Saturday, September 6, 2014

Jeremy Roloff Featured On A Photography Blog

Jeremy Roloff is featured in an article on a photography blog -- BP4U

It has an interview or question and answers regarding photography with Jeremy. We thought some of our readers would be interested in it.

Here is a sample:

Tell us a little about yourself:

I love to create. Whether it be with metal, wood, pixels, or leather, something about it drives me. Soccer and working on cars releases me. If i’m not building some rad composite, you’ll find me outdoors. I think socks with sandals are in style and everyone else has it backwards. I am getting married this September to a lovely lad, which is pretty radical! LA will be my home for the next year or so, but I am a farm boy at heart. Inspiration is an incredible power and I always aim to do something with it, for inspiration is a terrible thing to waste. I am Kingdom seeking. If you ask me what I want to photograph. I will tell you, “I want to build images showcasing creation with people in them.”

When did you first realize you wanted to be a photographer?

It wasn’t necessarily a realization, more of a mental conclusion that I really enjoy inspiring people and photography is a great way to do that. To me one of the best feelings on the planet is being inspired. So I started taking images and creating images just a few years ago, and I really enjoyed it.

How did you know when the right time to start charging was? 

When I realized I didn’t want to be working anywhere else except behind a camera. 

How did you market yourself when you started out? 

Social Media. I cannot stress enough how important social platforms are for our business nowadays. People need to see your stuff and hear what you want to say about it, then they connect to it. It is free advertising as long as you are willing to put the effort out. Also, people want to know you are attainable, or reachable. Social media allows everyone and anyone to contact you, they might not, but they know they have the option to. I still meet people who say, “I don’t do Instagram” or, “I don’t do Facebook” and I’m like, “I can tell…

What has been some of the hardest things to overcome in your business?

The wonderful world of pricing. Learning when to price and how to price has been an adventure, to say the least.

What’s the best lesson in photography that you’ve learned so far?

Ive learned how to practice. I thought I knew from my soccer days, but practice has become a lifestyle. And I enjoy it.

You can read the full story on the BP4U blog at


Laura said...

Finally a good article about Jeremy instead of that waste Jacob.

Jeremy is such a wonderful young man. I love how he proudly says he is Kingdom seeking.

He succeeds in photography because his goal is to showcase God's creation.

He has his head on straight and his priorities are in order.

Brandon said...

How did you market yourself when you first started out?

I don't like how Jeremy completely neglects the role his celebrity is playing.

The truth is the only reason anyone knows anything about Jeremy is because he is a career reality tv star.

It's not because of his great photography skills.

His photography followers are simply fans of the show that like him. If he was a musician, he would have the same number of comments or followers and they'd be telling him the same thing.

His advice to other photographers should be do a reality tv show for 10 years of your life.

Timothy said...

Thanks Spirits for the link. Interesting, since that's the closest Jeremy has ever come to actually answering a question for himself.

Brandon, right on.

Jeremy fans, pay attention. As people have been saying all along, Jeremy didn't suddenly get polite and grow to respect fans.

His twitter, his facebook page, his instagram, is a marketing tool to sell his photography.

He knows people want him to seem "reachable" and that way they will buy his stuff or pay for his services.

It's not about Jeremy having manners or respecting people.

It's not about "giving glory to God".

It's about Jeremy wanting to make money for himself.

Deb said...

Jeremy is outstanding. He is so talented. He is a follower of Jesus and it shines through in his work and his words.

Allison said...

The contrast between Jeremy and Jacob is unbelievable. One is doing something his life and serving God while the other does drugs and wastes his life away with useless friends deluding himself into thinking he's cool for disrespecting people.

Wendy said...

Congratulations to Jeremy on his success.

He is also in US weekly. He is definitely going places guided by God.

I love Jeremy and Audrey.

Lexy said...

I like Jeremy and Audrey. They are very cute couple and they have a bright future with Jeremy's career.

Rebecca said...

Jeremy is so talented. It was nice of Jeremy to answer those questions.

Barbara said...

God has definetly blessed Jeremy with a gift which he is cultivating and nurturing. Doing what he loves to display God's creation while inspiring others.

Van Barton said...

For the benefit of those who continue to post that this guy never SAYS or ADVERTISES or LECTURES that he's godly/Christian, etc; he has SAID IT here.
So there goes that feeble jab, which of course never had a thing to do with "Godliness" in the first place, but rather was a "nanny nanny boo boo" straw man
argument. Now let the "but I don't believe it" chorus begin.

Lynn C said...

Yes, Van Barton, that's true.

In fairness, it is only one person who leads the charge with the "Jeremy doesn't advertise that he's a Jesus follower".

Most people recognize that he does and this is simply another example.

Nothing in those questions required him to mention that he's Kingdom seeking, but Jeremy found a way to get it in there.

Graham said...

Jeremy is very talented. No one can deny that. He is doing it the right way and has a bright future.

God bless him and Audrey in their life together.

Rap541 said...

Lynn - you never fail :)

But since you're pointedly *picking a fight* like a Jeremy loving Christian (Hate for the love of Jer-Bear) let me enlighten you.

If it will affect his bottom line, Jeremy won't say boo about Christ. He actually didn't say he was a Christian in this article, only someone familiar with evangelical talk would catch the "kingdom seeking". He proposed to Audrey, of the *strong faith* without mentioning Jesus or his faith... and that was because he was getting a paycheck for it.

Jeremy clearly knows where the dollars come from now, since he's figured out that "suck my dick" and "Praise Jesus and I am a proud Christian who disapproves of homosexuality" won't bring in the dollars. That's where he puts his god... below the money :)

Shelby said...

Rap, what did you think of Jeremy's answers in the article?

Gail said...

Jeremy is very talented and I'm proud to see that Matt and Amy have pride in all the great things Jeremy has become and is still becoming. He deserves all the accolades and success he is getting.

Rap541, are you really suggesting that Jeremy has not matured? That he has no pure intentions? That his well mannered nature on twitter, facebook, and instagram is not him being a genuine person who is setting an example? His goal is to inspire others.

As John Mark Comer has said in the podcasts that Jeremy has shared, there is nothing wrong with making money and having a career. However, that doesn't mean a Christian is not being genuine when he is polite and gracious.

Don't be so cynical about Jeremy. He is a good person unlike his brother Jacob who clearly has problems.

Rap541 said...

Shelby - I think he's attended the same lectures on social media that I have. I also think if you look at the *other* featured photographers, that you'll see that he's not actually saying anything all that different... and his photos aren't head and shoulders above anyone else's.

Gail - I am pretty clearly saying that Jeremy is now polite on line because he's finally learned that the people he used to tell to suck his cock provide him an easy living. Does he regret his prior behavior? Perhaps... but he's certainly never had the fortitude to say so. Nope, when its time for apologies, Jeremy will always be a little boy hiding behind his daddy - made more laughable that he was hiding behind Daddy as "one of the children" when he was Jacob's age.

I'm not really sure your point about money - its Amy Roloff, not John Mark Comer, who had a problem with reality whores selling their weddings. Personally, I am sure Jeremy is currently living off the show, and his parents.

Ryan Velasco said...

What a pretentious dork.

Ryan Velasco said...

All the scenarios on the show are contrived. Matt Roloff's want of propriety and maximizing his income is disgusting. The show isn't even about being little anymore its about a dysfunctional family and it goes beyond the tenants of good Christianity. The Little Couple is a better choice for you. Don't believe all the Roloff scenarios that TLC whores them out for.

Johnny Reb said...

Thise answers...just wow.

Jeremy has the IQ of wall paper paste.

Too bad his "work" is mediocre and he'll probably end up as a portait photographer at Walmart or Sears.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, people are saying Jeremy is successful because of God. That is not true. Jeremy is successful because of the TV show and with all the connections that come with the people behind the show. Jeremy got a free education on camera work by being around the people filming the show.
Jeremy may be talented but he also not so bright. A "lad" is a male person not a female person.

Van Barton said...

Speaking to Anon. who correctly defines the word "lad"/ and who also spoke about being "bright", or not-- as it were.
Uh, I do believe the article was complied and published by the interviewer and so if there are typos in it; they would not be Mr. Roloff's spelling error, Oh Bright One.

MD said...

@Van Barton: I'm not sure you should be commenting on Jeremy's grammar considering he unknowingly writes 'fiancé' instead of 'fiancée' when referring to Audrey and therefore, implying he's marrying a man.

Vanessa Barton said...

MD: I'm not sticking up for his grammar; I've never read a word he's ever written but THIS interview was transcribed by the interviewer.
I don't give two hoots how his grammar is; but find those who delight in nit-picking about something he OBVIOUSLY didn't write-- or misspell kind of senseless. Read it again...for syntax.

Greg said...

Van Barton, it looks like it was done over the internet. The blogger sent him questions and he answered.

It's very possible the spelling and grammar was left the way Jeremy wrote it.

Vanessa Barton said...

Follow the link and look at the entire article interspersed with carefully selected photos chosen by the blogger, and see you if think it was a fill-in-the-blanks by Mr. R. It's completely clear it was set in place by the interviewer.

And, on the minute possibility it was not, nit-picking such as the typo "lad" remains totally without purpose that I can see--other than juvenile malice.