Saturday, August 16, 2014

Jacob Roloff Discussion

Over the past year, the Roloff who has been generating the most discussion (which often stems from people with strong opinions about him both stating the reasons for their sentiments) has been Jacob Roloff. The youngest member of the Roloff family turns 18 in January.

Our most recent item about Jacob (stating that he is not a Christian) is well over 200 comments and people have asked for a new item as when comments reach a certain level you now need to scroll to a new page to find the most recent comments.

Most of the talk comes from Jacob's two main forms of expressing himself on social media. His account and his twitter account

Even a Vanity Fair contributor recently tweeted that he was spending his time reading Jacob Roloff's account.

While some "love him" and some "hate him" it is definitely rare for someone who is known from a television show to express their opinions so honestly and not shy away from controversial topics.

Certainly, it is a rarity for the Roloff family. Jacob is really the only Roloff who will A) Answer questions posed by the public B) Give his opinions on social, political or world events.

When Jacob states his opinion on a controversial issue, it usually generates a lot of discussion.

Most recently it was Jacob stating that unlike the rest of his family he isn't a Christian.

Jacob has also stated his feelings about gun rights/control, marijuana, gay people, conspiracy theories/distrust of Government, the Israeli/Palestine conflict and the current happenings in Ferguson Missouri.


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Laura said...

Those pages should be removed soon enough. The show is coming back on the air. TLC will do the right thing and remove Jacob from these websites.
Jacob thinks he is a cool kid but he has stepped of the line.

Ray said...

Jacob is a disgrace to not only himself, but to the United States of America and to his family.

Jacob has turned into everything his grandfather Ronald Roloff preached against.

Allison said...

There is Spirtswander once again praising Jacob for being "honest"!

It is so annoying!

First of all, being rude is not something that is praiseworthy.

Second, Jacob has been caught lying several times He is not even honest.

Jocelynn said...

Jacob is the only Roloff with a social media account that is worth reading.

That's just the truth. The others are fluffy and fake.

Paula said...

If I were Matt and Amy, I would take away Jacob's internet privileges and if his attitude and behavior didn't change, I would have his bags packed and kick him out on January 17, 2015.

Nick said...

Jacob thinks he's smart but he's an idiot.

My dad is a cop. Jacob is anti police. He doesn't understand anything and is ignorant as fuck.

Jacob would be the first one calling the police to come protect HIM to put their lives on the line if he felt threatened or if his stuff was being destroyed and stolen.

Lynn C said...

The good news is according to Amy, Jeremy is back at home and will be living at home until his wedding which I think is September 20.

Hopefully Jeremy will be able to keep Jacob in check.

Ian said...

Jacob has rejected Christ and is now on his own. He will experience what people will refer to as "bad karma" or "bad luck" but it is because he has chosen to shut the door on Jesus.

I will pray for Jacob because he is going to need it.

JustinT said...

I don't really care about Jacob's political opinions but I hate his guts. He is so arrogant and obnoxious.

Adam said...

Nobody should care abput Jacob. His opinions are irrelevant. He is a burned out stoner. A sheltered rich kid. He knows nothing about life.

It would be best if he gets shut down but then again people are using as an example of how not to act.

Andrea said...

I feell bad for the rest of the Roloffs especially Jeremy.

My question is what will happen first to Jacob? Will he be arrested first or will he end up unconscious in the hospital for a drug related reason?

bb said...

The rest of the roloffs should disown jacob in my opinion. He's nothing but no good trouble.

Johnny Reb said...


There's this thing called freedom of speech/expression that is guaranteed by the constitution which guarantees Jacob's right to say whatever the hell he wants...even if it offends the "morals" of stupid people like you.

Set-Abominae said...

Lynn C:

Jeremy is a brainwashed idiot, Jacob is a free thinker who is smart enough to know that the garbage his parents shoveled down his gullet is a fantasy.

J45 said...

I think Jacob's entitled to his opinions - I mean, it doesn't change the fact that he's downright rude a lot of the time - but I think it's fair to say he's the most honest Roloff (even if he does lie sometimes).

Whenever Jacob resonds on Ask or tweets, I can assume his answers are (usually) true to what he believes. The other Roloffs post pure fluff.

What surprises me the most though, is that of all the things Jacob could be critisized for, it's his renouncing Christianity that is considered the "worst" for a lot of viewers.

So Jake doesn't have the same faith as you. So he likes to think for himself. I don't see a problem in that.

I think the bigger issue is that he's more sheltered than he realizes. He'll act tough on social media, but put him in the middle of a bad part of town... frankly, I don't think it'd end well at all.

All in all, though, Jacob has always been my favourite Roloff - I think he's always been genuine - even if his "genuine" was often moody.

J45 said...

Does the paper Jacob's holding say "It actually is people"?

Ashley said...

J45, yes that's what it says. A person that didn't believe it was the real Jacob answering made a comment to Jacob's Ask saying "This is not actually the real Jacob people."

He replied with that picture "It actually is people".

Clever. Jacob makes me mad sometimes because he is definitely rude if anyone disagrees with him but his Ask is entertaining. He is the only real Roloff.

He does have the right to say what he thinks without people trying to ban him.

Ashley said...

J45, well said! I feel the exact same way.

Grace said...

Jacob is a drug user. He posts about drugs more than anything. His friends on twitter are almost more pathetic than he is.

Anytime someone starts to prove him wrong he resorts to ad hominem attacks.

Matt and Amy are to blame for letting it go on. They do have the power whether they realize it or not. But Jacob is almost an adult. He's old enough to act better. He is just a bad person that shows no respect.

Robert said...

Jacob is a jerk. He is anti American and anti God. The only sensible thing about Jacob is that he doesn't like the gays doing their thing around him.

J45 said...

Thanks for the context on the pic, Ashley

J45 said...

While it's not entirely Jacob's fault for being sheltered and privileged (his parents' sent him to private school and he was raised on the ultimate playground of farm), I feel some of the blame should still fall on him, so long as he's stating his opinions on worldwide political crisises (sp?), in a very public manner.

I mean, good for him for being interested in what's going on in Ferguson and the Gaza-Israel conflict.

Buf if he's willing to learn about those things, then am I the only one who finds it odd that, just a year ago, he was denying his family's wealth, while simultaneously saying he's upper-middle class?

I mean, he said it's a common misconception that his family are millionaires, but I don't think anyone on Ask was claiming he was - people just wanted him to acknowledge he's more well-off than most. Seemed fair.

To give Jacob the benefit of the doubt, though - maybe he's become more worldly recently (he credited a teacher for this on Ask), but I'm inclined to think he's still got a lot to learn about society.

That's fine, just a fact imao.

Barbara said...

I don't want to see Jacob on my television screen. He's a bad influence on my children.

I have 3 children. My daughter is 14, a son who is 12 and my youngest son is 9.

We have watched LPBW before. I don't want them seeing more of Jacob and be interested enough to follow Jacob on social media. I don't want her being exposed to Jacob's warped ideas about drugs and Atheism.

My daughter may think Jacob is cute and because she has seen him on television, I now need to monitor her activity online to make sure she's not being exposed to ideas that I as her parent do not want her hearing from a messed up kid.

TLC has responsibility to stop this from happening. I did not sign up for my daughter to want to follow a kid on twitter or on this website and to hear about all his twisted theories when I let her watch TLC's family friendly program.

This is the address I used to send my letter to TLC/Discovery.

One Discovery Place
Silver Spring, MD 20910

Timothy said...

J45, Ashley already answered, but I found it too.

It was:

Q: "this isnt jacob people"

A: Jacob posted the picture of him holding a sign "It actually is people".

Vic Rattlehead said...


TLC isn't going to care about your petulant whining and demands because your irrelevant "beliefs" are offneded.

Brit said...

J45, I used to go to Liberty and I'm still friends with a lot of kids there.

Jacob is a liar with a massive ego. Kids only want to be friends with him so they can say they are friends with "the tv kid". And Jacob knows it. He acts like a douche and kids will still be friends with him. It's really funny that he's friends with a kid named Austin (Austin is using Jacob). He's so stupid. If Jacob only knew the stuff that Austin has said about Jacob, lol.

Jacob hates the fans of his show. He's a lying jerk when he tries to act like he only hates the fans that argue with him. He mocks all fans of the show. He doesn't respect anyone. It's kind of frustrating to see how Jacob acts on Ask because he knows that most of you have no way of knowing what really happens at school.

By the way, the teacher he talked about was Mr. Jensen. He was arrested for allegedly sexually abusing a student. Basically had a relationship with her. A kid at school took a picture of the girl sitting on his lap in class and it exploded from there.

Nancy said...

I'm concerned that anybody would respect Jacob.

He doesn't care about anyone. J45 is right. There are much better reasons for people to dislike Jacob than just for whether he's a Christian or not.

He is so selfish and doesn't care about anyone.

The one that stands out to me is Jacob admitting that he stays in his room all weekend smoking pot and playing video games during pumpkin season. He's been asked about the customers who come from all over in the hopes of meeting the family and Jacob doesn't give a crap.

That says a great deal about Jacob's lack of character and how little he cares about people.

He's no longer a little boy who is afraid of big bad strangers or is too shy to say hello. He knows people watching the show and going to pumpkin season is the reason why he has "his farm" and the reason why he can travel to most of the places he wants to go in the world.

He's old enough to "man up", take a break from his drugs and games for a few hours and be polite to people who might have put a lot of effort into coming to the farm and would like to see him.

Jacob doesn't care at all. He doesn't know what it's like to plan a day or to take time off work and what it's like when that day turns into a bust.

All the other kids served their time during pumpkin season but Jacob thinks he is exempt.

Brandon said...

J45, yeah I've noticed that it's funny how Jacob kept denying his family's wealth.

They are probably asset rich, but in debt, and that's what he means.

It is annoying that he doesn't realize how much he has compared to most people his age.

The one about the gas tank was an eye rolling moment. He complained about having a car that takes $100 to fill it up. Does he realize that most 16/17 year olds don't have a car to drive?

Nancy said...

I forgot another thing that bothered me about Jacob. When he tweeted about the man who said he was a fan of the show and proceeded to tell Jacob that his marriage falling apart because his wife was cheating on him.

I understand that Jacob didn't care or want to hear that, but to have zero empathy for another human being during the low period of his life and to then post that on twitter so his friends can tweet "lol" was the ultimate show of how Jacob doesn't have empathy for people.

Jacob is all about Jacob. He hides during pumpkin season because Jacob doesn't want to be bothered with fans.

He used that story of the guy telling him about his wife because he wanted his friends to feel sorry for him and wanted to make his friends laugh.

W said...

Thank you for posting this,Spiritswander.

J45 said...

Brandon, you're probably right about the Roloffs having great assets but being in debt. Never occurred to me.

J45 said...

I'm not going to pretend I don't admire Jacob thinking for himself and standing up for his beliefs. That's really nice to hear and a first for the Roloffs.

I wonder if LPBW will end before Jacob can refuse to sign his contract... (as an adult acting on his own accord).

The way it's dragging on, it's hard to tell.

I kind of hope LPBW stays for another year or so (probably will, somehow, with the twins impending weddings) to see how TLC will handle taking Jacob out of the intro.

Does anyone else think Matt and Amy might bar Jacob from his brothers' weddings if he refused to sign to be filmed?

Crystal said...

Look at the lack of character of Jacob's friends.

There's a punk friend on twitter (Jacob is one of his few followers) with a terrible foul mouth and calls everyone "fags" and "retards".

Jacob is supposed to be friends with Spencer Mackenzie whose family vacations with the Roloffs and Spencer speaks to schools about the importance of not saying the "R word".

Jacob doesn't care. He's buddies with a kid who talks like that. Maybe he's his drug buddy, I don't know, but it shows what kind of person Jacob is.

J45 said...

This is incredibly irrelevant to the general discussion, but did anyone else notice how, in the most recent LPBW intro, they referred to Jacob as "jake" for the first time? (The other times he was "jacob").

Later Jacob says on Ask that he prefers "Jacob" to "Jake".

Not that it matters much as he hates the show either way. Just an observation.

Jason said...

J45, Jacob is all talk, just like Zach.

How soon everyone forgets. Zach used to insult fans. Moan about how he hated the show. Matt even admitted that Zach did not want to do the show.

Then Zach turns 18 and can actually refuse and walk away from the money and goodies.

What happened? Zach shut the hell up and signed for the cash.

That's what you call a sell out.

Jacob will be the exact same way. Just as Zach learned he's not going to be able to make the same easy money elsewhere and he's not willing to dump the lifestyle he wants, he will quickly get over his dislike of filming the show and sign for the money.

Abby said...

Why do people what Jacob thinks? He's an out of touch idiot.

He's off to get stoned this weekend "camping".

Does anyone ever look at his friends twitters? They are as bad as he is. Sheltered rich kids that tweet about and post pictures of themselves getting high.

Mary said...

Jacob thinks he's entitled to treat everyone badly because he feels victimized for needing to do the show even though he'd complain if they needed to sell the farm because of a lack of money.

Sam said...

A reliance on drugs, arrogance, poor judgment, that's what happens with someone who rejects Jesus.

It is unfortunate Jacob isn't like Jeremy.

BJ said...

The horrible human being Jacob is a reflection of the terrible parenting job by Matt and Amy. Doesn't matter now though. Jacob can't use them as an excuse for whe he's such an asshole.

Taylor said...

I don't see these good things about Jacob that other people see.

It's hard for me to get past the drug use. I'm 16 and hate that so many kids smoke that stuff constantly.

And then Jacob is just so rude. He friends seem horrible also.

Val said...

Lets hope Jacob stays stoned in the woods with his girlfriends so he won't be on tv or the internet.

More Jeremy and no Jacob. That's my motto.

Janet said...

Now that Jeremy is home for a month hopefully he will be able to have a heart to heart talk witg Jacob and take him to John Mark Comer to give Jacob the counseling that is needed.

Susan said...

Amy doesn't care about what a disaster Jake has become. She is tweeting about more meetings about new show ideas. Some people never change.

Doug said...

Jacob must have a very deep aversion to gay people because it is obvious how uncomfortable he is with even the thought of being near a guy guy, his thoughts turn to ridiculous sterotypes (that the gay guy will attack him sexually).

Most of all of Jacob's other beliefs oppose the right wing philosophy, but he is on board with the gays are creepy line of thinking.

tmlfan said...

I thought Jesus (or God, which ever) said not to judge others? And here you are, sitting, judging Jake. Maybe instead of being so concerned about bashing a kid on the internet.. you should look in the mirror and focus on the human being you are.

It's kinda creepy how some are jumping at the chance to bash some kid whose on a tv show, and then praise his JUST AS BAD older brother. Religious people are weird.. who cares what Jake does? honestly, does it effect you? No? is he hurting anyone? No? So who cares what he does.

Lynn C said...

TMLfan, I'm not going to let this line go.

"...and then praise his JUST AS BAD older brother."

Please read Jeremy's twitter. Then read Jacob's twitter and The conduct is similar?

There is no comparison. Jeremy gives glory to Jesus, spouts words of wisdom, treats people with respect and is polite.

Jacob is the opposite. He is a terrible person. If you want people to stop calling Jacob a terrible person then Jacob should start BEING a better person.

Bonnie said...

"is he hurting anyone? No? So who cares what he does."

I disagree. For one, bad behavior should be called out so that everyone knows it is not accept.

Secondly, you can't say "he's not hurting anyone".

Jacob has insulted a lot of people. How do you know the hurt he caused to those people?

Did Jacob hurt the gay kid who said Jacob was good looking when Jacob said he would refuse to talk to a gay kid that thinks he's attractive? It seems like he did hurt the kid as the kid said he knows Jacob talked trash about him and hates him (Jacob hating gay kid).

As other people mentioned, there is no way of measuring how much Jacob hurt the man/fan who opened up his heart to Jacob and told him about his life that is falling apart. Jacob was cold and heartless and used it to get a laugh on twitter. Do you know how the man reacted to that? He was already experiencing a life crisis. How do you know the public humiliation caused by Jacob's thoughtless actions didn't push the guy to thoughts of suicide?

It can also be argued that promoting drugs is hurting people who can be influenced by a tv personality.

MJ said...

Has anyone noticed that all of Jacob's friends are suck up friends?
Suck ups and stoners.

Anne said...

TML, Jesus commanded His followers to build his Kingdom.

That includes standing against people like Jacob who threaten it by using his fame from his television personality to promote atheism and other sinful behavior.

James said...

Why don't the police ever give Jacob and his friends trouble?

It's not like they hide what they do.

If he were black, Jacob would have been arrested already.

Liz said...

Jacob has changed a lot in just over a year.

One year ago he said he didn't care about politics, he was a Christian and he respected Jeremy.

Now, he's on the wrong side of many political issues (pro-Gaza), he has renounced Jesus and he disrespects Jeremy. He even gave "favorited" a tweet where a person was calling Jeremy a brainwashed idiot because Jeremy is a staunch and loyal follower of Jesus Christ.

Jacob owes Jeremy an apology.

Gail said...

Jacob said (and then denied when it) that he has "anxiety" issues (and he wants to take more drugs for it like Xanax.

His Anxiety issues are only going to get worse now that he ditched God. Jesus brings peace to one's soul.

eric said...

Jacob is a spoiled rich snob who thinks he's smarter than everyone else.

Griffin said...

Can we put an over/under on whether Jacob lives to be 21?

People have been foreseeing Jacob's demise as an adult since he was 9 years old.

Ellen said...

Jacob has turned into such a heartless and cynical person. He doesn't appear to have empathy for others. He never apologizes.

Maggie said...

Jake is going to regret the day he said F U to God and mocked prayer.

olive said...

I don't understand how Jacob can say he's not with Christ when God saved Jacob during the Trebuchet accident. How can Jacob be so ungrateful?

tmlfan said...

Lynn C..

Okay, but Jeremy has not been innocent his entire life either. I remember him and his friends would insult fans for just being fans... I don't think Jeremy is as polite and treats people with respect as much as you think. I don't understand how some posters on here that can bash Jake for all sort of things hes doing/done but can praise Jeremy's life like he didn't do any of it.

I'm not a fan of Jake by any means, I don't think he would be somebody I'd be friends with, I wouldn't be friends with any Roloff to be honest. It's just the double standard here between Jake and Jeremy.

Jeremys twitter... I don't think typing 140 characters (or retweeting) makes you a good person or that hes all for Jesus. I think it should be shown through actions... not words on the internet. What good are those words if he doesn't act on them? .. I don't know if he acts on them or not, maybe he does now but I'm just saying anyone could be on twitter and tweet/retweet good things but never actually do it themselves.


I apologize, I didn't make my comments very clear. When I said he wasn't hurting anybody.. I really meant his pot use, drinking, other drugs IF hes doing them, what he believes in. That's what I meant. And I totally agree with you on hurting the guy who happens to be gay. That wasn't right, hes a jackass for doing so. The promoting drugs from a Tv personality... I think if someone can be influenced by a "reality" tv show and do drugs just cause a character does them instead of using your own common sense.. I think theres a lot more going on with that person.


But why can't people use their own common sense instead of being influenced by a character on a tv show. I don't think it's promoting anything other then how fake "reality" shows can be. Hes not telling anyone to stop believing whatever their beliefs are and do what he does, hes just doing what HE wants. What about Jeremy and his drinking almost causing a barn to burn down?? doesn't that promote sin... or killing innocent animals?

Excuse my ignorance when it comes to the bible/sins... I'm an atheist so I don't know everything about them or everything it says.

I can use myself as an example. I know you'll think I'm going to hell and causing all kinds of sins because I don't believe, but when it comes to the religion part... does me not believing effect you or your family/friends? It doesn't. And knowing what you'll think of somebody not believing is okay with me because that's your opinion... and everyone is allowed their own opinion on things whether or not we agree.

Oh, Please said...

Why it that the so-called Christian cult members here just don’t go and set up their own bubble of a web site, so they can bash among themselves and leave the rest of us in peace?

Even though there is some kind of Christian church on virtually every corner in America, these are the most insecure people outside of Muslim religious fanatics. Anything that doesn’t conform to their peculiar set of beliefs (to which, by the way, not even all Christians subscribe) sets them off on a jihad of complaint and lashing out, as though somehow they are being persecuted because others don’t think in lockstep with them.

Also typical is this comment:

Barbara said...
I don't want to see Jacob on my television screen… He's a bad influence on my children. TLC has responsibility to stop this…

Right, as a parent you have zero responsibility and zero control over what your children watch on TV. So you want the corporations or, likely, the government, to step in and do your censorship for you. That is what you get in a place like Iran, where the state takes care of all that. Is this not really what these Christian extremists all want – their version of sharia law?

I don’t care if you like Jacob or do not. But to expend this vitriol and hatred bashing a not-quite-18-year old is just sick, and speaks volumes about the cult mentality of these so-called Christians.

J45 said...

"I don't understand how Jacob can say he's not with Christ when God saved Jacob during the Trebuchet accident."

Honestly, I'm with Jacob when he says God doesn't save people, people save people.

Olive, are you trying to say that God wasn't with the littles kids who die of starvation? Because that happens every day, and according to you, He doesn't care enough about them to stop it.

Olive, are you trying to say that it is the fault of those kids for dying such an excruciating death?

There are plenty of things Jacob is ungrateful for, but I don't think opposing God is one of those things.

Lucas said...

Can anyone tell me honestly and objectively what is the deal with Jacob and gay people? Is he really anti gay or not?

I saw Jacob say something about gay marriage like "it is 2014, who would be against gay marriage now?"

But I've seen A LOT of people say or imply that Jacob is homophobic. I've seen enough people say it to know there must be something to it. Can someone please fill me in? Thanks.

Dan said...


Considering the fact that the Israelis are committing war crimes against Palestinian civilians I'd say that the pro-israel sycophants like you are just too stupid to see it I'd say that Jacob is right in his assessment of their activities.

Olivia (Olive - darn auto correct) said...

It's the old question. Why does God allow bad things to happen? God has a plan. We do not always know God's plan but we can't question it. You have to faith in God.

When God does bless you, like God blessed Jacob, you ought to be grateful. A nine year old shouldn't have survived being hit by 3000 pound cement block. However, Jacob did. Because God decided to spare him. For that Jacob should feel blessed and dedicate his life to Jesus as Jeremy does.

Timothy said...


Spiritswander had an article of what Jacob said about it last year, but who knows if Jacob's opinion has changed since he now says he's not a Christian.

Back then he sort of said he is not hateful about it but said "that's where it is a sin (gay people "acting on it"). Someone on ask called him out on it. Jacob denied it. Then the person proved where Jacob called it a sin. Jacob said he was talking about what the Bible considers a sin.

In my opinion, it is basically like this.

Jacob tries to come across and wants people to think he doesn't have a problem with gay people. He did say he's not against gay marriage.

The problem is Jacob is really genuinely uncomfortable when even the notion of him being around a gay person is brought up.

Jacob has the 'gay people are the boogeymen' mentality. You can sense his awkwardness jump out of the computer screen when he's asked about it.

That is what people have picked up on and that's why many call Jacob homophobic.

For example, Jacob said if someone is gay and likes him, he wants nothing to do with that person and wouldn't talk to them.

When people pressed him by saying he would be friends with a girl who like him even though he's not attracted to her so why would you be friends with a girl who likes you but not a guy?. Jacob's response is "because I'm not interested in dudes!"

He has such a disconnect. Somehow, he doesn't realize that it's possible to be friends with someone without needed to want to date them. But Jacob is of the homophobic mindset. Can't be friends with a gay person or else I need to be gay myself.

Then a gay kid named Jeff at his school was asked about Jacob. He said that honestly he thought Jacob was very attractive.

Jacob said he wouldn't talk to a gay kid who liked him and that he would make sure he wasn't anywhere near a gay kid who like him.

Months later, this Jeff (the gay kid from Jacob's school) was asked if Jacob has ever spoken to him?

He said no (just as Jacob vowed; he doesn't talk to gay kids that like him). This Jeff said that he knows Jacob has talked bad about him. When asked why, Jeff said it was because Jacob hates him because he is gay.

People then told Jeff they were sorry Jacob was such a jerk. Jeff said that Jacob isn't a jerk, he just has different beliefs and that's the way it is.

Considering this Jeff (the gay kid) was defending Jacob, it doesn't sound like someone who was on a witch hunt to make Jacob look bad. And he admitted that:
1. Jacob won't talk to him.
2. Jacob has talked bad about him
3. Jacob hates him because he is gay

Then Jacob randomly started posting on twitter about how he hates that if he doesn't like someone who is gay, people think he is bigoted. He said he hates you because you're annoying, not because you're gay.

It was kind of a weird tirade for him to go off on.

He didn't go off on a tirade about how if he doesn't like a fat person, it's not because he hates fat people, it's because that person is annoying. Or if he doesn't like a dwarf, it's not because they're a dwarf, it's because they're annoying.

He only tweeted about how it's his right to hate gay people...but it's not because they're gay.

Why do you think he only ranted about gay people?

Why do you think he won't talk to a gay person who likes him?

Why do you think Jacob thinks he can't be friends with a gay person that likes him unless Jacob is gay too?

I think it's obvious. Jacob is genuinely homophobic. He has stereotypes and creeps him out.

Timothy said...

Ask yourself if one of Jacob's real guy friends who let's say is closeted, were to tell Jacob he was gay?

Does anyone honestly believe Jacob would be cool with that? And nothing would change.

C'mon. Anyone who thinks that is not very observant.

Jacob is an example of why gay kids are terrified to let their friends and people at school know who they really are and why they hide.

In answer to your question, Jacob wants to act like he's cool with gay people, but he is a very real, very genuine uncomfortableness around gay people.

That doesn't mean he goes around threatening gay people with violence or goes around saying they're going to hell (because Jacob isn't religious) but it also doesn't mean he treats gay people equally and that he is cool hanging out and being friends with a gay guy. Just the idea of it freaks him out and that is very clear.

Ben said...

Jacob is just not a very nice person. He thinks because he didn't want to be on tv but was, that he has a right to treat people like shit.

sb said...

Jacob's Ask will be frozen soon.

Unknown said...

Jake, you're about 5 years late to start rebelling. Lol Kudos for thinking for yourself.

Anonymous said...

How could you do that to your own kid

DJ said...

Jacob is such a jerk. How can anybody like or respect him? He thinks he's better than everybody.

Rap541 said...


Barbara said...
I don't want to see Jacob on my television screen… He's a bad influence on my children. TLC has responsibility to stop this…

Right, as a parent you have zero responsibility and zero control over what your children watch on TV. So you want the corporations or, likely, the government, to step in and do your censorship for you. That is what you get in a place like Iran, where the state takes care of all that. Is this not really what these Christian extremists all want – their version of sharia law?

Right on.

Barbara - be right with God, and learn how to turn off the tv *yourself* instead of expecting the world to accomadate you. I think I have heard for years "don't like it, don't watch"... well, obviously Matt and Amy like the money too much to censor the kid so maybe the Christian crowd should handle it like they insist everyone else handle it? And turn off the channel and loudly tell Matt Roloff how much his son has pissed them off?


David said...

I'd love for Jacob to act as tough and arrogant in person like he does on social media.

Issac said...

Jacob makes a fool out of himself. He needs to have someone to get him to keep his mouth shut. He deserves to have his ass kicked.

Rio said...

I never thought I could hate a 17 year old so much but Jacob is horrible. He destroys everythimg good. He deserves everything bad to happen to him in life.

Anonymous said...

Lol at 300 comments on Jacob's life views and 8 on the new episode of LPBW.

Lee said...

What are Jacob's so-called good qualities? He has terrible "ideas", he's smug and arrogant.

Oldtimer said...

I hate what society has become with brats like Jacob doing whatever he pleases. Back in the day Jacob would have met the strap. He would have been taught respect.

Anonymous said...

I love that "christians" go around criticizing a fellow human being because he doesnt beleive everything they were spoon fed as a child. Such good "christians" who get mad that someone doesnt beleive what they beleive and instantly jump on them and tell them they should be kicked out or sent to "christian" camps as punishment. if yall were true christians, yall would accept it and hope that he is happy, but instead you say he is Satan and not worthy of being with his family. Yall should all be ashamed of yourselves. Yall claim to follow God's worth and be holy and everything, but hate everyone that isnt within your vision.

Vanessa Barton said...

Stop reading this kid's words.
Turn off the TV.
Do something useful instead.
And, for heaven's sake, stop the righteous indignation and wishful thinking that something bad will happen to anyone who doesn't follow your 'version' of being Christlike.
Don't you get it that that isn't Christian?

Heidi said...

Does Jacob ever feel remorse for how badly he treats people and for the things he says.

He definitely desrves negative vibes.

Laura said...

Jacob is at it again with the anti religion quotes.

""Religion teaches you to be satisfied with not understanding the world, and I'm not okay with that""

This Christian bashing has got to stop. Someone needs to put an end to this.

Angela said...

Laura, I just saw that too and I thought the same thing.

Jacob just loves to bash those who worship.

How can you criticize his own family? Jacob has no morals. He shows no respect.

bb said...

Jacob and his atheism can go jump in a lake and not come back. I'm so sick of him.

Poor Jeremy for having Jacob as a brother.

TaraLynn said...

What did the Roloffs ever do to deserve such an awful son and brother?

When I first read about what Jacob was saying about religion and politics, I couldn't believe it.

I wanted to believe it was another fake celebrity account. To find out it is real and Jacob is has turned his back on everything that makes his family such good people and good Christians is really awful.

It's time for the good Roloffs to show Jacob tough love.

Anne B said...

So it continues.
Begin reporting Jacob for hatespeech against Christians and get his account removed that way.

Gail said...

Jacob thinks he is SO cool by posting these quotes against religion.

He is disrespecting his family He is disrespecting Jesus. He is disrespecting Jeremy. All these comments about how dumb religion is or how you're not a thinker if you're religious like the rest of his family are atrocious.

Jacob might as well tweet "I think Jeremy (and everybody else who is a Jesus follower) is an idiot" because that's what he's saying with these tweets.

Jeremy should do something.

Eric said...

Jacob has smoked too much weed. He thinks he's smarter than every person who is religious because he's a "free-thinker".

He thinks he's smarter than Molly, smarter than Jeremy. He thinks Jeremy doesn't understand the world because he loves Jesus?

Johnny Reb said...


Jeremy doesn't understand the world because he's a sheltered spoiled brat.

Johnny Reb said...

Anne B:

Christians aren't a "protected group" or minority ergo no hate speech flagging will work.

besides your "opinions " are incredibly shallow and self important.

Rick said...

Jacob is proof that as a parent you can try your best to give your kid a good upbringing. Surround them with good Christian schools, good friends with good families, but sometimes there are just bad kids that are mentally weak and will be led astray into the darkness.

My prayers are with Matt, Amy, Jeremy, Zach and Molly.

Rap541 said...

Wait - saying """Religion teaches you to be satisfied with not understanding the world, and I'm not okay with that" is hatespeech?

But "not to be a *gay bragging faggot* but I raped their defenses" and "Mike is sweet, just like a *nigger*" is not?

Really? Oh, and its a same age comparison people, so please explain to me how Jeremy at seventeen using the n-word was "a boy who didn't know what the word meant" and or "a Christian standing tall with Jesus!!"

Remember, oh please do remember how poor widdle Jer-Bear's brain wasn't fully formed so he couldn't even know what words came out of his mouth until well... god, he's 24, is he finally mentally competent? Because his much younger brother apparently is while at the same age, poor widdle Jer-bear was a widdle baby boy in diapers hiding behind Daddy Matt because he wasn't a big enough boy to even say "sowwy, I's too little in the brain to know nigger was wrong".

I love it :)

Duke said...

Jacob needs to stop. It's time Jeremy kicks a soccer ball in Jacob's face again. I hate Jacob. I'm wishing him nothing but bad luck.

Heather said...

Jacob is so smug. He thinks he's smart and intelligent, but if you pay close attention, he can never successfully debate any point of view.

He has some gall to insult Christians for believing when some of those Christians are his own family!

Lynn C said...

Rap541, you're stuck in 2007.

This is 2014.

Jeremy is a respectful Jesus loving person that aims to live his life to inspire others to follow Jesus as well.

To say Jacob is "troubled" doesn't do it justice. The way Jacob is acting is not acceptable.

Lynn C said...

Rick, I agree with you, but I also feel sorry for Peggy and Ron Roloff.

They must be so disappointed in seeing what kind of "man" Jacob is becoming.

JJ said...

O.K. be honest. Who else wants to push Jacob off the cliff in his twitter profile pic? :-]

Maggie said...

I hate how Jacob tweets things and expects everyone to answer him because he thinks he's Mr. Big Shot and so important but he doesn't answer anything that proves how bad his thinking really is. He's not a good person. I don't like him at all.

Rap541 said...

Lynn C - but when Jeremy was seventeen, he was too small and childish in the brain to own his own words.

Why is Jake at 17 man enough to be responsible for his words when Jeremy was NOT?

Lynn? They both said terrible things at the same age - why is Jeremy a widdle boy who needed to be granted grace when he was calling people niggers? Why is Jake an adult?

I am curious if anyone African American thinks Jeremy was speaking nicely with his n-word use at 17. And was inspiring people to love Jesus by calling them faggots and niggers :)

Lynn C said...

Rap541, Jeremy was 17 in 2007! It is 2014!

Get with it. Stop living in the past. Live in the now.

Everybody knows why you live in the past. You know that if you judge them on how they act, Jeremy is a wonderful example of a good human being while Jacob is a disgraceful, shameful, obnoxious and rude piece of disrespectful trash.

J45 said...

Rick: "sometimes there are just bad kids that are mentally weak and will be led astray into the darkness." So anyone who is not religious is "mentally weak"?

"Rap541, Jeremy was 17 in 2007! It is 2014!"

I'll break it down for you, Lynn, because you are clearly missing Rap's point *entirely* --

JEREMY WAS 17 IN 2007.
JACOB IS 17 2014.





Sorry that was in all caps, but it was the best way for me to get my point across.


JACOB... he actually ISN'T racist

It is not about the past, so much as about a fair comparison. I'm not denying that Jer has since cleaned up his act -- it is evident he has.

BUT who's to say Jake WON'T clean up his act when HE is 24??

Rap541 said...

Sorry Lynn, you're refusing to answer because you know what the answer really is.

Show me where Jeremy ever manned up over his *hatespeech*. Show me where you DIDNT excuse it.

These things happened when Jeremy and Jacob were both 17. One is deemed old enough to be responsible for himself and one isn't. I was called out and harassed for daring to judge poor precious little boy Jeremy because I was the big bad adult judging child man Jer at 17 for saying some really *shitty* things and *spreading hate*. EXPLAIN TO ME WHY I WAS WRONG TO BE UPSET AT A 17 YEAR OLD CALLING PEOPLE NIGGERS AND FAGGOTS LYNN.

I want you to explain to me why I was wrong to be upset - but Jacob saying he isn't Christian IS HATE SPEECH.

I think Jeremy was a disgraceful shameful obnoxious rude piece of disrespectful trash when he was 17 and calling people niggers and faggots. You think I am wrong? Then *explain why Jeremy wasn't disrespectful, shameful, obnoxious, rude and disgraceful. You claim you're right - explain why. Explain why Jeremy was *right* to say what he did and why everyone who was bothered was HATING ON A DEAR LITTLE BOY NOT A MAN NOT EVER A MAN JEREMY IS FOREVER THAT INNOCENT BOY!

Please. :)

And you won't. Because you know you're a hypocrit.

Karla said...

Jacob know knows nothing about God's love. He doesn't believe in Him. He doesn't want it. He mocks us. I hope God strikes Jacob down.

I watch LPBW. I bought Seasons 1, 2 and 3 on dvd as well as some episodes on iTunes. I bought good Christian book Little Family, Big Values. Therefore, I feed Jacob. I clothe him. My money has went to his vacations. I pay for his phone. Unknowingly it went to getting him his drugs.

I don't want him to do this anymore. I will not be insulted fo being faithful to Him, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Lynne C. I cannot believe you had the unmitigated gaul to even thing of presenting such an insanely ridiculous argument. No no no you cannot possibly compared how Jeremy acts at 17 to the way Jacob acts when he is exactly the same age. Everyone who reads this will see the silliness that has been put forth for all to see. Also, I am not embarrassed for you whatsoever. I can't bring myself to think of how you deserve anything with such absurdity that words cannot describe.
However, I am more than happy to give you all sorts of kudos for your strong belief in your instructions to Rap to LIVE IN THE NOW!!!!! That's wonderful Lynn!!!! Hooray! NO afterlife, NO credence in the future, NO belief in what your behaviour or beliefs will be granted then, because you insist in living in the NOW!!!
This is the sanest thing I've seen on this blog item. All the mindless claptrap about actually wasting mental energy in the future that has not happened yet. It is a useless and non-productive exercise that only the weakest minds hold any value in.
But not you, Lynn. It's great for you to prove Rap wrong that two people cannot have their behaviours compared where they at THE SAME AGE, because you must, at your insistence, live in the NOW.
What a relief. From childish idiocy just to find some way to win a totally futile argument, to wisdom that only critical and free thinkers would propound.

Brandon said...

J45, I think you (and of course the hardcore Christians who love him) are giving Jer far more credit than he deserves for "cleaning up his act".

"Cleaning up his act" is simply realizing that he shouldn't use hurtful slurs on public social media accounts. That when he snaps photos of throwing cats, that it shouldn't go on social media pages.

Cleaning up his act is not being stupid enough to get caught behaving bad.

Also, let's be honest. Jeremy is polite on social media because he has finally learned that he can profit from fans supporting him.

Before Jeremy had any business that fan support could put money is his pockets, he was content with fans sucking the unsuckable, calling fans creepers (btw, some of this stuff happened when he was in his early 20s, not 17) and talking to his friends about how annoying fans are.

It was only after Jer started selling stuff where fan support could translate into money for himself did he start acting polite on the internet.

He learned how to use fans to get money. He realized that having fans see him call them creepers means they probably won't want to pay him thousands and thousands of dollars to take their wedding pictures or to buy his prints off of the website he talks about so much.

Ecossais said...

Interesting picture. He is the best looking Roloff. I don't see any of Matt or Amy in his features.

J45 said...

I apologize, Brandon, I wasn't quite clear when I said Jer "cleaned up his act".

I meant that he learned not to show his true colours on social media (and as you've pointed out, how to use fans to his benefit) essentially "cleaning up his act" on social media as means to an end.

I'm in no way trying to excuse Jeremy for his use of hurtful slurs, on public media or off; his cat throwing; or anything else he has done which has caused hurt. I do not condone any of it.

(Nor am I trying to excuse or support Jacob for anything hurtful he has said or done).

Gooby said...

So if Jacob stopped his negative tweets and dropped his ask account that would equate to him becoming a good person? Is it his opinions and beliefs that bother you or the fact that he shares them for anyone to see? Jeremy got caught on social media not realizing his notoriety and the public at large would find and pry into it. Jacob throws everything in your face and does it intentionally. There is no comparing the two. Jacob is proud of what he does. Jeremy was ashamed.

Eric said...

Gooby, Jacob is proud of what he does because he is an obnoxious prick.

Dan said...

I don't care what Jacob believes or doesn't believe but man Jacob is obnoxious. Him and his friends on twitter make me want to vomit. They think they're so frigging cool.

J45 said...

"Jacob is proud of what he does. Jeremy was ashamed."

There's no doubt Jacob's proud of what he's said on Ask and Twitter. However, there is *no* proof Jeremy is ashamed of what he's done. He's *never*, ever apologized for anything or even brought up any incidents.

Jeremy didn't stop rude behaviour on social media because he was ashamed. He stopped because he learned (and really, this shouldn't need to be learned), that he'd get hell for it if it happened again.

Jacob admitted he bullied a kid out of Faith. (He said this shamelessly, but he didn't pretend it didn't happen, either).

Proof that Jeremy is ashamed ... anyone?

Helen said...

Jacob just recently post a pic of Dr Martin Luther Kng Jr and a pic of a random black person on his twitter account and I am not getting what he is trying to say thru the two pics. I hope some one can go to his twitter and explain what is his reason of the two pics and what is his point.

Whitney said...

Jacob has no morals. I was shocked to see the stuff he spouts. I knew he was bratty, but I never knew he was this bad and this against God and those who follow Him.

I would love to know what Jeremy really thinks of Jacob.

Jade said...

Jacob can't resist bashing religion. What is his problem? Why doesn't he shut up and keep his opinions to his own twisted and drugged up self.

Kyle said...

Jacob never stops complaining.He's always complaining about something.

Adam said...

Does Jacob have any redeeming qualities? I sure don't see them.

Anonymous said...

J45 Why do you suppose he stopped the online hate speak after the controversy? If you believe he miraculously changed his beliefs more power to you. I see it as him being ashamed to have his beliefs out in public where they will be judged and critiqued. The fact he never gives an opinion and posts pure fluff online tells me is fearful of what others will think be it family, friends or the public at large. An ostrich with his head in the sand is still an ostrich.

Sam said...

Hi, I've been reading all the comments and I think jacob doesn't even believe the stuff he's saying about religion, the riots or police ans Israel. I think Jacob only wants attention and only posts stuff to piss people off because he's immature.

Irene said...

Jacob basically just admitted on twitter that he doesn't need to pay for things. He said he's about to reach for money and then others pay for him. That's because he's on tv and gets special treatment. He likes that. Why can't he have enough respect for the fans to not insult our beliefs? He owes the Christian fan base for eveything he likes about his life.

Nick said...

People, Jake is only going through a phase where he thinks it is cool to rebel against everything and kick up a fuss. He will look back on all the stupid things he said and posted and will want to crawl under a rock. 100% Jake will come back to God when he's through with his I'm a cool rebel act.

Rita said...

lol. Jacob needs a reality check. He thinks he's too nice, too agreeable and needs to say no more often. I think he does a fine job of thinking only about what he wants. Ivecrarely seen somebody so oblivious to how they act.

J45 said...

"If you believe he miraculously changed his beliefs more power to you. I see it as him being ashamed to have his beliefs out in public where they will be judged and critiqued."

Anon, I'm not sure you're talking about Jer or Jake? You really should use names...

So I'll assume you're referring to Jer and my saying I don't think he's ashamed for his bad behaviour online.

I don't think Jer is ashamed of what he's said. I think he's just came to the realization (after having posted derogatory things) that this does not sit well with the media or fans. And if you can't please fans, you won't get money.

So, to Jer:
stopping offensive behaviour = cash.

And who *wouldn't* abide to that reasoning? (I mean, I think it's safe to the Duggar girls stopped wearing such frumpy clothes because their fans don't like it, if you'd like a different example).

Ashley said...

From Jeremy's twitter, this must be about Jacob.

But what he is trying to say??

"Everyone believes and everyone has faith. What differs is what you rest that faith / belief in. Having it is inevitable if you are alive."

Johnny Reb said...

""Everyone believes and everyone has faith. What differs is what you rest that faith / belief in. Having it is inevitable if you are alive."

Typical pseudo-intellectual blather from a brainwashed idiot

Rap541 said...

Its duly noted btw that Lynn won't explain why I was wrong to be upset with Jeremy at 17 calling people faggots and niggers and holding him accountable for being old enough to know how to act in polite society at 17.

Lynn? Why was I wrong? Was Jeremy at seventeen showering us with compliments when he was calling fans creepers and using hate words?Explain to me why I should apologize to Jeremy :)

And explain again, because I don't understand, why Jake is an adult and responsible for his actions at 17, while Jeremy, bless the widdle baby, was a child who needed grace at 17, was a child at 20 who didn't know throwing cats was wrong, and at 23, still was a baby in his brain cause although he is a legal adult the brain doesn't fully form until age 25 and therefore Jeremy is an "aw shucks" little boy?

I am also curious why Jacob isn't allowed to use the "a teenager's brain isn't fully formed until 25 so shut up and LOVE HIM" argument that precious baby Jer is allowed to use? Granted, Jake has been a full grown adult since nine to some fans, while Jeremy will have a baby on the way and still be considered a child but really.... If I were Jer, I'd be embarrassed that my fans excuse me because I'm still too young to be responsible while my much younger brother is deemed adult.

Austin said...

Jacob and his friends on twitter are so annoying because they think they are so cool and smart.

I also like how Jacob likes when his friends call people faggots and retards. Yet Jacob doesn't know he gets called homophobic and a hypocrite. I hope the Mackenzie family pays attention to what kind of people Jacob chooses to be friends with and that he has no problem with his friends calling people retards....unless the Mackenzies are gifting him a free vacation yacht...then Jacob pretends to know that retard is hurtful.

Jacob is as bad as the rest of the Roloffs. Hypocrite and a phony.

Doug said...

It is disturbing how anti police Jacob has become.

Not only about Ferguson, but in general. He's now posting pictures of signs reading "I survived Portland Police".

What does Jacob know about police misconduct on Portland?

Why is he anti police? What is he doing that makes him anti police?

But you know would call the police the minute he wants them to do something for him.

Anon24 said...

And he went up from thence unto Bethel: and as he was going up by the way, there came forth little children out of the city, and mocked him, and said unto him, Go up, thou bald head; go up, thou bald head.

24 And he turned back, and looked on them, and cursed them in the name of the LORD. And there came forth two she bears out of the wood, and tare forty and two children of them.

Marsha said...

Jacob is such a rotten person.

ashleigh said...

Does he realize that most 16/17 year olds don't have a car to drive?

I'm sure he does, he's just saying gas prices are ridiculous. I think you guys put way more into a lot of things he says than is actually there. Seriously, he'll say something as benign as 'this day sucked' and people start screaming at him about how awful people have it and he shouldn't complain. I'm not living the worst life possible but I still groan when the alarm goes off, my immediate thought isn't how lucky I am to have a job.

People attack him no matter what he says, so I don't really think it's out of line for him to be either be short with people or downright rude to them if they're hitting him he's going to hit back. He said much earlier on on his ask, before he was taking as much shit and answered more questions, that the best defense is a good offense and I think that explains a lot of his behavior. He;s been taking endless crap online (often from Christians) since he was a young kid for doing nothing more than acting like a young kid. He posts any little thing and people either interpret it their own way or outright misquote it. I remember him tweeting that it was awkward hanging out with his cousins because they don't really have a relationship. Perfectly normal feeling to have. Someone posted here afterwards about how horrible he is because he said he hated his cousins. I'd get annoyed with it, too, and prob lash out more than I actually needed to. And you could say get off the internet but for one that's letting other people have too much power and the other is people are going to talk badly about him no matter what, like I say, when his biggest crime was being a pesky younger bro who wanted to hang out with the older kids and not always going about it in the right way (because he was 10, 11, 12) he was ripped apart for behaving like a regular kid, ripped for his looks, that he;s worthless, etc. I think he may have chosen to be public because at least he had *some* kind of control (and if he has anxiety probs that's a major issue) and now it's sort of just stuck there or else other people win kind of thing.

BTW to whoever said he denied having them, I don't believe he did, I think he just mentioned he had taken Xanax at some point and was asked if he was given it for his anxiety and he said no.

ashleigh said...

When people pressed him by saying he would be friends with a girl who like him even though he's not attracted to her so why would you be friends with a girl who likes you but not a guy?. Jacob's response is "because I'm not interested in dudes!"

He said that part in the *recent* discussion, and he wasn't asked about a girl that *likes* him but he's not attracted to, just a girl that liked him. That;s why he put the part about 'not tryna get with duedes'. When he was asked in the earlier discussion (month or two ago), he said that he would treat a girl who liked him but that *he didn't like* and who was *hitting on him on a reg basis* the exact same as he would treat the gay kid who was hitting on him and as he said in the more recent discussion, his reaction to somebody who likes him and doesn't car ethat he doesn't like them back is to give them some time to simmer down.

Then Jacob randomly started posting on twitter about how he hates that if he doesn't like someone who is gay, people think he is bigoted. He said he hates you because you're annoying, not because you're gay.

It was kind of a weird tirade for him to go off on.

He didn't go off on a tirade about how if he doesn't like a fat person, it's not because he hates fat people, it's because that person is annoying. Or if he doesn't like a dwarf, it's not because they're a dwarf, it's because they're annoying.

He only tweeted about how it's his right to hate gay people...but it's not because they're gay.

Why do you think he only ranted about gay people?

Maybe because he's never been accused of having a problem with a dwarf or a fat person, only gay people. Also, something everyone has to realize, not just in relation to Jacob but with ANYONE's twitter is you don't know what may have just happened in their life that has caused them to post whatever.

And there are too many fun quotes here from Amy/Matt lovers to use so I will ask, as others have...if Amy & Matt are such devout Christians, such great parents, where the heck have they been? and don't give me the 'no matter how much you do' speech. There is plenty they could have done throughout the years if they gave a damn. The kid doesn't go to church at alll except for special occasions, why has that been allowed if they care? They could take away his phone, internet, tv, car access, no having friends over...yet nothing. We have proof that this is simply not important, nor is his pot use, premarital sex, etc. I can understand if you've tried taking things away, tried punishment and gotten nowhere but their clearly has been none of that. Why are you still convinced that they care about his religious beliefs or about parenting him?

Oneeyeswilly said...

Listen, Jacob is now 18+ and if he doesn't want to be a Xhristian he doesn't have too AND it doesn't make a bad person either(or rotten). He was preached the Christian line since birth. If you chose to believe that crap that's up to you. Christians seem to need to think there's a higher power for some reason. I think the World would be better off with No Structured Religion. Radical Muslims, Radical Jews and yes, there's Radical Christians too. I knew Jacob when he was 10-12 and he was a Regular Kid. I was friends with Matt(Noone is friends with Amy including Amy). Jacob has opinions on everything same as you do. We live in an imperfect World Folks, People are Different. Without religion think of all people who would still be alive. There wouldn't have been a WW1, WW2,No Sept. 11th, Daniel Pearl and Jim Foley would be alive today. Mike Brown would still be dead because you can not go around Robbing Folks, Wrestling with the Police. Some People are still fighting the Civil War. Blacks will NEVER be happy. People Suck!

Jason said...

It makes me laugh that Mr. "I'm not rich and spoiled" is tweeting about his Go Pro camera although it is "not officially" his yet.

Jacob has no frigging clue how spoiled he is and what normal kids have or don't have or that it's normal to be gifted Go Pros.

Ashley said...

Personally, I don't believe Jacob that he has "anxiety problems". I think he likes to say things for attention and will make people curious so he can tease them like a jerk.

Remember, Jacob also acted like he didn't have friends and that turned out to be a big lie.

Timothy said...


He said that part in the *recent* discussion, and he wasn't asked about a girl that *likes* him but he's not attracted to, just a girl that liked him. That;s why he put the part about 'not tryna get with duedes'.

That's incorrect. The person was pointing out his homophobia and said "think about why you would be friends with a girl who likes you but you're not attracted to but not a guy"....and he responded with "because I'm not interested in dudes".

The asker did a great job of illustrating Jacob's natural homophobia. He would be and is friends with girls he's not interested in dating. But he wouldn't would be friends with a gay guy (again, read the question he asked, he didn't say, "hey, you're wrong I would be friends with a gay guy", he said "because (implying what the person was suggesting was true) I'm not interested in dudes".

A guy thinking he can only be friends with a gay guy if he is gay is extremely homophobic...and idiotic.

Allison said...

It makes me sick that anyone would defend this jerk.

Jacob is a Grade A prick.

J45 said...

I don't know if Jacob has anxiety issues or not. People can suffer from anxiety despite having very, very good lives. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt, because I have no way of knowing whether it's actually true or not.

According Wikipedia (which is obviously to be taken with a grain of salt), parental rejection can cause anxiety.

Matt calling Jacob a sissy boy, anyone?

Also, Jacob did seem to get ignored often,

His parents made (at least) one episode about how Jacob is the "problem child", while defending precious Jer Bear when Jer was called a bigot

There's also Matt and Amy admitting that Jacob was aware his parents dedicated lots of time to produce LPBW while he was little, leaving less time for him.

And I'm sure there are more/better examples.

I realize parental rejection is a stretch

J45 said...

Timothy, what you said completely.

While I agree with Ashleigh that everyone will think their life is shitty sometimes, and that even the richest of people can suffer from anxiety regardless, the key is to filter what you say out loud and especially on public social media.

Yes, I understand why Jacob might complain about gas prices being high.

He has every right to think that gas prices are high.

And he has every right to complain to his friends about said high gas prices.

But he, in turn, has to understand that he is very fortunate to have a car at his age, and should filter what he says/posts if he doesn't like how people respond.

If he doesn't like people pointing out his spoiled outlook on life, then he should know at 17-years-old that:

a) he is a public figure
b) his social media is public
c) he is fortunate

Sure, he has the right to complain about shitty things in his life. But if he is going to post them publicly for all to see AND he is a public figure. Yes, people have just as much right to express THEIR opinions, too.

I admire Jacob's self-expression. But he is often tactless (which is fine, as long as he's okay with the reprecussions, which he seems to be).

Crystal said...

All Jacob does is get high. He loves posting about how he's smoking weed. He must think he's really cool.

Anonymous said...

Jacob is cool and so is smoking weed. The whole country sees that basically. Get with the times Crystal!

Debbie said...

Although I'm disappointed that Amy hasn't punished Jacob for turning on Jesus, it was nice to see Amy tweet her disappointment that Hollywood at the Emmys didn't thank God once.

Carrie said...

Poor puppies. The Roloffs are such irresponsible and cruel pet owners they shouldn't be allowed to get more pets.

There is something Roloff about taking home 2 puppies and then bringing back the one they didn't like.

Jacob just posted that he hasn't seen the cat in like a week....and now they get another animal. Some people should be banned.

Crystal said...

Anon, advertising that you're cool for smoking weed is not cool. Why is it so important toJacob that everyone knows he's a stoner.

Mandy said...

Carrie, Jacob definitely shouldn't have pets. He doesn't care andthe poor dog is going to be high off the fumes.

Anonymous said...

Crystal if you don't like Jacob why do you follow him on twitter? If you spent your social media time on people you like you might be a happier person. :-)

J45 said...

"Although I'm disappointed that Amy hasn't punished Jacob for turning on Jesus, it was nice to see Amy tweet her disappointment that Hollywood at the Emmys didn't thank God once."

Debbie, I'd like to assume that's sarcasm... But with all the Christian elitism going on here, I just never know...

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, it seems like you have a little bit of a problem going on there, darling.

A reliance on arrogance, narrow-mindedness and bigotry... that's what happens with someone who accepts Jesus.

Not nice when the tables are turned, hm?

It's fine if you believe. I'm an Atheist myself and religion doesn't bother me up until the point that people like you open your mouths to say something along the lines of your comment right there.

"Acceptance." Look it up and think it over.


Johnny Reb said...

"it was nice to see Amy tweet her disappointment that Hollywood at the Emmys didn't thank God once."

that would be because god has nothing to do with people using their talents to achieve success in life.

Only an idiot fundie christian would whine about something so superficial and meaningless.

tj said...

Jacob is nothing but a spoiled brat.

Lee said...

Have any of you ever stopped to think that Jacob was a little kid when his parents chose to put him on the show? He never made the choice of being in the public eye. He's a normal teenager in 2014, using social media and experimenting, trying to figure life out. What's disgusting is that adults have the nerve to cyber stalk and constantly bully a high school kid. Get a damn life, all of you. He is aloud to have different beliefs than his family's and yes, even different than yours! A teenage kid has an attitude but is causing no actual harm to anyone at all? Good heavens, call TLC! Call Oprah! Call Obama! Or turn your computer off and don't visit his pages anymore.

Le-Ann said...

Jacob is a disgrace. He has a foul mouth. How can anyone respect him? He wants to be taken seriously about world issues? His anti God and anti police tweets are disturbing.

Scott said...

For a guy who has "I don't want to be a miserable adult" his twitter and Ask makes him out to be a miserable kid. Always rude, angry and complaining or hating on somebody or some group.

Jason said...

Lee, for over a year Jacob has been saying he was quitting the show. Remember when he got all dramatic on Ask saying how he was refusing? And everyone laughed and said he was full of shit and only saying it for attention. That was the truth.

He is no differ3nt than Zach. Complain but can't live without it. I can't wait until he's 18 and people stop with the "he's just a little kid" when he's a prick who spews lies.

Amanda said...

So glad to see Jacob and his friends think texting while driving and them almost causing an accident is hilarious. Jacob's favorites, a tweet from his stoner girl friend, "when texting you is more important, lol almost crashed and a pic of Jacob in the car.

To think Amy did spots for a don't text while driving campaign. Are the Roloffs ever not hypocrites about anything?

I hope next time Jacob and his friends only injure or kill themselves and not innocent people who Jacob thinks are" insignificant".

joe said...

What is Jacob's issue with gay people? That seems to be the one thing that isn't what you expect from a person with the rest of his opinions.

Austin said...

Joe, basically it is because he has the macho teen guy stereotypes. If he's friends with a gay guy, it might mean he's gay. People might talk. He cares. Hanging out with someone gay makes Jacob very uncomfortable. It is something he can't get over.

He believes and is terrified of the stereotype that gay people have uncontrollable sexual urges and will always be looking to rape him.

Barbara said...

Jacob is so disrespectful to Jeremy, it makes me sick.

Jeremy tweeted his recommendation for the great book by noted Christian author Timothy Keller "The Meaning of Marriage".

Jacob replied "Nahhh" when asked if he would take Jeremy up on his suggestion.

Question asked to Jacob: "Will you follow Jeremy's suggestion and read Tim Keller's book about marriage so you'll know what to look for? He is a great writer of God's truth. You need more of that in your life."

Jacob's answer: "Nahhh".

Jacob is too busy smoking drugs and reading atheist propaganda and anti-American rhetoric to take a moment to follow the advice of his brother who is a wonderful follower of Jesus. It is very sad to see Jacob's disrespect.

Gail said...

Barbara, I agree. I know it must be hurtful to Jeremy that he and Audrey try to inspire others while they are Kingdom seeking, but he cannot reach his own brother who is a lost soul who has strayed from God.

Jacob used to say the one person he respected was Jeremy. Now Jacob refuses to listen to Jeremy and mocks Jeremy's beliefs.

kk said...

Reading some of the comments about Jacob and homosexuality. I wanted to clear up something.

When Jacob said on Ask that he did have a friend who come out and he's still friends with them.

It was misleading.

Most of you assumed it was a guy.

It was a girl. If you follow his twitter, it's the girl he went camping with.

A guy being friends with a lesbian is different than having gay guy friend. Jacob wouldn't go for that. A gay guy is something Jacob doesn't put up with.

Jacob intentionally mislead you guys with that one.

J45 said...

"Jacob intentionally mislead you guys with that one."

I think Jacob is also friends with a bi guy (or at least used to be). I don't remember his name, but I don't think they're very close now

kk said...

J45, the "bi-friend" you're thinking of is a wild Mexican kid. He's not really bi and Jacob is not really friends with him. He posts about weed a lot so Jacob liked his tweets.

What you guys were asking was very clear. If one of Jacob's close guy friends were to come out as gay, would Jacob accept it and be cool with him or would it change or ruin their friendship?

That's when Jacob got caught on the "Well of course not because I'm not into dudes" stuff.

He was called homophobic. That's what it is. Homophobic because it makes him so uncomfortable that he would stop being friends with guy friend who was gay because it creeps him out, Jacob can't get past thinking every gay guy wants to jump him.

You guys said stuff like "you're homophobic because you wouldn't be friends with a (guy) friend who was gay.

Jacob knew what you meant. But he said "That happened and I'm still friends with them so..."

Jacob knew what you guys meant. They were talking about the fact it creeps Jacob out to think he's hanging out with a guy who is gay.
But he doesn't like being called homophobic.

He intentionally left out the fact that his friend who came out and he's still friends with them was a GIRL.

He was being called on his homophobia because he can't be friends with gay guy.

He countered that with a misleading fact, that he did have a friend come out....but it was a girl! He knew people would assume it was a guy.

Abby said...

Jacob and his friends. .what awful people. Mouthy, rude potheads that do nothing but fill the role of mouthy rude potheads.

Ashley said...

Abby, yeah Jacob's little club "BAJI" is giving Jeremy's DBU a run for their money in who is more obnoxious. And Baji?

kk said...

Ashley, I don't have time right this second but I know them all and they aren't impressive people.

Also not that clever, they just like being jerks to Jacob's fans because that's how people suck up to Jacob.

Baji = Brenden Alyssa Jacob Isabel

Like I said, they aren't that clever...

kiara said...

I think everyone should just sit the hell down.

90% of these comments are Christians that are too wrapped up in their beliefs to see the bigotry of their actions and comments on this site.

Never thought that being a Christian meant that you should slight other beliefs or, indeed, someone who doesn't believe at all. Seems a bit foolish to do so, really.

Everyone has a right to have their own opinion. If said opinion bothers you, that's that. That cannot be avoided. Stuff like that happens. What you do with it can become a problem, like now. I see tons of adults bullying a 17-year-old and it's honestly making me feel bad for the kid.

I'm not saying his way of doing things are right, but I do commend him on his OWN way of thinking. He's a public figure, whether he likes it or not, and that does require a bit more tact in what he says and does. Doesn't mean people should bully him for having an opinion in the first place.

Everyone had/has their teenage struggles, and just because he's slightly more famous than the average teenager, it doesn't make him any different. Jeremy had his fair share of problems, too, if I recall correctly, yet that doesn't stop you to praise him now, does it?

If you don't like how Jacob is acting on social media, then don't look for it. Simple as that. Don't make it a big problem when in all actuality it's just a boy letting out his frustrations and thoughts in a very public and tactless way.


I said...

Ya dude fuck BAJI

Me said...

Ya dude fuck BAJI

Jocelynn said...

Do you notice the dynamic with Jacob and all of his friends?

The laughing, insulting at fans? Talking down to them. The in your face "let's talk bad about them" because we think that will make us bond better?

It says a lot about the kind of person Jacob is and his lack of character.

Kind of makes me mad to learn that he has a painting of Rocky that a fan made when the Roloffs are all so disrespectful.

Adam said...

"Baji" is very good at smoking weed and being obnoxious.

Let's act like assholes on twitter and pat each other on the back because we think it makes us cool.

And one of them is 19? Yikes.

Kristina said...

Matt and Amy should be ashamed that they allow Jacob and his friends to gather and do drugs on their property.

A bunch of burned out teenagers with no good qualities that are turning into awful, uninspired adults.

Kayla said...

Jacob seems to be drawn to drama queen types.

People thought the first girl Vanessa was looking for attention?

The second one Stephanie had Vanessa beat with the "I want to die" tweets alternating between the "I love my life, thank you God" tweets.

Now the "I" in BAJI is just like the other two for being overly dramatic and all about herself. Read back on her twitter? OMG. And she has the nerve to judge and insult other people?

None of Jacob's friends ever seem to show one shred of decency.

Jamie said...

How old are you people? Don't you have jobs? Lives? Children? Why are you so consumed with Jacob's life? Have any of you met him? You know him based off of a television show and social media. I have never been so disappointed in a group of people before. We're supposed to be adults, and you're so obsessed with a 17 year old's life. Nothing you say will change him or what he does. Also you have no idea what his friends are like at all... You only know these people based off of social media. You people are seriously sad. Pathetic. Nobody's. Go take care of your children or do your sad, pathetic job and go obsess over someone more exciting. Frankly, Jacob could be a lot worse than he is... Get lives.

Ashley said...

Another Jacob friend insulting fans.

"Damn Jacobs stalkers."

I hate these dumb friends that call fans who follow someone who is on a friggin TV show "stalkers" for following public accounts.

I know they have a need to feel sorry for themselves and need to act superior being insulting, but you'd think they might have a bit of common sense and know that if they constantly tweet someone who is on a tv show that is broadcast worldwide for 9 years that people will notice when they act like jerks.

Lyle said...

Is it so wrong to hope that Jacob gets hit by another Trebuchet? Him and his friends deserve it. Bunch of jerks.

Bonnie said...

Let me get this straight.

Jacob has a picture on his wall that a fan sent him.

But he has never expressed any gratitude or thanks to that person or fans in general for sending him gifts.

Not one of that nature in his 14,500 tweets.

But he sure does enjoy acting rude with his friends to be "cool". Have you ever seen any of Jacob and his friends be nice to a fan? Of course not.

But he'll use their free gifts they send him without any thanks.

Jacob is just an awful person.

Anonymous said...

Lol the people she called stalkers weren't fans they were douches that stalk him and his friends to talk shit, if that's what a fan is I'm not sure what I'm doing

Ellen said...

I'm sure all their parents and siblings must be ashamed of how they act. Disgraceful. Shameful.

Ben said...

"Is it so wrong to hope that Jacob gets hit by another Trebuchet?"

Nahhhh. His old profile picture with Jacob standing high on a cliff made it tempting (and disappointing) to wish that there wasn't a giant windstorm or act of God that caused him to fall, lol.

I'm tired of bad things happening to good people.

Natalie said...

I wonder how many people Jacob has hurt with his rudeness and lack of empathy?

He's too sheltered and unaware to realize it or care about the damage he does by acting like a douche bag.

Nancy said...

"But he sure does enjoy acting rude with his friends to be "cool". Have you ever seen any of Jacob and his friends be nice to a fan? Of course not."

Bonnie, don't forget about the Russian fan girl that Jacob and his friend Brenden bullied and ridiculed for no reason at all.

They really do think it makes them cool.

Helene said...

Jacob and his friends should all turn their accounts private so they can privately be pricks and keep their nonsense to themselves.

Jacob's family should disown him. I wouldn't be surprised if the families of those girls he's smoking drugs with have already been exiled by their families.

Allison said...

I've never hated someone who I've never personally met more than Jacob.

And don't give me the crap about "you can't do that", anybody with a brain can see what an asshole he is.

He is such a bad person at heart. He doesn't give respect to anybody. He disrespects his parents and siblings. He treats fans (the people who allow his family to stay on the farm he loves, but Jacob is too stupid to figure it out) like dirt.

He has no empathy. No understanding of the world.

All his so-called opinions are dangerous and flawed.

He has an anti God agenda which be tolerated.

He's a liar too. An arrogant and obnoxious asshole. Stop praising him for being "honest".

It really makes me mad.

Chelsea said...

Does anyone have the link to the "Remove Jacob from twitter and Ask" petition or Go Fund Me page?

Huff said...

Does Jacob's family even like him? I know they wouldn't say because they have the public persona to keep going.

I know that most of Jeremy's friends dislike Jacob and his bad attitude.

Ashley said...

Anon, at 6:47, nice try but you're wrong.

Those friends have been insulting all fans of the show.

Fans of the show go to the people who are on it and read their twitters. It is 2014.

Look at how they act and how they talk.

Austin said...

"This might sound gay as fuck, but...."

And Jacob was just saying that he wasn't homophobic?

How ignorant can he be?

Nate said...

Hasn't Jacob alienated any "real" fans he might have had with how disrespectful he is to everyone?

Anonymous said...

Lol Jacob didn't even tweet "this might sound gay as fuck but.." You are retarded

Austin said...

That's who his friends are. That's what he likes in friends. Just like the friend he has who Jacob is one of his 2 followers...and all that guy does is call people fags amd retards.

He's a great big hypocrite.

David said...

Don't forget that Jacob lied to a caring fan about how he get injured in an accident. The lady believed him and he made her look like a fool for telling him she hopes he heals. He did that all for the amusement of his friends.

Hopefully next time he won't be lying. When you treat people that poorly you deserve some misfortune.

Sam said...

Look at how Jacob is constantly attempting to tease fans. It is called being a douche. If you can't stop yourself from being a jerk, then be like Zach and don't have public accounts. Zach knows he has no manners and is an overall jerk to people who follow him so he has the sense to stay private. Jacob should follow that example since he's not magically going to change.

ashleigh said...

Ashley said...

Remember, Jacob also acted like he didn't have friends and that turned out to be a big lie.

Again, I think sometimes you guys read too much into certain things. He was 16, who hasn;t felt one minute like they have no friends and the next day feel the opposite?

Timothy said...

He said that part in the *recent* discussion, and he wasn't asked about a girl that *likes* him but he's not attracted to, just a girl that liked him. That;s why he put the part about 'not tryna get with duedes'.

That's incorrect. The person was pointing out his homophobia and said "think about why you would be friends with a girl who likes you but you're not attracted to but not a guy"....and he responded with "because I'm not interested in dudes".

I do recall him saying that he would have the same issue with a girl that he was not attracted to but was continuously coming onto him but I'm not going to wade through months and months of asks to find it. He may well have some uncomfortable feelings about being friends with a gay guy who likes him and not even be aware of it. I wish it weren't the (possible) case but considering he's 17 and the way he was raised I don't think that's the worst thing in the world and I think there's a decent chance he will grow out of it, if it is there.

Jason said...
Lee, for over a year Jacob has been saying he was quitting the show. Remember when he got all dramatic on Ask saying how he was refusing? And everyone laughed and said he was full of shit and only saying it for attention. That was the truth.

I can understand why Zach decided to sign and I would understand it with Jacob, though I hope he gets away from all of this and I wish Zach would have, too. Most people wouldn't want to go on reality tv because they wouldn't want to deal with all the crap but if you've already had to and you've been used for others to make their money off of you, I can get thinking well, screw it, may as well get some for myself, too.

kk said...
J45, the "bi-friend" you're thinking of is a wild Mexican kid. He's not really bi and Jacob is not really friends with him. He posts about weed a lot so Jacob liked his tweets.

How do you know what someone else's sexuality is?

Bonnie said...
Let me get this straight.

Jacob has a picture on his wall that a fan sent him.

But he has never expressed any gratitude or thanks to that person

He very well may not have but it's odd that you just believe that you know this for a fact.

Chelsea said...
Does anyone have the link to the "Remove Jacob from twitter and Ask" petition or Go Fund Me page?

LOL there are so many better things to do with your time but if you really want it, why not just google it? Seems pretty obvious.

David said...
Don't forget that Jacob lied to a caring fan about how he get injured in an accident. The lady believed him and he made her look like a fool for telling him she hopes he heals. He did that all for the amusement of his friends.

Oh for heaven's sake, he made a joke. I believed him too and felt bad for him for a second, then moved on with my life like a normal person and when I found out he was just goofing around, I went on with what I was doing, again, like a normal person, I wasn't devastated by his oh-so-evil deception!

Anonymous said...

I highly doubt Jacob is dating the girl kids at school call "Big Red". They're just friends.

Vanessa Barton said...

Sam, did you say he should stop having public accounts? Because you can't stop reading them if he has them? So he shouldn't have them so you won't be forced to read them?

What's wrong with this picture?

Sam said...

Vanessa, the old blame people for noticing when someone is being a jerk tactic.

Whether I noticed or not, Jacob would be acting like a jerk on twitter.

My point wasn't hard to understand. Zach knows he can't have a public account without being a dick to fans. When he did, he was.

Now Zach doesn't have a public account because he knows he doesn't have the maturity or manners to handle it.

Jacob should do the same.

Abby said...

Jacob's friends who he "has always been searching for"...

Question: Oh I get it. You had something tragic happen, so you think that gives you a right to treat people like crap.

Answer: I have every right to treat to do whatever I want

Anyone still want to argue that Jacob is not an asshole? Doesn't Jacob and his friends seem like sweet kind people.

Lol said...

At least he's cute Am I rite

Leanna said...

I have to admit it is hard to defend Jacob when he goes on about how awesome his friends are and they all behave like assholes.

I have a right to treat people anyway I want?? And Jacob thinks that's cool.

The life philosophy of a good person? I don't think so.

I mean, I get, its nothing new. They think it is fun to insult fans that fund Jacob's lifestyle, but really it is hard to defend them. They come across as huge asshole.

DJ said...

"Baji" all seem like horrible human beings. They don't even make an effort to be nice to people. Pay close attention to their interactions. Do you see any kindness?

Eric said...

Jacob and Justin Bieber have a lot in common except Justin is 10000000000 times more famous. Other than that, they are a lot alike.

Ashley said...

Spirits, we've gone over 200 comments again :-] Thank you.

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