views. There is some kind of insecurity at work there.

You don't have to be Catholic to appreciate the new Pope's teaching that you should place loving one another above prejudice and strident militancy.

As to the current Portland controversy, people should understand that the Roloffs make their livings as media personalities. And since Jeremy and Zach are soon to be married and will finally have to assume adult responsibilities, they too need to work at developing a public persona that will allow them to make a living in the media for as long as they can, and not to alienate potential clients or employers.

They are actors, and their smiling public faces say nothing one way or another about their actual views and perspectives.

The two family members who have very little public persona are Molly and Jacob. One can suspect that Molly just goes along but has her own life, her own views, and doesn't plan to be a media celebrity as a career. Thus though she doesn't rebel, she also seems just to minimally participate in the family media business.

Jacob probably has no idea what his career might be, but it seems clear he hates the family media business that he was forced into at a very young age. He certainly acts out but not everyone can be poised enough to just grin and bear it as Molly seems to.

But I wouldn't be so hard on Jacob. He hasn't done a lot differently than his younger male sibs have done at that age, as Rap has pointed out.

If he goes to college, he will likely be the typical annoying "frat boy" which means, the odds are he will turn out okay nonetheless.

Right now, his major crimes seem to be not conforming to a certain Christian fundamentalist world view and not preening for the fans. Neither of these things warrant the abuse heaped on him.

Natalie said...

Bemused, Molly is an adult. Why the difference between Molly and Zach?

It never ceases to surprise me that Molly is always given a free pass. She's an adult.

And Jeremy "smiling" for the sake of money says a great deal about his lack of character.

Bemused said...


"Bemused, Molly is an adult. Why the difference between Molly and Zach?
Zack, who at 24 is still at community college, has never indicated on the TV show, an interest in anything but coaching soccer, something which is unlikely to develop into a real career, not because of his size but because there are not enough non-volunteer or good-paying coaching jobs for people without full college degrees and professional experience to make his odds very good.

Yet he is getting married and has to start developing some sort of either a media persona that he can make some money with, or one that at least will resonate favorably with prospective employers.

Jeremy wants to be a professional photographer, so the same thing applies. He needs now to make as much of a media career as he can and also present himself positively to potential clients for his services.

Thus I see Zack and Jeremy in the same situation.

I distinguished between Zack and Molly because Molly appears likely to have career prospects on her own apart from being a media personality.

sscotoer43 said...

How many people google N.C.A.A. after seeing the last picture?

Ashley said...

Sscooter43, I admit to it! :)

Diane said...

Jacob is an awful kid and people should not be making excuses for him let alone applauding him for his behavior.

Jacob should listen to Jeremy and his future sister in-law and learn to serve Jesus.

Diane said...

The rest of the Roloffs must be so disappointed in Jacob. From his Ask account.

Question: How can you be surrounded by so many Jesus loving people yet you are so lost yourself?

Jacob's Answer: Because I don't just blindly believe what people around me believe I guess, my life's not over i have no idea what I'll believe in 10 years

Eric said...

Some of you need to get off your high horse and leave Jacob alone. He wasn't happy about being in a parade all day...Shocker. He's unsure about his religious beliefs and admits he is still developing as a person. They may not be yours but at least he has values.

Jacob treats people with respect if they are genuine and sincere with him. As far as I am concerned he has every right to be a jerk to those on social media who blindly attack him, his family and his beliefs. Those are the people who should be ashamed of themselves, most of whom are part of some closeted anonymous gay pride cult whose entire interest in talking to him is a result of a couple comments made by his family members almost a decade ago. And anyone who thinks Jacob hates gay people clearly doesn't know him nor have listened to what he has to say on the topic. I've met Jacob and can say without question he is a good person who gets more crap than he deserves and he handles it better than most could. Of course everyone posting on the internet is an infallible saint that can do no wrong but somehow has the need to point out the faults of others.

As for the rest of the family they have clearly taken the position that they don't want to publicly discuss their opinions on certain topics. The countless posts speculating and surmising their true beliefs and alleged hidden agendas remain the foundation of this blog. Seemingly every story written inevitably leads to the same conclusion that the Roloffs are fakes and everything they do is for money with the gay peanut gallery and perfect Christians playing victims in the comment section. The kids grew up on tv and may not have to work as hard in the real world as others do. That's life. They caught a break...perhaps; One could argue the show, fame and its success is what is tearing the family apart. The bashing of their work ethic and lack of career ambition is bordering on envy. I'm not sure what's more laughable the fact the show continues to live on or this blog lending any degree of relevance to the fact it does.

Have fun discussing Jacob's next haircut or Amy's next trip to the zoo. I'm sure it will make everyone feel a little bit better about themselves when they can take that ten minutes from their day to judge others and avoid that horrible mirror.

Ryan said...

Eric, I love how you throw out a gay insult (the cult reference) while then going on to defend Jacob against the homophobic label.

Jacob can act and believe what or how he wants. And people will judge him accordingly.

Personally, it is fair to call Jacob homophobic. He had a little hissy fit/freak out when a gay kid at his high school said he thinks Jacob is "very attractive to be honest".

If you actually read what Jacob wrote, he does believe being gay is "wrong with God" and all that.

And his "you're gay fag!" insults that he endorses that his friends use also is an indication of his homophobia. All you need to do is compare how Jacob says he feels about gay issues/topics and what he has said about dwarves.

Also, who are trying to fool? Most Spiritswander readers know the real story.

People are not questioning Jacob because of "comments his family members said a decade ago".

Cut the BS and let us be honest. Jeremy, Audrey, and Molly believe gay people are sinners who are defying God and should be cured.

Molly wrote applauding Kirk Cameron for saying gay people are destroying civilization and Jacob's response to that is to try to say Molly wasn't agreeing with Kirk, but just praising the fact he said his beliefs.

That's ridiculous. Someone says a group of people are destructive to civilization, Molly says "way to go Kirk!" and Jacob attempts to say it doesn't mean she agrees? That's a typical Matt Roloff move by Jacob.

It's all relevant stuff to bring about the Roloffs and their views about gay people.

Is Jacob as religious based crazy about gay people as the rest of his family? No.

Does he probably the Roloff that objects the least to gay people? Yes.

But there's still plenty of things that make Jacob homophobic. Nothing wrong with labeling him as such.

Ashley said...

"Jacob treats people with respect if they are genuine and sincere with him."

I don't agree with that. Jacob has been a jerk to a lot of people on Ask and on twitter that were being sincere with him.

Brandon said...

"As for the rest of the family they have clearly taken the position that they don't want to publicly discuss their opinions on certain topics"

And everybody knows why. The Roloffs are gutless cowards who won't stand for their beliefs because they want to make as much money as possible and that involves hiding/deceiving people about what they really stand for.

Margaret said...

I feel bad for the rest of the Roloffs, who seem like a good Christian family. They have flaws (Matt and Amy and their marriage), but Jacob causes so much grief with his foul mouth, drug use and disrespect.

You'd think if he looks up to Jeremy as much as he claims that he would act more like him.

sara said...

Jacob is so spoiled. He's always complaing. Enlist him in the military and get rid of his cushy lifestyle that he takes for granted.

Laura said...

I would like to say that I have also noticed and don't appreciate Spiritswander's pro-Jacob slant in the articles recently. The best words should go towards Jeremy and Matt.

DJ said...

Jacob used to be cool but he's obvio6sly turning into his brothers, conforming to what the family wants and is much of a snob as his siblings.

puddin' said...

@ sara- The "military" would not want to take on a brat aka Jacob whose parents refuse to help him in any shape way or form...they are to stuck in Golden Boy and have left Jacob in the dust, they are whats wrong with Jacob for the most part. Acting like they have been empty nesters for years. I'd run rampant if i was Jacob..uncaring parents he has. But its not the "Militarys" job to undue Matt and Amys screw ups. JMO

Beth said...

Jacob only tries to get attention by acting out on twitter and there's nothing behind what he says. He said he would refuse to film...that was about 8 months ago. Nothing to it.

Louise said...

It is time for Jacob to grow up. Give up the drug use, the childish pouting and potty mouth. It is time for Jacob to follow Jeremy, Audrey, Molly, Tori and even his own girlfriend and start attending Solid Rock A Jesus Church on a regular basis.

Alyssa said...

Jacob said he can't wait until he turns 18...why? So he can legally refuse to do the show? Or so he can legally get paid directly? Or so he can move out?

Bonnie said...

I have a genuine question about Jacob. Can anyone give a genuine answer or even theory on why?

Jacob has made it clear he looks up to Jeremy. He has said it and even if he didn't it is obvious. Jeremy is about the only person Jacob repeatedly says good things about.

Jeremy dedicates a lot of time on social media posting about Jesus, inspirational quotes to help people become better followers of Jesus.

Jeremy sometimes favorites Jacob's tweets. He sees what he does, the cursing, etc.

Do you think Jeremy does or why doesn't he focus some energy to bring his little brother who idolizes him, to God, then just the entire twitter verse?

Jeremy doesn't seem to be the least bit bothered by Jacob's postings on twitter.

Sam said...

I think it's great that Jacob doesn't blindly follow the beliefs of the rest of his family members.

Smart people have always pegged Jacob as the one Roloff to break out of the classic Roloff mold.

I hope he somehow moves out and away from the family next year.

Allison said...

"Jacob move out next year" LOL!

He's too lazy to do that.

His life consists of whining and complaining while totally relying on his parents.

If he moved out, who would buy his video games? And provide him money to buy his precious weed? And his Subway and Jimmy Johns food? That's how he spends his days. That and wondering around his parents farm brooding about how bad he has it.

My Lord people, did you read his tweets when the family was gathering in Santa Barbara for Jeremy's accomplishment of graduating? Instead of being happy for his brother and being in good spirits, all Jacob did was whine and moan about how miserable he was and how much his life sucks because his girlfriend was back home?

This is the kid that some of you, including the author of this blog, choose to praise and go soft on?

He's the blight on the Roloff family.

Hannah said...

I have known the Botti family for many years and all I will say is they feel very fortunate that Jeremy, whose love for Christ can not be questioned, is the one they are welcoming to their family and not a broken soul like Jacob.

Any true Christian is mortified by how Jacob acts on the internet.

However, as a Christian, all you can do is express love and provide the example as to why accepting Jesus' love is the only way to go. That is what Audrey has done for Jacob's girlfriend Stephanie. She is a wonderful girl, but was very hurt and confused before Audrey showed her love and took the time to be her mentor to show her what it truly means to be a follower of Jesus.

It is up to the individual whether they choose to be a devout follower of Jesus or not and how they choose to show that.

Don't fault Audrey for Jacob's behavior.

Teresa said...

Jacob should have been shown how the "other side" lives. It would have made him appreciate the opportunities that he has and made him less sheltered.

Ashley said...

Look at Jacob's tweet!

Come on, Jacob, join in! Reply!

Jacob Roloff‏@ffoloR_bocaJ
I wish I could reply to people's comments on Spiritswander lol
4:09 PM - 8 Jun 2014

Ben said...

Jacob will soon find that Jeremy will replace him with Audrey's brother Jack - Jeremy's new brother in law.

They have more in common and if Jacob doesn't get his religious beliefs in order he will find himself on the outside if he's not careful.

Aimee said...

Jacob is obviously putting a lot of stock in his relationship with his girlfriend because he has nothing else.

He doesn't have good core believe in God. He is the black sheep of his family and everybody knows it.

His twitter friends are pathetic, I would have more to say about them if I didn't feel sorry for them. All day they long all they can post about is getting high.

Here is what you need to know about Jacob's relationship with "Steph" She attempted suicide. She was a fan of the show and thrilled when Jacob paid attention to her after they met.

She is very insecure and terrified that Jacob will dump her if he sees her without make up.

Steph has now hung around the Roloffs and their friends and likes them a lot. Through that friendship, she has gotten into John Mark Comer's church and got baptized.

Jeremy's Audrey has now gotten Stephanie into her Christian youth group "Young Life".

Stephanie is trying to be very positive. And Jacob tries to keep her happy by putting on a front and not being "negative" (his real feelings) around her. And she tries to put on a front by dressing up and hiding behind make up terrified that he will dump her if she doesn't look pretty enough.

Dysfunction much? Get them a reality tv show!

Sherry said...

It was very selfish of Jacob to complain when they were in Santa Barbara to celebrate Jeremy's diploma from Brooks Institute.

Abbie said...

Jeremy is a better:


than Jacob.

Why is this controversial? People should just accept it.

Patrick said...

I hate to break it to some of the Jacob fans here, but he's not honest.

He changes his tune and changes the facts depending on whatever he feels like arguing about at the time.

Did you know at one point when Jacob was annoyed that people were throwing John Mark Comer's quotes in his face, he tried to distance himself and his family from JMC?

But like someone else mentioned, guess where Jacob's OWN GIRLFRIEND, goes to Church? And where she went to get baptized?

Yes yes yes. John Mark Comer's church.

Jacob tries to act superior to people but he's not honest.

Michelle said...

I used to think Jacob was smart, but he's really desperate to be part of the cool kids at school.

He's not very smart know that he considers a kid at school Austin to be his friend. Austin was even Matt's facebook pictures.

Austin once ranted to me about what a loser Jacob was because he had "midget parents"? And now Jacob thinks Austin is his friend? LOL!

Greg said...

Jacob is not allowed to reply. It must suck being controlled by a contract and his parents rules.

Melissa said...

Hey Spiritswander, would Jacob do an interview with you? Or would it need to wait until he's 18?

To get everything laid out there in one massive story would be fun.

Kim said...

Sometimes Jacob is ok but then he turns into a jerk again.

Kyle said...

We all know Jacob's destiny is to die of an overdose that includes Xanax in his system.

It's so clear what path he is headed down and nobody who is directly in his life cares enough to do a damn thing about it.

Megan said...

Does Jacob still think Jeremy is a better person than him?

Or has that changed?

Does he still try to please Jeremy and attempts to be cool in Jeremy's eyes?

Marissa said...

Matt and Amy should have threw Jacob's butt off of the float and made him walk behind it to teach him some respect. How many people get to ride in a parade? And he complains about the "stupid parade"??

He has turned into a terrible person. I feel sorry for Matt, Amy, Jeremy and Molly. I don't know about Zach. He's not online and I never got a good feeling about him.

Gail said...

Jacob is so disrespectful to his family, especially to his mom. I can't blame them if they give up on him at times.

Maybe they can convince Audrey to let Jacob live in the basement or spare room. Living with Jeremy might be the only thing that will straighten out Jacob before it is too late.

FB said...

You people don't even know how much of a jerk Jacob really is in real life. Even to his so-called friends. He's a jerk. He justifies treating people like dirt because he's mad he was forced to be on film.

Aileen said...

Jacob ust uses Ask and twitter to lash out at people and to be a jerk when he's angry..

Sharon said...

I don't believe the stuff about Jacob's girlfriend being as good of a Christian as Audrey. She posted a picture of herself with her breasts clearly exposed. That has no place on the internet or in the photo collections of a Kingdom spreading servant of Jesus. Either Jacob is corrupting her or she is disingenuous.

Cathy said...

Jeremy should have taken Jacob with him when he went on his mission trip to Haiti. I agree that Jeremy is the o ly one capable of saving Jacob from becoming a Godless lost and angry atheist.

Kayla said...

I liked Jacob for a while on Ask but then he began lying

If he's not going to be honest, what is the point, then he's the same as Matt, Jeremy and the rest. He lied about stuff with his ex girlfriend Vanessa, he lied about refusing to do the show, he lied about what he said about gay people, he lied about not having friends.

Since for the most part he ignores everybody I figure he's following the example of Jeremy and Zach (until Jeremy realized he could use fans for financial gain).

Kayla said...

Jacob also deletes a lot of stuff after he posts it. I like it better when he was honest and didn't care. It's like he's selling out now.

Lintons Lint said...

In the Jacob referendum, I vote "yay" for the dude.

Considering his family history, he has done a helluva good job of rebelling. It's not a total and full rebel, but it is admirable.

One has to bow their heads to him for being honest about his love of the weed.

While Jer-Bear and Muel formed their secret society of J squared Chron Masters and lied and lied and lied about it, Jacob cuts through the BS and puts it out there.

He has insulted me on twitter too, but I like him and I wish him well in his on-going battle to find himself and to be Jacob Roloff (whoever that is) and not let others dictate what that entails.

Janet said...

In my opinion, a lot of Jacob's issues comes from having dwarf parents.

More than his siblings, Jacob seems to be aware of the things people say about him/his family.

I think that build an inner resentment of the dwarves family members.

He has said negative things about all the dwarves in his family, but has a totally different opinion of Jeremy and other than some friendly brotherly teasing, he doesn't bash Molly the way he does Zach and his parents.

His sadness and bitterness over Mike Detjen's death is because he regrets not having the chance to have a normal size father figure.

sscooter43 said...

For people that keep on claiming that Jeremy and Audrey are good Christians, I am wondering how do you know that for a fact?

Nyswonger said...

Is the kid Jacob the subject of several people's (ALL of whom cannot possibly be other teens) term paper?
Torn into fragments and shoved under the microscope with various degrees of wild guesses and some psychological dogma thrown in? His answer that is being served up six ways from Sunday was actually excellent; he realizes in future he has the ability to evolve in all his beliefs, and please don't presume I meant fundamentalist claptrap.

Sharon said...

Scooter43, do you even pay attention to the example Jeremy and Audrey set on twitter?

Even Jacob's girlfriend said Audrey was instrumental in bringing her closer to Christ.

Grace said...

Drugs and bad influences have ruined Jacob. Faith Bible were right to expel him before he could corrupt the rest of the students.

His girlfriend's parents must be mortified.

Darren said...

I don't understand the fan club for Jacob's account either.

Jacob is full of more double standards than Jeremy were was guilty of doing.

Jacob doesn't even know who he trying to please.

Austin said...

Jacob, isn't much better than the other Roloffs about gay issues. He's a hypocrite. He doesn't like it when people say midget but he said he doesn't think anyone should be offended by "faggot".

He also went on an unproked rant about how if he hates a gay person it's because he finds them annoying, not because they're gay. But why doesn't he say that about dwarves or black people or mentally challenged people?

Rap541 said...

do you even pay attention to the example Jeremy and Audrey set on twitter

To be honest, aside from the occasional bible quote or retweeted bible, Jeremy is mostly shilling Green Grease and his buddies projects and his pictures, and Audrey mostly talks about her friends. It's not really topping the Sermon on the Mount.

I'm also kinda curious when Jeremy is going to need to get a job. Rumor has it the wedded couple will be moving to California... where *Audrey's* job is, and Jeremy has been what... spending his entire summer preparing for his wedding?

The Like a Letter website hasn't updated since late 2013 and Jeremy hasn't talked about well, actually going to a wedding as the photographer in a while... Does whoring out his wedding to the public pay so well?

Is the big boy Jeremy Jesus *Kardashian* Roloff now? Since he earns his living by well... whoring out his private moments?

Martha Kilbourne said...

Wait your blaming the kid for the separation? Maybe it's all the fighting that makes him act out! Not saying what it maybe, but don't blame the separation on the kid.!

Anonymous said...

Who is saying that, Martha?

sscooter43 said...

Sharon said "Scooter43, do you even pay attention to the example Jeremy and Audrey set on twitter?"

Yes, because Jesus said that "to be a good Christian, you have to post about me on twitter".

Sharon said...

Sscooter43, Yes, setting an example for others is part of being a good Christan.

Jesus requests of his followers to bring more to His Kingdom. A Jesus follower can do that by setting an example with their life and how they carry themselves that make others want to know how they can achieve the same purposeful life.

Jeremy and Audrey do that through their social media accounts.

Judy B said...

Martha, I am only stating the truth. Jacob is old enough to make an effort to be help to the family, not a hindrance.

Jacob puts further strain on the marriage.

The family unit became weaker when Jeremy moved and crumbled when Jacob was all that was left.

Rap541 said...

You do realize you're blaming Jacob for Matt and Amy's marital issues, right?

I mean, Matt's a grown ass man and Amy's an adult woman but both together are so weak minded they need their youngest son to support them? I trust you're revising the "MATT AND AMY ARE WONDERFUL PARENTS" decree? Since they fell apart because they couldn't rely on Jake?

Judy B said...

Rap, stop twisting what people say.

No, what I am saying is that having a problem child like Jacob does not help a marriage. A marriage that already has difficulties due to a wife that doesn't show respect and support to her husband.

Jacob is disrespectful and not cooperative. He relies on drugs and thinks he's cool for cursing online (to which Spiritswander and others praise him for "being honest"). Jacob has been kicked out of school and forced his parents to look into alternatives. They even needed to resort to putting him into a public school without God because Jacob disrespected all that his parents did for him when they sent him to a Christian school.

Rap541 said...

I'm not twisting what you are saying. Jake is a difficult child, and Matt and Amy can't handle that AND their marriage, if he was a better child, they could work on the marriage. What part of that isn't blaming the kid for mom and dad's inability to work on their marriage?

Does Matt bear ANY fault for his marriage collapse, Judy? ANY?

Or was he the perfect lil victim of his wife and son? When Matt's describing his useless piece of trash of a wife on national tv, is he *respecting* her? Or is he showing us all how a man handles a woman?

Judy, when your husband says everything you do is pointless and spending time with you and your children is a waste of his time, do you say "Yes sir, I'm a woman and you just *respected* me by correcting me on my flaws, how may I better service you, sir?"

Jacob45 said...

So tell me, please Judy B., what is so wrong with "a school without God?" Really, you'd think "good Christians" wouldn't need a religious school to tell them to be religious? They would be religious of their own free will? Unless you're suggesting that Jeremy James Jesus wouldn't be so "God loving" if he went to public school? ;)

More importantly, if Jacob was causing so trouble that Amy & Matt felt the only option was to seperate, why didn't they do something about it earlier?

If Jake's cursing and drug-using bothers his parents so much, why don't they do something about it?

Oh wait ... They've been "done" parenting since Jake was 12.

William said...

How can still argue in favor of public schools? They are gutter mills that allow kids to run wild. I would never allow my children to attend a public school if it was the only school in my area.

Beth said...

Does anyone have the answer why Jacob doesn't behave more like Jeremy? I don't understand it.

He said he thinks Jeremy is cool. He said he respects Jeremy's opinion more than anyone.

Why doesn't he make an effort to act like Jeremy? I am very confused about that.

Rap541 said...

Beth, because realistically, Jeremy wasn't a sweet kid who never did anything wrong at that age. When Jeremy was 15-18, his favorite word was "faggithole" and he was openly using that, the n-word, the f-word etc on line. He and his friends were drinking underage, taking pictures of each other holding dead animals and barely passing in school (pretty sure we saw perfect precious Jer openly cheat in his Christian setting as well.) (Also pretty sure the big boy didn't give his daddy his virginity to hold in a promise ring until marriage)

Compare Jacob to what Jeremy was at 17. Jacob grew up watching Jeremy and Zach screw off with no consequences.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Well, it's my turn I suppose.
I'll try to go thorugh the comments in chronological order, but I may get as confused as some of the posters.
Judy B. I would have Jacob for a stepson loooong before even allowing Jeremy into my house. I can't understand where the poster said we were ALL being soft on Jacob, he would be disciplined like any other person around me.
If it wouldn't turn my stomach, I would like to try to "see the light" do a complete "about face" and become a true follower of christ and a good christian. It is very obvoiuus by the comments made here that all I would have to do if provide the 'lip service' on a constant basis, over time, say a few years, and have people come over to my side of thinking and praise me for relaizing that jesus is my savior and my life is here to serve him and him only. I would defy any one of you reading this to discern the difference. That's my challenge.
Let's take an honest look at this 'lip service'. Words seem to be the majority of what is necessary to convince the general public. I can be the nicest person in public, and then when I'm not in the public eye I can be the aloof somewhat snobbish person who belongs the the 'Have' crowd and not concern my self with lesser people, OR people who geniunely need to be saved and brought to christ. Nobody would comment on that, so I'm free to practice both standards with absolute impunity.
Oh, I'm positive many of you are thinking ,Podge/Rodge groupie, that is patently absurd!!! Howe dare you? I can tell a charlatan from amile off!! I know a genuine chruistian when I see one. preposterous!"
The reason for my challenge is: you cannot tell. You are proving it in real life. At this moment in space and time.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

I wish also to offer a key to mystery, at least what I see and what we all see before us.
Beth, I want to propose a reason why Jacob does not act more like Jeremy.
Now firstly people, do you all agreee that Jacob knows Jeremy a darn sight better than the rest of us one-eyed pundits blathering our opinions all over this blog? Jacob has lived with Jeremy every day for years more than any of us.
NONE of us can say, "Well yes, but I know jeremy through his bible quotes and his public actions. that's so much better than having him for a brother day in and day out for 16 years. Let's be real people.
Now, my idea is if Jacob knows Jeremy far better than any of us, don't you think he knows and feels the strength of Jeremy's resolve towrds christ. Really? Truly? Becasue I say IF Jeremy's resolve WAS genuine and strong, and IF he truly believed, then would it now follow that Jacob would agree with it? How much do any of you honestly think, honestly, that Jeremy actions in the public eye are exactly like his actions in private, at home, with Jacob.
We all agree that Jacob respects, looks up to and even adores Jeremy. He's his older brother. I have two olders brothers. I don't think that is a contestable point. But, why people. WHY?? Could it possibly be the strength or absence of Jeremy's resolve of his perosnal beliefs in private? Why?

What about the total absence of any metion of Jeremy's beleifs on the show? WHY? How srong is the resolve? I know I won't have to wait very long to have most of you supporters say, "He's gagged by TLC." Or "He's gagged by his father (which would be strange considering the 'persona' they're attempting to protray)". OR even "He's gagged by his mother." Fine, all fine. If any of these are the case, teh really, how stroing is the resolve???? Would you agree, to a TRUE and strong crhistian, that these are minor setbacks and Jeremy should really say, "Too bad!! It's my faith, and I'll sing it off the highest mountain." Would you not agree that getting fired from a show is a small proice to pay for standing up for your beleifs? If not, then how strong is the resolve?
Fellow posters, we all know that many many people were matyred for less! Much less. The martyrs spoke up for their beliefs in the face of DEATH, not being fired from a 'reality' show?
How striong is the relove?

One last point. I also expect to hear form some of you that "Jeremy thinks Jacob cannot be saved. He tried (how much if at all I wonder???) but Jacob is just not worth bringing to christ." This prompts me to give my head a shake. Jeremy gives up on his own little brother, his baby J, his own blood inducted into the DBU. Can Jeremy really be that self-centered and arrogant? Jeremy gives himself the right to decide whether or not his little brother needs to be saved? By someone else? Isn't that being a bit lazy for supposedly such a good servant of christ? Some of you will agree with this, I'm sure. "Jacob is a spoiled brat, and he's NOT WORTH SAVING."
How many of you supposed 'good' christians really and truly believe that, about another human being?

Samantha said...

Podge/Rodge Groupie, who are you to make those judgments about Jeremy?

I have attended church with both Jeremy and Audrey. I can tell you for a fact that Jeremy being a Jesus follower is not an act for twitter.

Why do you think you know what goes on between Jeremy and his brother Jacob?

"But Jacob is just not worth bringing to christ." This prompts me to give my head a shake. Jeremy gives up on his own little brother..."

How dare you say stuff like that. Do you know the conversations Jeremy and Jacob have? You don't know what kind of spiritual guidance Jeremy has attempted to give Jacob.

Ultimately, a person's walk with God is their own. Jeremy can do his best to influence Jacob, but if Jacob is not ready to accept Jesus into his heart, that certainly isn't Jeremy's fault. You have no right to make judgments on Jeremy.

Ian said...

PRG, You have it all wrong about Jacob's opinion of Jeremy.

He respects Jeremy because he knows Jeremy is authentic. If he knew Jeremy was a phony, would he respect him? Of course not.

Jacob looks up to Jeremy because he knows Jeremy has his life together.

Compare that to Zach, who Jacob sees as a loser. That's a harsh way to put, but there is no point in sugar coating it.

I hope everyone noticed that when Jeremy and Audrey got engaged, Jacob made a rare personal tweet by sending a congratulatory tweet about being "so stoked" for Jeremy.

When Zach and Tori got engaged? Not a word from Jacob about it.

Jacob respects Jeremy because he knows Jeremy has it going on and it starts with Jeremy's relationship with God. Just because Jacob is dreadful when it comes to showing is love for God, doesn't mean he can't admire Jeremy's faith.

Melanie said...

Ian, nope. I think don't Jacob's annoying hero worship of Jeremy has anything to do with Jeremy as a Christian.

It is deeper than that. If you examine Jacob's behavior and the things he writes about his family members, he has an issue with LP members of his family. He isn't negative about Jeremy or Molly (only friendly brother/sister teasing about Molly being a smart and nerdy).

Jacob is downright hateful to Amy, he's disrespectful to Matt and when he does pretend like Zach exists, often times it is negative.

I think Jacob resents being apart of a dwarf family. Maybe that's why Jacob is struggling with God.

Nancy said...

It is interesting that Jacob tweeted about Jeremy's engagement and not Zach's.

Jacob definitely plays favorites with his brothers. Poor Zach.

Nancy said...

It is interesting that Jacob tweeted about Jeremy's engagement and not Zach's.

Jacob definitely plays favorites with his brothers. Poor Zach.

Rap541 said...

How dare you say stuff like that. Do you know the conversations Jeremy and Jacob have? You don't know what kind of spiritual guidance Jeremy has attempted to give Jacob.

Jeremy has never ever said "I've given my younger brother spiritual guidance" on camera OR on his facebook or twitter. SInce Jeremy never allows himself to be spiritual on camera, how dare people assume he isn't all "Praise Jesus!" every other word... when he allows himself to be depicted as not very religious for money?

Samantha - what conversations are happening? You have hinted around for years that you're in the know. Of course, like all Roloff supporters, you're anonymous so that the Roloffs can never be held to your statements about them (did Matt make you sign something?) but lets hear it.

You know. Tell us what Jeremy has done, and failed at, to try to get his younger brother on the good path. And if you're unwilling to tell, that's fine... except that Jeremy can't get credit for what no one will speak of. He's not willing to talk about his relationship with God and his brother and neither are his best buddies? Well, with no input there, then why are we to assume Jewremy wakes up every morning with "Thank Christ!" on his lips and walks about blessing folks with his gentle Christian decency as he and Audrey play trespassing games on other peoples proprty (I believe the last time Jer and Audrey photographed their adventures disdaining property signs, it was referred to as "two christians in a field)

I see no real indication Jeremy does all that much for Jake but I am willing to listen to proveable examples. Funny how hard those are to provide. :)

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Rap, to me the remarks and charges coming from Samantha were moot points and I wasn't going to bother with taking time out of my life. However, there IS one point that totally escaped me that I feel I should bring forth.
From all that I read and see out in the real world, I have come to the conclusion that if there is any other thinking other than the fundamentalist christian dogma, it's wrong. Totally wrong. So, in trying to be fair to everyone, Muslims are wrong. GBLTs are wrong. Those dark cloudy Catholics are wrong. And, of course, Atheists and Agnostics are completely totally lost.
Well, guess what folks. It's time to accept a simple fact: JACOB THINKS FOR HIMSELF.

While the 'supporters' recover from the abject shock, this has been offered in print.
"How can you be surrounded by so many Jesus loving people yet you are so lost yourself? Because I don't just blindly believe what people around me believe I guess, my life's not over i have no idea what I'll believe in 10 years."

Jacob Roloff @ffoloR_bocaJ · Jun 8
Right now, his major crimes seem to be not conforming to a certain Christian fundamentalist world view and not preening for his fans. Neither of these things warrant the abuse heaped on him.

I agree with that. People on here do not like Jacob because he does not allow the mainstream to tell him what to believe, what to think, and who to follow.
This flies in the face of the America we know today. For at least 2, maybe 3 generations, the Parasitic Elite have worked at "dumbing down" the schools and the entire population in general, so they do what they want with absolute impunity. Critical thinking will NOT be tolerated. Now, I'm trying to ascertain why so many people are upset with Jacob? If he was respectful of his parents and friends, but STILL has his own thoughts and beliefs not including god, jesus or whoever, it's my guess (how DARE I!) that Jacob would still be the s--t under the christian's shoes.
I think that's the key. It's not that Jacob isn't worth saving (in some people's eyes) it's he could care less about being saved or the whole christian fundamentalist dogma.

A last question. I see no reasons offered as to why Jeremy does NOT proclaim his beliefs on the show. Rap, this is why I sometimes don't bother with replying. The same reason. supported don't reply and disappear when you mention an solid argument. It appears very difficult to be right when you can't choose you arguments. If you have no reply, you keep avoiding the issue, for years (as in the case of this question) if it's deemed necessary.
Other people have offered their ideas as to why Jeremy is so silent on the show, but they never seemed to be discussed by the 'supporters'. So I'll try a single condition, rather than the confusion of all possible excuses and/or reasons. If Jeremy does not say anything about his beliefs on the shows because of the money, how strong is his resolve?

BeckyM said...

The Duggers shout their religious belief to the rooftops and now are the TLC darlin'. So it can't be that Jeremy's beliefs would "harm" the show.

Don't let the crazies get you down. Comments on the internet or even those profiled in the news, is not the mainstream. Look at the polls. For example, acceptance of Gay Marriage is growing across the population. Go ahead and squeal all you want - it's the majority that makes an impact in this country.

These right-wing Christians are just screaming because they know they are losing the overall war. Let them scream - the more they scream, the more moderates disassociate themselves from them (and again the extremists in the Republican party has yet to learn this LOL!).

BeckyM said...

When it comes to Jacob, I am more concerned about his drug use, bullying, and his lack of focus on grades. I could care less that he doesn't toe the Christian line.

And all three of the above are due to poor parenting. As long as Jacob is a minor, any of his "problems" can quickly be seen as the product of poor parenting.

How would you like to be a pre-teen/teen and be told by your parents that the are "empty nesters?" Total rejection by the people who should be offering you unconditionable love.

Love from an older brother is not the guiding love and examples that should be shown by the mature adults who are your parents. So all the folks here blaming Jacob, should pull their head out and really deal with how Amy and Matt for years were permissive parents who did not show a lot of affection, guidance, and discipline to ANY of their children.

Sharon said...

Podge/Rodge, I have to think that you are a troll because I can't think of any reasonable person who would construct a post where he praises Jacob and insults Jeremy's character.

Jeremy doesn't waver with his devotion to Jesus Christ.

The liberal/pro-homosexual crowd are so eager to try to praise Jacob for anything they think can be used as insult to the rest of the family's morals.

Jacob is weak spiritually. He doesn't even know what he is saying.

One day he identifies himself as a Christian.

The next he doesn't.

One day he says he knows gay people are sinners that are wrong.

The next he is trying to backtrack.

Even the pro-homosexual crowd has noticed that Jacob disgusted when there is a real life homosexual trying to "come on" to him.

Jacob knows it is wrong, but doesn't have resolve or the pride in Jesus yet to not give into the leftist pressure.

Podge, before you give Jacob that Gold Medal because you are so proud of him, do you know that his girlfriend is a Christian who got baptized at John Mark Comer's church? And she is inspired by Audrey?

Jacob being the way he is has nothing to do with "critical thinking". It has to do with his being immature and not being ready to love Jesus more than evils like drugs. He thinks it is cool and fun to do drugs. He's not willing to fully accept Jesus yet.

If Jeremy was hiding his beliefs why would he be so vocal about them on twitter, instagram and facebook? You people make no sense. One minute you're saying most of his followers are fans of the tv show. The next you're implying he's trying to hide his love of Jesus from the fans.

Rap541 said...

If Jeremy was hiding his beliefs why would he be so vocal about them on twitter, instagram and facebook?

On twitter, in June, only two of his 21 tweets mention God. Both were actually retweets, not Jeremy saying something on his own, but essentially liking someone else's words.

On facebook, I had to go all the way back to March to find something religious-ish - namely him posting a link to an article about the Noah movie. From March 1st to now, there was 18 posts on his public facebook.

On instagram, aside from the topline saying coram deo, you have to go back into april to find any posts that are religious in nature. From April first to now, he's had 15 posts there and only two are religious in nature and I am being super generous in including a post that is a quote from C.S. Lewis.

This is your idea of "so vocal"?

Rap541 said...

Podge, before you give Jacob that Gold Medal because you are so proud of him, do you know that his girlfriend is a Christian who got baptized at John Mark Comer's church? And she is inspired by Audrey?

I'm genuinely curious what your point is.

Are you suggesting Christians won't be friends or date non Christians? Or that by dating a Christian Jacob is declaring his choice of faith? Because really, that's not a statement of faith any more than Jeremy's once or twice a month retweet of someone else's thoughts.

Ashley said...

Rap, I haven't down the analysis, but I think Jeremy is religious online, or at least, a person could tell that he's a hardcore Christian (or at least says he is) from his twitter/instagram.

He also favorites a lot of Bible tweets.

Most of the people Jeremy speaks to or retweets on twitter are pastors who seem to be personal friends.

I remember reading some of the E online or People Magazine comments after the stories of Jeremy and Audrey's engagement (which included their twitter and instagram links). A lot of the readers who obviously only have ever watched the show, were commenting that they had no idea that Jeremy was so religious.

Sharon said...

My point is that Podge is celebrating, proclaiming and patting Jacob on the back for "rejecting Christian dogma".

My point is that is premature as still wants to have a girlfriend who is Christian listening to JMC's teaching and who has chosen Audrey as an influence in her life.

Jacob has many problems. Agreed. He is weak in his faith. Agreed. But for leftists like Podge to celebrate Jacob as rejecting Christian values is not entirely accurate. He still calls him a Christian. He still wants to a girlfriend who is a Christian. He still is disgusted by homosexuality and knows it is morally wrong.

Louise said...

It is awful that Jacob is so foul-mouthed. Why does he curse so much? Does he think it makes him cool.

Jacob is at it again on his Ask account. He lets everyone down with his nasty language.

I am not blaming Jeremy at all for Jacob's behavior, but I do think it is time Jeremy at a sit down with Jacob to talk about his behavior.

Question: Bruhhhh, stop pitying yourself over how bad you think you have it. Look down from your 1st class seat in the plane as you fly around the world; recognize that you don't have it as bad as you've convinced yourself.

Answer: I'm so tired of hearing this hahah. I know and realize how privileged I am to have done everything I've done but that's not relevant when something shitty happens. It fucking sucks, for example, if someone were to die in your family, say your mom, you're not fucking thinking of your trip to Europe you're thinking how bad it feels. Now quietly fuck off.

Katie Langford said...

Louise, I am Jacob's age (1 year younger), I love God and I don't know curse and smoke pot.

Not all teenagers behave the way Jacob does. Some people try to convince us that there is no good Christians who remain pure and focused on pleasing Him, but it is not true :)

I think Jacob needs prayer.

I really admire Jeremy and Audrey. They are my favorite couple and wish them an amazing life together!

Rap541 said...

Ashley - then don't trust me, go to Jeremy's instagram where he witnesses Christ, his facebook where he witnesses Christ, and his twitter, where he witnesses Christ, and show me where he's taking a daily devotional to Jesus.

Because that is what I am being told. Jeremy is using social media to witness for Christ and he is a SHINING EXAMPLE there.

And I am not trying to yell at you, but really, his facebook, instragram, and twitter are the *proof* he's loudly vocal about how he follows Christ. I looked. Seriously, prove me wrong and insist two retweets is an incredible show of faith and Jeremy's devotion is incredibly unusually high and if you read his twitter you would know he's *unusually* devoted to Jesus.

Because what I found is someone who knows how to talk the talk and pay lip service but is hardly converting the masses and having deep religious discussions and views online.

Sharon, I notice you have nothing to say about my research into Jeremy's public instragram, twitter, and facebook - is such minimal discussion of God really your idea of Jeremy loudly and proudly declaring his faith online? Seems like he's got about as much faith in green grease as he does Jesus. ;)

Based on his public online ministry, anyway.

Nyswonger said...

I don't wonder that Sharon says naught about your research into various social media sites back to the year one looking for comments to argue about and compare with the research done by the terminally bored into the media sites of others with limited vocabularies!
Whoever doing that kind of completely irrelevant "research" would not accept diverse "research".
How about that world peace thing,eh? Pales beside some thoughtless comment some very minor tv person made 10 years ago, or yesterday for that matter. What drivel people find to argue about.

OhPlease said...

The Christian Fundamentalists who rant here routinely are no different, other than the book they selectively follow, than the Taliban. They are Comer cultists or other religious extremists whose only idea is “my way or the highway” and they are not susceptible to rational argument. It is a good thing we do live in, still, a secular country, or they would be out there beheading people just like the Muslim Fundamentalists. Some of them are already burning other people’s religious books, bombing clinics, and cursing at patriotic veterans as part of a weird obsession with other people’s sex lives.

I do not see anyone here who praises Jacob for swearing, for smoking pot, for anything else that he may have done that might be considered less than ideal. But there are more balanced people who do say, essentially “cut the kid some slack.” He is 17, and clearly he has been mal-parented: whored out against his will to TLC by his parents (yes, he got some goodies but that doesn’t change the fact) and he has been the “non-child” of self-proclaimed “empty-nesters” for years. How do you expect a kid to act given that?

If the parents had an issue with him smoking pot, they would try to deal with that rather than, apparently, ignoring it. If they had a problem with his language, his behavior, his friends, or his school performance, they could try to do something about it rather than “empty-nesting" themselves on endless vacations or “business trips” which Jacob sometimes gets to join in on.

Apparently parenting isn’t a fundamentalist value, because you never see the religious crew commenting here about that.

Diane Lewis said...

Yes Judy B...that was a horrible, judgmental statement!! Very sad! You never pick one child over another! Nor do you ever blame a child! Shame on you! Hope you have a perfectly clean backyard!!

Anonymous said...

Judy B..shame on you with your ugly nasty judgmental words!! No good parent would ever pick one child over another!! And to blame a child for a separation? Wtf is wrong with you!! I sure hope your backyard is spotless!!

Rap541 said...

Surprise, surprise.... I'm wrong if I don't look at Jeremy's facebook, instagram, and twitter to see him shine out his Jesus love, but I am also wrong if I do look because what I am really supposed to do is say "Well, gosh and Golly, random people who I don't know say Jeremy is shining out his love of Jesus on line and I just have to take their word and never ever question what I am told since questioning is against Christ and the Roloffs. If someone tells me Jeremy is the best person ever and his every move is for Christ, well, *decent* people never ever check to see if it's true, they just *blindly accept* and don't look to make sure they're not being lied to".

Nywsonger - if arguing about some piece of crap reality whore like Jer-bear is drivel beneath you, I trust you'll be shutting up since you've already openly shown how you also waste your time?

Marcy said...

Rap541 is ridiculous, I get more entertainment value from her nutty rants then I do from from the Roloffs.

Kathy said...

So I am guessing this was filmed for some big tv special coming up?

Rap541 said...

Marcy - careful there, what you just said is kinda a slam on the Roloffs.... I mean, you're more entertained by me than them. Might not be what TLC wants to hear ;)

Funny how if I am so wrong about Jeremy's public outcries of faith on instagram, facebook and twitter, no one has actually sat down and said "Rap isn't correct about the religious posts on Jeremy's public media". Funny how I am not lying... and how the Christian crowd that loves to prat how Jeremy is soooooo vocal about his religion on facebook, twitter, and instagram don't want to discuss the number of religious posts Jeremy makes.

I mean, wasn't that the whole argument? Jeremy doesn't show his faith on tv because he is SOOOOOOO vocal on line, if you go to his twitter, facebook, or instagram, it is instantly clear he loves Jesus and loves church and loves God, he is soooo faithful, it just couldn't be clearer. So why so quiet? Sharon?

Ashley said...

Rap, you should know from my comments here that I'm not a Jeremy fan.

I'm just saying that I think most people would say Jeremy is very loud and outspoken about being religious (or what he thinks is religious) online. How do I know that? Why do I think that? It's because of his online accounts.

Maybe he has cut back the number of religious posts in the past few months but I still know Jeremy is all into being a "Jesus follower" (again, what he thinks is a Jesus follower) because of his online social media accounts.

Even on his website it says " to photograph people and tell their story in a way that moves, inspires and motivates people to get up and experience this planet saved by grace awaiting the Kingdom."

I'm not even complimenting him because I think Jeremy thinks he's this great Christian that Jesus is so proud of but really the way he acts is not example of it at all.

Rap541 said...

Ashley, I am simply noting when I actually go to his online sites, I am not seeing "I am a Jesus follower, I love Christ!" as every other post, and I don't see him witnessing for Christ, or even having any deep thoughts on his religious views. Since the Christian crowd wants to insist his online presence is how he shows his love for Christ - since he sure doesn't and sure hasn't let us see his daily bible quoting, his daily bible reading, his daily "get up in the morning and fall on his knees to give glory to Christ" moments on tv - I really want some of the Christian crowd to explain what is so magically faithful about his "Christian online presence".

And frankly, I get tired of the implication I'm lying - wanna doubt me? Then prove I am wrong about Jeremy's last few months of posting. Have at it.

I happen to think Jeremy and his pals *think* he's some sort of hard core Christian.... my point all along has been that actions speak louder than words. When its easy, Jeremy stands up for Christ. When he might lose some dollars, he, like his daddy and mommy, keeps his mouth shut.

Jocelynn said...

Isn't there a bit of dignity you lose when you can't even post your story on the internet if you wish?

Audrey has been talking about blogging about hers and Jeremy's story for many months.

Someone asked her when her blog story was going to be published? She said "Once I'm allowed to post!"

I guess they think the money from the show is worth it but it must be a bit of a downer to be a slave to tv network executives when it is YOUR life.

girl2 said...

I agree, Jacob had a bad attitude. It's typical of teenagers, so I question the maturity of the writers of this blog. Grow up.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

I am surprised, although I shouldn't be, how people can take two or three simple statements and accuse me of "sining praises" one way of the other. It's a simple trick called "extension" that is caiched and practiced during a person's first school debate when you make the team. This kind of over-dramatization is not unfamiliar to many of us, and seems reminiscent of blog poster of yore.
I did some research concerning the ideals of both the American Civil Liberties Union and the Coalition for Liberty and Justice. I was releived indeed to see both groups speak, in absolutely equal measure, freedon of religion, and freedon FROM religion. I was appalled to read of people being discriminated against becasue of the religios fanatical beliefs of emloyers and organization leaders. Women being denied birth control simply because of the franchise owner's beliefs. Women neing release from contracts for giving birth. I must go re-read to ensure whether or not is in or out of wedlock. I have not seen anybody on this blog asking for freedom FROM religion.
That appears to me to be all that Jacob is asking. He is seeking freedom FROM religion. It's strange how he is discriminated against by some posters for any kind or degree of critical thinking. I will personally support anyone that does their own thinking for themselves, rather than sit back and allow a certain belief system or any resemblance for peer pressure or prejudice do the thinking for them.
Now, I'm going to guess that people will write in and say things like, "Jacob cannot make up his own mind. He's too young. He MUST follow the thoughts of his parents and the belief system of anyone else in his family". Or perhaps, "Jacob is showing complete disrespect for not blindly following (as he put it himself) the beliefs and examples that are being (as they put it) presented (as I put it) shoved down his throat".
It is obvious that some people do not want to grant Jacob the basic human right of freedom FROM religion. No, he is not too young. He is easily old enough to make up his own mind, much like Jeremy at 17, when he was drinking underage and smoking pot. And please stop hoping that he will "see the light" or "come over to OUR belief system and OUR way of thinking" becasue I doubt it is going to happen that way. I've said it before, Jacob thinks for himself. And he is facing discrimination for seeking his right of freedon FROM religion. And that, to me, is unspeakably sad.

Anonymous said...

Jacob is a drug addict who doesn't care about anyone but himself. And it's not just pot anymore as he's publicly admitted to taking acid and other drugs. He may be thinking for himself but he is obviously a troubled teen in desperate need of guidance. He has no interest I'm school, family, or anything in life with meaning. His parents don't care in the least. They are fully aware he uses the farm as an underage drug sanctuary for him and his druggie friends. He openly admits it. To those praising him for being independent and being free thinking take a step back and you will see a young boy desperate for attention going down the wrong path looking for it.

BeckyM said...

Agree with you completely Anon.

Unfortunately, this will all play out over the next decade and it won't be pretty.

Reality TV is NOT the place for kids!

IslandBliss said...

And see you as what exactly, Anon?
Someone who posts extremely damaging statements --- statements that cannot possibly be proven to be truth or fiction. There ought to be a law, honestly! I'm no fan of any Roloff and have never spent even one minute reading the social media words of any of them; but your assertions are outrageous. Even if every one of them are true, and that's a very large "IF", do you feel it's your place to make those comment on a gossip site--for what? Just another fun day?

Chris said...

Maybe Jeremy has simply grown up. He did some bad things as a teen but how old is he now like 24 or something? Maybe he finally grew up.

Brandon said...

Chris, why should we think that? He has never said he regrets anything or is sorry for any of the stuff he did or said.

You should assume he is for the sake of it?

I think the only thing that is obvious is that Jeremy has realized it is important to use his social media as a business tool that can make him money.

That means being polite to potential customers and being professional to network with potential employers and photography partners.

Being polite and professional means no more "f*ggot" or "N word" or calling fans creepers and losers. It doesn't mean that his moral character has improved.

Anonymous said...

Brandon, it also doesn't mean his character hasn't changed so your argument has no validity.

Brandon said...

Anon, so I should just assume for the hell of it that his character has changed even though he's never expressed any regret, remorse, apology at all?

He's done none of it. The only thing Jeremy has done is realize that he should use social media to try to make money.

BeckyM said...

I still don't get why people do not understand the damage that reality television does to children.

I highly doubt that any of the Roloff kids had money put back in a third party fund for them; they started getting a salary after they turned 18 - before that I'm sure Matt and Amy used it all up for their own personal use (stating that it was for the kids "good").