Saturday, September 6, 2014

Jacob Roloff Social Media Discussion

By far the most popular or discussed or controversial topic over the last several months by the Spiritswander readers has been Jacob Roloff's public social media postings. Namely and Twitter

You can see the most recent items here:

Both of them have well over 200 comments so people have requested a new item to continue the discussion on page one.

If you're new to Spiritswander or Jacob Roloff on social media, he is basically the only Roloff to consistently express his opinions about religion, social issues and political situations.

Some admire Jacob for stating his opinions and some hate him for it.


Allison said...

There you go again. I see what you do. You try to be subtle about it, but I'm so sick and tired of your pro Jacob agenda.

I am starting to wonder if Spiritswander is secretly Jacob's new girl friend, the equally obnoxious druggie Isabel who thinks it is her right in life to treat people as bad as she wants and hey people she doesn't feel bad about it. What a great person that is! Jacob and her deserve each other.

Is she Spiritswander? Is she workign for Spiritswander? For a long time Spiritswander has been subtly trying to praise Jacob while never giving Jeremy the credit he deserves. I've always said there is something fishy about this and it isn't right. Maybe this is it.

"Some admire Jacob for stating his opinions and some hate him for it."

Ridiculous. Admire him for stating his opinions? Hate him for it?

I hate him because his is a rude, obnoxious brat. There is nothing to admire about someone with no filter, no manners. Nothing. He is a terrible person who is a blight on his family.

I feel so sorry for Jeremy and Matt to have to put up with having Jacob in their family. I even sorry for Amy and I don't even like her. I still feel sorry for her because Jacob treats her like dirt. He treats everyone like scum who is beneath him.

Jacob deserves nothing but the worst.

Maggie said...

Jacob is no longer going to the public high school.

He's not going to a school!

He's taking online school.
Online high school?

Hello Amy??? Hello Matt?

They allow him to sleep and smoke pot in his room all day and that's when he does school?

It's no wonder that he has no future.

Wendy said...

I disagree with Spiritswander's version.

It doesn't bother me that Jacob doesn't believe in Jesus. There are many people who are blind and have not seen the light.

However, I dislike his disrespect. I dislike his mocking of the Christian way of life. He was mocking prayer and heaven and implying that Christians aren't intelligent or deep thinkers.

I also dislike how rude he is. His little club of new friends (Baji, what a stupid name) they are all so obnoxious. Are they 9 years old because they act like they think they are so funny and cool if they act as rude and as bad as possible.

Grace said...

I'm tired of seeing Jacob tweet things about people being ignorant when he is the most ignorant of them all.

Vicky said...

Jacob doesn't even try to be a nice person and some people like him for that? What is up with that?

Troy said...

Jacob should be allowed to say what he wants without being attacked for it.

I agree that he is kind of rude when him and his group of friends get going, but a lot people act meaner when they are with their friends.

They like having the "us against the world mentality". I try not to take offense and respect Jacob for his other thoughts.

You were warned said...

Hi, I'm just sayin, Jacob's first real girlfriend Vanessa, warned everybody about Isabel.

One girl is classy and loved Jesus over God and was willing to help Jacob improve his life. The other was a...well you know, who was all too happy to get with Jacob right away and do drugs.

Now you're all seeing what a nasty person she is. And how bad he is.

Like Vanessa said a long time ago, she is honest and says the truth :)

Connor said...

Re the picture.

Where is a train when you need one? lol.

I don't like Jacob. His elitist snobbish attitude is hard to stomach.

Katie said...

Jacob mocks his bad grades and lack of education like it is funny.

What does he think he's doing to do next year?

We all know he will be staying his room, smoking drugs with his friends, who are 19 (then 20) year adults doing nothing with their lives.

How dare Jacob act so arrogant when he has no reason to be arrogant.

Lexy said...

Who thinks Jacob does more drugs than just marijuana?

Raya J said...

Everybody who doesn't like Jacob, relax. He will get his. Karma and God will see to that.

Did you see some of the pictures that Jacob and his awful friends posted? Did you see how prominent Jacob's veins are? Hopefully he will get blood clots later.

Denis said...

There is nothing to respect about Jacob's anti-police and anti-American "opinions".

About the only thing he has right is that gays are disgusting.

Melanie said...

He really is a spoiled brat. He's always talking about getting expensive new toys, new shoes, more drugs, more video games, more food, more money for gas to drive around, but does he ever display appreciation to the show? To his parents? To the fans? To God? None of the above.

He thinks he can complain about all that and be rude with his loser friends and it makes him good?

Rebecca said...

I don't really care about Jacob, I like Jeremy the most. I feel bad for Jeremy that he has such a lost and messed up brother in the family.

Hopefully Jeremy and Audrey will be able to keep their future kids away from Jacob's influence (if he lives that long).

Van Barton said...

"You were warned">>what the heck does the statement "she loved Jesus over God" mean? You have heard of the Trinity, I presume.

Natalie said...

Jacob, like Jeremy before him, is easily influenced by his friends to treating fans badly.

I'm not at all letting Jacob off the hook because he does a fine job of hating on fans by himself, but it's obvious the Roloffs and their friends have and always have fed off their friends. Hating on fans of the show is a mutual bonding tactic.

Anna said...

Jacob and his friends are very childish, yet Jacob likes to think of himself as mature.

Anita said...

Jacob's hatred of the police is very disturbing.

He is probably doing a lot of stuff that he knows he could get in big trouble for if he was stopped by the police.

Law abiding citizens don't hate the police, they respect them.

bc said...

I used to go to school with Jacob's new girl, Isabel. She's a bitch. One of the meanest, uncaring, rudest girls you've ever been so unfortunate to meet. Enough said about Jacob.

Megan said...

How can anyone have respect for Jacob when he has flat out said he thinks anyone who disagrees with him has an "insignificant" life? Do you realize how much of a douche bag you have to be to think like that?

Ashley said...

Jacob and his little "Baji" friends are the most immature jerks I've seen in a while. Look at what Jacob and the girl did on twitter and ask yesterday. Blabbing about some cute picture. Teasing someone on ask, getting them interested, promising to post it, (lying)and being a bitch and not posting.

I honestly don't care about a picture, but naw naw naw naw I have such a great thing that you wanna see! Wanna see? Ya you do? Ok? Here...nawnanana!" It is all so 3rd grade level.

Hey Baji, here is a tip about being a decent person, if there is something private that you aren't going to tell/post, then don't blab about it in the first place. You're just being a dick.

I get that sometimes people want to think that Jacob isn't a total asshole, but he really shows his true colors with his friends that he's "been waiting for my whole life". They have the maturity of 8 year olds and their whole schtick online is to be jerks to "you people".

Greg said...

Ashley, Jacob's whole reason for having Ask is so he can ge a prick somewhere that he has control. It's not to interact or give back to supportive fans. It is to be a prick. Period.

He's still in that cool adolescent stage where it is cool to be an asshole to everyone. Some people get out of it quick, some never do.

Jim said...

Looking at Jacob on social media really makes one realize what ineffective parents Matt and Amy were. Now the world has to deal with another spoiled brat.

Barbara said...

With filmong supposedly ending, I certainly pray tgat Jacob will be exiled and cut out of the family in January when he turns 18. He can't even show responsibility it takes to attend school. He does drugs. His friends are drug users and immoral sexual deviants. He is hostile and disrespectful to Jesus and Jesus followers.

It is long past time for jacob to be responsible for those "opinions" he is so proud of. I want him gone. Gone from the internet. Gone from the tv show and away from the rest of the good Roloffs.

Gibby said...

It's hard to believe that Jacob and Jeremy are brothers when jeremy is so good and positive and Jacob is so bad and negative.

I agree with those who would love to see Jacob kicked out of the farm. He wouod quickly learn to show some appreciation after he's living with his stoner friends in their mother's basement.

Ethan said...

Haha, Jacob always was a brat even back at Faith. He still is and always will be. The only reason anyone wants to be friends with him is so they can get attention because of the show. Even that appeal isn't enough for most people because Jacob is that big of a douche.

Elaine said...

So...Jacob believes in nothing. Has no job. Doesn't attend school which requires punctuality and responsibility. Instead he does drugs, plays with his 19 year old drama queen friends and behaves badly on social media.

Betsy said...

Unfortunately sometimes there are teenagers who want to rebel. Hormones are raging, there's peer pressure and weak minded kids like Jacob think the answer is to leave Jesus on the outside.

Jacob appears to be in crisis. He must be sent to a Christian Counselling retreat like others have suggested. Keep him there for as long as it takes. Remove the internet. Remove his circle of bad influence friends. It is a drug free environment.

Matt and Amy need to act now. I agree Jeremy should step in and use his sway with jacob to make it happen.

becca said...

his friends now are brutal. fail for people. just look at how they treat people. it is all about being sarcastic asses and disrespect.

You can tell that his girlfriends mother wasnt there because she was raised terribly. Not a nice person at all.

Mike P. said...

With all the Christian Love™ being expressed toward Jake lately—and so unselfishly given!—it's impossible to understand why he'd want nothing to do with it. Geez. What an ingrate he is.

Beth said...

Jacob spends his nights smoking pot in empty parking lots with equally stoned girls.

Rich spoiled teenagers with no motivation are definitely a problem.

Marina said...

Why doesn't Jacob just quit the show and delete his twitter and ask?

Then he doesn't need to deal with the fans of the show that he hates. He calls them "annoying" and "insignificant" and lies to them.

Rap541 said...

Mike P - Hilarious isn't it? But then I remember when Jeremy was 17, his calling fans names and saying fans could suck his cock while his buddy Mueller told fans to fuck off and commit suicide was "Boys being good Christian boys god bless them".

That's right folks - Jeremy at 17 was the same nasty piece of shit and you lapped it up and kissed his ass for it. That's why none of the Christian fans like it when Jeremy at age 17 is compared to Jacob at 17. They were both mouthy and smoking pot and fucking up in school but when Jeremy tells a fan to go suck cock, that is apparently a compliment from a polite Christian 17 year old :)

Graham said...

It is disappointing to see how Jacob is behaving. He's listening to the enemy and pulling away from God.

Nothing we can do, but he will wise up eventually and ask for help.

Marlena said...

Notice that even Matt, who hypes all Roloffs, hasn't even been able to say he's proud of Jacob?

I think the last time he said that was when Jacob was starting at the public high school and Matt said he was excited for Jacob to join the engineering club at school.


Jacob has a bad attitude and an entitled way of looking at life. There is nothing impressive about him.

Terry said...

Rap541, do you want to make any wagers that Jacob won't be as polite and respectable as Jeremy when Jacob is in his 20s?

Will Jacob even still be alive? Or not in prison? I never had those doubts about Jeremy.

Jeremy might have had flaws and not been perfect, but he always had faith and was striving to be better.

Jacob has none of that. Jacob is that 18 wheeler speeding towards a cliff.

Jackie said...

How not to treat others - by "BAJI", Jacob and his friends.

They should know better by 17 or 19 years old.

Rap541 said...

Terry - I honestly don't care but I will say Jeremy has ended up pretty much where I expected him... a reality whore who still depends on being on tv to make a living.

I mean, don't tell me Jeremy pays his own way. Maybe, when he and Audrey move away, Jer's mom and dad will stop paying his bills but I kinda doubt it. We'll never get an accurate portrayal of any success but lets see, he's 24 and what is he doing to support himself?

Ever notice that while Zach gets grilled on just that, we never see Matt sit Jeremy down in front of the cameras and demand to know how Jeremy plans to support himself?

As for Jake? Sadly, he's not likely to rise above the reality of having two parents snotting to the camera when he was 12 that they were done parenting because Golden Boy Jeremy finished high school. Sorry folks - I will say the same thing I said when Jeremy was failing in high school, smoking pot and saying rude shit to fans - where the hell are the parents?

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see the picture he posted on twitter smoking a joint in the house? He deleted it so apparently Matt and Amy have some concept of crossing the line. The sad thing is they seemingly have no issues with his day to day behavior.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Sometimes it is just too much not to say somehting.
Betsy 9:06 AM. the issue of Matt and Amy acting now, (in reagrds to Jacob's upbringing) has been argued and in dispute on this blog ad infinitim. For years it has been pointed out that Matt and Amy are competely absent parents, that they have done nothing to give Jacob any values or impose any discipline. And yet, Betsy, there are still Matt supporters on the blog that insist we should see more of him? For doing nothing about or with Jacob. For leaving his wife. For his self-centered and spoiled attitude. For his famous "I'll be in Hawaii. Just call me when the grandkids arrive". These people still insist that Matt is not the problem.
But usually there are TWO parents, certainly. Amy has done just as much as Matt, is obviously just as concerned as Matt is about everything that Jacob is or stands for, yet she is staill carrying on being Amy, seeking new business venures, being late running a restaurant, running her ARCF. There are still people here and out in the world that support Amy and think she's a wonderful person. You can go back through the blog to save me repeating everything.
My point is Betsy, is Matt and Amy have done NOTHING to act as parents to Jacob, and will do NOTHING in the future. People still support Matt, people still support Amy. Who really knows why.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Marina, I'm not sure he is getting a paycheck from the show anymore. We need to hear from somebody that KNOWS FOR SURE, not some fly-off-the-handle supposers on the exact nature of his role in the show. There are people on here who insist they know that Matt and Amy have signed a contract on Jacob's behalf, but to my knowledge there are no Child Star laws in the State of Oregon. He wrote that he did not sign a contract for this season, peole insist the know for sure his parents signed for him (?), and with no child star laws I don't know, profess to know, or think that a person has to be of legal age to agree to be on a show. Remember when Matt said many years ago (now) that they will do the show as long as all the kids agree to do the show? I wonder what happened with that?
Notwithstanding the fact I'll get stomped all over for this Marina, I have one question for you and that is: "Why don't we all just ignore Jacob?" That's all. If no one writes into his ask, he can't write anything in response. If nobody needles him just to get a repsonse, he can't respond. If nobody writes to say they are a fan, he can't write anyting mouthy. I've never written into Jacob's ask, I do not have an account myself, and I just plain have no use for the concept of anonymous questions. I would never answer a quesiotn if a person didn't put their name to it. But that's just my opinion, and I digress.
I'll face backlash about this also Marina, but I know people will scream blue murder at me and say, "Well, Jacob is living off the avails of the show!!! He would have dick squat if it wasn't for the show. WE OWN A PART OF HIM. HE OWES US!!" OK, so does Matt. Amy, Jeremy, Molly, and Zach. Molly and Zach don't seem to do much at all for the fans who own a piece of them, so what gives? How much do you think each child has made from the show? How much has Jeremy made off his parents until he turned 18 and signed his contract for his own personal compensation? Mom and dad gave him a whack more money than they ever gave Zach, you think? Is it because all the christian extremists wrote to Matt and told him that Zach is a bad person and Jeremy deserves all the money he asks for? People will wrtie in the usual snotty attitude, "Well, if it was up to me......" Well guess what folks, it isn't. Unless some of the people here are a great deal closer to the family than they will admit, and with how concretly sure they are about money and compensation, I can't tell how much money Matt keeps for himself. Can you?

Peter said...

I sometimes agree with what he says, about the messed up education system, etc.

But Jacob sure does act like a douche bag with his friends. Sometimes his arrogance and superiority makes him completely unlikable.

Pamela said...

Anon, that's interesting about the deleted "joint" picture.

Jacob has done stuff like that a few times. For someone who says he can't be controlled and does what he want, he does delete stuff after realizing he will get in trouble for it.

Nancy D said...

Jacob is so full of himself. He thinks he knows it all.

I can't believe anyone here can support him.

Greg said...

For anybody who thinks Jacob isn't sheltered and out of touch, look at his Ask today.

He thinks you can just easily get an "unconventional" job and make money.

"There's lots of ways to make money. Be creative".

He's so out of touch. That's what growing up on reality TV does to a kid.

Heather said...

Jacob is crazy. He has this fairy tale ideas about how easy life is. He treats people poorly. He throws God out the window. He disrespects everybody. He's friends with nasty people who he enjoys being even nastier with.

And then he says "it is all going to work out" so he doesn't worry.


Harmony said...

Jacob is so frustrating. He has no idea what life is like for normal kids. He thinks he knows everything and is better than everybody. He acts so superior.

Susan said...

It is really mind blowing to see Jacob say that college degrees aren't important because you can just get a job by looking at the internet, like the ads the Roloffs post for their pumpkin season employees.

It's funny he used that as an example. Could you imagine Jacob ever actually taking a job that required him to get up early and work on the weekends for minimum wage? And it's not even guaranteed work since Matt sends staff home to save himself money if it's raining and the crowds aren't that big.

Jacob suggests that to others when he couldn't do that for one day.
Hell, he can't even get his butt out of his room to say "Hi" to customers.

Jacob needs to learn the saying that "It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt."

Johnny Reb said...

"He must be sent to a Christian Counselling retreat like others have suggested. Keep him there for as long as it takes."

Actually Betsy what Jabcob needs it to be left alone to make his own decisions in life and think for himself.

what he doesn't need is to be "rescued" at some sleazy indotination center masquerading as a "Couciling Retreat".

it takes far more intellect wisdom and innerstrength to be a free thinker who isn't beholden to the prison of exteremist religion than it does to be a weak minded sheep following sleazy people like John Mark Comer.

Emma said...

People wake up! Amy and Matt are not good parents. They let their kids do what ever they want. Look at their house it's messy. Jacob is being neglected at home. He is the youngest and Amy mentioned several timeS that she is going through the empty nest phase of her life. That is not true because Jacob is still at home.
How can you say Jacob is not very nice? Have you met him? Yeah he is a pot smoker and is not a Christian but that is his problem NOT yours. If I was in Roloff family I would do drugs too.

Debbie said...

Emma, all you have to do is look at the things Jacob says and does on twitter. The "you don't know him" excuse holds no water.

I know how he behaves. I know what he says. I know how he acts. I know he treats others.

Jacob is a bad person. I would be ashamed if he were my son just like I'm sure Matt and Amy are ashamed.

Anonymous said...

Lol, Jacob is anything but a free thinker. He just regurgitates quotes and memes he sees on twitter, the only criteria for his opinions being they must be held by the minority so that way he feels as if he's smarter than everyone else. Nothing he says is original, and his views are profoundly naive.

Laura said...

Jacob crossed the line. There are still some who claim Jacob doesn't demean Christians like myself or even his own brother Jeremy?

"Praying you seek a mental health professional.`

Jacob Roloff "Says the one praying to a man in the sky"

It is beyond what he believes. He is going out of his way to demean Christian believers.

Anonymous said...

Pay no attention to the douche telling him he needs mental health treatment

Bonnie said...

Somebody needs to give Jacob a timeout. He's out of control.

"Is it in your job description to get involved with my life?? No?? Fuck off??"

Rita said...

Jacob is now comparing his line of thinking to Albert Einstein because he thinks he's such an "outside the box" thinker...

Kelly said...

The thing that I hate about Jacob is how he pretends that he is only a prick to people who are mean to him.

People ask legitimate questions or make legitimate points that aren't insults. He's a prick. People are nice to him, he ignores and offers no thanks. Treats them like they don't matter at all.

He's a prick. That's the bottom line. I wish bad thoughts on him too.

Anonymous said...

He specifically said he wasn't comparing himself to Einstein, just stressing the concept

Rita said...

He was comparing how he thinks to Einstein.

Kayla said...

In the end, it comes down to the fact that Jacob thinks everyone who isn't himself or his friends are "insignificants". Think how disrespectful that is.

He's not a good person, imo.

Anonymous said...

No, the asker used him as an example of the concept and Jacob said specifically that people were going to try and say he was comparing himself to Einstein, and that that wasn't his intention

Bev said...

He makes me so mad. I just want to slap him and call Amy and tell her what to do.

He has no plans on moving out. He excepts mom and dad to support him while he disrespects their beliefs and their home. He shows no independence. WOW.

Rita said...

No, Jacob was saying he is like Einstein because "there is not one way to live your life" and Einstein was criticized for not being conventional.

Kathy said...

I can't believe Jeremy puts up with Jacob's crap.

Ben said...

Jacob is a liar. When he gets caught in lies on Ask, he simply doesn't respond.

Perfect example being how Jacob is acting like his friends are sweet angels who mean fans pick on.

When it's pointed out that Jacob's friends initiate the attack on fans, like a friend on twitter named Imboognish/Justin, who Jacob is one of his only followers, attacks people by calling them faggots and retards, Jacob has nothing to say.

It completely proves him wrong.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Bev, call Amy. Their numbers easily available on Follow through with what you are saying.
My only fear is that you will be disappointed, Bev. I'm not saying thins in a mean or disrespectful way. There are far too many people on this blog that misunderstand what is being said and are 100% sure what is being said is equal to the meaning they put on it. But Bev, I'm just worried that Amy will do what she has always done. Nothing. You might get some nice lip service when you do follow through and call her, such as "I appreciate your concern". Or maybe, "I wasn't aware this was happening." Or even, "I agree, this cannot go on."
I am just afraid that the result will be the same as it always has, Bev. Nothing. I've written on this blog before that Matt and Amy are just too busy in their grossly self-centred lives to be bothered with doing anything or even care. That is the way I see it, but please do let us know why does happen Bev. I hope I'm wrong.

J45 said...

Sometimes, I wonder how the anti-Jake fans would've reacted if (god forbid) he had died in the trebuchet accident when he was little.

Would Jake have been called out as "bratty", even then?

Would people have said "good riddance!!"

I honestly hope not, because I don't think people 'praying Jake will get hurt' (fall off a cliff, for example) does any good.
Really, I think it takes a cruel mind to think that, and an even crueler mind to voice it.

So honestly, I ask:
Would you be happy if Jacob was hurt so badly that he DIED?

Callie said...

Jacob is lying. He lied about his friends being "attacked". His friends usually tweet at fans what Jacob is annoyed with. His friends usually tweet slurs or obscenities.

That's why they get "hated" on.

Ben said...

J45, I'll answer, because I think someone posed it correctly on Jacob's Ask, but he never fully gives the Askers a chance to make their point because when he's proven wrong, he hides it.

"So honestly, I ask:Would you be happy if Jacob was hurt so badly that he DIED?`

If you're talking about the Trebuchet accident then no. He was only 9 then.

However, now he is almost 18 and inflicting chaos and hurt on the world.

I like how someone phrased. It is wrong to hope that something illegal happens to Jacob, but there is nothing wrong with praying against an enemy of Jesus and that's what Jacob has done by his choice. He has chosen to try to destroy God's flock.

Praying against Jacob. Wishing misfortune on him is not wrong since he stands against God, attempts corrupt the minds of young potential Christians

Praying that some accident or act of God will hurt Jacob and force him to stop what he's doing is perfectly reasonable.

That's where I stand as a Christian.

Then there's other people, who while I don't count myself in this group, I understand. Jacob is a mean spirited jerk. He tries to hurt people's feelings. He's friends with people who tries to hurt people. Just look at that Isabela girl and the way she uses Jacob's celebrity to have a power trip against his fans. They both think they are so cool for behaving like jerks.

Mean spirited jerks who treat people like they (other people) have no emotions or feelings and are beneath them (which is exactly how Jacob treats all people online) are easy to root against. I definitely understand how people can hope that a jerk falls down a mountain or hopes he gets knocked unconscious on a ski hill.

Just like you want to see good people like Jeremy get rewarded, it's natural to want want to see bad people such as Jacob endure some pain.

Rita said...

Jacob does need a dose of reality.

See his tweet about feeling sorry for his friends "who get hate just for associating with me on social media"?

That's isn't true.

Way back I was nice to Jacob on twitter and asked him a question. He blocked me and said fans were annoying. Other fans commented me that Jacob was a snob. Then his friends started tweeting about how fans sucks so much.

His friends get "hate" because they are insulting jerks who are just like him. They hate on fans who Jacob thinks are annoying and don't matter. So people talk about those friends like they are, rude jerks.

But leave it to Jacob who is so out of touch to think him and his friends are innocent.

Austin said...

People who don't think Jacob is homophobic?

One of his friends tweets this and Jacob favorites

"Liberty is so fucking gay now"

Yeah, Jacob has no disrespect for people being gay that he favorites that because he doesn't care or is too ignorant to realize what it is saying.

J45 said...

While I don't agree/condone anything Jake has done. (I mean, yeah, he IS a jerk), why is praying any better than wishing?
(And other than Jer being Kingdom-seeking and a Christian and the like., what non-Christian attributes make him a "good person"? Seriously, IMHO he's no better than Jake).

I don't mean to be rude, (really, I wasn't raised in any religious mindset), but to me, praying vs wishing - that sounds very interchangeable. Could you elaborate please?

J45 said...

@Ben -- sorry, I meant what's the difference between praying vs hoping, not praying vs wishing.

Angela said...

Jeremy is polite and considerate. He often thanks people who tweet him or favorites their tweets. He is considerate. People at pumpkin season often talk about how nice Jeremy was. He does a great job of setting an example and inspiring people to have the same zest for life by letting Jesus into their heart like Jeremy.

Jacob is the opposite. Ugliness and hatred. When has Jacob ever done or even said something nice to someone who wasn't his friend? He doesn't. Jacob has no consideration. He treats people like their lives don't mean a thing and only he is worth anything and only his wants and thoughts are opinion.

He is a bad person.

Laura said...

Dear Lord, why doesn't Jacob just shut up?

""It's a bad idea to blindly follow any religion, I don't see the difference between the wrong & the wrong"

Jacob says he's not trying to influence people but why does he keeping posting this stuff? Why doesn't he just talk about this with his stoner girlfriend while they insult and laugh at people?

He knows what he's doing. He's trying to use his celebrity status to stand in the way of people's walks with God.

Laura said...

J45, Jacob being hurt did happen and will happen for a reason, because it is all part of God's plan.

Have you asked yourself why nothing bad ever happens to Jeremy? Why does Jeremy always escape injury?

Jacob invites pain and hurt into his life by living a life without God's love surrounded by darkness.

Graham said...

Jacob is a bitter condescending brat. That much is true.

Tonya said...

I know this is unpopular because I like Jeremy like other Christians, but I pray that Jeremy steps up.

Jeremy and Audrey went to the movies with Jacob last night? It is time Jeremy does something with Jacob and his Christian hate and disrespect. Jeremy shouldn't just ignore it and let it go without comment.

Griffin said...

Jacob is conspiring against Jesus. Look at his Ask. He got caught and can't even admit it.

Believe what he wants, but why keep tweeting it for his followers who are fans of the show? Why does he need to put it on the internet. Why does he want people to see his anti-Jesus messages. Why does he want his followers to read words that are mocking Christians? Why? Why? Why? That goes beyond JACOB believing or not believing.

He is trying to belittle Christians. He is an enemy of Jesus. Therefore, he deserves all the negative prayers, bad thoughts and power of prayer to bring misery to his life until he wises up and lets Jesus in and asks for forgiveness.

Rap541 said...

He is trying to belittle Christians. He is an enemy of Jesus. Therefore, he deserves all the negative prayers, bad thoughts and power of prayer to bring misery to his life until he wises up and lets Jesus in and asks for forgiveness

Really, Jesus wants his followers to wish unbelievers ill and hate?

NJC said...

Wow if the people on here are any indication of the type of "Christians" Jacob has had to deal with growing up it's no wonder he's questioning his faith. I never realized that if you pray hard enough Jesus will harm people you don't like and that bad things only happen to bad people. You guys are a real education.

J45 said...

"He does a great job of setting an example and inspiring people to have the same zest for life by letting Jesus into their heart like Jeremy."

I asked for a non-Christian related example.... Yet you still throw Jesus into the argument.

William said...

Jacob believes in the crazy 9/11 conspiracy theories. He is such a dummy.

Katie said...

Jacob is such a mean spirited, thoughtless person. He never takes into consideration anyone else's feelings.

Dale said...

Stop defending Jacob. He is a condescending dirtbag.He thinks he's smarter than everyone else.

It's a shame Matt and Amy don't do what they should and kick him out. I would love to see Jacob forced to actually show how clever he is and support himself for one day of his life.

Peter said...

He now said he's happy with lpbw. What happened to Mr Rebel who was quitting the show? Mr Rebel who wouldn't sign a contract because he knows "how it works"? Mr Rebel who can't be bought? LMAO. Shut up and be paid off Jacob. Be a reality whore. But don't talk tough about how you're a rebel when you have no integrity and are just a slave to a network executive.

Gina said...

I hate how fans he treats as scum suck up to him. That's why he's so arrogant.

J45 said...

"I think I'm happy now and I had lpbw so that doesn't really matter to think about" I think Jacob meant that you can't change the past, so why bother wondering what could've been? I mean, he's been dismissing hypotheticals all the time, so that kind of answer would be expected coming from him.

Anonymous said...

Jacob said he was happy, not necessesarily with doing LPBW, just happy, and he can't go back in time and NOT do it, so what's the use in thinking about that?

Ashley said...

Honestly I took it the same as Peter. That Jacob was talking now. He is happy now that he has online school, smokes pot whenever he wants and hangs out with mean girl. And right now they are currently filming for the wedding episodes. So he has lpbw now and is happy so he doesn't care.

Sherri said...

For an almost 18 year old who failed at private school, failed at public school, has never earned his own money, and does drugs all day with equally rude punks, Jacob sure does think highly of himself.

Ben said...

Jacob is such a coward. He will disrespect and make a mockery of the beliefs of Christians just because he doesn't agree, but he doesn't even have the fortitude to tell Jeremy that he's mocking what Jeremy believes because he doesn't want "confrontation".

Gail said...

Ben, I agree but it really is time that Jeremy intervened.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Gail et al:
I have to be very sure I put the question properly to avoid persecution at the hands of extremists and other judgemental people here. So please, read the question with an open mind if possible so we can get a clear picture here.
Gail, you said it was time Jeremy intervened. Other people have said that. Ok, fine. The question:

What, do you speculate, will Jeremy do or say to intervene, if he intervenes?

PLEASE read the question people. It does NOT ask what Jeremy SHOULD do. None of us regardless of highly we think of ourselves, how righteous or grounded or well-meaning we think we are or anything like that. We have no right to influence Jeremy or anyone else. That is just wrong. That is NOT the question.

PLEASE read the question people. It does NOT ask what YOU would do if YOU were Jeremy. You are not Jeremy. You never will be Jeremy. That kind of thinking is totally meaningless and has no basis whatsoever in any actual events as they unfold.

PLEASE read the question people. It dos NOT ask if you are or were Jeremy's parents, if you were EVER Jeremy's parents, if you are or were Jacob's parents,
You are not. You never will be. You don't have any right to speak for anyone else except your own speculation, which of course you have every right to.

That's all. I realize that some posters will STILL say, "I don't care what Jeremy does. he SHOULD do......" Or "I would tell Jeremy to ........." Or "I will send tar and feathers and instruct Jeremy how to use the......" It is still going to happen because some of you just can't help yourselves. It is the only way you can deal with all of this. Fine. all I'm asking is for you to look at this from another point of view. It's not that hard.
People are talented at, "Well he said this, so he means that." So, try to guess what Jeremy will say or do.

What, do you speculate, will Jeremy do to or say to intervene, if he intervenes?

Timothy said...

Shots fired! Jacob has been asked about whether Jeremy has talked to him (and apparently he hasn't since Jacob says Jeremy might have seen what he has said on Ask)and today someone was asking about Grandmother Peggy.

Jacob said his family obviously isn't concerned as they don't care enough to have spoken to him.

Question: You could be skeptical about Christianity without being so derogatory and without belittling. You don't even have the courtesy to let your family know you had doubts. You think your grandma would prefer to see you retweet anti-Christian BS.

Answer: Yea I could be, and lol. They know how I acted they knew I wasn't practicing any sort of Christian belief, & they don't seem to be upset or disappointed enough to talk to me lol, it's literally just you people.. I want you to know that

M said...

This website might just be the most ridiculous thing. I can't believe I just wasted my time reading through the comments on here.

I am appalled by most of the responses here.

1. APART from social media and the show, what sources do you have that suggest that Amy and Matt have checked out? or have never tried at all? it is very easy to make assumptions based on 5ish TV shows. At some point, all a parent can do is pray.

2. For Christians: Jesus has called us to love the Lord our God, love our neighbor as our self, and then ourselves. Yes, Jacob may not be living a lifestyle that he should...but does that mean we have a right to decide his fate? or decide what his parents should do?? What if Jesus saw the woman and the well and thought, "well I know exactly what she does and how long she's be doing it, she deserves a taste of her own medicine. I hope someone kicks her out or something bad happens so she can have a wake up call" But no....he didn't. He also could have walked up to her and yelled in her face about how she was an a big sinner and ruining her life, and how she needed to repent because she was being a horrible influence on the girls around her. But no...He didn't. Instead, he was one of the few who gracious walked up to her, in a simple way showed her His love for her and told her to sin no more. That's it...and there's a reason why that is it. Bashing someone on here and saying how they need something bad to happen to them, or that their parents should kick them out, how his christian education was a waste, putting him down, speaking ill of his parent's parenting, etc, etc, etc, is NOT GOING TO WORK!!!!! It makes you look like a hypocrite. The Roloffs are going to take this with a grain of salt. The ONLY impact you can have is to pray. Get off your high horse and pray.

3. In reference to Jeremy, he is probably doing exactly what he should be doing. At some point, our words don't hold much value with people who don't believe. Our actions do. Posting pictures online or airing dirty laundry or family relationship problems online doesn't prove love for a sibling. It doesn't help the situation. I have a sibling who has struggled. I know. If MANY of you had a child or sibling in a similar situation as Jacob and you responded the way you have responded on here I KNOW that you would lose any trust or belief in your love for them. It would only push them away...which is why Jesus didn't cast stones. He loved. Yes, he told people to sin know more...and what was sin, etc...BUT people he came in contact with, knew that ABOVE ALL, He loved them with an everlasting love.

Spend more time loving others and less bashing people YOU DON'T KNOW online.

Abby said...

The one thing Jacob had going for him was that he was supposed to be honest. He seemed to be proud that he couldn't be controlled and did what he wanted.

What about his lies for the show? Everyone who saw his twitter at the time knows he complained all day about the stupid parade. On the show you would think he loved being apart of it.

Since Jacob lied for this I have no doubt that if TLC told him to talk to the camera and give a speech about how he loves Jesus that Jacob would do it because he is all about doing what he's told for the show despite his rebel persona on

Laura said...

Jacob is a disgrace. A disgrace to himself. A disgrace to his family.
He can't even come up with an intelligent response to a very good comment. His drugged up self can only respond with obscene language when people are only trying to save him.

"Ask yourself why you bring pain and hurt to those who are in contact with you? There is something broken within you that causes you to hurt others. It is the work of the devil and only Jesus can save you. But He can. If you ask."

"Shut the fuuuuck uuuup"

Leanne said...

Jacob is such a terrible selfish person. Yesterday he should have been consumed with happiness for Jeremy and Audrey. Instead look at his Twitter. Nothing but negativity and complaints. Twwets about how "f*cked" he is. How he is dreading Sunday, how he can't wait til he can take a trip by himself and get lost.

On the day of his brother's wedding. Jer and Audrey deserved better.

Callie said...

Leanne, he also did all that and then said he wanted more toys! A Go Pro camera and those creepy toe shoes! Good luck getting that stuff without his tv show lifestyle. He complains a lot about the show but he sure couldnt live without what it provides.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

M, I agree that it is impossible to make assumptions on people after 5-ish shows. This series has been on for 9-ish years. Matt and Amy basically checked out on Jacob's parenting between 3 and 4 years ago. And it has been not hidden fact on the series since then. My opinion is that before that he was basically ignored for both parents fawning over Jeremy and arguing with Zach.

2. I agree. How these people can call themselves christian while actively paring for Jacob to come to harm is just beyond me. I mentioned the show vilifying Jacob many years ago, it's all in the blog's archives. Enough said.

3. I put the question on this blog, in as fair a manner as I could to simply hear prediction on what Jeremy is going to do. NOT what all these extremists think he should do. That's all I asked. what WILL he do? No takers. That's fine M, because we don't know him. I have my own prediction. As far as knowing Jacob, I'll look back, because there was a zealot on this blog who said to the effect that she and everyone sees what he writes on his media outlet, watches how he acts, she KNOWS what he is like. Oh well.

hiyaro said...

He's a teenager. End of story.

Abigail said...

You are all grown adults gossiping about a child. You should be ashamed of yours.