Sunday, September 21, 2014

Jeremy Roloff And Audrey Botti Are Married

Jeremy Roloff and Audrey Botti are married! The wedding was yesterday Saturday September 20th.

The current set of Little People, Big World episodes are focusing on the lead up to the Roloff wedding and the wedding will be featured in the last this season.

For people in the know, there was some controversy about the fact that the wedding is being filmed reality television episodes because in the past Amy Roloff made very scathing remarks about the Kardashians "selling their private moments" when they filmed Kim Kardashian's wedding for an episode. So the fact that the Roloffs are filming Jeremy's wedding and doing the same thing, have led some to bring up the word "hypocrite" regarding Amy Roloff.

The entertainment site E-Online had the wedding invitation:

E-online also had the registry: From E!'s article:

"And just before we hear wedding bells go off, E! News has learned what is on the Little People, Big World couple's registry for when they do become husband and wife.
The future newlyweds signed up for gifts at REI, where they requested a range of gifts from outdoorsy supplies to dinnerware and baking tools.
Specifically, the couple registered for a Coleman stainless steel cooler to take with them on their lengthy hikes around their future home, Los Angeles.
They also asked for close friends and family attending the nuptials for a GSI Outdoors Pinnacle base camper cooking set, along with flashlights, a hammock to snuggle up in between a pair of trees they stumble across with a spectacular view, a couples' sleeping bag, headlamp, and food container.
And along with their hiking and camping must-haves, the duo asked for a variety of flatware, ovenware, cooking utensils and an assortment of items that are absolutely necessary to start a family kitchen."

Here are a sampling of pictures from the Wedding from Instagram and Twitter:

The new couple

Jeremy and Audrey

Jeremy and Audrey - as you can see it was filmed

The Wedding venue

The Couple and more cameras

Zach giving a speech

Zach and his fiancee Tori

Tori says "one step closer to being sisters" - Tori and Zach are engaged

Audrey and Jeremy with Tye French, Jeremy's friend and business partner from Brooks

Audrey with the wives (Destiney and Erica)  of Jeremy's childhood friends, Jacob Muller and Dan Meichtry

Audrey with Jacob's ex-girlfriend Stephanie. While Stephanie and Jacob were dating, she and Audrey formed a friendship, often commented on each other's social media and Stephanie attended a Christian retreat where Audrey serves as a mentor.

The Wedding party -some wondered with Jeremy's abundance of friends who would be left out, it turns out they basically had a wedding party so large it included everyone. Long time viewers of the show might recognize "the friends": Jacob Mueller, Dan Meichtry, Bryan Roth, Scott LeSage, Jake Rempel as well brothers Zach and Jacob.

There is a little video on Instagram posted by one of Audrey's friends:

While the most of the Roloffs themselves have been quiet on social media so far (which is not unusual for anything they film that will eventually air on tv), Jacob Roloff was the only Roloff to use twitter yesterday. Jacob didn't post about the wedding, but still managed to infuriate some of Jeremy and Audrey's Christian fans. If you don't know the back-story, basically Jeremy and Audrey (although never on the TV show) are known as very vocal Jesus followers online and in life. The Roloffs in general have a large following of fans who are Christians. Jeremy and Audrey are favorites of the Christian fans. Meanwhile, Jacob drew the wrath of the Christian fans when he revealed that he's not a Christian. Some of the Christian Roloff fans feel that Jacob belittles the Christian faith by retweeting anti-religion tweets and by saying things such as he thinks it's silly to "pray to a man in the sky". While Jacob claims he is just expressing his beliefs and his opinions, Christian fans feel he is mocking their beliefs and by doing so is showing a lack of respect for all Christians including the rest of his family - specifically Jeremy, since Jeremy and Jacob are often compared.

Anyhow, during the wedding day, Jacob made the following tweets which some are already complaining about because they feel Jacob should have been 100% happy all day for Jeremy and Audrey and they take offense to Jacob's negativity expressed in his tweets yesterday:

Jacob Roloff @ffoloR_bocaJ · THIS IS SO ANNOYING LOL I hate being fucked with haha like ??? Are you sure you don't have your own life to worry about ?

Jacob Roloff @ffoloR_bocaJ · I'm soOoOoo ready to road trip and get lost by myself somewhere new 

Jacob Roloff @ffoloR_bocaJ · With a GoPro and some vibrams... Man that's all I want

 Jacob Roloff @ffoloR_bocaJ · Not looking forward to tomorrow @ alllll 

On Sunday, Jacob was the first Roloff (as usual - Jacob has been the first Roloff to do many things) to post a picture from the wedding.


Samantha said...

I am so excited for Jeremy and Audrey. They are the best couple.


Victoria said...

What a beautiful wedding. It's like a fairy tale. I love Jeremy and Audrey.

As for Jacob, he is David Downer and needs to keep his negativity to himself. Cursing on Jeremy's big day??? Grow up Jacob! Try not being selfish for one day.

Doug said...

Congratulations to Jeremy and Audrey. They are shining example of God's pure love.

Jeremy has more patience than I do because I would have locked Jacob in the barn and kicked him out of the wedding party, haha.

Judy B said...

Congratulations to Jeremy and Audrey! I am so excited for them to begin their lives together as Mr and Mrs Roloff.

God has great things planned for them. They had a gorgeous wedding that was blessed by the Lord.

I refuse to let Jacob's negativity and poor attitude bring me down.

I am very happy to see Jacob's girlfriend from the past maintain a positive influence in her life in Audrey. Keeping Audrey and being rid of Jacob is a great trade.

Greg said...

Considering they are getting a comp wedding and supposedly all about "Jesus" and not material goods (LOL!) they sure ask for a lot of "stuff".

Elizabeth said...

OMG the wedding looked absolutely perfect. I love Audrey's dress and Jeremy looked so handsome too.

It is a shame that the wedding didn't put Jacob in a better mood or any of the many Christians there didn't rub off on Jacob, but what are you going to do. It is his choice to be miserable.

Congratulations to Jeremy and Audrey! :)

Pam said...

What a beautiful wedding!

Timothy said...

Does anyone find it just a little bit insulting that they supposedly had "a wedding business" that other couples got married on the farm.

Yet while the other couples (and I know they weren't paying for it since it was on TV) while they needed to have their wedding in some less than ideal situations, when it is a ROLOFF, they make sure it is in the perfect set up, landscape properly, etc.

Nothing like the "Oh well, someone else's wedding, who cares. But now it's Jeremy! Now we care about making it the best!" attitude.

Kelsey said...

I can't wait to watch the whole wedding on tv.

It looked like the perfect day for a fabulous couple celebrating together in front of God.

Caroline said...

Audrey is a Roloff! So happy for them.

Everyone looks so happy. I hope Jacob at least had the courtesy to fake a smile for the wedding before being his miserable self on twitter.

I don't envy Audrey for gaining a brother like Jacob.

Lesley said...

FYI: Zach, not Mueller, was Jeremy's best man.

Maybe that was just because it was being filmed and it was easier to have the focus on Zach than on Mueller.

But I was surprised it wasn't Mueller.

Demo said...

So happy for Jeremy and Audrey. They seem like great people. Good to see good young Christians.

Irene said...

I hope they stay as happy and as in love as they are now.

They have spent a lot of time apart. They think it will all be roses now that they will be together all the time but it doesn't always work like that.

Andrea said...

What an adorable couple and it looks like the perfect wedding.

Congratulations to them and best wishes on a life filled with happiness.

Janice said...

It makes me feel old to see Jeremy get married since I remember watching him as a young kid.

Lynn C said...

What a gorgeous wedding for beautiful people.

I am so glad they had a wonderful today and are getting the respect they deserve, well, from everyone except Jacob, but that's to be expected.

The greatest thing about their wedding is that themed it all around what bonds them. I can tell from the Instagram video that their wedding song was Stand By Me. The movie is something both Audrey and Jeremy loved and their mutual love of train tracks. It's very fitting.

Melissa said...

Audrey was beautiful. They look so stoked!

Nice of Jacob to at least smile for the picture with his "new" sister.

Jackie said...

Too bad my invitation must have got lost in the mail! lol. What a great day!

Ashley said...

They made it to the front page of US Magazine's online version.

These entertainment sites are right into the wedding stuff.

Ecossais said...

What is the AuJ thing on the invitation and sign?

Ashley said...

It is her nickname. Even Jacob calls her AuJ.

Ashley said...

It is her nickname. Even Jacob calls her AuJ.

Jagger71 said...

So sick of all this crap... they're ATTENTION WHORES, people!!!Amy IS a hypocrite, Matt is a fake-ass, selfish liar, Jer and Auj (gimme a break--stupid fucking nicknames) are aaalll about appearances, Molly shamelessly promotes LPBW on social media, no matter "down to earth" she pretends to be. zach is a BLAH who literally needs to CLOSE. HIS. MOUTH. Seriously, dude, put your lips TOGETHER. It's ridiculous!! jacob , well he's the absolute worst of them all. He's a self- absorbed punk-ass know it all who needs his ass kicked. And I'm afraid I'M a bit of a hypocrite myself..I think if we IGNORED this pile of shit family, they'd GO AWAY. they're NOT like they were in the beginning seasons of LPBW and they never will be (unfortunately).

Chris said...

With the Roloffs wedding getting coverage from People Magazine, US Magazine, and E online it can only be a matter of time before the mainstream media start noticing everything this blog posts about.

Diversity speakers who think gay people should pray to be cured. Jer is a darling of these wedding mags, but he has the N word in his past that he has never been accountable about. And then there's Jacob admittedly a pothead who says he lies on the fake show.

That's some major stuff. How long can the media ignore it?

Jacob seems like he's already having a breakdown from the wedding stuff. He won't be able to make it if TMZ was following his every move and people stopped him at every corner.

Anne B said...

God bless Jeremy and Audrey. They are an example to all of how fulfilled you can be with God's pure lo e. Rejoice for Jesus. I wish them all the best in their life together.

Anne B said...

Jacob said he is "too done with everything". I hope that means his Ask and twitter accounts will be deleted.

Rol-awful said...

And btw, I also agree that "Auj" nickname is incredibly dumb.

PorcupinePie said...

Hey Jagger71, tell us how you really feel...... Haha! I totally agree with everything you said and I'm surprised they didn't have a 2 week social media/photo lockdown like Jill Duggar had at her wedding. (Another media-whore crazy family that needs to get the hell off T.V., don't get me started on them)

I wonder what Zach's wedding will be like?

PorcupinePie said...

I forgot to say....I'm surprised they didn't have "cat-tossing" for the wedding festivities!

Maggie said...

A great wedding for great people with wholesome Christian values.

I pity Audrey for gaining a horribly offensive punk like Jacob for a brother. If only Jeremy could do something about Jacob.

sscooter43 said...

I wonder how Jacob handle his ex-girlfriend, Stephanie, being at the wedding? I can't picture him handling it in a mature way.

Ashley said...

Sscooter, I wonder the same thing. Jacob seemed to be in a bad mood all weekend. I imagine Steph being at his farm for his brother's wedding didn't sit well with Jacob.

I remember how annoyed Jacob was at Vanessa (his ex before Steph) when she continued commenting Audrey and Tori.

I have noticed Jacob is very controlling. When a friend annoys him, he likes to threaten to ban the person from His farm. A way of punishing people.

I would guess Steph was allowed to attend because Audrey is flattered by Steph calling Audrey her inspiration and Audrey wanted her there.

Jagger71 said...

Pssh...these two attention whores have u so snowballed. Theyre playing a part, a role, they're FAKE. I mean, stevie wonder could see THAT. Theyre materialistic, over-priviliged camera hogs..nothing more, nothing less.

Scrooge said...

I'm so glad the wedding is over.

Do you think now these two self-absorbed Christians can finally stop acting like the world revolves around their wedding?

Everything is about THEM. That's all they talk about, post about.

k Has c said...

Oooh goody gum drops ...wonder if we will have to see an episode with a bunch of the Matt Roloff "sighs" over things just not coming together right for Matt on this wedding.Oooh i'm on pin's n needles *NOT*. Oooh no who forgot the booze for the punch *matt roloff sigh* oooh the paints not dry on the lil' weddin' house *matt roloff sigh* ....i cant see the nuptials im tooo short *matt roloff sigh* wheres jacob...oooh right he is in his room tokin it up..*matt roloff sigh* :-)

Anonymous said...

Love Jeremy and Audrey. They are a fantastic couple. But really... 12 bridesmaids? And the flower crowns? Didn't really like the d├ęcor, dresses or anything but love the couple. Everyone has different style and this seemed very true to who they are. Just not mine. :)

Natalie said...

They probably see it as a measure of popularity. Look at how great I am that I have 12 bridesmaids/11 groomsmen! "

Anonymous said...

It kind of disturbs me how similar Molly and Tori are.

TMLfan said...

Good lord... Can this hipster phase please be over already.

Laura said...

This is why Jeremy and Audrey have the respect of Christians.

God bless them.

Audrey's latest Instagram picture caption.

Today we've been Mr and Mrs Roloff for one week! Jer and I have been in Jamaica on a moon full of honey, unplugging from the world, laying on the beach, resting and relaxing, reading to each other, and reminiscing on our wedding day. It was everything we had ever hoped it would be, and more. May God be forever glorified in our union of souls. We are so grateful to everyone who took part in celebrating with us, and who made the day all the more special. We can't wait to share more pictures/stories and to watch the episode with you all this Tuesday on @TLC at 10|9c #journeyofjerandauj #theroloffwedding #evasbyreclamation If you have pictures and stories you would be willing to share with us please e-mail us at

Laura said...

And Jeremy.

Greetings from Jamaica, yamon! Today we have been married for a week and have been unplugged until now. Hallelujah. We just wanted to say Praise the Lord. Days filled with joy, books, and a wife. Stoked to watch our wedding with ya'll on @TLC this Tuesday at 9|10 #theroloffwedding #journeyofjerandauj

Anne said...

Laura, Amen.

They have their heads on straight because they have their eyes on The Lord.

Roloff apologist said...

You haters are so obsessed with this family, if you do not like them simply SWITCH.THE.CHANNEL keep it moving, do not watch! how hard is that? Geez! You obsess over them, comment on different platforms about how attention seeking they are. Well here's some news, most of us who are entertained and inspired by these reality TV families realize that at the center of it all it's a business venture, entertainment value=viewer ship = $$! The network has to get back its investment and the Roloffs know that a successful show guarantees a paycheck. So we realize that some of it may be scripted, we realize that along the way they have become celebrities and people will now naturally react to them in that light and grant them favors and perks not available to the general public. DEAL.WITH.IT or choose to ignore it by KEEPING.IT.MOVING, nobody is obligated to watch nor follow their lives. Truth is they still and will continue to have a faithful fan base. People will hate you even if you were the nicest person on earth, show me the perfect family, show me the perfect teenager, show me the perfect individual, perfect does not exist in our world and it certainly does not exist in the Roloff family, they mention it in their opening credit.

Rap541 said...

You haters are so obsessed with this family, if you do not like them simply SWITCH.THE.CHANNEL keep it moving, do not watch! how hard is that?

No one makes you read here. Why are you so obsessed with defending the Roloffs that you read a site you hate and tell people you don't know to shut up? Turn the internet off, how hard it that? I mean, it's precisely what you're insisting everyone else do - shut up and be silent if you don't like something.

But of course, this will go over your head :)

Why do the Roloff defenders always rely on "SHUT UP IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT - IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT BE SILENT!!"

I never see a Roloff held to this standard - and I have seen Roloffs gripe quite a bit with not one of their fans chiding them to shut up and look away if they don't like the comments about their families.

srey777 said...

And who are you? What's your motivation? Are you superior?

Brynn said...

Curious as to why someone named Botti isn't a Catholic. It sure sounds like a nice Italian name. So far, I have never met a person of Italian background who wasn't a Catholic. Just wondering.

Dug. said...

As a atheist it's pointless me praying for a J & A sex tape maybe that loon Ann could pray on my behalf it would be great to blow this happy clappy shite out of the water but mainly because Audrey looks totally filthy. Time stamped before the wedding would be just perfect.