Saturday, August 16, 2014

Jacob Roloff Discussion

Over the past year, the Roloff who has been generating the most discussion (which often stems from people with strong opinions about him both stating the reasons for their sentiments) has been Jacob Roloff. The youngest member of the Roloff family turns 18 in January.

Our most recent item about Jacob (stating that he is not a Christian) is well over 200 comments and people have asked for a new item as when comments reach a certain level you now need to scroll to a new page to find the most recent comments.

Most of the talk comes from Jacob's two main forms of expressing himself on social media. His account and his twitter account

Even a Vanity Fair contributor recently tweeted that he was spending his time reading Jacob Roloff's account.

While some "love him" and some "hate him" it is definitely rare for someone who is known from a television show to express their opinions so honestly and not shy away from controversial topics.

Certainly, it is a rarity for the Roloff family. Jacob is really the only Roloff who will A) Answer questions posed by the public B) Give his opinions on social, political or world events.

When Jacob states his opinion on a controversial issue, it usually generates a lot of discussion.

Most recently it was Jacob stating that unlike the rest of his family he isn't a Christian.

Jacob has also stated his feelings about gun rights/control, marijuana, gay people, conspiracy theories/distrust of Government, the Israeli/Palestine conflict and the current happenings in Ferguson Missouri.

Little People, Big World On TLC Returns Sept 2nd.

A new set of Little People, Big World episodes featuring the Roloff family will begin airing on TLC September 2nd, 2014 at 10:00pm.

The first of a five episode season centers around Jeremy Roloff's engagement to Audrey Botti.

Jethro Nededog at had an article about the episode including a video preview clip.

In the video, Jeremy and Zach have a conversation via Skype for the cameras, Jeremy informs Zach about his plans to ask Audrey to marry him.


Saturday, August 2, 2014

Jacob Roloff - "I'm just not a Christian"

Although it is not entirely shocking if you have followed his  or twitter account, for the first time Jacob Roloff officially said that he is not a Christian. He is the first and only member of the Roloff family to declare that he is not a Christian. Jacob will be 18 in January.

It has created a flurry of reaction as we have received several emails from people asking us to post about the "news" so that it would be open for people to discuss. Some who emailed identified themselves as Christians and were shocked and very distraught that Jacob said he was not a Christian. Some suggested that we (Spiritswander Blog) post an entry specifically for the purpose of asking for prayers for Jacob and his "dire situation". Others were praising Jacob for "thinking for himself" and not automatically following the beliefs of the rest of his family.

A large portion of the Roloff fan base are hard core Christians. The Roloffs are often praised for being a "good Christian family" on television. Although the degree of their beliefs are not really made known in episodes of "Little People, Big World", most of the Roloffs have made it known that they are very religious. Matt and Amy Roloff are rather vocal about it on their fan Facebook accounts and they both are paid speakers for religious organizations and events. The Roloffs 2008 book "Little Family, Big Values" had a heavy flavor of a religious tone to it.

Jeremy Roloff and his fiancee, Audrey, are also vocal Christians. Through twitter posts, Instagram captions, quoting Bible verses and statements from Pastors, to friendships with those Pastors and their online support for their Church, Jeremy is often hailed by fans as being "a wonderful example of a Jesus follower". Molly has also made similar statements although her public presence online is very limited.

Jacob posted this picture with the following words from Richard Dawkins about religion on his twitter account.

Jacob began receiving (some rather harsh) questions and comments about his tweeting of the (above) picture. Some were livid at his posting comments from an atheist (Richard Dawkins).

Jacob went on to say: "I've never practiced being a Christian I can't remember ever praying I did just enough to get by in a Christian school without being looked down upon, I'm not saying I'm atheist that's you guys, I'm just not a Christian"

He was asked what led to him not being a Christian and was asked if it was going to a public high school (Jacob went to Faith Bible Christian school until late in the 8th grade when the school expelled him. He started going to a public high school for grade 9 and on) Jacob answered: "No what started it was asking questions about God and Religion and getting answers that made no logical sense. Even at an early age.. Not my thing"

Here is the set of Jacob's content about it.

I don't think your family would approve of your Richard Dawkins picture tweet. It is anti religion. Out of respect for your family and many of your show's fans who are Christians, you should delete it. An apology would be nice too. 


Now you're posting quotes from an atheist. A new low. It is truly sad to see what a dark, lost path you're on despite coming from a good faith believing family. 

Yea damn everyone not on the same path as you :-//

Atheism, conspiracy better watch what you're saying and supporting. 

Nahh, it's better to just say what you think and support what you believe 

How can Jeremy be such a good Christian and you are.....not. you're starting to become evil, like Satan is in control.

If everyone non Christian is Satan to you and you treat them as such, you are not a Christian

I really hope you're just starting this anti religious stuff because you want to be a badass and get under people's skins.

Sorry to disappoint, although not really.. Just being courteous

So you are saying you are an atheist now? Why don't you put that in your twitter bio if you really mean it? I think you're just playing with your Christian fans. You hate them because they like Jeremy better.

I'm saying I've never practiced being a Christian I can't remember ever praying I did just enough to get by in a Christian school without being looked down upon, I'm not saying I'm atheist that's you guys, I'm just not a Christian 

Is it fair to say what started you on this path to atheism was going to a public school and being corruptted by anti christian teachers and kids?

No what started it was asking questions about God and Religion and getting answers that made no logical sense. Even at an early age.. Not my thing 

You're not a Chirstian??? Please delete that Jacob. You just said that out of anger to argue on Ask. You're disappointing many people and many people who care about you by saying that.

They shouldn't be disappointed I'm thinking for myself? They're dumb. 

Have you told your family that you're not a Christian? What did Jeremy say? 

I don't go around telling everyone, no 

Did you make an announcement to your family declaring that you're rejecting God? Much like I'd imagine a gay kid makes a dramatic speech as he's disappointing his family? 

It's not really a new thought.. I've been like this for a while I'm surprised if they can't see it

"I can't remember ever praying" Well, maybe you should have prayed for Mike....prayer works.

No people work, and Mikes Aorta artery tore 30 min from a hospital there's not much that could've been done about 2 hours ago

Seriously, Jacob. You don't believe that praying ever works?

No I don't believe thinking a sentence in your head hoping a higher power will read your mind works. I'll still use the word pray as in #PRAYFORGAZA but that's because it is just a universal term for well wishing and support 

Do you think you'd still be Christian if you never got kicked out of Christian school? I'm curious how cult-ish and sheltered Christian school kids are. 

The only thing that I did to "practice my faith" was be in a Christian family, go to a Christian school (no other option), and call myself a Christian because I was never shown anything else